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Welcome, dear readers. I'm going to try again to post this, the first chapter of one of my most popular works. Maybe I hit the wrong button. Who knows? As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome and encouraged. This story features content with dubious consent at most. Rape is wrong. Don't do it. Everyone knows this. If you don't enjoy stories with this kind of content, don't read them. All characters who engage in sexual content are of age. Now, on with the show...
Raquel was having a bad week. A really, REALLY bad week. On Monday, she had learned that her application for the summer internship of her dreams was rejected. On Tuesday, her mother had called with news that her sister (the young, sweet one, not the queen bitch) had been in her scumbag boyfriend's car when the moron drunkenly crashed it into not one, but three trees and would be needing at least two months of physical therapy that the insurance company was trying to weasel their way out of paying for. On Wednesday, she had been so distracted that she completely bombed her solo piece in one of the most important concerts of the year. On Thursday, her computer had decided to test out its brand new impression of the world's most expensive brick with finals just around the corner. Then, to cap it all off, on Friday Raquel had discovered that Ellie, her beloved girlfriend of nearly two years, had betrayed her trust for a second time by again going behind her back to party with Raquel's abusive ex, sparking the biggest fight of their entire time together.

Having emerged from her unplanned vacation to hell on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Raquel spent the entirety of Saturday curled up in front of her little tv with a remote and a one pound chocolate bar in a desperate attempt to deny the existence of the entire world beyond her bedroom. But then... then came Sunday and she decided she was ready to start putting things right. She didn't yet have the heart to start looking for new summer options, or the money to fix her computer, or the time machine to go back and redo the concert, or the power to magically heal her sister. What she did have was just the right mix of fury and pettiness to get back at Ellie in the most damning way she could think of.

So it was that Raquel found herself standing in front of her bedroom mirror putting the finishing touches on the heaviest makeup she had worn in ages. She allowed herself a wicked grin as she surveyed the breathtaking young woman staring back at her, turning this way and that to appraise her efforts from every possible direction. Her angular face was all sharp lines and pale skin with cheekbones one could cut themselves on. The makeup she had spent the last half hour applying was the perfect smoky look to compliment the sleek, jet black hair that fell well past her bare shoulders. Raquel knew just how beautiful she was, and while she normally didn't care to draw attention to her body, tonight she was going to flaunt every square inch of it for all the world to see.

To that end, she had decided to adorn her svelte young form with a brand new strapless dress held up by nothing more than the supple C cup breasts whose curves it highlighted so well. The gown was an eye catching shade somewhere between crimson and scarlet with delicate gold accents, but it was most notable for the scandalous slit stretching its entire height. Those three inches bridged by nothing more than a dozen delicate metal chains traced a path from her cleavage down to the outside of her right hip before flaring outwards as they ran down her leg. Beneath the thin chains binding the dress together lay nothing but acres of bare skin, the absence of any frilly lace around her hips or bosom offering an unspoken promise about the evening to come.

Satisfied that she could rival Venus herself for the night, the young lesbian stepped back from the mirror and crossed the room to reach her bed. As she moved, she luxuriated in the feel of tight, silky satin across her skin. The touch of the subtly rippling fabric felt almost as sensuous as the fingers of a skilled lover, especially on the sensitive flesh of her breasts around which it clung like a second skin. She sighed as she took a seat on the side of the bed and reached for the sleek black stilettos waiting nearby. The dress had been entirely too expensive for a girl on her meager budget, but as soon as she saw it she knew it would be perfection. Eventually she would have to find some way to replace the money she had siphoned out of her tuition fund to pay for it, but that was a problem for the future.

It took Raquel a little while to force her feet into the stilettos, borrowed as they were from her petite roommate whose feet were a size or two smaller than her own. The look on Clara's face when she had asked to borrow them was beyond astonishment. While herself a modern young woman, the little blonde was used to rolling her eyes while her roommate passionately decried the many real or imagined offenses of 'The Patriarchy', among them the 'damn fool notion that women should have to make ourselves look more fuckable by wearing ridiculous, painful crap like that'. So naturally she had been blown away when Raquel specifically asked for the tall, strappy pair she had often derided as 'fuck me heels' when she thought Clara was out of earshot.

Once she had fought her way into the monstrosities, Raquel rose to her feet and tested them out. They were every bit as uncomfortable as she had expected, but it was even harder to walk in them than she remembered from the last time she had worn a pair. That had been at her graduation ceremony from the Catholic ladies' prep school her mother was an irrationally proud alumni of. Spending three years there as one of eight scholarship students in a class of two hundred had been the worst period of her life, the hardship of being constantly outnumbered by a litany of mean girls with egos the size of their bank accounts only slightly undercut by the near-constant stream of opportunities to tease or seduce confused young schoolgirls buried so far in the closet they might as well have been Christmas decorations in July.

While fairly low on her list of complaints about the place, the academy's dress code had always pissed Raquel off. However, for what had to be the first time ever, she was suddenly grateful that the sisters had required their pupils to wear heels at all formal occasions. Without that experience it would have taken far more than the five minutes or so she had before her phone buzzed to announce her date's arrival on the street below in order to progress from teetering every third step to being able to manage a tentative gait without completely embarrassing herself. Grabbing her phone, she slipped it into a small but elegant handbag that was waiting atop her dresser.

Preparations complete, Raquel exited her apartment with a heavy weight in her stomach. Her pace was almost painfully slow as she made her way down two flights of stairs to the front entrance of her building, dragged down by both her discomfort with heels and a dawning sense of dread as the reality of her situation began to sink in. Despite her caution she nearly tumbled twice, only catching herself thanks to the railing she clung to like a precious lover.

When the raven-haired beauty at last reached the ground floor she made sure to stop behind the building's front entrance and quickly peek out the tall window to one side. A toxic blend of rage and envy threatened to overcome her as she saw that her date had pulled up in a luxury car that doubtless cost more than an entire year of every expense she had put together. Pulling back from the window she ground her teeth for a long moment before taking one, two, three deep breaths to calm herself and steel her resolve. Opening her eyes, she fixed a shy smile across her face before reaching out to open the door and embrace her decision.

A rush of cold wintry air washed over Raquel as she stepped out into the night. She shuddered ever so slightly as the frigid air sent a ripple down her spine. More embarrassingly, she could feel her youthful nipples, already teased for over an hour by the fabric of her dress, rapidly firming up from the cold. Even without looking down she had no doubt they would be visibly tenting out the thin material covering them. Knowing her date would be watching, Raquel struggled to neither squirm nor stumble as she tentatively descended the last three steps to street level, but in the end she managed to reach the luxury car's passenger door without incident.

"Damn, if you don't look fine tonight, babe. Hop in before that pretty little ass of yours freezes off." came a familiar voice through the rolled down window. The young lesbian obeyed, taking great care to manage her dress as she sunk into the plush leather seat and closed the door behind her. It was only once she had fully settled in that she finally forced herself to look over and meet the dark brown eyes of her date for the night.

It was Raquel's unwavering opinion that Connor Hathaway III was the scum of the Earth. He was a pig, an ass, and in all likelihood a half-dozen or so other farm animals to boot. It had been her extreme misfortune to have known him since her freshman year at university. He had been a senior at the time, having since graduated and taken up an inherited position at his family's business. An extreme winner of the genetic lottery, the blue blooded bastard happened to be among the primary heirs in his generation to one of the most extensive family fortunes in America. Because of course he came from money, a man like him would never amount to anything without better people dragging him through life.

They had actually first met through Ellie, as at the time the bastard had been dating (by some definitions) her current girlfriend/then best friend's freshman year roommate. Personally, Raquel didn't think showing up a few nights a week to screw a timid freshman while ghosting on every meaningful moment of her life qualified as dating, but it was about as close as men seemed to like getting. Regardless, their relationship clearly hadn't been serious enough to stop him from leering at Raquel and peppering her with crass jokes or unwelcome advances every chance he got. Such behavior had continued unabated long after he had both dumped that particular girlfriend and learned of Raquel's distaste for his kind.

Unfortunately, while Ellie had entirely escaped the cretin's orbit when he inevitably dumped her roommate, Raquel had not been so lucky. Though not willing to commit the time required to learn an instrument himself, Connor was a fixture in the music department of their university. He came to as many performances as he could manage, had plenty of 'bros' among the male musicians, and had seemingly slept his way through half the females including Jessica, the clueless fellow alto in Raquel's jazz band who had delighted in retelling the details of their many encounters to her cringing friend. Over the years he had maintained an unapologetically blatant interest in Raquel despite the extensive lengths she had taken to avoid him whenever possible. As far as she was concerned, a seemingly genuine love of music was just about his only redeeming quality. Though if pressed in private, she might have also been persuaded to admit he was at least less of an eyesore than most men.

Having racked her brain for every male she knew, Raquel had settled on Connor as the perfect man to use in her scheme to get back at Ellie. She knew well that for girls like them, there could be few worse psychological traumas than the thought of a lover in bed with such an exaggerated specimen of the toxic masculinity they each loved to rant about. Even more perfect, she had known there was a better than even chance she would receive yet another overture the very next time her path crossed Connor's.

With her mind set, the young lesbian had brought her saxophone in to campus for an early Sunday morning practice in one of the department's small side studios. As she played she made sure to watch the main room through the dusty window between the two. Sure enough, an hour or two later she saw Connor bidding two of his buddies farewell in the doorway and strolling into the band room. She hurriedly packed her instrument up and slipped out of the practice studio, 'happening upon' her target in the otherwise unoccupied chamber.

True to form, Connor noticed her immediately and answered her appearance with a wolf whistle, practically charging towards her. Feigning surprise, Raquel had mumbled a greeting and half turned in a facsimile of her usual attempt to flee his presence. Unlike every other time, though, she had forced herself to stop dead in her tracks at his familiar followup about how much he loved that shirt on her and the way it showed off her sexy midriff. Willing a bit of blood to her cheeks, she had turned back to look at him.

"Really, you like it?" she had muttered. Either he was sold on her flustered act or he just didn't care, powering forward at the biggest opening she had ever given him.

"Hell yeah, hot stuff, every time I see you in that it makes me want to ride you till you break." The shit eating grin on his face laid bare to Raquel the irrational confidence that could only be mustered by such an entitled, self absorbed guy like him.

"I... wow, that's... um..." she sputtered, deliberately looking anywhere but at her target.

"Whadya say we go out some time, cutie? If there's one thing I know, it's how to show a girl a real good time." Connor had been pushing ever further into her personal space as he blustered and by that point the student could practically feel his breath on her skin.

"Well... I..."

"Come on, you know you want to,"

Raquel had made a show of chewing on her lower lip as she slowly looked up to meet his predatory eyes. "Alright... I guess." she had half whispered, looking away after she said it so she didn't have to see the disgusting look of triumph on his face.

Connor had been ecstatic at her acceptance, long overdue as he thought it to be. From there, it had been easy for her to manipulate him into agreeing to a date of her choosing the same night and believing it had been his idea all along. Once she had given him her address (a necessary evil) and agreed on a time for him to pick her up, she departed the scene as quickly as her coltish legs could take her. Moments later she came across Jessica in the hall, but the girl just responded to her greeting with a quick nod of recognition before breezing past.

When she heard a door open a few steps later she looked over her shoulder to see Jessica slipping into the same band room she had just left herself. As she walked away Raquel realized that her bandmate hadn't been carrying her sax. Knowing who was lurking in the room and how little there was to do there without an instrument, the young lesbian had cringed inwardly at the realization that Connor had almost certainly just arranged a first date with her while waiting for one of his countless side pieces to show up for a cheap tryst.

The memory made Raquel's stomach flutter uncomfortably as she looked across the car at her date. She fought to tamp down any queasiness in her system, knowing the evening would be difficult enough to get through on its own and that the last thing she needed was to get sick. Instead, she forced herself to greet him with a shy little smile, finding the nervous act from the morning preferable to enduring any real conversation with the man.

"Well strap in, little lady, cause we are about to hit the town." Without waiting for his date to apply her seatbelt, Connor pulled out into the street and sped away into the night. Their destination wasn't too far, in summer Raquel would have considered it walking distance, but there was no way she was making the trek in this dress and this weather. With traffic it took them a few minutes to travel by car, time that Connor spent prattling away about a mix of how ridiculous the traffic was at this time of night and how he knew she would clean up nice. Raquel engaged as little as she could with either topic, finding herself both relieved and vaguely insulted that her date seemed perfectly comfortable talking at her rather than with her.

Before long they pulled up in front of the decently upscale Bohemian restaurant Raquel had chosen as the scene for the night's little drama. She allowed Connor to help her out of the car, surprised despite his upbringing that he was capable of being a gentleman, and focused on straightening out her dress as he handed off his keys and a healthy tip to a valet that couldn't have been any younger than himself. The young man could barely keep his eyes off Raquel, only fueling the smug grin Connor wore when he turned back to his date.

