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Episodic stories inspired by the anime "Euphoria", the book "Battle Royal", the show "Squid Games", and more.

He’s blindfolded in this one, so I challenged myself to write using only the OTHER senses. Voyeur-heavy beginning. Game is like Marco Polo, Hide and Seek, Tag. He happily chooses a prissy, straight-A, tattletale, petite Persian brunette. Slightly slower chapter.

This is kind of like a 'choose your own adventure' :

-Start by reading the Prologue and one or more Level 1 chapters in any order. (Jump Ropes, Floor is Lava, Pet Teachers)

-Then read one or more Level 2 chapters in any order. (Web Design, Teacher Taut, Chemistry, Tug of War)

-Then read one or more Level 3 chapters in any order. (Hide & Seek, Pencil Sharpener, Anatomy, Dodgeball)

-And so on. More to come!

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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don't agree with his choices, and you're not supposed to either. We're all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That's the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.



-Gross bodily fluids / smelling / tasting / sweat



-Deflowering / blood

-Choking / unconscious


Hide & Seek

They’ve made me a king. Wreathed me with indulgence in my own personal palace. I have no idea who runs this place or why they brought us all here, but this island is beginning to feel like home. This hotel-like building all to myself, with every comfort I could ever want. A swimming pool, workout equipment, delicious food made fresh each day. And the TV provides endless entertainment.

Early in the morning, I lie on my bed flipping through the channels. Camera angles from inside the replica high school next door. The gymnasium filled with women I’ve known for years. I can watch them in their sleep, and they don’t even know I’m looking! Even if they did, they can’t do anything about it. Ashley, my thin blonde former friend, shifts in her sleep. Such a cute girl, but there are better ones to observe. I pan around, switch to other angles. So many helpless beauties, all snuggled up, trying to sleep despite their hellish captivity. Lori, the lovely redheaded teacher, looks like she’s been up all night crying. I smile and talk out loud to myself, “Don’t worry Mrs. Wilson, I don’t think I’ll pick you today.”

Jesus, the power is going to my head. How long have I been here? I can only remember bits and pieces. I know I’ve done this before, done vile things to some of my classmates and teachers. And it’s… fun. I’ve enjoyed it, even though I know I shouldn't. These are real human beings! I would never dream of doing anything to these ladies in the real world. But here… The rules are different. They can’t stop me. There are no consequences.

Then another sleeping girl catches my eye. Julia Zoheri. A petite little thing with silky straight brunette hair and radiant tan skin. I think her dad is Iranian. Though somewhat fair-skinned for her ethnicity, she’s got a slightly darker complexion than most girls in our school, a creamy olive duskiness. She’s curled up in the fetal position, the shape of her sexy little body clearly defined beneath a thin blanket. She looks cold, and I find myself wishing I could run over there and warm her up. Such a sweet face, natural good-looks, high cheekbones. Her sharp features are a mix of maturity and youthful girliness. I watch her when she least expects it. Without makeup, grumbling in her sleep with her mouth open. She’s so fucking cute, and she has no idea someone is zoomed in on her right now.

I pan back out and watch all the women as they begin to wake from their bunks. They’re kept on a tight schedule. Sleep in the gym, freshen up in the locker rooms, mealtime in the cafeteria. And I have cameras for all of it. There’s nowhere they can hide. Some girls chat and comfort one another. But many stay silent most of the day, too terrified of standing out. They glance up at cameras occasionally, hoping whoever’s watching doesn’t notice them, doesn’t pick them. I love how scared they all look. They have no control over their fates. If I want them, I take them. Any time I want.

I hurry to switch cameras, following Julia as she heads to the locker room. She always looks a bit bitchy, like she’s judging you with those fierce brown eyes and sharp angry eyebrows. She’d always sit in the front of class, always the first to raise her hand, always tattling on her classmates. But I’ve always found her adorable. A cute little teacher’s pet, a perfect straight-A student who looks down on everyone. I’ve always had to sneak glances at her in class, just admire the back of her head as she sits at the front, untouchable. Now I can just grab at my stiffening cock as I lie in my bed, unabashedly watching the live footage of her as she sits down at a toilet! The stalls along the side of the locker room have had all their doors and walls removed. There’s no need for privacy in the School of Lust.

Julia’s nighttime sweatpants slide down her slender legs, followed by her violet panties. She sits down fast and covers herself as best she can, but I catch a glimpse of her little ass and smooth thighs. She nervously glances up at my camera, as if hoping no one is watching her. Little does she know… I chuckle and stroke myself, enjoying her pathetic vulnerable position on the toilet.

Her expression changes, and I can tell she’s started peeing. I can just barely hear the tinkling amid all the murmuring and noise of the other girls throughout the locker room. Unbelievable! I’m watching my classmate go to the bathroom! She discretely wipes herself and flushes, then heads to the showers.

Again, no privacy needed. The showers are in a big open area of the locker room. Julia finds a bench and begins to strip. Like the other women around her, she tries to undress quickly, hunched down, hands trying to hide herself from the looming gaze of the cameras above.

