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Antoine is a black high school senior who is forced to relocate to an all white town with his mom after his father dies. He quickly finds himself the object of both hate and lust.

Warning: Contains slurs, though they are used for narrative purposes, rather than just for the sake of it.
Just be yourself! It'll be alright hun.

His mom's words flashed through Antoine's head as he stood at the front end of the school bus, every eye in the bus turned towards him.

Jesus Christ.

Antoine was, as far as he could tell, the only black person in the bus; all the other students were white, many of them with blonde hair and blue eyes to boot, making Antoine painfully aware of his own chocolate-brown skin and thick, curly hair. It was like an opposite version of 'Where's Waldo'. The only other colored person was the bus driver, an aging mestizo who, Antoine learned when saying 'Hi', had trouble hearing out of his right ear, so you had to repeat everything to him twice. As Antoine tried to find a seat amidst the hostile glares, he wondered if this all hadn't been one big mistake.

Antoine and his mom had moved to this small town after his dad died in a freak construction accident. From what Antoine had been told, his dad had been walking around the site when a machine malfunctioned, accidentally catapulting a stray piece of debris towards him at roughly the speed of a bullet. He was killed instantly. They hadn't been able to afford a lawyer, and the construction company had weaseled their way out of a settlement. With most of their money spent on the funeral and no steady income, they had been forced to give up their suburban home in Iowa and move south to Wellspring, a town of some eight thousand inhabitants deep in the heart of rural Mississippi. A local housing company had offered them a house as part of a diversity program, and at first Antoine and his mom had been ecstatic; the company covered all the moving expenses, and the deal came with an automatic enrolment into the local high-school and some extra welfare money to help them make ends meet. But their new house was a shadow of their old one, with just two bedrooms, creaky stairs, and a ceiling that constantly dripped an oddly colored liquid. But it was the best they could afford, and Antoine wasn't about to complain to his mom. She was trying her best, he knew. With her husband recently deceased, a teenage son to take care of and all the financial troubles, it was a wonder she hadn't fallen apart.

What they hadn't anticipated, however, was what the town itself would be like.

As Antoine walked through the bus he heard mumbled laughter and hushed whispers, but he pretended to ignore them and kept walking. At the far end of the bus he found two empty seats and sat down next to the window. He tried to play it as cool as possible, all the while trying his best to ignore the growing knot in his stomach.

Antoine had quickly found out the reason for the housing company's diversity initiative: Wellspring was white, whiter than an avalanche during a snowstorm. In fact, as far as Antoine was aware, he and his mom were the only two black people in town. And it showed in the way they were treated. While there wasn't any outright hostility, they were stared at, kids would point at them, and people would mumble things as they passed by. Antoine never quite heard what they were saying, but one time he swore he could make out "-gers" as a horribly smelling fat man waddled passed them with his bulldog.

While the bus stopped at a traffic light, Antoine thought about how he was going to survive the year. His old school had been highly varied in its demographic: whites, asians, blacks, latinos, you name it. Nobody stood out, and Antoine's circle of friends had included just about every color on the rainbow.

At least the girls here are nice to look at, Antoine told himself, trying to find a silver lining.

He wasn't sure what was in this town's water, but all the girls seemed to have 'matured' beyond their age. Their chests tended to stick out and Antoine had glimpsed more than a few asses that any black girl would be proud of, let alone a white one. He suspected that some of them had some work done on their breasts, but that only helped pronounce their bust underneath their tight-fitting clothes. It didn't help that they liked to wear revealing clothes: tops that left their bellies bare, jeans with tears in them, V-neck sweaters that displayed so much cleavage that their tits threatened to pop out...if there was one word to sum them up, Antoine thought, it would be 'slutty'. But they were way out of his league. Being 5.8 and thin as a rail, Antoine wasn't anything particularly impressive to look at. Not to mention, they all regarded him with the same thinly veiled disgust as most of the other people in town.

Antoine sighed. No way that was ever going to happen.

When the bus finally reached the school, Antoine waited for everyone to exit before standing up himself. As he passed the bus driver, Antoine awkwardly raised his hand.

"Uh, thanks for the ride."

The old man brought his hand to his right ear.


"I said...uh, never mind."

When he stepped out of the bus, the driver gave Antoine an encouraging nod before pressing the button to close the doors behind him, sealing his fate. As the bus drove away, Antoine looked up at the looming building before him.

John Adams High, it said in big black letters above the entrance.

Antoine felt a tingling sensation in his stomach. Where had he heard that name before?

All around him, students were slowly making their way towards the building, and Antoine followed them. Any hopes that colored students from out of town might attend were dashed when he glanced at the crowds. It was a whiteout.

