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Katrina had forgotten she had run from another realm until her soulmate came knocking on her door. His mysterious mauve eyes intrigued her.
[b]My day's work is done, and I am waiting on the platform for my train to take me home. The platform is beginning to fill up with tired, weary people, who want to get home and relax, just like me. I see the train pull to a stop, and as the doors slide open I hop on. I look around for a seat and manage to find one, flopping down heavily, I put my bags on my lap, thinking I would be glad when I got home, for I had had a very busy day and would welcome the rest, peace, and tranquillity.

The journey home wasn't too long, and all the seats had been occupied. I saw an elderly lady struggling to stay standing with the constant movements and jostling of the train. I stood up offering her my seat and she gracefully accepted. I smiled down at her, as she smiled back at me. Taking my hand, she opens and brushes her fingers along my open palm, which made me wonder what she was doing as it sent a shudder through my whole body.

She scans my palm, and then looks up at me, excitement filling her twinkling eyes. She flexes her fingers for me to bend down, I bend nearer to her, and she whispers to me, 'something special is going to happen to you very soon my love, please don't dismiss what or who you may see or hear, as it will change your life for the better.' She then touches my open hand as she licks and kisses my palm, doing this made me dribble in my panties. 'A kiss from the lords and angels, as they are always watching over you my love and you will always be protected, no matter what happens or where you may travel.'

I look at her smiling as I whisper a 'thank you,' to her. As we feel the train slowing down, I nod my head as the train came to a stop saying, 'this is where I have to get off but thank you for what you have said,' I couldn't help but lower my head and kiss her cheek, looking up to me she says, 'it's also my stop to my love.'

I helped her off the train, and she had a very pleasant, calming air about her, I liked her immediately even though this was the first time I had ever seen her. I asked if she needed any more help, and she said, 'no thank you my love and bless you for the help you have given me.'

I looked in my purse for a tissue, but she had vanished when I looked up again. She couldn't have gotten too far, and not so quickly either, as she looked to be quite frail; it puzzled me, 'how did she manage to disappear so quickly.' I shook my head, thinking I must keep a lookout just in case I saw her again. Then my stomach started to grumble, making me think about what to have for my tea.

Five minutes later, I walked in my front door. I kick my shoes off, drop my bag on a chair, and threw my coat over it, glancing over to where I had put my laundry, ready to be taken upstairs and put away. But first things first, I had to put the kettle on, I was desperate for a coffee and a shower. As the kettle was boiling, I got my meal out and placed it in the oven, hunters Chicken, a jacket potato with melted cheese and veg.

Taking my coffee upstairs I showered, washing all the grime of the day down the drain, making sure I paid particular attention to my nether regions. The sharp spray of the water sent tingles running through my clit, 'mmm' I loved the feeling it gave me. Then I remembered my tea, I hurried to get dried but stayed naked; grabbing my coffee I went downstairs just as the bell was ringing, telling me my tea was ready.

I sat at the table, munching through my hunter's chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, onion rings, jacket potato and sauce. As I was taking a forkful of food to my mouth a large blob of sauce fell off the fork onto my naked teat, 'oh fffff, shoot' I squeaked, trying to get it off. I jumped up and ran to the sink, leaning over I turned the tap on, splashing cold water over them, the cold water hardening my teats; 'flip, that's hot,' I squealed as I bounced up and down with the jolts of pain that were searing through my nipple and flesh.' I saw redness appearing and it was getting sore with a burning sensation, I was definitely going to blister. When my teat had eased a little and I had stopped jumping around with the burning pain I felt, I finished my tea and then tidied the kitchen.

Relaxing, I sank into my sofa, supporting my head on a cushion at the back, now it's me time I thought to myself. Absentmindedly, I spread my legs and caressed one of my teats, while wafting the other, trying to cool it down more. Closing my eyes, I took in all the feelings that were running through my body, 'mmmmmm I wondered, what would it feel like to have a real man fuck me hard, for him to take my virginities and make me his!'

I flicked through the TV channels while I continued playing, but nothing caught my eye, then I remembered talking to Adam at work, he told me he often watched porn films, which helped get him off. 'I wonder,' I thought to myself. I found the channel Adam had spoken of and settled down to watch. My fingers played between my open thighs.

I couldn't believe what I was watching. A naked woman, in the centre of a room, had a collar placed around her neck with a leash attached to it, she was then led crawling around the room like a bitch on heat, letting all the men fondle and inspect her.

After the men had fondled her teats, pulling, and squeezing them hard, while others pushed their fingers and some of them, their fists into her cunt and ass, she was again kneeling in front of her master, he said in a very stern controlling voice, 'lay on your back my bitch with your knees up by your chest and spread yourself open, I am going to insert this butt plug this tail, then you will truly be my bitch. I may even bring some of the dogs in, and let my friends see how they distort your cunt and ass when they knott you, making you scream with pleasure, and when they have finished fucking you, my friends just may want to inspect you again. Believe me, my bitch, you are going to be well used tonight.' Her only words were 'yes please master, use me for your pleasure,' smiling up at him.

As she lay obeying her master, she was leaking juices profusely, her ass high and wide for her master to prepare and use her, she saw and heard the men laughing and wanking as one of them said, 'is she always this obedient and do as she is told?'

'Oh yes, she is one of the best bitch slaves I have had, and I don't intend on losing her.'

I was furiously wanking my clit, feeling how it was getting bigger and harder, my teats were hardening and beginning to ache, although one was throbbing with the blister that had now appeared, and my pulse rate rapidly increasing. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was cumming; when suddenly, my doorbell rang, making me jump. 'Who on earth could that be,' I muttered. Ignoring the doorbell, I continued masturbating, 'yes, yes, fuckkk Yesssss,' I shouted, feeling my cunt pulsate and juices oozing out of me. My fingers were full of my juices. I wrapped them around my teat coating it, and then sucked my fingers dry.

The doorbell rang again, huffing, I got myself up and headed towards the door. I knew I was naked, my juices making my cunt lips swollen and glisten, but I could hide behind the front door as it was solid wood and whoever it was wouldn't know or see.

I opened the door making sure I couldn't be seen, to see a youngish man, a full head of dark hair with strips of Silver running through it, and mystical mauve eyes with flecks of Silver that seemed to sparkle and shine when he saw me, he seemed to be quite tall too, his physique looked to be very strong and very muscular, oomph, I thought to myself.

'Good evening are you, Miss Katrina Taylor, by any chance?' he noticed my bare shoulder as he looked me in the eyes, then down the length of the door, smiling a knowing smile. He looked into my eyes again then back at the door, then back to my eyes, taking a deep breath.

'Umm, who are you and what do you want?' Thinking to myself I know this man from somewhere, but I didn't know where or when. Just looking at him was making my pussy more than leak; while my hand was pulling and squeezing my teat, then going down to my clit and squeezing hard, as I heard in my mind, 'you will continue to masturbate for me.'

'Are you Miss Katrina Taylor, or not? I have a message for you from 'Grace.'

'Grace, who on earth is Grace, I know no one by that name, sorry I think you must have the wrong address.' I continued masturbating; my legs were beginning to tremble as I went to close the door when he said something that startled me.

