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Welcome back, dear readers. As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome and encouraged. This story features content with dubious consent at most. Rape is wrong. Don't do it. Everyone knows this. If you don't enjoy stories with this kind of content, don't read them. All characters who engage in sexual content are of age. Now, on with the show...
The world around Raquel shook as she stumbled towards consciousness, her eyes blinded by the harsh light of day from the moment they opened. At first she thought an earthquake had woken her, the prospect prompting her to clutch wildly at the bedding around her in an instinctive effort to latch on to something stable. That did little to steady her, though, and a moment later she abandoned the attempt, her attention stolen away by a fierce throbbing in her head. Instead she groaned and rolled her head to the other side, trying to blink away the light in her eyes even as the tremors rocking her body conspired with the pounding inside her skull to rob her of all strength.

The beleaguered student let out another groan, louder than the first, mentally kicking herself for the binge she must have gone on the night before. She couldn't remember the last time she had suffered through such a brutal hangover... though... that fact honestly didn't say all that much considering in the moment she could scarcely even remember the night which had caused her current ordeal. There had been... a restaurant? A date? But... why was her body so sore? And why did it feel like someone had shoved a telephone pole halfway up her snatch? It was all so very fuzzy, and every time her sluggish mind tried to seize hold of the memories they slipped through her grasp like so many grains of sand.

Raquel tried to escape the evil light assaulting her eyes by rolling over to bury her face in pillows, but her body stubbornly refused to cooperate. A halfhearted flop came up short when her hip collided with something firm and warm and... kinda soft... and... moving? By that point the rocking motion that had awoken her was more a source of confusion than one of concern, even her lagging brain could tell it was too regular, too rhythmic to be caused by any sort of disaster, so she released her grip of the bedsheets and pulled in one arm to shield her face as she squinted up at... Connor Hathaway?


“Morning, sleepyhead,” greeted the gigantic smirking asshole above her. Why in every hell humanity had ever dreamed up was that utter bastard in her bed? It was a mystery all the alcohol in the world couldn't even begin to explain, but she had no time to start piecing the puzzle together before he cheerfully continued on. “Hope you don't mind me getting started without you,” his voice was entirely too smug to deal with in her current condition, and since when was he so chipper?

“What?” she mumbled, blinking her eyes a few times as she tried to clear her head. “What're you...” it was then that the hungover young woman froze, flashes of the night before finally starting to surface in her memory. A fancy car... a fancy meal... Ellie waiting tables, fighting back tears as she did. And then... coming home... with... oh no. No no no no no no...

Raquel's head rose slightly, her eyes going wide as she gazed down the length of her body. The blankets she normally slept under were nowhere to be seen, leaving nothing to spare her the view of what was happening between her wide spread legs. In their absence she could perfectly make out every lurid detail of how Connor was fucking her; the way his hips smacked against her ass with each thrust of the cock he was burying ever deeper inside of her, how his hands wrapped tight around her thighs to pull them apart and grant himself access, even the porcupine of short bristly hairs around his shaft that she had finally noticed scratching at her sensitive flesh.

It couldn't be happening... it just... couldn't...

“Get... get off...” she mumbled, her booze-sodden brain and paste-dry mouth struggling to work in tandem.

“Ha, what do you think I'm working on, babe?” he chuckled. His voice was like a cat in a bath scrabbling its claws on a chalkboard and... ugh it just made her head hurt.

“That's... not... can't...” she sputtered, lifting one hand to push feebly at his chest.

“Wow, you are such a lightweight,” he chided. “Probably don't even remember half the fun we had last night.”

Fun? No. She wouldn't have... would never have... but Connor's words drew out more memories from the slowly fading fog. Of herself writhing under the oppressive weight of a man's body. Of herself quivering helplessly as she was fucked and spanked. Of herself climaxing again and again while he explored every inch of her body. Even just the memory of the orgasms she had endured was enough to make her womanhood tremble around Connor's shaft, a tribute to the pleasure it had gifted her the night before.

