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Wayne has Janice make love to her sister and niece before joining in the fun himself.
My name is Christine (Chris) I am Janice's sister, Wayne has asked me explain how I became pregnant with Laura.

Robert my husband and Val's husband's were away for a long weekend (Friday to Monday) to watch motor bike racing. Val was my neighbour and lover, the two of us were planning a passionate weekend while our husbands were away.

Friday afternoon Val and I were in my front room, naked making love to each other. As we were expecting my friend Tess to join us I had left the back door to the house unlocked.

Unexpectedly my father (Ted) made an unannounced visit. My head was between Val's thighs licking at her pussy so I did not hear Ted knock on the door, finding the door unlocked he walked into the house.

When he found us naked making love He went mad ranting and raving, Val dressed and left.

We rowed for several more minutes Ted saying he had not brought me up to be a lesbian and I should be a proper woman.

He pushed me hard and I fell over my head thumped against the floor and everything went black, I was totally stunned my head throbbed. I could feel Teds hands grab me and straighten me out flat on my back. I was helpless and naked I could not move I was just vaguely aware of what was happening but it seemed to be miles away.

I felt the weight of Ted as he laid on me.

"I will show you want you want and how women should have sex, you should not be degrading yourself with other women" he was shouting. His hands were between us, they were moving unfastening his trousers, his hand moved slightly downwards as his zip came down.

I felt relief as his weight came off me, some of my sight started to return but I could not control my limbs they seemed to belong to someone else, my head was still ringing. Then his weight retuned I felt the bare flesh of his thighs against mine, he had taken his trousers off. He used his feet to move my feet apart to give himself a gap and then his weight pressed down opening my legs and I could feel his legs between mine and his erection against the inside of my leg. I tried to move but could not. Then his hand was between my legs and he guided himself into me, his dick was massive I was still wet from my time with Val so he slide easily into me and I can still remember the feeling of my own father's dick entering me.

Ted pushed and started to pump with his hips it seemed to go on for an age until he gave a series of short movements and I could feel his wetness as he came inside me.

I blacked out completely. When I woke up he was totally naked and rolling me on to my stomach. I found I had some movement in my limbs but no strength and I tried to struggle, he picked up my stockings from the floor and tied my hands behind my back put me over his knee and spanked hard for what seemed like hours, but it was probably minutes.

Ted picked me up and bent me over the settee, with my hands tied I could not struggle. His dick pressed against my anus and he pushed into me. He took his time slowly buggering me. This how your mother liked to have sex he whispered in my ear I have so missed doing it, he came in my anus his cum squirting into it. I was telling him to stop and let me go.

He pulled out of my anus and picked up my knickers pushed them in my mouth silencing me. He laid beside me kissing my breasts and putting his fingers between my legs and then his weight pressed on me again spreading my legs and he raped me again.

Laving me tied up he made a phone call, shortly three men arrived they greeted Ted by name, I think he knew them from work, they were big tall men. I was laid naked tied up in front of them. She is yours Ted said to them show her what proper men do. Tied up I could not escape as they were so strong, they raped me.

There was a knock at the door Val had come to see if I was ok she had not seen the men arrive. One of the men grabbed her and pulled her into the house. She tried to struggle but the men were too strong. I cried as I watched them pull her clothes off. I can easily remember the sight of her naked, back against the wall trying to push the men away. Two of the men held her while the other played with her big breasts and put his fingers between her legs, she was struggling and crying but they were too strong for her. The men enjoyed playing with her big breasts. They laid us side by side forced our legs apart, Ted helped one of them hold my legs open they raped us both at the same time.

Ted left and they untied me.

Val and I were carried upstairs and made to lay on the bed together.

They raped us several times that night both anal and vagina. When we were exhausted they let us sleep.

We were both too scared to tell anyone. It was about a month later when I found out I was pregnant and not until much later I found out who from a DNA test that Laura's father was, Ted.

So I am in an unusual position Laura is my daughter and sister and she is Janice's sister and niece.


Wayne was enjoying his mind control over his six women, he did not know that Mea Jones was controlling his mind so the commands he gave his women were a mixture of his needs and Mea's.

Wayne had ordered Janice, Christine (Chris) and Laura to his house. He suggested that they should go upstairs to his bedroom and make love to each other while he remained downstairs, he had suggested some fun ideas to them. Without them knowing Wayne had two hidden video cameras in his bedroom both recording any love making and broadcasting to his computer which he was watching.