'Yes, you do, you met her on the train on your way home today,' he was still smiling.

'Oh, that sweet lady, she was ever so nice, no one would give her their seat, so I gave her mine, she was ever so thankful, she even got off at the same station as me but then suddenly disappeared, just like a puff of smoke, there one second, gone the next;' I answered returning his smile, remembering her lovely gentle smile.

'Yes, she can be quite evasive when she wants to be,' he replied chuckling. 'I hope you don't mind me saying something but, you have a lovely body I wouldn't want you catching a chill, and don't you think you should have that blister seen too that is spreading over your teat?'

My mouth dropped open, 'what the... how,' I fumbled, trying to hide behind the door even more. 'Oh, I get it, your someone who can see through wood then are you?' I said, giggling sarcastically.

'Well, I can do many things, but you do have a lovely body, just like I remember, and you are turning me on with how you are masturbating. But that blister does need seeing too,' his mauve eyes penetrating mine, the silver flecks sparkling. 'You are going to ask me to come in and offer me a coffee? you will also let me tend to your blister and show me your open cunt as you make yourself cum for me,' I heard in my mind.

Turning my head, I saw the bundle of clothes on the chair in the hall near the stairs waiting to be taken upstairs. Stretching my arm, I grabbed the first thing I touched; it was a lightweight short robe; throwing it over my shoulders I quickly tied the sash loosely around my waist, not that it covered much, it didn't, and was very see-through but it was better than nothing.

'I would invite you in but, I don't even know you or what your name is,' as I glanced at him again from around the door.

'Yes, you do know me Katrina, but you have forgotten. My name is Adonis, your Adonis! You don't know how pleased I am to have found you.' His fingers caressed mine that was holding the door open, sending shivers coursing through my body which made my teats more than harden, and ache, I had never felt anything like it before.

Clearing my throat and flushing at the same time, I could feel the pulse in my throat, and if I could feel it, I am sure he could see it. 'Nice to meet you, Adonis, please come in, I can at least offer you a coffee while you can give me the message you have for me from Grace.'

I stepped to the side, opening the door wider for him to enter. Not caring if he could see my tits and glistening wet cunt, my hand cupping my teat trying to soothe away the growing pain; my juices leaking down my inner thighs, my robe was very short and very see-through. Don't ask me why, but somehow, I just knew I could trust him and that he would never harm me.

'Thank you, Katrina, I would appreciate it very much,' he followed me through to the lounge, noticing what I had been watching on the TV, not seeing the smirk that appeared on his face. With a flick of his fingers, he turned the tele off. I looked round to see the tv suddenly go quiet, 'Oh shoot, don't tell me my TV has gone!' tutting, I went through to the kitchen, with Adonis following closely behind me.

'Would you like tea or coffee?' continuing to caress my teat, which was now beginning to throb and really burn.

'Coffee would be lovely thank you, my Katrina, may I take my coat off and sit?' he asked while he watched what I was doing.

'Sorry, yes of course you can, do you take milk and sugar?'

As he watched me, he had taken his coat off and was rolling his shirt sleeves up to his elbows, he simply asked, 'do you know what the name Katrina means?' Then said, 'milk, no sugar thank you.'

'Huh, no I don't what my name means, why, do you?'

'Yes, I do, would you like me to tell you, again?' I nodded my head, as I turned to face him. He was swiping his tongue slowly over his lips, 'Katrina means, A name that dances off the tongue. Katrina stems from the Greek name Aikaterina and is a feminine name meaning loved by many, and I must say you are loved.' The iris of his eyes changed to purple, as they continue to penetrate mine. It was as though I was transfixed, not realizing my tits were on show as I sat down at the table with him, passing him his coffee.

'Ok, and I suppose you also know what the name Adonis means?' I asked sarcastically.

'Considering it's my name, yes I do,' smiling as he tilted his head as if waiting for me to ask him, but he instead asked me, would you like me to see to your blister? It does look to be getting rather sore and painful.' My hand automatically squeezed it, only to realize they were on full show to him, flushing furiously I went to cover them flushing bright red, but winced instead, as the side of my robe scraped over the blister, 'oomph' was all that came out of my mouth.

'I shall deal with it for you, don't be alarmed; I have no intentions of harming you in any way for you are my queen. You already know I would never hurt you my angel, but it was you who ran from me, and I don't know why. I have been searching for you ever since; although that blister does need attending too.'

Trying to cut the awkward silence I asked him, 'are you going to tell me what your name means?' He stood by my side looking deep into my eyes as he said, 'you already know what it means, but yes, I shall tell you again, although not now, your breast needs to be healed.' The way he looked at me sent shivers rippling through my entire body, making both my teats harden, I didn't know where to look but I was enjoying the sensations he was now filling me with.

'First, take your robe off, I need to get to both of your teats, lean back and think of something nice, something you would like to do. I promise I will do no more than heal them, well, not unless you want me to that is, now close your eyes, and relax,' as he brushed the side of my face. He softly blew over my face as I was looking at him, there was so much gentleness and love coming from him, that I could no more than close my eyes.

I let my robe fall from my shoulders, landing at my waist, and falling to the sides of the chair. I leaned back relaxing the best I could, I felt his fingers on my brow as I heard, 'relax my Katrina you are perfectly safe with me, you always have been and always will be. I shall be touching and suckling your teats to do what needs to be done to heal you.'

I felt his fingers gently circling my teats, his fingers wrapping around them causing me to shudder. I heard his voice in my head again, 'Katrina, you will let me guide you to the sofa, where you will be more comfortable, and I know you can hear me, as I can feel it, don't let it alarm you; you will only feel pleasure in everything I am about to do to heal you, let happen, whatever happens, happen.'

I stood and felt him guide me to the sofa, sitting me down. I could feel his fingers working on my breast and teats. I could feel his warm breath blowing around the blister, and then I could feel liquid from his tongue swirling around my teat. I could feel his tongue lapping and suckling first one and then the other. I couldn't help but let out a sensuous moan, my thighs parting. I could feel my teats hardening under his tender touch as he continued to suckle, pulling hard on them.

'Tell me with your thoughts what you want me to do to you and for you, Katrina, now I have found you again.'

I couldn't help but think, 'there is no way you can hear what my thoughts are, but hey ho, here goes. 'I want you to be my master and make me bleed as you take my virginities, I want to feel your hard throbbing cock deep inside my cunt and ass as you fuck me hard, filling me full of your seed, making me yours, as you suckle hard on my teats, making me milk for you, so I can feed you, my master.' These were my thoughts, then thought no more of it. I was experiencing strange feelings, sensations I had never felt before.

'Mmmmmm,' I was enjoying his tender touch so much that I let my legs fall apart, showing him my muff and tiny unused pussy, my clit extending from behind its hiding place, my eyes still closed.

'Oh Katrina, I heard every word you thought, I'm already your lord and master, and you are my mine and have been for many years, but you have forgotten. It's good you are unknown to man's touch. I will be honoured to make you bleed, proving your virginity to me, after all this time of searching for you. When I tell you, you will open your eyes and remember all our thoughts, with a smile on your face, you will see me naked, kneeling between your thighs as I suckle on your growing clit.'