I might have to invest in a pair of sunglasses, Antoine thought to himself wryly.

A group of loudly speaking boys passed him by. The last member of the group, a blonde guy with spiky hair roughly his height, harshly pushed Antoine aside with his shoulder.

"Hey!" Antoine exclaimed, as he tried to regain his balance.

The boy either hadn't heard him or pretended like he didn't. The group soon disappeared into the crowd.

Pieces of shit.

The school entrance opened up into a wide hallway. Rows of lockers lined each side, with students going about their business in front of them; some alone, others in small groups of three or four. Once inside, Antoine checked his schedule to see where he was expected to go: English class, room E-4. He looked up for any classroom signs, and saw two in the distance: A1 and A2.

"Christ..." Antoine mumbled.

Where was he supposed to go? There weren't any signs to point him in the right direction. Seeing no other way, he approached a group of girls standing near a locker.

"Uh, sorry, could you tell me-"

He stopped when he realized they were ignoring him.

Stuck up bitches, Antoine thought as he moved away from them.

Two guys passed him, and Antoine gave it another go.

"Hey there, I'm trying to find-"

"Sorry, no bananas," one of the boys said.

"Jesus, Kev," the other laughed as they left Antoine behind them.

Having learned his lesson, Antoine decided to find his way on his own. That was easier said than done. The lengthy hallways and myriad of stairs seemed hellbent on disorienting him. Whoever designed this school must have been a particularly sadistic spirit, because the building more resembled a sprawling labyrinth than any normal school. It took a good twenty minutes for Antoine to finally stumble on his destination, more a case of luck than skill. He looked through the small glass panel on the door; class was already in session. He had always hated being late, because everyone would stare at you as you walked in. And that had been back at his old school. Here...

Antoine took a deep breath. There was no way around it. He opened the door. The teacher, a tall, bespectacled grey-haired woman with her hair in a bun, turned her head towards him. As did the rest of the class.

"Ah," she said, "you must be our latest addition. Glad you decided to join us. Close the door behind you, please."

Antoine did as he was told, and walked up towards the front of the class. Two dozen eyes were staring at him: some with mockery, others with a hint of distaste, while some held a strange curiosity in them, as if he were a three-legged mutant on display behind a glass window.

"Class, this is our newest student, An...Antoine. Did I say that right, boy?"

'Boy?' What is this, Mississippi Burning?

"Uh, yeah," Antoine mumbled.

"Well then, let's find you a seat, shall we? Let's see...there, in the back, next to Katie."

Antoine felt like a condemned man on death row as he walked towards his appointed seat. He heard whispers around him, and a few muffled laughs. One boy mumbled "ooga" as he passed him. Keeping his head down, he reached his table and sat down.

"Hey there, I'm Katie!" a cheerful voice said.

Surprised, Antoine looked to his side. The girl who had spoken smiled broadly at him. She was different from most of the girls in town. Her blonde hair was tied up behind her head in a cute ponytail, and she had a kind face with a few freckles on her cheeks. Unlike the other girls Antoine had seen, she didn't have any curves to speak of. She wore blue overalls over a plain white shirt, and when she smiled Antoine saw that she had braces.

"Uh, hey," Antoine said guardedly.

"No speaking, please!" the teacher warned. "Now, as I was saying, the novel's opening..."

"When did you move here?" Katie whispered.

Antoine glanced at the teacher, but she was caught up in her oration.

"A few days ago."

"Do you like it here?" Katie asked.

I feel like an animal in the zoo, Antoine wanted to say. Instead, he said

"Uh, it's alright."

"You know, you're the first black student we've ever had."

"No kidding..." Antoine mumbled.

"Sorry?" Kate said.

"Uh, that's cool, I guess."

The teacher loudly snapped her book shut.

"If I hear one more peep out of any of you, the whole class gets detention!"

Sufficiently warned, the rest of the hour continued as silent as a funeral procession. Because Antoine didn't have all of the required reading material yet, he was forced to share with Katie, and she was more than happy to oblige.

When class ended, Antoine mentally prepared himself for another arduous search for the next classroom. The building was absurdly convoluted; Indiana Jones himself would have trouble navigating the place. Suddenly, he thought of something.

"Hey Katie, could you help me find my next class?"

"Sure thing, Antoine!" she beamed at him.

"Thanks. And, uh, you can call me Ant. That's what everyone used to call me back home."

"Got it, Anto...Ant," Katie smiled sheepishly. "Let's see that schedule...D-2. That's not too far away."

Katie moved with determined strides, effortlessly finding her way through the various hallways that had befuddled Antoine just moments ago. As they walked side by side, Antoine noticed that people were staring at them; not just him, but Katie as well. Katie, however, seemed oblivious to it.

