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Brian is given control of Janice's mind and enjoys his lower over her.
The music was playing loudly Janice danced around under the lights. Her hips moving back and forth, synchronized with the beat of the music a wanton display of simulated sex. Janice twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her breasts. Her head twirled in circles, her hair fanning out as her head moved up and down. Her short, plaid skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously.

There was an audience sat watching her; Brian, Ginger, Peter, about twenty five students from Springbank, neighbours Lucy, Yvonne and Andrea. Lucy was naked having already performed her strip on stage. Brian had made Janice, Andrea and Lucy lose their inhibitions, all while they were conscious of what they were doing, but unable to stop themselves, performing whatever Brian ordered. No act of perversions the women were forced to perform were taboo. Janice was his latest conquest due to mind control powers that Ginger had given to him. As Janice danced she could see Yvonne watching her intently and the students and several of the male students had bulges in their pants from their cocks.

Janice couldn't control herself. The bright lights were shining on her body, the students and students sitting in front of her, their eyes peeled to her body as she danced; danced as she had never done before, without inhibitions, her clothes half off of her body. The music went straight through to her brain. She looked at Brian, her eyes pleading with him, but she could hear his voice, even over the loud bass of the song. "Take off your blouse." No, her eyes silently pleaded with him. She looked down at her hands, her fingers already unbuttoning the sleeves, her hands pulling the blouse off her shoulders and throwing it to the floor off to the side. Her face was flushed red in humiliation as she began to twirl around again, her hair as her hips moved back and forth. She arched her back out, humiliated as she saw how she looked, her breasts thrust out as if she was trying to show them off to anyone watching. She bent at the waist, breasts hanging down, afraid that they would break free of the confines of the bra. She shook her shoulders, her breasts swaying back and forth, over half of the white flesh revealed to the students, the music providing the tempo for her gyrations.

Janice's eyes staring at his crotch. She looked up, embarrassed at being caught looking. "Your bra now Janice. Let these people see your lovely tits. Make them naked and then dance for us. Let us see them bounce."

Her back was arched, her proud breasts thrust up high as she fought the urges in her brain. She refused to do such a thing! She wouldn't do it. She shivered as she felt fingers behind her back, fumbling with the catch of her bra, her hips gyrating wildly as she stood in place. Who was doing it? Looking down, her arms had disappeared out of sight behind her back, her own body betraying her again. NO! She silently screamed when she felt the sudden release as her bra swung loose. She felt her breasts swing down. The pendulous flesh was no longer in the tight, constraining device; her breasts were free and naked.

"Rub your tits!" the woman's voice in her head shocked Janice it was not Brian that Commanded it but a womans voice, an other woman had power over her as well. Janice's hands cupped her breasts and rubbed her tits and played with her nipples as she danced.

They watched her turn her back to them, her skirt pulled tightly over her firm bottom, her hips swinging back and forth. She turned around suddenly, bent down into a deep knee bend, legs widely spaced, gyrated her pelvis back and forth, the audience easily able to see up her skirt, then back up again. Her arms went quickly behind her neck, laced together, her back arched again, this time her breasts naked, thrust out in exhibition. Her light brown areolas and nipples were swollen from her arousal, Janice was scared her body was Brian's to control, she did not want to be aroused but he had made it so, her breasts begin a gentle roll as she continued to dance.

No, she couldn't be doing this, looking down to see how hard her nipples were, her eyes moving to the audience, their eyes pinned to her naked breasts. She tried to push her hands over her breasts, wanting to hide them from them. She looked down, her hands had not moved, still thrusting her breasts out for them, her shoulders moving again, her naked breasts now moving slowly back and forth, unencumbered by the restraining bra. She looked like some kind of whore, stripping naked and dancing for the pleasure of the students.

It had started about a week ago. Brian had been Janice's manager when Wayne retired from college. Brian and Janice had instantly disliked each other. Brian was jealous of the success of Wayne at the college and although not telling Janice Wayne had boasted to Brian about having an affair with Janice and several other women at the college which made Brian hate the fact that Janice was working for him and it was obvious, she disliked him. All the time Janice worked for him Brian had two fantasies, bending Janice over his desk and giving her naked buttocks a good spanking and tying her up naked and fucking her while she struggled to escape.

It was about a year after Janice had left the college that Ginger and a woman called Elaine had approached Brian. In return for him providing some information about certain people at the college they would let him control the minds of Janice and Wayne for six months. Brian had been sceptical about the mind control but they told him where to find Wayne and gave him a phrase that when he said it would make Wayne carry out his commands. Still dubious Brian went to see Wayne and quickly said the phrase. There did not appear to be any change in Wayne so Brian quickly commanded Wayne,

"Drop your trousers and underpants." Brian was astounded when Wayne immediately dropped his trousers and pants.

"Masturbate yourself, make yourself cum!"

Brian watched as Wayne grabbed his dick in his hand and started to masturbate himself, fairly soon he shot a load of cum on to the ground.

"Brian grinned he was going to have some fun with Wayne and Janice. Before he left Wayne Brian made him stand legs apart and Brian kicked him hard in the balls leaving Wayne rolling in agony on the floor.

The next day Brian turned up at Janice's house and he knocked on her door. As soon as Janice opened the door and saw who it was she moved to slam the door in his face but Brian quickly uttered the command phrase to her and she paused.

"Let me in!"

Janice opened the door wide and let Brian into her house.

Brian grinned at Janice.

"You will do anything I say. Anything without question, your hands eager to carry out my bidding, ignoring what your brain might tell you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," said Janice.

"When you hear the word "cunt" your pussy will get wet. You will find yourself sexually excited.


Janice did not know what was happening, she tried to stop herself but she could feel her pussy becoming aroused and very wet, her knickers were soon soaking wet her face turning red in embarrassment. She could not stop it happening, she hated the face that was grinning at her but she could not stop herself been turned on.

"Touch the front of my pants Janice."

Her eyes opened wide in shock. "What do you mean?" Her hands were already moving up towards his cock. She watched her hands reach out, cringing when she felt the hard, throbbing cock beneath his trousers. Why was she doing this? She could feel it jerk when her fingers moved over it. Her hand ran up and down the shaft that bobbed beneath her fingers, his pants holding it pinned in tightly. It must be over eight inches long and getting longer. Her fingers went to the tip and pinched hard, feeling it jerk. NO! She thought to herself. I can't do this, looking up into Brian's face, seeing the smirk, her face turning fiery red in shame as she saw her hands continuing. She thought she turned her head away to hide her shame, but instead her face moved to the front of his pants, her mouth moving up to the thick shaft her fingers outlined and she gasped as her mouth opened and her lips pressed over the cloth covered cock. She ran her mouth up and down the shaft as if she was eating an ear of corn, her teeth biting lightly on the shaft. Her lips got to the head, pressed tightly to it, biting harder through the pants as she nibbled on it as it throbbed beneath her lips. Her mouth was dry, the material of his pants soaking up all of her saliva.

