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We usually stay in on Saturday nights. Imagine my surprise when my wife said that we are going out for a nice dinner and then hit a club for some dancing. We need a break I want to have fun. I agreed that we needed a break from our serious life to a night of fun.
We usually stay in on Saturday nights. Imagine my surprise when my wife said that we are going out for a nice dinner and then hit a club for some dancing. We need a break I want to have fun. I agreed that we needed a break from our serious life to a night of fun.

My wife and I do not get out much and socialize, so I was wondering where to go. That is when my wife said she has already made reservations at this high-end restaurant named “Almost Paris.” We need to be there by 7:00 pm sharp! Then there is a Nightclub about a block away. I was like “Ok sounds like you have taken care of tonight.” Lisa said “I just don’t want to sit around and watch TV again tonight or some stupid movie that one or the other is not interested in."

We need to start getting ready as it was already 4:30 pm. I knew it would not take me long to be ready, but she needed more time. So, I took a shower in the spare bathroom while she closed the door to the master bathroom with the big bathtub. I was done in about 45 mins. and as I waited for her to come out of the master bedroom, I poured myself a Scotch then sat down in my recliner.

About an hour and a half later just as I was about to go and knock on the door. She opened the door and walked out looking absolutely stunning. My mouth was open as I looked at my wife of 7 years. She looked very hot and was a bit shocked at the clothes she had on. A low plunging white top that looked a bit sheer not a lot just enough to keep you looking. You could tell that she had no bra on as her nipples were showing just a hint under her top. The skirt she had on was very high on her legs making them look extremely long. The skirt was of a material that as she moved it seemed to change color in the light. It had a small slit up one side. She had to be careful to not bend over too far as the skirt would show her ass cheeks. Her heels she had on had roman style straps around her ankles and the heels had to be about 5” high. She looked hot.

Let me take this moment to describe my wife. She is 5’ 6” weights 132 lbs. Her hair is brownish red color that goes to the middle of her back. The eyes she has are big and alluring. A smile with those full lips, could make you melt behind a color of bright red lipstick. Her breast, supple, perky, and round 38C’s with tempting large nipples, her waist is 28 and her hips are 34. She works out so there is a toned look to her. Her skin is tanned just enough that it gives her an alluring look.

As she came walking towards me doing a little turn that made her skirt raise a bit almost showing the bottom of her very nice tight ass. She asked, “So do you like the way I look”? All I could force out of my mouth was a grunt and lick my lips. She giggled and said I will take that as a yes!

Then she saw that I had a drink and asked if she could have a double of what I was having. I still had not said anything as I poured her a drink. I handed the drink to her; I finally spoke saying she looked very hot and sexy. I was concerned about the length of her skirt or the lack of length I should say. She said that it was the last skirt they had, and it looked so cute she decided to buy it. Saying she was also concerned at first when trying it on, but she wanted it badly besides, it made her feel sexy. Well, you have me turned on I said. I looked at my watch and said Ok we need to get going. Both of us downed ours drinks and to the car we went.

We still had a 20 min. drive before we got there. As she got into the car her skirt rode up and you could see the tops of her legs to the bottom of her pussy. Which I had to question her did she have panties on? To which she snickered and said no she was feeling naughty. She then placed her fingers on her outside of her pussy lips and started rubbing up and down on them. I just stared until her words snapped me out of my trance. “We need to go baby” in a sexy voice. I started the car and quickly got on the road. She played with herself for a few minutes then stopped saying she did not want to get messy before dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant on time and had the valet take our car. On the other side of the car my wife swung her legs around and stepped out of the car. Saying later that she gave the valet a show of her legs and more then she intended as she got out. The valet took her hand and helped her out of the car. Lisa said Thank you. Valet said No Thank you for the show. Laughing Lisa said I bet he sees that all the time as a valet.

We were seated and it felt as if every guy in the place was looking at my wife. Even the waiter taking our order had to be snapped back to reality when my wife asked if he was writing her order down or staring at her cleavage? He stammered an apology and continued to take her order.

We had a nice meal, she had wine and I had a mixed drink. The wait staff came by quite a few times to refill water or our drinks. I had to laugh at how hard they tried to look without looking. We finished and paid for our meals and out the door to the club we went.

At the club it was not very crowded. When I mentioned this to waitress that seated us, she said that the place starts jumping in about an hour or so. Now we are in a small booth that fits three people four would be tight. It looks out to the dance floor and is slightly concealed in the corner. The dance floor lights light up the booth occasionally as they spin and move about.

Again, as she slides into the booth her skirt rides up to wear you can see her pussy. She straightens herself in the booth just as the waitress brings our drinks. Sipping on our drinks we notice more people coming into the club. The DJ started by playing a jam that is one of my wife’s favorite songs, which she jumped up and said come on this is a good one.

I am not a good dancer by any means, but I enjoy dancing with her. My problem is I’m only good for three to five dances before I must sit down because of a bad back. My wife is a good dancer and loves to dance. She stayed out on the floor having a fun time. That makes me happy to see her like that. Her body shaking and gyrating as her tits are bouncing around while swaying her ass. You could tell that she was attracting attention. After two more dances she heads to the bathroom.

