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This story was inspired by a very good friend and, although fictional, draws on real events. Thanks (or apologies?) are also due to Peter Mayle and Marcel Pagnol.
Kristina was woken up by a bird singing just outside her window. Her eyes still closed, she stretched her awakening muscles. Her hand slowly glided over the sheet to her left, searching for Julien's naked body. Disappointed that she couldn't find him there, she opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows, scanning the room kept dark but for a ray of sunshine slipping through the heavy wood shutters. Still feeling as if she was emerging from a fog, she let her thoughts take her back to the previous day, Julien’s passionate lovemaking by the side of the road in the middle of the night, and then, after they had slept for a few hours, more glorious fucking that had left them breathless and drenched in sweat. They had both stepped in the shower, which had led to more pleasurable activities, before they had crawled back into bed and fallen back to sleep.

Aroused by her reminiscing, Kristina let her hands wander over her body, palms circling over her hardening nipples, which she pinched and pulled on. Gently caressing her abdomen, which made her body twitch slightly, she reached for her inner thighs, a favorite erogenous spot, and felt her body open up, almost like a flower at dawn. With one hand still brushing lightly over her thigh, she reached with the other for her pussy, her fingers feeling her swelling clitoris and parting her labia to let Julien's tongue in for another round. Despite the darkness of the room, she suddenly realized that there was a mirror opposite the foot of the bed and that she could see herself, legs spread, pussy wide open and slick with juices, so ready for more sex. Kristina's back arched, her body longing for the pressure of another warm body on top of her, for Julien’s hard cock rubbing against her pussy, then penetrating her slowly. Transfixed by her reflection in the mirror, she started rubbing her clit faster and more forcefully, gasping at the intensity of the experience. Pushing two fingers inside, she felt how wet her pussy was, which excited her even more. As juices began dripping down her inner thighs, Kristina brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked off her love nectar, then started fingering her pussy more rapidly while rubbing her clit with the other hand. She came fast and hard but, barely pausing, resumed slamming her fingers inside her pussy. Aching for more pleasure, she reached with her other hand around her well-rounded butt cheeks and started circling her anus with one finger, lubricating it with her pussy juices. She slowly inserted her finger in her anal canal, moving back and forth while still fucking her pussy hard with her other hand. Pleasure welled in her with each stroke, until she came hard a second time, her body quivering for what felt like an eternity.

Slowing down her breathing, Kristina felt her entire body gradually relaxing. She lied there, eyes closed, motionless. The experience had been so intense that she had been completely oblivious to her surroundings, but the creaking of a floorboard suddenly caught her attention. Her eyes now used to the dimness of the room, she quickly spotted a figure leaning against the door frame. She sat up with a gasp, but was instantly reassured when she recognized Julien's silhouette. The feeling turned to slight embarrassment, which grew as she caught sight of the less than innocent grin on his face and came to the realization that he had probably been watching all along.

"Tea or coffee?" said Julien, clearly amused at the situation. "You..." Kristina grabbed one of the pillows and threw it in his direction. They both started laughing. Julien made a few steps toward the bed, and Kristina's eyes, now fully adjusted to the low light, suddenly caught sight of the bulge in Julien’s blue shorts. "You naughty boy... come here!" Apparently not minding the invitation a bit, Julien walked around the corner of the bed, while Kristina sat on the edge. She grabbed him by the midsection, squeezing his firm buttocks and landing soft kisses on his muscular abdomen. She could now feel that the bulge was conspicuously growing. Smiling knowingly, Kristina teasingly slid Julien's shorts down very slowly, until Julien’s penis, now free from the garment, sprung up, fully erect and seemingly in need of attention. Kristina giggled and reached for the tip with her tongue, circling slowly around the head, all the while cupping Julien’s balls in her hand and then teasing them with her nails. Without pausing her licking motions, she looked up: his eyes were closed, his muscles tense and hard. As she began taking more of his hard shaft in her mouth, Julien was caressing Kristina's hair gently. What she didn't know was that it took all of his concentration not to grab her head and thrust his cock down her throat as far as it could reach. But then, it was there. Kristina's lips were against his belly and he could feel her throat squeezing the tip of his cock. She stayed there for a couple of seconds, then pulled back to catch her breath. "Oh baby...," he whispered, before she started sucking with renewed purpose on his member. Julien started moaning softly as Kristina's mouth brought him closer and closer to ecstasy. His moaning intensifying to a low growl, he felt a sudden surge of pleasure as warm semen rushed through, filling Kristina's mouth. Her eyes grew wider and she gasped slightly, but held on and swallowed hard, then continued draining his cock of all cum. Letting go of Julien’s swollen member, Kristina looked up at him with a definite look of satisfaction. She couldn't resist hamming it up, licking her lips as if she had just had the best meal of her life. Julien laughed again, then forced himself to take on a more serious expression: "Tea or coffee?" "Mouthwash first, please," she replied with a wink.