"Here we are!" she exclaimed.

"Thanks a lot," Antoine said.

"I'm next door, in D-3. After this class we have lunch break. Wanna meet up?"

Antoine was taken aback by her assertiveness, strangely at odds with her appearance.

"I...I guess," he answered, caught off guard.

"Great! Have fun in class, Ant."

Weird girl, Antoine thought as he watched her leave.

But he quickly found that he was beginning to miss Katie as he sat through his next course. Chemistry A was an extremely dull affair, and without Katie to distract him it was harder to ignore the mumbling and laughter behind his back. Antoine kept his head down, and prayed for the end of the class to arrive soon. After an hour that felt like a day, the school bell rang; it was the most beautiful sound Antoine had ever heard, and he was quick to exit the room. Somehow, Katie had made it out of her class even quicker, and she was already waiting for him outside.

"How was class?" she inquired as they walked down the hallway.

"Horrible," Antoine said.

"Sounds about right," Katie nodded sagely. Antoine doubted that she knew what he was really talking about.

They entered the school cafeteria, which was slowly filling up with students. It was a massive hall, with rows of tables and benches taking up most of the space. A fat lady in a stained cooking skirt stood behind a large counter filled with snacks, cakes and pizza slices. Already, there was a small line forming in front of it, which grew by the second.

"I hope you brought your own meal," Katie said. "I'd hate to have to wait in line. Recess is over by the time you get to eat."

Antoine produced a lunchbox from his bag. Katie's face lit up.

"Great! Let's find a seat."

As they passed the various tables, Antoine felt like he'd stumbled onto the set of a high school movie. Each table seemed to have been reserved by a specific group of students, which Katie pointed out to him: jocks, the theater club, the debate team...all that was missing was a guy holding a clapboard signaling the next take. If there had been more colored students, would they have had their own table as well? The thought made Antoine feel oddly sad. When they passed a table filled with a group of loud girls, Katie grunted.

"Cheerleaders," she mumbled, the distaste evident in her tone.

Antoine didn't share her aversion. The girls were exactly the type he liked: long hair, pretty faces, tight shirts with big tits, and short skirts and shorts that barely covered their long legs. When one of them, a brunette with smoky eyes and a black strapless top, noticed him staring, she nudged the girl beside her and pointed. Her friend, a blonde with luscious lips, grinned.

"Like what you see?" she said mockingly, pressing her sizable boobs together underneath her white tube top .

The other girls laughed, and Antoine felt his face burn up.

"Shut up, Mandy," Katie said angrily.

The blonde called Mandy raised an eyebrow at Katie.

"Looks like Katie got herself a new pet," she sneered. 'I hope he's house trained.'

The brunette chimed in.

"What you bring, fried chicken?"

Antoine felt his stomach drop.

"What the hell does that even mean, Cindy?" Katie said, but Antoine pushed her forward.

"Let's just go," he mumbled.

They left the jeers and laughter of the girls behind them, and sat down at a table at the far end of the hall.

"They're so mean!" Katie puffed. 'My sister hangs out with them, but I can't stand them.'

"Ah, it's alright," Antoine said quietly, opening his lunchbox. Next to him, Katie unwrapped a sandwich and started nibbling at it.

"And what was that stuff about chicken?" she inquired.

She doesn't know. Antoine was stunned. Was she really that sheltered?

"Uh, I don't know either," Antoine lied.


The discussion soon turned to their hobbies, and Katie was overjoyed to find that they were both into videogames.

"Did you play the new Archmage?" she asked excitedly.

Antoine shook his head. "I wanted to, but I don't have it yet."

In reality, he couldn't afford it, but he wasn't about to tell Katie that.

"It's amazing," Katie gushed. "They added so much new content, I've been playing for hours and I've barely scratched the surface!"

"Sounds great," Antoine said.

"You should totally come over some day, Ant!" she said. "I hear the multiplayer is even better than the single player, but my stupid sister doesn't play."

Antoine smiled.

"You sure move fast, huh?"

"What do you mean?" Katie asked innocently.

Antoine had to keep reminding himself who he was talking to. Katie was nothing like his old friends.

"...never mind. Yeah, sure, just let me know when."

Katie thought for a brief moment.

"How about this Saturday?"

"I, uh..."

Antoine knew he didn't have any plans this week, or the week after that, or the week after that, but he didn't want Katie to know that, so he pretended to think about her offer.

"Yeah, I guess Saturday is fine," he finally said.

Katie beamed.

"Oh man, I can't wait, you won't believe all the things..."