She comes back within a minute saying we must leave now! I was taken aback by this as we were having an enjoyable time. Asking why she said, “that the guy at the door that is in the blue sports jacket as she points. I nod my head, she continues. We used to date before we dated, and he has this way of controlling me that is hard to resist that’s way he is an EX. I said you were younger back then now your older and wiser. Please! She spoke. Ok, let me go pay for our drinks. As I turned to go pay for the drinks she was scanning as to see where her ex-BF went. She had lost him in the crowd while talking to her husband. Since she had not gone to the bathroom, she figured this was a suitable time. During this time, the DJ decided he needed a short break to get “in the mood” as he put it.

Her Husband had returned and was sitting at their table for about 10 mins. when he saw Lisa coming out of the bathroom. Walking out she was not looking and ran right into the guy she was trying to avoid. She looked up to apologize for running into the guy and her face had the look of shock. Their eyes met, his was the look of pleasant surprise. She stood there like a deer in headlights. As he talked, he moved closer to her until he was less than a foot away looking down her blouse admiring her cleavage. He leans forward and said something to her. Then she says something back to him then she turns and points in my direction. They talk a little more and then headed towards me. With her leading the way, he was right behind her looking her up and down as they walked. Admiring her short skirt that showed lots of leg. The sexy walk she had was heighten by her skirt, showing her ass checks rise and fall with a jiggle.

Standing in front of our booth as they approached. My wife hurried her last few steps to me, wrapping herself around my right arm. He was extending his hand and I had to detach my arm from my wife to shake his hand. I’m Lee he said, and I replied I’m Carl. My wife had slide into the booth as we were shaking hands. This is the time she wishes she had worn something else. Her skirt had ridden up and that she had a tough time trying to pull it down without drawing attention.

Let me describe Lee, typical tall, dark, and handsome about my height 6’ 1” He looked about 195 to 200lbs. He had a firm jawline to go along with his chiseled look. His blue eyes captivate you. He had a full head of hair that was a darkish brown and cut neat. He looked like he stays in shape as he filled out the white t-shirt and blue sports jacket well. The tight ass slacks he had on looked as if they were tailored for him. You could clearly see he had a bulge in those slacks. He had a good firm handshake. Indicating he was confident and sure of himself.

I invited Lee to sit with us. He removes his jacket hanging it on a hook showing off his muscles before he slides in on the other side of my wife. My wife Kinda scoots close to me. I ask Lee how you know Lisa? He says we dated for 6 months a few years back. He asks how long we have been married? 7 yrs. I replied. He then says wow not too long after you left me as he looks at Lisa. She snapped back “I left you 8 yrs. ago." Well, whatever the time frame is he says.

Let me buy you guys around Lee offers. Since I like to drink beer, I said sure. We made small talk about the club and the DJ that was playing tonight. While the waitress brought our drinks, he ordered more drinks. He started telling us about how he dated a few women after Lisa left him, but he said it just was not the same as when we were dating, as he smiles at Lisa. Which seemed an odd statement. He then asked what I did for work? I am a traveling supervisor for the electronic manufacturing plant in town. Once a month I travel to other manufacturing plants setting up their system. The way it rolled out of my mouth it was is if I was bragging. Oh’ I see he said.

What do you do I asked? Well, after you left (looking at Lisa) and (Lisa gave a glare back.) I bounced around jobs until I came upon an ad asking for help as a video assistant at a studio. I applied and got the job. Then he laughed and said the job is working for a porn studio. To which Lisa said, “right up your alley.” He said “Right!” Proceeding to tell us this story of how he worked for this guy for a year learning the ropes and how to shoot porn movies. Then I started my own production company still using the same studio and video equipment from the company I started with. All I do is pay him rent for the studio and equipment.

Then the DJ started up the music again saying he was in a “great mood” everyone cheered. Lee looked at me asking if he could dance with Lisa. Saying “go ahead.” After sitting in the booth for a while my back was starting to stiffen up and I did not want to throw out my back and ruin the night. So, to have someone else dance with Lisa, I felt it was a win, win deal. Plus, I was feeling comfortable where I was from the alcohol. Lisa looked at me as to say “why” then downs her drink completely before she slides out the other side. Lisa later told me that as she slides out the booth her skirt rode up and revealing her bare pussy to Lee as he stood waiting for her. She looked up to see Lee smiling at her. Blushing she stood and straighten her skirt and walked past Lee to the dance floor.

When they started to dance, she seemed a little reluctant and stiff at first. Lee looked to be a good dancer and by the middle of the song, Lisa started to loosen up. The alcohol was also influencing her, as she started gyrating her hips and feeling the music. They danced several songs together and while I watched I saw Lee move closer and closer to Lisa. She seemed to be lost in her world of feeling good from the alcohol, music, and the lights. She did not seem to mind as Lee moved closer to her. As more people filled the dance floor, they would disappear from my sight.

Then the DJ slowed it down some people started leaving the floor, that was Lisa’s cue to head back to the booth, but Lee had other plans. He had grabbed her by the waist and arm forcing her back to him. She spun around until her face was even with his chest. Resisting at first as he held her tight, finally giving up struggling against his firm strong-arm hold and reluctantly she reached up to put her arms around his neck. He wrapped his muscular arms around her waist close to the top of her ass. The lights were low and there was a crowd, just enough to block my view occasionally. The first few seconds they just swayed, then he bent his head down to talked to her. She seemed uninterested in what he was saying as she turned her head away from him. Then he said something close to her ear. I then lost sight of them in the crowd for half the song. I could see them here and there as it was getting crowded again, they were on the far side of the floor, it was hard to see them. Until I lost track of them all together.