Eager to escape the cold, the unlikely couple quickly made their way up the small path to the restaurant's entrance. A few steps into their walk, Raquel's eyes went wide as she felt her date's hand settle onto her taut young ass, cupping and gently squeezing one of her cheeks through the thin material of her dress. Stunned by his boldness, she let him steer her without protest. By the time she opened her mouth to snap at him, she realized that the presence of his hand on her rear seemed to somehow make walking in her borrowed stilettos easier, the revelation drawing a modest blush on the raven-haired girl's upper cheeks. The pace he set was the fastest she had attempted since putting them on, yet she barely even wobbled as they strode up the few steps from curb to porch. When they reached the door he again pulled it open for her like a gentleman only to ruin the gesture by practically shoving her inside with a firm push on her rear.

Raquel's heart spiked as she stumbled through the door, not seeing anything near enough in the small lobby to catch herself on. Fortunately, she was able to plant her feet enough to keep from falling completely, though the near miss was humiliating enough to send her mild blush into overdrive. She barely noticed the restaurant's greeter, a well dressed man of around thirty years, approaching until he was at her side offering a hand.

"I'm okay, thanks," she managed, voice unsteady as her heart and breathing recovered.

"Is madam certain?" He replied, eyes furrowed skeptically. His voice carried a distinct European accent, but Raquel wasn't familiar enough to place whether it's origins matched those of the restaurant.

"It's nothing, buddy, she just tripped." Connor interjected as he followed his date into the lobby and allowed the door to slam shut behind him. "Girls are clumsy like that."

"Of course, sir," the greeter acquiesced, though Raquel could see him giving her date a leery look while the latter's head was turned towards her. Seeing that she had come to no harm whatever the cause of her stumble and reluctant to pry any farther, he retreated back to his station. "Welcome to Večerní stůl, will the lovely couple be wanting a table for two or are we expecting more guests?"

"Oh, I'm not sharing her with anyone tonight," Connor grinned at the greeter as he reached over towards his date. While she wasn't thrilled at having his hand back on her body, Raquel was at least relieved that this time it fell on her shoulder. "Just the double will do."

"Could we get one by the west windows? I like to watch the boats on the river." The young woman smiled demurely at the greeter before nodding over towards the section she wanted.

"One moment, madam," he smiled back. Raquel took note of how his eyes followed the slit of her dress on their way down to consult with the small electronic display built into his podium. As polite as he seemed, even he couldn't keep his eyes to himself. Men. As if being eyed up by a stranger wasn't bad enough, she could feel her date's hand absentmindedly massaging her shoulder. As much of a struggle as it was not to snap at him, she knew she was past the point of no return and had no choice but to make their date a success.

After a minute the greeter looked up with an apologetic frown on his face. "I'm sorry madam, we won't have a free table in that section for five, perhaps ten minutes. I could seat you in another section now, though. The park to the south is particularly lovely in winter and there is a window seat open there."

"That will be fine," Connor replied before Raquel could even open her mouth. She had to grab his arm to stop him before he charged off.

"Can't we wait?"

"It doesn't matter, babe, the food tastes the same wherever you sit." her date tugged at her shoulder to get her to follow, a little too firmly to be polite.

"Please, Connor, it'll just be a few minutes," she insisted, holding her ground. "I need the ladies room anyway and you can look at the menu here." Seeing the irritated look on her date's face Raquel realized she needed to double down, fixing him with the most seductive look in her arsenal and batting her eyelashes. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Connor hesitated for a second before grunting and shaking his head. "Ugh, fine. I'll spend the time deciding exactly how you're gonna do that."

"Thank you, Connor." Raquel gave him a quick smile before turning to the greeter. "He can take the table when it opens and I'll join him when I get out."

"As madam likes. The washrooms are just"

"I know where they are, thank you," she cut him off. Without another glance at her date, Raquel made for the nearest one at as brisk a pace as she could manage, which admittedly was a pretty average pace. She kept her head down as she walked, not looking up until she blew through the restroom door and heard it snap shut behind her. The young woman let out a massive breath as she slumped back against it and closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she took in the familiar scene of the restaurant's small but clean bathroom. Flipping the lock behind her she moved over to lean against the sink and stare into her reflection in the mirror above. After a long moment she sighed and straightened up, glancing to check the time on the clock above the door. She should have expected Connor to be so handsy, so possessive, he was a guy after all. No, he wasn't just any guy, he was the very worst kind of guy and that was exactly why she had picked him out of all her options. So she should have expected it, but she hadn't and it was getting to her. At the rate things were going it would take every bit of guile she had to get through the night without everything horribly derailing.

Raquel spent the next several minutes alternately staring into the mirror in boredom and filling the small room with the staccato clicking of her stilettos on tile flooring as she paced. After fifteen minutes she knew her retreat to the unlikely sanctuary had to end. Even on a relatively busy night, stalling any longer meant a risk of not being at the table when their waitress arrived and that just wouldn't do. So a few hesitant seconds later she slipped out into the main dining room. A quick scan revealed Connor glancing around impatiently from a small corner booth next to the western windows. Seeing him in the right place, she let out a sigh of relief that he hadn't reneged and taken the first available table as soon as she was out of earshot.

A minute later and she was taking a seat across from him, her arrival greeted by an irritated grunt. "There you are," he fixed her with a scowl that made his face even less compelling than normal. "Why do girls always spend so much time on the pot? Is it that time of the month or something?"

Raquel instantly recoiled as if her date had turned into a rattlesnake, eyes flashing and nostrils flaring. "I... You..." She was lucky to be at a loss for words, had she been able to properly articulate her sheer outrage at a man asking her such a question instead of merely sputtering incoherently their date would almost certainly have gone up in flames at the worst possible time.

Connor held his scowl for about three seconds before cracking a wolfish grin. "Ah, the look on your face. You gotta learn to take a joke, babe." Shaking his head, he turned his attention back down towards the menu opened before him.

Gritting her teeth, Raquel forced herself to swallow her fury. Someday she would find a way to make her date pay for his every slight, but she couldn't afford to do so in the moment. Instead she went to pick up her own menu, only to realize the one before Connor was the only one at their table. "Where's my menu?" She asked slowly, fighting to keep the venom out of her voice.

"Huh? I only took the one. It's just us." Her date replied, glancing up from the menu.


"About damn time," Connor cut her off, his eyes fixed on a point somewhere over her shoulder. "Here comes the waitress."

Raquel stiffened just a little at that news, sharply sucking in her breath. A few seconds later a feminine figure emerged from the edge of her vision, coming to a stop at the end of their table. Her lyrical voice was tinged with a hint of exhaustion as she powered through a tediously generic greeting. "Welcome to Večerní stůl, I'll be your server tonight. My name... is..." The girl trailed off as she swung her head towards Raquel for the first time, her face freezing. But it didn't matter, the young lesbian would recognize Ellie anywhere. She was wearing the usual 'Work Ellie' uniform Raquel knew by heart, plain black slacks and a white dress blouse just thick enough to hide the colourful sports bra her girlfriend knew would be underneath. The waitress's straw blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, strands of the hot pink streak that decorated the right side intermingling with the rest in a fetching combination. Her makeup was minimal, save for the cherry red lipstick they both so loved on her.

Raquel smiled wide as she looked up at her girlfriend, relishing the blend of emotions she saw contort Ellie's pretty face as she struggled to collect herself. After a second, Raquel, ever gracious, decided to throw her lover a lifeline. "Eleanor, right? I think you've served me before." It was true, she had dropped by once or twice since Ellie started working as a waitress, hoping to brighten her long shifts. Connor's presence naturally rendered Raquel's latest visit a different kind of surprise, though, as did the fact that she had ignored each of the nine texts and four voicemails Ellie had left in the forty eight hours or so since their fight.

"Eleanor... yes... sorry... my name is... Eleanor." The poor girl struggled to get her words out until she finally managed to pull her eyes away from her girlfriend and fixate on her date instead. "Do you... Do you know what you'd like to drink?"

"We'll take a bottle of your most expensive red wine, as long as it's European." Raquel wasn't surprised by Connor's order, he was clearly accustomed to getting whatever he wanted and had the family money to ensure it happened. As hard as it was for a girl from meager roots like hers to imagine, she supposed such an order probably wasn't even a special occasion for him. His money hardly impressed her, it wasn't like he had a hand in making it, but it did make the prospect of a show date with him slightly more palatable. It had been a few years since she last got to sample fancy wines on someone else's dime.

Ellie nodded silently and jotted something down in the little pad she held as she turned to face Raquel once more. When she did, her pale blue eyes didn't immediately find her girlfriend's face. Instead they began low and gradually worked their way up the daring slit of her dress, growing wider and wider as they did until they finally reached Raquel's own. The young lesbian was content to wait for that moment, gratified to know that Ellie was every bit as awestruck seeing her in the dress as she had hoped when buying it. Of course, at the time she had planned on wearing it to their anniversary date in a few weeks, but plans change. "That will do nicely," she affirmed once their eyes finally met.

"Right, well I'll just... go and fetch those," the waitress managed. She swiftly tucked her pad into a pouch on her belt and turned to make a quick escape back to the kitchens for their wine. In the split second between when her face fully turned out of Connor's view and when she walked out of Raquel's, Ellie shot her girlfriend a look of such wounded bewilderment that it's recipient felt an inkling of doubt about her scheme for the first time since it's inception. But even had that look been enough to make her regret setting the plan in motion, and it certainly wasn't, she was already committed.

Raquel sat silently as Ellie departed, observing with mixed emotions as her date ogled her girlfriend's shapely, retreating backside. She knew Ellie was cute and in the moment she wasn't about to bite Connor's head off for her sake, but it was mortifying to have her date, even a fake one, be practically drooling over another girl instead of paying attention to her. Especially with how much effort she had invested in turning herself into any man's living, breathing fantasy.

"What was with that chick?" Connor asked once Ellie had finally vanished into the kitchen, his gaze languidly rolling over to his lovely companion. "You think she has the hots for you or something?"

"I don't think that's quite it." Raquel couldn't have kept the delighted purr out of her voice even had she tried, but her date wasn't paying enough attention to notice.

"You sure? Cause I wouldn't mind seeing if we could bring her home with us." He raised one eyebrow as he looked at her, his eyes briefly falling to her chest before rising to her face once more. "That's a fine piece of ass, and I know you go in for that sort of thing."

Raquel had to bite her tongue to stop herself spitting out any of the dozen instinctive, scathing retorts that sprung to the front of her mind. Instead she forced a demure smile onto her face and shook her head gently. "I don't think that will be happening tonight."

"Pity," Connor muttered, giving one last look at his date's exposed cleavage before returning his attention to the menu before him.

Still without one of her own, Raquel was left to lean forward in an attempt to read their sole menu upside down. After a minute or two of scant progress she gave up, slumping back into the deep booth and crossing her arms in front of her ample chest. She took a moment to blow away a stray lock of hair that had fallen into her face before fixing her oblivious date with a sullen glare.

Suffering through an entire meal with Connor was certainly going to strain her self control, but it would be worth it once she finally rid herself of him. Raquel had the whole evening planned out. She wanted to hurt Ellie as much as she herself had been hurt by her girlfriend's decision to not only spend time with Grace despite hearing all the horror stories of how the popular, beautiful heiress had manipulated, cheated on, and toyed with Raquel their freshman year, but to lie about doing so to her face.

The decision to go out with Grace had been among the worst of Raquel's life and memories of the five whirlwind months they spent together still haunted her. At first it had been like a fairytale. While at the beautiful blonde's side Raquel had gotten into the hottest clubs in the city, she had met celebrities, she had experienced luxuries the likes of which she never imagined growing up. She had even spent a week on vacation in the Swiss alps, skiing by day and making love on silk sheets by night. As the days ticked by, though, the young lesbian couldn't help but feel something was wrong. Grace's casual lies piled up, the looks she got from her socialite friends grew increasingly predatory, and the demands placed on her (in bed and otherwise) only grew.

Eventually she realized the truth. Grace didn't love her, she wasn't that kind of person. To the cruel princess, Raquel had never been anything more than a pretty, starstruck little peasant girl she could play with. More a pet or a toy than a person, let alone an equal. Even knowing that she had nearly given in, the siren's call of the perks that came with their relationship almost too strong to resist. But she had gotten out, and for over a year Grace was gone from her life. Then... then it had happened. Ellie and Grace had met by chance and there had been an instant attraction between the blondes. Raquel knew she had little to offer compared to the heiress, and the thought of losing the love of her life to the nightmare she herself had barely escaped from was just too terrible to contemplate. So after Ellie's latest indiscretion, she had decided to make clear once and for all that it was her or Grace. She only hoped it would be enough.

Of course, she had no intention of sullying herself by actually sleeping with Connor to make her point. The thought of enduring that was beyond nauseating. After flaunting their date in front of Ellie he would drop her off at home, but he certainly wouldn't be coming up. She wouldn't even be going up. No, Ellie was a smart girl and she knew Clara well enough to discreetly inquire as to whether Raquel had come home with anyone or not at all. And even if her roommate was of a mind to cover for her, the petite blonde was a truly feeble liar. So once her date had left Raquel would take a taxi to spend the night in a motel leaving her roommate to unwittingly confirm her girlfriend's worst fears.

Her payback was made so much better by the fact Connor seemed to have no idea who Ellie was. Oblivious to their relationship, he would treat Raquel the same as he would any other date and Ellie would be forced to stand by and witness with her job held hostage should she make any kind of scene. Raquel had been pretty confident in her gamble he wouldn't recognize the blonde, a man of his ilk who treated women like disposable toys wasn't likely to remember a girl he barely knew from years before. Her girlfriend, on the other hand, had never forgotten him. While she was far less confident in dealing with them than Raquel, Ellie cared even less for members of the rougher gender than her lover did. On several occasions she had even cited Connor as a specific example of why she wished she could go through life without dealing with any men at all.