Antoine ate his meal as Katie yapped on beside him. Whereas many of the other girls he'd encountered seemed to have 'matured' past their ages, Katie was the exact opposite. She talked with the fervor of a child, and her braces certainly didn't help her look more mature. It was hard to believe that, like Antoine, she was a senior on track to graduate. But she was the first person in this town to treat him with genuine kindness, and for that Antoine was immensely grateful.

When the bell rang to signal the end of lunch, Katie again accompanied him to his class. On the way there, she pointed out the various hallways and classrooms, and soon Antoine had a general sense of the layout of the school. Maybe now he could finally find his own way around without Katie there to hold his hand.

The rest of the day went by pretty eventless for Antoine. Every classroom he entered, the teacher would introduce him, and each time Antoine would stand awkwardly in front of the class, absorbing all the stares like an exhibit at the zoo. There were still the occasional whispers behind his back and mocking grins, but he was slowly getting used to them. Antoine didn't like it, but he was quick to realize that there was nothing he could do about it. It was just the way this town was, and he wasn't exactly Malcolm X, ready to start a revolution.

The final class Antoine had that day was math. While he managed to find the classroom on his own, he was still a few minutes late, and when he entered the room he realized with a sinking feeling that almost all the chairs were taken. He desperately looked around while the other students stared at him, and finally located a free seat. Apologizing to the teacher, he hurriedly made his way over and sat down with a deep sigh as if he'd just run a mile.

"Ugh..." a voice next to him mumbled quietly.

Antoine hadn't even noticed who he was sitting next to, and when he looked he felt his heart rate increase tenfold. Mandy was sitting next to him, the blonde cheerleader who had mocked him and Katie during lunch. Up close she was even more beautiful; her skin was flawless, and her golden blonde hair had dark streaks running through it that Antoine hadn't noticed before. She wore a black miniskirt that barely reached half-way to her knees, emphasizing her long, smooth legs. But most of all, her boobs looked absolutely stunning this close: they stretched the fabric of her tight-fitting top, and Antoine was shocked to find that he could make out the faint outlines of her nipples.

She's not wearing a bra!

Antoine couldn't believe his luck. But his fantasy was quickly shattered; Mandy looked at him as if he were a leper, and her body language made it clear she would rather be anywhere else in the world but here. She moved her chair a few inches away, and the sound made some of the other students turn their heads. Antoine tried to act like he hadn't noticed, but he could still feel the sting of their stares and hear the muffled chuckles of the girls around him.

Math was different from the other classed he'd had that day, but it didn't have anything to do with the course itself. As much as Antoine tried to focus on what the teacher was saying, his eyes were continuously drawn towards Mandy's amazing breasts. She didn't seem to notice, too busy texting on her phone. After making sure the teacher wasn't looking their way, Antoine leaned back a bit in his chair, trying to catch what she was typing. At the top of the chat window he could make out the name Cindy.

Cindy: Is it as bad as they say?

Mandy: Nah, for a nigger he doesn't smell too bad. Still creeps me out though

Cindy: Don't let him touch you, you might catch something

Mandy: Hell no! Guess what though?

Cindy: What?

Mandy: He's been staring at my tits all class long

Cindy: No way!

Antoine quickly turned his focus back towards his work. He tried to appear calm, but his head was spinning.


It was the first time someone had called him that; certainly the first time a white person had called him that. Back home, you'd lose a couple of teeth if you even let the word slip around a black person; didn't matter if you were white, black, latino or whatever. But the casual way in which Mandy had used it made it clear that the word didn't hold that taboo status in this town. And seeing it directed at him specifically... it made him feel weird. Antoine knew he should feel bad, and he certainly did in part. But there was something about Mandy that made the horrible insult feel less...hurtful. As if her beauty had some sort of dampening effect on her vicious demeanor. Or maybe Antoine was just so juiced up on teen hormones that he'd let her call him anything just to be close to her. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to that. And to think that she'd noticed him staring at her chest all along...could this day get any worse? He tried his best to focus on the teacher's lecture, but Mandy's incessant tapping was too distracting. He couldn't help himself. Again, he moved slightly back in his seat to spy on Mandy's conversation.

Cindy: What about last night?

Mandy: What about it?

Cindy: Come on girl, let's hear it! How big is Tyler?

Mandy: Oh, that. You ever had one of those mini-sized Mars bars?

Cindy: Nooooo way!

Mandy: Yes way, biggest turn off ever. Got up and left his micro-dick ass behind

Cindy: Ouch. Guess we won't be hanging out with him much anymore

Mandy: Nah. But you know what?

Cindy: ?

Mandy: It kind of makes me curious about the new boy

Cindy: The black one? What do you mean?

Mandy: You know, they say they're hung like horses

Cindy: Eeew, Mandy!

Before Antoine could read more, the bell rang. When Mandy looked up, Antoine was already busy putting his books back in his bag. Without turning to look back, he marched out of the room, trying his best to look as if his legs weren't suddenly made of jelly.