**She later told me that he moved to a darker part of the dance floor, and he was talking in her ear. Telling her how she is so much sexier then when they dated. Blowing gently on her neck and little kisses on her ears. Which is a like a switch to turn her on. He kept telling her he liked the outfit as he moved his hand around to the sides of her breast, brushing the undersides then back up the side. His other hand was rubbing her ass and squeezing it a little. (I did see that as they danced.) She brushed his hand away three times but by the fourth time she gave up the battle. He was rubbing her breast slowly over and over. Then he moved his hand to her right nipple caressing and rubbing it gently. Which cause her to exhale a defeated moan in his ear and grip him tighter. With the alcohol, the lights and him holding me it just felt so comfortable so good in his arms.

He took her hand a placed it against his cock outside his slacks and moved her hand up and down a couple of times before letting go of her hand, she continued to rub and stroke him. Taken his hand from her ass, he moved it to the front of her and started rubbing her pussy, it was wet as he slid a finger along the slit. She moaned and griped him harder just when the song ended.

The DJ switch gears cranked up the music bringing the crowd back. He quickly moved to kiss her with his tongue parting her lips and passionately kissing her. When their tongues met it sent a shock through her body. He passionately flicks his tongue back and forth as he started to kiss her more deeply. Gabbing hold of her close & tight, he ran his hands up and down her body.

He relentlessly ran his tongue across hers as he continued to French her feverishly to which she responded with a moan into his mouth. Their tongues danced and swirled around. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes until the crowd was pushing them out. That was when they headed back to the booth. **

I was looking for them in the crowd as the DJ cranked up the beat again drawing more people to the floor it was like 2 minutes later that I spotted them coming forth from the crowd. It had been a few songs since they left the booth and when they returned. She did not look at me as she slides in. Almost hiding her face and eyes from me. But I could tell she was blushing, this time she did not adjust her skirt as she sits next to me but not as close as before. When she did look at me, I saw a faraway dreamy look in her eyes. I was about to say something when my bladder decided it needed some relief.

I said, “with all this beer I need to use the restroom.” Lisa just said Ok without looking over at me. As I stated walking towards the restroom, I turned my head back around to see Lee move in closer to her as I entered the bathroom. I took a little bit longer to get back, but I can see Lee is sitting close to Lisa and they seem to be in a deep conversation. His body was turned to face Lisa. His arm is around the back of her shoulders and his other hand is below the table. Lisa was turned slightly also to face him as they talked. They seem to be engrossed in their conversation that they hardly notice me slide in until I ask Lisa if she wanted another drink. She slowly stops their conversation and looking at me with glossy eyes. Saying yes please. Then went back to talking with Lee.

The lights from the dance floor occasionally light up the booth. I looked towards Lisa and notice Lee’s hand is stroking and playing with the outside of her pussy. Lisa was flinching and wiggling her body as they talked. I thought I heard a moan from her a couple of times.

I was thinking, I needed to interrupt this conversation. I asked Lee You have a studio. Which in hindsight was not what I should have done. He said yes, it is only a block away. He says I comes here to get “new talent” for my movies and videos. Looking at Lisa as he says this. I have been in some when my regular guy is out. That there sounded to me like bragging I thought. “You want to see the studio as it is getting crowded in here.”

Again, I said “Sure!” Lisa did not even look my way or object as we made our way out of the booth. Lisa slides out on Lee’s side as he takes her hand, smiling as she looks up at him. I waited for Lee to lead the way; he was holding Lisa’s hand as we exited the club. The cool night air hits and I feel a little bit more drunk than I thought. Lee is still holding Lisa's hand as we leave the club and start walking to his studio. He pulls her to him, and she leans into his shoulder. He whispered something to her then moves his hand down to her ass giving it a good squeeze she squeals and giggles as we walk down the block.

We come round the corner then over to a door that has security code box to get in. Lee swipes his watch across it, there is a beep then opens the door to let us inside. He holds Lisa’s hand again they enter he then turns on the lights. You can see that there are rooms set up with different themes. Classroom, office, living room and a bedroom with a big bed.

As we walk towards his theater and show room. Lee again had his hand on Lisa’s ass, and I figure if she is not putting up a fess why should I destroy the evening by making a scene. Besides, I did not want to be the bad guy and ruin the night and maybe the week. In the show room there are many covers of the videos or full movies. He shows off his prize movie and the awards he received for it are off to the side. Best director in a cockholding video and best film in a wife watching series. On the cover it shows a wife with a big cock in her mouth as the husband is in the background sitting in a chair. Lisa’s eyes are wide as she looks at the cover.

She asked is that real pointing to the big cock. He says very real that’s my regular guy Matthew he is almost 10 3/4” long and very thick. He is in most of my movies, there is another guy, but he is unreliable. So, I occasionally step in and co-star in my videos.

Lisa seems to be in a trance as she is hanging on every word he speaks. Lee leans over to Lisa and whispers something to her and she shakes her head “oh no I couldn’t I'm married.” I asked what’s going on? Lisa turns saying, “He wants me to be in one of his movies.” I said “It’s been all play up till now and I think it is time to go home as I look at Lisa. Lee still has his arm around her and this whole time her back has been to me. I did not know that he has been playing with her nipples. So, when she turned to me you could see her nipples were very visible. Lisa says in a shy voice “I would like to try, just some soft porn wouldn’t hurt?” Then it turned on me. (Her voice changed with an accusation inflection to her tone) Besides, I seen your search history on the computer, it shows you have a lot of wife watching porn. Looking down at my crotch she asked then why are you sporting a boner? “Yes, I like those videos, but I never thought you would do that.” “It is just a fantasy.” I said. She looked at Lee and said, “what do I have to do?”