"I bet that makes your cunt wet Janice?"

Janice closed her legs tightly, feeling like she had wet her pants. She felt a sudden rush between her legs, a wetness that began to spread, causing her panties to cling to her body from the moisture.

Her hips began to squirm as the pleasurable feeling in her sex grew, a picture grew in her mind of Brian's cock in her mouth as she knelt before him, naked, his foot between her widely space thighs, his toes running up and down her slit. Her head bobbed up and down, the thick cock splitting her lips, the taste of cum lingering in her mouth as her tongue lapped over the hot flesh. She did not understand how or why she was imagining it.

Brian saw her hips begin a gentle motion, knowing that she was trying to stimulate her pussy. He was sure that she was extremely wet, he could only fathom what the sexual image she had in her mind was, but he would wait until next time to find out. First, he wanted some relief from the wanton display Janice was putting on with her mouth.

"You need to feel my hot flesh," he ordered her.

She looked up, licking her lips, her eyes showing her confusion at his request. But her hands knew the answer, the sound of his zipper sliding down breaking the silence in the room. The vision of his cock in her mouth came back to her. She lowered her head so that he could not see her eyes, only to be confronted by her own hands pushing the pants off Brian. Her mind was screaming at her body to stop but it was no good. Her hands reached around his back, grabbing his ass cheeks through his shorts as the pants fell to his knees. Sensuously, her hands slid up the inside of his thighs as they moved toward the bulging pouch of his shorts. It felt like a hand on the back of her head, but she knew it was only in her mind as her face pressed forward again. Her mouth, unmistakably open, was again filled with cloth, this time only thin cotton, the hard cock throbbing beneath it. Her hand held the cock out so she could run her mouth up and down it, struggling to contain the jerking member with her hands, her mouth bringing such pleasure to it. She nibbled on it again, her teeth now pressing deeper into the flesh, only the thin shorts stopping her from tasting the flesh beneath her.

Brian watched as Janice performed better than his expectations. He watched her bend his cock outward until it stood straight out, his shorts stretched to the breaking point, the bulbous head outlined clearly. You could even make out the hole in the tip, his shorts already wet with precum. He moaned loudly as her other hand cupped his heavy, swollen balls while he watched her mouth slowly engulf the cloth covered cock.

She couldn't do this! Her mind didn't comprehend her own actions, the cock continued coming closer to her, the smell of his sex permeating her nose. She felt the thin material of his shorts rubbing over her lips as they stretched wide around the hot flesh. She put two inches of her mouth and then closed her lips over it, trapping it within the hot confines. The image of her fantasy returned, her head bobbing up and down in wild abandonment on his naked cock, kneeling so submissively in front of him, his toes masturbating her. She let her tongue run over the tip, feeling the wetness, the salty taste permeating her mouth, mixing with her saliva. She lapped at the hard cock until his shorts were wet with her saliva.

Brian almost regretted the next order, "Take out my cock and jerk it off on your face but don't put it into your mouth." He wanted to save her mouth for another time, wanting to see her humiliation as she was forced to swallow his hard cock deep in her throat.

She looked up again, her eyes pleading, not sure why she was acting like this or why she was obeying his orders, but she let the cock slip from her mouth, her hands grabbing his shorts and yanking them quickly down to his knees. There it was a large, throbbing cock It stood out over eight inches long, bobbing before her face, her tongue running over her lips as she saw it. The head was swollen, almost purple, a dark band running under the crown, a tiny hole in the centre, slick with his juices. The shaft was covered in long protruding veins, Janice almost able to see them throb with the blood that forced it so erect. Her hand reached between his legs and cupped the heavy ball sack, feeling the heat, full of the semen that he intended to shoot onto her face. She gently squeezed, rewarded with a moan from Brian's lips, his cock jerking in pleasure. Another squeeze, this time harder and his hips began to push forward, his cockhead rubbing on her nose. She tightened her grip on his balls, pleased at how she was able to manipulate him so easy. Or was she? She couldn't understand how she instinctively knew what to do, how to make his cock jerk in pleasure so easily, even while her brain fought the impulses. She dared not look into his eyes, ashamed at what she was being ordered to perform. She opened her mouth into a wide O, wanting to take the cock into her mouth, but she found she couldn't move her head forward.

"No, you may not have my cock but you may suck on my balls."

He watched as her head moved down, her mouth still open. Her head tipped back as she moved up until his ball sack began to enter her mouth, her lips spreading wide as she was forced to take in both of his balls. He heard her gag, her mouth filled with his hairy sack, tinkling the inside of her mouth, her cheeks bulging out like a squirrel bringing nuts back to his nest. "Now stroke it nicely."

She gagged again, feeling loose hairs in her mouth, trying not to vomit as she realized that his pubic hairs were running around in her mouth. She could taste the murky mix of sweat on his balls that sat heavily on her tongue, pushing it to the bottom of her mouth, her oral cavity filled to capacity. She sucked in, feeling the ball sack pulled deeper into her mouth until she choked, the heavy sack banging against her tonsils. She could hear her own huffing as she was forced to suck all of her air through her nose, her chest rising and falling as she breathed rapidly. Her thoughts went back to her dream. Would this be how it felt when he pushed his cock down her throat? Would she be able to withstand the choking and gagging? Her hand moved up to the shaft above her face, her tiny hand barely able to encircle the girth. She let it slide up and down the shaft, her fingers tightened around it just as if it were her vagina sliding up and down the thick meat. She allowed her fingernail to scrape over the thick head as her hand slid over it, the sharp nail running over the piss slit. She felt it shudder, the head leaking on her fingers, making the journey up and down his shaft easier, sliding almost effortless.

He wouldn't be able to last long. Janice was jerking him off like a seasoned whore. His balls were compressed into her hot mouth, her sucking driving the cum from his balls, ready to shoot. Her hands ran up and down his shaft, faster and faster, his body quivering when she let her sharp nails scratch painfully over the head, the masochistic thrill exciting him. "A finger in my asshole would be nice Janice. Massage my prostate when I cum."

How could he ask her to do such a filthy thing? She cringed at his command, ashamed at how she was performing, her hands stroking his cock, her mouth overflowing with his balls as she continually gagged, each time feeling his cock jerk in pleasure. She pushed with her finger, finding his asshole, her hand spreading apart his cheeks until she found the rubbery opening. She had to fight his sphincter, as she slowly pushed her dry finger into the opening, his hips moving forward, his balls pushing farther into her mouth, feeling like they were going to be forced down her throat. She fought her own body, her mind unable to regain control. She felt her finger slide into his asshole up to the first joint, feeling his muscle tighten. She let it rub around the muscle, her other hand continuing the gentle masturbation of his cock, her mouth sucking his balls deep into the hot confines of her mouth. She gagged again. She didn't know how she knew, she just did. He was going to cum. She looked up into his eyes, pleading with him to release her from the control he had over her body, but he was too far gone, his eyes wide open in lust.