I felt him start to pump hard on my teats again with his fingertips, pulling and stretching them, 'ahhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, yes, yes,' my hips bucking up with an oncoming orgasm. His mouth sucking and biting hard on my clit, flicking the end continuously with his tongue 'you are going to make me cum if you keep sucking my clit like that,' I heard myself say in desperation.

'Yes, yes, I know you are, I can see your cunt pulsate for me as it opens, now open your eyes, and tell me what you want. Not what you think I want you to tell me.'

I opened my eyes, my open hands on each side of his head, pulling him further onto my clit which was swelling the more he pulled and suckled on it. He pulled off and sat back on his heels, naked, looking at me as he continued to wank my clit. I could see his cock lengthening and getting harder, it was huge as it pointed straight toward me. Hearing a groan emanating from my throat, he smiled.

'I heard your every thought Katrina, but are you sure you want to start milking, as you will have to be suckled many times a day and suckling you will make your clit tingle and swell, your cunt will pulse, your ass too, you will want to be fucked all the time, unless you are asleep. You won't be happy unless you are continually wanking or fucking.'

I could see my nipples elongating as they swelled and thickened, they were searching, needing to be used more. 'Yes, yes I do, just look how wet you have made me,' my fingers opened my virginal channel for him to see how big my clit was now getting and how much he was making my pussy juice.

He placed his open hands around my waist, pulling me further to the edge of the sofa. I could feel the tip of his cock brushing up and down my virgin holes. His eyes turned a deeper mauve like purple with hidden meanings. As he looked at my teats, I saw a flash of purply/silver penetrate them, leaving a warm burning sensation covering my breasts and I could feel my pussy opening for him. My breathing was getting deeper and heavier, 'ahhhhhhh fuckkk, what have you done?'

'Oh, my angel you don't know how long I have waited for this moment.' My hands left her waist and found her teats, squeezing and pulling them hard. 'Are you ready for me to take you deeper than you have ever been taken before and to make you mine, this time it will be for always?'

'Yes, Adonis make me yours, fill my cunt full of your seed' my fingers found the base of his shaft and ball sack, he was so big, I thought he would rip me apart, as I caressed them, trying to get him to take me. I leant over taking his cock in my mouth, sucking on the head, tasting his precum. I swirled my tongue round and round his helmet, then took him as deep as I could; finding that I could take him deeper in my throat than I thought. I looked up at him as he placed his hand on the back of my head pushing deeper, telling me to relax my throat more. I tried to do as he asked but knew I needed him. His eyes glowed with passion and lust, as colours of purple and silver flowed into my breasts and through my whole body, 'patience my angel patience, nothing can stop us from coming together now and becoming one.' Holding himself, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke it up and down, from my ass to my clit. 'This will hurt at first and yes you will bleed, but the pleasure that follows is indescribable. Fuck Katrina, I've waited so long, and want you so badly, are you ready? I am going to teach you so much!'

I nodded my head as I held my thighs wider for him, pulling my knees up to my chest. I felt him open my pussy lips with his fingers, and as he looked deep into my pink virgin hole, again I saw shards of purply/silver shoot up my cunt that I could feel deep inside, I felt myself opening up to him. I could see his cock lurching as he tapped my soaking wet pussy. Then I felt his cock at my unknown entrance, he pushed right to the hilt or so I thought. I felt him tearing my hymen then stilled, letting me get used to the sensations I was now feeling. The stinging discomfort I felt when he entered me made me take a sharp intake of breath uttering an 'oomph.'

He brought his mouth to mine, kissing me tenderly, but urgently. The pain slowly ebbed away giving me a feeling of fullness, one I wanted more of. My hips began moving of their own accord, giving him the go-ahead to fuck me senseless. His mouth and tongue found my teats again, making me arch my back up to him as he suckled hard and long. 'Yes,' I whimpered, 'yesss fuckkk, yessssssss.'

He was watching the different expressions on my face the whole time, the way my eyes lit up as he pounded me, catching my 'G' spot, 'relax for me Katrina, relax, and hold your knees wider. My cock must fully penetrate your cervix as I fill you full of my seed.' I pulled my knees wider, opening myself fully to him, feeling him go even deeper as he pounded deep into my cervix, the deeper he went the harder he seemed to get. 'Fuckkkk Adonis, you're so deep,' I managed to whimper. 'You're going to make me cum.' When he heard this, he pushed more of his cock in, making me scream as I felt his balls smack my ass, 'fuck, fuck, fuuuuck, ahhhhhhh, I'm cumming,' I looked down and could see his cock pumping me, my body started to float with all the sensations I was getting.

When I was coming down to earth again he pulled out; his cock still rock hard and dripping wet, he put his mouth on my now-used bleeding pussy, and he began licking and suckling on my cunt, then my clit, making it pop for him while pushing his fingers in deep. I felt him swirling them around inside me, when he pulled them out, he showed me his blood-stained fingers, wiping them all over my teats, then tasted his fingers, and offered them to me to clean. My heart was pounding with what he was doing, I felt him shooting slivers of purply/silver from his eyes deep into my body, as I felt these slivers of what I could only describe as pure and utter pleasure enter my body.

I heard 'remember my angel, remember, why did you run from me, I am your lord and master. From now on you are mine, you will obey all I say, and with whoever, wherever, however, and whenever I say; but it will be mostly me or me and papa only. Now to fuck you again, I need to fill you with more of my seed before Grace arrives.'

I could see his huge blood-stained cock twitching as he opened me up again. I smiled at him, 'yes please take me, take all of me, I'm all yours.'

'Oh, I am most certainly going to, but you will only cum when I allow you to, for I must fuck you again; all night if I must, I have to make sure my seed impregnates you.'

I felt his hands lift the cheeks of my butt, his thumbs holding me wide open, as he penetrated me again; I murmured to him, 'more, harder, deeper.' I felt him fill me so full I had to pull and squeeze my teats. The sensations he was filling me with were out of this world, never had I felt so satisfied, but I could not control my building orgasm. 'Please I need to cum,' I whimpered.

He looked into my eyes, 'no Katrina, you must not cum yet, I have told you this, now obey me. You. Will. Not. Cum until I say you can, do you understand,' he said with emphasis, all I could do was nod my head and obey him. He thrust hard several times into my pussy, hearing the squelching of juices as he pumped into me. I could feel my juices dribbling down, filling my butt. He circled the rim of my butt with two fingers, gently pushing them into the first knuckle, finger fucking my ass, and going deeper the more he did it. As he was doing this, he held my clit between the finger and thumb of his other hand, circling, and pinching. Then filled my cunt again with his ever-growing hard cock, going deeper than he had previously been. I was in euphoria; never had I felt so full, with so much happiness, joy, and love.

His thrusting got so powerful I felt his cock swelling, going deeper; 'I am about to fill you full again, but you mustn't cum,' then all of a sudden, he bellowed, 'ahhhhhhh fuck, yessssssss.' I felt him spurting his seed deep into me, time and time again filling my insides, making my tummy swell with the amount of his seed he filled me with. When I thought he had finished, I couldn't help but hump him, desperate for more.