My mouth was open in disbelief as Lee took her hand, he led her to the bedroom part of the sets. It took me a second to move and follow them. He told Lisa “I’m the director, I will give you instructions during the filming.” He asked if she needed to freshen up before we start. There is a bathroom over there. She proceeded to the bathroom and disappeared for about 10 minutes. Lee was busy setting up lights and cameras. He saw me standing looking in disbelief and said “why don’t you sit in the chair” pointing to the far side of the room. Just as I sat down Lisa came out of the bathroom. She had fixed her hair into a ponytail. Fixed her makeup and put on some perfume. She looked really hot, with the plunging neckline and the short skirt and in her 5” high heels the roman style straps. I was like Wow!

Lee asked if anybody needed a drink. I replied, yes, I need a few shots. Lisa said, “I could use a few also.” Lee pulled out some Johnnie Walker and poured 6 shots. Double shots for you two and then there is an extra shot if you want it or the bottle.

He laughed, then finished setting up. Lisa and I both downed our shots quickly. Then I asked her are you sure about this. She said when she found my search history, she was pissed but never said a word because everything between us is going so well. So, I kept quiet until one day I was curious as to why you wanted to watch those movies. So, I sat down and watch one then another. I had four orgasms, I had to stop because you were coming home soon. That was the night I said “no” to you, I was so tired all I wanted was to go to bed. Told you that a TV dinner was in the freezer. “So that’s why.” he said.

Both of us took the last shots sitting on the table. Lisa gave me a deeply passionate kiss swirling her tongue around and sucking my lips. Then pulled away saying “I Love You and no matter what happens tonight I will always be your wife.” I said Ok I love you too no matter what happens tonight I will always be your husband. It was as if we were saying wedding vows only the honeymoon was watching my wife of 7 years getting fucked. Lisa said she was ready!

Lee said he was ready and proceeded to tell her, we will start off like an interview. I will ask you questions, and you just answer honestly. She said sounds simple enough. Lee told her to sit on the bed and relax. Lee got all of us another shot before they started. She sits on the bed her skirt wants to ride up, so she puts her legs together and has her hands in her lap.

He tells her say hello into the camera and state your first name.

“Hello, I am Lisa! “

Are you married? “Yes”

How long? “Seven years”

I like your dress; is this the way you dress when you go out? “Thank you, But No, I just bought the dress because I wanted to go out. It has been two years since we have gone out. The dress was the only one the store had left; it was a little small on me and I thought it looked cute. The store was closing, so I bought it. It was supposed to be for my husband only.” Then she giggles. The alcohol was kicking in.

Does your husband like you to dress that way? “He is always trying to get me to dress sexier.” but I have refused until tonight.

Do you like to show off your body? “I work out, and when you have a good body, you want to show it off sometimes.”

Do you masturbate and how often? “Yes, twice sometimes three times a week when my husband is away.”

Do you use a dildo or just your fingers? “Both” she giggles. As her husband I only know about the vibrator we use sometimes. Now I find out she has another sex toy. “A dildo.”

What size is the dildo? Shyly she says 8 inches long.

Is it thick? Bigger than your husband? Lisa hesitated before answering that it was 2 3/8" wide. Yes, bigger than my husband.

How often do you use it? When my husband is home, I don’t. She hesitated again saying when he is away on business, I’m alone and use it about three to five times while he is gone. Her husband’s mouth was open as he listened to his wife talk about her dildo.

Do you like blow jobs? “Yes, but I don’t get to do it long or a lot.” I like his 7 5/8” cock, I can deepthroat it no problem. “When I suck his cock after about 5 minutes, he will pull me off his cock, just as I am getting into it.” Then slams into me giving me a couple of minutes of intense fucking then cums. Saying I love you rolling over and falling asleep. Her husband was thinking Hey, I really like her pussy!

So, you do not swallow? “I used to, but I never get the chance with my husband. Then adds she misses the taste and the feel of a cock going off in your mouth. It is exhilarating. Smiling and beaming as she says this.

How many men have you been with before you got married? She hesitated, looking at her husband shyly says ten, I think. Now I thought (although never discussed) that she had only had three maybe four sex partners, but ten I never thought. Looking at me she said that was when Lee and she were dating. Just as that was sinking in, she said Lee use to have parties that got wild. We were young and having fun, then she giggles. The alcohol was kicking in.

Have you ever cheated on your husband? “Oh no, I could not risk my marriage, I love him very much.” She giggles again saying unless he is present.

Have you been tempted to? “Yes, When Roy a good friend stayed for 2 weeks while my husband was away on business. I never did anything, but I was close a couple of times. Roy had a habit of leaving the bathroom door open and walking around in a towel, he dropped it twice, but I ran to my room both times locking the door, pulled out my dildo. I was so horny that whole time. The time we went to my husband’s company Christmas party. A co-worker Andy was getting frisky all night and even cornered me. He started kissing me and since I have had a few drinks, plus my husband and I had not had sex in over two weeks. I started to kiss him back, I was getting into it when a person came around the corner and almost ran into us. I broke away and found my husband telling him we need to go home now. We got home and I tore at his clothes and fucked his brain out that night. That is why we left early that night her husband Carl was realizing it was another guy that got her all wild and wanting.