"Maybe we should get out of these clothes," Janice said seductively as she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing some outstanding cleavage being held up by her white bra. Christine pulled down her pants and panties in one move and tossed them aside. She looked at Janice and Laura.

"I think you look very sexy," Laura said, and then lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her small, but nice breasts. Janice pulled off her pants and then her panties. Christine climbed onto the bed, tossing her shirt aside as Janice unclasped her bra. Janice put her arms around Laura's shoulders and pushed her onto her back as she kissed and licked her neck. Christine put her mouth around Laura's nipple and caressed it playfully with her tongue. Janice was now kissing Laura on the mouth, their tongues wrestling each other. Christine pulled the hem of Laura's skirt over her waist and then started rubbing her fingers around her moist slit. Laura was softly squeezing Janice 's breasts as she explored her mouth. Janice broke the kiss and moved down toward Laura's waist. She grabbed her hand and licked the pussy juice off her fingers, then positioned herself between Laura's legs and started lapping at her fluid-covered pussy.

"I want to try that," Laura said, looking at Christine.

"Sit on my face." Christine let go of Laura's nipple and smiled before crawling up closer to her and kneeling over her face. She lowered herself until her pussy lips were lightly pushing against Laura's lips. She watched Janice run her tongue along Laura's vagina as she felt a warm tongue enter her. She rubbed both of Laura's hard nipples as she rode her face. Laura's tongue shot in and out of Christine 's wet cunt rapidly as Janice slowly teased and massaged Laura's pussy with her tongue. Christine started moaning as she moved her hips up and down to coincide with Laura's sporadic tonguing.

"OOOOH SHIIIT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!" Christine yelled as she pushed her dripping cunt as far against Laura's probing tongue as she could. She collapsed on top of Laura as Laura continued to tongue her. The two of them made eye contact as Christine came down from her orgasm. Janice then closed her eyes and focused on the soaking pussy in front of her. Christine slowly rolled off Laura's cum-soaked face and crawled behind her sister. Suddenly, Janice felt something rubbing her pussy. Her first thought was that it feels great. She didn't realize who it was until she opened her eyes and saw Laura's Christine -less face smiling and licking cum off her lips. Janice realised that her sister was touching her pussy, but didn't react with shock. She decided to just go with the flow, probably due to the fact that she was pretty aroused.

Christine worked at her sister's pussy while Janice licked Laura's clitoris.

"God damn!" Laura said, looking at the two sisters. "This is the hottest thing I've ever seen!" Christine started fingering Janice 's slit, slowly at first, but gradually speeding her movements. Janice pushed two fingers into Laura while she continued to lick her clit. She pumped them in and out, quickly. Laura mewed approvingly. Janice quickly flicked her tongue against Laura's clit as she fingered-fucked her faster. Laura's pussy was leaking fluids like crazy. She started bucking her hips against Janice 's face and let out a loud shriek as she came. A wave of cum splashed against Janice 's face. She lapped up as much fluids as she could from Laura's pulsating pussy.

Christine had three fingers in her sister while her other hand was rubbing her clit. She pushed in and out faster and faster and could tell by Janice 's moaning that she was about to have an orgasm. Christine pulled her fingers from her sister's hole and replaced it with her long tongue as she worked furiously on her clit. Janice clenched her eyes shut and screamed into Laura's pussy as she came, filling her sister's eager mouth with her vaginal juices.

"Oh my god! That was great!" Laura said. Janice looked up at her, smiling, then she looked back at her sister who was gently running her tongue along Janice 's pussy.

"Hey, Chris I need to tell you something." The two sisters moved away from Laura who was curiously watching them. Janice was whispering something to her sister while she pointed to a clock hanging on the wall.

"Now!" Janice said as they ran towards Laura. They tackled her onto the ground. Christine went straight for her pussy, licking at a moderate speed, while Janice circled her tongue around Laura's asshole. Laura closed her eyes and let them work their magic. Christine was shoving her tongue down Laura's pussy as far as it could go. Janice caressed Laura's crack with her tongue. This went on for several minutes. Christine pulled her tongue out of Laura's pussy and started furiously sucking and licking her clit. Janice shoved her tongue into Laura's asshole and brought it in and out rapidly. Laura yelped and started moving her hips around, putting extra pressure on one girl's face at a time. Janice and Christine sped up their tonguing and sucking as fast as they could. Laura's hips bucked like crazy on the girls' faces as a massive orgasm ripped through her.


