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Another chapter of Claire, Duke, her family, and friends (furry or otherwise).

Seems like there is still an issue finding chapter 10 and 11. I try to link them in the previous story comments, or just go to my website.
Doggy Styles 12 - The Breeder’s Assistant (Bestiality, Mf, fffg, teen female, young)

Chapter Summary – Claire helps at the kennels and has a sleepover with her friends.

Previous Chapter Summary – Claire gets caught and Duke learned a new trick.

Note - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals or sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can ruin your life. Don't ruin your, or other people's lives!


“Wouldn’t it be easier to just suck the dogs off and spit into the tube?” Claire Davis asked. She and Mrs. Hill were collecting semen from King, one of Mrs. Hill’s stud animals.

Mrs. Hill laughed. “Yes, it would be easier, and a lot more fun. But we have to keep everything clean and sterile, or we could ruin the sample.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Claire said. She furrowed her brow and became lost in thought. Claire was learning a lot from Mrs. Hill – how to breed animals, run a business, and how to take care of her many furry friends. But her teenage mind was contemplating how she could still have fun while collecting a clean sample. She would have to think on that for a while.

Claire looked around the room. They were in the breeding and semen extraction room at Mrs. Hill’s kennels. Claire had rarely seen this part of the facilities, and never noticed how clean it was. She had spent most of her time in the kennels or at the grooming stations.

Mrs. Hill continued. She had just finished demonstrating how to expose and clean the male’s penis and was preparing to attach the artificial vagina. Claire squatted lower to get a better look, reaching under her skirt to give her swollen clitoris a quick rub through her wet panties. Claire was always horny at work, being around to many sexy animals, and today was particularly exciting.

“Remember, if you want to use a male dog for breeding, you should never correct their humping behaviors when they are young,” Mrs. Hill said. “If you do, it confuses them at time like this – when we actually want them hump this AV, or a brood bitch.”

“Or some other bitches, like me and my friends!” Claire said.

“Let’s be serious now, Claire,” Mrs. Hill mildly scolded.

“What’s an AV?” Claire asked.

“Artificial Vagina,” Mrs. Hill replied. “Pay attention. King’s ready. Let’s not keep him waiting any longer. Would you like to do the honors?”

“Yeah!” Claire exclaimed. She grasped the device and Mrs. Hill guided her hands to King’s exposed penis. The tip of his cock slipped in, and Claire slowly pushed it further up the shaft.

“This is just like a “Bitch-Hand-Job” she whispered to Mrs. Hill.

King’s ears perked up. Claire used the device to slowly stroke his cock up and down. The device was clear, so she was able to watch his cock grow and harden.

“This is so cool!” she said. “Thanks for letting me help, Mrs. Hill!”

“Normally, a dog would be humping on his own right now,” Mrs. Hill said. She was slightly concerned. After all, Claire had trained King to mate with humans.

“Maybe your special training—” she began. Claire looked at her and smiled.

“Fuck-the-Bitch!” Claire said, interrupting her boss. King began to hump furiously, and Claire had to grip the fake dog pussy with both hands.

“Whee! Look at him go!” Claire said. “’Fuck-the-Bitch’ boy! ‘Fuck-the-Bitch!’”

Claire and Mrs. Hill watched King curl his ass and drive his huge, hard, cock into to the device. Claire continued to encourage him. King’s long, pink, tongue hung from his face, and he began to pant from exertion.

A short time later, King let out a soft ‘yelp’ and began to spurt his semen. Claire watched it drain into the collection tube attached to the end of the unit. “Good boy, King!” Claire said. She was so proud of her hairy student, and had ideas for using this process to help with her future training. She could easily control the dog’s actions, pet him while she praised him, and keep her poor teenage pussy from getting sore by the end of the day.

“OK, that’s enough. I think he’s done,” Mrs. Hill said. King was still panting heavily when Clarie removed the device. Mrs. Hill took it from her and walked to the lab station. She secured the sample into a test-tube and prepared a slide for the microscope.

“Claire,” she said. “Look here.” She turned around to find Claire cleaning King’s penis by gently sucking it, coaxing out the last remnants of sperm from his spent cock.

“Uh..., Claire? When you are finished, please?”

Claire removed her lips with a ‘smack,’ scratched King behind the ears, and joined Mrs. Hill at the table. The kennel owner motioned to the microscope and Claire peered in.

“Wow, look at those little spermies swimming around!” Claire exclaimed.

“Yes, very healthy sperm and no sign of blood or other contaminants. Great job, Claire.”

“So, why don’t you just let the male dogs fuck the bitches,” Claire asked. It seemed like a lot of work just to get dog cum, and not near as much fun. “

“Oh, I do,” Mrs. Hill said. “But this sample is for a customer. You can help me get it ready for shipping. Then, I can show you how we breed them normally, OK?”

“OK!” This was going to be fun day!