Kristina felt genuinely pleased with her circumstances. After a couple of self-administered orgasms earlier that morning, the delicious baguette and strawberry jam dipped in Julien’s strong coffee she had had for breakfast, and now with the sun warming her skin while she reclined on the patio listening to the cicadas getting louder as the temperature rose, she had reached a level of contentment and serenity that she found quite acceptable. Her reverie was interrupted by Julien’s voice. Kristina had heard him getting busy in the kitchen, but she was too content with her current situation to even bother getting up to find out what he was up to. But now, Julien was leaning out the kitchen's window calling her name: “Are you finished with breakfast? We have places to go!” “What do you mean? Can’t I just stay here all day?” she replied, smiling and stretching in her lounge chair. “Not today, but I promise you, it’ll be worthwhile. Do you have a good pair of hiking shoes?” “Uhoh,” thought Kristina, “what is he up to now?”

Kristina pried herself out of her seat and climbed the stairs to the bedroom to put her espadrilles on. “No, no, that won’t do,” said Julien who had followed her, “here, try these on, I think they should be your size, with these thick socks.” He was right, the shoes, although obviously well used, seemed to have been made for her feet, which the socks helped make even more comfortable. “You may also need a hat and some sunscreen, we’re going to get a lot of sun today.” Duly shoed and capped, Kristina followed Julien back down to the front door where he hoisted to his shoulder a heavy backpack with a coiled rope secured to its top. “So... are you planning to tie me up?” said Kristina, giggling. Julien winked: “In a way, yes… we’re going to have to do a bit of climbing to get to that special place I want to show you.” Kristina’s mind began to race. It wasn’t so much that she was curious about their destination, but just having joked about the tying-up suddenly made her feel pangs of desire again. “What is it with this guy?” she thought.

“We’re going to make a quick stop in town,” said Julien, “it’s market day, it’ll be fun.” Julien was driving his old beat-up Citroën 2CV on the winding roads of Vaucluse like the proverbial mad French driver. That is, given that the 2CV was only capable of reaching 60mph going downhill and with the wind at its back… They drove into Le Buis les Barronies, a town north of the famous Mont Ventoux, familiar to fans of the Tour de France. People converged on the town for market days, but Julien managed to find a parking spot in a narrow side street where a few rather hungry looking street cats had gathered in the shade. A quick stroll among the stalls that lined the streets, piled high with cheeses, charcuteries, fruits and vegetables, a few brief exchanges of pleasantries with some of the vendors, while Julien stuffed his backpack with provisions, and they were back in the 2CV, climbing the sun-drenched backroads among groves of olive and almond trees, vineyards, and lavender fields.

Kristina was just thinking to herself that they hadn’t seen a house or a human being in a while when the road turned into a rocky dirt lane. Julien drove more slowly for another ten minutes or so, then parked the car in a recess along a stone wall covered with brambles, the ruins of a small shepherd shed. “Ok, this is it, now we have to walk for a bit,” said Julien, “have some water, it’s going to get pretty hot in the sun.” “Yes, ‘mom’,” Kristina replied with an impish smile. “And wear your hat!” added Julien with a scolding tone. They both drank from the canteen, and off they went, following what was probably an old goat trail through rocky terrain covered with a mixture of evergreen oaks and wild herbs. The smell was incredible. Julien noticed Kristina grabbing some rosemary twigs as they walked by a bush. “Makes you hungry, doesn’t it?” “Don’t worry, we have plenty of food... and we’re almost there,” Julien added, pointing to a rock formation rising in the distance. “And what’s there?” said Kristina. “Patience, my little cicada,” was Julien’s reply.

