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The Robinsons, having been lost for several years in the outer reaches of space, crash land on a planet.
John's well muscled back flexed. He panted as his hips pushed forward in time with the ship's engine. Judy tightened her legs around his waist, pulling his cock deep into her pussy. He put his hand behind her head and pulled her face to his.

Their lips pressed tightly together as John repeatedly sawed his thick cock into his daughter's tight cunt.

"Oh, right there," Judy gasped. "Right there, dad. Oh God, your dick feels electric inside of me right now."

His hips rocked slowly and steadily, his thick cock a steel piston in the juicy glove of Judy's body. She braced one hand on his chest, the other softly prodded her clit with exhilarating effect. Electricity seemed to flow through her body.

John felt it, too. The warm engine room seemed to buzz as Judy clenched his body tightly. He looked down and watched her swallow his flesh again and again. He could feel each time his balls swung forward to tap the cabinet he had sat her on when she first came in.

He looked at her face to see her biting her lip, which was usually an indication that she was about to cum.


Will paused to catch his breath. The cargo bay needed to be reorganized as planetfall approached. The Jupiter had been out in the black for a while, and did need to periodically touch down to resupply and repair. The Robinsons had no idea what would be on the other side of the rift, and wanted to be prepared.

Will leaned on a crate and admired the barely covered ass of his mom, Maurine. Clothes had become very optional of late, and sex had become fairly open. Maurine was wearing little other than panties and a loose t-shirt.

Will's hand instinctively went to his own barely concealed dick, when his attention was broken.

"Taking a break, hun?" It was June Harris, who had previously conned her way along as Dr. Smith, eying him hungrily. "I could use a break as well. Why don't you let me take that bad boy you're holding for a spin?"

"Not in a million years, Harris," answered Maurine from across the bay. She walked over and tapped June on the head with a clipboard. "No, you stay away from Will, and stick to your toys." June scurried away as Maurine turned to her son. "Will, honey, would you help me sort these crates over here?"

She hooked her finger into the waistband of his shorts and pulled him along. She suddenly turned to him, her lips meeting his as her hand slid into his shorts. "Oh, mom," he sighed as she freed his cock. His hand gripped her firm ass as she stood next to him, stroking him and planting kisses all over his face.

Her fingers seemed to tingle with electricity as she massaged her son's flesh, and energy seemed to course between the wayward lovers. Suddenly, they were both grabbed up in Robot's arms.



Penny gasped, her eyes tightly closed, her legs high in the air, and her fingers gripping Don's hair as his tongue lapped at her clit and labia. She leaned back into the cockpit chair and arched her back as his tongue probed deeper. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the aroma of the young pussy before him.

Manning the helm wasn't the most exciting thing, especially when lost in space, but they were on course to land on a planet to resupply, and someone had to be in the room in case the automated systems had issues.

Don welcomed the company during his duty rotation, especially when the company was a young pussy to lick, suck, and fuck. He pulled his head away, adjusted Penny's seat, and lined his cock up with her slick hole. He pushed the head in and she groaned.


Alarm bells were going off in the cockpit.


Don jumped away from Penny and set to work, but could only watch helpless as a cascade of system failures appeared on the monitor. Penny grabbed the manual controls and tried to get control of the rapid decent. The ship shook as it contacted the planet's atmosphere.

She shouted over the ship's intercoms, "Brace for impact!"


Judy woke to John laying on top of her. His quick instincts had saved them during the crash when he had picked her up and jumped into a storage locker. He had taken a hard knock and passed out. She pushed the locker door open, but couldn't move John off of her.

"Dad. Dad I need you to wake up."

"Mmm, so soft, so wet…" He groaned as he came into consciousness.

"Dad, wake up. We've crashed again. I told you Penny and Don would get distracted again."

Judy sighed as her dad's hips began rocking, his still rock hard cock probing deep inside of her young body. For a moment she forgot the peril they were in as the warmth of the friction spread through her.

She focused on the firm fullness she felt. It wasn't long strokes, but a small and gentle rocking as his girth rested in her body. A warmth filled and enveloped her as her father's body pressed onto and into her, squeezing her inside and out.

The muffled alarms broke through the fog though, and she was reminded. "No, dad. Not now! We're in trouble. We have to see what happened."

John groaned in protest as he slowly pulled himself upright, and Judy gasped as his still hard cock popped out of her. They climbed out of the locker and surveyed the damage. They could immediately see the main engines were shot, but emergency backups were functioning.

They made their way to the cockpit where Don and Penny were running diagnostics.

Don reported, "Good news is the atmo is breathable, and gravity is at .7Gs, which should make it a little easier to clean up when we get there. Bad news is an electrical storm took out a lot of our systems. Engines aren't-"

"Engines are trashed. We just came from there. What IS working?" John interrupted.

"It's a short list. Water purifier, lights, and I may have long range scanners up soon."

"Excellent. I'll check on Will and Maurine."

John and Judy entered the cargo hold, and found only Robot, slumped and silent. Gouges in the floor to Robot's clawed feet indicated he had braced against being dragged for several feet towards a torn open bay door.

Judy touched Robot. "Hey, what happened here? Where are Will and mom?"

Robot only responded by projecting a video. It showed him shoving Will, Maurine, and June into a large container just before the doors burst open. He gripped the container tightly, but the force of the crash broke his grip and sent the container out of the opening. The video ended abruptly.

Judy looked somber, but John was calm. "It's fine. We will just take a Chariot and get them back. Scanners should be up soon. They'll be fine."


Don was busy with the main console, but Penny had other things on her mind. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and moved behind Don.