He pulled his cock out, at the same time as he pulled his fingers out of my ass, filling it immediately with his hard burning cock, holding my cunt closed with his fingers so his seed would not flow out. He fucked my ass long and hard, filling me so full it made me yelp, 'I'm going to cum Adonis, I can't hold back much longer, please my lord, please.'

'No, you fucking don't, not yet, I have to fill your ass with my seed.' As he was saying this, I felt him go so deep into my intestines and shoot his seed deep in my ass and as soon as he had filled me, he again pulled out, holding the cheeks of my butt together, and once again he thrust his cock deep into my cunt, fucking me long and hard. Once again, I could feel him swelling, this time I could no longer hold back, and he knew this, he could feel it. 'Cum for me, my angel, cum for me as I fill you full again.' He thrust so hard and so deep, as he again emptied his seed deep inside me.

'Ahhhhhhh,' I screamed, my body shuddering and trembling uncontrollably as my orgasm overtook my whole being. Before I knew it, I was somehow sitting in his lap, his cock was still buried deep in me and was suckling on my now hard, but very tender swelling teats, teats that were now beginning to glow sending tingles down to my inner thighs again. Adonis was tenderly caressing my whole body, as he gently kept thrusting inside me.

All of a sudden, I heard a popping noise, and when I looked to see where it was coming from, I again saw the woman I had seen earlier, with a gasp I was about to ask where and how she got into my home. Adonis soothed me saying, 'Katrina this is Grace, the lady you met earlier today, as he continued to pound me. Grace meets Katrina, Grace is my mama, and between us all, we have now found you.'

Grace was smiling at us, nodding her head knowingly. 'We have been watching you, my son. Yes, she is indeed your lost soulmate.' Adonis held me close, as he continued playing with my body, my teats especially, 'mama, she wishes to milk for us. I have told her what will happen if she does, but she wants to.' Grace came to us smiling. Putting her open hands on my cheeks, at last, my child, at last, I knew it was you when I first saw you on the train earlier.'

She took her hands away from my face, as Adonis held me open for her, my glowing teats on full display, looking at me she lowered her mouth to my teats, first taking one in her mouth, suckling hard and deep, then she did the same to my other teat, biting them as she did. She lifted her head and pointed both her index fingers deep into my teats, closing her eyes as she pressed firmly on both my blood-stained teats, causing a shuddering tingle to penetrate my tits, which in turn made me murmur, 'fuck, fuck, fuck, yessssssss.'

Looking at Adonis she said, 'I see she was a virgin, my son? the deed is now done, you and papa need to fuck her at the same time, but you must show us the seed you have spent in her first, then fuck her hard, when you have both emptied your seed into her you must cover her tits with your seed and rub it in, especially her teats, your papa should be here shortly to help you. As you know you have to have seed from two of the same family at the same time, fuck her hard, then rub it into her, and suckle on her teats. When this is done, she will start producing milk for you, I can see you have already been getting her ready?'

'Oh mama, yes, she was a virgin and was more than ready for me to take her,' he was talking to her through thoughts alone but didn't take his eyes from mine, as he kept thrusting into me. He could sense and feel me start to build again. He turned me so I was facing him, spreading my thighs wide so he could get deep inside me and as he was fucking me hard, he was also suckling my now elongating teats, which seemed to glow as they searched for more attention.

I never thought sex like this would be and feel so good, I couldn't get enough, the more I got fucked, the more I wanted. I could also see that Grace was naked. 'Ah fuck, my angel, I'm going to cum again, are you sure you want to be my milking maid?' he panted, breathing heavily.

I smiled, 'yes, I am yours to do with as you deem fit. I am yours to use, wherever, whenever, however, and with whoever that may please you. Now please keep fucking me, I need to cum again for you.' Gripping my waist, he turned us both, so he was now on top of me pounding me as though there was no tomorrow when there was another popping sound.

This time an older man appeared; an older version of my naked Adonis. He went straight towards Grace, and as she curtsied in front of him, he kissed her deeply, he was also naked and she then sat on the edge of the table, her legs spread wide, inviting him to use her for his pleasure as she played with her clit. 'Oh, Eros my husband, Adonis has found his lost soulmate, now fuck me, my husband, make me cum.'

'Yes, my queen, it will be my pleasure as always. I will suckle your clit, and bring it out of its hiding place, so it is hard and throbbing, you will then suck my cock deep in your throat, but not until I have done what needs to be done. As you know, you are not allowed not cum yet, not until we have filled Katrina with our seed, but first, he must show us both her cum filled holes. then maybe, I will allow you to be one of the first to suckle milk from her, now get yourself ready for me.'

When Adonis heard this, he pulled out of me holding both my ass and cunt lips wide, as his mama and papa watched his creamy fluid that was tainted with blood drip from both my holes. A smile on both their faces. We could see Grace's cunt leak juices as her ass opened as he commanded. 'Now watch, as we both fill her full and make her ours once more.

'Yes, my husband, I will obey you.'

'My son, Katrina is your lost maiden. I see the proof of her virginity; she will be trained in our ways; are you ready for this to now happen?'

'Yes, papa I am.'

Looking at Katrina he asked the same question. 'Are you ready for us to fill you full of our seed and for your return to our realm again?' As Katrina looked up at him, her eyes were full of lust and longing, 'yes, yes I am more than ready,' she barely whispered. His papa was now standing behind me as once again Adonis turned me, so I was facing him, then pulled me over him, suckling hard on my teats again, burying his cock deep in my twat, his fingers opening my butt, again proving to them both he had already filled both my holes with his seed as it began oozing out of me.

'Perfection,' Adonis's' papa said, Adonis, pulled off my teats allowing his papa to wrap his arms around me, his fingers pinching and pulling hard on them, then gripping my waist he filled my ass. 'Fuck her hard, my son, I am with you now and she will be initiated into our world again.'

Both men fucked me as I had never been fucked before. I lost count of the number of times they made me cum, but it was pure heaven. All of a sudden, they both roared, filling me full of their seed at the same time. When they pulled out of me, my holes were wide open as both held their open palms as their cum dripped out of me, my cunt and ass were pulsating with pleasure.

'Now to rub our seed into your teats. Are you ready for your milking to start Katrina, and for Adonis to make you his?' Again, I nodded my head, barely able to speak, but managed to murmur, 'yes, your majesty I am, I want to belong to Adonis?'

As they were rubbing their seed and my juices into my tits, my body was tingling all over, as Adonis was gently kissing me. My fingers found my now protruding clit, the slightest touch sent me spiralling again.

'Oh yes master, make me cum again, I want you to use and fuck me for all time.'

'I fully intend to my love, now I have found you, I am never going to let you go;' was the only reply I got. All three were watching as I made myself cum again. Adonis and Eros having rubbed their combined seed and juices into my tits and were pulling hard on my teats again as drops of white liquid began to ooze out. 'Fuck Papa, look, she is milking already.' He leant his head down, suckling my teats into his mouth and began suckling. 'Mmmmmm,' was all I could hear, as he went from one teat to the other. His papa also suckled from my teats. Both of them draining a tit, one wanking my clit, the other fisting me, when they had finished, Eros walked over to his queen.