The sun was beating down mercilessly on them, and Kristina, feeling the effects of the heat, was wiping the sweat of her face. “Hang on a sec!” she called to Julien, who had been in the lead. He stopped and turned around: “What’s the ma…,” but did not quite finish his sentence. Kristina had already removed her shirt and taken off her bra, letting her magnificent breasts free for a few seconds, before putting the shirt back on and knotting it around her torso. As he watched incredulously, she unfastened her pants and took those off as well, then slipped her underwear off, revealing her smooth mound and shapely butt cheeks. She knew Julien was devouring her with his eyes, and she was milking the situation for all it was worth. Turning around, she bent over and gave Julien a full view of that gorgeous ass, shaking it for good measure. From a pants pocket, she retrieved what turned out to be a very small pair of running shorts which she finally slipped on. “Ah, much better,” she said, holding her lacy bra on one finger, “can I put these in your backpack?” Julien smiled, stuffed the garments in the pack, and retrieved a bottle of sunscreen. “Now, you’re going to need some of this.” Kristina let Julien’s hands explore her body while he spread the lotion on her exposed skin. She could feel his desire radiating through his insistent hands, and the growing bulge in his crotch left no doubt as to his train of thought. Yet, Julien didn’t let on, put away the sunscreen, and slapped Kristina’s butt just hard enough that it stung: “Allons-y!”

After another half-hour of hiking through the garrigue, Kristina and Julien reached the base of the butte Julien had pointed out to her earlier. Julien pointed up the 50-foot cliff and said: “We’re going this way.” Kristina replied nervously: “I’ve never done this before, I mean, rock climbing.” “Don’t worry, I’ll go first, and then I’ll belay you from the top, you’ll be completely safe.” Julien had dropped his backpack to the ground and was unloading climbing gear. “Here, this one is for you,” he said, handing Kristina a harness. “You put it on this way, with the belay loop in the front.” Following Julien’s demonstration, Kristina slipped one foot through a leg loop, then the other through the second loop, pulled the waist belt up and tightened all the belts. “See, you’re a natural,” said Julien with a reassuring smile. “Besides, this is really easy climbing, you’ll be fine. And I promise, the effort will be worth it.” Julien fashioned a figure-eight knot and tied it to Kristina’s harness. “If you were to fall, and I don’t think you will, I’ll be holding you up from the top and you’ll just end up sitting in your harness until you get back on the wall.” “If you say so…” thought Kristina, not completely convinced. “Trust me, trust the gear,” said Julien, seemingly reading her mind, “I would never put you in any danger.” Kristina managed to smile back.

Julien lifted the backpack to his shoulders and secured the other end of the rope to his own harness. “Here we go, just wait to hear my signal before starting to climb. I’ll pull up the rope until it’s pretty tight and I’ll shout ‘on belay,’ ok?” Then he was on the wall, moving elegantly from hold to hold. “Just make sure to climb with your legs, and not pull yourself up on your arms, or you’ll tire very quickly,” he offered as a last piece of advice. Soon, Julien had turned a corner on the wall and Kristina could no longer see him, but the rope kept going up. “I guess he knows what he’s doing,” she thought. After a while, the rope stopped moving for just a few seconds, then started moving up again at an accelerated rate, until all the slack was taken and Kristina felt the rope tugging on her harness. Another couple of minutes, and she heard Julien’s voice coming from above: “On belay! You can do this Kristina!”