The day was finally over, which meant only one thing: escape. Antoine felt like a convict who had just gotten out after serving twenty years. As he tried to make his way towards the school entrance, he ran into Katie.

"Helloooo," Katie exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey," Antoine said.

"Soooo, how was your first day?"

"Alright, I guess," Antoine answered in a neutral voice.

"Any trouble?"

Antoine thought of Mandy, and her conversation with her friend.

"Uh, not really."

"Good," Katie said. There was a hint of relief in her voice. "Well, my mom is picking me up. See you tomorrow, Ant!"

"See ya."

Antoine made his way to the school bus. He was one of the first to arrive, and thus had plenty of seats to choose from. As the bus filled up, Antoine noticed that nobody was coming to sit next to him. He even saw a row that held four girls, sitting on each other's laps. He ignored it, and stared out the window for the entirety of the journey.

Like Katie, his mom was eager to know how his first day had went. He thought about telling her everything: about the stares, the laughs, the boy that pushed him, being ignored, having racial slurs thrown at him...but his mom had enough things to worry about. He gave her the same neutral answers he'd given Katie. The relief was visible on her face. She hugged him tightly.

"I know it's tough for you baby, but study hard and you'll be out of there before you know it."

That night, Antoine was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't get the image of Mandy out of his head. She was easily the hottest girl he'd ever seen; her hair, her face, her tits...On the other hand, she was quite obviously an out and open racist who felt no qualms about calling black people slurs. But for some reason Antoine couldn't really describe, it only made her sexier to him. She was the ultimate taboo, a racist who at the same time was the girl of his dreams. And the way she'd talked about him to Cindy...

Antoine lowered his pants and pulled out his dick, holding it in his hand. Was it really that amazing? He didn't have any experience with dick sizes. All he knew was that it was roughly the size of a large banana, give or take an inch. Thinking about Mandy had made his dick rock-hard, and he started stroking it. Slowly at first, but he quickly picked up his pace. He imagined Mandy slowly pulling off her top, revealing her giant boobs to him. She put her arms in a V-shape and pressed her tits together.

"Come and get it, you dirty nigger"

Antoine was completely caught off-guard by his orgasm and he exploded all over himself, cumming more and harder than he'd ever done before. When it finally ended, he cleaned himself up and threw away the small pile of sticky handkerchiefs. He laid back in bed and stared at the ceiling again, this time with a newly acquired sense of shame. Did he really just jack off to being called a nigger?

The next few days all followed the same pattern: he'd wake up, shower, eat the breakfast his mom prepared for him, take his lunch, and get on the bus. He'd ignore the staring and hushed laughter as he tried to find a free seat, and gaze out the window for the whole ride. At school, he'd keep to himself and try to make it through the day. During breaks, he and Katie would sit together, mostly talking about videogames. At night, he would jack off to Mandy or one of the other slutty girls at school.

Finally Saturday arrived, the day Antoine was supposed to go over to Katie's house. His mom was ecstatic he'd already made a friend, and took great care to make sure he looked at his best before letting him go.

"Mom, we're just going to play videogames," Antoine complained as his mother fidgeted with the collar of his shirt.

"So? That's no excuse to be walking around like a bum."

Happy with her work, she stepped back and looked him over.

"My beautiful baby boy. Have fun and be back by six, you hear? Don't want dinner getting cold."

"Yeah, yeah," Antoine mumbled.

He quickly walked out the house and closed the door behind him. Katie had given him directions to her house. It took him out of his rundown neighborhood with its dilapidated houses and graffiti-lined streets into a wealthier looking one. The houses were larger, the gardens more lavish, and the cars looked as if they had just gotten out of the dealer. When Antoine reached the number Katie had written down, he stood in front of the residence and stared.

Katie's home was an amazing two-story detached house, the biggest Antoine had ever seen. A large garage bordered it to the right, with a wide porch leading up to it. To the left Antoine could make out the backyard through the gaps in the wooden fence, with a pool in its center. A neatly cut front lawn completed the picture, with various sculptures made of grass surrounding a large, triple-headed fountain. Obviously, Katie's parents were loaded. Antoine gathered his courage and walked up the porch to the front door. Before he could ring the bell, the wooden gate to his left opened up and Katie appeared.

"Heya, Ant!" she beamed. Katie was wearing a loosely fitting T-shirt with blue shorts. The T-shirt showed a large dragon curled up on top of a mountain peak.

"Hey, Katie" Antoine said.

"This way," she beckoned.

Antoine hesitated.

"Uh, you sure that's alright with your folks?" he asked.

Katie brushed him off.

