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Recap: In the bedroom, Angella begins to assert her control by making the room pitch black and handcuffing James to the bed.
Recap: In the bedroom, Angella begins to assert her control by making the room pitch black and handcuffing James to the bed.




James might have cum just from hearing her talk like that, but between her low voice and her thighs covering his ears, he couldn't make out what she said. The reality was, he didn't need dirty talk to motivate him to lick her. The mere feeling of her bush on his face was all the encouragement he needed to open his mouth and stretch out his tongue to taste her.

Her wet public hair coated his face and as she pressed herself onto him. Pushing her thick hair out of the way with his tongue, he opened his mouth, grasping for more. He pulled at the cuffs because he desperately wanted to hold back her hair and spread her lips so he could lick and savor her folds the way she loved; however, his struggles were in vain. No matter how he pulled at the handcuffs, they weren't budging, so he laid there, helpless under her womanly body as her scent filled his nostrils and her juices coated his lips.

Angella was amused by the fact every guy pulled on the handcuffs as if they'd give way. The whole point of handcuffs was to restrain someone and she didn't buy the typical sex-store fuzzy handcuffs with the quick release latch. She wasn't the kind of woman that wanted a kid's toy. She was the kind of woman that wanted to know that any guy she brought to her bed would stay put until she was done with him. Given the fact James had made her wait for over two months, she had every intention of leaving him like this, ready to please her, until the morning. Only after she'd fed him his special breakfast would she even consider reaching for the key she kept in the nightstand.

Angella pressed her pussy onto James' face more firmly and she felt his tongue finally part her lips. He sucked one lip into his mouth, taking the fold in before she felt his tongue trying to force its way up into her.

Angella spread her legs wider as she let more of her weight descend upon him, helping his tongue push further up in her.

Feeling like his tongue had gone in as far as it could, she lifted slightly and then descended again. She repeated this again and then again, feeling his tongue fuck her the best it could.

Angella groaned and squeezed her breasts, pinching her own hard nipples as she fucked his face. His tongue in her felt good, but it wasn't enough. She pulled her hips back as she rotated them and pressed down once more, forcing his tongue across her clit. Her clit nearly exploded as a bolt of lightning raced through her with that single touch. Angella couldn't contain herself any longer, so she reached down, and with one hand she grabbed his hair within her fist. Gripping it tightly she held his head in place as her hips began to rock and thrust.

Angella felt her orgasm building in her and she wasn't going to hold off. She rubbed her hairy cunt on his face and the fact he was trying so hard to lick, fuck and taste her with his tongue, like a good little boy, made her even hornier.

It only took a minute more before she felt her pussy clench and then explode with the first of the many orgasms she knew were to come. As her pussy exploded, she fell forward slightly, clutching the headboard as her pussy throbbed in one orgasmic wave after another.

James laid under Angella and it was all his tongue could do to keep up with her continued thrusting. He worked to keep up with her because he needed her to feel good and be fixated on how he was making her feel. James knew he both wanted, and needed, her mindlessly consumed by her lust, fully lost in the pursuit of her own pleasure.

James' cock was hard and straining for the pleasurable touch she still hadn't decided if she'd offer him, yet he leaked a steady stream of pre-cum, proof of his own need and dark desires.

James felt her lean forward, her weight pressing on him more, her hips continuously moving. As she bent forward, leaning into the headboard for leverage, she ground her hips so his tongue would focus on her needy clit. As she ground her clit into him more, he could almost feel it swelling in his mouth, while her ample, and very wet, bush enveloped his face.

Angella hadn't backed off her assault of his face when her second orgasm began to overtake her. James' tongue had needed a break so he'd just stuck his tongue out as she ground herself on it, and it was in that position she ground herself over the edge.

This time as she came James felt a small rush of liquid hit his tongue and run down the side of his face. Surprised, he stopped breathing, just for a moment.

James' cock jumped slightly as he felt the warm liquid running over him and he realized she had just squirted a small amount. In any other situation James would have assumed this was nothing more than her being really wet; however, the blogger he chatted with had informed James that two of her boy-toys could make her squirt. Recalling this, James’ heart beat faster as he began to contemplate what this would mean if he was joining that elite list.

