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After watching a lot of porn, me and my friend thought it would be fun to try a double ended dildo on ourselves. We were most excited about trying doggy style. We mostly watched girls doing it but we thought we could try this on ourselves. This meant we would have to go shopping as we didn't own a double ended dildo
After watching a lot of porn, me and my friend thought it would be fun to try a double ended dildo on ourselves. We were most excited about trying doggy style. We mostly watched girls doing it but we thought we could try this on ourselves. This meant we would have to go shopping as we didn't own a double ended dildo. It was a good excuse to browse online sex shops. I trawled through web sites looking at all variations. Different sizes, shapes, colours. I knew I had to be realistic. We both had tight little ass holes. Some looked damn impressive. Long really thick translucent shafts. Looking at them thinking I'd be a slut for that. But there was no way I could get them inside me. At least not this year.

We found a 12 inch PVC double ended dildo and got one in a nice blue colour. It was not any thicker than a normal cock but got a bit thicker towards the middle. It was textured towards the ends. And of course at each end was a bell end. My friend thought it would be a good idea to do it in the bath. I guess normally you would do it on the bed. But it might be nice to do it in the bath.

So we ran the bath. I guess we don't want it too deep checking the temperature as it filled up. I did think about bubble bath for a second but then opted not to. We cleared all the bottles from round the bath. It must have been about 5 inches deep when we turned off the taps. We both striped and looked at each other. I normally like to wear a piece of lingerie when having fun but thought that would not be a good idea in the bath. He had the dildo in his hand. We both stepped into the bath. One leg first. It seemed a bit hot. I slowly put my other foot in and knelt down facing one end of the bath. We were both kneeling down in the bath facing away from each other. I twisted round to look at him. He had the dildo in his left hand. I guess we both have to go on all fours. So we did. I went down on my hands and knees. I turned my head round to see him. He was on all fours also. He sort of seemed a long way a way even though our bottoms were inches apart and our feet were touching.

I'm not sure this would be quite as easy as I thought. He was at the tap end. I asked if he could add a bit more cold water. He turned on the tap. I waited there on all fours as the tap ran for about 30 seconds. He paddled the water round to mix it. I stared doing the same. Within a few seconds we were really just splashing water at each other. We were both laughing.

He reached back with the dildo positioning it between us. I reached back to grab my end of it. We both could point the end of it at our holes. Then I was in a muddle. Do I pull it into me or do I have to push back. I can't pull it into me as I would pull it away from him. We both looked at each other. We both pushed towards each other but neither of us achieved any penetration. We reset our position. This time I grabbed my end of the dildo really tight. I pointed it on to my hole then we pushed back towards each other. As we pushed the dildo flexed a bit in the middle making penetration tricky. We could have used a 3rd person to help with this part. I would have to hold the dildo in just the right place. I held it about quarter of the way along and placed the tip against my entrance. This time when we pushed back the head started to nudge in slightly. I looked back to see how he was doing. I couldn't tell but it looked like he was still trying. He then looked back at me and nodded. We were both still holding each end of the dildo and I pushed back gently. This time there was no flex and I managed to get my end of the dildo in a little more. I dared take my hand away from the dildo. I pushed back a little more again slowly feeling the head slide in. "Are you in?" I asked. "Yes" he replied but only just.

If we were going to ride this thing we would have to get it in much deeper. The only thing we could do was push back more. I dared move forward. We both looked round at each other. We were still holding onto the dildo as we tried to push back more. I slowly pushed. I felt it get a little deeper. I could feel myself being opened up. I could see the concentration on his face. I continued to push back. I only had to hold the dildo with my fore fingers now. The head and a little bit more was in. I felt like I still needed to get more in. This time I tried to push just a little bit harder. I got a little bit more in but the dildo felt like it was flexing also. "How much are you in?" I asked. "I'm not sure" he replied. I almost felt like I needed to take a quick breather this early on. I probably had over an inch in me so I told him to push whilst I remained still. Then I felt the dildo being slightly pushed against me as he pushed back. I remained still but also tried to remain relaxed. It wasn't an easy thing to do. He said he got it in a bit more. Then I took a turn at pushing whilst he held still.

We repeated this a few times. The dildo seemed to be inside us quite a bit but I had no real idea how much. I looked back between our bottoms but it was hard to tell from this angle how far we had come. However, I was sure it was in far enough that we could ride it. I didn't have to hold it any more and I didn't need to look round to see how he was getting on. I just started to gently move my hips back and forth with more emphasis on the pushing back than the pulling forward. With this gentle rocking motion I could feel the sensation of the dildo on my anus. However, not only did my motion have an effect on the dildo inside me, his motion had an effect on the dildo inside me also. Randomly the dildo would get pushed or pulled in and out me caused by him. So it could be a bit jerky. Our rings could be tight on the dildo that rather than slide in and out we were pushing and pulling the whole thing. That was an extra dimension I didn't think about. I was concentrating on riding it and waiting for the whole thing to be moved one way or another. Then I really didn't know how much was in me. I certainly had no idea how much was in him.

I rode it a bit more trying to push back harder. Then all of a sudden I felt his bum cheek touch mine. Ooooh, I wasn't expecting that. We both turned round to look at each other. There had been very slight contact between our bottoms. When looking back I could see we had come a long way. Between us we had consumed most of a 12 inch dildo. We were smiling even though being stretched. We both pushed back and our bottoms touched again. The curves of our ass cheeks were just touching and no more and it was a nice feeling. We started to rock slowly. For me this was getting exciting. I loved the feeling of our bottoms coming together. We continued to rock our hips. Each time I rocked back I anticipated our bottoms touching. The cheeks would squish against each other. I looked back underneath me. I could see my erect cock. I was excited. We were sharing this experience. I didn't care about being stretchered from the dildo. I just wanted to keep in contact with him.

As our bottoms continued to kiss I began to stroke my cock. I held myself up with one arm. I was focussed on our bottoms kissing. I eagerly anticipated it on each stroke. Then the kisses began to be more frequent, we held each kiss a bit longer and then they became a little harder. They were now little slaps. Our bottoms would slap against each other. They were cute little slaps. They sounded cute. I continued to stroke my cock. I was soo turned on. The slaps continued to get a little bit harder. I was so focussed on our bottoms slapping that I was inadvertently getting a good ride on the dildo. My hip movement was increasing and as that increased our bottoms slapped together harder. Within a moment our bottoms were really slapping into each other. I would move my hips forward as much as I could along the dildo and thrust my bottom back until we slapped against each other were we would hold the flesh together before repeating. I was on the verge of cumming. The last few slaps were very hard. I could feel it hard deep within the flesh and I loved it. I stroked my cock faster and faster till I came into the bath water beneath me then I stooped.

Impaled on a double ended dildo knee deep in bath water and very happy. Time to get out.


2023-03-13 11:42:59
ladyboy_lover :)


2023-03-12 16:50:30
dang i wished I had a friend like that when I was growing up.. What fun we could have together.


2023-03-12 16:50:01
dang i wished I had a friend like that when I was growing up.. What fun we could have together.

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