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Pete meets Janice and starts a passionate affair with her.
I am Pete, 66 years old, retired, a widower. My wife of 34 years passed away 3 years ago. I keep myself very fit, swimming twice a week and have long country walks twice a week. I am just under 6 foot tall, grey haired, brown eyes. I have two or three good male friends that I see occasionally other than I keep to myself.

The story starts on a cold autumn day, I had been swimming as usual. I parked my car outside my house and as I opened my car door I noticed the side door on Ian Steads van slide open.

I had nothing to do with the Steads, they lived a few houses up the street from me, they were a father and son who had their own plastering business. The vans had the company name emblazoned on the side 'Stead & Son plasterers'. Under this logo on of the vans it said Ian Stead on one van and on the other van it said Paul Stead.

I had heard from another neighbour that the business did not get good reviews.

Ian Stead stepped out of the van and behind him was a woman I had seen in the street a few times, she lived on the opposite side of the street, house number 30. What grabbed my attention that day was she was in her underwear, bra and knickers. I noticed her shiver with the cold as she stepped out of the van. Ian Stead turned to her and they kissed before she crossed the road and headed up the road to her house.

I was not over suprised at seeing her only partly dressed I had twice seen her naked in the street. It seemed a few women in my street liked to walk around naked in public.

It was a few days later that there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and there she stood, the woman from number 30 who I had seen leaving Ian Steads van.

"My name is Janice", she introduced herself.

"You saw me with Ian Stead," she continued, "I have friend Ginger, who thinks you are lonely and says I should get to know you better, if you know what I mean,"

I stood back and let her into my house not really comprehending what was happening, that she seemed to be offering herself to me.

She made it clear what she wanted by moving very close to me and stroking my cheek with her hand.

"Ginger says you probably have not had sex for several years and I should correct that."

I did not know who this Ginger was but he was correct it was five years since I last had sex. I wondered who Ginger was and why Janice was willing to come to me. The questions can wait I thought and put my arms around her and pulled her close and started to touch her.

Both my hands start to explore her body. My left hand danced around her arm while my right ever so slowly crept onto the small of her back. As my fingers began to caress, Janice quickened her breath. With no sign of negativity, I continued my quest of exploration. My right hand alternated between light fingertips and slightly heavier motions around her lower back. My left moves between her shoulder, elbow, and to the very end of her fingertips. For a good few minutes I just continue to touch her skin with her shirt moved to the side, still wanting to respect her space.

After a time, I shift my weight a little and glance down. Janice feels the change and brings her gaze to mine. For more than a moment our eyes lock, and a silent conversation ensues. I know this must be the time, and I lean forward to her. One hand slightly moves her hair out of the way as she mimics the forward momentum and begins leaning upward towards me. I lean my head to the side and slowly meet her lips on mine. My mind explodes with the touch; my heart rate increases. My remaining hand floats to the back of her head as the kiss starts to awaken something deep inside me. All I can do is enjoy the moment. And then far too fast for my liking, Janice pulls back. I open my eyes and glare right into hers, almost upset that the moment had gone. Her look tells me that there certainly is more to come. I lean in again, and we begin to kiss with an extended passion behind it. We explore each other's lips and my hands again start to wander. One hand holds the back of her head close to make sure she knows I want more. The other finds its way to her back again, up her shirt and exploring her soft skin.

As my hand continues to rub, our mouths start to become a little bolder. I part my lips and feel her do the same. Our tongues meet for the same time and start to dance inside us. My hands continue to explore and hold her close. I move my hand from her back to her hips, and gently move to her stomach. With this moment Janice pulls back and smiles gently at me.

"Bedroom," she whispered.

I stood up and reach out for her hand. She places hers in mine, and together we move to the bedroom. We enter the bedroom and I shut the door behind us. I quickly pull her to me and begin to kiss her again. Janice returns the kiss with extra fervor and I pull her in close again. My hand returns to her back, and with confidence I reach down and grab her ass. I feel what Janice has to offer. She begins to wiggle it ever so slightly to the touch and I can't help but smile. Both hands start to caress, one holding her tight and one happily feeling the rocking motion of her hips. It continually gets more difficult to hide my obvious attraction; I certainly am getting hard. Slowly I can hear her let out a little moan between kisses. I reach up again and start to remove her shirt. She leans away from the kiss and raises her hands up high to let me take it off her. Instantly she tears at mine as to make it equal.

With our shirtless bodies touching we continue to kiss leaning against my closed door. If our kiss was dizzy before, the skin on skin feeling while making out with her is a knock out! The energy is electric as we explore the each other's flesh. I can feel her hands rubbing into the back of my neck when I start to push her forward towards the bed. On the way there, I reach a hand down her jeans and unbutton the front. I pull back from our kisses to make sure permission is granted. Janice gives me the powerful look she has to almost say, "Are you kidding?"

