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Mind controlled Janice and Wayne head out for a meal at an expensive restaurant and have fun under the table.
We made our entrance in to the restaurant. It was one of the smartest restaurants in the area. Upon stepping through the door, although no heads actually turned, it almost felt as if all eyes were on us. I was wearing a sleek dark blue suit. Janice, however, was the truly eye catching one. She wore a tight blue strapless dress, the cut exposed all her breasts except for her nipples, her pale flesh contrasted with the dark blue of her dress. The dress wasn't long, ending just above her knees. As we walked to the restaurant, I enjoyed watching the hem creeping up her legs with each step she took. During the walk from the car, we had to stop several times so that she could pull the dress back down, but on more than one occasion she let it creep just a little farther, letting it slide up until I could just about see the bottom curve of her ass.

She looked absolutely ravishing.

Now at the restaurant, the hostess brought us to our table. To my delight, she walked us up to a one-sided semi-circular booth where we would be sitting side by side. We were seated and we started to look at the other customers, they were the rich and we'll off.

I had enjoyed my weekend Friday evening displaying Janice's body and a night of passion with her, a foursome on Saturday, today Sunday Jane had visited my house in the morning and I had an arousing couple of hours watching Jane and Janice make love to each other before I had anal sex with Jane. Mind control was making life a lot more interesting!

My reverie was suddenly interrupted by the waiter materialising by our table.

"Welcome. Can I start you two off with something to drink?" Janice ordered a glass of sweet house wine and I had fresh orange juice. The waiter smiled and hurried off, leaving us alone in our booth.

As the waiter hurried off, I let my hand fall down to my Janice's leg. Thankfully, her short dress had ridden up just enough that my hand landed directly upon her bare flesh. I immediately felt a stir in my cock as sexual vibrations emanated from her leg, travelled my hand, and then coursed through my body. I started gently moving my hand up and down her leg, from the top of her knee to the bottom of her dress. She sighed contentedly. When my hand once again arrived at the bottom of her dress, I let it keep going, moving up until I hit the edge of her panties.

She opened her legs very slightly

"Your panties," I whispered to her. She looked up at me quizzically.

"Your panties," I whispered again.

"Give them to me."

She looked back at me again and, seeing nothing but serious lust in my eyes, proceeded to reach her hands down under the table. I moved my eyes away from her as to not draw attention, but in my peripheral vision I could see her shimmying her ass back and forth. Then, I felt her press the lace of the panties in to my hand underneath the table. As I suspected, the crotch of the panties was very wet.

I gave an inspecting glance around the restaurant, then deposited the black lace thong in to my inside jacket pocket. When complete, I let my hand fall once again to her milky thigh. Once again, I moved my hand up and down her leg, and once again I let my hand wander up through the bottom of her dress up next to her pussy. I could clearly feel the heat coming off of her, noticing a huge temperature difference from her knee to her crotch.

Janice's slightly parted mouth exhaling every time my hand arrived just next to her pussy. This is how I continued, waiting until the moment when her arousal finally overtook her that's when I crossed the point of no return.

My hand moved up her leg in the same manner it had been, but instead of stopping just next to the crotch, I moved it even further up her thigh, forcing the dress to bunch up against her waist. I curved my wrist, sliding my fingers past her sopping wet lips, and pressed my middle two fingers against her engorged clit. She inhaled sharply, clearly not expecting the suddenness of the pleasure. Her hand flew to her wine and she took a sip, clearly trying to hide the truth of what was happening underneath the table.

I began moving my fingers in small circles against her pleasure button. The glass of wine was still against her lips, but I could see that she was not drinking. The wine rested against her top lip, the breath from her nose fogging up the glass with each quickening exhale. Her eyes were closed, a sign that she had started to not care what the situation looked like; that she was giving in to the pleasure.

My fingers continued their circles against her clit, and I could start to feel her hips lightly bucking against my hand, a clear sign that she was surrendering to the pleasure.

Her hand slowly snaked down to my leg and started moving up and down, mirroring my earlier motions. I removed my hand from her quivering cunt, grabbed her wrist, and placed her hand back on the table.

"Not yet" is all I said.

Her eyes looked pleading, darting between my face and my glistening fingers that were still holding her wrist. Despite her earlier trepidation, her eyes betrayed in her a desperate longing for the orgasm that I had not yet granted her. This time, I let her have her way.