She slips out of her nighttime t-shirt and sweats. No bra! Her long dark hair sways over her back and shoulders, and I get a glimpse of her little bare tits bouncing slightly from her frantic movement. Sweet little dark brown nipples. Breasts pretty small, maybe a half-handful, but substantial enough to make me want to grope them. Julia really is gorgeous! She tries to hide herself from the cameras, but it’s as if her body was made to be enjoyed, almost begging to be viewed and touched. Her subtle glowing tan seems natural all over, no tan lines, nothing pale.

Her sweatpants drop next. Her panties ride up her butt crack a bit, her tanned little cheeks jiggling as she rushes. She’s thin and short, but her body seems so soft and fleshy, as if she doesn’t have much muscle, just feminine and squishy all over. Not the curviest girl, but her ass has enough cushion to make her incredibly enticing. God, I want to feel her!

I remember back in school when I would wonder about this girl. Wonder what she looked like underneath all her prissy, perfectly buttoned dress clothes. Never a hair out of place, not one wrinkle in her clothing. I never imagined I’d ever get to actually see underneath it all!

“Oh shit, look at that…” I mumble to myself, my hand casually stroking my dick as I watch Julia Zoheri drop her panties. Bending down, her butt cheeks splay open, and I get a fleeting look at her dusky-tinted ass crack and the dark brown little button in between. She moves again, so I switch to a better angle and get a nice view of the front. My cock twitches as I see my classmate’s little pussy for a moment! She’s completely smooth down there, and the skin of her pudenda is a bit darker than the rest of her body. A flushed, brownish skin-tone that serves as a fun reminder of how lewd an area this is. An area I’m not supposed to see, an area Julia would never want exposed like this.

The girl showers as quickly as she can, doing the bare minimum of what’s required. She’s not breaking any rules, but there’s no way she’s getting herself as clean as she could. Which makes me wonder what she smells like. What’s her natural scent? She washes her beautiful dark hair, then lathers her young body with sudsy soap. Her dusky skin all shiny and wet. She washes her face, her neck, then down between and around her little tits. She scrubs quickly under her cute little armpits. “Fuck, I wish I could get in there with you,” I whisper to myself as I watch.

Her hands move down to rapidly clean between her legs, then around the back between her cheeks. My mouth salivates as I watch my classmate shower! The prude in the front of class is washing her ass and cunt before my eyes! What would her parents think if they knew their little girl was being forced to do this while being watched by a guy from her class?

And then it’s over as quickly as it began. Julia dries herself and rushes to retain some modesty. She quickly pulls on a fresh new pair of blue panties, hiding herself from the cameras. Then a simple thin bralette, her boobs not exactly big enough to warrant a normal bra. Then a white button-down shirt and uniform skirt. Girls are all instructed to dress and prepare themselves exactly as they would in real life. Which includes cute white blouses and plaid Catholic skirts. Then knee-high white socks, then cute little black flats on her feet. And suddenly I’m staring at the proper little do-gooder I’m used to seeing in the front of class. But the mystery is gone now. I’ve seen everything she hides underneath. And I can’t wait to rip it all off and get her naked again! All that flimsy fabric probably tears apart with ease!

Julia moves to the sinks, pulling out her makeup and beginning to pamper herself exactly how she would in real life. Just like the other girls around her, she looks reluctant, as if worried that making herself look better will increase the chances of being chosen for the next sex game. But whenever a female fails to make herself look like she normally does, she’s punished with the metal shock collar around her neck. I vaguely remember seeing similar punishments before, and I find myself wishing I could see it again. Unfortunately, all the girls behave themselves today. No one gets electrocuted.

Julia is simple and modest, and her natural youthful beauty requires little help. She applies some subtle dark eyeliner, some girly products and sprays I barely understand, pampers herself like a little princess. I love watching girls when they don’t know I’m looking, when they can’t see me back. Even the mundane things like boring makeup and routine hygiene are exciting because of how creepy it is to watch them without consent.

That’s it, I can’t wait any longer. She doesn’t need mealtime. I raise my remote and press “Begin Game”, choosing the unsuspecting girl.

“Attention females. Attention females.” I get a shiver of excitement at the soothing sound of the Announcer’s voice. I don’t know who the woman is, but every time I hear her speak, it means something good is about to happen. Well, good for me at least.

All the teachers and senior girls squeak and mutter in terror. I watch them all line up down the center of the gym. Little Julia’s face not quite scared enough. She has no idea she’s about to be chosen.

* * *

I put the blindfold over my eyes and fumble for the doorknob, quietly entering Room 110. The sound of my own excited heart thumping in my chest is the only thing I hear at first. And then Julia’s snobby voice calls out softly, “Who’s there? Stay away from me!” She’s somewhere further in the room, and she sounds on the verge of tears. I step closer cautiously.

