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Recap: After pleasing Angella for hours, while in the dark and handcuffed to the bed, she finally decides it's time to let him cum. James begs for the chance to please her with his cock, but she sees his begging as a form of manipulation. In order to teach him a lesson she placed a condom lined with desensitizing gel, on his cock, and threatened to punish him if he came while she ground her pussy against his cock.
Recap: After pleasing Angella for hours, while in the dark and handcuffed to the bed, she finally decides it's time to let him cum. James begs for the chance to please her with his cock, but she sees his begging as a form of manipulation. In order to teach him a lesson she placed a condom lined with desensitizing gel, on his cock, and threatened to punish him if he came while she ground her pussy against his cock.




James listened as Angella's orgasm drew closer. By now he'd heard her cum enough times that he knew the signs. Knowing she was both distracted, and in the position he’d been waiting for, he slowly began moving his hands down towards her hips.

For six weeks James had known she'd handcuff him to her bed, but he’d also known which store she purchased her sex toys from. He had visited that store and found two types of "real" BDSM handcuffs, so he purchased both. For the past month he practiced freeing himself from each model, using only a paperclip on the simple locking mechanism. With that skill mastered, James knew he could leverage the dark bedroom and Angella's own orgasmic bliss against her.

While she’d been swept up in her own pleasure he quietly loosened both handcuffs. He knew he had to keep them on in case she touched his wrists, but ever since she experienced her second orgasm, his hands had been technically free. For all except the first 10-minutes they’d been in the bedroom, James had wielded the power to stop or prevent her from doing more. Instead of putting an end to her use of his body, he’d willingly chosen to please her, in increasingly taboo ways, as he waited for the perfect moment to act.

Actually, that wasn’t entirely true. She had presented him multiple opportunities over the course of the night in which he could have sprung his plan, but for some reason, James had never acted on those opportunities. He could justify his inaction a thousand different ways, but anytime the thought, “why didn’t I?” came into his mind, he pushed it aside with a non-committal, “it wasn’t the right time”.

Angella was just about to cum again when she felt James' hands on her ass. It took her a moment to process what was wrong with the new sensation, but just as she put it together he gripped her waist and started to roll.

Having caught her off guard, James was able to knock Angella to her side and then to her back. Once there, he seized control by positioning himself on top of her.

"Hey!" Angella screamed, and she reached up to hit James. Her hand made contact with his body, and that was her first mistake as now he knew exactly where that hand was. Grabbing her wrist he pulled it over her head and then down to the bed. In one quick motion he pushed a handcuff closed, looped it back around and then over her wrist, tightening it as far as it'd go. Shocked and confused, Angella made her next mistake by reaching her free hand to her cuffed one in an attempt to stop him. Her other hand carelessly placed right where James wanted it, he clasped a cuff on her other wrist, leaving her restrained and attached to the headboard before she could fully register what was going on.

James sat up and leaned over to the bedside table to turn on a lamp. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he saw the drawer to the nightstand still open with the various condoms, sex toys and lube she used on her play-things. Scanning the area he smiled when he located the only thing capable of ruining his plans. With the key to the handcuffs in the bottom of the drawer, well out of her reach, James took a moment to collect himself mentally.

James was brought back to reality as he felt, and heard, Angella pulling against the handcuffs with all her might.

The metal bit into her wrists causing Angella to finally understand why every guy struggled so much. They didn’t struggle because they didn't understand how handcuffs worked, they were simply in disbelief as to their current situation. They wanted to believe they could get free, and their mind couldn't accept they were actually helpless until they first proved it to themselves.

"James, let me go, right now. Right now you hear me? I do not consent to this!" she yelled, pulling on the handcuffs once more.

The need that had burned in James all night welled up into him anew. He ran his hands down her body, feeling her breasts, stomach and pussy. As he touched her she thrashed around on the bed and James had to leverage his own body weight to hold her in place.

As James laid on top of her, Angella felt his hand go lower once more She moved and thrashed under him more violently as he put a knee between her legs in an effort to pry them apart. Once more she yelled, "James, no, stop! Stop James! I do not consent to this! I do not give you my consent!"

James didn't say anything but instead he used his hands and both legs to force her knees open further. Try as she may, she knew she couldn't win. She'd cum too hard and too often that night, and that had left her exhausted. In contrast, James had expended much less energy and his testosterone fueled need gave him an even bigger well to draw from.

She began to panic and was afraid of what he might do so she softened her voice and tried pleading with him. "Baby. It was wrong of me to make you wait so long. You want to cum don't you? Then let me help. Undo me and I'll make you cum any way you want. Ok? Just....undo my hands.....undo them and then you can....."

Angella had no intention of actually following through on anything she said, but she still tried to bargain with the young man whose hand was probing her pussy. When his fingers left her bush, for an instant she thought she’d gotten through to him; however, the truth was, he had only touched her so he could locate his target. Looking into her eyes, he guided his cock to its destination.

As the tip of James' cock touched her pussy she cried out, "No you ca......" and then she gasped sharply. James struggled to keep his eyes open as he groaned, because he wanted to look at her while he felt his cock finally descend into her very wet pussy.

James placed his hands on her shoulders to help hold her in place, deepening the sense of helplessness she now felt. As James began to move his hips, he growled, "now it's my turn to do what I want" and then he thrusted into her...hard.