Wayne entered the bedroom and all three of us made a move towards him. Janice kissed him the lips, I reached between them and started to unbutton his shirt while mum knelt and started to remove his trouser Nina (my sister) would never believe what were up to.

Wayne was very soon naked. Mum and Janice had previously made love to Wayne, this would be my first time with him. He suggested mum and Janice had sex together which they started to do by kissing each other on the lips.

Wayne turned to me our lips met, wasting no time, I slid my tongue forward into his mouth, seeking his. I held him tightly as our tongues made love to each other, stroking, probing, and sliding across each other. I could feel my heart beat speeding up, and a sensation in my breasts as my nipples began hardening. And then there was that peculiar slightly quivery feeling in my abdomen that I get during arousal. I knew I was ready, everything that would happen from here was going to be pure gold.

When our lips separated, I felt his fingertips brush softly across my cheek and up to my forehead, lightly sweeping hair aside before kissing my on the neck. He started at my jawline, then moved to the base of my neck, finally pressing his lips into the hollow of my throat, sending chills through me every step of the way. Then he began gently nibbling on my earlobe, I heard myself moan out loud at that. I started involuntarily squirming my hips and legs slightly in response to this stimulation.

I felt his hand, first rubbing my knee, then slowly making its way up my inner thigh caressing me as it went. I squirmed some more in sheer anticipation. His hand lingered there, caressing the sensitive flesh of my upper inner thigh before moving on. I inhaled sharply when he began rubbing my pussy. I was so aroused at that point that alone was almost enough to get me off; almost but not quite.

He slid his arm back around me again and kissed me. While our tongues sensuously stroked each other, his free hand cupped my breast, gently massaging and jiggling it with his palm pressed against my erect nipple. I was slowly, blissfully engulfed by a wave of erotic sensations. He kissed his way downward in a trail; my lower lip, chin, upper throat, lower throat, finally reaching my breasts.

His tongue began deliciously tantalizing my nipples one at a time, circling them, flicking back and forth across them, and just plain licking them. He then started kissing them and sucking on them, his tongue still highly active. One of his hands slipped between my legs caressing my pussy, slipped between the lips, finding my clitoris and gently pressing down on it. I slumped back on the bed, moaning softly, virtually helpless under his ministrations. I was rubbing my hand on his back, I became even more aroused losing myself in the sensual delights I was experiencing.

He began kissing his way back up, retracing his earlier downward trail; cleavage, throat, chin, lips.

When he kissed my lips, I came back to life, throwing my arms around him, aggressively hugging him briefly. Then, still joined at the lips with our tongues engaged in erotic play, I pulled my arms back and slid them between us. I clutched his erect cock, squeezing it tightly. Now it was his turn to lean back as I began moving my hand slowly up and down. When he stopped kissing me and leaned back I got my first real view of it. Erect, strong, and clean looking, it sent a thrill through me. It was like some sort of magnet, attracting me, drawing me towards it. I shifted back on the bed, then wordlessly pushed on his hip, indicating for him to move over, to give me room. Once he did this, I turned sideways and bent down and kissed the object of my desire.

Once my lips touched the head, I couldn't stop. Tipping my head sideways, I began running my lips up and down the shaft, kissing and licking as I went, occasionally rubbing my cheek against it the way a cat does around something it likes. When I heard him groan, I knew it was time to get serious.

I paused long enough to kiss the head one more time, then took his cock into my mouth as deep as I could without gagging and began bobbing my head up and down slowly. All the while my tongue was running insanely wild, caressing the length of his hard-on as my mouth moved up and down. I felt his hand on my back, then it moved upwards over my neck to the back of my head. I thought for a moment he was either going to grab a fistful of my hair, or try jamming my head down on his cock. I hate both these things and have been known to use pressure from my teeth, threatening to bite down if someone tries to skull fuck me. When it comes to a blow job, I feel the one doing the sucking should be in charge. He fooled me however, merely running his hand through my hair tenderly, occasionally moving down to stroke my cheek. Then there was the throb as several healthy gobs of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly.

I know a lot of women don't like to swallow, but I never understood that. If you take the dick into your mouth, you might as well let him cum into it, and if he cums in your mouth you might as well swallow it; it only makes sense. I never got any great thrill out of it other than knowing most guys like it when you do, and since I'm not going to blow someone unless I like him, why wouldn't I make it as thrilling for him as I can?

He reached over, placed his hand behind my neck and kissed me. It's awesome when a guy will kiss you after you just got done blowing him, I was beginning to like him more and more.

