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I am excited about my afternoon with my master. Maybe a little too excited...
You lead me into the bedroom and tell me to strip, except for my panties. I’m wearing black lace panties that show off my ass cheeks. After I undress you say “Inspection.” I stand with my feet apart and my hands behind my head, looking straight forward. You walk around me and I can feel your eyes on me, checking to make sure that I am clean and ready for your use. You reach inside the front of my panties to make sure I’m waxed. “Well done, slut,” you say.

Next you say “Collar,” and I get down on my knees with my hands behind my head, lifting up my hair. I look straight ahead and try not to smile, but it’s so hard. I love being your submissive and the joy I feel when you put the collar around my neck is indescribable. You make me feel so beautiful and sexy. I hear the click of the clasp as you fasten the collar around my neck and then tell me to stand, facing the bed.

You place a spreader bar between my feet and shackle me by my ankles. Once you’ve finished you ask me if you need to restrain my arms or if I’ll be a good girl. “I only exist to make you happy, Sir,” I say. “I will do whatever you want me to.” You spank my ass lightly and say “Good girl.” I feel your hand on my upper back as you press me to the bed. You take my hands and place them on either side of my head.

You walk to the dresser where there are toys and whips. You pick up a cat o’ nine tails and walk behind me. I steady myself for the sting of the whip, but it doesn’t come. Instead I feel the leather strands being trailed along my back. It feels so sensual, like soft fingers caressing my skin. You trail it up my legs, across my ass, over my arms. I get goose bumps all over with the pleasure of the sensation. You turn the whip around and press the handle against my pussy, rubbing it over my clit. I gasp, and hear you laugh to yourself.

You walk back over to the dresser and exchange the cat o’ nine tails for a riding crop. “I want your ass nice and pink before I fuck you,” you say, and you walk back behind me. I hear the whoosh of the whip coming down before I feel the sting of the leather. I stifle a cry because I know my place and I must be quiet. I feel the whip several more times before you put it down beside me. I then feel your hands on my ass, one on each cheek. You press down and roll my cheeks apart and I feel the cool air on my hole. It sends a shiver up my spine. You pick up the whip again and give me several more smacks before you’re satisfied. You place the riding crop back on the dresser and walk back behind me.

I hear you remove your clothing, and then I feel you smacking your cock on my ass. I feel a little bit of wetness from it. You pull my panties to the side, and you use your middle finger to check to see how wet I am. “You filthy girl,” you say. I am soaking wet with desire for my master. You use your finger to spread my juices all over my pussy, then I feel your cock replace your finger. Your head is so soft and hot against my cunt.

I feel the pressure as you press your cock into my pussy. You slide all the way in with one stroke, and I hear you groan as I gasp with pleasure. You begin to fuck me with long, slow strokes, and every time you thrust into me my clit rubs on the bedspread. My legs tremble and I try to think of other things to make sure I don’t come, as you haven’t given me permission.

Your thrusts become harder and faster, and I can no longer control myself. I start to come and feel my pulsing pussy gripping your cock as you continue to fuck me. I cry out and beg for forgiveness. You lean over me and whisper in my ear. “You are a very naughty slut. You’ll pay for this.” I feel your hot, hard cock slide out of my cunt and you walk back over to the dresser, picking up a bottle of lube.

I hear the click of the bottle being opened, and feel the coolness of the lube as you pull my panties to the side and pour it between my cheeks. It dribbles over my hole and down to my pussy. I feel your perfect cock spreading the lubricant over my ass hole.

I feel pressure as you begin to enter me. Your head pops through my hole and I bite my knuckles as I try not to cry out. There is pleasure and pain all at once. You slide all the way in, and tell me to put my hands behind me. You grasp my wrists and use my arms to steady yourself as you fuck my ass. “This is what happens to whores who come without permission.” Your strokes are slow and deep. You let go of my wrists and grasp my hips, allowing yourself to fuck me faster and harder. Your breathing changes and I know you’re going to fill me with your seed soon.

After one last hard thrust I feel your cock begin to pulse and feel you shooting rope after rope of cum deep into my ass, breeding me. I hear you groan and it pushes me over the edge and I come. I sob with shame as I know I’ve disappointed you yet again. You lean over me with your cock still in my ass. As your breathing slows you whisper, “You disobeyed me again, slut. What am I going to do with you? You need to learn to control yourself.”

You stand up and slide your cock out of me. You wipe your cock on my ass, leaving streaks of cum on my skin and panties. “Leave your hands behind your back,” you say. “I’ll be back when I decide what your punishment will be.”

I hear you close the door as you leave the room. My mind races, wondering how you will punish me, and I feel your seed begin to leak out of me and run down the insides of my thighs. It’s a reminder that you are my master and I exist only for your pleasure.
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