The sharp clink of glass on glass shook Raquel from her reverie. She looked up to see her girlfriend already busy at work as she first poured and deposited one glass of liquid extravagance in front of her, then a second in front of Connor, whose eyes she noted drinking in the sight of Ellie demurely serving them. Once she was finished the waitress set the fancy glass bottle with its remaining contents in the middle of the table and once more withdrew her little note pad from a small pocket near her slender waist.

"Have you two had a chance to look over our menu yet?" Ellie asked, her head deliberately turned towards Connor. Raquel smirked, wondering if the blonde had been repeating that sentence in her mind like a mantra as she approached in order to get it out without faltering. Unfortunately, that momentary distraction meant that by the time she opened her mouth to request a menu of her own Connor had beaten her to the punch.

"Yes, I'll be having the biggest steak in your kitchen, done medium rare and seasoned with the specialty rub." Raquel's eyes flashed with fury as she listened to her date place his order. He knew damn well she hadn't even skimmed the menu yet. "For her, let me see... It was... Ah! There we are. I think this sausage sampler platter here is just right for tonight."

It took every ounce of self control the raven-haired girl possessed not to leap across the table and rip Connor's throat out with her bare hands. In any other situation, she would have flown off the handle at a man being so presumptuous as to order her food for her. Add in his choice of meal and the smug smile with which he announced it and her reprisal would have gone far beyond words alone. But as he finished, she realized that she couldn't have ***********ed the scene any better had she been given a hundred chances. So when he finished and Ellie swung her wide, pretty eyes over to confirm with Raquel, the beautiful young woman just nodded once, not trusting herself to speak.

The waitress's cheeks flushed bright red as she tried to bury her face behind the tiny pad into which she scribbled their orders. It wasn't Ellie's round face that caught her girlfriend's eye, though, it was her hips, her legs. As intimately familiar as she was with every facet of her lover's body, Raquel would have had to be blind to miss the familiar way she subtly twitched and squirmed, her thighs rubbing together ever so slightly. The blonde only got so squirrely when she was truly nervous or upset and trying not to show it. Or when she got particularly aroused, but that seemed... unlikely under the circumstances. Regardless, it meant her plan was working.

With no further duties to attend to, Ellie grabbed the menu from the table and made a quick escape from her tormentors. Again, Connor's eyes lingered on her as she departed, but this time instead of dwelling on that fact his date distracted herself by taking a long first sip from her wineglass. Her eyes opened wide as an exquisite flavour unlike anything she had ever experienced rolled over her tongue. It was without a doubt the most luxurious thing she had tasted outside her brief tenure as Grace's girlfriend. Raquel wasn't much of a drinker, she knew she was a lightweight and prone to severe hangovers so she usually limited herself to an occasional drink or two when partying or with friends. When she did drink, it was invariably the sort of cheap swill rarely found outside a broke college student's minifridge.

"Wow... that's really good," she murmured. At the noise Connor turned and, seeing his date had gotten started on the wine, lifted his own glass for a sample.

"Eh, it's alright," he declared after downing nearly a third of his glass in one gulp. Setting it back down, he fixed Raquel with a bemused smirk. "Now, I believe someone has a promise to keep."


"You made me wait for this stupid table, remember? You also said you'd make it up to me." Connor's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared across at his date.

Raquel's brow furrowed slightly, uncertain what he was driving towards. She had made that promise, she recalled, but hadn't meant anything by it. Once dinner was over she would ditch Connor and go back to avoiding him like the plague, so she hadn't thought twice about casually throwing around her word. "Um, yeah, of course. I will."

"Good, cause a place like this, it'll take them at least twenty minutes to get that steak ready, probably more." He paused to take another deep pull from his wineglass as he quickly surveyed their surroundings. Seemingly satisfied, he returned his gaze to the beauty across from him and softly patted the cushion of the booth at his side. "In the meantime, there's not much to do so why don't you hop over here and get to work."

"Get to work on..." Raquel trailed off, confusion plain on her face.

Connor huffed and rolled his eyes dramatically. "On taking care of this hardon I've been sporting since you strolled out of your place in the sluttiest dress this side of the Atlantic."

The young lesbian's cheeks flushed scarlet, the realization of what her date was asking hitting so hard that his assessment of her wardrobe flew right over her head. "You... you want me to... here? In public?" Her voice was little more than a whisper, instinctively dropping to avoid being overheard.

"Well, yeah." He didn't bother to lower his own voice. "That waitress won't be back for awhile and we're tucked away in this corner. Worst case, someone sees and we get thrown out. Big deal."

"No way. I'm not jerking your thing in the middle of a restaurant. That's crazy. You are crazy."

A heavy scowl spread across Connor's face and his eyes narrowed menacingly. "Really? You're gonna try and play the good girl now? Bull. Shit." He patted the same spot again, more aggressively this time. "You'll come over here and get to work if you know what's good for you."

Raquel narrowed her own eyes as she glared back across the table at her date. "It's not happening, Connor. Forget about it." She tried to steady her nerves and hold his gaze, but there was a shakiness to her voice and eyes that undercut her efforts.

Connor stared her down for a few seconds before grunting and looking away. "Fuck this, I don't waste my time with cock teases. I'm out of here."

Raquel's eyes went wide from dismay as her date started to scoot his way out of their booth, the gears in her mind spinning into overdrive. Connor departing would be an absolute nightmare, the raven-haired beauty couldn't imagine a way for things to get worse. With Ellie having already seen them together she simply couldn't afford for the date to blow up in her face before paying off. If it did she would be beyond humiliated. Instead of a wounded Ellie begging to be taken back it would be Raquel herself forced to explain and plead the pretty blonde's forgiveness. No, she couldn't let him leave. No matter what it took.

"Wait, hold on." The young lesbian made no effort to hide the desperation in her voice, it wouldn't have mattered. Her pleading was enough to stop Connor in his tracks,but not to return him to his seat. Hovering near the end of the booth, he fixed her with an expectant stare, one eyebrow raised. "Please, Connor. I promise, I will make it up to you, but can't it wait til after dinner? Wouldn't it be better at home?" She bit her lip softly, gazing up at him with big, vulnerable eyes.

His reply was harsh, his eyes cold and challenging. "No, slut, you get to work now or I bail. If you're so scared of a little handjob then you aren't worth my time."

The world seemed to slow around the couple as each willed the other to surrender. Eventually, inevitably, the weaker caved. Feeling the weight of her date's gaze heavy on her, Raquel swallowed slowly, then she committed. "Al... alright. I'll do it."

"Good." The smile Connor wore as he returned to his seat was every bit as smug as Raquel had come to expect from him but it was also heavier somehow, no longer the grin of an indolent youth. A quick shiver rippled down the small of her back as he once more patted the seat next to him, saying nothing. Knowing there was no upside to testing his patience, Raquel cast a quick glance over her shoulder. She realized he was right, there weren't many people in the restaurant with a good view of their booth and none of them were paying any attention. Before making her move, she reached for her wineglass and steeled herself by quickly draining what was left of its contents down her throat.

Another quick glance and she slipped out of her own seat, swiftly shifting over to join Connor on his side. As she slid in her date raised his right arm and wrapped it around her bare shoulders, using that grip to pull her tight against his body. He leaned in to plant a kiss on her painted lips, but Raquel turned her face away and it landed on her flushed cheek instead. "You'd best get to work if you want to finish before she comes back." His whisper was low and hoarse, delivered right into her ear. She could smell the scent of their wine on his warm breath as it tickled her pale skin.

Next to her Connor shifted his legs apart, drawing the raven-haired girl's reluctant eyes to what lay between them. There was no hiding the bulge in his crotch or the unmistakable outline it made straining against the fabric of his pants. Raquel quickly glanced up to meet his eyes, but there was nothing there to reassure her. Realizing her date wasn't planning to contribute even so far as to undo his own pants, the young lesbian tentatively slipped one hand under the table and over to his lap. Gently biting her lower lip, she looked back down at his crotch. When she took hold of his zipper and slowly started to pull it down it felt like she was signing away her soul, every metal notch a letter on the contract. Once it was all the way down she shifted to struggle with the button on his pants, clearly feeling the way his member sporadically throbbed under the weight of her hand. Even with that warning she wasn't prepared for the way it surged out of his pants once finally freed. The hideous thing reminded her of a popup target from some cheap circus game with the way it bobbed in his lap.

In all her twenty one years of life, Raquel had never so much as seen a man's penis in the flesh, let alone touched one. Her opinions of the opposite gender had been entrenched well before puberty, so the grand total of her sexual knowledge about men came from three days of catholic sex ed. She always found it ironic that abstinence was one of the few things she had never clashed with the sisters over, given the reason why would likely have horrified them even more. Now, though, she was about to become intimately acquainted with a man's weapon for the first time. The particular specimen she was fated to embrace celebrated it's release by smacking repeatedly against her hovering hand while she stared transfixed.

"You like what you see?" Connor's voice shook Raquel from her trance. She glanced up at his smirking face, but quickly found she couldn't hold his gaze and averted her eyes, blush intensifying. At some point his hand had begun to casually massage her shoulder, but when she instinctively started to pull away its grip tightened around her. Under the table his other hand caught her wrist, preventing its escape as well. "Don't even think about it, girl. I'm done playing."

Raquel's date was bigger than her, and much stronger. Between the way he glowered at her and the pain of his hand squeezing her wrist, she started to realize the consequences of defiance might just go beyond the embarrassment of being ditched in the restaurant. So when he released her hand after a few seconds, instead of pulling it back the girl slowly returned it to his lap. Clenching her eyes shut, she accepted her fate, taking hold of a man's cock for the first time in her young life. As she wrapped her soft fingers around the warm, fleshy rod she could feel it surge under her grip.

"Oh, yeah, that's a good girl. Now was that so hard?" The raven-haired beauty's cheeks burned at his words. She felt like a pet being trained to do a trick, and it struck her that the comparison wasn't far from the truth. When the evening began she had meant to use Connor for her own purposes only to toss him aside afterwords, but somewhere along the line he had turned the tables and as she sat with his cock in her hand it was clear she was the one being used, a toy for his amusement. She had no illusions that he saw her as anything more than another conquest, just the latest in a long line of women he had taken his pleasure from only to move on when he grew bored. Yet there she was, pleasuring him in public and letting him talk down to her like an animal. She squirmed slightly in her seat, the thought drawing an uncomfortable tingle from somewhere deep inside her.

After a moment's pause, Raquel's hand started to slowly shift up her date's cock and back down again. The thing felt unreal in her hands, massive, there was no way he could expect to fit it inside a girl's body, could he? Vivid memories flashed into the young lesbian's mind of her time with Grace. Specifically, memories of the small silicone strap-on the gorgeous blonde had repeatedly tried to use when they were together. It was actually Raquel's stubborn refusal to go along with that particular demand that caused the final fight between them, the one which saw her leave in tears after realizing the 'it girl' would replace her immediately with another, more pliable, girl and barely notice the difference. But even that dildo couldn't have been much more than half the size of the flesh and blood cock now in her hands. She could barely even get her hand all the way around the monster.

Connor groaned in quiet satisfaction at the slow rhythm of his date's hand on his cock, the noise making her jump a little and quickly glance around at the nearby tables. Fortunately, if anyone had heard him they weren't curious enough to look over. The student started to open her mouth, but before she could beg him to stay silent she suddenly felt his hand releasing her shoulder and slipping under her arm to take hold of her breast. "Oh!" She gasped softly, her eyes going wide with surprise. His large hand had no difficulty cupping the entirety of her tit, its fingers were even long enough to reach the spot in her cleavage where the fabric of her dress gave way to bare skin and curl under.

A muted whine escaped Raquel's open lips as her date began to play with her breast, the thin layer of silky satin between their skin providing an exquisite compliment to the forceful way he squeezed and kneaded her sensitive flesh. Driven more by instinct than thought, her hand accelerated its attentions to Connor's cock. So powerful were the sensations competing for her attention that the young beauty once more felt like a schoolgirl exploring her body for the first time. If not for the rough skin of his fingers in her cleavage and the rod of meat in her hand, it was almost possible to forget that the person toying with her body was a man.

Raquel actually mewled in protest when her date's hand eventually pulled away from her breast. By that point his cock was throbbing regularly in her hand, and enough sticky precum had emerged from his tip to leave her hand feeling slimy. While she had never witnessed a man reach his climax before, she had been force fed enough sex scenes by Hollywood to realize Connor was getting close. From what little she knew of men she didn't expect he would have enough control left to continue his assault on her body, but she couldn't have been more wrong.

A few seconds later and his hand returned to her body, this time even lower. Her eyes, long since closed while he toyed with her breast, shot open when she felt his hand slipping through her dress's wide slit somewhere around the hip and driving towards her crotch. She could feel the long arm wrapped around her body straining to reach its target, but reach it did. When his fingers arrived at her clit she let out a soft moan, instinctively turning her hips out to give him more room between her legs. It wasn't until she felt Connor start to probe her slit that she realized for the first time just how wet she had already gotten from their illicit explorations.