I moved my hand back under the table. This time, when my hand arrived at her thigh, her legs parted, giving me even easier access to her dripping wet sex. I continued my onslaught on her clit, and she started lightly moaning in time with each circle my fingers performed on her. Her hips started bucking again. Her cheeks started to flush. And that's when she came.

I could feel spasms coming from her vagina as her laboured breathing became ragged, but she was in control of herself enough that the only sound that I heard from her was a single oh' that rushed past her lips, almost silently, at the height of her explosive orgasm.

The spasms subsided, as did the bucking of her hips and the unevenness of her breath. Her face was flushed red, and her eyes betrayed in her the post-orgasm ecstasy that she was in. She looked at me lovingly and said "thank you". She kissed me on the cheek and excused herself to the bathroom. Soon after she came back our food arrived, and the waiter blessedly made no indication that he had any idea of our clandestine activities. To my pleasant surprise, the food was almost as good as any orgasm, and we both ate our fill, accompanied by excellent conversation and more flirting.

We finished up our dessert, I paid the bill, and we left the restaurant. We held hands walking back to the car, both of us walking faster than normal, eager to get home and finish what I had started at the table. But before we got to the car, it became apparent to me that I could wait no longer.

After we turned the corner in to the car park I grabbed her and shoved her in to the wall of the restaurant, then mashed my mouth against hers. Without waiting for reciprocation or consent I forced my tongue past her lips and in to her mouth. After a few seconds of surprised grunts she acquiesced and her tongue started to massage mine back. My hands explored her body running from her bare shoulders, scratching down her back, over her perfect ass to the bare skin of her legs underneath. While we made out, she shrugged out of her dress so she was naked her body gleaming in the late afternoon sunlight. I forced my body against her, letting her finally feel the my hard cock even if it was only against her leg. My cock was so rock hard, the only thing I could think of was putting it inside of her pussy.

I removed my mouth from hers and dropped down to my knees. I then lunged my tongue in to her still dripping pussy. Her clit, still engorged from our fun in the restaurant, was the perfect target for me to lick, lap, and caress. This time, she made no pretence of coyness. Her moans of pleasure were loud and clear, and I couldn't care less, for I was finally getting what I had needed all night. My tongue went up and down her slit, shoved in to her hole, over her clit, around her labia...anywhere it could be, it was. I couldn't get enough of her. I wanted to taste every inch of her.

When she was nearing her second orgasm of the afternoon when I decided enough was enough. I stood back up, stared in to her lust-drenched eyes, then turned her around and bent her over the bonnet of our car. I wasted no time in unzipping my pants, pulling out my aching cock, and finally thrusting it in to her pussy. We both gasped in pleasure as we finally were fucking, location be damned. I put my hands on her hips and started furiously ramming her against the car. I knew it was noisy, but I didn't care. All I cared about was her. I continued my furious humping, while she moaned in to metal of the car bonnet.

I was aware two couples had stopped to watch us.

In and out and in and out: my cock moving with ease, glistening with the juices that were flowing freely from her aroused hole. I could feel my own orgasm welling within me but I wanted to make her cum for the second time, so I reached my hand around her body and pulled her left breast out of dress. As I fucked her, I gently rubbed my fingers over and around her nipple, timing it so that one thrust equalled one revolution of my fingers. This is what finally put her over the edge for the second time in the night. I could start to feel her ass pushing against my body begging my cock deeper while the walls of her cunt started to tighten around my dick, and that's when my flood gates burst.

The orgasm started in my toes, numbing them, before the divine sensation swept up my body, through my legs, past my pelvis, up to my head, and I finally exploded inside of her. I knew she could feel it too because the moment I exploded was when she lost control as well. She called out in pleasure as her body stiffened. I continued pumping away at her, feeling wave after wave of my load shooting inside of her. On my last thrust, the last one I could handle, I went as deep as I could and she let out a long slow moan that came out in ragged gasps. I let go of her nipple and grabbed her chin, turning it to me so I could give her a long slow kiss. "WOW" she whispered; eyes full of awe.

The two couples were stood glued to scene in front of them.

The man from one of the couples stepped forward and started to stroke Janice's naked breasts, after a few seconds of stroking Janice looked at me and I nodded. She bent over the car bonnet presenting her pussy to him. The wasted no time dropping his trousers and pants round his ankles and penetrating Janice with his cock, he pounded away into her until with a grunt his cum joined mine n her pussy.

"Thank you," he said pulling up his trousers.

"Get in the car", I said to Janice.

She carefully folded her dress and placed it on the backseat of the car and then sat naked in the front seat. The mind control was having her behave how I wanted.
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