My memory of past games is foggy, but as far as I can remember this is the first time I’ve had to be blindfolded. Before leaving my hotel room, the Announcer briefed me on the upcoming game. She said the blindfold is actually mandatory and I’d be punished for not wearing it.

I step carefully, holding my hands out so I don’t bump into desks. I hear the door close behind me, followed by a staticky sound coming from the PA speaker above. A fun 8-bit jingle plays, an intro song for the game.

Then the Announcer speaks from the PA in her calm robotic tone, like a GPS navigation voice, “The rules of this game are simple. Both participants must remain blindfolded until told otherwise. The chosen Female must avoid the chosen Male at all costs for a set time limit.” I notice she doesn’t tell us the time limit. I hear Julia sobbing somewhere on the other side of the room.

The Announcer continues, “If the Male catches the Female, a punishment will be announced, which must be administered by the Male. If the Female is caught 5 times within the time limit, she loses the game.” My jaw drops. These instructions are different than the ones I was given in my room. When the Announcer briefed me, she said I was given the ‘real’ instructions and that I’m not allowed to convey them to the Female. Now Julia is falsely told that if I catch her enough times, she loses the game and loses a loved one. But in reality, she loses if I don’t catch her 5 times within the time limit! So I’m her only hope of winning. I have to catch her or they’ll kill someone she loves! But she’ll be fighting to prevent that!

The Announcer continues, “Anything is permitted, but further instructions or addenda to these rules may be announced anytime throughout the game. Remember, disobedience will be met with punishment. Begin.”

Another arcade jingle emits from the speaker above, signaling the start of the game, followed by a constant 8-bit beep… beep… beep sound that could only be the countdown timer. Besides that, the room goes eerily silent. My breathing is heavy and my knees shake with anxiety as I stand perfectly still, unsure what to do next.

Room 110 is a Social Studies classroom. Julia and I have a Cultural Anthropology class here. It’s normally one of my most boring classes. But suddenly it’s been transformed into a thrilling arena. A pitch black maze meant for a cruel game of cat and mouse. My heart nearly thumps out of my chest as I hesitantly take my first step forward.

Julia seems to hear me, “No! Stay back! Don’t- don’t come any closer!” I can practically hear her tears dripping down her cheeks. She moves and bumps into a desk, clearly realizing it was stupid to call out like that. It’s like playing Marco Polo. She speaks and then quickly tries to move away from that spot. This is crazy! But I begin to move toward her sounds.

I try to visualize the room from memory. I think the teacher’s desk is right here somewhere… Yes, there! Ok and so the front row of desks is… here! I try to move as silently as I can, and Julia seems to be doing the same. The only noise we hear is that of the countdown sound. I move down the first aisle, carefully waving my hands in front of me, touching the desks to guide my way. I have no clue where the sneaky girl went, but if I keep doing this up and down the aisles, maybe I’ll eventually run into her.

A few minutes of measured movement and I begin to grow impatient. I move a bit faster and accidentally trip my foot on a desk, making a loud SCREECH! sound as it scrapes on the floor. The sound startles little Julia, and I hear her let out a peep from nearby. I whip my head toward the sound and freeze, trying to pinpoint the girl. I hear shuffling, then silence, and I realize she’s on the floor! Hiding under a desk?

Changing up my method, I begin silently moving toward where I heard her. I carefully reach under each desk as I pass, waving my hand around before moving on to the next.

Finally I feel hair and a soft shoulder! “AH! No! Get away! HELP!” I feel bad for her. If only I could just tell her the real rules, tell her this is the only way to win. But she fights me, tries to crawl away, scramble out the other side of the desk. I’m forced to grip her by the hair with all my strength, and my young classmate screams in pain. I’m not sure what constitutes ‘catching’ her, so I hold on tight, yanking her toward me and dragging her on her butt across the floor by the hair alone.

The countdown beeps stop. “Female has been caught 1 time.” The Announcer’s voice sounds so innocent despite Julia’s screaming and thrashing. I have to hold the girl by the hair in one hand while grabbing and controlling her wrist with the other. She claws and swings at me with all her might, but she’s weak and delicate.

“Punishment generated,” the Announcer continues nonchalantly. “The Male must strip all clothing above the waist off the Female. This task must be completed in order to continue. Begin.” My heart nearly stops at her words. I have to do what!?

Julia bursts into a panic, “NO! No you can’t do this! This is illegal! NO!!” She struggles and twists in my hands, but I hold tight and begin to tune her voice out. I can’t fucking believe it. Am I really about to do this? Julia… my cute classmate. The prude from the front row…

She claws me in the face with her sharp little painted fingernails, which snaps me back to reality. The pain sends a wave of fury through me, eliminating all hesitation. This is for her own good, I keep telling myself. We just need to blindly follow the rules and we’ll win this game and save our loved ones.

Julia squirms and squeals as I roughly shove her down onto her back on the floor, kneeling half on top of the small girl. I manage to pin one of her outstretched arms under my knee, pinning the other arm up over her head with my hand. And with my free hand, I begin obeying the Announcer’s instructions.