Tentatively, Kristina positioned one foot on a hold she could reach fairly easily from the ground, found holds for both hands as well and, remembering Julien’s advice, launched herself so as to balance herself on the one leg rather than pull with her arms. “Success!” she thought, and looked for a hold for her other foot. Soon, she got into a rhythm, moving from one hold to the next more fluidly, as if on a giant staircase with fairly small steps. The rope was being pulled from above, so that there was no slack, and she began to feel more at ease… until she got the idea of looking down to see how far she had progressed. Up perhaps thirty-five feet, Kristina realized instantly how far off the ground she was and, in spite of herself, froze in fear. She felt the rope tugging again. “What’s happening?” called Julien from above. Another tug, Kristina could not move. “Come on Kristina… you looked down, didn’t you? Ok, do what I tell you: I’m pulling the rope very tight, and you are going to relax and sit back in your harness like it was a chair.” Kristina closed her eyes and very slowly lowered her butt until she felt like nothing was moving anymore and she was sitting down in her harness. Somewhat reassured, she shouted: “What now?” “Well, that’s how far you’d fall if you let go of the wall entirely.” Kristina let go of one hand, then the other, grabbing the rope instead, and was greatly relieved to see that nothing was moving, except for a slight sway like if she had been sitting on a swing. “You’re good?” “Yeah, yeah… thanks.” “You’re almost there, and it gets even easier closer to the top.” Kristina positioned herself back on the wall, stood up on her foot holds, and started up again. Soon, she could see Julien above her on a ledge, handling the rope, and after a couple more minutes she felt his powerful arm grabbing on to hers and pulling her to safety atop the ledge. She reached around his torso and held tight for a couple of minutes, trying to calm down her breathing. She felt Julien holding her tight, his lips on her neck. “You were fabulous,” he said comfortingly. They sat on the ledge for a while, taking in the magnificent view, passing the canteen back and forth to relieve their parched throats. “We’re almost there, babe.” “You keep saying that, where is ’there’?” “Well, we have to go down a bit, so we’re going to rappel down.” “What does that mean?” “We’ll just slide down the rope until we reach our destination.” Kristina made an angry face and motioned to throw the canteen at Julien’s head. “Don’t worry, you’ll be sitting in my lap, and I’ll do all the work.” Turning her mock angry face into a smirk, Kristina said: “I bet you will!” Julien laughed, soon joined by Kristina, and their laughter echoed in the valley below.

After having moved over a small arete to another ledge facing in the opposite direction, Julien fashioned an anchor using several cams and a cordelette, clipped the climbing rope into a couple of carabiners attached to the anchor and threw it over the edge. Having set up an extended rappel system secured to his harness, he asked Kristina to position herself in front of him. “Don’t be fresh now…” She felt his hands on her body as he secured her harness to his, and regretted her admonition. She wanted more than ever for Julien to grab her breasts, floating somewhat freely under her thin shirt. The thought made her nipples harden. Unable to control herself, she reached behind and grabbed Julien ass firmly, squeezing his butt cheeks for dear life. “Perfect!” said Julien, and before Kristina could have another thought, she felt her body falling backward on top of his, and they were both above the void. She gasped as Julien began running the rope through his belay device while expertly walking with a slight bounce down the wall. Expecting the worst, Kristina had closed her eyes, when she heard Julien say: “No, no, look around, this is the best part!” She tentatively opened her eyes, and was amazed at the sight. As Julien lowered them gradually down the wall, they entered a kind of oasis, with small trees and leafy plants having replaced the dry shrubs hey had hiked through earlier to reach the butte. Kristina recognized the sound she was hearing: there was flowing water nearby. Soon, a lovely waterfall with a small pool of limpid water at its base came into view, just as they descended the last few feet before reaching the sandy ground at the bottom of the wall. Once liberated from the restraints of the climbing gear, Kristina fell on her knees into the soft sand, speechless.