I glanced over to where Grace was sitting, legs spread wide waiting for her husband. She opened her pussy lips wide making her clit pop, 'cum for me my queen, for I am going to have my fill of your juices,' he knelt in front of her, his mouth covering her pussy, sucking, and slurping everything she gave him. Lifting his mouth to hers he kissed her deeply, 'do you want to taste Katrina,' he asked breathlessly.

'Yes, my husband, I do,' holding the sides of her head, he guided his hard throbbing cock to her open mouth; pushing in, watching as his huge cock fucked deep in her throat. 'Ahhhhh fuck, Grace my love, you are making me want to cum, just like you always have done. Pull your cunt lips open and make your little cock pop, let me see how you pulsate for me.' Grace did as she was told, opening her cunt lips wide, making her clit look like a hard cock. 'Wank yourself while I fuck your throat and tell me when you are about to cum, I am going to fist you hard, then feed you my cum as your juices dribble down your thighs.' He was pumping hard and deep down her throat as she wanked her clit furiously, he buried his fist deep in her cunt pumping her hard and fast, which made her asshole open.

'Ahhhhh Eros, I, I, I'm cumming, fill my ass as only you know how to, now my love, now,' she screamed. Eros fisted her ass, as he watched her cum. Her juices flowed out of her for us all to see, it was like a small waterfall.

'Ahh, yes my love, open yourself and show us as I fill you full, drink it all down, don't let any spill.' She looked up at him smiling as she opened her mouth wider letting him deeply penetrate her throat. Again, he roared as he filled her stomach, 'now to fuck you,' he pulled out of her mouth, holding the base of his cock so he would cause her no damage. When he was free of her mouth, he held himself at the opening of her pussy, pushing in deeply, and then saw a few drops of his seed drip onto her tits.

After a while, Eros came with another thundering roar, making the walls of my home shake. I watched in amazement while stroking Adonis's hair with one hand as my other hand tried to circle his enormous cock, as he suckled me hard. 'Fuck,' I thought, he is huge, both their cocks must have been as least a foot long if not longer.

When his mama and papa had finished Adonis stood up, holding tight to Katrina's waist keeping her steady, walking her to where both his parents stood waiting for them, both of them smiling. Katrina felt no embarrassment or shame in being naked, her tit was now totally healed, and they both glowed and shimmered as they began to leak milk. Grace looked at Katrina's teats and then at Eros, 'please husband, may I have the pleasure before we return?'

Eros looked at her telling her that she could suckle my milk, but when they returned home she knew he would punish her as she had let his seed drip onto her tits. She looked down at them and brought her hand up to wipe it away.

'Oh no you don't, Grace, you will leave it for everyone to see.' Grace flushed at the thought of having to show the seed she had let fall on her body. 'Now suckle her before we return,' Eros said. Grace lifted both my tits and began suckling, first one teat then the other; this made me start squirming and squirting.

'Enough,' Eros said.

Grace lifted her mouth off Katrina's teats, and they held hands placing Katrina in the centre of them, each of them was touching Katrina with their fingers. Eros and Adonis tapped their index fingers together and we instantly vanished from my front room, only to appear in a room of pure opulence. Katrina was still pulling on her nipples and wanking her clit.

Eros smiled at his son, 'take her to the pleasure dome son, and have her milked,' Adonis couldn't take his eyes off me, watching as spurt after spurt of milk shot out of my ever-growing teats, 'you have to ready her for your wedding; as I must punish your mama for spilling my seed.' Adonis grinned at his papa, knowing how much his mama hated the thought of Eros punishing her.

'Yes papa,' Adonis picked Katrina up, wrapping her in his arms. Her arms folded around his neck as her teats found their way to his mouth, his cock burying itself deep in her cunt. Pushing so deep into her cervix, she felt his every movement as he took her to the pleasure zone, which was sending her wild with need, 'ahhhhhhh fuck my love, you are my soul, I love you.' He stopped by a door, looking into my eyes, 'remember, try and remember, and tell me why you ran?' He opened the door taking her straight to the huge bed; laying her on top he whispered, mine, only mine, no one will ever touch you but me and papa. Marry me Katrina and tell the world you are now forever mine.'

'Oh yes Adonis,' she whispered looking into his eyes, 'yes, I'll marry you. I love you so, always have done.' Then I wondered 'why would I say something like that, I have only just met him or have I, but somehow she knew it was true,' yes, she did love him, but why had she run, she would have to try and find out and remember. 'Come fuck me, I need you,' she lay back spreading her legs wide for Adonis so he could see how he was affecting her, his cock standing proud, as he went to lay beside her. They could hear lots of laughter and whisperings, 'Queen's punishment, hehehehe, yes, ah fuck yesss.'

Meanwhile, the king was preparing Grace his queen for her punishment in their punishment room. 'It's been a while since we used this room, isn't it my love?' holding onto her as he fastened her tight to the cross, her back straight, her legs high and wide, her ass and pussy on full show, while her arms and wrists were also fastened tight. She couldn't move a muscle, she had to accept her punishment however it may come. She looked at Eros, who was sitting naked watching her, his fingers around his massive cock looking at her naked body. When he clapped his hands some imps appeared, ten male and two female, and they were also naked. They stood before their king and queen and either bowed or curtsied.

'My queen needs punishing, and I need pleasuring,' the male imps ran to where the king had fastened her and was immediately playing and invading her whole body, they were double penetrating her butt and cunt, one was licking and sucking hard on her clit, two more are suckling heavily on her teats and licking the kings cum off her tits, and another pounding her mouth.

'She must not cum,' bellowed the king as the two female imps sucked his ass and cock, 'I want her to see how the imps can take all my cum without spilling any. One of them stood before me opening her mouth wide and taking my cock deep into her, while the other one was playing with his anus. Two more female imps came running in, both curtsied, then jumped on my chest, sucking hard on his nipples. Both imps were knelt on my chest showing me their open cunts, as they suckled hard, making my nipples stand on end, my large fingers pushed deep inside them, and I knew if I pushed another finger in they would cum hard. I could feel the imp throat fucking me and she was pushing her ass in the air, this told the others that she desperately needed a good fucking. I felt myself swell shouting, 'drink all I give to you!'

I hear Grace telling the imps she needed to cum badly, 'fill my holes and make me cum' she screamed, 'stop tormenting me.' I tell the imps to now leave her and to satisfy their females. Her head droops, 'please Eros don't leave me like this she begs,' knowing he will, because this is part of her punishment. 'No, my queen, you will not touch yourself until the wedding; now I am going to let you down and you will prepare yourself for your Son's wedding.' He went over to her and gently let her down, he felt her body and legs trembling. The look of love in his eyes was undeniable, as was hers.

His hand folded around his hard cock slowly pumping up and down as he stood in front of his queen pulling hard first on one teat then the other, making her squirm and cry, her quim dripping wet with what the imps had done to her; she didn't think she could hold out much longer. 'I have so much cum in me I am going to fill you so full you will be begging me to stop, and you will hold it all in till after we have witnessed the ceremony of our son's marriage, then I shall allow all the men to eat you out, and play with your body how they see fit, but you will not cum.' The look on his face told her he was still punishing her. With that, he slapped her ass, he looked down at her saying, 'ready yourself my queen,' he then left the room.