Angella couldn't stop herself from moaning as she felt him fill her up. It'd been so long since she'd let a man be in charge so she wasn't used to thrusts and movements she didn't control. She had no choice but to lay there, and feel his cock go in deeper, pull out, deny her and then push in again, all without warning. He wasn't fucking her the way she'd have made him do it, and that was the problem. Seeing as she couldn't anticipate his erratic movements, her body was constantly, and pleasantly, off-guard. Despite her mind's objections, her body responded to each thrust with the same intensity and need it had responded to him all night.

James had been inside her for less than a minute when Angella felt her own orgasm building once more. She had been on the cusp of cumming when he grabbed her ass and it'd taken surprisingly little effort to bring her back to that point again. She didn't want to cum this way, with him in charge. She couldn't allow him to think he could control her, do as he pleased or that her body wanted this on some level. Desperate, she tried to bargain with him again....

As she panted, willing her orgasm to not betray her, she cried, "James please, think about this. You can't. This is rape. Just stop, free my hands. I'll ride you all night, I'll make you cum however you want, as many times you want. Don't do this. Not like this. Please, be a good boy, be my good boy, do it for me, please, don't ...don't let this be rape....Please you must st....."

James ignored her begging as he thrust himself into her so hard it actually hurt as his cock slammed into her cervix. While he was in her, as deep as he could possibly go, he cried out, "I'm....ahhhhh" as he began to cum

James didn’t move, trying to stay as deep in her as possible. He had just unleashed the largest torrent of cum he'd ever had in his life, due only in part to his delayed orgasm that night. The real reason for the size of the orgasm, which now left him light-headed, was the fact he’d been bringing himself to the point of cumming, four times a day, for the last two weeks. Now that he had finally given himself permission to cum, he discharged the intensity, and need, of 14-days of edging, into her.

As Angella felt his cock convulse and spasm deep inside her, she felt something unfamiliar. Her body had understood what happened before her mind had, and her body responded to that knowledge by cumming with him. Against her will, Angella’s pussy gripped his cock impossibly tight, her insides pulsing, throbbing and milking his cock, trying to suck him in even deeper.

Once his balls felt empty and drained James pulled back and stood up. Angella’s pussy was still contracting even after he withdrew, as if it was trying to pull his cock back to the place it belonged.

Angella couldn't believe what had just happened, but disbelief was quickly being replaced by fear. She was afraid to look at him, but she had to know for sure. As he stood next to the bed she forced herself to look down at his body, and when she did, her suspicion was confirmed.

She found herself staring at his still hard cock. It was wet and glistened in the light, but as she watched a small drop of cum form on the tip, she couldn’t help but notice that there was no condom to catch that drop. Horrified, she cried, "What did you do? I'm not on the pill you fucking moron!"

James cut her off as he said, "Oh you're not. Then I guess it'd be even a bigger problem if you were ovulating."

Angella spat at him saying, "Yeah it would be but I'm......" and then she froze. She mentally started thinking back to her last period and James watched as her expression changed. Fire hit her eyes as she hissed, "You son of a bitch, you best hope that I don't...."

James looked back at her as he reached for his clothes, "What? Get pregnant? Oh that would be a shame wouldn't it? After all, you're deeply and morally opposed to abortion aren't you? That's why you're not on the pill. After all, your body can eject a fertilized egg while on the pill, and that's a form of abortion to your very legalistic mind isn't it? So.....I guess there's no morning after pill for you either. " As James pulled his shirt down over his head he sarcastically added, "Don't worry, I'm sure what happened to Sharon wouldn't happen to you, I mean, you're next in line to be offered a partnership at your firm, so they obviously value you."

Angella started to speak but froze once more. She'd never mentioned Sharon to him, so how had he known? Sharon was one of the few regrets that Angella had in her life. When Sharon and her husband decided to start a family, Sharon inexplicably became the victim of a downsizing effort at the firm. Angella knew that no reduction in staff was needed, but she had still chosen to testify in support of her company at the "Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Hearing" because there would be a promotion available if Sharon permanently stayed home with her baby.

Angella pulled on the handcuffs and thrashed around on the bed as she screamed at him. "You're dead. You're dead! You hear me? I'm gonna come after you so hard you won't know what hit you. Getting raped in prison will be the least of your problems when I'm done with you. I'll ruin you! You hear me James? You fucked up and now I'm gonna fuck you....."

James finished putting on his clothes and he looked unphased by the threats she screamed at him. He looked down at her, restrained on the bed, and almost laughed. "Really? You're gonna fuck my life up? Sorry, that ship has sailed. I'm just evening the score"

Angella looked at him confused and screamed, "So you admit this wasn't consensual and you what? Lashed out in retribution? Retribution for what?" Then she scoffed, "So it's an insanity or scorned lover plea you're after? Seriously, if that's the best you've got then your ass is's mine!!!!"

James was ignoring her as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He held it up and said, "Smile" right before she saw the light from the flash.

Angella couldn't help but laugh in disbelief. "You really are stupid! That's evidence now, You stupid dumb fuck. How dumb can you be? You're making my case for me. Just wait until....."

James started for the door as he calmly said, "Dumb?" He shrugged. and then said, "Maybe making bad decisions is in my blood"

Angella pulled against the handcuffs again, the metal now cutting into her skin as she yelled out, "The fuck? You can't be fucking serious. You can't leave me like this! You can't leave! Get back here!"

A smile crossed James' face as he said "I can't? I thought walking out when you're helpless was exactly the kind of thing I should do." Before she could start yelling again he pulled out his wallet and removed a piece of paper. The action was so bizarre she just stared at him, watching as he walked back to the bed. Almost reverently James laid the paper down next to her, and in the same sweet voice he had always used with her, up until a few minutes ago, he said, "You can have this, I like the new one better"

Without looking back at her he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.
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