Brian couldn't believe how good she was considering her mind was hating every minute of it. He need to cum.

She felt his body shudder, a deep moan coming from his lips. She forced her finger deeper into his asshole, rewarded with the first load of cum driven from his balls. She felt it traveling up the thick shaft, her fingers sliding up and down his cock, milking the cum from his body. She looked straight ahead, only inches from the tip of his cock, her hands aiming the cockhead directly into her face. She cringed at the thought of what she was about to experience, the dream image of his cock in her mouth as he filled her oral cavity, bulging out her cheeks returning. She saw the first load of cum shoot out the tiny hole almost in slow motion. She cringed when she felt the hot, heavy fluid land on her nose, feeling like it was burning her flesh as her hands and mouth continued the masturbation. She moved the cock to her nose, sticking the piss slit into one of her nostrils, her hand stroking the cock, driving another load of cum from his balls. She coughed, the hot cum shooting up into her nose, shooting down into the back of her throat, gagging her. She couldn't breathe, her mouth and half of her nose filled with his sex, no choice but to swallow the cum that teetered down her throat. She was pleased with herself, remembering his order not to take his cock in her mouth, her nose allowing her to taste the salty fluids as it slid down her throat. Why was she doing this? Not only was she following his orders, she was even going beyond them, forcing her own body into perverse acts she'd never known before.

Brian shot two more loads of cum on her face, three loads total and one up her nose. Her continual hand job and the finger massaging his prostate kept his cock shooting cum until her face was covered in a thick layer of hot cum. She pulled his balls from her mouth, his sack covered in a slick film of saliva. His fingers ran over her face scooping up a bunch of cum and pressing it to her lips. A disgusted look came over her face, cringing, as she knew what he wanted her to do. Her tongue hesitantly moved out of her mouth, a tiny pubic hair still on it as she licked up the thick gob of cum and sucked it into her mouth, a gag coming from deep in her throat as she was filled with the thick, salty fluid. He wiped more, her tongue returning to pick up the dreaded fluid he fed to her, pulling it into her mouth.

Her mouth was rapidly filling with the thick semen, unable to swallow it, gagging each time she tried to. The foul tasting fluid seemed to permeate every corner of her mouth, sloshing around, mixing with the abundance of saliva. Three times he made her lick the cum from her lips, three times she tried to swallow, each time almost vomiting as she did. She pulled her finger from his asshole with a loud pop, her other hand, slick with his cum, stopped stroking the flaccid cock. He stepped back, Janice bending over and spitting out the mouthful of cum onto the floor, choking and gagging as she did. How could she have done such a thing? Her mouth filled with the awful taste of his cum.

"Go into the bathroom and clean up," Brian ordered her.

She returned in minutes, her face fresh, a sweet smile in place. Brian was a pillar of propriety, his clothes back on, a look of contentment on his face. "That was a very productive session Janice. I think we learned so many new things about you and your abilities."

"Thank you sir," not sure why he said that, but knowing he had control of her.

"Turn around Janice!" She turned her back to him.

"Take your jeans off!" Janice struggled trying not to obey his command but her fingers were already ready unfastening her jeans and pulling them off.

"Now take your knickers off!"

"No!" Janice's mind screamed but her hands pulled her wet knickers down and off. Janice blushed red with embarrassment knowing Brian could see her bare buttocks.

"Kneel on all fours."

Janice knelt, she looked back at Brian flinching as his hand touched her buttocks, she saw him draw it back and thwack he smacked her hard on the buttocks. Janice gasped with the pain she wanted to move away from him but his command held her still. Thwack again and again he spanked her, the pain making her cry.

Brian stood up,

"I am going now, you will forget today's events but tomorrow I will be back for some more fun. You will wear this dress for me he commanded handing her the garment"

* * * * *

The next day.

He watched as she slowly opened her dress, a plain white bra revealed, but it could do little to hide her cleavage, her chest already red in embarrassment as her hands refused her mind and began to strip. She stopped at her waist, looking up at him, awaiting further orders, hoping none would be forthcoming. "Slip it back Janice, let me see those lovely tits."

It was the next day, she had this distressed look on her face as she let the dress fall to the side, having to slide the material over her thrust out breasts, ashamed as Brian stared at them. She did as he said, putting her arms over her head, arching her back so that her breasts now stuck out boldly.

"Yes, such lovely tits Janice." He stood up, moving next to her, her eyes opened wide, like a frightened child. He bent over her, his hands seeking out her breasts, her back arching up higher to meet his hands.

She quivered when she felt his hands touch her breasts. She had pushed her breasts into his large palms, unable to stop herself. His hands encircled the globes, squeezing tightly on her flesh. His touch was harsh, not like a lover would do. She could feel her nipples begin to harden in her bra, ashamed that her body was reacting to what he was doing to her. She was not willingly submitting to him, he was taking her against her wishes, unable to stop him. She watched as his hands continued to molest her flesh, pushing her breasts out of the top of her bra.

"Do you like me handling your tits like this Janice? I hope so, because now I want you to remove your bra and let me see them naked. Reach back and let me see those lovelies." He removed his hands and stepped back, his hand moving down to his pants, letting the zipper run down.

She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, her eyes glued to his pants as Brian slowly withdrew his hard cock, his hand grabbing the throbbing flesh in his palm, stroking up and down as he watched her pull the bra off her shoulders. She put her hands over her breasts as she pushed the bra off, trembling at being almost naked in front of him. It was bad enough with Brian stroking his naked cock in front of her, now she was about to be half-naked also. Her hands were glued to her naked breasts, her hard nipples poking her palms. How could they get so hard from the forced stripping of her body? "No, I can't do it," she begged, his eyes staring back at her, knowing that she could not refuse, her mind unable to stop her body. She felt the cold rush of air on her naked chest, looking down, surprised to see her hands cupping her breasts as if offering them up for his approval. Her back arched, her nipples pointed up high, the dark areola's outlining the hard, pink nipples that darted out from the centre. She blushed, her chest burned red as she saw his hand stroking his cock faster.

"Very good Janice. Now lie back down, hands over your head and stretch. Arch your back so that your tits stick out." She lay down, her arms automatically shooting over her head, her firm breasts pulled up, her nipples over an inch long and growing. Her body seemed to be getting aroused in spite of her protests.

She watched him slowly undress, removing the rest of his clothes. She could not take her eyes off of his cock or the large balls that swung below them. It was as if she was hypnotized by the sight. Her eyes widened in fear when he moved towards her, his cock bobbing up and down, the large head a dark, angry red. She could see tiny drops of fluid on the head, glistening in the bright lights. What was he going to do? "Please don't," she begged," his being naked scared her.