My hand pets her smooth little cheek, then down the side of her neck. She’s warm and wonderfully soft, which contrasts sharply with the cold metal of her collar. She screams out again and brings her leg up to try to knee me, but I easily shrug it away. My fingers go underneath the top button of her white dress shirt. I can’t see her, but I vividly remember how she looks in this cute button-down blouse, all prim and pristine.

RIP! buttons go clattering across the classroom floor as I start tearing into the little lady. Even with only one hand, the thin fabric gives way easily. Julia practically gets lifted up off the floor as I tug and tug, held in place by her pinned arms.

Soon the girl’s shirt is ripped to shreds, only hanging on in a few places around her little arms. I move on to the undergarment beneath. A delicate bralette, basically a tank top undershirt or sports bra but very thin and skimpy. I find myself pausing to grasp over top it, feel at her little tits. Then I grab a handful of cloth in the center and rip it off her small figure.

My hand glides up and down her body for a moment, enjoying the helpless girl. So smooth, so delightfully girly! She’s thin, but not athletic. A girl who doesn’t work out at all but doesn’t have to. Just squishy and pliable all over. I knead a small breast, then slap at it gently when she shrieks and tries to squirm away from me.

“NO! Stop that! She didn’t say to do this! What are you doing!?” Julia’s voice cracks and quivers. She just doesn’t understand why anyone would do this to her. Doesn’t understand how enjoyable her little body is.

I aggressively pinch at a nipple until she stops asking stupid questions. My groin grows rock hard in my pants. Jesus, she’s right though! This wasn’t part of the instructions. I only need to strip the poor girl, not play with her bare tits.

I quickly finish removing the remaining scraps of fabric from Julia’s arms and torso, and the Announcer congratulates me, “Punishment complete. The Male must now allow the Female a 10-second head start before continuing the game. Begin.” A unique 8-bit boop… boop… boop sound begins counting down from the PA speaker. Julia wastes a few seconds lying in shock on the floor before realizing she needs to move.

I hear her shuffling around, a desk gets bumped, then silence. The head-start countdown is soon replaced with the normal beeping, and I begin slowly creeping around the room again. The hunt is on again! My heart thumps like a war drum. I’m starting to forget this is an innocent schoolgirl I had known in real life. Now Julia Zoheri is simply my prey. A beautiful girl sneaking around topless somewhere in this room.

Certain she won’t be stupid enough to hide under a desk again, I walk as swiftly as I can up and down aisles waving a hand in front of me again.

Suddenly I hear a rattling sound across the room. The door? Seriously? So much for a straight-A student. Obviously the door is locked. And even if it wasn’t, escape would surely mean forfeit. This girl is adorably dumb. I rush over to her, reaching out and just barely feeling soft skin. But she squeals in fear and wiggles away from me.

A moment later I hear a similar rattling. The window. Obviously also locked tight. “Fucking dumbass,” I chuckle to myself as I bolt over to her.

“Wh- what? Wait, can you talk? Hey lady! He talked! That’s against the rules!” The little tattle-tale tries everything to save herself from this horrific game. Just like in real life, Julia tries to rely on rules and social norms to better her situation. But in reality, she’s just a tiny frail girl, easy to overpower, bottom of the food chain without laws to level the playing field.

I catch up to her, slamming into the topless schoolgirl from behind, pressing her face-first into the wall and window. She screams and flails again, but I easily grab both her wrists and pin her there. My stomach against the shorter girl’s back, my groin shoves right into her plaid skirt, smushes her little butt. I hunch down and nuzzle my face into her hair and neck, inhaling her sweet scent. So this is what Julia smells like! She pampers herself with subtle fragrance, like a fruity dessert. Cherry.

“Why are you doing this?! What did they say they’ll do to you if you don’t? Will they kill your loved ones like they do to us? Why aren't you speaking? Did they gag you?” Damn, this girl just won’t shut up. The only response she gets is me licking up the side of her neck, behind her little ear. Salty! Then across to her soft cheek and chin.

Julia recoils and trembles in revulsion. She tries to bite at my hand holding her wrist, but it’s easy to avoid. And I just smash my body tighter against her, teasingly humping my raging boner into her butt just to show I can do whatever I want with her. God, I can’t wait for my pants and her skirt to be out of the way though.

“Female has been caught 2 times.” The Announcer again. “Punishment generated. The Male must strip all remaining clothing off the Female. Begin.”

It’s like the lady read my mind! I smile, sniffing Julia’s neck one more time before wrenching her around and slamming her face-down on the cold floor. She squeals like a dramatic little piglet, “No! You can’t! No-,” I simply straddle her upper back and head, sitting all my weight on the young teen to shut her up and hold her there so I can work.