He put his hands on my shoulders, leaned forward and kissed me. This was a different type of kiss, where the others had the feel of unbridled lust, this one seemed to convey gentile passion. I felt like I was going to melt, my stomach was filled with butterflies, and a quivery feeling overwhelmed me. Even though I was ten years older than him, it seemed reversed. At that moment it felt like he was a man and I was a girl; odd but true. He had taken charge and I loved it.

I briefly glanced at Janice and mum, Janice was sucking on mums nipples.

Then he kind of swung around off the bed and onto his knees in front of me. I could guess what was about to happen next.

He put his hands on my hips and kissed my naval, the tip of his tongue tickling me exquisitely. My stomach tightened as I tried to suppress a giggle, he bent down, kissing me lightly on my bare inner thighs, then his tongue traced a path up to my waiting pussy. He kissed each outer lip before slipping his tongue into the gap between them, where it moved upwards to my clitoris. When it made contact I inhaled in a short series of shallow, sudden, jerking gasps. I came down off my elbows and laid flat on my back, my hands now grabbing the bedsheets and clutching them tightly.

I laid there on my back, my knees pulled back as far as I could, breathing irregularly, being deliciously tortured by his tongue. While his tongue swirled and stroked me, he would periodically push a finger into me, wriggling it and moving in circular motions, then withdrawing it. But all the time, either tongue or finger attended to my clitoris, driving me erotically forward. I could feel something build up inside me, something that needed a release and that release came in the form of a spine rattling, hip jerking, ass clinching, crushingly intense orgasm.

My teeth clenched, I moaned like a wounded animal, before emitting a series of gasping sob-like groans as my lower torso seemed wracked with a wave of spasms. I reached down and grabbed one of his hands, pulled it upwards, grabbing it tightly against my belly. It was almost as if I wanted him to share in this beautiful orgasm he'd created.

When it all began to subside, I was lying there limply, breathing heavily, momentarily in a state of exhaustion, still clutching his hand. I felt his hand moving in my grip, raised my head, and opened my eyes. He was standing in front of me, his cock was fully erect now I knew the best was yet to come (or should I say cum?). I swung myself around on the bed and slid over to the centre of the mattress. I held my arms out to him.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, running his hands over my breasts and then bent over and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue making all the more interesting. I slipped a hand over and began stroking his cock and balls. He responded by moving down to kiss my breasts. The same tongue that had so adeptly worked on my clitoris was now doing the same for my nipples, pressuring them and flicking its way back and forth across them reawakening the fading orgasmic feelings that had just begun to fade. One of his hands was rubbing my pussy; I was ripe for the taking.

He moved into position, pausing for one last kiss. Then supporting himself on one elbow, holding his cock in one had he directed towards the right spot. Feeling the head of his dick rubbing and probing my cunt sent a thrill through me. When it hit its mark, he moved his hips forward pushing his cock into me; I find penetration to be an exquisite feeling, and this one seemed even more so.

Once in, he slid his arms under my back, supporting himself on his elbows while embracing me. He began taking long, slow, easy thrusts. I raised my legs up and around him, crossing my ankles behind him. I twisted my hips from side to side, meeting his every forward move with a grinding motion of my own, putting an ever changing pressure on my pussy and stress on my swollen clitoris. My revived orgasm was resurging rapidly, building up in me, ready to break free.

As he continued drilling into me, I felt myself shiver then a kind of slithery, queasy feeling in my insides. Then there was a rush of indefinable ecstasy laced sensations as my second orgasm swept through me. My arms and legs tightened around him out of reflex as I threw my head back. I heard myself whine out something unintelligible but definitely profanity laden.

Reacting to my orgasm, he sped up his trusts, humping furiously. Even through the blissful for that was clouding my brain, I knew he was going for the grand finale, trying desperately to join me in my climax. I was too spent at this point do anything more than lay there and happily take it, totally enjoying it. His change in tempo, the vigorous thrusting, helped prolong my orgasm until the inevitable end. He gave a couple of sudden hard deep thrusts into me, each one punctuated by the feel of the pulsation of his cock, signalling he was cumming inside me.

We lay there like that, still holding onto each other, trying to catch our breath. I still had my arms and legs wrapped around him, one hand rubbing his back. He kissed my neck, then moved to my lips and we kissed each other. It was a hard, wet, sloppy kiss, deep and probing that held the promise of an encore in the future, but it was over for the moment.

Janice reached over and kissed Wayne on the lips and mum kissed me. I was so happy.
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