A defeated whimper escaped the young student's lips as she let her head fall back to rest on her pillows. Connor Hathaway was fucking her. Connor Hathaway. Was fucking her. And not for the first time. She wanted to either curl up and die or just start running, but lacked the will to do either. With her body weak and aching, her head relentlessly throbbing, there was little she could do except lay back and... enjoy it. Because as much as she struggled with the thought, she knew she would. In all her life Raquel had never felt any attraction to a male before, at least not that she recognized as such. Her first time laying with a man, though, had been an undeniable experience. Whether it ever happened again or not, she would spend the rest of her life comparing the soft tongue and gentle touches of Ellie or any other sapphic lover she embraced to the rough handling she had endured at Connor's mercy.

“Attagirl,” her conqueror praised as she let her body go limp, one of his hands rubbing up and down her thigh like she was a beloved pet. “Don't fight it. You know you love this cock.” Raquel just blushed and turned away, knowing any attempt to refute him would be immediately apparent as the lie it was. By chance her eyes fell on her alarm clock, the bright red numbers there calling out to her.


For several seconds the dark-haired student was transfixed by those numbers, struggling to process why they seemed off. Then it hit her. It was a weekday and she had slept far too late. Distracted as she was by everything that had happened between her and Connor, she must have forgotten to set her alarm the night before. More than two hours had already passed since the time she would normally have awoken meaning the first of her Monday classes would have already wrapped up and if she didn't get moving quickly she would be at risk of missing the second as well.

Her motivation to get out from under Connor abruptly renewed, Raquel tried to roll away. With one hand she pushed feebly at his chest, but it did no good. He was too heavy and she was too weak. “I can't... late for class...” she managed, finally starting to find her voice.

The spoiled scion fucking her just let out a harsh laugh, though, and she knew without having to look that he was rolling his eyes. “A few less classes won't hurt you, girl.”

The scorn in his voice made clear Connor had no intention of abandoning his fun, but Raquel wasn't about to let an ass like him keep her from class. Some people actually had to work for their success. The second time she tried to roll away Raquel actually managed to pull herself most of the way out from under her unwanted bedmate, the maneuver drawing his cock out of her slick pussy with an embarrassing squelch. Flipping over onto her front she started to crawl to the edge of her bed, wishing that doing so didn't display her tight young ass quite so prominently. Unfortunately the sudden motion set her head throbbing once more, the hangover she was nursing reasserting itself with a vengeance.

The time it took Raquel to stop and shake her head (a rather foolish way to clear the headache, she quickly and regrettably realized) was all Connor needed to catch her. His hand grabbed at her ankle, gripping much too tight for comfort as he pulled her back towards him. “Stop, Connor... I have to go.” She complained, glancing back over her shoulder to plead her case. His attention was focused elsewhere, though, only one hand holding her in place while he leaned off the other edge of the bed and reached for something on the floor.

“I think not,” with his head out of sight the words were oddly muffled, but a moment later Connor straightened up and turned his full attention towards his prey. “This lesson is far more important for you.” A look of pure terror dawned on Raquel's face at the sight of what dangled from his hand, a reaction that only seemed to fuel his excitement.

The wide-eyed beauty instinctively turned away to shield her face and tried to scramble out of reach from that fearsome instrument. She remembered all too well what a man could do with his belt. One of her mother's last boyfriends, back when her daughters were just little girls, had been an angry, bitter man. When he drank, and he drank often, what little self control the brute possessed would vanish and he would look for any excuse to vent his fury on Raquel and her sisters.

Some nights their mother had been able to shield the girls, luring Vincent into her bedroom and drawing his attention to herself. Those nights Raquel and her sisters would quietly huddle together and try to ignore the sounds coming from within the locked chamber. Other nights, though, she hadn't been there, busy at work, already asleep, or too drunk herself to intervene. On those nights the man of the house had punished even the slightest infraction of his many rules with his own brand of brutal discipline.

