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The next morning of day 2 camping trip
After Scott had lost sight of them he went into his camper and laid down thinking of what just went down. He had had many sexual partners so that was why he laster as long as he did. He has even had a couple 3 ways before but nothing spontaneous like this. Finding random women. Not just random but hott horny women at that.

Scott soon drifted off to sleep. Dreamt of all the fun he could have with the women. Having one on one fun. Hopefully another 3 way action just have a good fun week.

With Scott alone in his camper he slept naked. Hours had gone by as in his sleep his dick has fully hard. In his dream one of the ladies was playing with his dick. Stroking it up and down. It felt so real that he let out a moan in his sleep. Soon a warming feeling was on his dick. It felt too real that je had opened his eyes and looked down. And he then saw Sham had snuck away from her site and got into his camper and went after his dick. It was a very good surprise so before she noticed he was awake he quickly closed his eyes and laid his head back down.

Sham was so into sucking on his dick she didn't even notice what he had done. She moved her head up and down. Trying her best to take more of his thick cock in her mouth. She was happy to have taken more then from last night. She softly sucked on the tip. Scott let out another moan to Sham actions. Scott was wanting to do stuff to her but he didn't want to move to much.

Sham then moved her mouth off his dick. Scott didn't know what was going on and didn't want to open his eyes yet. He then felt movement on the left side of him. He was already laying on the end of the bed so the didn't have much to go to the right of he would roll off the bed. He then felt light pressure on his dick. Could tell it was her hand as it was making his dick point straight up. He then felt tightness on the head of his cock. Then the tightness went down slowly feeling all of his cock. He couldn't help but let out a big moan in his sleep.

Then he felt the tightness move up and down. He now could tell she was riding his cock cause she had soon started to move. He couldn't fully tell which way she was on him till he felt her hands on his legs. Now knowing he was riding him reverse cowgirl. He opened his eyes and looked down. Her ass moving up and down on him feeling her pussy squeeze his cock as she started to move up and down on him faster. She was trying to keep her moans low but with how fast was making herself go and how thick his dick was she couldn't hold back her moans.

"Fuck Scott your dick is so good and thick." She then gripped his legs as slowed her movements on his dick. He felt her pussy squeeze his cock more. Knowing she was cumming on his dick. He couldn't let this moment go away. He quickly placed bis hands on her hips and started to thrust his hips at her. The initial movement of his hands and hips had shocked her. "Oohhh" but then she looked back at him. Moaning at him. "Morning Scott. Hope you don't mind but I needed your cock again."

Scott gave out a grin. "Dont mind at all. Keep going. Ride the fuck out of my cock." Sham tilted hwr head up hearing his approval. "Alright you asked for it. No cumming in my pussy." Scott nodded. "Got it. Now ride."

With that Sham turned her head to his legs she gripped his legs more as she then started to move her legs and hips up and down and grinding his cock all in the same time. She then dropped fully down driving every bit of his cock in her. She then grind down hard rocking her hips fast. She was already at her next orgasm. Her pussy clenched his dick as she soon felt her hot juices pour out and go down his balls. But she wasn't done yet. She moved her hips back up and back down hard. Scott just laid here with her hands on her hips.

Sham looked back at Scott and moaned at him. "Remember no cumming." Scott let out a moan. "I know. I won't" then Sham looked forward again and then went even faster and harder on his cock. Her pussy squeezing his cock more. She was purposely squeezing his cock more as she went even faster. She was moaning louder almost screaming like. She would drop down hard and go up half way and then drop down hard again. She was intentionally making his action as their bodies would smack into each other and drive his cock hard into her. She was moaning even more as she we going even more. Her pussy working over time with the tightness it was still doing on his dick.

Sham kept going till she then dropped down fully on his dick. Her body did some convolution as she just sat fully on his dick. Scott could tell she wanted the huge release she just gave herself on his cock. She stayed still and just breathed heavy. Catching her brethe. Her pussy twitching around his cock. He could feel his dick starting to build. She then looked back at him feeling his cock in her tbrobbing. "Are you ready to cum?"

Scott looked up at her. "Yes." With that she moved over to his left side and laid on her side. Her head resting on his stomach. She placed her hand on his dick gripping it hard and began to roughly stroking it. The grip pressure and speed of her stroking and with her pussy juices covering it. The combination made the effect feel as if her hand was her pussy. She would pump his cock good hard. Her hand moving up and down at a good pace. She would speak out. "Give me your load please. Cum all my face." All he could see from his angle was the back of her head but he would feel her aim his cock at her so he could only guess his load would go on her face like she wanted.

With the begging and her actions pushed him over as he then reached over placing a hand on her back and moaned out. "I'm cumming." His cock then spot out load of blob of cum at her. He couldn't tell where his cum went but he didn't feel any hit him. She didn't stop pumping his cock. After a short bit then lifted her head some and down towards his cock. He felt the wetness and softness what could only be her tongue. She moved her head some and Scott had a good view of what he thought. She was licking off her juices off his cock and what ever mess she made.

After her tongue clean up she rolled on top of him. Scott looking up at her seeing the mess on her face. He reached over and grabbed a towel and handed it to her. "No thanks." She replied. "I want to show Ariel what load I got from you. To make her little jealous." She laughed some as she then rolled off of him and put the robe she had wore coming over. "We was thinking breakfast. Can you cook?"

Scott laughed. "Yea. I got stuff for Eggs and Sausage." Sham responded "would you make some for me and Ariel? I will go and get her and be back in like 10 mins."

Scott nodded. "Yea that will be good amount of time." Sham smiled and then made her way out the door and towards her campsite. Scott got up and did a good morning stretch a day got up and slipped on a pair boxers. He got ingredients for breakfast and then started to cook the food. As the food was going he finished getting dressed and as food was finishing up the ladies arrive.

"Just in time ladies food is ready."

Ariel spoke. "Good cause I'm hungry." She laughed some. "Course I didn't get the early appetizer like you two did but maybe I'll get the late dessert solo later." Everyone had a laugh. "I'm down for that." Scott replied. "Sounds fair to me." Sham added.

They all dished out so plate and begin eating. Who knows how their day was going to be but the way last night and this morning was. Scott couldn't wait.
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