Meanwhile, there was lots of laughter as people were busy getting the ballroom ready for the prince's wedding. Adonis and Katerina were also preparing for their wedding. Adonis had taken her to one of the luxurious bedrooms, where her maids came running to her, all excited. 'Oh miss, where have you been all this time, we have been worried sick, but look at you now, and about to marry your prince.' She held her hands out grasping Katrina's, 'beautiful, just beautiful and you're now milking!' Katrina smiled saying to her, 'I'm going to have to get used to all this splendour, aren't I?'

'Get used to it miss,' she gave Katrina a look, then happily told her she was going to get her ready for her wedding. As she was bathing her, she asked 'what do you mean, you're going to have to get used to this splendour, this has been your home for many years.' Katrina looked at her with a quizzical look on her face, 'my home, do you know me already?'

'Oh yes miss, I was your maid that prepared you for your first wedding, but you just disappeared, no one could find you anywhere, we searched and searched for you. Adonis was brokenhearted, I couldn't and still don't understand what could have happened,' smiling at me while she was combing my hair and preparing me for my wedding.

What's your name, and can you tell me what happened, I need to understand, I ask 'her.

'My name is Tia miss; I have been your maid ever since you arrived here. You were being prepared for your wedding, just like you are now when I was summoned to the king. There was a guard outside when I left, I smiled at him and went to see the king. When I entered the king's room, he was surprised to see me, as he was also getting ready for the wedding, as was everyone else. Well, you can imagine, I rushed back to you, but you had gone and so was the guard; you were nowhere to be found and neither could the guard. Although, saying that, we do have shapeshifters and you know how they can change. What if after you are wedded, you get Adonis to have you try and find out?'

'Yes I think that would be a good idea, as some things do seem so familiar to me, but I don't remember anything, the only thing I do know is that Adonis is the love of my life. Hopefully, they will help me remember, now let's get finished.' She finished by putting my adornments on and a clear robe that covered my whole body yet covered nothing.

When Tia looked at me she had tears in her eyes, 'ahh miss, you look beautiful, Adonis is a very lucky man indeed.' We walked out only to find Eros waiting for us. 'Oh, your majesty' and I immediately curtsied, as did Tia. The king placed his arms around Katrina, saying, 'no need to curtsy today, as it is yours and Adonis's day, they shall all bow and curtsy to you both, shall we my dear one, you look beautiful.' He placed her arm in his and walked her down the long corridor to the ballroom.

When they entered they walked towards the alter. Adonis couldn't take his eyes off her, Grace's eye's filled with love and tears as she mouthed 'at last.' Eros gave Adonis Katrina's hand, then stepped back standing next to the queen, taking her hand in his, kissing it with passion.

The wedding service went without any problems; when they turned around the ballroom was packed full, as everyone wanted to see their union. Adonis walked Katrina to where there was a long-padded table, he picked her robe up and took it off her, so she was now as naked as everyone else; he saw bells attached to her teats and every time she move they jingled. He gently laid her down standing between her thighs; he saw another bell attached to her clit; his cock rock hard. He held her legs high and wide as he pushed his cock deep into her showing everyone to whom she now belonged. The ballroom came alive, everyone was clapping and cheering, and they all started dancing waiting for Adonis to fill his new bride with his seed.

An hour later a thundering bellow came from Adonis, 'cum for me my angel,' with that Katrina came as she had never cum before, squirting all over Adonis's chest. When he saw this he filled her full of his seed. When they had calmed some, he lifted Katerina off the table telling her they had to go around the ballroom thanking everyone for attending their wedding and allowing everyone who wished to touch her could do so.

As they were walking around greeting their guests, they came upon a group of people, all smiling and enjoying themselves; Adonis had his arm wrapped around Katerina's waist, the bells attached to her nipples and clit were constantly jingling, but when she looked at one of the men a shudder went through her, as he went to touch her, making her whole body stiffen making her step back, her hand clasped Adonis's tighter; this made him look at her and her face had gone ashen white. He turned to look where the king and queen were, the king had seen her face turn white and he was by their side immediately.

'What's the matter Katrina you've gone very pale,' the king quietly asked her but kept a smile on his face. She looked at him nodding her head, with this both Adonis and the king looked in the direction she was looking, and both noticed she was beginning to tremble.

Two of the king's trusted guards went to stand behind the man, as the king told them to take him to a holding cell, they would deal with him later, as no one was going to spoil their wedding day. A chair was placed behind Katrina, and she literally flopped down onto it.

Adonis was kneeling in front of her, she looked at him whispering, 'that man, who is he, because as soon as I saw him, he scared me, it's as though I know him from somewhere, I'm sorry for making such a fuss but, but he's not a very nice person.'

The king placed his hands on Adonis's shoulders, as the queen was making everyone disperse from watching them, telling everyone to carry on with the celebrations, they would be joining them shortly. The king said to them both, we will get to the bottom of this for I will not have this sort of thing in my realm. 'I want you to see a seer, she is one of the queen's maids, she will help you to remember,' he rubbed her arms telling her not to worry as he was going to have a couple of his trusted guards, guard her at all times. He patted Adonis on his shoulder, 'all will be well my son, you will see.'

The queen came in with her most faithful and trustworthy maids. She curtsied in front of Katerina, 'your royal highness, it's a pleasure to actually meet you this time. I will help you remember. You will never be alone and there is no need for you to fear anything or anyone,' she curtsied again, then stepped back watching her carefully.

Adonis wrapped his arm around her waist, 'come, my love, we need some privacy' as he guided her through a door that was partially hidden, with the queen and her maid following. She sat down panic showing on her face, 'please you royal highness sit quietly with your mother till I am finished, it won't take long.'

She sat opposite Katrina, placing her hands in hers; this caused Katerina to instantly calm down, Telling her what she intended to do and that she wanted her to relax, so she could see why that man frightened her so much. Katerina told her, she couldn't remember anything. She told her not to worry as she placed her fingers on each side of her head telling Katerina to close her eyes. Katerina closed her eyes, her mind instantly returning to the time her trouble started, letting the seer do what she had to do.

Within seconds, the seer found what she was looking for, and from what she saw she understood why Katrina was so feared of him. Before she took her fingers away from her head she told Katerina she would remember everything, but nothing would scare or frighten her anymore concerning this man and she would stay calm; for he would get his just rewards. She slipped her fingers down from her head and down her arms to her stomach, smiling. She then caressed her cheeks, saying 'you will make an excellent, just Queen one day.' She then turned so she was facing the prince, waiting for Katrina to come and sit by her.

'I remember everything now, and it wasn't your fault I ran away Adonis,' taking his hands in mine; it was that man. He came into our rooms, but he looked like one of our guards saying the prince had to deal with something and he was to look after me while he was gone, but when he approached me, he unexpectedly grabbed my hair pulling me out of my seat placing his hand around my mouth saying quietly, that he was taking me to the auction and selling me to the highest bidder after he had fucked me raw, and no one would know. He looked up and down my body, squeezing my teats and pinching me hard. I couldn't do anything for he had handcuffed my wrists and taped my mouth closed. His cock was lengthening with everything he was saying and the way he was looking at me, made me shiver with fear. But what he didn't realize was, I still had the use of my legs, and I brought my knee up sharply right into his cock and ball sac. He doubled over with the pain I had caused, and fell to his knees, this caused his face to change, and he wasn't one of your guards, he was a shifter, I then ran and kept running, making sure no one could find or see me, and I didn't feel safe until I was far away from him.'