Doug Davis arrived home from work to find his wife, Darlene, her friend Candice, and his daughter Claire all being fucked by dogs in his living room.

The family dog, Duke was fucking his wife. Candice’s dog Price was driving his cock into her ass, and Claire was off in the corner encouraging a dog he did not recognize how to fuck her properly.

“No! Fuck-the-Bitch sloooooow!” Claire said, reaching between her legs in an attempt to grip the dog’s cock and slow his frantic humping.

Doug kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and underwear, and walked over to his wife, stroking his thick, flaccid cock.

“Claire brought home her work again?” he asked, taking in the scene before him His cock stiffened.

“Yes,” Darlene said and then sucked in her breath. Her body was rocking back and forth as Duke fucked her from behind.

“Hello Duke,” he said. “You lucky dog. Hello, Candice! Hi, Prince!”

“Hi, Doug,” Candice said. “Unngh! Yes! Like that, Prince!” She pushed her body backwards, trying to drive Prince’s huge knot into her ass.

Doug was fully hard now and was looking for a soft, wet, hole to put it in. He looked around the room.

“You should let Claire work in peace, Doug,” Darlene said, knowing Doug loved to have sex with his sexy, teenage daughter. She reached between her legs to feel Duke’s cock sliding in and out before she began to quickly rub her juicy pussy.

“Over here, Doug!” Candice said. “Spit roast me, baby!” She continued to fuck her dog while opening her mouth for him. She licked her lips obscenely. “If Darlene doesn’t mind.”

“Unnghh! No, I don’t..., mmmmfffhh..., mind. Fuck the slutty cunt’s throat, Doug,” Darlene said. “Oooohhh, yeah Duke. Just like that!” She closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards, reveling in the feelings of Duke’s hard cock pummeling her.

Doug walked over to Candice and waved his hard cock in front of her face. She leaned forward, trying to capture his shaft with her opened mouth and extended tongue, but Prince’s persistent thrusts thwarted her attempts. Doug took another step and flopped his cock onto her forehead before gently slapping her face with it, teasing her.

“You want this cock, bitch?” Doug said, slapping her cheeks and leaving a wet mark. “Darlene told me all about you. You like it rough. You’re a submissive little slut, aren’t you?”

“Mmmm yeah, fuck my face, daddy,” she teased, before quickly moving forward and triumphantly sucking his hard shaft into her mouth. She took it down nearly to his balls.

“You’re a hot one, aren’t you?” Doug grabbed her by the head and began to slowly fuck her face, controlling her with both hands. “Mmmm, mmm. Take it bitch.”

“Gluck..., gluck..., gluck...,” Candice choaked, as her throat was ravaged by Doug’s long, fat cock. She gasped for breath each time he pulled his cock-head from her closed throat, only to have his hard rod impale her once again.

“Next time, I want to fuck those massive titties of yours, Candy,” Doug said, imagining those two fleshy orbs wrapped around his cock. He glanced at his wife, to see if his talk made her angry, but she was busy cumming all over Duke’s doggy-dick.

“Yeah, tie with me, Duke! Make me your bitch! Make me your slutty, dog-fucking BITCH!” Darlene rubbed her clitty in firm, tight, circles as Duke’s massive knot engorged inside of her. One final thrust, and they were tied. The feelings of her cunt being stretched, almost painfully, and Duke’s hot sperm filling her up, made her cum!

“Oh, I’m cumming, Duke! Your fat cock is making me cum!” Darlene squealed. She was letting herself enjoy her orgasm. Now that her husband knew his wife, her friend, and his daughter were wanton dog-sluts, it didn’t matter anymore. “Fuck me, Duke! Fuck meee, eeee, eeee!” she cried.

Duke fucked her hard and squirted his cum. Dalene felt her orgasm crash over her, wracking her body with electric bliss. “Nnnnghhh! Ahhhh! Yes! Yes! YES!”

Her cries triggered Doug’s orgasm. He loved how hard his wife came when she was stuffed full of dog-cock. Doug’s balls contracted and his cock swelled. He pumped his cock into Candice’s throat and shot his sperm deep into her belly. On the last thrust, he held her tight, her chin pressed against his contracting balls. He shot his remaining cum, gave two more quick thrusts, and pulled his slimy, spit and sperm covered cock from Candice’s dripping mouth.

“Whooooh!” Candice gulped air and wiped her drooling lips. Her eyes were red and her ruined mascara was running down her face.

“Fuck-the-Bitch-Faster,” Claire cried from the other side of the room. “Now! Do it! Fuck-the-Bitch-Fast!”

Claire had let go of the animal’s cock, and after training him to go slow, she was now urging him to fuck her fast and hard! The dog needed little encouragement. He was young, but smart. The pretty human let him squirt his seed daily, so he tried to do his best and please her.