Lisa is starting to fidget on the bed and her nipples are ripe, taut, and hard against her blouse.

Do you have any fantasies? “I sometimes I think of being forced a little bit only to give in, but nothing abusive. I Like light restraints. Sometimes meeting a stranger or two men at the same time. Her husband had no clue as he sat listening. He thought we never really talked about that stuff. The sex we are having seemed good to him. I never asked her, and she never said.

Do you have good sex with your husband? “YES, sometimes I orgasm with him, when we are finished, he kisses me says I love you, after that he rolls over and falls asleep. Whew, I thought at least my wife enjoys our sex.

Do you do it more than once? “No.” He works hard and is too tired to go again.

Would you like to do it more than once? “Yes, but with my husband's bad back he is only good for one go around. After he falls asleep, I sneak out of the bedroom and finish myself off when I need a little bit more. Carl her husband is learning more as this interview goes on.

Have you ever taken your clothes off in front of people? “No” she says in shy soft voice. As if she has thought about it before.

Here is your chance. Would you like to take your top off? She said I’m not wearing a bra. She hesitated before pulling her top over her head. Her 38C’s jiggled a little as she threw the top over to Carl. She then stretched her arms above her head and again jiggled and bounced them. Giggling the whole time. Lee says they are better than he remembers. “Thank you” she says as she sticks her chest out exposing her breast with dark areolas surrounding rosy taut nipples. She pinched her nipples to making them turn a pinkish red color. Her nipples seemed larger and more swollen than I have seen them. She was really turned on.

Can you remove the skirt with a slow tease? She laughed and said "sure.” she stood up unsteady at first then started moving back and forth gyrating her hips. She was still in her high heels as she played peek a boo with her ass and skirt. Finally, it fell to the floor. You could see how wet her pussy was as she stepped out of the skirt. Bending at the waist she picked the skirt up and threw it at her husband. There was my wife of 7 years naked in front of her ex-BF and I was turned on just looking at how beautiful and sexy she looked. So, I Yelled out “You are so beautiful and sexy!” She yelled back “Thank You!”

Lee continued with the questions.

When was the last time you and your husband had sex? “It has been almost two weeks as my husband had been away on business for last 10 days.” “But I was hoping tonight we would, as it is a date night and we have not been out in a long time. I decided we needed to get out and enjoy life like we use to. Good dinner and good dancing.

He told her to turn around and bend over so he could see her nice tight ass. In a slow motion she turned around. Looking back at Lee she bent at the waist slowly until her breasts touched her knees. Lee and I were greeted with a sight that left us in awe of the beauty of her ass and pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and engorged, protruding out from her ass as she is bent over. Her wet lips glistened showing us that she was really turned on.

She shakes her ass then spreads her ass cheeks apart revealing her pink treasure and her clit was all erect sticking out from her folds like at small penis. It makes your mouth water. As both Lee and I licked our lips.

Lee asked her if she would suck another man's cock in front of her husband. She looked at her husband then at Lee. She thought for a second, then saying to her husband. “Please don’t be mad, but I really want to suck some big cock as it has been a long time.” Looking back at Lee, she said “what do you have in mind?” With a coy look as she knew the answer.

Lee said he has all the cameras on motion sensory so as people move the camera will move with them getting the best angle and picture quality. He said there are ten cameras placed to get every angle of the room. I have it set up to automatically zoom in on our privates with three of them.

Lee stepped forward from behind one of the cameras and stood in front of Lisa. Lee pulled Lisa up to a standing position. As they looked into each other's eyes, Lee put his hands on her shoulders, then gently push down on her. Lisa lowered to her knees then removed her heels so she could sit down on the back of her legs. He was looking down at her as she was looking up at him. Their eyes locking in a glaze as if you could see sparks shooting from them.

She reached up to his belt and pulled it from its clasp. Unbuttoning his slacks, she pulled down his zipper and lowered his slacks revealing black boxers. Something big was contained within those boxers as an obvious tent was showing. Lee was smiling as he looked down upon her. Lisa was licking her lips in anticipation of what was behind his boxers.

She had scooted closer to him and with her fingertips slowly reaching into the waist band she pulled them back and down. In doing so she moved her head closer and as his cock sprang forth it slapped her in the face. She yelps with a surprise, followed by her giggling with Lee and her husband laughing also. Lee bellows out Hey Carl in case you are wondering my cock is 9 1/2" long, 2 1/2” across and a circumference of 6 1/4”. It was not so much as the size but the girth that got Carl thinking. How was my wife going to get that in her pussy? Then he remembered that they used to date when she was younger. Which did not ease his mind as he looked on.

Lisa started tracing her fingers along his shaft towards the head, around the head a couple of times with her fingers. His cock throbbed and bounced to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Then she ran a finger slowly across the slit feeling the sticky pre-cum. Bringing her finger to her mouth she licked and sucked on her fingers as she was looking at Lee. Slowing wrapping her fingers around his cock she started caressing it along her face and lips.

Stroking his cock, she brought the head to her lips, extending her tongue, she flicked the slit back and forth. This sent shiver up Lee’s body. Then swirling her tongue around the head, a couple of times. Wrapping her lips on the side of his cock sliding her mouth up to the head & back down to the base then up, sliding her tongue along the side of his big cock, moving up to suck the head. Then looking up at Lee, she slowly engulfs him wrapping her lips around the head. Sucking just the head for a minute or so then pulled back with a pop, she grinned like the Cheshire cat then plugged her mouth back on his cock. Taking him a little further into her mouth, gently pulling back licking her lips. Smiling and giggling she says I miss a big cock in my mouth.