They all sat silently, listening to everything I had told them. I saw the anger on their faces. Eros and Adonis both stood at the same time saying, we shall deal with him severely, for he won't hurt another female in my realm ever again.

I stood saying to them both, let me deal with him, but I want you both to be with me,' I kept looking at them, when Eros said, 'are you strong enough to do this?' I told him yes, I was now, with the help of the seer; I turned to look at her smiling. She nodded her head, then stood to leave, the queen went with her leaving just the three of us together. 'Adonis, please let me do this, for you know how long I have been running from that vile man, and he needs his punishment and I want to be the one to give it to him.' Eros and Adonis looked at each other, then back to me, 'only if we both stay with you,' Adonis replied.

'Yes you must stay with me, but watching him get some of his punishment will be sufficient, then we can carry on with our lives,' she said as her fingers brushed down the front of his body tenderly. Adonis looked at her and she heard him growl deep in his throat, coughing he said, 'very well, come, let's get this over with, but tell us what are you going to do to him?' he gave her a look that told her he was going to ravish her as soon as he could. This made her teats stand on end, milk dripping just at the thought.

They entered the holding cell, both Eros and Adonis were on each side of her and the guards were close by. She held both their hands slightly squeezing them; she raised her head; her voice was firm when she began speaking. 'You have given me years of pain and what you intended to do to me is unforgivable and you deserve the severest punishment, a punishment you will never be able to forget. She told one of the guards to fetch the doctor. Hearing this the shifter looked up at her saying, 'and what is he going to do to me, he is one of my kind, you stupid fucking bitch, you don't even belong here.'

'You'll be surprised at what he can and will do,' she told the other guards to completely tie his arms and feet apart in readiness for the doctor. A few minutes later the doctor appeared. Katrina looked straight at him and told him what she wanted him to do to the prisoner; everyone should know what he tried to do.

The prisoner started shouting, 'you can't do that, tell the stupid fucking bitch, your highness,' he looked from Adonis to Eros, but neither said a word, only looked at him.

After a few minutes, Adonis said 'just be thankful she is not having you executed for I can assure you if it were up to me or your king that is exactly what would happen. Maybe this will be a more fitting punishment, it will tell everyone exactly what kind of person you are.' His open hand caressed the small of her back as if telling her she was doing a good job.

'B-but she wants to have my balls cut off and then marked as a rapist who then sells his prey to the highest bidder.' Both men glared at him nodding their heads.

'What do you expect, you must have known we would find her, and that the truth would eventually come out.' The king looked at the doctor, telling him to proceed with the punishment. The doctor had no option but to obey the king, but if he were honest he actually agreed with them, they couldn't have anyone thinking they could do something as he had done and expect to get away with it.

The shifter now began to beg, telling them it was all her doing and that she had come on to him. Katrina couldn't believe what she was hearing, and Adonis could feel her start to shake inside. He placed his arm around her shoulders, as she looked up at him, 'I most certainly did no such thing, ask the seer, she will tell you what happened and what she saw.'

'It's ok my love, we know you have spoken the truth, we can feel it. Now, do you wish to go while the punishments are carried out,' he asked her.

'No, I am staying until the punishments are done to my satisfaction, I have no intention of running away. I don't want any other female to feel how he made me feel, and he will have to spend the rest of his life searching for forgiveness.'

The doctor kept hesitating. The king noticed this, telling him to begin, 'we haven't got all day.' The doctor went to inject him so he would feel no pain, Katrina asked him what he was using. He told her 'it is something, so he won't feel any pain'. He began to administer it when Katerina snatched it out of his hand. 'No, he will suffer, like he has made me suffer for all these years. Now get on with it.' The doctor had no option but to begin, he was as quick as he could have possibly been, dropping his ball sac into a bowl and sewing him back up. When he had finished, the shifter had passed out with the amount of pain he was receiving. His head slumped onto his chest, the doctor checked his pulse, and he was beginning to calm some and come around.

'Now ink this on his face, I want every woman here to know exactly what he is and how he treats women, and who thinks he can do and say whatever he pleases.' Again, the doctor looked at the king, not really knowing if he should. The king looked at him as he told the guards to fasten his head so he couldn't and wouldn't move. When they had finished the guards stepped back but close enough in case the shifter tried to break free. The doctor scribed his face with what Katrina had given him; when he read it his face coloured a deep scarlet.

When he had finished, Katerina walked up to the doctor and thanked him. She then turned to the shifter who was now coming around and stated, 'now everyone will know exactly what and who you are,' she turned around and looked at the king and Adonis, curtsied then walked out, leaving them to deal with the shifter.

The shifter bellowed, 'what has she done to me, show me, let me see.' The king walked up to him with a mirror in his hand, he then placed it in front of the shifter showing him what it was that had been inked on his face, 'nooooooo,' he roared.

The king and Adonis both started speaking at the same time. Adonis went to stand by his father, Eros put his hand on his son's shoulder, as Adonis carried on speaking; 'it's no more than you deserve, if it was up to me, you would have been executed, so be thankful you are still breathing, with what you did to my wife and what you made her go through, you deserve far, far more. Show him what else the doctor has done father.' The shifter looked at both men, then followed the king's hand as he lowered the mirror to where his ball sac used to be. The king then said, 'You will no longer be able to ever hurt another woman, and everyone will know what you have done and what you are, for I will not have anyone in my realm doing what you tried to do to the princess, how she survived I don't know, but am thankful she did. Now, as soon as the guards release you, you are free to go, but be warned, the guards will always have you in their sights from now on and will report any misdemeanour you cause.' They then turned their backs and walked out, going back to the ball.

As they entered the ballroom, Adonis saw Katrina sitting with the queen and her seer. When she looked towards him, she flushed but opened her legs slightly for him, telling him what she needed. The queen patted her hands which were laying on her lap. As they approached them, the king held out his hand, 'Grace my love, dance with me.' Adonis did the same and Katrina practically fell into his arms. 'Did I go too far in doing what I did' she asked him as they danced around the floor.

'No, my love you didn't, if you had left it to me and my father, he would have been executed for what he has done and the consequences he caused, this will make him realise and hopefully admit how wrong he was in doing what he tried to do. The king's father actually had someone executed for trying to do more or less the same thing. He was far sterner and would not allow any misdemeanours at all, no matter how slight they were.'

The way her nipples were jingling with the sound of the bells as they rubbed against his chest, was making her desire for him grow stronger, and beads of milk were leaking from her growing teats. He looked down at them, then back up to her eyes, plainly seeing the lust and desire. When the music finished, they went to sit back down at the table and were all making merry. Adonis pulled Katrina onto his lap, his cock sliding into her wet cunt, as he whispered in her ear, you want me to fuck you here in front of everyone don't you, or do you wish for me to fuck you in private?' She looked at him and was about to tell him of her desire when the shifter came out. The people he had been with looked at him, shock written all over their faces. He kept his head down as he passed them, 'hey shifty,' he heard someone shout, but he ignored them going straight to his dwellings. The people he was with just stood open-mouthed staring as he passed them by and they saw what had been done to him as punishment.