“Yes, like that! Faster! Faster!” Claire cried. She slammed her ass back to meet his thrusts and felt his hard lump of flesh at the base of his cock penetrate her again and again. He finally gripped her tight and tied with her, blasting his sperm deep into her womb.

“Unnhhhggghh!” Claire cried as she came. “Yes, that’s it! Ahhhhh-eeeeeiii! Claire’s tight, teenage pussy gripped his cock and squeezed it tight as her cunt contracted around his shaft and knot. The dog gave a soft yelp of surprise and then continued to thrust until he was spent.

“Good doggy!” Claire praised. “Good dog! That’s how you Fuck-the-Bitch!”

Doug looked around the room. All three women were now tied to their respective mating partners. He could hear the dogs panting and the girls breathing deep.

“Thanks, Doug,” Candice said, as she wiped the spit from her face. “That was great. I hope you enjoyed it too. It’s been a while since a man took me like that.”

“Any time, Candy,” he said. He began to walk away. “Hey, do you girls need anything? A drink, or a towel or something?”

“No thanks, Doug. Our dinner is on the stove. We’ll join you in a little while.” Darlene said, then rested her head in her arms as he retreated, and waited for Duke to soften and withdraw. Being tied was her favorite part about animal sex. Men just pull out and leave. Dogs stay for a while.

“Good boy, Duke,” Darlene said, closing her eyes and letting out a long, satisfied, sigh.


The next morning, on her way out the door as she left for work, Claire asked her mother to not have sex with Duke. She needed him fresh and horny when she got home. “I promised Brenda and Stephanie some of Duke’s doggy dick tonight, remember? I told you about the sleepover last night?”

“Oh yes! After we were all fucked silly,” Darlene sighed. “That was a lot of fun. And, I love our little talks afterwards.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Claire. She felt a little closer to her mother with each passing day. “Besides, it’s not I could get up and walk away, since my puss was knotted and tied like a brood bitch!”

Her mother almost choked on her coffee. “Yes, I’ll save Duke for you. Besides, if I need a good fuck, Candice will share Prince with me, and your dad has been horny little boy since he found out about us.”

“Yeah, he’s always grabbing my ass and calling me his little dog-slut,” Claire said. “I might let dad fuck me next week, if you don’t care. I want to try some human-cock for a change. To see what it is like, you know? So, can I?”

“Of course! Fuck him all you want, honey,” Darlene said. “I’ve never had so much sex in my entire life. There is plenty of cock to go around.”

“Yeah, and pussy too,” Claire added, licking her lips.

“You’re staying at Stephanie’s home, right?” Darlene asked.

“Yeah. Her mom and dad are going away for the night. Steph really wants a big dog to fuck, and she convinced her parents to let us bring our dogs over. Her little sister says she’s scared of big dogs, so this is like a test. If we can make her like our dogs, her folks might let her have one too.” Claire said. Then added, “OK, see ya! I’m headed to work. We have a full class for obedience training. Brenda even signed up her new dog, too.”

“The one you just finished training?”

“Yeah, he’s got a great cock!” Claire said. “Bigger than Duke’s!”

“Hey! Invite Brenda and her new pet over some day, huh?” Darlene said, thinking of having more teenage pussy to lick, and more virile dog-dick to suck.

“Sure thing, mom!”


“You made it! And, Duke too!” Stephanie said, greeting Claire and Duke at the front door. She gave Claire a passionate kiss before squatting down to pet Duke. Claire noticed Stephanie stroked Duke’s cock a couple of times before standing back up.

“Brenda not here yet?” Claire asked. She kept an eye on her dog as he lifted his head and sniffed repeatedly, taking in all the new scents of Stephanie’s home.

“No. Ha! Brenda is always late!” Stephanie said. “Come in! Sit down! I’ll put your stuff away.”

Stephanie took Claire’s overnight bag and waved her arm in the general direction of the couch and chair. She soon returned, and sat next to Claire on the couch. The two girls were dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. Stephanie wore a very colorful t-shirt and baggy shorts, while Claire wore a thin white blouse and a short dark skirt.

“Where is your little dog?” Claire asked, looking around the room. “The one you had at obedience training?”

“My big sister took him. He’s actually her dog. She graduated from college and has a place of her own now. I really miss him.” She sighed. “He was a really good cunt-lapper.”

“I bet.” Claire said. “That’s too bad. Well, Duke is here now, and he’s a great cunt-lapper, aren’t you boy?” Claire reached over and petted Duke, who was sitting patiently near her.

“I know,” Stephanie said. “Hey, can I? If you don’t mind?” Stephanie spread her legs and reached down to her crotch. She pulled aside her shorts, exposing her fuzzy teenage snatch.

“Sure! But where is your little sister?” Claire asked.

“Soccer practice,” Stephanie said. She wiggled until she was comfortable and pushed her pussy to the edge of the couch. “We have the house to ourselves for a little while yet.”