My hands gleefully feel around. Her back has the slightest sheen of sweat from all this running around. I can feel her heart racing, and she’s panting hard, struggling for breath beneath me. Poor thing’s so worked up. I grab her rump in both hands, playing with her little tush over top her plaid skirt. Such a pliable pillow! Her legs kick around in a wild attempt to stop me. But I continue on without a care in the world for her decency.

I rip and tug at the skirt, but it’s harder to remove than the rest of her clothes. I tear the waistband enough to loosen it and then simply pull it down her thighs out of the way. With the skirt tangled around her knees, it actually helps keep the girl from kicking around too much.

My hands go to her butt again, now only covered by dainty panties. SLAP! I give the girl a spank, then rub my hands around. This is unreal! Nothing is softer! I caress her smooth thighs, then slide a hand down her crack, imagining the asshole and pussy just beneath the cloth, feeling the heat coming from her crotch.

I can’t help myself. I lunge down, laying flat on her back. She vibrates in horror under me as I shove my face right down at her butt like a bear about to devour a dying fawn.

I smush my face in deep and rub around, feeling the delicate fabric of her panties brushing against my nose and lips. The warmth is so inviting! SNIFF! The slightest hint of foul sourness from around where her little butthole is under there. SNIFF! The pussy area is so much sweeter! An erotic musk of teen cunt mixed with her usual cherry scent. I can’t get enough! I motorboat back and forth, digging in and licking at the panty material. My raging boner stabs at her back and neck as she struggles under my weight.

Julia Zoheri, the bitchy do-gooder from the front of class, I never imagined I’d get to have my way with her like this! RIP! I tear at her underwear, opening up a hole right over the butt. Her musk gets stronger and I burrow my face back in, breathing and kissing in a blind frenzy. Without sight, my other senses seem to work harder. I taste her salty crack, down into the creases of her groin. I smell every lewd inch of her most intimate spot, a place that’s normally off-limits to everyone! My hands squeeze her ass cheeks, prying them open, then smushing them in around my face to smother myself with the young schoolgirl.

I avoid her nasty little butthole, catching a whiff of the dirty place as I lick and kiss everywhere else. With her legs together, I have to really dig my tongue down to get a taste of Julia’s vagina. So salty! She’s been sweating a bit, and her cunt is just a bit sticky. I moan with perverse delight and stab my tongue deeper, driving into her hole. She’s even stickier on the inside! Fuck, I’m tasting the inside of Julia Zoheri’s pussy! The game didn’t even require this, but here I am, tongue-fucking the innocent little teen I always fantasized about. And she’s fucking delicious!

My hands casually rip her panties apart more, leaving them hanging on by threads. But instead of stripping her naked and ending the punishment, I take my time with my classmate. I got her here, why not enjoy myself?

I slide a finger up and down her little slit, exploring every inch of her like a kid curiously playing with a new toy. I barely hear Julia sobbing under there. I kiss her butt cheek while I finger around. Her inner labia seems to stick out from her puffy outer lips just a tad, but everything’s so diminutive and compact. And from her sensitive reaction to literally every touch, I realize she’s got to be a virgin. This is probably Julia’s first time doing… well all these things!

I plunge a finger right into her with total disregard for her sensitivity. She lets out a muffled groan of agony from under me, but I ignore it, pumping and twisting around inside her hole. Yeah this might be a bit of hymen I feel right here. It’s impossible to be sure though. A shiver of excitement shoots through me, and I dive my mouth back down, licking and suckling at the little virgin’s sticky snatch for several more minutes, my fingers invading her tight hole while my tongue slurps up every salty drop of juice.

When I finally grow bored, I finish stripping the girl down and allow the game to continue. A victorious arcade game sound comes from the PA, meaning the punishment was a success. While the Announcer gives Julia her 10-second head start, I strip myself down as well and begin stroking my pulsing cock. My lust is boiling over. I had felt bad for my classmate before, just blindly following the game’s instructions, but now I just want more of her sweet flesh. I lick Julia’s sticky juices from my lips and begin happily prowling the room as soon as I’m allowed.

Now completely naked, Julia’s bare feet make little patting sounds on the floor if she moves too quickly. I take my time, moving along the aisles, every so often intentionally bumping a desk to see if it startles her. It’s a fun little game for me, but for Julia the stakes are incredibly high. If she gets caught, her body gets mercilessly violated.

After a few minutes, I hear soft breathing from nearby. The girl is trembling and panting with fear. As I sneak up on the sound, my hip bumps a desk, and Julia lets out a peep of fright. I lunge and grab her, but she sends a kick flying up between my legs. She hits my thigh, just barely missing my exposed nuts. I grip her by the throat and hair, my blood hot with anger now. That’s it, if she wants to fight, I won’t hold back anymore!

I lift her into the air by the head alone, one hand clamped around her little throat, the other holding a handful of her silky hair. She makes a gross choking sound and thrashes around wildly. Then I slam her down onto a desk, back first, just hard enough to knock the wind out of her. She coughs and whimpers. That’s probably the harshest anyone has ever been to this girl. Being physically manhandled and abused like this seems utterly foreign to her. She reacts as if she’s dying, wheezing and groaning dramatically. She squirms around on the desk, but I hold her steady and give her a few hard slaps to the tits, belly, and face.