He moved down onto the bed, watching her eyes on his cock as he put his knees on both sides of her stomach, seeing her shiver when his hot balls rubbed over her stomach as he dragged them up. His cock jerked in anticipation, moving closer to her firm breasts. "I'm going to titty fuck you Janice. I'm going to slip by cock in your cleavage. Then I want you to grab both of your tits and wrap them tightly around my cock. Once you do that, I'm going to fuck you with my hips, driving my cock up and down inside your lovely tits." He waited, her hands moving up as he moved in closer.

Her hands moved to cup her breasts from the side, jumping as she felt his hot flesh touch her silky breasts, feeling like it was burning her. She saw the head move over her skin, leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum on her as he moved it to her cleavage. She pushed her breasts around his cock, trapping his thickness between her breasts, her hands holding them harshly together, making sure that it was a tight fit. His fingers touched her nipples, sending a shiver through her body. He pulled on them, making them stretch, his strong fingers almost painful. But she could feel the wetness between her legs, not understanding how her body could betray her like this.

Brian poured some oil on his cock, dripping the greasy fluid over her breasts until they were slick. "Now hold tight," pumping his cock back and forth between her breasts, her eyes staring down as his cockhead pushed out the top of her tits, almost banging into her chin. He took long strokes, feeling her luxurious flesh running over his hard cock, her nipples occasionally touching his cockhead, making it jerk in appreciation. He saw her straining to keep her tits around his cock, his powerful strokes pushing hard. "How do you like being titty fucked Janice?" He gave an extra powerful plunge, his cock pushing out the other end, banging into her chin. He reached down with his hand, pushing her head down, lining up her mouth with the thrust of his cock. "Open your mouth Janice."

She struggled to keep his cock within the confines of her breasts, his punishing strokes making it difficult. Her nipples hurt where they were rubbed harshly or his hands pinched them. Her skin was turning red from the hard flesh that pushed back and forth, relentlessly. She looked at the cock as it pushed through each time, glistening in the light, a combination of the oil and pre-cum that dripped from the head. She felt his fingers on her head, forcing her to mouth to line up with the large cock between her breasts. No! What did he want from her now? Still, her mouth opened in response to his command, cringing at what he intended to do. She couldn't shut her mouth, a gaping hole, his cock aimed for it each time he stroked her. His heavy balls dragged on her stomach, the pubic hair irritating her flesh. How she wished he would cum, but with her mouth open now, she was afraid of where he would cum. "EEEEHH," she cried out as the head of his cock slipped into her mouth, filling it with the foul taste of cum and oil. But her lips gripped it as it pulled out, her tongue trying to run over the head, too late, his fucking getting faster and faster. Why was she doing such a disgusting thing?

"That's a good girl Janice, wrap those sweet lips around my cock when I fuck into your mouth. If you're really good I'll shoot my cum in your mouth," he laughed as he teased her, his cock thrusts becoming more urgent, the need to cum getting closer. He reached down with his hands, completely encircling hers, pushing her tits together closer, wanting the best titty fuck possible. "Now keep your mouth open and your head down. I'm going to blow my wad of cum all over your face."

She began to panic, trying to close her mouth, unable to control her own body functions, his hands holding her breasts tightly around the thick cock that continued to plunge up and down her cleavage. She felt him jerk, shoving his cock harder than before, sending it flying through her tits, the thick head popping out the other end. It almost looked like slow motion as she saw it jerk, the tiny slit in the head opening up. Then suddenly she was showered with his hot cum, the milky fluid shooting onto her face. She felt it hit her lips and nose, sliding slowly down. She couldn't close her mouth as it dripped inside the hot confines of her oral cavity, mixing with her saliva to quickly spread to her tongue. She tasted the fluid, thick and salty. God, how many times was he going to do this to her, force her to taste his semen? Why couldn't she stop him from degrading her?

Brian pumped his cock back and forth, three loads of cum drenching her face and mouth, the look of disgust making his cock harder as he saw her tongue licking at her lips, drawing his cum deeper into her mouth. "Yes Janice, taste my cum again. Soon you will learn to suck my cock and make me cum in your mouth. For now, you will have to be content with the taste of my juices." He finally finished, pulling his softening cock from her breasts, admiring her upper body and face covered with a thick coat of oil and cum, slowly dripping down as Janice was still frozen. He pulled off of her, making sure that he scooped up some cum from her face, pushing it into her mouth, making her lick it.

He finally got off of her, the taste of his cum filling her mouth. She looked down, her breasts now red and abused, shining from the oil and cum lathered onto her flesh. She felt so ashamed, her body degraded, Brian performing such perversities on her body, Janice not able to stop him or even herself from aiding him. She went to the bathroom again, cleaning up, returning to the room, Brian acting like nothing happened. Janice was afraid of him coming back again, afraid of what he had in store for her next time. But she knew she had to; her brain unable to stop her.

The next day Brian arrived Janice did not want to open the door for him but her body betrayed her letting him in against the will of her mind.

"I think you would be comfortable on the floor Janice. More room for you to stretch out."

"But..." she found herself sitting on the floor before she could even think of protesting, feeling a little uncomfortable down there.

Brian threw a pillow on the floor, "Put this behind your head and lie down flat."

She obeyed, seeing Brian move to the floor, kneeling beside her.

"Arch your back for me, stick out those lovely big tits," he ordered her, the look in her eyes priceless.

"Ask me to touch them Janice. You want my hands to fondle your breasts so bad, your cunt is wet."

She tightened her thighs, feeling her jeans pushed into her crotch. It felt like she wet her pants. She felt this tingling between her legs, the first stirrings of her arousal. She wished she could turn over, slip the pillow between her legs and rub herself. She didn't even care if Brian was watching, in fact the thought of it made her wetter. She arched her back higher, her breasts prominently display as she said, "please play with my tits," ashamed at her own words.

She shuddered as his large hands encircled her breasts, moaning as she felt her nipples harden, the male touch on them exciting her. "Harder," not even understanding what she was asking for. She was rewarded with a firm clenching of her breasts, his powerful hands compressing her flesh. It felt like her nipples would explode. "The tips, squeeze them," turning red at what she was asking him to do. "MMMMM," she felt his fingers find her nipples, an easy task as they pushed sharply out on the sweater she was wearing.

"It would be easier if they were naked. Don't you want to show me your lovely naked breasts?" He moved his hands away, waiting as he looked into her eyes, seeing the inner turmoil.

No, she couldn't, but she had already sat up, her arms pulling up the sweater, watching as her bra was slowly revealed,

"Touch them," she begged.

"First your bra Janice. Get them naked for my fingers." He loved to see the confusion in her eyes as she fought her own urges.

She moved her hands behind her back, finding the clasp, quickly unsnapping it, watching as her bra slipped loose. Her hands moved to the shoulder straps, her eyes pleading with him and the control he had over her, letting the straps slide seductively down her arms. She looked down, her naked breasts heaving in lust.