"Oh yeah, you want it bad." His voice was low and husky when he chuckled into her ear, the words making Raquel cringe inwardly as she realized she couldn't hope to refute him. Instead she just whimpered, head turning to face the first man to ever familiarize himself with her body. He looked straight into her eyes, the helplessness he saw within fueling his lust. "You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking how hot it'd be to watch you and that sexy little waitress getting it on." At the mention of her girlfriend, Raquel's hips bucked wildly and she couldn't stop her sopping wet pussy clenching tight around Connor's fingers. He couldn't possibly know just why his words triggered such a strong reaction, but that didn't dampen his satisfaction. "That's what I thought."

As her date taunted her, Raquel could feel the spasms of his cock abruptly start to build and bleed together. When Connor's fingers suddenly pulled out of her snatch and fought free of her dress, a protest tried to form on the girl's spreading lips but he cut her off before it came into being. "I'm gonna blow. Get down there, dyke." Before she could react Raquel felt her date's hand, fingers still slick with her own fluids, grabbing the back of her head and shoving it down into his lap. Her forehead bounced off the edge of the table with a thud on the way down, making her vision swim as Connor's angry throbbing cock drew closer, held straight up by her own hand. By the time the world had stabilized before her eyes, that angry, twitching spear had pierced the young lesbian's open lips and pushed into the chamber beyond. As a man's cock occupied her mouth for the first time, her pretty little nose wound up trapped directly between the base of its shaft and the swollen balls below. Up close the heady scent was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

"MMMPPHHH!" Raquel's scream of outrage was muffled, the raven-haired beauty instantly learning how difficult it was to express herself through a mouthful of cock. The thing's taste was overpowering, all salt and sweat and musk. But she was given no time to acclimate. Mere moments after her soft lips wrapped around his shaft, the girl felt her date's cock start to spew its load. With every shot of seed her scrunched nose could feel his balls pulse and contract, depositing wave after wave of his vile slime in her mouth as they were drained in turn.

With Connor's hand firm on the back of her head and his cock quickly filling her mouth, Raquel had no choice but to gulp down the first few waves of his seed. The slimy sensation as it slid down her throat made her stomach churn and left her mind reeling as she processed the fact that she was drinking a man's cum, in public no less. But it was hardly over. Her date's surging weapon was able to replace the first mouthful almost as quickly as she could force it down her throat, so by the time his orgasm finally tapered off her mouth was once more suffused with his seed.

Utterly repulsed by the thought of having swallowed her date's disgusting slime the first time, the young lesbian simply refused to do so again. She tried pulling up off Connor's cock to find somewhere to spit it out, but his hand on the back of her head refused to give way. With her own that had moments before shared her lips' position around his cock she tried to gain leverage pushing against his leg, but with how much stronger her date was her struggles made no difference.


Raquel slapped frantically at her date's thigh a few times, but still his hand didn't budge. The thought of employing her teeth on his precious cock crossed the girl's mind, she had no doubt that would get his attention, but doing so would mean causing a scene the likes of which she would do anything to avoid. So instead she settled in and resigned herself to the fact that Connor would let her up when he felt like it and not before. There was no way to tell time with her face buried in her date's curly hairs, but it was a long while between the last feeble twitches of his cock and the moment she finally felt his fingers untangle from her hair and move away. A minute at least, probably several.

The moment she was free Raquel bolted upright, her lips slipping off Connor's cock with a quiet pop. Torn between anger and disgust, she chose to whirl on her date and shoot him the most withering glare in her arsenal. Flustered as she was, the raven-haired beauty didn't realize just how unintimidating she looked with her face all a mess and her cheeks puffed out to hold in his seed.

"Don't give me that look, doll. There was a waiter looking over here. I thought you didn't want anyone to see."

Raquel didn't believe him for a minute, but with a mouthful of the bastard's cum she could hardly call him out on his bullshit. Bringing up a hand to cover her mouth, she held her glare for a few more moments before finally pulling her eyes away. A swift scan of their corner booth revealed precious few options available for dispensing with the slime swirling around her mouth. Spitting it into a wineglass would just cause more problems, and she wasn't keen on soiling her favourite handbag.

"Just swallow, babe, it's not that hard." Connor's indignant date whirled back towards him, shooting him an accusatory glare that he met with a wide grin, his amusement at her discomfort blatantly undisguised. He just snickered at the sight of her right hand curling into a fist at her side.

"Fine, be that way. But you should probably go clean up before the food gets here. You kinda look like a used whore."

Raquel's eyes flashed fury, wanting nothing more than to grab the nearest passably sharp object and slit her date's throat with it, but she couldn't reply without giving him the pleasure of seeing her swallow the rest of his cum. Trembling with impotent rage, she realized he was probably right. For several seconds she held his gaze, her face contorting into a mask of rage that did little except swirl the contents of her mouth around her tongue. In the end there was nothing the raven-haired beauty could do but turn away, reaching out to grab the nearby handbag with her clean hand as she scooted to the end of the booth.

As she rose to her wobbly feet and stalked off in the direction of the nearest sink, Raquel could have sworn she heard his taunting chuckle chasing after her. Desperate to avoid attention, the soiled beauty kept her head down as she walked and her free hand hovering in front of her mouth, looking to all the world like she was fighting off illness. The trip was far less swift than she would have liked, but the way her legs tingled and trembled under her made the borrowed stilettos she wore feel like carnival stilts. All the same, she managed to reach the nearest bathroom without incident.

Once inside, the young lesbian wasted no time dashing to the sink and bending over it to finally rid herself of the vile slime polluting her mouth. With her clean hand she reached up to turn on the faucet, watching with satisfaction as the pearly white scum pooled around the drain was swept away in a torrent of hot water. Still, the salty taste of Connor's essence lingered in her mouth. Undeterred, Raquel spent the next few minutes wetting two fingers under the stream of water and then using them to scrub furiously at every surface she could reach inside her mouth in a stubborn effort to scour away every last trace of the ghastly flavour from her mouth.

The taste of Connor's seed proved too resilient for even Raquel's most fervent efforts, though, and eventually she slumped against the sink in surrender. The futility of her efforts drew a single forceful sob that rippled through her body. More than ever before, she found herself bewildered by the knowledge that straight girls willingly let men stick cocks in their mouths, unable to comprehend why any self-respecting woman would degrade herself by actively servicing a man's cock and dutifully drinking its contents. At the thought that she herself had now endured a cock spewing its disgusting load in her own mouth, a load she had been forced to swallow part of, the ardent young feminist felt a massive shudder race down her spine and her pussy... clench?

Sure enough, as the thought of what her date had done to her rattled around Raquel's pretty little head she could feel her pussy fluttering and grasping at air, could feel her hips rolling ever so slightly as she leaned forward over the sink. The realization of just how turned on she had gotten from working Connor's cock while he manhandled her body made her bite her lip and groan. She remembered the way he had roughly played with her breast, kneading and pulling. She remembered the way her body had given way when his skilled hand forced its way between her thighs. She remembered the way she had nearly lost control when he unknowingly taunted her with the thought of her girlfriend in bed with them.

Raquel didn't even realize her hand had found its way to her crotch until the first wave of an orgasm was crashing over her. Her eyes instinctively clamped shut, the tidy bathroom she was in replaced by the mental image of herself and Ellie entangled on a bed, their lips locked together and their bodies writhing in the throes of passion while Connor stood by watching and casually stroking his bare cock, the monstrous shaft rock hard and drenched in their combined wetness. Normally when the dark-haired lesbian pleasured herself she did so by teasing at her clit, but as she mewled and trembled in the public bathroom of an upscale restaurant her spasming pussy was instead seizing up tight around three probing fingers still sticky from her date's precum.

When the last echo of her ecstasy at last faded to leave her draped panting and quivering over the cold porcelain of a bathroom sink, Raquel slowly opened her eyes to stare at her reflection in the mirror. Never in her life had she witnessed her cheeks so red as they were in the wake of that shameful climax. Slowly chewing her lower lip, the student tried to process what had come over her. She was utterly dumbfounded, the climax had snuck up on her from out of nowhere but there was no denying its power. And the image that had sent her over the edge... The thought of herself and Ellie denigrating their passion for each other by turning it into a tawdry performance for a man... It was clear that once she made it through her date there was going to be some serious self-reckoning in her future.

In the moment, though, she had more pressing concerns. Between a quick facefucking and her unplanned episode in the bathroom, the makeup she applied so effectively earlier in the evening had been rendered an utter mess. It took a few minutes, but with the handful of basic products stowed away in her handbag for just such an emergency she was able to restore herself to a reasonable approximation of dignity. Once satisfied with her work, she surveyed herself in the mirror to take stock. Her dress was straightened and still hugging her curves perfectly. Her cheeks were rosy red and refusing to go down. Her makeup was far from perfect, but it was as good as she could make it under the conditions. The taste of Connor's cum still lingered stubbornly in her mouth. Her cunt was dripping like a leaky faucet down her thighs. And last, her recent climax and a night spent enduring a pair of undersized stilettos had combined to leave her gorgeous legs weak, tingly, and sore.

Raquel fought back tears, not knowing how she would make it through the rest of the evening. Somehow, she had allowed the bastard who was supposed to be tormenting Ellie to instead transform her from the puppetmaster she was in her mind into a paper plane buffeted around in a storm, all before their food had even hit the table. Just as she was on the verge of crumpling in on herself, though, there was a knock at the bathroom door. "Just a second," she called, wincing as she heard her voice crack. Stealing one last glance in the mirror, Raquel took a deep breath and plucked up her handbag. Slipping out of the bathroom with downcast eyes and a murmured apology to the stern older woman waiting her turn, she teetered back in the direction of her table on faint legs.

The raven-haired beauty advanced hesitantly, having been forced out of her sanctuary before she was truly ready to face Connor once more. She had nearly reached their table when she pulled up short, the sound of his voice mid conversation stopping her in her tracks. Uncertain, she chose to hover just around a small bend in the wall from her destination to listen in.

"...a real sweet catch, isn't she?" Connor's voice carried easily to where Raquel lurked around the corner. Whoever he was talking to, he didn't mind anyone nearby overhearing.

"Uh, yeah... yeah she is." Ellie's lyrical voice was unmistakable to her girlfriend. The soft clink of ceramic on wood told Raquel that the reluctant waitress must have just arrived to deliver their meal. "You're... very lucky." from the way she was still struggling to get her words out, Raquel didn't need to see her girlfriend to know it was a toss up which of them was blushing more furiously.

"It took a bit of work to talk her around, but she's totally worth it, you know? Sexy bod, nice tits, cute face, and the little minx is a half decent sax player to boot. Of course, it'll be my horn she's blowing tonight." The scowl at being called just 'half decent' had yet to even fully form before Raquel's eyes went wide at Connor's last declaration. She wished she could say it was unbelievable that her date would talk about her in such a manner to someone he thought a stranger, but that would have been a lie. The fact that he would say such a thing was exactly why they were having dinner together.

There was a bit of a clatter as Ellie must have partially fumbled whatever she was setting down while her customer blustered. "So then... the two of you are..." the waitress trailed off. Raquel could scarcely imagine how uncomfortable her girlfriend was listening to Connor brag.

"Oh, yeah, we'll be headed straight home after dinner. I've been waiting way too long to tap that tight little ass." Raquel cringed at his words, no longer sure how she was going to talk her way out of spending the night in a man's bed. "Would you believe she's been shacked up with some dyke for years? A girl like that? Positively criminal." Raquel could hear her girlfriend suck in her breath sharply at Connor's unknowing slur. Even without seeing either she was as equally certain that her fellow lesbian was bristling as she was that her date was too self-absorbed to notice. "Don't get me wrong, I'd pay good money to watch her going at it with a cute girl like you. It's not like I'll have to, though. That's the best part of dicking a dyke, after all, you can be sure they're always up for a threesome. I could bring you home with us tonight and she'd dive right into your muff while I wrecked that virgin cunt of hers."

Raquel had heard more than enough, her cheeks blazing almost as bright as they had after her incident in the bathroom. If she didn't shut Connor up fast he was liable to invite Ellie home with them right then and there. With the way the night had gone so far, she wasn't keen to discover how much worse such a proposition could make matters. So with as steady of steps as she could manage, the raven-haired beauty emerged from around the bend to insert herself into the scene. Things were about how she had imagined them. Connor was sipping extravagant wine while he lounged casually in the small booth where he had made her taste her first cock. In the aisle stood Ellie, the blonde having already deposited the entirety of their meal on the table allowing herself to clutch her serving tray in front of her body like a shield.

"Oh, perfect timing," Raquel tried to project calm and confidence, hoping neither of the pair would notice the tremor in her voice. Hearing her, Ellie turned to watch as she slid clumsily into her original booth. To her surprise the blonde didn't seem to be seething at Connor's presumptive bragging and crass language, instead looking far more like the proverbial deer in the equally proverbial headlights. She was even more surprised, though, to see that Ellie's own headlights were on full display over the top of her improvised shield. Raquel knew well that the nipples crowning her girlfriend's perky young tits were both particularly sensitive and a bit large for their frames, more than a few times she had teased Ellie for their proclivity to make themselves known through the sports bras the girl wore. Usually, though, they only came out to play when Ellie was cold or especially horny and the temperature inside the restaurant seemed to be comfortably warm. Raquel didn't read much into their guest appearance, though, it was hardly unheard of for a waitress to slip outside to empty the trash or carry out some other chore, even in winter.