I fight my way back to her, and let a hand slip under the top of her jeans and touch her panties. I begin to gently caress her lower stomach. Again Janice lets a moan slip out right into my mouth as her breath jumps to meet mine. With my free hand I pull her in tight to me and just look her deep in the eyes. My hand reaches ever lower, caressing her womanhood through the fabric. Her eyes widen slightly as my hand moves over her and she again tries to get close for a kiss. I kiss her lips, letting her feel the warmth and passion of my kiss coupled with the slight touch of my fingers. She is shivering, yet exuding heat all at once. My fingers continue to trace on the fabric as I feel a wet spot start to form. She bites my lip, a little harder than I think she intended, and breaths quickly. I kiss my way down to her neck, and gently return the bite. My fingers are now notably wet from her juices.

At this point there is no way I am letting her jeans remain on her. I finish unzipping Janice's fly and place both my hands on her hips. She suddenly flicks my hands away and pushes me forward. She places me about 2 feet back and stands further away than I would like. I start to protest but she holds a finger up to her mouth to silence me. Slowly she pivots on her left heal and turns to face the other direction. With skill and grace she starts to bend forward and pushes that amazing butt up towards me. As she bends, she slowly starts to peel her jeans down her legs and thighs. Again, the seductive wiggle and playful dance begins as my cock continues to strain against my clothing. Janice finishes her sultry strip bending completely over and stepping out of her jeans.

Janice slowly stands back up and pivots back to face me again. From there, it almost seems like a blur with how fast I pounced on her. I needed her, and I needed her to be mine. I pulled her in close and kissed her again. My hands instantly went to feel those cheeks, and another beat was skipped in my heart. The sexual energy is palpable within the room. I began to moan as I kissed her with passion. I can feel her hands start to run to my stomach and start to take off my pants. I am not letting her lips away from mine as she evens the playing feel. I am surprised my boxer-briefs can contain the throbbing I have grown to with the sight of this beauty. As I step out of my confining clothing, I pick her up and place her down on my bed. I got on top of her and let my weight pin her to the bed. My left arm supported my weight behind my head as the right started to explore along with my mouth.

My tongue and lips continue to kiss, suck, and lick my way over Janice's body. I kissed across her left collarbone moving the bra strap to the side. I followed up by moving the right in the same fashion. My weight shifted as I ran a hand behind her. The clasp didn't take long as I removed her bra. My mouth instantly found her waiting nipples. I played with them with fingers, teeth, lips, and tongue. Janice continued to moan and wiggle under me as her pleasure continued to grow. I combined my kisses with a hand, caressing her breasts. They are not the largest things in the world, but they are perfect for her frame. The proportions are something a sculptor would craft. The shape is divine; the nipples are everything an old man could want. My kisses do not do them justice, however her moaning tells me I might be close. Her hands play with my hair as I continue to give her affection.

After a while I move my attention lower. I kissed my way down her stomach and gently lifted her hips. I slowly removed her panties. After the beauty that was her treasures were exposed in front of me, my cock was at full attention. I moved my way back up her legs and placed my head between her thighs.

My tongue teased within the outer layer of her womanhood. I glanced upward again to ensure this is actually what she wanted. Janice's mouth was wide open and her eyes were ablaze with sex. She begged me with her moans and her eyes to continue. My tongue parted her to each side and I found my way inside her sweet pussy. I licked inside her, and then moved upwards. I found the button I was looking for, and she began to shake a little. I knew I was on the right track when she moaned a little louder. Her clit was skillfully worked as a finger found a way inside her. Her moaning continued as I danced a dance with my tongue. I could feel her pleasure mounting to a climax as she grabbed a pillow. She screamed into it as all her muscles tensed up. I continued through her orgasm as she thrashed her hips with the pleasure. When she started to come down off the high, I let up the oral assault and looked at her with a smile.

Janice looked directly at me and said "Get inside me now. I need you to make love to me, and I need it now". I quickly removed my underwear and made my way up to her level. She pushed me upwards and motioned for me to flip over. I lay on my back next to her and she climbed on top of me. She quickly kissed her way down my stomach and placed the tip of my member in her lips. Her sweet, succulent lips worked a number on my tip while she started to drool on me a little. I felt her hand start to rub up and down on my shaft while she continued to suck. This glorious feeling lasted far too little for me to fully appreciate before she crawled back up to me. I kissed her deeply as she grabbed for my dick. She positioned me at the entrance to her pussy and started to push me in. As she sank down my dick, she starts to moan. I smile up at her, one hand grabbing her hips, one starting to play with her left breast. Once fully inside her, I start to move my hips, bucking against her. She starts to ride me, letting my dick flow in and out of her.

I moan as the tension starts to mount. We fuck deep, her riding my dick up and down. She moans out "'s so...perfect" as I feel her pussy tighten up around me. As an orgasm starts to rip through her body, my pleasure is intensified. I start to moan as I push deep inside her. I feel her pussy walls squeeze my dick tight. After a few moments, I feel myself go over the point of no return.

"I'm going to cum" I call out. Janice quickly increased her pace and I start to cum. Three big ropes of semen escape out of me and into her wet pussy.

That was the start of our affair we would have sex once a fortnight usually at my place very occasionally I would make my way up to number 30 and she would be waiting for me naked. The affair was entirely sexual, we only ever talked about sex, I never did ask her why she was giving an old man so much pleasure.
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