"Now please," she begged, pushing her naked tits in front of him.

She remembered this dream she had, a student pushing his cock between her naked breasts, forcing her to squeeze them around his throbbing member as his hips pumped in back and forth. She could almost feel the hot cum shooting on her face. She suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, her breasts clenched in Brian's hands, not like a lover, but one in lust, fingers tugging at her nipples. A delicious shiver ran through her as her nipples were teased by his squeezing and pulling on the sensitive tips. Her back arched out farther, pushing her full breasts into his hands, urging them to take further liberties with her firm flesh. She looked down, her pussy wet with excitement as she saw his fingers playing with her breasts, seeing his fingers pinch her nipples, then the sharp pain quickly rushing to her brain. She was hating how he made her degrade herself.

She had to, fighting back the urge, not wanting to degrade herself further, but out of her mouth came the words, "please suck on them, please." She saw his head move down, her vision blocked by the top of his head, feeling his hot breath blowing on her swollen tips. She moved her hands to his head, "please," pushing down until she felt a pair of wet lips wrap around one of her swollen buds, her body shuddering, a soft moan from her mouth.

Brian sucked the hardened tip into his mouth, his tongue lapping at it, slapping it back and forth. Her hands held his head tightly, forcing it down on her breast as if he was nursing. He was ecstatic at the power he had over her.

She shuddered again, his other hand sliding down her naked stomach, her pussy juicing as she prayed for him to continue. His head moved between her breasts, feeling the sharp stubble of his growing beard scraping along her tender flesh. It hurt when his stubble rubbed her sensitive nipple, the pain quickly erased as his mouth encompassed the other tit, sucking the flesh deep into his mouth like a giant vacuum, his tongue playing over her areola and nipple, lathering it with his hot saliva.

Brian pulled back, looking down at her breasts, glistening with his saliva, her nipples now a dark red, swollen with lust. He could see it in her eyes, her body aroused. "Your jeans now Janice. Unbuckle them and pull the zipper down. Let me see your lovely panties."

Janice no longer cared, wanting to tear off her clothes for him, her fingers moving quickly to her jeans, the snap unbuttoned, the zipper noisily pulled down, spreading them back so Brian could see her blue panties. She could not longer contain her emotions, her arousal getting the best of her.

"Raise your ass up and pull down your jeans to your knees Janice. Let me see that lovely pussy nestled beneath your panties. Tease me."

He wanted her to act like a whore, slowly stripping for him, degrading herself. She felt her jeans sliding down her legs, her naked breasts heaving up and down, her body still on fire. She stopped at her knees, more embarrassed to be partly dressed, her jeans trapping her legs like a rope would do. She looked up at him, his eyes staring between her legs, her panties already wet, humiliated at being treated like this, ashamed at how her body was betraying her. She shivered when his hand moved down the flat plane of her stomach, moving slowly downward, sucking in her stomach as his fingers played over her belly button. He traced a finger along the waist of her panties, teasing her, seeing tiny goose bumps appear on her flesh. She didn't know how much longer she could stand his teasing fingers.

Brian let his fingers slip under the top band of her panties, her skin beneath warm, sliding lower until he came to her bush. He felt her hips moving up, urging his fingers downward. "Do you want me to touch your pussy Janice?"

He was going to make her beg again. An older student making her beg to have him touch her body. How could he do this to her? "NNoo," she murmured, but her hand was already moving down to his, placed on top, pressure moving it downward, pushing his hands towards her pussy. She tilted up her hips, almost driving her sex into his waiting fingers. "MMMMM, God, please," when she felt his finger running down her slit, not touching her clit, but quickly moving between her pouty lips, spreading them apart, embarrassed because she knew he had found out how wet she was.

Brian watched as she tried to spread her legs, her jeans preventing her, the look of anguish on her face as his fingers began to run up and down her slit, his fingers slick with her juices. She might be protesting, but her pussy definitely desired his fingers. He would soon find out if it had the same feelings for his cock. "Take off your jeans, Janice." He watched her quickly strip off her jeans, taking his hand and placing it back into her panties, her eyes wide open in lust. Her legs were now spread wide, giving him complete access to her sex.

How could she? Acting like a whore and stripping off her jeans, so eagerly wanting his hands back that she actually grabbed one hand and shoved it harshly into her panties! She almost came when she felt his fingers return to her pussy, this time her widely spaced thighs giving him greater access to her slit. God it felt so good as her hips began to move back and forth, rubbing her pussy against his fingers that split her lips apart. "AAAAH," his fingers finding her tight opening, two fingers sliding easily in, her juices coating the digits that plunged inside.

"Now your panties Janice, take them off, show me that pretty pussy," Brian ordered her, his hands almost ripping her panties as he fingered her tight pussy.

She knew that once they were gone, there would be nothing to stop him from further ravishing her body, feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of him, still not fully understanding why she continued to obey him. She only felt a desire between her legs that needed quenching, his fingers making her so aroused, needing to be satisfied. She looked into his eyes as her hands moved down to her panties, gripping them tightly, lowering them down her sleek flanks, his eyes following her every movestudentst.

"Good girl, now bring your legs up and part them wide, spread your pussy open for me." His eyes watched as she hesitated, finally her legs moving up, and slowly began to part, her pussy lips parting, her wet pink insides glistening in the brightly lighted room. He smiled, her eagerness her downfall. It was time to fuck her. "Take out my cock, Janice."

She looked up at him. Was he going to fuck her? Her hands already moved down to his pants, unbuckling them, her fingers finding his zipper, feeling his large cock throbbing beneath the straining pants. She let her fingers touch it, her hand moulded around the hard cock, letting her fingers slide up and down the shaft, feeling it jump and quiver beneath her touch. How could she act like such a whore? His cock felt huge beneath her little hands, pulsating beneath her fingers as she stroked it, feeling it jump and twitch beneath her touch. Her fingers slipped inside his shorts, almost jerking back when she felt the hot flesh burning her fingers. She heard him moan softly, pleased at what she was doing to him. Her fingers became more insistent now, the thought of being fucked slowly slipping from her thoughts, just thinking of the pleasure she was bringing to him.

Brian watched as her hands slipped inside his shorts, grasping his cock, her fingers sliding up and down his shaft. "Pull down my shorts Janice," watching as her eyes opened wide again, knowing that her brain was unable to control what her hands were doing. He lifted his hips up as she slipped his shorts down, his cock popping free, jerking up and down.

It was so big, the head an angry red, the shaft covered with heavy veins that ran up the sides. She let her hands slip below, cupping the huge balls that hung down, feeling the heat of his body as her hand cupped one ball, squeezing it, seeing his hips rise up. NO! She couldn't, her head moving closer, her mouth already opening. NOOO! She felt the hot flesh touch her lips, a faint taste of salty fluid on her lips. She let her lips enclose the bulbous head, her tongue tentatively reaching out, rubbing over the head. She tightened her lips when she felt it jerk in her mouth, her tongue running over the head, slipping down beneath the dome shape, running under the ridge. She turned red when she saw him looking at her, imagining how she must look, his cock in her mouth, twitching and jerking. How could she suck his cock as if it was a lollypop?

