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Rescue is on the way as the Robinsons try to save themselves from this uninhabited planet.
Penny stretched her body, straining her fingers as she gripped the rope. "Just a little more," she grunted at Don. He carefully gave her a few more inches. Her fingers reached until she could almost touch it. Don strained at the awkward position he was in, biting his lip at the strain. With a burst of energy, Penny pushed with all of the strength in her legs.

"Got it!" Penny called out triumphantly. She pulled the dangling cable to her, and Don pulled her up from the side of the cliff. Together they pulled up the panel that had been ripped away from the Jupiter in the crash. Robot added it to the growing stack of scrap and debris they had gathered.

Penny stood, her hands on her hips, accented by her tight shorts, and looked at Don expectantly. Don shrugged. "Did you expect we'd just be hanging out all day giving each other head? We've got to get this boat operational."

"No," She replied, sounding defeated. "But I had hoped."

"I'll tell you what. If we can get the generators running and off emergency power in the next hour, we can take a break." Penny's eyes lit up at Don's offer. Besides, it's not like Judy and your dad are having any fun either."


"Oh God, this is so much fun, dad!" Judy shouted. She was sitting on John's lap in the driver seat of the Chariot, stearing the transport with his dick deep inside of her wet pussy. Each bump and bounce of the tires bouncing her round butt around.

John resisted the urge to grip her waist and plow into her, instead letting her have her fun of bouncing along.

The Chariot made along through the path carved by the crashing Jupiter, nearing the cargo container.


June trailed behind Maurine and Will, eying Will's muscular young body with envy. She had been so close. She knew it would happen. It was only a matter of time and patience before she would enjoy actual flesh and blood inside her aching pussy.

Maurine touched her son's hand as they walked. He was no longer the scared little boy. He was a fit, sexy young man. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of his cock in her mouth, her pussy, or even her ass. She didn't even let John fuck her ass. He was far too big, but Will was just right, and made up in energy what he lacked in girth.

At her touch, Will turned to his mom. He looked down to see her gazing up at him. Her shirt, soaked with sweat, clung to her chest, and as he watched he could see her nipples hardening. Only the heavy and loud steps of Ms. Harris stopped him from ripping the clothes from her and finishing what they started only a short while earlier.


Penny connected the last couple of wires and signaled with a thumbs up. Don threw the switch and the ship lit up. He entered the generator room to find Penny naked, laying on a bench, squeezing one breast while pumping the handle of a screwdriver into her pussy. "What's going on here?"

Without breaking her concentration, Penny replied, "You said we could fuck. I've been waiting for 45 minutes. You owe me dick. Now give it to me."

Don could feel his hard member pressed against the zipper of his jumpsuit. He watched her fuck herself with a tool, and he knew he wanted it to be his tool.

"What's the matter? You can't keep up with the demands of this young pussy?" Penny taunted, still fucking herself vigorously. She smiled wickedly when Don came forward and pulled the screwdriver away. He leaned down and licked at her sopping flesh, while he pumped his fingers into her gaping hole stretched open by the handle.

"Oh my fucking god. Oh yes. Lick my soaking cunt. Finger fuck me until I cum. I want to cum, Don. Make me cum. Let me cum all over your face."

Don gave his all, licking, sucking, and rubbing at the young woman's flesh. With his free hand he unzipped the jumpsuit and dropped it to the floor. His hand went to his aching cock. He stroked himself while Penny arched her back and let out yelps.

"Oh, oh, oh! Right there. Fuck me, right there. Oh I'm cumming. I'm cumming!" Penny called out and gripped Don's head tightly with her thighs. He sucked down her juices enthusiastically. When she finally came down and relaxed her grip, Don stood ready, his hard cock in hand.

Breathlessly she beckoned him forward into the warm embrace of her pussy, and Don came closer. The head of his cock pressed into her hole with a sigh.

"Oh, baby. I am so ready for you. Fill my cunt with your cum. I want it to drip down my thighs for hours." Penny purred. Don surged forward, filling her hole with his meat.

The lights powered off, pitching the couple into blackness for a few moments until the backup lights powered on again.

Penny looked at the cock that was about to fuck her. "God damn it. I hate this ship."


June had gone off ahead, and Maurine was starting to enjoy the time alone with Will when she heard June call out. A few moments later they cleared the tree line to find her at the bank of a stream.

June called out as they approached. "There looks to be some rocks we can cross upstream. The water is positively arctic, though, so don't fall in. It looks pretty deep."

Maurine eyed the treacherous rocks, icy water flowing around and over them, and declared, "it's not going to get any easier just staring at it." She handed her pack to Will and carefully began crossing. By the time she got across her feet ached from the icy water, but she was safely back on dry land.

June crossed next, and her boots protected her feet from the chill, but her sweater seemed to droop from the splashing water and mist.

