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Janice discovers what Wayne is really like and Mea uses a special mind control box on her.
The next day at college Janice found a bag on her desk with a note from Wayne telling her to wear what was in the bag. Janice quickly changed so she was wearing a black g-string, suspenders and stockings a skirt so short that it did not cover the top of her stockings, no bra just a white blouse.

She walked to Wayne's office he had a friend called Mea that he wanted her to meet.

When Janice entered Wayne's office he was by himself, he smiled and gave Janice a quick kiss.

"Mea is delayed but he is bringing a few friends with him, for you to meet" he said and continued "I am going to show you want I am really like" he smiled at Janice.

He picked up his phone and called Ruth and asked her to come to his office, she was a friend of Janice's who worked also worked at the office.

Ruth looked quizzically at Janice when she entered the office. Wayne waved her into a chair.

He turned to Janice and started to explain,

"Before we started our affair, I was having an affair with Ruth but as soon as she thought we were having sex together she broke off the affair."

Janice was surprised and looked at Ruth, she had turned bright red and whispered to Wayne

"you were not going to tell anyone."

Wayne continued,

"We had been having sex for two years, at least once a week Ruth even managed to get several weekends away telling her husband she was staying with a lady friend when really she was having dirty weekends with me. He still does not know does he?" Ruth shook her head.

"It would end my marriage if he found out" she explained to Janice.

Wayne stood up and took some photographs from his pocket and laid them on his desk. Janice looked they were all of Ruth and Wayne having sex. Two of the pictures showed Ruth with Wayne's dick in her mouth, others she was laid on her back with Wayne on top and others showed Ruth on her knees having sex doggy style. Ruth's biggest gasp was when Wayne showed a picture of Ruth with three men; one holding her breasts, one with a dick in her mouth and Wayne looked to be in her anus. Janice recognised one of the men as Ron who Wayne had introduced to her. Then there was a picture of Ruth and Jane naked and kissing watched by Wayne.

Ruth gasped "How did you get those?"

Hidden camera's he said.

Wayne pressed a few keys on his computer keyboard and a video came up on screen. It showed Wayne laid on his back and Ruth knelt over him, bouncing up and down on Wayne's dick, she was smiling and gasping with pleasure and then she cried out as she climaxed.

Ruth was silent.

"I do not have to watch this!" Janice cried out and stood up to go, "what has got into you Wayne, this is not like you!"

"It is like me, I have played the good guy to both of you so I could bed you!"

Wayne stood in front of Janice and pushed her back into her chair. He turned to Ruth, "here is the deal, you will have sex with me whenever I want or those pictures go to your husband."

Ruth was crying, tears streaming down her face. Janice reached over and took Ruth's hand to comfort her.

"Bastard" Janice shouted at him, "you cannot do that to her

"I can and I am" said Wayne "you two really do not know what I am like!"

Ruth cried "I have no choice."

"Sensible" said Wayne smiling. "Stand up!" he ordered Ruth.

She stood up slowly and uncertainty.

"Undress" he ordered.

"But" Ruth indicated to Janice.

"She is going to watch" gloated Wayne.

"No I am going and I do not want anything to do with you ever again!" Janice was in tears here was the man she thought she loved behaving like an animal, she was shocked, angry and surprised at him.

"Sit down" order Wayne, "If you leave now those photographs will go to her husband and you will be responsible for ending Ruth's marriage."

"Please stay whispered Ruth, I do not want you to see what he is going to do to me but I can not have those photographs going to my husband,"

Janice was torn she did not want to remain but she did not want to be responsible for ending Ruth's marriage. She sighed and sat down.

"Right undress" he ordered.

Ruth was wearing a button up shirt which she unfastened and dropped to the floor, her head was bent down, she was defeated. She took her shoes and trousers off and stood in her bra and knickers.

"Come on hurry up." Said Wayne impatiently.

A minute later Ruth was stood naked.

"Lay on the floor" he ordered.

Wayne bent over Ruth and kissed her breasts, she turned her head to the side and stared at the wall. He held her ankles and spread her legs wide. Janice could see him smile as he stood and undressed.

Wayne laid on top of Ruth and she gasped he penetrated her quickly.

Ruth was now staring over his shoulder, looking at Janice her tear filled eyes were blank. Janice was just aware of his bare buttocks moving up and down as he took Ruth. With a gasp he came.

Wayne stood and faced Janice his now soft dick hanging down. Ruth had not moved she seemed to be in shock laid with her legs spread.