"I almost thought you weren't coming back, doll. I was just telling little Ellie here how much fun I'm going to have with you tonight." Connor paused to take a healthy swig of his wine and swirl it around his mouth. As he did, Raquel could see her girlfriend grimace on the edge of her vision. The waitress hated men calling her 'Ellie', it was always her full name to everyone except a close circle of female friends. But with a manager that hated her she was always forced to let it slide at work for fear of making a fuss and giving him an excuse to can her. After a moment, Connor swallowed down his mouthful of wine and cracked a wolfish grin, showing off two rows of perfectly white teeth to both girls. "You know, the kind of fun that'll have you up all night and walking funny in the morning, right, babe?" Raquel's heart seemed to skip a beat as the taunt hung in the air. The weight of just two pairs of eyes on her had never felt so heavy in all her life as in the moment she realized she was trapped.

"I... uh..." The raven-haired beauty's words stuck in her throat as her mind raced in a desperate effort to conjure up an escape. It wasn't until her eyes flitted over to Ellie and she saw the wide-eyed apprehension in her girlfriend's face that she found her voice. "Of course, Connor," Raquel answered demurely. A sense of grim satisfaction filled the young lesbian as she watched an expression of unparalleled hurt dawn on her girlfriend's face. The blonde seemed to be fighting back tears, the shade of pink on her cheeks so bright it rivaled the streak of colour in her hair. Down below, Raquel's still damp pussy quivered as she committed herself for better or worse. "I'm sure tonight is going to be wonderful."

Satisfied, Connor chuckled as he stared across the table at his imminent conquest. Off to the side, Ellie squirmed, seemingly unable to keep her legs from fidgeting. "Ah... will you two need... anything else?" The waitress could barely manage anything above a whisper, wilting under her girlfriend's unrelenting gaze.

"No, thank you," Raquel replied coolly. "I think I have everything I need right here." The wounded look never faded from Ellie's face as she accepted her dismissal, turning and fleeing as fast as she dared to go. This time it was her girlfriend whose eyes lingered on her backside until she disappeared into the kitchen while Connor took the opportunity to dig into his meal.

Once Ellie had passed out of sight, Raquel's focus shifted to the meal that the waitress had laid out on the table. A set of four medium sized sausages, each a slightly different shade and pattern but perfectly equal in size, lay upon her plate. Despite her initial offense at the innuendo which had inspired Connor's ***********ion, she did approve of the choice. When she had visited Ellie at work in the past, the student had limited herself to ordering off the appetizer menu in an effort to minimize the damage to her budget. As such, she had never before had the opportunity to try any of the house specialties.

Before she joined her date in starting to eat, though, Raquel took a moment to pour herself another glass from their bottle of luxury wine and take a long sip. Unfortunately, her hope that the rich flavour of the drink would finally drive the taste of sperm from her mouth was dashed as the two instead mingled and merged into a ghastly combination that nearly made her gag. Even worse, after she swallowed it was still the salty taste of her date's cum that endured to dominate her palate, if a shade weaker than it had been before.

The young lesbian grimaced at the realization that her entire meal would be tainted by the taste of her date's seed and there was nothing she could do about it. Resigning herself, she picked up her knife and fork to begin regardless. Over the course of their meal the young couple exchanged intermittent conversation, with Connor dominating much of the dialogue. While Raquel chewed and nodded in feigned interest, he regaled her with a combination of bluster about how well he was doing at work and stories from his youth, a few of which were genuinely funny despite the crass manner in which he told them. It was strange hearing him describe the world he lived in, the one full of casual luxuries and wonders beyond imagination in which she had once been a guest. That world seemed irreconcilable with the one she had grown up in, yet she knew better than most how close they actually were to one another.

On occasion the topic would drift towards music and Raquel would be able to contribute something to the conversation herself. Sometimes her date would even stop to listen to what she had to say. They had similar tastes, and where they strayed away from consensus Connor was at least willing to hear her out. Mostly. By the time they finished the last remnants of their food, Raquel could almost fool herself into thinking it had been a pleasant meal. The three glasses of wine she had downed by that point in the evening were likely a contributing factor in that delusion, but they didn't change the fact that it had been more than twenty minutes since she last contemplated murdering her date.

At five and a half feet with a modest amount of meat on her bones Raquel wasn't exactly petite, but she was small, and inexperienced, enough that the alcohol had given her a steadily growing buzz by the time her date managed to wave down their reluctant waitress. The pretty blonde hadn't made even a single appearance while the couple ate their meal, but with the dinner crowd thinning out she could no longer find an excuse to avoid them and was left with no choice but to answer her customer's summons.

"Are you... ready for the check?" Ellie tried to keep her eyes on Connor when she finally presented herself, but she couldn't help but steal a quick glance in her girlfriend's direction. Raquel answered the look with a cool smile, gently swirling her fourth glass of wine in one hand. When their eyes met she noticed the waitress's seemed a bit puffier than normal.

"Yeah, go ahead and bring it out, sweetie." A jolt of satisfaction ran through Raquel as she again saw her girlfriend struggle not to react to Connor's condescension. Before the blonde could turn to make her latest escape and retrieve their bill, though, Connor started to scoot his way out of the booth. As he straightened up Ellie seemed to shrink back away from him, both girls struck by how much bigger he was then either of them. His eyes flickered over to his date, casually declaring "I gotta take a piss, then we can get out of here, babe," before he turned and sauntered away in the direction of the nearest bathroom.

Ellie waited a few seconds to watch him depart before whirling on her girlfriend once the interloper was out of earshot. "Really, Qel? Really?" Tears welled up in the pretty blonde's pale blue eyes, a tremble unmistakable in her voice as she whisper-screamed at Raquel. "You hate me so much you're going to spread your legs for a guy? For... for Connor?"

"Yes, El, yes I am." The raven-haired beauty met her lover's glare with a look of grim determination, all the anger she had felt for days welling back up as she reminded herself why she was there. "You swore to me you'd stay away from Grace, but you didn't. You know better than anyone what she's like. She hurt me. You hurt me. No guy in the world can do anything compared to that."

Ellie recoiled from the rebuke, her lover's every word seeming to strike like a whip. When she finally spoke again her voice was softer, the tremble stronger. "So... so what? We're through? You're leaving me for... for..." the blonde trailed off, unable to make herself bring the words into existence.

"I don't know yet if we're over." Raquel fought to keep her own voice steady, to not let her lover's obvious anguish undermine her righteous fury. "We can talk about that after we're even."

Silence hung heavy in the air between the couple, each studying the other's face like it hid all the secrets of existence. The moment seemed to stretch on for an eternity, neither girl sure what came next until a few soft words, barely loud enough to be heard over the noise of the restaurant, tumbled out into the open.

"Please, Raquel. I... I love you..."

"I know, Ellie." For just a moment, Raquel's face threatened to soften, to show her girlfriend she felt the same. But it didn't. "Now go fetch the check."

It wasn't until the waitress was walking away, tears dripping down her cheeks and shoulders shrunk low, that Raquel finally let her mask drop. As she watched Ellie depart, the raven-haired beauty's face fell and she began to chew her lower lip, almost biting hard enough to taste blood. Anger still burned in her gut like the last log smoldering in an old fireplace, but it was no longer alone. The sight of her one true love in tears cut far deeper than she had anticipated. Instead of satisfaction, it birthed a mighty guilt and the beautiful lesbian couldn't help but wonder if she had made the biggest mistake of her young life. She and Ellie had been happy together for years and there was no telling how much damage her vindictive game had wrought upon their relationship.

"No check yet? How long can it really take to print one out?" Raquel jumped at the sound of her date's voice, having not even noticed his return. He stood by the edge of the table, hands shoved in his pockets and looking down at her.

"I don't... it hasn't..." she stuttered, uncertain how long she had been lost in thought.

"Eh, why even wait," he muttered, paying her no attention. Raquel watched as he removed a fancy leather wallet from his pocket with one hand and pulled out a pair of green bills with his other. He casually tossed them down onto the table, his date's eyes going wide as they fluttered down and she saw the '100's in each corner and the distinctive face of Benjamin Franklin in the middle of the unfamiliar tender. She knew the place was expensive by her own standards, but she was fairly certain Connor hadn't ordered them enough to push triple digits. When she turned to look up at him, he just chuckled. "What the hell, she was cute. Let her buy herself something pretty." With Raquel watching, he reached back in for another slip of green paper, tossing it atop the first pair before closing his wallet and tucking it back in his pocket. "Come on, let's get out of here."

Growing up without much to call her own and having to scrape together money however she could to afford even the most basic of necessities like her modest rent check, Raquel was utterly floored by Connor literally throwing three hundred dollars around like it was spare change. Aside from rent every month, she couldn't even remember the last time she had spent that much in a single week. Probably when she first bought her computer back in high school, she supposed. The girl was so stunned she barely reacted when her date grabbed her upper arm and hauled her to her feet, letting him manipulate her like a ragdoll.

The unlikely couple's trek to the restaurant's front was brisk, Connor's hand once more gravitating to Raquel's ass. This time the young lesbian didn't even break stride, meekly allowing her date to casually guide her movements and steady her as she struggled along on her borrowed stilettos. By that point she was clearly feeling the effects of several glasses of wine, wobbling almost as severely as she had upon first donning the torture devices earlier in the evening.

They had nearly reached the entrance when Raquel saw the door to the kitchen open out of the corner of her eye. Her head swiveled to witness Ellie slinking through only to freeze in her tracks, bill in hand, at the sight of her girlfriend being casually groped on the way out the door. Even from twenty paces away, Raquel noticed once more how the pretty blonde's perky nipples tented the front of her tight blouse, how the girl squirmed at the sight before her. An hour earlier, Raquel would have shot her lover the sweetest, coldest smile in her arsenal when their eyes met. Instead she turned away, biting her lip and trying not to imagine the blonde crying herself to sleep.

Moments later Connor was sweeping his gorgeous companion out the front door, the chill of a winter night crashing over her like an icy wave. Within seconds she could feel her own nipples firming up and an army of goosebumps emerging across nearly every inch of her skin. Alluring as her silky dress was, she might as well have been naked for all the protection the thin fabric gave her against the cold. Without thinking she pressed herself tight to her date's side, instinctively seeking the heat of another body. For his part, Connor happily wrapped his arm more tightly around his prize, hand wandering across her exposed thigh.

A different valet was on duty, this one closer to Raquel's age than her date's. Like his predecessor, the boy couldn't keep his eyes off her enticing form until he departed to fetch the couple's ride. While they waited, Connor positioned himself behind his date, taking the opportunity to run his hands down her arms from shoulder to elbow and back. She shuddered as he did, whether from the cold or the liberties he was taking with her body she couldn't say. Regardless she shrunk back into his warmth, blushing as her ass ground against the young man's crotch and the bulge she could clearly feel under his pants.

Before she could dwell too much on the monster lurking within, the valet returned, a familiarly sparkling silver sports car pulling up to the curb in front of the young couple. Raquel's date graciously helped her into the low seat before slipping around to the driver's side and entering himself. They pealed off into the night with an entirely unnecessary squeal of tires, Connor grinning widely behind the wheel. Raquel clutched tight to her door handle as they zipped through the much less crowded city streets, greatly relieved that he at least kept his eyes on the road when he opened his mouth to ask "There's parking at your place, yeah?"

The dark-haired girl felt tiny next to Connor as the full weight of his question hit her. She had never planned to allow him into her home, nor to enter his. She had intended to make some excuse, to escape the night unscathed. But as the question hung in the air she realized how utterly childish she had been to ever think herself capable of such an escape. After all the liberties he had taken with her, liberties that she had allowed to go uncontested. After her senses had been dulled by the most wine she had ever downed in an evening. After she had gotten everything she came for, while he was left wanting. After it all, she wasn't sure it would even be possible to just walk away.

What was worse, though, was that Raquel was no longer sure she even deserved to walk away unscathed. Before she had faced Ellie there had been only her righteous fury, only the pain of betrayal. As she stared out her window at the city lights and saw nothing but the anguish in her lover's face, though, somewhere deep inside she realized she had crossed a line. There a roiling sea of guilt and regret festered, a sense of deep shame blossoming from the toxic mixture. But there was nothing she could do to take it all back, nothing that could undo the damage she had inflicted. All that was left, all that could soothe her guilt, was penance.

"Did you hear me, babe?" Connor's eyes abandoned their duty for just a second to flash over in her direction.

"I..." Raquel hesitated as she turned to face him. In that moment, she could feel something inside herself break. She swallowed heavily, closing her eyes and opening them once more. "Yes... there is."

"Good," he grunted, his attention returning fully to the road.

Lost as she was in the implications of her surrender, it was several seconds before Raquel remembered that her roommate would be home, the realization striking her like a thunderbolt. "I... um... Wouldn't you rather... go to your place instead, Connor? Mine... isn't that nice... I'm sure you're used to better." Her voice was faint, dread of having Clara as a witness making her whole body go weak. Her petite friend had never been shy about bringing boys home, so Raquel was well aware the walls in their apartment might as well be made of tissue paper when it came to muffling sound. If she let Connor have his way with her while Clara was home the little blonde would hear everything.