"Wha-" Don blurted out as his chair was spun around. He stopped eye level with Penny's naked breasts. "Penn- Oh!" He stuttered as she sat down straddling him and she took his cock in hand, gently stroking it back to attention.

"The crash distracted us, and we have unfinished business," Penny purred softly.

"To be fair, we crashed because we were distracted. I really shou-" Don felt his resolve melt away as Penny grinded her clit against his rapidly hardening cock.

"Oh, come on. You are just watching a little percentage number slowly get bigger. I got this number here bigger in just a few seconds."

Don could offer no rebuttal, so Penny lifted up to guide his member into her receptive pussy. She sighed as he penetrated her deeply, until her butt rested on his thighs.

"Don, you may not be as big as daddy, or as energetic as Will, but you are a good second place in both categories." Penny said as she began riding him.

"Um, thanks?" Don groaned, focusing far more on the naked vixen currently bringing him such bliss. She would slowly lift until he was almost free of her, then gently lower down, enjoying each inch of pleasure.

"No, thank you. Being good at both is better than being great at one. Now fuck me good before they come in and ruin the fun."

Don's hands gripped her hips and he thrust upwards, driving the air from Penny's chest. "Not as energetic, huh?" Penny could only let out little squeaks and sharp gasps as his cock spiked into her rapidly. She was practically paralyzed as he fucked her hard and fast.

Her gasps turned into one long continuous moan as her body fell into an orgasm. Her legs fell out from under her and she collapsed onto Don's chest as she rode the waves of pleasure filling her.

"Not bad for a silver medal," Don muttered as she lay on him.


On the way back to the cockpit, Judy suddenly yanked John into a cabin. She freed his cock with a practiced ease and wrapped her mouth around it before John could respond.

"J- Judy! We have to find your mom and brother!" John finally protested.

"Yes, we do, but that won't happen before the scanners are fixed. Call and see how long that will be." Judy replied before plunging the massive cock back down her throat.

John pawed at the intercom button. "West, how m- much longer on the scaAA- the scanners?"

After a few moments Don responded. "Oh, um, fifte- thirt- NO, an hour. An hour at least. We're goOOna need at least an hour undisturbed to get it operational."

Coms closed and Judy looked as smug as one could while deepthroating a cock. John sunk down onto the bed and laid back. Judy moved around to sit on her father's face while she sucked his cock.

John could taste his own spunk as he licked at her cunt. He'd evidently came inside of her during the crash. It was no bother after Maurine and Don had programmed an additive into the water that kept everyone infertile, though it had the side effect of ramping up the libido of everyone on board. He lapped at his daughter's pussy with enthusiasm while the scanners slowly ticked online.

Judy's jaw stretched to her limit to take as much of her father's girth into her mouth as she could, and her deft hands stroked the remaining shaft. She coaxed the cum to build in his loins with a practiced expertise, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she would be gulping down the object of her desire.

John tried to focus on licking Judy's cunt, but his attention was divided by her tender care of his cock. The women were all great, and each one unique, but none could compare to Judy when she had a cock in her mouth. Still, he prodded into her pussy with his thick fingers while he sucked at her exposed clit.

The pair licked and sucked the time by, hoping they would have enough time to rescue the others.


"Let's get this fellow here nice and hard. I'm about to fuck you like nobody's business. My cunt needs cock so bad it hurts."

Will groggily woke up to his cock being stroked, but it was too dark to see anything.

"Mom?" He managed to groan.

"Mom? Oh, yeah, it's mom. Mom just needs a quick little fuck, so you just lay back and let mom do her thing, okay?"

Will slumped back down, too confused to fully process the situation.

He felt her lips wrap around his dick, and she sucked him down until he hit the back of her throat, triggering a fit of coughing.

"You okay, mom? You don't normally have a gag reflex."

She cleared her throat. "Oh, I'm fine. It just caught mommy by surprise because it's so dark. Nevermind that. Are you ready to fuck mommy? I want to ride you."

"Okay, mom." Will replied. "You must be really horny to skip the foreplay."

Maurine pulled the door to the container open, spilling the bright morning light into the darkness. She saw June over Will, her skirt hiked up and she was guiding his hard shaft to her waiting twat.

June quickly scrambled away. "He was waking up. I was checking on him. He seems fine. No major injuries that I could find." She rambled.

Maurine looked at her disapprovingly. "Well, that's good, because we have quite a long hike. At the speed we were moving at, I would expect the Jupiter is several miles away across unknown terrain. Luckily for us the ship practically carved a trail for us." She tossed a pair of packs to them from the open door.

Will slowly got to his feet and stowed his exposed member. Both Maurine and June were a little disappointed to see it covered up. They set off towards the crashed ship.


Robot loaded the last piece of equipment onto the Chariot. John packed survival gear while Judy prepared a medical kit. They did not know what they were up against, so they planned to be ready.

"Don't worry, John. We will have a full inventory by the time you get back. Path looks pretty clear, so the Chariot should be able to navigate it pretty easily."

"Thanks, Don. When I get back we will see about those engines."

"So sensors are showing a pretty extreme cold night, so be back before that happens, okay?"

Soon the Chariot disappearred into the debris path left by the crashing Jupiter. Don turned around to see a naked Penny in the door frame. "God damn it, woman. We're never going to get the ship repaired if you keep interrupting me!" As he shouted his protests he unzipped his flight suit and freed his rock hard cock.

Penny squealed and ran into the ship, right past Robot who was dutifully moving the spilled storage crates back where they belong. Robot almost sighed as Don came scrambling in right behind her.
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