"They're not home. Come on, you wimp!"

Drawn in by her enthusiasm, Antoine smiled and followed Katie in. The wooden gate led into the backyard. It was massive. At the far end, leading into the kitchen, was a patio with its own roof, filled with expensive looking chairs and benches. In the middle of the yard stood a large pool, complete with a diving board.

"Holy shit!" Antoine said, unable to contain himself.

Katie raised her eyebrows.

"It's nothing special. All the houses here have one. Doesn't yours?"

Again, Antoine was amazed at how sheltered this girl was. They didn't even have a bath, let alone a pool. But he didn't want to take the conversation that way, so he brushed the question off.

"Hey, who's that?" he said, pointing at a figure lying on a lounge chair, evidently tanning herself in the midday sun.

"Oh, that's Suzy, my sister." Her voice made it clear Katie didn't think very highly of her sibling.

Antoine would never have guessed the two were related. Suzy was everything Katie wasn't. Lying on the chair, her head back, Antoine got a full view of her body. She was tall, with long legs and the same natural blond hair that Katie had, though hers freely cascaded down her shoulders, She wore a two-piece bikini which showed off all of her amazing curves. Her tits filled the skimpy top she was wearing, standing out proudly on her chest. She had earbuds in and her eyes closed, and as such didn't notice their approach. When Antoine got closer, he could make out the pattern on her bikini: a blue cross lined with white stars on a red background. It seemed oddly familiar, thought he couldn't quite place it. It didn't help that he was being distracted by the two jugs underneath it.

"Let's go to my room" Katie said, pulling at his arm. "I got everything set up!"

Antoine reluctantly pulled his eyes away from the scantily clad bombshell. Katie opened the door to the kitchen and led the way. The interior of her home was as lavish as the exterior. Antoine felt like Alice on her first trip to Wonderland; everything seemed bigger. The tables, the refrigerator, the TV, the lights, the couches...Antoine gaped at it all, as if he were at an exclusive museum exhibit. Even his old home hadn't been anywhere near as amazing as this one. Katie led him to a large staircase, which curved upward towards the second floor. Once there, he followed her down a broad corridor, with more doors than he could count. Katie stopped before the third door on the right, and opened it.

Katie's room was a nerd Valhalla. Every inch of the walls were plastered with posters of videogames or cartoons. A bookshelf near the door held multiple stacks of comics; among them, Antoine was quick to note, several vintage first editions. A large flat screen TV hung from the wall across her king-size bed, and on the ground beneath it Antoine could see at least three different consoles. Piles of games were stacked up behind the glass window of the cabinet below the TV.

No wonder this girl is always cheerful, Antoine thought.

"Alright, chump!" Katie cheered, plopping down on the floor in front of the tv. "Let's get ready to rumble!"

They spent the next few hours gaming with abandon. Or rather, Katie spent the next few hours trouncing Antoine. He’d planned on taking it easy against her, but quickly found that to be in particularly poor judgement. The girl was a machine, her fingers flashing across the controller, expertly anticipating Antoine’s moves. He realized she must be spending most of her free time in here. It didn’t take long for Antoine to start playing for real.

They quickly lost track of time. When the score was 13-19 in favor of Katie, a knock on the door pulled them from their competition.

"Who's there?" Katie asked, without turning her head.

"Who do you think?" an annoyed voice answered.

"Suzy? What do you want?" Katie gave Antoine a knowing look; clearly she and her sister didn't get along.

The door opened, and Suzy stepped inside the room. Her hair looked recently dried, and she still wore her bikini and thong.

"God, you're such a nerd," Suzy said in a disgusted tone, looking down at the two of them.

"Beats being a slut," Katie retorted. She paused the game.

"Whatever. Look, it's your turn to clean the pool. And you know mom and dad are going to check it when they get back."

"Aww, can't you see I'm busy here?" Katie complained.

"You're little games with...him will have to wait. Get to it. Now."

With a frustrated shriek, Katie got up. She turned to Antoine.

"I'll be back in a bit, OK?"

Antoine nodded, secretly happy that he'd have some time alone with her videogames. Playing with Katie was fun, but exhausting. She was like a hamster in a wheel, never tiring, and Antoine sometimes found he had trouble keeping up.

After Katie had left, Antoine was about to turn back towards his game when he realized that Suzy hadn't left the room. She towered over him, her gorgeous, slender body on full display before him. Her nipples were visibly poking against the thin fabric of her top. He felt a lump in his throat.

"So..." Suzy said, measuring him up.

"Uh, my name is-" Antoine began, but she cut him off.

"I didn't ask for your name, did I boy?", she said venomously.

That word again. There was a time when Antoine had thought these things only happened in movies. It felt surreal experiencing it for himself, as if he were outside his body, looking down on it from above.