“Hey, can I say it?”


Stephanie grinned “Duke!” she said, getting the dog’s attention. “Lick-the-Bitch, Duke!”

Duke quickly stuck his head between Stephanie’s legs and snorted deeply. He began to lap at her pussy with long strokes, licking her from the bottom of her cunt to the top of her slit.

“Ohhh, yeah,” Stephanie moaned. “Gawd, I want my own dog. His tongue is so big!” She reached down and spread her nether lips, opening herself up for Duke. She began to grind on Duke’s snout and slowly writhe on the couch.

Stepanie’s pussy became wetter and wetter, which made Duke push his long pink tongue deeper and deeper.

Claire slipped her hand under her skirt and began to diddle herself.

“Ohhh, Duke!” Stephanie exclaimed, as Duke’s tongue slid against her engorged clit.

“Mmmm,” Claire moaned. “Lick her Duke. Lick that yummy pussy.”

“Arrgggghhh, he’s going in so deep! It’s like he’s fucking me with his tongue!” Stephanie cried.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of the front door being opened!

“Eeeep!” Stephanie exclaimed, trying to clamp her legs together. But Duke wasn’t about to leave his tasty feast so easily. He kept his head between her thighs and did his best to continue licking her sweet nectar.

The door flung open with a crash!

“Hey bitches!” Brenda said, coming in the door. She immediately noticed Duke whining between Stephanie’s wet thighs. Duke was licking his lips and trying to get his furry snout back into Stephanie’s honey-pot.

“What? You started without me?” Brenda whined. She led her own dog into the room, dropping her bag on the floor.

Claire let Duke and Brenda’s dog playfully greet each other before holding out her hand and letting her dog sniff and lick her fingers. He tasted her sweet juices and wanted more.

“This is Basil, right? That’s the name you gave him?” Claire asked.

Claire recalled how Brenda had to play with every dog in the kennels, to determine which one was the horniest, which one wanted her pussy the most, and which one had the ‘perfect’ sized cock for her tight, teenage, pussy. It took three afternoons and multiple fucks before she made up her mind.

“His name is not ‘Basil’” Brenda said, pretending to be offended. “His name is Basileus Basileōn the first. Please show him some respect.”

“Well, pardon me!” Claire replied with a laugh. “Hello Basil! Who’s a good boy?” Basil was very happy to see his former trainer once again.

“So, what’s the plan?” Brenda asked. “How are we doing this?”

“Well, somehow,” Stephanie began, “we have to convince Tina to tell mom and dad she is OK having a big dog in the house. I don’t really have a plan. I was just hoping she’d fall in love with Duke, like Brenda and I did.”

“We fell in love with his cock,” Brenda said. “His big, fat, tasty, hunk of dog-meat.”

“And his tongue,” Stephanie added.

“Can we do that?” Claire asked. “Let Duke lick her? Maybe even fuck her? That would work for sure!”

“Well... I don’t know,” Stephanie replied, at first being protective of her sexy little sister. Then, she thought of the two of them sucking and fucking a large, pretty, dog together.

“Maybe... Hmmm...She is a horny little twat...,” Stephanie mumbled. It would give her a lot more opportunities to have sex with her dog since she wouldn’t have to hide it from her little sister “Yeah! That might work! Let’s go change, and we can talk about it in my room. We don’t have much time.”

The three teenagers let Duke and Basis outside to play and then went into Stephanie’s bedroom to plan their strategy. As they were stripping off their clothes, Stephanie told them what a horny little slut her sister was.

“She is loud too! I could hear her rubbing her pussy almost every night! Calling out some boy’s name; even her best girlfriend - so she likes pussy too! And, I think the dog may have licked her a time or two. I almost caught them in her room once when I was looking for the dog to lick my pussy!”

“Oh, this might be easy-peasy then! I have an idea,” Claire said.


Tina finished her shower and as she dried herself off, she thought about Claire and Brenda’s big dogs. “They are scary!” she thought. “Those huge, white teeth!” They were nothing like the other dog they used to have. He was cute! She liked the way he snuggled with her and licked her face with this cute little tongue. Tina rubbed her little bald slit and groped her breast lumps as she thought about what else the little dog liked to lick. “Mmmmm!”

Tina put on her pajamas and took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Then, she went to join her sister and her friends in the living room.

“OK! I’m coming in! Just for a minute, like I promised!” Tina yelled from the hall. All she had to do was walk in the living room, say hello to Stephanie’s friends and their scary dogs, then she could spend the rest of the night in her room. She was really horny today, and with Stephanie and her friends in the living room all night, she could play with her little pussy as much as she wanted.

“Come in, Tina,” Stephanie called. “You’re safe! The dogs are leashed! They can’t bite you!”