'I'm not surprised, one said, 'have you ever seen him using the girls, virgins especially, then taking them out where someone is waiting to buy them as slaves? The others who were listening to him all shook their heads. 'Oh yes, I have seen it on a couple of occasions, the poor girls didn't know what was happening to them and they were all virgins. One person looked at him, querying, 'how could they be virgins if he fucked them all?' He smiled saying 'oh come on, he fucked their asses and mouths but kept the twats intact. He had to make sure their throats were open enough to accept all the cocks they were going to get.'

'Oh, I couldn't think of anything more horrendous,' one woman said.

'No, I agree with you, another said, but he has been getting away with it for years now, but no more thank the heavens.' They all slowly moved towards the dance floor and enjoyed the rest of the evening; nearing midnight, everyone began chanting, 'prince, princess, prince, princess.'

Adonis stood, with Katrina by his side as they walked to the middle of the dance floor, while he quietly told her, everyone wanted to see them dance again before the evening came to an end. Katrina put her arms around him smiling up at him. He placed his open hand on the small of her back pulling her close to him, holding one of her hands he waltzed her around the room, with everyone clapping and cheering. Some of the women were slightly bent over, allowing their partners to have sex with them. Everything about this realm was open and free of any unease, everyone was open and willing to have sex wherever, whenever and however they wished. Looking at the people as they danced, Katrina's teats were hardening so much, they were beginning to ache, so she jumped up into Adonis's arms and as she did his cock slid into her cunt, 'fill me full Adonis, as you suckle my teats and milk me. I love you so much,' she said as she pumped herself up and down on his cock; not caring who could see them, she just knew she wanted his cock deep inside her.

They were in a world of their own as they fucked again in front of everyone, hearing all the guests whoop, and holler in delight. Adonis made her cum twice before he said to her, I am going to fill you so full my love, and the guests will want to see. He then came hard his spunk filling her deep inside.

When he had finished cumming, he turned her around still holding her in his arms and he held her legs wide, so everyone could see the love they felt for each other. They arrived at where the king and queen were sitting, the queen being pleasured by the imps, who were making her cum continually; when Katrina saw this her libido started spiking again and saw people putting a table in the middle of the floor. Then hearing shouts of more, more your majesty. The king looked at Adonis smiling, and Katrina was beginning to squirm again whispering 'more my love give me more.' He carried her to the table, the king was with them, they laid her on her side holding one of her legs high, and they both pushed in, filling her more than full. After the guests had seen this they started to drift away to their homes. Soon there was just the four of them and the guards, the king bent kissing her cheeks, the queen doing the same, 'welcome home Katrina, welcome home,' then left hand in hand, the king and queen as well as Adonis and Katrina.

As the months went by, Katrina was getting used to finding her way around, everyone who she passed had a smile for her, but never was she allowed to go anywhere alone, she always had at least one guard. She enjoyed strolling around the grounds and on every corner you went past, you could see couples making out however they wished, everyone was always naked, as this was their way, but no one ever took advantage of anyone else. I saw the queen's seer with a gentleman whose back was towards me, she was sitting on his lap as he suckled hard on her teats, she smiled when she saw me, just as she began spurting her cum all over him. I was rubbing my swelling stomach, which had been twinging most of the day, but thought nothing of it as it wouldn't be long now until I brought another soul into this world. I suddenly grasped the guard who looked at me wondering what was to do.

'I need to get back home, I think the baby's coming,' I told him. He glanced down at my stomach, then lifted me in his arms, marching straight back to the castle; it took him no more than ten minutes, shouting for Adonis and the king, who were at the time in a monthly meeting, but when they heard the guard, they dismissed everyone, telling the guards to clear everyone out immediately. The guard gently placed me on a seat, and I couldn't help but spread my legs wide and then had to jump to the side of me as my waters broke, 'Adonis,' I screamed. A pool of fluid and blood poured from my pussy as I heard them come running toward me. Both Adonis and the king lifted me in their arms, making sure my pussy was on full show. They took me to the nursing room and placed me on the bed, putting my feet in stirrups, the king busied himself preparing me for my birth, while Adonis came to my head running his soothing fingers on my temples, quietly speaking soft soothing words of love to me.

The pains came and went and at that moment another agonizing pain ripped through me, the king holding my pussy lips wide, his fingers opening me more. 'I can see the head, push hard for me Katrina.' Adonis tried to help the king, but I was gripping him so tight, he stayed where he was, gently trying to soothe me. 'Katrina when you feel another pain push down hard' his hands were covered in my blood, as another agonizing pain hit me. I pushed as hard as I could and felt the baby's head pop out.

They gave me a minute, and he then told me to push again, and I could see the king was helping to pull the baby out. 'Hold her head up son so she can see her child being born.' Adonis held my head and all three of us saw the baby being delivered. 'A boy,' shouted Adonis looking down at me, with a big beaming smile, 'we have a son, my love, well done.' He went to stand by his father, who was swaddling the baby then gave the baby to his son, who brought him to rest on my chest. The wailing of the baby filled the room as I held my teats to his mouth, and he began to suckle. I looked at both men, who were then cleaning me up when I got another sharp pain which made me open my legs wide again, 'another child,' he cleaned me the best he could, but I didn't care, I knew I just wanted to push again and push I did. Again the king helped me to birth my second child; he couldn't believe it when I gave birth to a daughter.

Again Adonis brought the child to me placing the child on my breast and she began suckling too. I was exhausted and closed my eyes feeling my twins both suckling. The king and Adonis cleaned me up, they pulled the children off my breasts and carried me to our bed, where they put the wailing children back to feeding, covering me from my hips to my knees to give me a little dignity.

Looking at the two men who had brought my children into the world, I saw nothing but pride and love on their faces, as they saw the babies feeding; both were suckling hard. 'This doesn't feel normal to me, but I can feel my cunt and butt opening and closing as they are suckling,' I said looking at them both; their cocks hardening in the knowledge of what I needed. My hands gently caressed the children's backs as their tiny hands found each other, they quietened but continued to suckle. Their eyes were the colour of their daddy's eyes, with the same tufts of dark hair, my children were absolutely beautiful.

Adonis came to face me as I opened my mouth, I want him to face fuck me and feed me all he had. I couldn't help it, as I thought about what he had said to me before I began milking, and yes, every time I was suckled, my clitty throbbed and I have to be fucked. The children had fallen to sleep on my breasts, just as the king pushed deep into my butt and fucked me hard. Between them, they were spit-roasting me, I couldn't get enough, I wanted them both deep in my body.

The door burst open, and the queen came running in, 'oh my beautiful children,' a smile so bright it filled the room. 'Twins, you've had twins; you have truly made us happy,' as she bent over kissing my forehead, just as Adonis shot his load down my throat, feeding me, and the king shooting me full of his semen. When he pulled out the queen went to him and kneeling in front of him took his cock in her mouth cleaning him thoroughly.

The twins murmured, finding my teats again, again suckling deep. Adonis smiled at me, saying, 'I thank the heavens I found you, my angel, you have made our lives complete.'
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