"I don't know what shithole Katie dragged you up from, but you're not welcome here. What the hell are you even doing in this town anyway?"

Antoine got up to his feet.

"I'm sorry, I'll leave," he mumbled, but Suzy blocked his way.

"Did I say you could leave? Sit the fuck down."

Confused, Antoine slowly sat down on Katie's bed. Suzy closed the door behind her, giving Antoine a nice view of her toned ass. She had a tattoo on her lower back, in an elaborate flower shape. Suzy turned around.

"You think I didn't notice you ogling my body when you came in here?"

Antoine's face must have betrayed him, because she laughed mockingly.

"Jesus, you really do have shit for brains, don't you?"

Antoine didn't know what to say. He wanted to yell back at her, to get up and slap her. But at the same time, he was also content to just sit there and endure it all, just to be able to look at her beautiful body.

"You want this, don't you?" Suzy said, her voice suddenly low, an evil smile on her face. She began to run her hands over her body, slow and sensual; her long legs, her toned stomach, her shapely breasts. When she reached her bikini covered boobs she placed two fingers on each nipple, drawing small circles with them. "You want this hot, white body, right 'nigga'? Fuck me like one of those skanks from whatever ghetto you're from?"

Antoine swallowed. Her movements were hypnotizing. He didn't know if he could even give his name if he was asked to. Without warning, Suzy knelt down before him and started unbuckling his belt. Suddenly, Antoine was pulled back to reality.

"W-wait, what are you doing?" he stammered, trying to push her away from him.

Suzy's head snapped up.

"Touch me again, and I'll tell my parents you raped me. And I know you know what happens to your type around these parts when a white girl accuses them of rape. "

"You're fucking insane!" Antoine said exasperated, but he pulled back his hands all the same. He was left to her mercy as she unhooked his belt and started lowering his jeans.

Antoine watched the door, afraid Katie might barge in at any time. Suzy pulled down his jeans to his feet, leaving him in his underwear.

"Holy fu-" Suzy whispered, her dominant attitude momentarily forgotten.

Antoine always had the extremely uncomfortable problem of his dick sticking out from the top of his underwear. Try as he might, he was never able to find boxers that could fully contain his member. It was something that had always embarrassed him, and the main reason he never wore shorts. Wasting little time, Suzy yanked his underwear down, leaving his dick fully exposed.

"No fucking way..." Suzy mumbled underneath her breath. Noticing Antoine's confused look, she quickly pulled herself together.

"Guess you do have your uses. Now, sit back and don't move a goddamn inch."

"Wait, what are you...AH!"

Antoine's comment was cut short as Suzy grabbed his dick and started licking his shaft. The feel of her wet tongue on his dick sent electric currents up his body, and Antoine couldn't move even if he wanted to. She went up and down with long strokes, using her hand to spread the spit across the length of his shaft. Soon enough, his dick was at full-mast.

"Fuck me Tyrone, you must be half-horse or something," Suzy breathed.

Antoine threw his head back as Suzy engulfed his dick in her mouth. He nearly melted at the sensation of his cock inside her warm, wet mouth, and he shivered subconsciously as he felt her tongue toy with the sensitive skin around his cockhead. As eagerly as she was sucking his dick, Suzy was clearly struggling with its size. She managed to get it halfway into her mouth before she was forced to pull out, gagging and breathing heavily, long strands of spit following her out, before going at it again. Soon, Antoine's whole dick was dripping with her spit and pre-cum, and Suzy hungrily slurped it all up as she devoured his cock. Occasionally she would rub his wet dick across her face, closing her eyes while she savored the sensation. His dick was like a lollipop to her, and she licked it, kissed it and sucked on it like it was her first meal in days.

"Oh Jesus, look at these balls," she mumbled.

She started jerking Antoine with one hand while she lowered her face and started kissing and licking his ballsack, moaning loudly throughout. Antoine couldn't help but let a soft moan escape from his own lips. Suzy was clearly an expert at blowjobs, and Antoine was quickly nearing his limit. The loud, wet sounds of Suzy stroking his slippery cock and sucking his ballsack only served to turn him on even more. As Suzy gobbled his balls and fiercely stroked his cock, Antoine cried out.

"Suzy...I'm gonna..."

Suzy pulled her face away from his balls and looked him in the eyes while she jerked him furiously with both hands.

"You're gonna cum?"

"Y-yes," Antoine barely managed.

"Do it," Suzy taunted. "Give it to me. Shoot that dirty nigger cum all over this tight, white body."

Antoine couldn't take it anymore and erupted all over Suzy's face. She clearly hadn't expected the sheer volume of cum coming out of Antoine's dick, as she jerked her head back as wave after wave of Antoine's thick, warm cum covered her body.