"Nah, a girl's room tells you a lot about her. I like to see them early on." The raven-haired beauty's cunt clenched at the casual allusion to how many girls her imminent lover had sampled and she caught herself wondering just how high that number reached. The reminder of how inconsequential she must be to him, just the latest in a long line of conquests, made her feel cheap. It also made her heart rate spike and her body quiver.

"Are you sure?" She asked, her voice demure. She tried to keep the anxiety bubbling up in her hidden, certain that if Connor caught wind of her discomfort he would press her on why she didn't want to go home. There was no doubt in the girl's mind that if she answered that question, her date would make a point of parading her in front of Clara then humiliate her by ensuring their tryst was as loud as possible.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I don't bring just any girl home. You're not ready for that. Not yet." Raquel wasn't sure whether to be insulted or relieved after his vague explanation. Realizing, though, that he was set on their destination, she resigned herself to the knowledge that her shame would not be a secret one. She just hoped she could convince Clara not to spread the story around. It would take a lot of begging come the morning, but the little blonde had a kind heart.

The few minutes it took Connor to drive to the girls' apartment were simultaneously the slowest and the quickest of Raquel's young life. Once they were parked, he whisked her out of the car and marched them both straight towards the garage exit, asking her apartment number on the way. As she was led indoors and up familiar flights of stairs, the young student felt like a prisoner being escorted from the tower cell to the gallows. Still, she was docile, demurely allowing her date to guide her, mind kept from dwelling on her dread by a healthy, wine-induced buzz. Before she knew it she was standing at the threshold of her apartment.

Raquel swallowed heavily as she gazed at the plain wooden door standing before her. Her arm must have weighed at least a hundred pounds when she slowly reached out to take hold of the tarnished old doorknob. A slow twist told her it was unlocked, that Clara was indeed home. The young lesbian let out a barely audible whimper at that knowledge, but the insistent presence of her date's hand on her ass kept her pushing onwards. As always, the aged door protested its use with a loud, unmistakable groan that announced her return throughout the cramped apartment.

"Hey, girl, how was... your... Whoa." At the sound of the front door opening, Raquel's roommate looked up from where she was working on a kettle of tea in their tiny kitchenette. When the petite blonde's gaze reached the doorway her eyes went wide and the greeting died on her lips. As her friend teetered into the room on Clara's own loaned stilettos with Connor close behind, the look of astonishment on the girl's face morphed into one of amusement.

"Don't mind us, cutie, we won't be in your hair long." Raquel's blush deepened as Connor's greeting drew an inquisitive glance from Clara. One eyebrow raised, the little blonde smirked as she picked up her kettle to move it over to their stove, shaking her head just a little.

"No worries. You two have fun."

"Oh, I will," He promised. With Clara's attention turning back down to her tea, Raquel stole a quick glance up over her shoulder at her date. It was little surprise to see Connor blatantly ogling her roommate. The short blonde wasn't really her type, what with a pair of larger than average breasts that seemed positively massive on such a tiny frame, but she had brought enough boys home over the past few months to make it clear plenty of members of the male species disagreed.

When Connor finally pulled his eyes away from the busty blonde and looked down at Raquel he smirked, seeing that his date had been silently watching him mentally undress her roommate. "So which one of those doors is you?" he asked, his hand squeezing her ass hard enough to draw a little yelp from the girl as he did so.

Raquel's only answer was a slight nod towards her room, eyes flicking back over to her roommate in the kitchenette. The two girls' eyes met for just a moment as the yelp drew Clara's attention, her amusement only growing. A second later and the raven-haired beauty was stumbling forward after a not so gentle push by the hand resting possessively on her ass. Feeling the weight of her roommate's eyes on her back made Raquel's blush deepen slightly as she fumbled with the door's handle, but that was nothing compared to the half-stifled laugh she heard when Connor caught up to her and delivered a healthy swat to her rear as the door swung open.

Raquel's blush reached its peak when she heard the blonde teasingly call after them "Be safe, kids," the last word partially muffled by her bedroom door as Connor closed it behind them. The nervous student hesitantly took a step towards her bed, half turning to look behind her as she did. She watched Connor take his time to survey the crowded room, his twinkling eyes flitting from the contents of her bookshelf, to her saxophone in the corner, to her laundry hamper, to the handful of musical and political posters on the walls. It was the first time since she and Clara began renting the place in the fall that a male had set foot in the room and she found her nerves rising as he studied its contents and all the things they said about her. Not expecting company, she had left the room in a state of disarray. The book she was in the middle of lay on her pillow, a few of her feminine products hadn't been tucked away after their last use, and the underwear she had worn most of the day was draped over the edge of her hamper.

Watching Connor look through it all made her shudder for a moment as she sat down on the edge of her bed, but then she realized just how little her unmentionables would matter come the morning next to the fact he had finally succeeded in bedding her. A heavier tremor ran through the girl's body when that realization hit, its journey ending in her quivering womanhood. Feeling weak, she bent forward to reach her feet, consoling herself that at least she could finally rid herself of the insufferable heels that had been tormenting her all night.

"Leave 'em. I like a girl in heels." Still bent forward with her hand on one of the shoes, Raquel glanced up in surprise at her date's interjection, the angle of her body gifting him a tantalizing view down the top of her dress. He drank it in, apparently satisfied with his examination of the room and keen to eye up his prize.

"Connor, they hurt." Exhausted by the long evening and more than a little tipsy, Raquel couldn't stop her voice from coming out like the whine of a little girl.

"They look hot. Keep them on."

"No way, I'm..." The raven-haired beauty never got to finish her thought. The moment he heard her refusal, Connor took a quick step forward to loom right over her. Before she knew what was happening he had raised his right hand and brought it backhanded across her cheek. The sound of flesh striking flesh rang out through the otherwise silent room followed instantly by Raquel's startled gasp.

"I said you're wearing them." Connor's voice was iron as a stunned Raquel stared up at him with wide, teary eyes, her head angled slightly to the side from the blow. She saw a dangerous fire smoldering behind his eyes as she struggled to process what just happened, mouth hanging slightly open and one hand instinctively rising to shield her now glowing cheek. Far below she could feel her cunt positively radiating heat while the rest of her body trembled, all but paralyzed with shock. It wasn't until he raised his hand again that she finally managed to force out a reply.

"I... okay... I will." Her voice was tiny as she meekly surrendered, her eyes locked on the back of his raised hand. They didn't move until it slowly began to lower.

"Good girl," Connor's tone softened a bit as the same hand that had just left its mark on Raquel's cheek fell to settle on the top of her head, tousling her dark hair a little like one would a pet's. The young lesbian's pussy clenched mightily as he did so and she had to bite her lip to stifle a quiet whimper. Slowly, she let go of the stiletto and pulled her hand away. After holding her gaze for a long moment, Connor spoke again. "Now get on your knees."

Raquel let out another soft whimper, but she didn't wait for her date to raise his hand again. Slowly, reluctantly, she slid off her bed and fell down to her knees on the hardwood floor. The hand on her head guided her the entire way, providing a little push or pull whenever she hesitated. Soon she was kneeling before Connor, face hovering just inches from his crotch. Slowly she looked up until their eyes met. He held her gaze for a few seconds, eventually raising one brow when she made no further move.

Raquel knew what he expected of her, knew she wanted to fight it with every fiber of her being. She also knew she wouldn't. She tried to tell herself it was the alcohol that kept her from resisting him, or at least the fear of what he would do if she refused. She tried to tell herself it had nothing to do with the way her cunt was dripping like an old, cheap faucet under her dress. As she knelt before a man for the first time in her life, the gorgeous lesbian's mind wandered back to an hour or so earlier, to the way his cock had tasted and felt when he forced it into her mouth in a restaurant booth.

"Girl..." A hint of iron slipped back into Connor's growl and Raquel felt the hand on her head slightly tighten its grip in her hair. The threat was enough to spur her into action. Eyes fixed directly on her partner's crotch, she hesitantly reached up to take hold of his pants. Having fought with them recently, it only took a few seconds of fiddling before she had them open and sliding down his legs to expose the boxers beneath. The checkered fabric was massively tented as the cock within strained against its cage, eager to be serviced. Lurking behind a veil of fabric it somehow seemed even larger than the first time she saw it. Hesitantly, one of the girl's soft hands reached for the waistband while her other braced against his thigh.

"Wait. Use your teeth." The raven-haired beauty's eyes went wide at the command and she quickly looked upwards, searching Connor's grinning face for any hint of mercy.

"Connor, please..." but nothing she saw there gave her any hope. His eyes narrowed and he tightened his grip of her hair yet further, hurting her a little as he pulled at her dark, silky strands. "Ai!" she yipped from the pain. "Okay, okay..."

Entirely cowed, Raquel lowered her face back to Connor's crotch and tentatively leaned in, opening her teeth a little to try and snag the waistband of his underwear. It took a few tries before she succeeded in getting her teeth around the elastic, and when she did a few of his curly pubes got caught with it. The short, wiry hairs tasted awful and tickled her lips uncomfortably, but she knew she couldn't spit them out without losing her grip. The boxers were stubborn, resisting her initial efforts until she worked out a better approach. It took a few tugs, as much side to side as downwards, before she finally managed to free her target from its cloth prison.

Once she dragged his underwear low enough, Connor's cock popped out, surging forward to smack against his date's forehead. The hot, fleshy rod rolled across her face as she continued to work, smearing traces of its owner's pre-cum in the hair around her face. She shuddered at the feeling, but the tingling between her legs only grew as her partner chuckled at the sight.

Finally Raquel got the waistband below Connor's hanging balls and released it, pulling her head back as far as her partner's hand would allow. His cock fell to bob inches from her nose while she took the moment to run her tongue along her teeth, trying to rid herself of the few short hairs that had gotten snagged between them.

Connor didn't give her long, though. A few seconds after her previous task was completed, Raquel felt his hand dragging her in towards the spear of flesh hovering before her face. "C'mon, let's see what you've got." With just a moment to react, the young lesbian did what came naturally and opened her soft, pink lips to allow the approaching cock into her mouth. Its entry was slower than before, giving her plenty of opportunity to feel his stretchy skin rub against the sensitive cushions of her lips as she struggled to open her jaw wide enough to accept his girth.

Connor came to a halt only an inch or two inside his latest conquest, giving her space to work. She instinctively closed her lips around his member to form a seal and gently engaged with her tongue. The moment it connected with the tip of his cock she was overwhelmed by the now familiar taste of his cum joined by a hint of urine, the repulsive mixture nearly making her gag. From the very first time her younger, schoolgirl self had been introduced to the concept of a blowjob in whispered playground gossip, Raquel had found the notion utterly repulsive. By that point she had already decided she would never be interested in boys, and the revelation that a straight girl was expected to let them stick their 'things' in her mouth had cemented that decision. As she grew up her initial disgust at the physical act itself was augmented by a growing conviction that a woman's mouth was the source of her voice, her power, and that using it to give pleasure to a man would be downright degrading.

As she knelt before a man with her lips wrapped around his weapon, Raquel realized she had never considered another, possibly worse, part of giving head. It had only been a few seconds and already her jaw was starting to feel sore. Before, in the restaurant, Connor's cock was already shrinking by the time she got over her initial shock. Now that she had to fit his rampant dick between her lips it was clear that the thing was too big for her mouth. She tried to pull back so that she could tell her partner it wasn't going to work, but the hand on the back of her head refused to budge. Undeterred, she shifted her eyes up to look into his face and tried to speak around the obstacle.

"Mmmm mm mmmm," The young man just looked back down at her through half-lidded eyes, tightening his grip on her head.

"I knew you'd like it," she couldn't be sure if he had misinterpreted her plea or was just taunting her, "Now be a good dyke and get to work." Any attempt to respond to his slur was forgotten when Raquel felt his had pulling her further onto his cock.

Realizing that Connor was completely disinterested in considering her thoughts about their encounter, the raven-haired beauty decided her best option was to power through his assault on her mouth and bring it to an end as swiftly as possible. He clearly wasn't about to put up with any resistance on her part, so the fastest way to get his massive, disgusting cock out of her mouth was to get him off quickly. Determined to give the best blowjob she could, she closed her eyes and tried to swirl her tongue around his cock in her best guess of a pleasing pattern.

"You're clearly new at this," she heard his voice mutter somewhere high above. "Rule number one, a girl should always keep her eyes on the man she's blowing."

Raquel groaned around his cock. It was demeaning enough having to pleasure a man with her mouth, did he really need to lecture her while she did so? Nonetheless, she was eager enough to get it over with to do as she was told. The inexperienced student opened her eyes and turned them up towards the bulky figure looming above her. She fixed him with what she hoped was a suitably meek look as she forced another inch of his weapon into her mouth.

"Attagirl." While far from spectacular, her efforts were at least enough to convince Connor to loosen his grip on her hair. "We'll make a champion cocksucker out of you yet," he muttered absently. The compliment went straight to Raquel's pussy, her privates fluttering enthusiastically at the momentary mental image of herself with Ellie to one side and Clara on the other, each girl patiently waiting for her turn to impress their shared master with her skills.