Normally a tiny little thing like Julia can get away with saying anything to anyone, and no one can retaliate physically. She can judge and tattle and be as bitchy as she wants, and the rules of society shield her completely. The guys in class have to simply pretend they couldn’t annihilate the frail girl if they wanted. I had always wondered if Julia would act the same way, especially to a big strong man, if he could retaliate, put her in her place? Would the wimpy little girl act so bold if there were no rules?

SLAP! I nail her with a brutal blow right on the pussy as I hold her ankle. She screams and kicks and tries to roll off the desk, but I slap her again and again, constantly repositioning her on her back and chuckling the whole time at how easy it all is.

I’m having so much fun, I barely hear the Announcer’s latest instructions, “Punishment generated. The Male must have vaginal intercourse with the Female until told to stop. Begin.”

Julia screams bloody murder after hearing those words, doing everything she can to wriggle free, managing to get down off the desk. But adrenaline surges through me at the sound of the Announcer’s glorious instructions. I can’t believe I was just given the green light to fuck my cute classmate! She tries to escape, but doesn’t stand a chance.

I shove her down over the desk again, bending her over, facedown. Her feet touch the floor, legs kicking back at me, arms flailing around on the desk to no avail. I hold her head down, easily controlling her by the hair, smushing her face onto the desk while my other hand holds my cock. I slap my meat up and down on her soft butt tauntingly. This is it! I’m the first guy in our school to get to fully experience little Julia, claim her! She really doesn’t seem to like the idea of losing her virginity. Oh well.

I swirl the tip of my dick around her pussy lips for a few seconds. Just enough to get myself slick. She’s about as ready as she can be, still drenched with my saliva from earlier. This won’t be fun for her, but at least she’s warmed up and wet.

I press forward, slowly at first, then harder. She screeches as if I’m tearing her apart. “NO! I’ve never done that! You can’t! NOOO! ” I spank her little rump and shove her head down harder on the desk. She’s lucky I’m taking this slow.

With the tip inside, I get impatient. I ram into her suddenly, way faster than anyone should ever go with a virgin. The warm feeling envelopes my cock, and I sigh as a blissful shiver washes over me. Julia groans like a wounded animal, but I’m in heaven. It’s so fucking tight! I can barely get half my dick in.

I pause there, allowing the poor girl a moment to try to adapt to the invasion. One hand still gripping her hair, my other plays with an ass cheek, jiggling it, massaging, squishing into a love-handle while I take in the amazing feeling around my cock. But before she gets used to me, I get hasty, my hips starting to move on their own.

In and out, picking up the pace slowly, fuck this is the best! And Julia starts to give up her futile struggling. It takes everything she’s got to just stay conscious through the intense pain. So I finally let go of her hair, and she stays put on the desk like a good girl. Both my hands are now free to grip both her hips, play with her ass, and control her better as I slam harder and deeper.

I feel wetness around my groin, and a metallic scent wafts up from her crotch. It’s not much thankfully, but she’s definitely bleeding, her cherry popped. Poor thing. My cock swells even harder within her.

Still humping casually, I bend down, lying flat on her back, smushing her under my weight. Her feet still touch the floor below, her knees shaking. Her little butt hangs over the desk, cushioning my thrusts nicely. And I lie on top of her, kissing at her upper back and neck, sniffing the sweet feminine cherry scent of her hair. Her back is slightly damp with sweat. I lick. Salty but delicious. I feel Julia’s cunt tighten around me in disgust.

Her face is smashed down sideways on the desk, leaving her cheek to point up at me. I kiss up and down her face lovingly, holding her head as she tries to recoil away from me. “Stop… please…” her voice is growing weak.

That fun 8-bit sound of success comes from the PA again, and the Announcer calls me off, “Punishment complete…” She gives Julia her 10-second head start, and the girl slowly hobbles away. Her movement is labored, pained. The sound of her ragged breath fades as she sneaks away. I just smile and wait, knowing I’ll catch her again soon enough.

It only takes a few minutes to find the girl. Her smell practically gives her away as long as I get close enough. That wonderfully gross hint of sweat and pussy and even a bit of blood. As I get a couple feet from her, I pounce before she can even react. She screams as I grab her hair. She claws and kicks but I squeeze at arm and tit and thigh, whipping her around, lifting her up and then wrestling her into submission on the floor. I grab a desk next to us and topple it upside down over her, pinning her underneath so that only her head pokes out faceup toward me. With pressure on the desk and the occasional slap to her face, Julia finally starts to settle down and allow herself to be trapped beneath.

Caught 4 times now. The Announcer speaks coolly, “Punishment generated. Female must perform fellatio on the Male until told to stop. Any biting will result in complete forfeit for the Female and her loved ones. Begin.” I only hear soft pathetic sobbing from below. I feel around, touching Julia’s little head sticking out from under the tipped desk. I pet her hair, caress her cheek, and kneel down over her, straddling her head.

