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A teen trap puts an ad on craigslist to suck cock.
It was late one evening and I had been driving cross-country for hours. It was pushing 11pm and I knew I had to pull over soon to rest and organize the log books I would be in trouble. I decided to use the truck stop near Vegas that I knew so well. When I arrived I grabbed a bite to eat, showered, and then started to flip through my phone looking at porn. I was soon flipping through craigslist ads in the area. As i scrolled down through the ads a perfect little butt caught my eye. It was so tiny and perfect. When I clicked into the ad I saw that it was a transgender girl.

She was 18 with dark long hair. A short girl at 5'1 with nice fake tits and an ass you could eat for days. Im no stranger to boy pussy as I have raped my fair share of them, but something about a real tranny turned me on even more. So I responded to the ad and asked if she wanted to meet up. After asking a lot of questions and sending some pictures of my cock we agreed to meet in the parking lot of an old rundown K-mart for a blowjob. When I asked how much, she laughed and said she wasnt a prostitute just looking for fun and a cock in her mouth. There would be plenty of that I assured. She asked if I had a big backseat. I told her it was quite big and there would be more than enough room.

I arrived to the parking lot early and parked my 18 wheeler in the back lot and positioned it towards the exit. I got out and waited under a lamp post next to an old shopping cart return. A few minutes later a tiny black honda pulls up. I see the light from a phone glare into a pretty face through her front window. My phone buzzes.

"You here?"

"Yea im over here in the light."

"Oh ok! I saw you but wasnt sure if that was you, I got scared lol"

With that she exited the car. She was wearing the tightest booty shorts with a very tight tank top on that just covered her massive fake tits. Her nipples were rock hard and almost poking through. Wearing bright red lipstick she came up to me and gave me a hug.

"Mmmmm I like big daddies,"

"Daddy likes little girls like you," I said while cupping her tiny ass with my hand. I could fit my entire hand over both cheeks, it was amazing. I slid my finger into the crack and felt her tiny asshole pucker as I rubbed it. I could see her tiny cock getting hard. She squealed,

"No daddy Im here to suck this big daddy cock, no pussy tonight! Wheres your car?"

I pointed to my 18 wheeler and said, "plenty of room in there" with a smile.

I could tell she was reluctant but I just turned and started walking towards the truck. I knew she would follow and she did. I opened the passenger door and helped her in, shut the door and walked around to the driver side. I got in and she was already taking her top off to reveal her amazing tits. They were quite the spectacle. Im an ass guy myself, but these were perfect shape and size for her small frame. They poked straight out, no sag. Perfect.

"What do you think daddy?"

"I think you need a cock in your mouth."

I turned and went back into the camper and sat on the edge of the bed. There was enough space for her to get on her knees and service my hard cock. I took off my pants and pulled down my boxers to reveal my fat cock. It wasnt the biggest around at 6 and a half inches but it was thick like a coke can. She looked at it with delight and put her soft lips on the tip of my head then engulfed my cock with her throat. She was amazing. With every bob up and down i came closer and closer to cumming down her throat. When Im about to cum I can be violent and she would soon find that out.

"Keep going you little slut, daddies going to cum down that faggot throat"

"mmm i want daddies cum in my mo...ghhsjdlps"

Before she could finish I grabbed her head with both hand and pulled it onto my cock as far as it could go. She choked and gasped. She tried to pull away but I held tight as she choked for air on my cock.

"Im almost there faggot, suck daddies cock like a good girl!"

As i felt her throat choke around my cock it sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body. With my right hand balled into a fist I slammed it into the back of her head like a hammer just as I came down her throat. Cum came spewing out of her nose and mouth as I let go. She looked up at me in shock covered in my cum and said,

"Damn daddy that was hot! Ive never been face fucked like that before!"

I couldnt believe it. I really thought I would be struggling to tie her up by now, but I guess she had a kinky side and was into rough stuff. She didnt know it but I would more than oblige in that.

"Why dont you sit on daddies lap."

She came over and sat on my lap and started to grind on my semi-hard cock. I pulled the front of her shorts down to reveal her 4 inch hard cock. I took her by the neck with one hand and shoved my fingers down her throat to get them wet. I reached down and began to stroke her hard cock. She began to grind on my cock up and down. She pulled down her shorts all the way and rested my cock in the crack of her butt and started to grind it against her tight little butthole. It looked tighter than I ever could have imagined. I felt it pinch and grab my cock as she grinded up and down.

"Im about to cum daddy"

"Good girl, give daddy what he wants"

Her body tightened up and went into spasms as she shot her load onto the cab floor. I felt her tight little butthole clinch against my cock. I had to have it.