She has been in charge so far, moving at her pace. This is where Lee decided to take over. He started working his hands around her head. Wiggling his fingers around in her hair he worked them around to the back of her head. Then he grabbed her ponytail and held her in place as he slides more of his cock into her mouth. She tried to press back with the palm of her hands on his thighs, but he slapped her hands away. She dropped her hands as he pushed more of his cock into her mouth. She was starting to gag before he pulled his big cock out of her mouth, she gasped and coughed as a string of saliva dripped from her mouth.

She let out a small grunt while laughing at the same time. Lee aimed his cock back into her mouth, then pulled back before pushing more cock into her mouth. In and out of her mouth and down her throat pushing more cock each time. He did this for several minutes until she had about half his cock down her throat, she stopped gagging as she got used to it and he got a nice rhythm going. Lee really started getting into it as he plugged in and out, face fucking and holding her head in place. Tears running down Lisa’s face and saliva running down her chin as Lee pulled her face away from his cock. She was gasping, and panting trying to catch her breath. You could see her chest heaving in and out trying to get more air. Lee slapped his cock against her lips and face as she stuck her tongue out, emitting a gasp from her. Lisa was saying yes slap my face with your big cock. You could see the wanting in her eyes, they were all glossy and sparkling at the same time. Her husband Carl has never seen Lisa like this in the 7 years they have been married. But he has never face fucked his wife either.

Lee picked Lisa up and threw her on to the bed as if she weighted nothing with her legs dangling off the side. Her breast was covered with her saliva and her nipples were so hard, sticking out proudly as she pinched them emitting a moan from her lips. Taking her hands, she rubbed the saliva around her breast making them look slippery as she arched her back. Squeezing her breast together sliding her fingers up towards her nipples, then back around cupping her breast in her palms.

Lee had other ideas as he pushed her legs to her chest, exposing her ass. Giving her a couple of good slaps on her ass enough to make her yelp and whimper. Holding her legs above her by the ankles Lee began running his hands along her legs down to her ass rubbing and caressing it, almost admiring her tight ass. Lisa was mewing in anticipation, feeling Lee’s strong hands on her ass. Lee swatted her ass, a couple more times causing Lisa to moan and thrash her head back and forth feeling the sting.

Still holding her ankles with his hands Lee took a finger and ran it along her pussy lips exposing how wet she was. He turned and smiled at Lisa’s husband Carl saying she is turned on, wet, and hot. Lee then took two fingers and ran them back & forth across her smooth, swollen, wet, lips causing her to moan and hump her hips up & down. He rapidly moved just the fingertips over her clit getting his fingers wet with her juices. Lisa was oohing and ahhhging. Bringing those fingers to his mouth Lee licked and sucked the juices off. With a loud mmmm Lee licked his lips, saying as sweet as I remember.

Lee told Lisa to grab her ankles and hold them. She grabbed her ankles, keeping the legs together and pulled close to her chest. Lee took a moment to admire the pussy before him before diving his face into her folds. Lisa squeal in delight from the sudden sensation and thrust her hips upward to press his face into her pussy. Lee pulled his face from Lisa’s pink treasure, Telling Lisa to look at the camera and describe to your husband how does it feel. Lee then went back to feasting on her pussy.

With glassy far away eyes Lisa raised her head, looked at the camera saying, “Oh Carl this feels so good,” then squealed and squeaked from something Lee had done to her. “Oh My!” Lisa said her eyes got big and her upper body arched upward. Lisa screamed as an orgasm washed over her. You could tell as she was still looking at the camera. Her face winked up, eyes shut and her mouth forming an O. Lisa slowly open her eyes and said Carl you need to learn how to do this! Not as a request but more of a demand.

Carl just looked on as his wife was moaning and thrashing her head. Dropping and spreading her legs, Lisa reached up and grabbed hold of Lee’s head, encircling her finger in his hair, pulling his head to her pussy. Lisa was rubbing her pussy all over Lee’s face, holding him tight moving her hips up and down. She screamed as another orgasm hit. Lisa was spasming and thrashing through it.

Lee pulled his face away from her sweet pussy, smiling and licking his lips getting the rest of her juice. Standing over Lisa he moved forward while grabbing her hips and scooched her towards the edge of the bed. Bringing Lisa’s legs over his shoulders so that the back of her knees rested them. Lee took his big cock in his hand and slapped it down on to her wet swollen pussy. “Oh, that stung” Lisa said. Lee did it again. Slap! Lisa said “OH” Lee did it again SLAP! Lisa moaned and tilted her pelvis up as if wanting more. Lee did just that, he slapped her pussy lips again, repeatedly Slap, Slap, Slap. Lisa was moaning and moving her head back and forth, stopping short of begging for more.

Lee took his big cock and started sliding it up & down her swollen lips coating himself in her juices. Lisa continued to moan, humping her hips trying to get his big cock into the folds of her lips and enter her swollen pussy. But Lee would just tease her getting close then backing away. Lisa started to whimper and purring as she tried to move her hips towards him. Lee took his cock and jabbed just the head into her folds then pull away. Squealed with surprise and started to whine when Lee pulled away. Slapping his cock against her wet pussy then sliding just the head back into her lips. Causing Lisa to start cooling like a pigeon.