My cock jumps. I can’t believe I get to do this! My innocent classmate from the front row. First I get to take her virginity and now this! I hold her head steady so she’s pointed straight up at me, then gently pat her on the cheek. She obediently opens up, knowing defiance is pointless. In the beginning of the game, this would have been a dangerous task, but now Julia has finally submitted to me. She’ll take this like a good bitch.

I hold my cock and aim, sinking down quickly into the young lady’s warm mouth. She gags almost instantly, but I lower myself further. Fucking hell this feels incredible! Her tongue sliding on the topside of my dick, her little nose tickling my nuts from underneath.

She gags again and wrenches her head sideways to get away. I chuckle and allow it, not wanting her to puke on me. The taste must be atrocious I realize. My nasty penis, her own vaginal fluids, and blood from her popped cherry! I center her face and put myself in her mouth again, making her clean the frothy concoction of slime from my dick.

My hips begin slowly humping front to back, my cock sliding in and out of the schoolgirl’s gullet. Julia awkwardly holds her mouth open as wide as she can, terrified of risking forfeit by accidentally biting me. With my hands holding onto both sides of her face, I pump down even deeper. She coughs loudly, gagging again, mucusy spit shooting up onto my groin. With my eyes blindfolded, my other senses send me into ecstasy. Every wet, warm feeling wrapping around my wiener. Every sick sloppy sound spewing from the schoolgirl I’m straddling. I pummel her face-hole.

“Remember, the Female must perform fellatio,” the Announcer says. Julia hasn’t been actually doing anything, just allowing me to fuck her mouth. She moans with fear and begins overenthusiastically licking and sucking at me. I hold still and let her work. She slurps loudly, making sure the Announcer knows she’s obeying. Her tongue swirls and flicks at my tip.

But she has no idea what she’s doing. There’s no doubt Julia has never even touched a penis before today. The inexperienced teen really did only care about her grades. The perfect little student, never concerned with boys or dating. Probably saving herself, maybe insecure or too shy.

Julia constantly seems on the verge of throwing up. I won’t allow that, always pulling back and letting her recover when she seems close. But the threat of it is always there, like a volcano about to erupt. It’s invigorating! Keeping a girl on the edge like this, torturing her with only the slightest movement of my cock! It’s an effortless paradise for me, and a hellish nightmare for Julia.

I back my hips away, sliding out with a nasty Spluck! Julia whimpers in surprise, and I feel her little tongue pathetically reaching out trying to find me again, paranoid of what might happen if she doesn’t keep blowing me. I slap down on her face a few times with my drenched cock. Splat Splat Splat! Then I sit myself down on her head, grinding myself around my classmate’s face. My balls slide over her nose and open mouth. They’re covered with her spit, no doubt disgustingly salty, and poor Julia has to just take it. She gags but then dutifully licks at my balls.

I bury my cock back in her mouth, fucking her for a few more minutes. She sputters and coughs, bubbles and slime pouring out down into her nostrils, caked across her blindfold, dripping into her hair.

Then the happy little game sound signals success, “Punishment complete.” The Announcer’s voice is hard to hear over Julia’s raspy coughing fit. Her 10-second head start is mostly wasted simply trying to get out from under the desk she’s trapped beneath. But I bolt forward to catch her as soon as I can. She hadn’t gotten far, and the tiny girl has no fight left in her. Julia collapses in my arms, falling to the floor, sobbing, trembling. I hold her up by nothing but her hair, my hand at my side, casually waiting for instructions.

“Female has been caught 5 times.” Julia squirms in my grasp, weakly trying to hold herself up more to relieve the pain on her scalp. She’s crying openly now, bawling. She thinks she lost the game! She was told she would lose a loved one if I caught her 5 times. I almost wish I could tell her the real rules, tell her it’s not so bad. But we have one more task to complete.

“Punishment generated. The Male must have vaginal intercourse with the Female while choking her with his hands. The Male may only stop once the Female’s face turns blue. Begin.” The Announcer’s voice is way too calm for the words she speaks. Julia goes quiet, stunned silent. I stand there with my mouth open. How am I supposed to do that? I’m blindfolded! I can’t see the color of her face! And for fuck’s sake, why do they want me to do that?

I shrug. Well, I guess I have to try. Julia writhes in my grip as I shove her down on the floor on her back. She’s too exhausted to put up much of a fight, and I easily spread her thin legs, aiming my cock at her cunt. She tries to roll away, little feet kicking around frantically. But I hold her steady and pierce forward. Her cunt is still slick, my cock still drenched in fluids from her mouth, so I drive myself inside the teen with ease. Her scream of pain turns to another coughing spell when my hands immediately wrap around her delicate neck.