“Uh..., hello, everyone,” Tina said softly, keeping her distance. Her nervous eyes scanned the room. Her sister was sitting in her dad’s big chair in front of the TV. Claire and Duke were on the couch, and Brenda was sitting on the floor next to her dog with her legs crossed. Brenda was wearing an overly large, baggy, tee-shirt. Tina noticed Brenda wasn’t wearing panties! Her naked pussy was exposed as she held her dog tightly against her body. Tina could see Brenda’s dark pussy hair on a small patch just above her slit. And from the way Basil was sitting, Tina also noticed the red, wet, tip of his dick poking out of his thick, hairy, cock sheath.

Both dogs wagged their tails vigorously as Tina cautiously entered the room, making loud thumping noises against the couch and floor.

“Tina, this is my friend Claire and her dog Duke,” Stephanie said.

Tina looked at Claire and her big dog. Claire was also wearing a large shirt; a sleeveless tank top. Tina realized it was one of her dad’s old college shirts. Claire’s breasts were almost falling out of it! She could see the soft flesh of her boobs on either side, and her hard nipples were poking through the thin material. Claire had very nice breasts, Tina thought. Duke seems to be smiling at her. He was not scary at all!

“Come say hello to Duke,” Claire said. “He’s very friendly.”

“Go ahead, Tina. Say hello to Duke.” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, you’ll really like him,” Brenda added with a smile. “And, Claire is like a dog expert. She trains them and works with them all day long.”

This was the moment the girls were waiting for. Would Tina accept Duke, or not? She slowly walked towards Claire. Claire held Duke’s collar as Duke craned his neck forward to sniff the new, fresh scent.

“Hold out your hand, and let him smell you. That’s how dogs say hello,” Claire said.

Tina reached out her hand and Claire took it. She showed Tina how to approach an unfamiliar dog, with her opened palm facing the dog and fingers pressed tightly together.

Duke sniffed and then licked her fingers, tasting the slightest traces of Tina’s pussy where she had rubbed it after her shower.

“Awww! He’s giving you kisses!” Claire said.

Tina giggled, feeling the warm, wet tongue against her fingers. She spread them, and Duke’s large tongue probed between them, making her shiver.

“That feels weird!” Tina said. Duke’s tongue was nothing like her sister’s little dog’s tongue. It was long and thick and very warm and very, very, wet.

“He likes you!” Stephanie said. “I knew he would!”

“Come closer,” Claire said. “It’s OK!”

Tina took another step and Duke began to lap at her face. “More kisses!” Stephanie said. “He really, really, likes you!”

“Yeah, but watch out,” Claire whispered. “Duke likes to lick girls, and he might lick you all over, if you let him.”

“Really?” Tina asked.

“Yes,” Claire said. She then whispered again into Tina’s ear. “Duke can get a very naughty sometimes, so be careful.”

“Oh, OK!” Tina said. She wondered if Duke would want to lick her little pussy with that big, fat, tongue. Then, she wondered how she could be left alone with Duke to find out.

Stephanie had her little sister greet Brenda’s dog as well. Basil was much more energetic than Duke, so Brenda had to hold him to keep him from jumping on Tina.

Basil became more aroused as he sensed the warmth and sweet odors emanating from between Tina’s legs. Maybe would be allowed to mate with this human too?

Tina couldn’t stop staring at Basil’s cock. His cock was getting longer and thicker. A good three or four inches of his pointed, red, dick was now exposed.

“Are you going to stay and watch TV with us?” Claire asked. Tina looked at her. Claire’s legs were open, and Tina could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. She knew her sister didn’t like to wear panties, so maybe she might get a glimpse of all three of the girl’s pussies tonight. She liked to look at her sister’s pussy. It made her wet.

“Uh, I dunno,” Tina said, pretending she didn’t care. Maybe it would be more fun to hang out with her big sister’s friends and their big, friendly dogs. She could always rub her little kitty later tonight. Besides, she might get a really good look at the girl’s pussies and maybe Brenda’s dog would get really hard, so she could see how big of a dick he had. His cock was already much bigger than her oldest sister’s dog, and his hard little dick always made her giggle. She decided to stay.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll hang out with you guys,” Tina said. “But, why aren’t you all wearing panties?”

“You know I don’t like to wear panties,” Stephanie said.

“Me neither,” Claire added.

“Yeah,” Brenda said. “It makes it easier to give yourself a quick little rub down there.” She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy in tight, little circles.

Tina was in shock. Brenda had rubbed her twat right in front of everyone!

“You can join us, Tina,” Stephanie said. “We’re going to watch some sexy movies. Why don’t you go change out of your pajamas and put on a tee-shirt like us. There are more on my bed.”

“Yay!” Tina said, and left the room. She quickly removed her clothes and tried on a few shirts. She finally ***********ed one of her sister’s shirts. It barely covered her butt and Tina thought it made her look sexy. She quickly returned.