The unlikely couple's primal dance continued for several minutes, Raquel bobbing her head up and down on Connor's dick and flailing her tongue around his shaft while the young man gazed down at her with half-lidded eyes and occasionally muttered something demeaning about her sexual tastes or her future as his slut. After a while, he reached his free hand down to grope at one of her breasts, fumbling around until he managed to grab hold of a nipple through the thin silk hiding them from view. As she continued to work his cock he pulled and tweaked at the nub of sensitive flesh, drawing shudders and the occasional moan around his cock.

The longer it went on the more the young lesbian's jaw came to ache. Not once did her date let her pull off his cock to catch her breath and give her sore muscles a break, instead keeping constant pressure on the back of her head to encourage her continued efforts. The more her jaw ached, the more desperate she became to please him and earn an end to her torment. The pain drew a smattering of tears from the corners of her eyes, smearing the makeup there and leaving faint, telltale trails down her face. With no skill to fall back on, the inexperienced student relied on simple enthusiasm, regularly taking Connor's cock as far into her mouth as she could manage and frantically whirling her tongue around his shaft in the hope she would hit the right spots to get him off. The entire time she kept her upturned eyes locked on his, not wanting to find out what would happen if she disobeyed his instructions.

Finally, after what seemed to have been hours spent dutifully servicing Connor's manhood, Raquel was allowed to end her first blowjob. Before she could, though, the bastard shoved his cock as far as he dared into her throat, triggering her gag reflex and ensuring she came up spluttering and coughing when he released his hand from the back of her head.

"No wonder you're a dyke, that was about as bad a blowjob as I've ever had." His mocking voice rang down at her from above as she doubled over before him, first coughing into the back of her hand and then rubbing her aching jaw with a whimper. Suddenly she felt his hand on her head once more. Instantly afraid he was going to make her start up again, the dark-haired girl turned her face up to plead for a reprieve. Instead of pulling her back in, though, his fingers traced a path down the side of her face only to wrap around the underside of her chin while his thumb came to rest atop her lips. "Still, it's a teachable skill and I've had worse first tries. If that was actually your first time."

Before Raquel could even think to respond, she felt the hand gently tugging her upwards. "C'mon, get up here." Grateful that her first time giving head was indeed over, she shakily rose to her feet, face released partway up. Her legs were weak beneath her and she had to grab onto one of Connor's arms for support, drawing a now familiar smirk to his lips.

The dark-haired beauty had barely even reached her full height before her date grabbed her by one shoulder, using it to manhandle her while he spun them around. She let out a little yelp as her bedroom whirled before her eyes, wobbling enough that she would have fallen over if not for the way she clutched at his other arm. Once the world stabilized enough for her tipsy brain to process what she saw, she realized Connor had positioned himself at the foot of her queen sized bed while she stood before him with the door at her back. In the time it had taken her to gather her bearings, he had already sunk down to take a seat at the end of the bed and was busy kicking his pants and underwear off of his legs. As she watched he freed himself from the lower half of his clothes and began to unbutton his shirt, already fiddling with the first by the time his belt thudded against the hardwood floor. She stared transfixed as he gradually revealed more and more of his chest. His body looked fit, but not bulky, that of someone clearly blessed with good genes who spent just enough time in the gym to keep himself in good shape. As he stripped, her eyes moved from his moderate chest hair down to fixate on the cock protruding from his waist. It bobbed ferociously, glistening with her saliva. The thing was massive. If it hurt her mouth so much how could he expect to get it inside her without completely wrecking her privates?

"Are you gonna take that slutty excuse for a dress off, or do I need to do it for you?" Connor's voice shook Raquel from her thoughts. She glanced up, seeing that he had finished taking off his shirt and was staring at her with a bemused expression. Her cheeks reddened a little at the knowledge he had caught her staring at his dick.

"I just, uh..." She stammered hopelessly, but he just chuckled.

"It's alright to like what you see," he told her, "But you gotta take that thing off if you want a piece of it."

The young lesbian wasn't sure what she wanted, but as her mind tried to figure it out her hands moved on autopilot. It was a simple matter to slip out of her dress. One by one, working her way up from the lowest of the dozen, she undid each of the little gold chains that held the garment together. As she did, Connor lazily stroked one hand up and down his shaft, the way he casually pleasured himself at the sight of her deepening the shade of red on her cheeks.

It wasn't until she reached the final clasp situated right in the middle of her bosom that Raquel hesitated. Her delicate fingers hovered for a long moment over that last thin strand of gold. But she knew there was no going back. Gently biting her lower lip, she undid the last clasp and let the thin sheet of silky satin fall off her body to pool around her feet, revealing her bare, nubile form to a man for the first time since she was a toddler. Connor let out a low whistle as he drank in the sight of her. Unable to face him, the exposed beauty turned her head to the side, eyes happening upon a poster that had never failed to inspire strength in her. Until that moment.

"Magnificent," Connor muttered. Raquel squirmed beneath his gaze, uncertain how she should react to the praise but helpless to stop the tingle between her legs from soaring to new heights as she soaked up the attention. "I knew you'd be hot, but damn if you aren't the finest piece of ass I've ever seen. Tell me, are you cherry? Have any other guys snuck inside that little snatch of yours?"

The raven-haired beauty quivered, her body seemingly torn between blushing further and going pale as a ghost. When she tried to reply her voice was faint. "Yes... I mean no... I mean..." She swallowed heavily, forcing herself to turn and face Connor. "I've only ever been with other women," she timidly admitted. As recently as a few hours earlier, Raquel would have scoffed at any misogynistic attempt to classify her a virgin, yet she felt like one again, her heart racing beneath her breast as she watched the man who would soon deflower her smile at the confirmation.

"Such a good girl, saving yourself for me. Get over here." He held out one of his hands and Raquel stepped forward tentatively to take it. Once he had hold of her, Connor pulled, bringing his latest conquest tumbling down face first onto the bed next to him with a soft cry. Not wasting a moment, he rolled over on top of her, his weight crushing the smaller girl into her own mattress. She quivered helplessly as his hips ground against her upturned ass, his cock somehow sneaking its way between her soft thighs. Raquel was surprised, though, to learn he was in no rush to collect his prize, instead taking his time to toy with her body.

After a few quick thrusts between his date's thighs, Connor grabbed her by the shoulder and unceremoniously flipped her onto her back. The overwhelmed student had barely a moment to take stock of her new position before her conqueror set upon her. He dove straight towards her neck, bringing lips, tongue, and teeth to bear against her vulnerable flesh. The skilled onslaught left Raquel reeling, reduced to a moaning, quivering heap of flesh as she tilted her head back to give him unfettered access. She whimpered as what little of her mind remained functional realized her partner might as well be signing his signature upon her body. There couldn't possibly be enough makeup in the world to disguise the army of lovemarks his relentless attentions were surely leaving across her skin.

Even as Connor maintained his assault on her neck, Raquel could feel the hand that had flipped her over drifting steadily down her back. Its closely clipped nails dragged along her smooth skin as it advanced, the slight sting triggering tremors that ricocheted up and down her spine and raising goosebumps all across her back. Before she knew it his hand was kneading her trim little ass, his fingers slipping between her thighs to dance perilously close to her twin entrances. A loud moan escaped her lips, eyes squeezing shut as she lay back and surrendered her body fully to its new master.

It had been far too long a time since the gorgeous young lesbian was last subjected to such an intense onslaught. Ellie was a sweet girl, the kind who enjoyed deep kisses, delicate explorations, and direct instruction, not animalistic frenzy. Their many nights together were gentle and loving, nothing at all like the way Connor was using her. Not since Grace had Raquel been party to such raw passion or felt so dominated by a lover. A small part of her dreaded who it was that held such sway over her and what she knew would soon follow. A far larger part of her, though, thrilled in the primal femininity of complete submission.

The raven-haired beauty's back instinctively arched in response to Connor's efforts, instantly drawing his attention to the firm and shapely pair of breasts thrusting up towards him. She cooed appreciatively as he redirected his attentions down to them, kissing and nipping at the sensitive flesh around her rosy peaks. When he finally took hold of one nub with his teeth she answered his boldness with a breathy gasp and a furious clench of her cunt. As her lover worked over her breasts, Raquel instinctively spread her legs and turned them outwards, presenting her needy pussy and giving him space to work between her thighs.

Connor wasted no time taking advantage of the opening. Quickly pulling his hand out from under her rear, he moved to give her eager clit a few quick strokes with his thumb. His prize mewled from the attention, her trembling hips rising up to chase his thumb every time he pulled it off. A moment later and two of his fingers were plunging into her unexplored depths, instantly drenched in the slickness that flowed from her like a river. The digits barely made it inside before they met resistance, the fleshy barrier of her hymen blocking much of the girl's passage. Raquel had never been a terribly sporty girl growing up, and her sapphic encounters had mostly been tender and gentle in nature. As a result, her maidenhead had managed to remain intact long enough to be presented as a priceless gift to whatever man first succeeded in staking his claim upon her.

Raquel whimpered as that first conqueror immediately withdrew his fingers from her snatch and pulled up off her exposed breasts. She opened her eyes to look him in the face, panting softly from the stimulation. A moment later, the girl saw the hand that had just been inside her approaching her face, two fingers slick with her own fluids. Suspecting her date's intentions, she opened her mouth as it drew near.

Raquel's neck craned forward as she accepted the two fingers into her mouth, closing soft lips around them and darting in with her tongue to begin cleaning. "Oh yeah, you just love your own cream, don't you, girl?" Connor's mocking tone deepened the dark-haired beauty's blush, but she looked up to lock eyes with him and nodded as best she could around his digits. While she wouldn't necessarily say she preferred her own flavour to that of any other girl, she was naturally quite used to tasting it on a lover's tongue, or her lips, or some fingers as she was in the moment. Having learned her earlier lesson well, the young student held her lover's gaze the entire time she worked, even bobbing her head a little along his digits. Once they were clean she pulled off and looked up at him, biting her lower lip as she waited for what came next. "It's time," was all he said. Raquel simply swallowed and then timidly gave a single, barely perceptible nod.

The aging mattress groaned beneath Connor as he rose to his knees and started to move in the direction of the headboard, half-pulling Raquel along with him. She timidly allowed him to position her body as he fancied, limp limbs putting up no resistance as she was shifted around and flipped over. A few moves later and the inexperienced girl found herself on all fours with a man looming above her. He had positioned them facing the mirror which hung above her desk. With one hand wrapped around her long black hair, the brute tugged hard, forcing her head up to face their reflection. She yipped sharply from the sudden pain but obeyed the unspoken command, her eyes meeting his through the mirror.

As the trembling girl waited to be taken, she could feel her first cock being casually slapped a few times on the top of her ass. Each blow made her jump a little, her body quivering like a racehorse impatient for the starting gun. Taking advantage of the delay, she turned to crane her head over her shoulder and steal a glance at Connor directly. "Please... be gentle..." she murmured, her voice soft and breathy. His only answer was the same smug grin that had been taunting her for hours. As she turned back forwards, she felt the little slaps stop and his cock move down to probe at her sex.

Raquel sucked in her breath as her new bedmate found his target and slipped the head of his cock between her nether lips. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the inevitable, but it didn't come. Instead, she felt the intruder nestle harmlessly against the barrier blocking its entry, followed a moment later by the sharp sting of an open palm striking her ass. Eyes flying open in surprise, she winced upon seeing Connor's glare in the mirror. "Don't close your eyes," he warned. She bit her lip and nodded demurely, cunt fluttering around his lower head.

A faint feminine gasp announced Connor's initial push against Raquel's barrier, but the pressure was short lived. A moment later and he was pulling back until even the crown of his cock was nearly withdrawn from her passage. Again he pressed forward, testing, teasing. The dark-haired girl could feel the flap of skin guarding her entrance bend, but every time it came near to breaking its assailant would relent. After the fifth push she let out a quiet whimper and rocked her hips back encouragingly onto the offending cock, her body eager to exchange a tormenting limbo for the inevitable.

It must have been the sign Connor was waiting for, because at that very moment he made his move. Using his grip on her long, dark hair to pull Raquel back onto his shaft while pushing forward with his full might, the triumphant young man was able to force several inches of himself inside his latest conquest on the first try, shredding her hymen with ease. The sundering of her maidenhead coupled with the abrupt tug on her ravenish locks was too much for Raquel. A sharp cry born of perfect pain clawed its way out of her throat, ringing out clearly through the bedroom and beyond as her vice-like pussy instinctively clenched around its invader.

Despite how slick the evening had made her, the young lesbian's virginal passage had to strain to accommodate it's first cock. She had no benchmark to compare the intruder to, but her instincts screamed that there was no way her body could possibly be meant to take such a monster. It felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up her quim, the sensation unlike anything she had experienced in her life before that moment. Still, along with the pain came an indescribable pleasure as the rampaging cock triggered nerves and pleasure spots that had gone neglected her entire life.

But it didn't stop there. With every new thrust Connor gained a little more ground in his effort to bottom out inside Raquel, and with every one he drew another plaintive wail from his new toy. As his cock drove ever deeper into her untamed depths, the agony of his penetration didn't fade so much as pleasure rose to overtake it. Her cries of pain evolved into ones of passion, the raven-haired beauty not making even a token effort to stifle her vocalizations. Having heard more than a few sessions of Clara's lovemaking in recent months, Raquel knew their apartment's walls were far too thin to prevent her roommate hearing the entire encounter, but in the moment she lacked even a shred of the self-control that would have been required to muffle herself.