Lee continued to do this for a couple for minutes then Lee started talking to Lisa. Lee: You want this cock? Lisa: “yes” Lee pulled his cock away from Lisa as she moaned a disappointing sound. Lee: “Look at your husband tell him what you want.” As Lee says this, he is sliding his cock up & down and across her clit. Lisa: “Oh Carl, I want his cock.” Lee: “No beg your husband to let you have my big cock.” Lisa: Carl, please let me have his big cock.” Lee: “I said beg.” Lisa: “Quick teasing and give me cock. Lee said, “Not until you beg your husband to let you have this cock.” Lisa: “Carl please I beg you can I have his big strong cock?” Lee and Lisa looked at Carl for an answer. Carl so enthralled with the action going on that he almost forgot that it is his wife asking him to let her have big cock. Carl’s throat was all dry, he tried to form the word no but all that happen was that his mouth opened wide, and nothing came out.

His mind and body betrayed him, he had a hard on from watching and his mind and cock wanted more action. Carl nodded and that was all Lisa and Lee wanted. Lee turned and looked at Lisa and said, “beg me for my big cock Lisa” Lisa: “Oh shit Lee, I beg you please give me your big cock.” Lee: “That’s a good girl.” Lee grabbed his cock and aimed it at her glistening wet pussy, he started to push his cock into her. You could hear Lisa grunt then an “Oh” followed by “yes” as Lee had pushed pass her pussy’s opening.

Lee was smiling and looking at Carl saying “what’s wrong Carl you're not fucking this pussy right? She is tight, but I will open her up for you Carl! Pulling back a little then pushing back into her. Lisa gasped followed by an “OHhhhhh!” Lee would pull back then push into her again. Lee did this a couple of times pushing more of his cock into her each time. Lisa was moaning, hissing, and whimpering as she accepted more of Lee’s big cock into her wet pussy. Carl listens as his wife of 7 years Start to say words, he has not heard from her before. Lisa was saying “Oh yes, so fucking good,” “yes, more,” “please put back in,” “Oh my so big,” “Oh, baby please give me more,” “Fuck me with that big cock,” “Come on fuck me!” “Oh, baby you’re the best” “FUCK MEEE!” Those words struck his heart hard. This was a side of his wife he has never seen and wondered how his marriage would be after this.

The fact that he was turn on by another man fucking his wife was new to him. His curiosity got the best of him, and he wanted to see more. Carl got up from his chair and walked closer to the bed to watch his wife and another man fucking. Carl: Can I get closer so I can see better? Lee: Sure, come to the side of the bed, but don’t get in my way or my camera shot. Carl pulled a chair over to the side of the bed and was going to sit and watch. But Carl quickly realized that he needed to stand up to see better. What he saw was that Lee had ¾ of his cock inside his wife and was trying to push more into Lisa as she was begging for more of his big cock.

Lisa was lost in a world of ecstasy that she had not felt in a while and was enjoying it immensely. She forgot her husband or that she was married, Lisa was just in a fog of pleasure. She could feel every inch of Lee’s big cock, how it filled her up. About this time Lisa started to feel it building, tinging, then suddenly. Lisa screamed out an orgasm, announcing “I’m Cumming” “yes, give me that big cock.” “Fuck me hard give it to me Yes, I’m Cumming. She was purring, mewing, and shaking as the orgasm washed over her. Humping her hips upward trying to get more cock in her. Spent she slumped back into the mattress.

Lee asked Lisa “are you ready for the rest of my cock?” Lisa’s head popped up looking at Lee she said “there is more? Oh no, I don’t know if I can take anymore feels like you’re going to split me open.” Lee: Don’t worry baby you will enjoy every inch I have. Lee looked at Carl and told him to grab the lube on the dresser in the corner. Carl found the tube of lube bring it to Lee.

Lee pulled out his cock from the smooth, wet, and hot pussy. Lee told Carl to squeeze out some on her pussy and rub it around. Carl squeezed out the lube onto his wife’s pussy rubbing it around, over and through her red, swollen lips. Causing Lisa to whine and whimper as her husband moved his fingers around her pussy. Lee said, “that's enough.” Pushing Carl away from the bed and back to what he was as a voyeur.

Lee got back in position, between Lisa’s legs with the back of her knees resting on his shoulders. Pulling Lisa’s ass closer to him Lee slides his cock up & down her lips getting himself all lubed up before he starts to enter her. Lee tells Lisa to watch as his big cock goes in your tight pussy. Lisa props herself up on her elbows so she can see Lee’s big cock going into her wet swollen pussy lips feeling slid deep and back out. Lisa wanted to feel the fullness of Lee’s cock. She was eager to feel all of him. She was humping her hips to meet him.

Lee took hold of his cock, aiming and pushing the head into the wet protruding lips. Pass the tight opening ring of her pussy. Lee was feeling his cock being surrounded by the enflamed walls of her sweet honeypot. Lee slammed the rest of his big cock into her pussy, which brought out a scream of surprise followed by a gasp. Lee had pushed all his big cock into Lisa’s tight little pussy. He held still letting her get adjusted to his size. Lee started to make little jabs with his hips into Lisa’s pussy. Their public bones were mashed together, grinding, and moving their hips against each other.