“Come on, you’ve really earned it!” she heard Julien say. He had already lowered the heavy back pack to the ground and was taking off his sweat-soaked shirt while kicking off his hiking shoes. Kristina knew instantly what he meant, hurriedly took off her shirt, kicked away her shoes and pulled down her tiny shorts, and started running naked toward the water. She entered the pool with a splash and dove head first. The water was cool and pure, scrubbing away the dirt and sweat that covered her body. She felt instantly renewed. Coming back to the surface, she had a quick glimpse of Julien, now fully naked, jumping into the pool from a small rocky ledge that formed a natural diving platform. Kristina quickly lowered her head below the surface of the water, just in time to catch sight of Julien’s body as he swam gracefully along the bottom of the natural pool toward her.

After swimming underwater past Kristina's legs, Julien surfaced just next to her and grabbed her, drawing her to him. She playfully pushed him away and swam away in the direction of the waterfall. This was just a stream of water coming from an underground source which happened to find an exit from the rock right in the middle of the wall surrounding this little private Garden of Eden, and fall in a nonporous depression in the ground, thus creating the wondrous pool at the center of the Garden. Kristina swam through the stream as it hit the surface of the pool, playing with the water like a child would, until a thought crossed her mind, fueled by the erotic tension which had been building up all along during this excursion with Julien. Laying back, she let herself float so as to have the stream strike her lower abdomen. The sensation from her clitoris took her breath away, using one arm to try to maintain her position underneath the waterfall, she managed to finger her pussy with her other hand. “Fuck!” she shouted, as a wave of pleasure rose in her belly. Julien, who had lifted himself out of the water and was sitting close by on the rocky diving platform, was watching her with a naughty grin on his face. Feeling the rush of blood in his cock, he grabbed it and rolled back the foreskin past the head which was now turning a darker shade of purplish red. He wanted Kristina again, he wanted her warm pussy around his throbbing penis and her gorgeous breasts within reach of his mouth.

While she was enjoying the clitoral massage provided by the waterfall, Kristina was not completely oblivious to those goings-on and, seeing Julien stroking his cock, quickly decided to swim to him. Julien was about to jump back in the water from his perch, but she motioned to him to stay exactly where he was, sitting on the edge, legs wide open and in the water up to the knees, erect cock pointing out towards Kristina's mouth. She anchored herself on his knees with her forearms, and started licking the tip of Julien’s penis, while he watched her with palpable intensity. Her tongue was traveling slowly along the shaft, teasing the frenulum, then his testicles. Still holding on to one knee, Kristina used her other hand to grab Julien’s penis and sunk it suddenly into her mouth. The size it had reached took her by surprise, it really filled her mouth like it hadn't the night before or that morning. "Yeah me!" she thought, almost giggling while salivating all over Julien’s throbbing member. Julien had now closed his eyes, his head was tilted back in pure ecstasy. "Don't cum now," she said, "I need you as hard as you can be." Kristina quickly pulled herself out of the water. "Stay there," she ordered, as she ran to the backpack, pulled her pants out, and brought out of one side pocket a small vial. She coursed back to Julien who was now lying on his back on the rock platform, stroking his cock slowly. "Give that to me, it's all mine!" said Kristina with another naughty smile, as she grabbed Julien’s penis and poured lube from the vial. "I want you to fuck my ass," she stated matter-of-factly, now spreading some of the lube on her anus and expertly fingering it to relax it. Julien, who could hardly believe his luck, let her take charge. Kristina straddled him, facing him, first sliding back and forth over his shaft with her wet pussy lips, then getting in a crouching position and holding Julien’s cock vertical so that its tip would be right against her anus. As Julien took over holding his cock to keep it pointing straight up, Kristina slowly lowered herself on it, carefully forcing Julien’s cock to penetrate her.