Finally, with a heroic effort, Raquel's conqueror managed to lodge himself fully inside her cunt. Her body could have been hand sculpted to pleasure him, so perfect was the fit. At one end of her passage, the crown of his cock nestled right up against the entrance to her inner sanctum, while at the other her nether lips spread around the base of his shaft to coat the twitching balls hanging below with her cream. Connor took a moment to luxuriate in the relentless grip of his conquest's molten core while she knelt panting, but soon he was dragging himself halfway out, allowing her passage to close up only to plunge back into her once more.

The young lesbian wailed from the assault, pleasure and pain blending together into a keening cry as her partner picked up his pace. Tremors shook her from head to toe, her hips bucking wildly against the sturdy body behind them. All the strength in her arms seemed to evaporate at once and she felt herself begin to tumble down towards her bed. The plummet lasted only a split second, though, Connor's thick fingers wrapped in her hair preventing her fall. Instead, she was left dangling from his grip, the weight of her upper body pulling agonizingly against her scalp. The sharp pain bled together with the riotous sensations radiating out from the girl's stuffed quim to trigger the most ferocious climax of her young life.

Raquel writhed in ecstasy, back arching instinctively even as she hung in the air. Her face tilted skywards, mouth falling open in a silent scream. Down below, her freshly deflowered womanhood seized up around its intruder and her trim ass ground itself back against her lover's hips. It felt as if fireworks were going off throughout the young beauty's body, a litany of previously unknown pleasures making their debuts with a vengeance.

The overwhelmed student fell from the heights of her ecstasy gradually, gasping and panting as her senses returned. While she had been lost to pleasure, Connor had begun to pound away relentlessly at her tight little snatch, not allowing her climax to impede the pursuit of his own. Raquel's foggy mind could scarcely believe the staggering strength of the sensations coursing through every inch of her being. Some nights in bed with Ellie it took her lover more than an hour of work with her nimble tongue and soft fingers to coax even a timid little orgasm out of her body. Yet in a few scant minutes, the most despicable bastard she knew had gifted her more pleasure than she had ever dared imagine possible just by callously having his way with her.

Raquel's cheeks flushed a deep red and she groaned, the aftershocks of her climax still rippling through her body. They had yet to subside when a sharp swat to one quivering ass cheek seized her attention. The flustered girl let out a surprised little yelp, her eyes flying up to meet Connor's in the mirror. She watched timidly as he delivered another playful spank, this one received more quietly, before addressing her.

"Still think you're gay, little miss lezzie?" He taunted without slowing the furious pace of his thrusts. His prey opened her lips to reply, but instead of a rebuke all that escaped her throat was a shrill cry drawn forth by a particularly ferocious stroke that sent his tip crashing against her cervix. The blushing beauty could feel how her pussy fluttered hungrily around his cock with every stroke and realized that she had no answer to give him. Instead she just bit down hard on her lower lip, wide, vulnerable eyes providing all the reply he needed.

"That's what I thought," Connor chuckled. In the mirror Raquel watched her conqueror close his eyes and throw back his head, letting out a thunderous groan. As he did, the brute tugged hard on her hair, the sudden pain making her squeal and clench her pussy tight around his rampaging cock. At the same time, her hips ground back against his, instinctively helping to pull the full length of his dick into her depths. When he opened his eyes again they looked glazed, out of focus. "Damn, you're a tight one," he muttered, barely loud enough for his partner to hear over the sounds of their coupling. "hope you're ready for a big load, cause I'm not gonna last much longer."

His words made Raquel's heart race, the raven-haired girl realizing for the first time that Connor was inside her without any protection whatsoever. Their frenzied foreplay had left her too flustered to insist on a condom, and, having fervently believed as recently as just a few hours earlier that she would go to her grave without so much as touching a single cock, her body had never been tainted by any form of birth control. Immediately, her mind jumped to a quick calculation of how much danger she was in. In her current state it was impossible to focus enough to be precise, but working off a rough idea of when she last bled... she had to be somewhere in the dangerous middle third of her cycle. Right in that magical time during which any guy lucky enough to get in her pants would be gifted a chance to leave her the world's worst souvenir.

"You've got to... ungh, pull out." The girl's voice was frantic, if weak, but her body refused to cooperate. Even as she pleaded, her hips continued to push back in answer to her lover's every thrust.

"Ha! Not likely," Connor snorted, his own voice growing markedly more shaky as he approached his climax. He accentuated his refusal by delivering another harsh slap against the raven-haired beauty's rapidly reddening ass, the blow making her jump just a little.

"No, please... I'm not AH... not safe..." she squirmed, trying to recover enough control over her body to pull herself off her partner's cock. Feeling her efforts, Connor tugged her hair like a leash, pulling himself deeper into her passage while his free hand moved to take a firm hold of her hip.

"And..." He let the word linger between them. Raquel felt a weakness in her legs and a flutter in her nethers, whether from his mocking tone or the way his grip tightened in her long hair and around her waist she couldn't say.

"Please, Connor... you can't cum in me," The girl's body trembled as she begged for mercy. Waves of pleasure were building in her once more, threatening to spill over without warning. "It's... it's a bad time," she managed to add, her voice breathy and faint.

"So what?" If anything, Connor increased the pace at which he was pounding her vulnerable womanhood. "It's not like I can't afford another round of child support."

"Another?" Raquel's eyes went wide at his words, a look of shock dawning on her face at the revelation. "You, ohhh... you already have a child?"

"I'd hardly, ungh, call the brats my kids... but yours wouldn't be the first belly I filled." In the mirror, Raquel saw her conqueror leaning forward over her back to bring his head near her own. As he did he twirled the hand gripping her hair in a tight circle, gathering up more of it like it he was shortening a pet's leash. A moment later she could feel his hot breath on the side of her face as he whispered in her ear. "I knocked her up back in prep school, then a couple easy sluts in college, one of last year's interns..." his voice trailed off with a snicker. As he taunted his prey, Connor slowed his pace, shifting from short, rapid strokes to a series of deliberate thrusts that plunged his entire length inside her before pulling nearly all the way back out. She cringed as she felt her body respond to the new approach, her hips rolling with every thrust. "Don't worry, you'd be taken care of."

"Please... just pull out." The young beauty's trembling voice was little more than a whimper. She tried to turn her head a little, to face Connor head on. "I don't want a baby... I'm not ready..."

"Ha!" She could practically feel the scorn as he barked out a harsh laugh. "You modern bitches always whine about not being ready. That's bullshit and you know it. For thousands of years, girls got started popping out brats way younger than you are now. You'll be fine," he dismissed. At his words, Raquel's pussy clenched fiercely around his shaft. For some reason, being reminded of her gender's age old use as subservient broodmares sent an undeniable shiver up the (formerly?) ardent feminist's spine. A moment later she let out an involuntary whine as her partner came to an abrupt halt, his cock hilted fully inside her. His voice returned to her ear, dropping once more to a chilling whisper. "Of course, if you're that scared of me painting your womb white, you could make it worth my while not to..."

"Yes... anything... I'll do anything," Raquel's voice was frantic, instantly grasping for the offered lifeline like a drowning woman latching on to a piece of driftwood.

"Then offer me that tight little ass of yours." The commanding tone with which Connor delivered the demand made his prize whimper, a jolt of fear shooting straight into her heart.

"You... you want to..." If there was one thing in all the world that repulsed Raquel more than the thought of sucking a man's dick, anal sex would be it. Not only was the concept just plain disgusting, but from everything she had ever been told the experience could be true agony if the man wasn't careful enough. With how the evening had gone so far, the timid beauty seriously doubted Connor would make any effort to go easy on her.

"You heard me. Beg to be my little lezzie buttslut." Her conqueror gave a painful tug on her hair as encouragement, but it was actually the heavy twitch of his cock in her pussy which drove Raquel to surrender her final virginity without a fight. The reminder of just how high the stakes of refusal were overriding her fear and disgust.

"AH! Okay, you... you can have my ass." Raquel could scarcely believe that she had just said those words, that she had let herself get into a position where offering a man anal was the best choice she saw before her, but that was where she found herself. The implications were terrifying, but in the moment she didn't have time to deal with them. There was only herself, Connor, and whatever she had to endure to reach the morning untainted by his seed.

"I said beg, dyke," The dark-haired girl whimpered, feeling the cock inside her throb as it pushed forward against the entrance to her womb. Even if he had yet to spill his seed, she was smart enough to know that every second it stayed inside her it was leaking precum which, while not as dangerous, had at least a slim chance of knocking her up.

"Please, Connor... Please fuck my ass." Her voice was timid, faltering as she invited him into her body's final unclaimed treasure.

Still, her abuser refused to remove himself from her vulnerable pussy. Instead, he leaned in closer to drip his poison straight into her ear. "Come on, you can do better than that, doll. Unless, of course, you're having second thoughts about becoming a mommy..." Connor rose up behind Raquel, tugging once more on her hair to lift her head and make his new toy face herself in the mirror while he ground his hips against her rear. For a moment that seemed to stretch forever, the manhandled beauty gazed at their reflections, biting her lip as she took in the sight of her utter domination. And then it was over. She surrendered, her hesitance vanishing as if a switch had been flipped leaving behind nothing but complete submission.

"Please fuck my ass, Connor! I'm AAHHH... I'm your lesbian whore!" Raquel didn't know where her words were coming from, they were just spilling out. "I'll be a good girl, I promise, just PLEASE stick your dick up my butt. I need you to break in my tight dyke ass with your massive cock! I'll make it good for you, just please OH... please don't cum in my pussy. I'm begging yoooOOHHHHHHHH!" The former lesbian's scream turned to a shrill squeal as her conqueror ripped himself out of her pussy and unceremoniously rammed his cock right up her ass. With only her copious pussy cream for lube, her first anal fuck began with pure agony.

She knew that her rear entrance was far too tight to accommodate Connor's shaft unaided, that he would leave her ass in bloody shreds. She knew her roommate would hear her inviting him in at the top of her lungs, hear her degrade herself for a man's pleasure. She knew that she would never forget how a man had so thoroughly dominated her that she was left a squealing wreck with his cock up her butt. None of that knowledge, though, stopped Raquel from crashing into her third climax of the evening as she felt a raw cock surging through her most forbidden entrance.

Waves of pain-flavoured pleasure wracked the raven-haired beauty's body as her ass was violated for the first time. She writhed pitifully under her conqueror's bulky frame, hips dancing wildly against his crotch. Her mind was lost in a haze of bliss, his every thrust drawing a wail of agonizing ecstasy from her lips to ring out throughout the old apartment. Her abandoned pussy grasped furiously for the thick shaft that had so recently filled it, but was left wanting and neglected.

Whether it was from weariness or the burning sensation in her ass, Raquel came down more quickly than she had recovered from her previous climaxes. She whimpered from the pain, instantly sure that the blood staining Connor's cock when he was finished with her would not all stem from the sundering of her maidenhead. Still, though, with what felt like several inches of his length already buried within her, there was little she could do but ride out what would hopefully be a swift finale to the evening.

"AHHH! It hurts, Connor... Please... AHH!" She whined a few thrusts after returning to her senses, unable to weather his assault long without giving voice to the pain.

"Of course it hurts, slut," Connor's voice was heady, betraying just how near he was drawing to his own climax. "That's, ugh, half the fun... of wrecking a girl." As he spoke, he started to rain down a series of sharp smacks on his prize's trim little rear, the blows making her moan pitifully.

"You didn't seem to mind... a minute ago," he taunted, driving the lingering blush on his conquest's cheeks into overdrive. She quivered beneath his dual assault, barely able to think let alone express herself in anything resembling human language. "But don't worry, ohhh... you're not alone. Every girl on Earth, ugh, loves being a filthy little slut for her man... Yeah... It's just a matter... of teaching you... to accept it..."

Connor groaned, at long last losing control of his spasming cock. Raquel felt what could only be a flood of his scalding seed shooting up into the depths of her ass. The unfamiliar sensation made her shudder, one final, more modest, climax rippling through her body in sympathy. She barely had time to enjoy it, though, before her lover collapsed on top of her, his full weight crashing down to pin her onto the bed beneath him.

"Oh... what a fuck... I told the guys I'd make you a three hole whore by the end of the night..."

With his balls finally drained and his cock rapidly softening inside Raquel's ass, Connor's voice trailed off as consciousness quickly deserted him. The raven-haired beauty did not immediately follow him into the realm of dreams, however, her mind racing and her pussy clenching tight at the realization of how indisputably right he was. For one night at least, she was no longer the pretty lipstick lesbian with a bright future. As she lay beneath her slumbering conqueror she was nothing more than a man's toy. In just a few hours he had wined her, dined her, and then claimed all three of her virginities. And she had never been more satisfied in her life. In that moment she had no idea what the night's many revelations would mean. Not for her future, not for her sexuality, not for her relationship with Ellie, not for anything. As she closed her eyes and let exhaustion claim her she knew only one thing for certain. She would never be the same again.

The End

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