Brian was pleased with her, the look of anguish in her eyes as her mouth so eagerly sucked his cock. She might not like it, but she was good at it, her hot mouth engulfing his cock, her tongue so eagerly playing over the flesh that filled her mouth so fully. He pushed with his hips, watching his cockhead push out the sides of her cheeks. "Take it deeper Janice."

She felt his cock pushing into her mouth, afraid of his him, but her head moved forward, seeking to take it deeper, gagging as it pushed to the back of her throat. She looked up at Brian, a smile on his face as she knew that she would have to go deeper, in spite of the choking and gagging she was already experiencing. Her throat revolted, choking, opening up as the huge bulbous head of his cock slowly slid down the saliva coated tract, filling her throat with his pulsating flesh.

Another gag, his cock jerking in appreciation as her throat spasms brought such pleasure to his cock. It was almost as good as a tight pussy, but not quite. He needed to seek the hot, tight depths of her pussy. He looked down to see tears running down her cheeks, partly from the humiliation of being forced to suck his cock, partly due to the choking she was experiencing from being throat fucked. He pulled his hips backwards, his saliva drenched cock slipping from her lips.

"Lay back, Janice. Bring your legs back and spread them really wide. It's time for me to fuck you."

No she couldn't. She hated him, but her body was betraying her.

She fought the desires that pulsated through her body, the unexplained feelings that kept driving her lower into the depths of depravity, her mouth still tasting of the salty fluids that leaked from his cock. She looked down, on her back now, her naked body spread before him in all her splendour. Her breasts rose and fell, her heavy breathing breaking the silence in the room. Her nipples stood out hard, almost aching, a gentle breeze across them sending shivers through her body. She looked down farther, seeing her legs spreading wide, her pussy lips spreading apart. Brian stood over her, watching as she slowly revealed her pussy, his cock bobbing up and down, his hand gripping the shaft, sliding up and down as he watched her.

He moved down, kneeling between her legs. He touched her legs, urging them up, making her bend her knees, bowing her legs outward, her sex now fully exposed.

"Spread wider, pull your legs up. Let me see that pussy."

Her eyes begged him no, but her legs would not obey, slowly spreading wider, feeling his knees pushing outward on her tender thighs, her legs slowly bending and moving higher. She looked down, her legs spread obscenely, her pussy lips already spread back, able to see her pink inner pussy. She looked up at him, his hand fisting the giant cock, the dark red helmet on it. The head already glistened with his pre-cum, his hand stroking it up and down.

"You're going to do it. I want you to take your soft little hands and wrap them around my cock. Then rub the thick head up and down your juicy slit. Get it nice and wet. I know your pussy is wet. You want to get fucked."

She sat up, her hands reaching out as she said, "no, I can't do that," she thought but her hands continued to move, shivering when they wrapped around the hot, throbbing flesh. She could feel it pulsating in her hand, jerking as she tightened her grip, already moving up and down the thick shaft. It was so big, her hand barely able to wrap around it, moving up and down passing over the thick ridge of the head, seeing his sticky fluid leaking out the tip. Her finger rubbed over the tip, feeling the slick fluid touch her fingers. It made it easier to slide up and down the shaft.

"Now rub it up and down your wet little slit Janice."

Her hand was already moving it down, feeling it bend, her legs spreading wider as it came closer. "MMMMM," she moaned as it touched her flesh, feeling like it was burning her; the hard, throbbing member jerking as it touched her. "NNNNO," she cried in her head tears falling from her eyes as she saw him watching her degrade herself. She could feel the hard cock slide easily up and down her slit, her juices flowing freely now, the pulsating flesh slippery.

"Yes Janice, your body wants it. Let it slide back, feel my cock on your tiny asshole."

Her face couldn't mask the disgust she felt when she heard that. Her asshole! What was he thinking of doing? Her legs spread wider, her cheeks spreading apart, unable to stop the thick cock from sliding down between her legs, moving up. "GGGGHH," she cried out when she felt the hot flesh touch her anus. She could feel her anus pulsating as it was touched for the first time. "NNNO, don't make me," she cried in her head again, even as her own hand pushed harder on the head of the cock.

"Such a good girl Janice. How do you think it would feel to have my cock up your tight little asshole Janice? Would you like that? Push a little harder, feel how much it would have to stretch to take just the head inside," he taunted her.

How could he even want to do such a thing to her? She grunted as her hand pushed on the cock, straining to force the bulbous head inside her anus. She felt a burning, her anus slowly forced to open as her own hand began to push the hard cock inside her. "NO, NO!"

Brian let her continue pushing his dick right into her tight anus and then he pulled back.

Take my cock and put it into your vagina." Brian made his cock jerk, feeling the tightness of her asshole. I'm going to have to fuck her asshole today. It's just too tight to pass up, he thought.

She felt her hand fisting his cock, her palm barely able to go around the hard shaft as she pushed harder, her hips rising up as it banged painfully at the gate of her sex. She felt him pushing down, seeing the smirk on his face as she helped him take her, her hips pushing against the hard shaft. She felt her vagina stretching to take it inside her, grunting as it slowly spread her open. "AAGGH," she cried out in pleasure, her hips driving up and pushing his hard cock inside, the thick head slippery with her juices finally forcing inside her, her vagina gripping tightly on the bulbous head.

"What a tight, hot pussy Janice. Now push again, let me sink my cock inside that sweet pussy." Brian smiled as he looked down at her, the searching eyes attempting to try to fathom why she was doing what she was, afraid as she felt his hard, throbbing cock at the entrance to her passage.

Her hips moved in circles; the throbbing cockhead trapped in her hole. She knew that he intended to fuck her; and that body was enjoying even though she wasn't It was so long, thick veins running up the shaft, the ridge running around the massive head would rub her tender passage as it ploughed in and out her pussy. She felt her hips moving up from the floor, arching up to receive his weapon. She couldn't help herself, feeling her vagina slowly forced to engulf the huge cock, spreading her legs out farther, she cried, her face showing her anguish as she fucked herself for the first time, forced by his unseen power to control her body. But all he did was smile down at her, looking between her legs.

Brian watched her pussy slowly swallow his cock, enjoying she was the one that was doing it. He made his cock jerk inside her, feeling her vaginal walls clinging so tightly to his flesh, squeezing the blood from the head. He had to fight the urge to cum, her pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock, massaging it with her silky insides. "Push real hard Janice," slowly drawing his cock from her pussy until it was barely grasped by her tight hole, getting it ready for the final fuck.

"Now Janice," he shouted at her, seeing her body react to the loud boom of his voice.