Janice was disgusted, she wondered how she had let him trick her, how had she allowed him to have sex with her.

"What about you?" Wayne said to her.

Janice looked at him puzzled.

"Take your blouse and skirt off!" he said it in a very low tone, Janice could see he was enjoying him self.

"NO!" she exclaimed.

"Do as I say," commanded Wayne "or I will send the pictures to her husband!"

Wayne knew he could use his mind control to make Janice do as he wanted but he was enjoying making her and at the end of the day she would forget everything that had happened and she would still love him.

Janice was torn, she did not want to be responsible for ending Ruth's marriage but did not want him touching her. She looked at his dick she really did not want that inside her.

"You can not make her do that!" cried Ruth from the floor.

"No I can not make her, she has to make the choice is she going to save your marriage." Was his reply.

Janice's head was spinning, what to do what to do. She looked at Ruth and sighed.

Her fingers trembled as she undid the top button of her blouse. Janice did not want to see him and turned her back to him.

Wayne put his hands on her shoulders and turned Janice round, "face me and undress," was his order.

Fingers still trembling she unbutton her blouse and dropped it to the floor, with no bra on she was topless. Closing her eyes she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Looking at him she could see he was staring at her thong and he was starting to be aroused. At his command she removed her thong.

Janice closed her eyes as his hands kneed her breasts and his mouth sucked her nipples.

Ruth was still laid on her back on the floor and Wayne commanded Janice to lay down next to her.

"Open your legs for me!" he ordered of Janice. Reluctantly she did.

He laid on top of her and she felt his chest pressed against her breasts and his hardness against her thighs. She cringed as his hardness pressed against her slit, she was dry.

"Wrap your legs around me", Janice did.

Wayne pushed forward hard driving himself into her, she cried out. Wayne tried to kiss her but she turned her head away from him.

"Everything is going to change for you from today, enjoy because you will not remember anything of today, there are lots of memories you are going to lose and you will gain new memories that you think are real but they are not. You will forget about what is happening now and tomorrow you will be back in love with me." Whispered Wayne in her ear, "you will soon be having lots of sex and enjoying it."

Janice was puzzled by what he said. Wayne started to pump himself hard into her, his rape seemed to last an eternity, Ruth reached out and held Janice's hand as he abused her. Then she was no longer dry as he delivered his cum into her!'

Wayne rolled off Janice. "go down on Janice," he ordered to Ruth, "lick her hole and taste my cum". Janice was shocked and stunned by the order but she let Ruth part her legs and soon Ruth's tongue was licking inside her. "Wayne smiled at Janice, "did you know Ruth likes women just as much as men?" Janice shook her head.

Then Wayne ordered Ruth out of the room. When Janice got up to dress Wayne pushed her back into a chair.

"While we wait watch my computer screen he ordered."

The video in the Wayne's bedroom had recorded her having sex with Wayne. He stood behind Janice's chair reached down and started playing with her breasts.

Suddenly the door to Wayne's office burst open and five men rushed into the office, two were black and two white, they were big men tall and broad. The other man was tall and thin he had an aura of power about him.

Janice surprised jumped up to get her clothes she did want to be naked in front of all these men. But two of the men jumped forward and grabbed her arms, she opened her mouth to protest and another of the men took the opportunity to stuff a large ball of cotton wadding into her mouth to silence her. He quickly tied another piece of cloth across her mouth and tied it behind her head, it fastened the wadding securely in her mouth. Janice was still struggling and she struggled even harder when they produced a set of hand cuffs and fastened her wrists together behind her back.

Janice felt defeated she could not make a sound because of the wadding and her wrists were securely fastened behind her back.

The four big men undressed, they all had erections, one of the black men was massive. The tall slim man sat fully dressed and watched.

One of the men stood in front of her and leaning down, he took one of her breasts in his mouth, sucking and licking the nipple.

Janice screamed knowing what was about to happen, but a muffled cry is all the sound that escapes her taped mouth.

"You like that, huh? I can feel your nipples getting hard, lover."

Struggling to escape, Janice could only thrash about as he took her other breast in his mouth, his wet tongue licking around the areola before sucking and biting the nipple. Tears of shame begin to course down Janice's face as she realised that it's true; her nipples were growing hard at the touch of this stranger. He tried to thrusts his hand between her legs, squeezing her pussy hard Janice closed her legs as tightly as possible as he, roughly felt her up.

Janice turned her head away, as he continued to lick, suck and bite each nipple until they were erect. His hand continued to roughly rub her pussy.