"Aaaaah", Suzy moaned lustfully.

When Antoine had finally finished, Suzy slowly got up, a triumphant smile on her face. Her entire upper body and hair was covered in cum, and she swooped a glob of it out from her cleavage and put it in her mouth, licking her fingers clean. It was the sexiest thing Antoine had ever seen.

"You don't taste half bad," she noted. ‘Better than I expected, at least.’

"F...fuck you, bitch," Antoine spat out, exhausted.

"You wish. I only sucked your dick to see if the stories were true. You really think I'd let you put those dirty black hands on me?"

Antoine felt his face go red.

Suzy laughed and walked towards the door.

"Do me a favor and clean up that mess, will you? Unless you want to explain to Katie how her terrible big sister already sucked the dick of her new best friend. "

As she opened the door, she looked back one last time.

"And don't even think about telling anyone what happened here. I have a few friends who would love to get together for a good old fashioned dragging."

With that morbid warning, she left Antoine alone in the room. He looked down at the floor; a few stray strands of cum were splattered on it. While the thought of obeying Suzy's commands infuriated him more than he could describe, he nevertheless searched for something to clean it up with. Coming up empty-handed, he settled on Katie's bed sheets. It took a little while, but soon the floor was clean, if a little more dry than usual. Antoine opened the window to get the smell of fresh cum out, before laying down on Katie's bed. His head was pounding. What the hell was wrong with the girls in this town? They all seemed to hate his guts for being black (except for Katie, of course), but at the same time they were desperate to see his cock. How was he supposed to respond? Their words were clearly meant to hurt him, and listening to Suzy she didn't even seem to mind hurting him physically. If he had any sense of pride, he would have told her off and went back home.

But she's so damn hot..., a treacherous voice inside him said.

While he still struggled with this conundrum, the door suddenly flew open and Katie marched in.

"Pheeew, finally done! Now, where were we...hey, what are you doing on my bed?"

Antoine quickly got up.

"Uh, sorry Katie, I'm really tired. I think I'm gonna go home."

"Oh, come on!" Katie pouted. "I just finished my chores and you want to bail on me?"

Antoine raised his hands apologetically as he walked towards the door.

"We'll hang out again next Saturday, alright?, he said.

"It's a date!" Katie said. "You know your way out, right? And get some training in, it was embarrassing beating you over and over and over..."

"OK, OK I get it," Antoine smiled.

"...and over and over and..."

He closed the door behind him, leaving Katie to her games. He felt terrible; that racist bitch Suzy had ruined what should have been a leisurely Saturday afternoon for him and Katie. The corridor was empty, but Antoine saw a light burning in a room further ahead. As he walked towards it, he heard the sound of cascading water.

Suzy, he realized.

Ignoring the voice in his head telling him to walk away, he approached the door and slowly tried the handle. It wasn't locked. The door creaked slightly as Antoine opened it, and he cursed internally. Suzy didn't appear to have heard him as the water continued to flow.

Antoine peeked inside.

The bathroom was made up of a large sink with a cabinet underneath it and a toilet directly to its right. Next to the toilet stood a small shower cabin with glass doors. Hanging from the top of the doors were a bikini and a thong. Heavy fog flowed out from behind the glass panels, obscuring most of the figure inside, but the clouds couldn't fully conceal the swell of her breasts or the shape of her toned body. Despite everything, Antoine felt his dick stir at the sight of Suzy's silhouette, and the knowledge that she was in there washing off his cum turned him on even more. A towel hang from a rack close to the shower.

A mad idea took hold in Antoine's head. The risk was enormous: if Suzy caught him, there would be hell to pay. Katie would probably never want to see him again. But the moment the thought had entered his mind, he knew he had to do it. Antoine slowly unzipped his pants, making certain to make as little sound as possible, and pulled out his cock. He carefully walked up towards the rack and grabbed the towel. He constantly kept his eyes on the figure in the shower, but Suzy didn't seem to notice a thing. Antoine started rubbing his dick. He watched as Suzy rinsed off her breasts and stomach, and despite having come moments earlier, it didn't take long for him to reach his limit. He quickly grabbed the towel and shot his load inside of it. Satisfied, he rubbed the cloth together a bit to spread the cum and make it less obvious to see.

Payback, bitch, Antoine thought with satisfaction.

He quickly put the towel back on the rack and exited the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Antoine zipped up his pants and retraced the steps he'd made with Katie; down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the backdoor. Soon he was standing outside again. Looking up at the house, he pulled his hand through his hair and shook his head.

Antoine had hoped that hanging out with Katie would help ease his mind a bit; instead, he was more confused than ever.
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