His voice scared her, the demanding tone forcing her to drive her hips up with an urgency that she couldn't understand. "EEEH," she screamed through her clench lips, her scream muffled as his lips crusher hers as his member penetrated deep in to her.

Brian beginning to fuck her. She bowed her legs out to the side so, his hips able to slide between her legs easier, able to use his strength to pump her with his cock. She felt it dragging out, then the sudden rush back inside that almost took her breath away.

He loved the look on face as he fucked her for the first time. Her lips were clenched tightly, her eyes almost staring blankly as he pumped her with his cock, feeling the tightness of her silky walls gripping his cock. She even allowed him greater access to her, spreading her legs wider. He reached down, his hands gripping her behind the knees. "Spread your legs wider Janice. Don't worry it will feel good in a minute. You just need to get used to having a big cock inside you." He heard her grunt as he pushed in harder.

His hips began to move faster, his powerful hands gripping her legs behind the knees, thrusting them up higher, the plane of her sex now so open to him. She looked down, shocked at the spectacle of her ravishment, Brian using her body like a whore while all she could do was take his powerful thrusts inside her pussy. She could almost feel every bump, vein and lump on his cock as he plunged it in and out her tight pussy, each time he went deeper. "AGGH," she cried as his hips pushed forward, his stomach slapping against hers, feeling his heavy balls smack on her anus. She had never felt so full, his thick, throbbing organ buried inside her, twitching and jerking in pleasure. She could feel her pussy walls involuntarily clinging and clenching on his cock.

It felt like a silky glove clinging to his cock, his cock buried deep inside her hot, tight pussy. She had all of it inside her, a look of utter amazement on her face as his cock throbbed inside her. He made it jerk, seeing the surprised look on her face as it came alive. He couldn't wait any longer, slowly drawing his cock out of her pussy, her pussy clinging to it as if she didn't want him to leave, until only the head was enclosed inside her, her tight hole gripping him just under the ridge of his cock. He looked down, his cock sporting a sheen, six inches waiting to push back in. He didn't want to disappoint her, thrusting inside her to bury all of his cock in one powerful motion, the air forced from her lungs as his body laid on hers; her cervix receiving the punishing cockhead as his cock lay buried inside her. He saw her ragged breathing as she tried to come to grips with her their fuck. He didn't have time to wait, drawing it back out, then back in again, beginning a fucking that made her tits bounce on her chest as she lay there, spread open for his pleasure.

It began to feel good, his cock sliding in and out, her pussy getting used to having him inside her, his cock was dragging along her clit. She was just embarrassed at how she was so exposed to he student she hated more than ever and her acceptance of the situation. She began to push up on her hips, meeting his downwards motions, her pussy now receiving more powerful strokes. She looked away from Brian, not wanting to see his look as he felt her responding to his fucking of her pussy, but she couldn't stop any longer.

Brian was pleased with how she was responding. It was no longer his mind control, she was enjoying it. She met his movements with her own, their bodies clashing with powerful thrusts, the sound of slapping flesh ringing out in the room. His hands moved under her ass, his large hands each gripping her cheeks tightly, forcing her ass up even higher, feeling her muscles in her ass cheeks tighten. She was taking the strokes from his big cock with ease now, his cock sliding up and down her slick pussy. He moved his body, his head easing down to her chest, his mouth seeking out and finding her breasts. His lips touched her nipple, her back arching up, thrusting her tits into his mouth. He clamped down tightly on the hard bud, sucking it deeper into his mouth while his tongue played across it, slapping at it with his wet flesh.

God, what was he doing to her? His mouth sucked her breast as a baby would do, her nipples hardened by his mouth and tongue as his cock continued to fuck her. His hands gripped her ass, forcing her up to take his powerful strokes deep inside her, knowing that she couldn't last much longer. "MMMM," she moaned, not even caring any longer, just wanting to have an orgasm. She realised with a shock it was not just her body enjoying him her mind was as well.

Brian moved from one breast to the other, his hand rubbing one nipple while his mouth sucked the other, keeping her body sexually aroused. He wanted to make her cum, feeling her body responding. He pulled up on her ass, forcing her to take his cock deeper, her moans signalling that she was ready. One last thing before he made her cum, his hands moving under her, sliding closer together, pulling her cheeks apart as he fucked her. His finger finding the opening to her ass

Why would anyone want to be touched there? She fought, but she was pinned beneath his large body, her legs pulled wide, unable to stop him from having his way with her. She squirmed but all that did was drive his cock to rub along her clit from a different angle, bringing her closer to the orgasm that she needed so badly now. She felt the finger touching her anus, surprised at how different it felt, sending a tingling feeling along her spine, the thick finger tapping at it. She felt him pump his hips harder, driving his cock deeper into her pussy, his finger poised at her anus. She didn't want him to touch her there, fearing how far he would go, but she couldn't stop him, her arms unwilling to move to stop him, waiting for what was the inevitable time when he would force his finger inside.

Her pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock, the tightness milking him, knowing he would have to cum soon. He was still driving her hips up with his hands, making her take deep, hard strokes, loving the way her breasts bounced as he fucked her, her eyes wide open, her breathing heavy. She would cum soon. But first, his finger moved towards her anus, feeling her body tensing up, her pussy gripping his cock so hard he could barely stroke it in and out of her pussy. If she hadn't been so wet, he would have had trouble fucking back in.

"Now I want you to ride my cock hard Janice," smiling as he let his finger slowly enter her anus, seeing the look on her face as she suffered the fingering of her most intimate opening, the tiny hole forced open by his thick, powerful finger. She arched up, trying to escape the finger, only driving his cock deeper inside her, his fingers giving her no way out, moving with her, pushing harder.

She could feel the strange burning in her anus as his dry finger slid into her rectum, unable to control her own sphincter as it clenched and unclenched on his finger involuntarily. She wagged her hips to the sides, hoping to escape the finger, his hard cock rubbing along her clit, moving her closer to the orgasm that she needed so bad. "NNNO," the finger digging into her butt deeper, feeling it bend inside her, knowing that it was at least up to the knuckle, stretching her open from the inside. Why was he doing this to her? She began to buck her hips up and down, she had to make him cum quickly. And herself too.

He was ready, her fucking driving him to an orgasm, his balls tingling, ready to pump her pussy full of his hot cum. He shoved his finger in deeper, burying the entire finger in her asshole, bending and twisting it, making her hips go into wild gyrations as she fought the intrusion up her backside. "Cum with me Janice," he cried out as his balls emptied his cum into Janice, his cock buried deep inside her, spraying her insides with his hot, salty cum.