They both moaned at the same time, as Kristina used her powerful thighs to start moving up and down around Julien’s cock. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "Fuck," he replied, grabbing her breasts, which were swinging, just as he had imagined them earlier, in front of his face. Kristina was fucking him furiously, using one hand to stroke her pussy and create a sort of double penetration. She was wild with desire and passion, and it made Julien want to explode. He cried out: "not sure if I can hold..." "Come on, Frenchie, this is just like climbing, you can do it! Now fuck me doggie style... still in the ass!" They adjusted their position quickly, this time Julien’s penis penetrating Kristina's anus very easily, and he started fucking her fast while holding her shoulders. She moaned continuously, stroking her pussy and fucking it with her fingers. An orgasm was building up, and it suddenly shook her from head to toe, stopping Julien in his tracks. "No, no, keep going!!" she cried. Now Julien was breathing hard and vocalizing loudly as he tried to hasten the pace of his pounding. "Fuuuuck!!..." "Yessss!" was Kristina's reply, as an other tremor shook her body. "I'm going to cum, babe," he said, "I want your mouth!" Quickly letting Julien’s dick pop out of her well-pleasured ass, Kristina obliged and turned around, opening her mouth wide to invite Julien’s ejaculation. Julien was now standing over her, knees slightly bent, stroking hard, a guttural rumble coming out of his throat. "Aaaahhhh....," he cried as warm cum rushed out of his penis in repeated spurts to land on Kristina's tongue and face. When it looked like he was about done, she swallowed his throbbing penis and sucked hard, giving him a sensation right on the edge between pleasure and pain. "Oh god," he said, grabbing her head and fucking her mouth hard. Kristina managed to control her gag reflex long enough for Julien to slow down and pull out, cock now deflating. "Well, big boy, that was a pretty intense hors-d'oeuvre," joked Kristina, "but when is lunch?" "Don't worry, I came prepared," Julien replied with a wink. Before she knew what was happening, he rushed toward her, grabbed her in his arms like a baby and threw her shrieking into the water, then dove after her. "You beast," she scolded him when they both came up for air. "Come on, let's go eat," he laughed back.

Julien’s backpack was like the proverbial Marry Poppins bag, it seemed to contain an endless supply of cooking implements and provisions. Julien quickly started a small fire in a pit that had obviously been used for that purpose before, rested a small grill on the stones surrounding the fire, and began seasoning the lamb chops he had been acquired at the market earlier that day. He got up, looking around briefly, grabbed a few twigs of wild rosemary and thyme, crushing them over the chops, then sprinkled some salt and pepper from a container that had magically appeared from the recesses of his magic backpack, before placing the chops on the grill.

“I would never do this—make a fire, I mean—around here, except this place. You could start a brush fire and burn down the whole department!” remarked Julien. “Yeah, it’s very dry out there… but not in here, this is like a small, private Garden of Eden! Do I have to worry about a snake giving me an apple?” Kristina joked. Then she said more seriously: “How long have you known about this place?” “Oh, since I was a child.” “So just a few years then,” she said with a wink. “And how did you find it?” “This old man I knew, a local character, kind of a hermit who lived from the land... but for some reason he liked me, and he took me here one day. He had found the place quite by accident himself, climbing on the butte to get a better vantage point while looking for a goat that had gotten lost.” “Will I meet him?” “Hmm, he’s no longer…,” Julien’s voice trailed off, “… looking for goats.”

“But the chops are ready!” Julien quickly turned his attention back to the meal at hand. Out of the backpack came a baguette, a big slice of country pâté, a salad of marinated red peppers and cucumbers, a locally made goat cheese, and some fresh figs. Kristina, who had worked up quite an appetite with all her prior activities, didn’t have to be asked twice. She and Julien sat next to each other, both holding their grilled lamb chop by the bone and eating voraciously, smiling at each other contentedly, Kristina interjecting a satisfied “mmm” now and again. They made quick work of the rest of the food, and Julien went rummaging in the backpack again, this time pulling out a small thermos bottle of strong coffee, which they shared using the cap as an espresso cup. Finally sated, they reclined on the stone slab in the shade of a hackberry tree, and remained motionless for a while.