Janice's eyes dropped to his hard cock, the veins in his blood engorged dick evident. She shuddered and squeezed her legs tighter together. The other men were all stood watching.

His fingers and begins to caress her pussy lips.

Janice was screaming "no" but the gag muffled her cries.

He picked her up easily and dumped her on the floor.

The other men knelt beside her, each grabbed an ankle and pulled her legs wide apart, she tried to struggle and kick but they were too strong.

The man in front of her pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and started to stroke her in fast action in and out she could feel them penetrating her. To Janice's disgust the stroking started to make her wet. She so did not want it.

The man laid on top of her, she tried to close her legs but the men were holding them wide open. He positioned himself and drove his dick deep into her. She struggled and then gave up and laid still. She waited for his thrusts to begin and for him to fully claim her body, there was nothing she could do.

With a ferocity, he started to fuck her mercilessly. With each thrust, she felt his cock stretch her pussy. In between his grunts of pleasure, he started to whisper in her ear, calling her slut...whore...Then, with an animal cry he came inside her pumping his seed into her.

As he rolled off her Janice was crying she knew all the other men were about to take their turns.

One of the men took a big cloth bag and pulled it over her head so she was enveloped in darkness, it made her feel worse now she was disorientated by the blackness.

Then she felt a metal tight fitting collar fitted around her neck. Then a man grabbed her ankles and fasted metal cuffs around her ankles.

Janice tried to struggle as her legs were pulled up above her head and the metal cuffs were fastened to rings on the collar. Janice was in a very uncomfortable position she could feel her feet against each side of her face. She knew her pussy was now exposed to the men.

Each man in turn took her pumping their seed into her, she could feel their cum streaming out of her.

After each man had finished with her they unfastened her ankles from her neck and took the hood off. Her hands were still fastened behind her back.

One of the men picked her up and stood Janice on her feet. She would have fallen over but the man roughly bent her over the desk.

All the men except one stood back, the one that remained kept her bent over the desk.

The slim man started talking, "My name is Mea and this is a special box," he said taking a box that was about the size of a brick out of a bag and placing it on the desk in front of Janice, the box was glowing deep orange, Janice stared at the box, she could not take her eyes off it. The box seemed to attract her. It pulled at her mind so that it was all that she saw, everyone else in the room seemed to be miles away. Mea continued talking.

"This box is very special, it has come from a long way away. This box has the power to read your memories and the power to extract them from your mind so that you totally forget that those memories ever happened, if someone talks about the events that are removed as far as you are concerned, they will have never happened. The box can also implant false memories in your mind so you are convinced that events that never happened did."

Mea continued, "I am going to sent the full force of the box on you. When it turns off you will be completely different. This box is going to remove hundreds of your memories and experiences and replace them with hundreds of false memories and events. Our experiences make us who we are so in an hours time you will be a totally different person. This box will also implant more trigger commands that we will me we can control you when we want wherever you are. Several of your family and friends have experienced this box and are under our control."

Janice was terrified, she tried to move but the box was willing her to stay. The box changed to a deep blue colour and it felt like her mind was been sucked into the box.

Janice started seeing memories in her mind, some from when she was very young, some at school. The memories were very clear and then they would fade away she could sense the box pulling them out of her mind she tried to hold on to those memories and thoughts then they were gone, for a moment she would try a remember what thought or event had gone but she could not remember what she was trying to recall. The box was taking her memories, her life and somehow she knew it was storing them all for itself and Mea to view. The box was also pushing memories and events into her mind some happy some many angry.

Another memory came into her mind, it was the most clear yet, she was in the old court building, it was her last day at work before getting married. Lunchtime she went the pub with work friends an got extremely drunk. Back at the office Jim who she thought was wonderful took her into an empty room, he gave her a good luck kiss on her lips, it went on for several minutes. When Jim tried to put his hand up her dress she pushed it away but still carried on kissing him. She was too drunk to resist for long. His hand went to her back and pulled the zip on her dress down and slipped it off her on to the floor. In her memory she knew she was enjoying herself but knew she should stop but she was enjoying herself. She did not stop him unfastened and removing her bra, fondling her breasts. He laid her on the floor on her back and the whole room began to spin. He quickly had her shoes and tights off. When he tried to remove her knickers, she brushed his hand off them stopping him. He kissed her nipples and mouth again and when he ran his hand down her stomach and into her knickers she did not object and then lifted her buttocks up slightly to make removing them easier.