Her pussy contracts and then loosens as her body doesn’t know what the fuck to do. Her airflow is cut off, only a grunting gurgle heard from her mouth. My hands avoid the metal collar around her neck, tightening with savage intent. Damn, some girls are so fragile and weak! Who knew it would be this easy?

Squelching sounds fill the classroom as I slam in and out of the helpless girl, still only able to get about half my dick inside her inexperienced hole. So tiny and sweet, now stretched wide open.

Spit spews out of her mouth, sending flecks up at me. So I lean down and spit back at her. She only gurgles in response again, body spasming beneath me. This is such a vile thing to do, but I’m only blindly following orders. I would never do this to little Julia in real life. But Christ does it feel good!

Her soft legs wrap around my hips. Pushing and kicking and clamping around me in a futile attempt to escape. Her hands claw at mine, but I ignore them and tighten my grip around her warm throat.

Unable to see, I just have to go as hard as I can until I’m certain I’ve completed the punishment. I try to picture the same shade of blue that her panties had been earlier. Does her face need to be that color? Fuck, I hope this ends soon. I’ll cum if this goes on much longer!

And just then, Julia goes limp beneath me. Her hands drop away from mine, even her pussy goes slack around my pumping cock. I feel something warm and wet trickling out around my groin a bit. I slow my pace, unsure exactly what happened. Then I catch a slight whiff of piss from below. She passed out! Lost control of her bladder a bit!

I growl with delight and smash into her even harder, spurred on by the sudden surreal experience. I’m fucking an unconscious chick from my class while she lets out a little pee on my raging dick! God I’m so close! Please let me cum soon!

And as if to answer my prayers, the PA speaker lets out a loud victorious 8-bit jingle, as if the final boss in a video game has just been defeated! The Announcer speaks, “Congratulations. You win. The Male may now remove his blindfold. Both players may now each return to their quarters.”

I whip off my blindfold and finally assess the damage I’ve inflicted on my fellow classmate. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the light, and then I stare down at the beautiful girl.

Julia Zoheri had been at the top of her class. She would have graduated with top honors. Would have gotten into the best college. Top of the social hierarchy, she would have surely gotten any man she wanted, and no one would ever dare treat the perfect little thing badly.

I stare down at Julia’s unconscious naked body. My cock impaled in her cunt, stretching the inexperienced hole wide open. A bit of blood, a tiny trickle of piss, and a ton of wet slime is smeared all over her crotch, bubbling and dripping down her inner thighs and into her ass crack. Her dusky Persian skin is covered in red marks from all the abuse of the game, her whole body glossy with sweat. Little tits staring up at me, brown nipples erect like daggers. Her face is in fact slightly blue, and as I release my grip on her throat, I watch her slowly return to a normal shade, her lungs refilling. Disgusting globs of spit coat her entire face, her silky dark hair plastered and gross. And yet despite all of this… Julia is still as adorable as always.

I pump in and out a few more times, enjoying the thrill of fucking a schoolgirl’s sleeping body, and then I burst up to my feet, cock sliding out of her. I step forward and kneel down straddling her chest, jerking myself ever closer to climax. This isn’t part of the game at all! I’m doing this of my own accord! And no one’s stopping me!

I sit down low over her head and slide my throbbing dick underneath her blindfold just as I begin erupting! I let out an inadvertent groan and then a deep sigh, orgasm washing over my entire body. My hips thrust on their own, sliding around underneath the fabric. And spurt after spurt of hot cum pools out over the young teen’s sleeping eyes! Nothing has ever felt better! Eyelids and eyelashes under my twitching cock, her blindfold gets soaked within seconds. My balls smothering her nose and mouth.

Breathing heavily, I just sit there for a minute, staring down at the wreck of a girl under me. My hands play with her hair, caress her sweet little head. And as my penis softens, I slide out from under the blindfold and begin nonchalantly wiping myself off on her face, cleaning myself inside her mouth. The sleeping angel will awake to eyes covered in jizz, foul taste in her mouth, body covered in nasty filth.

I stand and stretch, fully satisfied. The snobby tattletale at the front of class turned out to be more fun than I could have ever hoped. Her sweet taste still lingers on my lips. Her girly cherry scent still permeates my brain. I leave the girl lying there utterly destroyed on the floor, knowing that if I ever want to enjoy her again, I need only press a button. She has nowhere to hide.

To be continued…


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2023-03-19 14:44:01
space_torpedoes, haha I'm not sure I always do but I'm certainly trying! And yeah each level will hopefully get darker and less hesitant as the dude falls deeper into depravity. The blindfolded pov was so interesting to write, so I'm happy to hear it came across like that! And yeah I think I have a similar mindset when writing both series. Thanks for the love!


2023-03-19 02:02:34
Whoa how do you always top yourself with this series??? I like how he’s barely hesitant anymore lol it just keeps getting darker. And it was fun not having sight, which is how us readers always read but you did it as a writer. Interesting! Reminded me of your Vampire series for some reason with how sensual yet extreme it was. Can’t wait for Level 4!!

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