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Recap: James remains handcuffed to the bed while Angella forces him to continually please her. To her surprise he is very eager to use his tongue on, and in, any part of her body she offers him. Even more surprising is the fact he has made her squirt, an act which leaves her feeling unfulfilled, unless she pisses herself empty.
Recap: James remains handcuffed to the bed while Angella forces him to continually please her. To her surprise he is very eager to use his tongue on, and in, any part of her body she offers him. Even more surprising is the fact he has made her squirt, an act which leaves her feeling unfulfilled, unless she pisses herself empty.




James didn't know how long he'd been handcuffed to the bed or how many times he'd made her cum, but neither seemed to matter. Angella appeared to be a never ending fountain of desire and need, not to mention the literal fountain she'd filled his mouth with, twice. It was an understatement to say that she was like no other woman he'd ever been with. and despite him not having his own orgasm, he felt strangely ok with it.

Angella began needing longer breaks between her whole body orgasms the more the night went on, and during those brief moments of rest, James' mind wandered to their future together. He knew going into tonight what she might do, but he also knew that nothing they had done compared to what would occur in the weeks ahead. He knew that part of her process was to break him of every dominant impulse he had and she would ensure he would be eager to please her, no matter what she asked.

If she followed her normal training routine, his first real challenge would come the day they visit a married couple she was friends with. While at their house that evening they'd notice a basket of laundry in the den, seemingly left there by accident. Angella would ask him to search through the laundry to find a dress and pair of panties he thought was sexy. Once he found them, she'd demand he put them on, in front of everyone. After praising him for being obedient she would fuck him with the strap-on she used for pleasure, not the one she used to punish him. While she fucked him the husband would make a comment about getting hard watching this, and that would be Angella's queue to ask James if he’d be willing to help his new friend out. Angella would stop fucking James and join the wife on the couch. Under the watchful eye of two women, they would witness James go to his knees to stroke, and suck, his first cock..

Every toy assumed that was the end of her test, but they were wrong. The following day they'd return to the couple's house under the guise of retrieving the strap-on she left behind. Once inside James would once more find himself wearing the same sexy outfit while on his knees in front of the husband. The difference with this visit would be that James’ panties would be pulled aside as the two women watched the husband satiate his need using James' "pussy".

Having passed that test, and shown he accepted that level of control over his life, her toys usually believed there was little else she could do to surprise them. That confidence would then be ripped away as the next challenge would be darker, requiring an entire weekend to complete.

Ignoring the subtle variations in each scenario, the core of her next test was as follows. One Friday night a friend that worked at a vet's office would need to leave town last minute. With no one else to turn to, she'd ask if Angella could stop by to feed and walk the animals being boarded there.

Angella would take James with her to help, and as part of a roleplay, he'd walk into the vet’s office on all 4's while wearing a collar. Once inside she’d *********** the animals for him to walk. As he returned them to her, sometimes she’d place a dog in the large kennel in the corner, instead of returning it to the kennel it came from. After all the dogs were walked James would be sent into the large corner kennel with a fresh bowl of water, only to have Angella shut the door behind him.

By returning the padlock to the door he would understand that despite her leaving it unlocked, he was not to leave. If he accepted that, she’d inform him that all the dogs in that kennel were males which hadn’t been neutered. Next she’d open the door and let in two more dogs, casually mentioning that his latest roommates were in heat..

Speaking quickly she’d tell him that her friend would get fired if either of the females went home pregnant, so it was up to him to ensure that both bitches were satisfied as often as she needed and that every male in that kennel was so drained he couldn't impregnate a bitch if he tried. As a way of helping him, she’d slip enough viagra, and other stimulants, through the chain link fence to get him through the next 40 hours. To let him know how seriously she took this, the last thing she’d do is tell him that if he refused, or if either female became pregnant, their relationship would be over.

Upon leaving Sunday afternoon, she'd take him to a pet store so he could pick out his own puppy. Despite the assurances he’d give to the owner, James would understand that, under no circumstances, was his new pet to ever get fixed.

Angella would make him promise that his dog would grow up seeing James as its sole outlet for its every sexual urge. However, a more important dynamic was actually at play. By taking on this arrangement, James would continue proving his devotion to Angella, years after she’d discarded him. In fact, she followed up with every one of her toys that earned a puppy, one year after she terminated their relationship. To the blogger’s knowledge, only one guy had chosen to cut off his pet’s urges through surgery, and the blogger proudly admitted, he was not the traitor..

Intermixed between all of this, Angella would train him with object insertions, chastity belts, intentional blue-balls and hypnosis therapy. He'd learn to love his toilet training, orgasms caused by pain and fire-play sessions. After these things, and so much more, the idea of being branded wouldn't faze him; in fact, he'd welcome another mark of devotion to her.

In less time that he could believe possible, she'd have him worshiping her for everything she did, and he'd gladly hand over everything he owned to her if it'd make her happy.

James had always doubted the claims that such devotion and acceptance could be achieved by anyone, but seeing how he had responded to her already, he was beginning to believe he too could become swept down her river of seduction.

Licking his lips, James tasted Angela’s arousal again, causing pre-cum to once more dribble down his cock. Laying there in the dark, he patiently waited for his next opportunity to please her.
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