Her jerking hips kept driving their bodies together, her pussy rubbed and smashed by their bodies as she fucked him, his cock feeling so good as it filled her pussy. Only her asshole hurt, his finger buried deep inside her, moving around inside her, forcing her to move around frantically, attempting to escape the finger forced so deep inside her asshole, her sphincter fighting to push it out. "NNNOO," she cried as she came, forced to cum with while being fingered in her asshole. Her orgasm hit her like a train, her pussy filled with his hot cum, shooting deep inside her, bathing her pussy for the first time, shuddering as she felt his fluids shoot deep inside her passage. His finger kept her hips moving, jerking back and forth, driving a second orgasm from body, his cock still dumping his cum inside her.

Brian finally slumped down on Janice, his finger pulled from her asshole with a loud pop that embarrassed her. He pulled his cock from her pussy, cum flowing freely out of her hole to dribble beneath her, her eyes closed, humiliated that she had cum with him. He got up, leaving the room, leaving her on the floor still naked.

The next day

The song still playing Janice pulled her panties down, her eyes on the audience that watched her, embarrassed as she was completely naked in front of them. She couldn't help herself. Brian let her dance for another minute then commanded her to leave the stage still naked and sit beside Yvonne.

Andrea was commanded on to the stage. Even though they lived opposite each other Janice had never had anything to do with Andrea she simple thought of her of the fat woman over the road. Andrea started to dance and when she removed her top Janice could see Andrea really was fat.

Sat next to Janice Yvonne moved, she was dressed in a short skirt and white blouse. Yvonne's knee touched Janice's.

Yvonne's voice spoke in her head "Now, finger fuck yourself." Janice could not resist the command.

Janice shoved two fingers inside of her pussy. She threw her head back in delight. Her body enjoyed her own touch so she soon found herself panting as she rapidly thrust her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, she reached an orgasm panting loudly.

"Good" said Yvonne's voice in her head, "put your hand on my knee and move it up to my pussy."

Janice did as she was told moving her hand up Yvonne's warm leg under the short skirt to Yvonne's pussy, she was not wearing any panties.

Yvonne closed her eyes and smile as Janice penetrated her wet pussy with two fingers. She had not been told to but Janice could not resist unbuttoning the top of Yvonne's blouse and putting her mouth to Yvonne's nipple and sucking. Janice was surprised at herself she was enjoying it. She tried to fight the pleasure it was in her mind and body, but it was a losing battle. Yvonne moaned and reached a climax on Janice's fingers.

Yvonne's voice spoke in her head, "enough, tomorrow morning come to my house and you can lick and taste my pussy and if you are good I will fuck you as well!"

Janice shocked herself she was excited at the thought of making love to Yvonne.

She turned her attention to Lucy, she was sat staring blankly ahead as though in a daze, on stage Andrea was dancing naked, her huge breasts swinging. Janice wondered what it would be like to feel those big heavy breasts.

"Go on stage and do it, feel her breasts." Said Brian's voice in her head. That voice brought some reality back to Janice's mind. She could not stop herself. Walking up on to the stage Janice felt embarrassed as her hands squeezed Andrea's breasts, they were heavy in her hands. She did not want to but her mouth bent to her nipples sucking them.

Andrea's hands went to Janice's face holding it and bring it to hers and she kissed Janice full on the mouth. The kiss became passionate, Janice could not pull back from it her body needed Andrea, she knew that Andrea was hating this as much as her but they could not stop themselves making love to each other.

Janice could see that every so often Brian would take a photograph of them.

Her head was between Andrea's legs her tongue licking and probing Andrea's wet pussy. As she work her tongue deeper in to Andrea Janice felt a tongue licking at her own pussy, Lucy had joined them and her tongue was arousing Janice.

Janice's body loved the sensation of Lucy's tongue licking at her clit, she quickly came to an orgasm.

The three women stood naked in front of the audience, Janice was panting from her exertions, inside her mind was still reeling.

At a command from Brian all the students started to undress, Janice had a good idea about what was about to happen to them her mind panic at the thought but she could feel her body responding, her nipples hardened and she could feel her body getting wet between her legs.

The students surrounded the three women.

Janice's pulse increased as several hands touched her naked body five or six hands took it in turn to rub her pussy. All the students were naked and Janice could see they all had erections. There lips were kissing her face and shoulders then down to her breasts and nipples. As they kissed her their hands were roaming all over her body.

One of the students got on his knees in front of her and started to lick her pussy another knelt behind her licking her anus, Janice's body shuddered at the feeling.

Janice could see one of the students was already fucking a reluctant Lucy.

Janice's body took complete control. She knelt down in front of one of the students and started to suck his cock, he was small but rock hard and his cum soon filled her mouth she swallowed.

Janice started to move along a line of students greeting their naked bodies fondling their cocks and balls she diligently sucked cock after cock, swallowing cum she was being groped from all sides. Her ass, breasts and pussy were grabbed and fondled by over a dozen hands.

Janice was aware more students had entered the room, male and female, all naked.

After about half an hour of sucking and swallowing the students made her lay on the floor beside Andrea and Lucy. Janice could see Brian had a video camera and it was zoomed in on her.

Janice squealed in surprise as the student went down on her. Her hands grasped his head as it went between her legs and she didn't let go until she came. The squeals were soon replaced by gasps and then by orgasmic moans. While she was still trembling from her first climax, he thrust his cock into her in one push and proceeded to fuck her at a great pace.

Now the starting signal had been given, the other students flooded the area surrounding her. They were groping Janice's breasts and pinching her nipples while she fondled and sucked as many student cocks as she could lay her hands on. Her body was in sexual heaven, her mind was spinning and hating every moment, sucking off two and three students at the same time while yet another was pounding her pussy. The students regularly traded places, each one fucked her pussy or mouth for a few minutes and then relinquished his place to one of his friends. There always students more students standing in line to have a go next.

One student that was fucking her got a little too excited and suddenly pulled his penis from her pussy and rushed over to her breasts. The student jacked his cock a few times, groaned and then he fired a thick rope of pearly white cum straight on to her breasts.

Several other students started to jack off, firing there cum across her hair, face, breasts and stomach.

The students kept using all her holes almost nonstop and Janice's body was repeatedly wracked with her orgasms.

After laying on her back for over half an hour and fucking over a dozen students in the missionary position Janice moved on to her knees and pushed her firm ass invitingly in the air.

The way she was bent over didn't leave much to the imagination of what she desired, and she didn't have to wait long before one of the students got behind her and aligned his cock with her asshole and plunged in. At the same time another student knelt in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth so she was been fucked by two of them at the same time.

Janice rolled on to her back and one of the female students put her head between Janice's legs and started to lick her clit while another female student bent over Janice and the two of them started to kiss.

With her pussy so sensitive from all the fucking Janice was soon having an orgasm as the young lady tried to lick her vagina clean.

Once it was all over the three women laid on the floor exhausted and covered in cum, their minds reeling at what had occurred and their bodies sore.

It was not over one of the students led Janice to his home and into his bedroom and Janice soon found herself making passionate love to him even though she knew he was just a boy.
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