Lee bent down and kissed Lisa passionately wrapping his hands around her head holding her to him. Lisa was giving back what she was getting with equal passion. Lisa was whaling, wrapping her arms and legs around him holding on tight. A passion that Carl, her husband of 7 years has not seen in his wife.

Carl was so caught up in action before him that he had to reach down and undo his pants. Letting his pants drop Carl pulled out his above avenger size cock, almost 7 1/2” but skinny. Carl started pulling on his cock, so turned on that he almost forgot that before him was his wife and another man, not a porn movie but real life.

It did not take long as Carl watched, stroking his cock, he could not hold back after a couple of minutes. He released himself with a loud groan, loud enough that Lee and Lisa stopped. Both turning to look at Carl, seeing that he had cum all over his hand and some running down his leg. Lisa laughed, saying see this is what I deal with “Quick Draw McGraw.” Carl quickly got a towel to clean up his mess. Returning to watch the action. Carl was still hard, stroking his cock, watching intently.

Giggling Lisa said now where were we? Embracing Lee’s head, Lisa went back to passionately kissing and humping. She was starting to roll her hips, humping Lee’s cock. When suddenly Lee rolled both to the side so that Lisa was on top of him. Lisa squealed and laughed as she sat straight up then plugged her full weight down on Lee’s big cock. Lisa was humping hard against Lee’s big cock, panting, and breathing hard. In between breaths Lisa was saying Oh yes, yes, yes, yeah, yeah as she humped her ass up & down.

Lee reached up, grabbed her breast roughly, squeezing them in his palms tight. Lisa pushed her chest into Lee’s hands moaning and grunting. Telling Lee “Oh Yeah baby, pinch my nipples, pull them yes, make them hard, make them hurt, oh yeah baby that’s it. Lee started to twist, pull, and pinch them. Lisa was just writhing in pain and pleasure as Lee continued his attack on her nipples. Lisa started shaking as another orgasm hit her.

Carl was passed out while this was going on. Sprawled out in the big chair, His left hand hanging down off the arm of the chair. His right hand was still holding his shrunken cock with cum covering his hand and stomach. Lisa never looked his way, frankly she did not care. Lisa was lost in a world ecstasy, all she cared about was Lee’s big cock and how much she crams in her vagina.

Lisa placed her hands on Lee’s strong well define chest. She was spreading her fingers out like a cat running her fingers through his brown chest hair. Lisa was purring when Lee reached up, grabbing the back of her head, holding her inches from his forehead. Lee locked in a glaze that Lisa eagerly returned. As they Looked into each other's eyes, Lisa was humping her ass faster until it was a blur, while repeating “Yes.” Lisa was Panting, grunting, and making a weird high-pitched noise each time she came down on his big cock. “Yes,Yes,Yes, breathing hard, grunting, panting, moaning, Agh, Huff, then back to weird high-pitched noises (like a desperate cry) as she plugged down hard on Lee’s cock. Glazing into his eyes the whole time.

Lisa pulled back, arched her back and let out a howl as the ecstasy of thier passion was exiting her body. Lisa screamed "I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK, GIVE IT TO ME! As a big orgasm washing over her body. Lisa lays her chest on his, Lee encircled his arms around Lisa’s body and holding her tight. Her breast mashed against his chest. Lee proceeded to hump upwards, very rapidly, pounding her pussy hard underneath. Lisa has her head buried into his shoulder screaming and crying out as one orgasm after another came over her. In total Lisa had four orgasms in a roll. Something her husband Carl has never done much less given her one.

Lisa was panting and breathing hard, she seemed spent, but Lee had not climaxed yet. He pulled Lisa off him, told her to get on her hands and knees. “Stick the ass up and face down.” Lisa did just that. She laid her face on the mattress, while sticking her ass up high. Lee got behind Lisa and plugged his face into her pussy licking and sucking her juices trying to get every drop. Lee worked his way deeper into her pussy, licking and sucking. Lee pulled back to catch his breath, his face covered in her juices. is so close, hanging over her clit. Lisa could feel his hot breathing causing her to twitch and shake. Lee started to slowly flick his tongue across her clit, Lisa was moaning, twitching, and grunting. Lee moved to sucking on her clit, a flick, then suck, mashing his whole face deep and hard against her vulva driving Lisa to Say, “Please put it in, I want your big cock in me.”

Lee got up slapped Lisa’s ass a couple of times which released a yelped followed by a squeak then an “Oh!” Lee pushed Lisa’s ass down a little, so he can line up his big bulging cock. With one hard push Lee was balls deep. Lisa screamed and wailed, her legs kicking and flailing about. She felt the sting of Lee slapping her ass while other hand grabbed her ponytail pulling back on it and slamming into her. Lisa was Yelling FUCK ME, SO GOOD, SO BIG, SO DEEP, OH MY, I’M CUMMING, OH SHIT DON’T STOP! ARGGGgggg! Lisa was in tears, crying out an orgasm that had her shaking and purring loudly. As Lee grunted holding Lisa’s ass tight against him as he shot rope after rope of his man juice into her pussy. Flexing his hips trying drive as much cock into Lisa as his orgasm tore through him.

Collapsing forward on top of Lisa, Lee then rolled off to the side. Lisa turned her body and fell onto Lee chest. She sighed, while draping her arm across his chest. Lying there in the afterglow, sweaty and exhausted, holding each other and feeling the rise and fall of their breathing. Lee said that’s a rap! Clapping twice, clap clap.

They fell asleep with big smiles on their faces.

The End

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