She gave a little twirl to show off her lack of underwear and said, “See, no panties!” She pulled up her shirt to proudly show off her zippered slit. “But I don’t have big boobs like you guys,” she said sadly, she lifted her shirt to show everyone her small breast-lumps.

“I like your tits,” Brenda said. “Sometimes I think mine are too big.” Brenda lifted her shirt to show off her large breasts.

“I like your tits too,” Stephanie added. “They’ll get bigger. Mine did.” Stephanie also lifted her shirt and let her little sister stare at them.

Tina smiled. Pussies and boobs!

“Come sit by Duke and I,” Claire said. “I’ll let you pet him.”

Tina jumped on the couch and Claire made Duke lie between them. Tina was delighted to pet Duke. He was so big and friendly! She giggled every time Duke licked her hand.

The four girls watched TV a while. Tina noticed that during the sexy scenes, her sister and her friends would occasionally rub their pussies, as if it was perfectly normal. Tina rubbed her pussy too. This was fun, and really naughty! It made her pussy tingle.

Claire waited until Tina was engrossed in the movie and slowly slid her hand over to Duke’s cock. She stroked him softly until she felt his cock begin to thicken, then she took her hand away. Tina glanced at Duke once in a while and stared at his growing cock, then she went back to watching the sexy movie. Claire did this a few more times until Duke’s long, red cock was almost entirely out of its sheath. Before long, Tina was looking at Duke’s cock more often than the movie.

“Claire,” Tina whispered after a few minutes. “Your dog has a boner.”

“Hmmm? What? Oh, yeah. Duke gets that way a lot,” Claire said. “I think he smells our pussies and it makes him horny.”

“Really?” Tina exclaimed. “He can smell my pussy?” She looked down at Duke. His furry head was very close to her crotch. He probably could smell her juicy pussy!

“Yeah, a dog’s nose is really sensitive. And they like to smell pussy and butts and stuff. Didn’t your dog ever sniff your pussy before? Most dogs do that all the time.”

“Yes...,” Tina admitted.

“Duke does it a lot. He’s a horny boy, aren’t you Duke?”

“Bark!” said Duke.

Claire added softly. “He even tries to lick my pussy sometimes. Did your dog ever try to do that?”

“Yeah..., sometimes...” Tina getting very turned on.

“Sometime I let him...,” Claire whispered.

“Me too,” Tina said. It was good to have someone to talk to about dogs and pussies and stuff.

“Here, watch this,” Claire whispered. She fingered her slit and then showed Tina her wet fingers. Claire brought her hand to Duke’s face, who sniffed them deeply before licking the juices off of them.

Tina giggled, so Claire did it again. Tina wanted to know if Duke would want to lick her pussy juice too, so she quickly fingered her twat, getting her fingers nice and wet, and held them out to Duke. He licked them gratefully.

“Ha! He really likes pussy!” Tina said.

“Yes. He likes pussy a lot,” said Claire.

“He’s got a really big penis,” Tina said.

“Yeah. Its big. But it can get a lot bigger,” said Claire.

“I’d like to see how big it can get. Will you show me?” Tina asked.


“What are you guys whispering about over there?” Stephanie said. She had been watching Tina and Claire very closely.

“Nothing!” Tina said.

“Yeah. Nothing much, just girl stuff,” Claire said.

“Yeah! Girl stuff!” Tina said, giggling.

Stephanie returned to the movie. Claire touched Tina’s bare leg to get her attention. The touch on her bare skin sent a small electrical jolt to her pussy. Then, to her amazement, Claire reached down and began to scratch, rub, and then stroke the hairy skin covering Duke’s sheath. His penis stirred and poked out even further.

Tina caught her breath. Claire was touching her dog’s penis! Right in front of everyone!

Duke’s cock began to thicken even more, and to Tina’s amazement, Claire grabbed his cock! She began to stroke him until his cock was turgid. It changed colors from pick, to dark red and purple. His veiny cock was now totally exposed and the hard lump at the base was growing too.

“Oh, my gawd!” Tina said.

“Yeah, pretty cool, huh?” Claire said. “He really like it when I play with his cock.”

“It’s very cool,” Tina said breathlessly. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure! He’d like that!” Claire said. “But be very gentle. Watch me first.”

Tina watched how softly Claire stroked Duke’s cock and then tried it herself. His cock felt hot. It was hard and wet. Her pussy was very wet too. She began to play with her pussy while she played with Duke’s cock.

“Oh, this is the really sexy part I told you about,” Brenda said. “Oh, yeah!” She began to rub her pussy, moaning out loud.

“Brenda!” Stephanie hissed. “Tina is in the room!”

“Tina don’t mind if I rub my pussy, do you Tina?”

“Uh, no,” Tina said. “I don’t mind.” She was startled to hear her name. She let go of Duke’s cock but keep her fingers in her pussy.