She remembered watching him undress. He lay beside her and fingered her pussy, she remembered how wet she felt. She knew she should not but she let him lay of her, she even kissed him again. She could remember the moment he made her a woman, the sharp pain as her hymen tore, she lost her virginity and then the pleasure of his penis in her. They rested and then he made love to her again. She could remember vaguely think in her drunken stupor that he could be getting her pregnant. She could remember the days afterwards worrying about been unfaithful to Stephen and about if she was pregnant. The memories became clear in her mind and then fragmented and disappeared for a moment she knew there was something to remember and then it was gone. The machine took her memory of losing her virginity to Jim. In her new memory she was a virgin on her wedding night.

She remembered the first few years of her marriage to Stephen they had some wonderful sex and adventures. She never allowed him oral or anal sex but he seemed content in that. Pearl a friend she once worked with once commented that she enjoyed sex in bondage, Janice suggested it to Stephen and when tied up found the thought that he do could whatever he wanted to and she could not stop him a really turn on, she would have some real sexual climaxes. He was always a gentleman and she told him one day he had to do something extreme while she was tied up. He took her deep into some woodland undressed her tied her up tightly and walked off with her clothes. He returned and told once he had finished with her she was going to have to walk back to the car naked. After good sex he fastened one of her wrists to a tree with rope unfastened her other bondage fastenings and started to walk to the car. It took her a couple of minutes to unfastened her wrist and she had to walk naked by herself to the car. She worried about been seen but also found the thought exciting. Nobody saw her until she reached the car park and there were about 5 people about.

She put her chin up and walked past them ignoring their looks but again she found it a thrill exhibiting herself. Back at the car she bent over the bonnet and Stephen took her from behind she released her excitement into a massive climax. From then she enjoyed been an exhibitionist, flashing her body to people or walking naked in the woods. Several other memories of wonderful sex with Stephen went through her mind. But the machine stole those memories they fragmented and disappeared. The machine replaced the memories with less satisfying sexual thoughts. Thoughts of Stephen not performing as well or as frequently in bed. It placed false memories of arguments and unhappy events in her head and made her more conservative with sex.

She remembered meeting Wayne, how charming he was and that he took her to his bed. She remembered that they had sex nearly every week, sometimes in his office, sometimes at his house and sometimes at her house. She remembered resisting Wayne's suggestion of a threesome with Wayne and his friend Ron. Finally agreeing not because she wanted to but because she did not want to lose Wayne. She was surprised that she enjoyed it, the touch of two men on her body at the same time was arousing. She willingly agreed to further sessions with the two of them. This attention from the two of them lit up and invigorated her need for sex, she lost even more inhibitions. She remembered inviting Ron to her house for coffee and the two of them having sex together, she never told Wayne and the affair with Ron lasted about six months when Ron suggested a threesome with his son, Simon, she agreed. His son was eighteen it was clear he was a virgin. She remembered feeling guilty at first but the sex with the two of them was good and they met five times for threesomes. Ron then moved out of the area. The machine took only some of her memories Ron, Simon and threesomes disappeared as did some of the meetings with Wayne but it let her keep some of them.

The box then removed all the memories of what had happened that day, the memories of rape disappeared how she had been told many of her family were also controlled disappeared.

The machine confirmed Wayne's command that she should give her husband oral sex twice a week for a year and that it was an amazing experience and that she should also mount her husband for sex after the oral sex and there she would experience the most amazing climaxes with him. After a year she was to stop and totally forget the sex and oral sex.

The machine put more false memories in her mind so nearly all her memories of her life were false. The machine put strong commands in her mind she could be controlled face to face or at a distance and she was to totally forget everything she did while under control. It put thoughts in her mind about Ruth, Janice would be desperate to have regular sex with her, she would be bisexual meet other women until told to stop and forget.

The machine put many more commands to her.

The lights on the machine went off, it had stolen and stored many of her most treasured memories, to Janice the memories had never happened.

She stood up from the table and turned to the naked men. She looked at the massive dick on one of them and had a massive need to suck it and taste the cum from it. Janice knelt before him and had to open her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate him. She started to move her mouth down his shaft until it reached the back of her throat, she gagged a little then started sucking and moving her mouth back and forwards masturbating his big black dick with her lips. She worked at him for several minutes until his cum filled her mouth, she enjoyed the taste of it as she swallowed.

They all left, Janice without knowing it was a completely different person. Wayne looked at her knowing she was different and he was going to have a good time dominating her and knowing she would enjoy it and forget it.
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