Will threw the backpacks across to the waiting arms of Maurine and June, then took his first few tentative steps out. As he reached the halfway mark, a stone shifted, sending him tumbling into the river.

"Will!" Maurine called out. The white water made it impossible to see into the river, but she called out again, looking for any sign of her son.

After a few eternal moments, she heard a weak reply. "Mom, I'm here." She rushed to find Will several dozen yards downriver, shivering.

She pulled him on his feet and shouted for June to build a fire. June disappeared into the woods to find dry timber.

"Oh, you poor baby." She pulled a blanket from a bag and lay it on the ground. She directed Will onto it after she stripped him out of his wet clothes. She grabbed a second blanket and laid down with him to warm his body.

Will shivered uncontrollably, and Maurine wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly. Under the blanket they embraced. Maurine kissed Will lightly, and after a few moments Will began to kiss her back. As they kissed passionately, the cold was quickly forgotten.

She felt his member rise up to press into her panty covered pussy, the only thing separating her from her son was a thin layer of cotton. His hips began moving on their own, pushing the crown of his cock across that layer roughly.

Her body warmed at the blunt force grinding into her, and she mounted him, pinning his manhood beneath her. Will's hands rover under her thin shirt to squeeze her dangling breasts while she grinded herself against his hard dick.

She pulled her panties to the side, and began rocking her hips, her bare pussy coating the underside of his shaft with her sticky juices. He panted heavily as she rode him to the edge of cumming. She held him at that brink for what seemed an age.

"Mom, I'm going to-"

"No, not yet." She cut him off. She slipped forward and slipped the tip of his cock into her warm cunt. The silky smooth walls were too much, and he flooded her pussy with his incestuous seed. He jerked his hips a few times as he came.

"Feeling better, honey?" Maurine asked sweetly.

"Yeah, mom. Feeling great." He replied.

"Good," She nodded as she started riding his cock again. She knew from experience that Will could easily manage three or four orgasms before needing a rest, and after several hours of walking and listening to Harris whine, she felt due a break.

Her hips moved in a circle, smearing his cock and her pussy with his sticky cum, before she lifted away and started fucking him in ernest. He pulled her down to him and bit her lightly along the neck and shoulder, sending tingles of pleasure down her spine.

Her toes curled as her body fell into its first orgasm. John and Don were perfectly fine fucks, but there was something about having her own son inside of her that brought a special intensity to the sensation. She shuddered at her juices flooded the space between them.

Hypothermia completely forgotten, Will held his mom tightly, her soft breasts pressed to his chest, as he moved his hips in time with her. The dim light filtering through the blanket cast her face in silhouette, but he could see her biting her lip to keep quiet.

Her soft moans broke the silence, as she wordlessly road his cock. Her pelvis pounded him as she picked up momentum. The soft slapping of skin on skin was drown out as his mom buried her face into his shoulder and dug her fingers into his back, and she let out a muffled scream.

Will felt his mom cum on his cock and her pussy seemed to grip his shaft tightly. The massaging muscles pushed him over the edge, and for the second time that evening he flooded his mother's cunt with his spunk.

They lay together, breathless, under the blanket. Will's youthful stamina kept his prick still hard deep inside Maurine's body, and he waited for her to recover. She lay collapsed on him. Will was disappointed. After all that walking, he'd hoped to get another fuck in before she gave out, but it looked like the crash had taken more out of her than they thought. He pulled the blanket down and saw a crackling fire.

"Guess this isn't necessary any more," June quipped as she dropped a handful of dry twigs onto the burning branches.

"No," Will replied, chuckling. "I'd guess not." He rolled Maurine's still breathless and limp form off of him and stood up. June stared hard at his hard cock, slick and shining with the incestuous cum of mother and son. She licked her lips as he gathered his wet clothes and set them to dry by the fire.


John slammed on the brakes, sending Judy forward. She cried out as her pussy released its grip on his cock with a pop. She started to protest when she was silenced by the view in front of the Chariot.

A crack in the ground stretched for miles in either direction. It looked to span a hundred feet across. They could see what looked to be a thin column of smoke on the other side of the ravine.

"That must be them!" Judy called out. "We've just got to somehow cross the gap. I have an idea."

She instructed John to find a tall tree near the edge of the crack while she dug in the Chariot. John found a suitable tree and helped Judy to attach a chain to the winch and wrapped it around the tree, creating a jury rigged chainsaw when she linked the ends together. Judy reversed the Chariot to tension it, and cranked up the winch.

John felt a sense of pride at his daughter's ingenuity. The fact that she did all of it with her bare ass exposed was just icing on the cake.

"Dad! Oh, daddy!" Judy called out from in the transport. John hurried to her to find her sitting on the dash, her bare crotch tingling from the vibrations of the makeshift saw. "Oh, God, daddy. It's like sitting on the washing machine times ten!"