“See! Tina doesn’t mind. She’s probably rubbing her pussy too,” Brenda said.

“She is,” chimed Claire. “I’m doing it too.” Claire spread her legs and exposed her moist twat. She gave it a good rub. Tina watched Claire’s fingers probing her wide-opened pussy.

“Then I’m going to rub mine, Tina,” Stephanie said. “It’s just us girls here, after all.”

“Yeah, us horny bitches,” Brenda added. She laid on her back, pulled up her shirt, and spread her legs. Her knees were bent, and she started playing with her cunt with both hands.

“Even the dogs are horny,” Claire said. “Duke has got a huge boner right now!”

“Basil too, see?” Brenda turned her head and gripped Basil’s cock just above his balls. She wiggled it back and forth.

“Horny dogs and horny bitches,” Claire said.

“Dog bitches,” Brenda stated.

“We should start our own club,” Stephanie said. “Dogs and bitches, ‘The Bitch-Club.’”

Tina’s head was swirling. Her pussy was so wet, it was starting to ooze. She felt the wetness pooling at the opening of her cunt. She had never been so wet before. She looked at Brenda on the floor rubbing her pussy. Her dog Basil was beside her. She could see Basil’s cock. It was exposed like Duke’s.

The room smelled of pussy. Hot, teenage, pussy. There was another smell Tina noticed. It was emanating from Duke. From between his legs. It was his cock. Warm, wet, dog cock and the faint smell of his long, luxurious, furry, coat.

Tina rubbed her pussy again. She reached out touch Duke’s cock. She saw Basil stirring on the floor next to Brenda. She watched him stand up with his huge cock swaying back and forth. He was hard. Basil stood up and walked around Brenda, as if he was stalking his prey.

Tina hadn’t heard Brenda quietly command Basis to “Lick-the-Bitch!” She watched Basil get between Brenda’s spread legs and she knew what he was going to do. He stared at his master’s pussy, then his head went down. Then, she heard him lap at Brenda’s pussy!

“Hey! Basil’s trying to lick my twat!” Brenda said loudly. “Naughty, naughty, dog!” She weakly attempted to close her legs, but Tina could hear him continue to slurp.

“Let him!” Stephanie shouted. “I want to see him do it!”

“Yeah, let him lick your cunt!” Claire encouraged. “It could be the initiation to join the Bitch-Club! Anyone who wants to join has to let a dog lick their pussy!”

“What do you think, Tina?” Stephanie asked. “Are you OK with this?”

“Yeah, I want to see it. I want to see her dog lick her pussy!”

“OK!” Brenda said, opening her legs wide. “Lick it, Basil! Lick-the-Bitch’s pussy! Lick-the-Bitch!”

Basil pushed his furry snout into Brenda’s oozing pussy. Brenda started to moan. “He’s doing it! He’s licking my fucking pussy! OMG! OMG! OMG!”

“How does it feel, Brenda?” Stephanie asked, pretending she never had a dog lick her cunt before.

“It feels so good!” Brenda moaned. “It feels so fucking good! You guys have to try this!”

Duke heard the “Bitch” commands and wondered when it would be his turn. The fresh smelling pussy next to him was ready for mating. He looked up at Claire.

“Duke wants to play too, Tina,” Claire said. “Do you want to join the Bitch-Club and have Duke lick your pussy like Basil is doing to Brenda?”

“Yeah! Oh, yes! I want him to lick me. I want him to lick my pussy. I’m so wet. I need him to lick it, right now!”

“Stephanie, Tina wants to join the Bitch-Club too. Is it OK with you?” Claire asked.

“Yeah! If she wants to, sure! But it’s a private club, Tina. You can’t tell anyone!”

“Not even Sarah?” Tina asked, thinking about her best girl-friend, knowing she would want to join the Bitch-Club too.

“Well, we’ll see,” Stephanie said, thinking aloud. Sarah was very cute and had a nice butt. Nice titties too.

Stephanie took off her shirt and joined her little sister on the couch. The girls positioned themselves with Stephanie against the armrest and Tina leaning against her with her legs spread open for Duke.

“Oh, I can’t wait!” Tina moaned. “His tongue is so big! It’s going to feel so good on my little kitty-cat!” She rubbed her pussy and then held her lips opened for Duke, waiting for him with her eyes wide opened.

“Duke! Lick-the-Bitch!” Claire said.

Duke jumped up and dove between Tina’s legs. He began to feast on her fresh, virgin, pussy. He licked her from the base of her oozing slit to the top, sliding his tongue against her sensitive, exposed, clit.

“Ohhhhhh!” Tina moaned. “He’s doing it! He’s licking me! It feels so good!” Tina began to hump her crotch against Duke’s face, trying to drive his tongue deeper and deeper into her tight hole. Duke turned his head sideways and tried to get more of the delicious cream from its source. He pushed his tongue into her opening, trying to force it open.