Kristina came to, realizing she had dozed off, to find Julien watching her with a smile on his face. She blushed: “Was I out for a while?” “Yeah, and you only snored a little bit!” replied Julien with a chuckle. Kristina straddled him: “You…” But she couldn’t stop herself from laughing as well. She leaned forward and gave Julien a quick peck on the lips. They were looking at each other with renewed intensity, and Kristina leaned forward again, this time kissing Julien deeply. Their tongues dueled for a bit, as Kristina felt Julien’s cock stiffen right underneath her pelvis. His hands were now caressing, then massaging her butt and she felt one of his fingers probing her pussy, already moist with juices. She moaned, arching her back and giving him a view of her hardening nipples, which he reached for with his tongue. Julien licked, nibbled, and teased her nipples for some time, while keeping one finger inside her pussy and massaging her clit with his thumb. She reached back for his hard cock, which she wanted inside her, and pushing Julien’s hand aside, shoved it hard in her pussy and began riding it slowly at first. Both of Julien’s hands were now grabbing Kristina’s ass, moving along as she accelerated the pace in a squat position.

Kristina had rarely been with a man whose penis fit her vagina so well, filling it but not overstretching it, and she couldn’t have enough of it. As she was going up and down on his cock, Julien was transfixed by the sight of her pussy lips sliding over his shaft, of the vaginal opening being stretched by his cock as it pulled out when she went upward, of the whole length of it disappearing inside her when she came down and her groin rested on his for split second. They kept fucking without a word, feeling the growing intensity of their respective pleasure, like a tide rising inside them. Julien’s breathing was growing noticeably noisier, while Kristina was moaning more strongly each time she slammed into Julien’s groin and took in the whole length of his hard cock. Then, Julien took over: while Kristina remained in a stationary squat, he was holding on to her ass with both hands and raising his hips to her, fucking her at a feverish pace. She was now making a continuous moan, modulated only by the impact of Julien’s thrusts. “Oh my god…,” he said under his breath. Kristina felt the strong ejaculation inside her and the spasms in Julien’s body as she let herself flop on top of him to catch her breath.

Feeling the slightest disappointment at not having reached an orgasm as well, Kristina only took a couple of minutes before slowly getting up on her knees and letting Julien’s softening cock slide out of her pussy. She positioned herself on one side of his body and started sucking on his cock, first deliberately to clean it of the mixture of cum and pussy juices, then more vigorously to get it to firm up again. “I’m not sure…” Julien didn’t finish. Against all odds, he could feel Kristina’s soft mouth and tongue were having the desired effect. “Raising the dead?” he thought facetiously. “Take me from behind,” she ordered. Julien was happy to oblige. Deep down, he was also tickled by Kristina’s take-charge attitude. He had always admired strong women, and she definitely qualified. Soon he was kneeling behind her and his expertly revived penis was plunging into her drenched vagina, while Kristina, not concerned whatsoever with hiding her intentions, was stroking her clitoris with increasing intensity. It didn’t take long before she was shaking with orgasmic spasms of her own: “Oh fuck, yesss….!!”

Kristina and Julien had flopped over in spooning position, catching their breath and letting their heart rate drop a bit. Julien’s softening cock was still inside of her, but Kristina enjoyed the feeling and tried to keep it there as long as possible. After a while, Julien whispered in her ear: “That was amazing… You are amazing…” “So are you, for an old man,” she said. He tickled her sides and she howled, trying to escape his grasp. She was up, standing over him, legs apart, the sun behind her creating a Kristina eclipse of sorts, delineating the gorgeous curves of her body. Julien took in the sight, smiling widely. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news,” he said, “but we’re going to have to make our way back soon.” “Well, I think you’re going to have to carry me,” she replied with a chuckle. He slowly got up and they both entered the water pool for a last cooling rinse, got dressed and packed up. Before they tied into the rope to get back over the rock wall, Kristina turned around and had a slow look around, trying to take it all in one last time. “What a place!” Turning to Julien who was already starting up the rock face: “How are you going to top that? We still have five days to go!” “There’s a lot more magic around here,” he shouted back, “no worries.” “Well, thanks for sharing this one with me!” she replied, approaching the base of the face.

The sun was low over the horizon when they got back to Julien’s car, and Kristina fell asleep on the ride back to the house. Julien carried her inside and laid her on the bed. He carefully peeled off her dusty clothes, trying not to wake her, and admired her naked body for another few instants before shedding his own clothes and slipping under the covers, his body against hers. “Who needs dreams…” was his last thought before he fell asleep.
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