John could only smile as Judy pleasure herself on the Chariot. He opened a small storage box, and to her mild protest, lifted her from her perch before sticking a dildo to the wet dash. Her eyes lit up with glee as she sat back down onto the vibrating sex toy.

"Dad, you're the best!" She arched her back, pushing the dildo deep into the dark recesses of her nubile pussy, and giving John a welcomed view of her small but firm tits. His hand instinctively began stroking his cock at the show she put on.

"Is daddy enjoying the show? Do you like watching your little girl fuck herself? Do you miss being inside of me already?" She teased her father.

"Oh, you know I love fucking you, baby, but you have your fun." John revved the winch motor, and Judy's legs abandoned her as the sensation tore through her body.

Judy redoubled her efforts, making sure John saw how much she was enjoying fucking herself on the vibrating toy, her orgasms building each time John would rev the engine higher.

Her body rocked as each orgasm was stronger than the last. John timed the jolts to give her just the barest moment for one peak to subside before sending her on the next. Once she tried to lift away to fuck the dildo properly, but her feet slipped out from under her from all of the spilled fluids.

By the time the tree fell, she was near collapse, held up by the suction of the toy. Her arms and legs hung limp. John lifted her like a ragdoll, the dildo pulling free with an audible pop.

He laid her down on a bench and set off across the felled tree towards the smoke.


"So, your mom seems like she's going to sleep for a while," June said, breaking the long silence. "And it looks like you still aren't satisfied quite yet."

Will followed her gaze and saw she was staring at his erect member. He glanced towards Maurine, half covered in blankets. "Um, yeah. I think she's just tired from the crash."

"Yes, the crash. Unfortunate, that crash. But perhaps you could put that thing to good use?"

"Um, I don't know," replied Will. "Mom said-"

"Oh, I know what your mom says. I want to know what Will says. My pussy is aching for a good, hard fuck, and there's no one else around. So if I, maybe, braced against this tree here, bent over like this, and pulled my skirt up high, showing you my bare, wet, hungry snatch…"

She paused for a moment, arching her back to give the pose a moment to set in. "If I did all of that, do you think you could find the time to give me the hard fuck I so desperately desire?"

She could see the resolve crumbling in his eyes. She almost came from the anticipation. This was it! She watched him stand, staring at her pussy, as he slowly circled the fire. He stood only a couple of inches away, and glanced at his sleeping mom.

"Uhn, Will." June moaned. "Fuck me, Will Robinson!" Her eyes lit up with lust as his cock parted her folds.

"WILL! MAURINE! Are you here?" John shouted.

Will responded excitedly. "Dad! We're over here!"

June could only feel despair as she watched her opportunity fade away. John emerged from the debris, waving and smiling. Maurine stood, as the shouting had woken her, and smiled at her approaching husband.

John helped the three across the ravine and to the Chariot. Judy had woke, and helped them into the warm transport. She hugged her mom tightly, then grabbed Will's hand and pulled her brother to the back of the transport.

Maurine saw the dildo stuck on the dash and smiled. "Oh, that looks fun. I found my seat for the ride home."

John could hear Judy and Will giggling in the back, and freed his cock from his jumpsuit. "Oh, I can find you a better seat than that for the trip."

He popped the toy free and tossed it behind him, ignoring the protest of June as it smacked her in the face. She picked up the dildo, shrugged in defeat, and lifted her skirt, completely ignored by the elder Robinsons, and drowned out by the moans of the younger pair in the back.


The Chariot returned to the Jupiter, the Robinsons in a much better mood reunited. Night fell just as the transport pulled into the bay, and temperatures plummeted. The Jupiter, however, was quite warm and lit up.

June skunked off to her quarters to deal with her disappointment with her toys, while John and Maurine led the others to the main deck. There they found Penny bent over a rail, howling, as her asshole was ravaged by Don.

Don paused and looked at John guiltily. "Um, so, good news? I got almost all of the systems online. Power, scanners, water, you name it."

John looked at Penny, her breasts hanging over the safety railing, sticky cum dripping from her pussy, and her rectum stretched over the ship mechanic's penis. Then he looked back at Don. "Almost?"

"Yeah, chief. Had to scavenge. We need new engines or we aren't going anywhere."

He looked at a monitor. "Okay, so first we will need to-"

"Dad. DAD!" Penny interjected. "We've spent the past several hours on rescue missions and emergency repairs. The ship is safe and stable, it is negative twenty degrees outside, and I have a dick in my ass. Whatever plan we come up with can wait until morning. Right now I've earned a good fucking. So shut the fuck up and get naked."

Will and Judy could only giggle at the sight of Penny dressing down their dad mid-fuck. Maurine laughed. "She's got you there, John. If you can't beat them, join them, right?"

The frigid night hours passed outside, but inside the Jupiter, the Robinson family and Don West fucked and sucked the night away safely inside, before finally sleeping off the exhaustion.
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