Getting all the juice from her cunt, Duke then searched for more, licking her thighs and then probing down between her cheeks, lapping the juice from her ass crack before curling his tongue against her tiny ass-hole.

“He’s licking my butt!” Tina cried out in ecstasy. “He’s licking my butt-hole!” She lifted her body to give him better access, by placing her feet on the couch and raising her ass. Duke was now able to attack her pussy and ass at the same time. His long, fat, tongue slid between her ass, darted against her sphincter, and continued up to her juicy slit, over and over and over.

“Nnnnnhhhhgggg!” Tina groaned. “He’s making me cum! Duke is making me cum!”

Her small body shook as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Duke never stopped his attack and Tina’s aroused body began to quiver. The feelings enveloped her pussy and ass and spread to her thighs before exploding inside of her. She arched her back, raising her pussy higher and higher. Duke had complete access to her body now and attached her ass-hole before driving his tongue into her slit, smashing her clit with his firm, wet, appendage.

“Aaaahhhh-eeeee!” Tina cried. “Uhhghh! Unnnhhh! Uhhhhggghhh! Cummm-mmmm-iiiinnnng!” Her body convulsed and her legs tightened. Then, Tina collapsed, her exhausted body falling back to the couch with a soft thump. “Ohhhhhh!” she sighed, smiling and hugging herself. “What a cum! What a great cum you gave me Duke!”

Stephanie looked at Claire over Tina’s limp, naked, body and smiled. Claire winked at her and blew her a kiss.

Then, they heard Brenda. “Fuck-the-Bitch Basil! Fuck me!”

The three of them turned to look at Brenda. She was now naked, on all fours, with her ass in the air. Her dog shoved his nose into her ass, sniffed her, gave her pussy a couple of licks, and then hopped on her back.

Tina watched with her mouth open as Basil stabbed his cock into Brenda’s ass. His butt curled as he probed her repeatedly. Then, his cock found its mark and he slammed it home. She watched Brenda’s eyes go wide with pleasure.

“Aaaaaaagggghh!” Brenda cried. “Yes! Fuck me, Basil! Fuck me!” Her fat, heavy breasts began to sway lewdly as Basil pumped her plump ass.

Tina stuttered. “Bu..., Bu..., Brenda is making love to her dog?”

“Oh! It feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Brenda shouted.

“The little slut couldn’t wait,” Stephanie said.

“Can you blame her,” Claire asked. “Hey, Tina, do you want to go watch Brenda get fucked by Basil?”

“Yeah!” Tina exclaimed. She jumped off the couch and ran over to Brenda. She peered under Brenda’s body to watch Basil slamming his cock into her over and over. “He’s fucking her alright! His cock is inside of her pussy!”

“Yeah, I bet it feels good,” Stephanie said, standing naked next to her little sister.

“Oh! The knot!” Brenda exclaimed. “He’s going to tie with me. Unnnhh! Unnnh! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Aaaaaah! Uhhhh! There it goes! It’s in! Oh, shit, Oh, shit! I’m cumming. I’m cumming! He’s filling me up! Aaaaaaahhhh, aaaaahhhh! Mmmmm, mmmmm!”

“What happened?” Tina asked. “What did Basil do to her?”

“Remember that big, round lump on Duke’s cock?” Claire asked her.

“Yeah, it was cool!”

“Well, Basis has one too, and he just put it inside of Brenda’s pussy.”

“That big thing is inside of her?” Tina asked. “Right now?”

“Yup. That’s how dogs mate with their bitches. They put their knot inside of them. It keeps all the spermies inside so the bitch can get pregnant. It made Brenda cum really good, too.”

“Will Brenda get pregnant?”

“Nope. It doesn’t work that way,” Claire said. “Though sometimes I wish it did.” She reached down and scratched Duke’s ears.

“Hey, Duke is still horny. Since he made you cum, do you want to help me make him cum?”

“How?” Tina asked. “He’s too big to fuck my little pussy, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, for now,” Stephanie added.

“We can use our mouths, like he did to you.”

“You mean lick his cock?” Tina asked. “That sounds like fun!”

“Lick it, maybe suck it a little. Guys love to get their cocks sucked. Then, maybe you can help him fuck me. Or maybe your big sister?”

“I’d love to see Steph get fucked by Duke!”

“OK, come on! Duke! Time for a Bitch-Blow-Job!”

“Hey Tina, I guess you’re not afraid of big dogs now?” Stephanie said.

“Nope!” Tina said triumphantly.

“Will you tell mom and dad it’s OK for me to have one?”

“Yeah, as long as I get to play with it!”

“Of course, you can!” Stephanie said.

“Think they’ll let me have one too? Maybe a smaller one? Not too small though!”

“Why not?” Stephanie replied. “I think having two dogs would be a lot of fun!”


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