"Thanks for the good time daddy, but I have to be going now."

When she bent over to put her shorts back on I knew the moment had come. I stood up and as she came up from pulling her shorts up I punched her in the back of the head and put her into a choke hold. She went out without a fight. I placed her face down on the edge of the bed with her knees still on the ground. I took her arms and brought them behind her back and taped them up. I put a pair of soft mittens on her hands to cover her nails and then taped them together. I had mastered the art of binding over the years. I took her knees and parted them. I rigged a special strap long ago to the floorboard. I took it and wrapped each leg several times and then put it through the wench and tightened it. I placed a rag in her mouth and put duct tape over it. Now that she was secure we could leave.

I got into the driver seat and pulled out of the parking lot. The longer I stayed the longer my truck could be connected to the car. Before leaving I made sure to crush her cell phone and toss the pieces in the near by woods. I pulled on the highway and drove a few miles before pulling onto a smaller more secluded highway surrounded on both sides by woods. I pulled over off to the side and shut the vehicle down except for the running lights. I then got out and placed cones outside to mark just in case a patrol car passed by. Highway patrol didnt frequent the area, but you can never be to safe.

I climbed back in the truck. She had already awakened sometime ago and was screaming the best she could. No one would hear her muffled cries. With the radio on on the way here I sure didnt. I climbed into the back and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her hair back.

"Listen here you little faggot, Im going to rape this right little ass into a pussy and there is nothing you can do about it. I dont care how much you make yourself look like a girl your still a faggot to me. But if you want a pussy so bad, Im going to give you one!

I plunged my hard cock into her dry ass as hard as I could while still pulling back on her hair. Her back arched and she realed in pain. My cock barely made it in an inch. Fuck it was tight.

"Looks like were going to need a little lube" I chuckled. I spit in my hand and rubbed it around the tip of my pulsating hard cock.

"Lets try that again bitch!" I said as I rammed my cock into her ass. Her tight little asshole stretched around my fat cock as rammed it in as far as I could go. I pulled her head back as far as it could go so I could see her face and look into her eyes as I raped her from behind. I wanted her to look me in the eyes as I pounded her ass without mercy. I put my other hand around her neck and squeezed.

"I want to feel that asshole try to squeeze my cock off you faggot bitch!"

As I choked her tiny neck with my hand her asshole gripped my cock pulsating, tightening and then letting go. This made her ass feel as tight as a pussy. This send me wild and I furiously started to punch her tits and slap her face.

"You feel that you faggot, that feels like a pussy to me. I told you I was going to give you a fucking pussy!"

I was getting close now. I ripped off the duct tape from her mouth and removed the sock. She was crying uncontrollably.

"WHhhhhyy!!! Whhhyyy are you doing this!!! Please dont kill me!"

I rammed my cock deeper into her ass and pulled her head back so our mouths met. I kissed her passionately while holding my cock deep in her. Then without warning I slammed her face on the bed and punched her in the back of he head twice. while furiously fucking her tight ass. She turned her head to the side so I couldnt hit her head anymore but I didnt stop. I slammed my fist into her face.

"I got something for you cunt."

I grabbed my trusty screw diver pick from under the bed where I kept it for easy access. It was just a handle of a screwdriver with a straight piece of metal that formed a tiny point at the end. It was about 7 inches long and very sharp. I grabbed her by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her up from the bed. She was still dazed from the punches but coherent enough.

"You see this pick you little bitch. When i cum Im going to shove this into your fucking head."

She screamed in terror but this only turned me on more.

"thats right bitch, make daddy cum so you can die like a good little faggot!"

Again I squeezed her neck but this time I tried to crush her throat with my hand. This made her asshole tighten around my cock so much that it made me cum almost instantly. Before I came I grabbed the pick with my right hand and the top of her head with my left.


I rammed the ice pick into the back of her neck and halfway into her skull. Her body started to seizure and she began to foam at the mouth. I continued to fuck her ass until every drop of cum was in her. I pulled her head back and looked her in the eyes one last time. Her body still going through spasms. She was almost dead.

"Now kiss daddy goodnight."

I kissed her soft lips gently and felt her tongue try to stick out. It was almost like she was trying to kiss me back. I held her as she spasmed for a minute while kissing her.

"Good girl, time to sleep."

I rammed the pick into her skull as far as it could go. I felt her asshole let go of my cock as her body went limp. I slept by her dead body that night even waking up to fuck her a few times. I got up early before sunrise and took her deep in the woods where I made a nice little hole for her.
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