After Angella's second massive orgasm, James had a small break in her relentless use of his face. During that break he tried to remember the conversation about squirting he'd had with the ex boy-toy, turned blogger. As he recalled, if Angella can be made to squirt, no amount of cumming is able to fully satisfy her after that. The intensity of that kind of orgasm meant that every other orgasm made her feel like she was "leaving some in the tank".

Initially James had believed the phrase “leaving some in the tank” was a colorful way of describing an incomplete orgasm or a strong desire to cum again and more completely. However, when James said that, the blogger corrected the foolish thought, and revealed another layer to Angella’s depravity.

James had listened as he was told that Angella didn't find relief by "emptying her tank" through masturbation, grinding, toys or more orgasms. Instead, she sought relief by rubbing her clit and pissing herself empty while atop the boy-toy who had made her experience that need. What sounded like a cute phrase was actually a very literal de***********ion of an act she apparently enjoyed..

The problem was, James had gotten the impression from their conversation that she couldn't possibly squirt until she'd trained a guy on how to please her properly. It'd taken both of her previous toys nearly three months before they made her squirt the first time. With that time-frame in mind, James had discounted those conversational details and he never factored it in as part of his plans for tonight.

James wanted to believe she hadn't squirted, but deep down he knew she had. His only hope was that, since her release appeared to have been small, then perhaps she wouldn’t be consumed by the same “incomplete” feeling a full blown squirting orgasm gave her. However, as his mind contemplated how the evening was panning out already, another sobering fact crept into his mind. As she pressed her pussy to his face once more he reminded himself that as long as he remained in the handcuffs, she could do whatever she wanted to him, or in his mouth.

If you'd have asked James three months ago what he thought about the prospect of being peed on, for any reason, he'd have flatly refused to consider it. Yet now that he was confronted with the very real possibility, he strangely didn't feel scared. There was something about submitting to Angella that changed his natural instincts. And while things weren’t going quite the way he had planned, for some reason, just knowing he was giving her what she wanted made things ok. In fact, the idea that she was pleased with him filled him with pride.

Angella's heart beat fast as she came for the fifth time. No one had ever made her cum and react like this, it was almost as if his tongue, and likely his entire body, was made to fit together with hers, as if it was designed to please her in some perfect way.

The first time she squirted she hadn’t been sure if that’s what it had been, but the second time she felt the pool of fluid in her building up and releasing, she could no longer deny the obvious. Building to her third squirting orgasm she started to debate whether she could really "empty her tank" with him, this soon and without a signed contract. However, when she heard him cough and choke as she squirted in his mouth, her desires darkened and she longed to give him a proper taste.

Angella's mind began to consider things she normally wouldn't do this soon, but James was special. James was light-years ahead of where he should be, so why should she limit herself to simple face fucking and jerking off tonight? She let go of the headboard and took his hair in her fist once more and she tilted his head back. Her mind was racing with possibilities so she decided to offer her new toy another test. This simple test would not only distract her from the feeling of unfulfilled release which was building within her, it would also reveal to her more about his potential.

Lifting herself off of him, she scooted forward a little as she reached back to spread her ass-cheeks. Holding her cheeks open she lowered herself just enough that her ass lightly touched his face. Instantly she felt his head lift and his tongue on her asshole. Just like everything else with him, that single touch caused pleasure to coarse through her.

She had offered him her ass, but hadn't forced the issue to see what he'd do. His eager tongue hadn't let her down, and even now she felt him exploring and licking as much of her ass as he could reach. She recognized the hunger and need as he strained to lift up, in an effort to get more of her.

As his tongue explored her ass she relaxed her legs and pressed her ass more firmly to his face. If he wanted her ass that badly, then she would let him have it.

She had expected him to lick her harder and more furiously now that he could more easily reach her, but that didn’t appear to be enough for him. Angella's pussy spasmed when she felt his hungry and desperate tongue stiffen and force its way into her. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wider so she could sit down more completely on his face, thus allowing him to penetrate her dark hole as deeply as biology would allow.

She could tell that his actions were driven by his own need and in response, she moved her hand to her clit, touching herself the way her need demanded. With the fog of arousal overtaking her, she decided that even without a signed contract, he was ready for more.

Angella became lost in everything she was feeling, but it wasn't his tongue in her ass, or her fingers on her clit which sent her over the edge this time. The trigger for her latest orgasm had been the thought...."I'm not leaving anything in the tank, and my good little boy will swallow every drop"
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