Eventually, the scumbag had gotten himself arrested for some meaningless barfight in which he lost control and put another man in the hospital. The girls never saw him again after that, only hearing a year or so after the fact that he had been killed in a prison yard scrap. More than a decade had passed since those days, but it would take far longer than that to forget the “lessons” Vinnie meted out with fist and belt.

A single mighty tug was all it took for Connor to undo Raquel's feeble attempt at escape, though, and then once more a man was looming over her, belt in hand. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned away, knowing full well she had neither the training nor the raw strength to fight him off. Seconds passed, though, and the rain of blows never came. Cocooned in darkness, the young beauty didn't realize what was really happening until too late. Her eyes flew open at the touch of cool leather pressing against her neck, but already her partner was pulling the end of his belt through its buckle to complete the loop.

“Someone has certainly done a number on you, I see.” Connor's voice was still merry and Raquel wanted nothing more than to smack him for making light of her reaction, but she didn't dare. Instead her hands flew to her neck, tugging experimentally at his belt. “Don't worry, I don't get my kicks beating on girls. I much prefer an opponent who can fight back. As you can see, though, a belt has more than one use in bed.” The bastard punctuated his declaration with a quick tug on the makeshift leash he had fitted around her neck. Raquel went bug-eyed as the motion drew the smooth leather tight around her throat, forcing her to gasp for breath.

“Now, be a good girl and show me that tight little ass I had so much fun wrecking last night, why don't you? It'll all be over so much quicker if you play along.” The dark-haired student blushed, both from his uncomfortably accurate assessment of the night before and the knowledge that he was right. If she did as she was told, Connor would finish up and hopefully let her go on her way. If she resisted... well, if she resisted she would fail, he would have his way with her regardless, and then he would probably insist on a second round just to spite her. Knowing that, her best option was clear.

With just the slightest hesitation, Raquel rolled from her side onto her belly and lifted her hips, presenting her taut rear as instructed. She didn't know what to say, didn't trust herself to speak, instead just burying her face in the sheets and trying to pretend she was anywhere else. That illusion lasted all of a second before Connor's hand was all over her ass, reacquainting himself with its youthful curves. “There you go,” he mocked “now was that so hard?” She fought down the urge to kick him, instead shifting her hips apart when his hand drifted from her ass to her crotch.

While it wasn't nearly as unpleasant as the hangover she was nursing, the dark-haired girl couldn't help but notice a dull ache that radiated out from her cunt. Many details of their encounter the night before remained a mystery to her, perhaps always would, but one thing that was abundantly clear was that the little pocket between her legs had seen some very heavy use. As Connor lined himself up to enter it once more she wondered whether she would even be able to walk without pain by the time he was finally satisfied.

It was only when she felt the crown of his cock once more slipping past her entrance that Raquel realized he wasn't wearing a condom. Again. She may have fallen far in the past 24 hours, but there were still lines she wasn't willing to cross. Pushing herself up onto all fours meant driving her ass back against the man riding her, but that couldn't be helped. Lifting her face out of the sheets and turning to look over her shoulder, she started to tell him off. “Con...”

A split second after she opened her mouth to speak Raquel felt Connor's belt tighten around her neck. Her pussy clenched fiercely around his shaft and her eyes went wide, the quick tug pulling her head backwards. One of her hands flew to her throat, but the leather was too tight against her skin for her fingers to find purchase. “Good girls speak when spoken to, little dyke.” His voice was still cheery, but also firmly authoritative. Their eyes met and almost as abruptly as it had tightened she felt the leather around her neck loosen again as he let the lead fall slack.

“You...” She tried again, but once more Connor cut her off with a pull on the makeshift leash, hard enough to make her rear up like a horse. The way she writhed and pushed back while struggling for breath made him grunt in pleasure as he was pulled further into her body. He kept up the pressure a little longer the second time before letting her breathe again, just long enough for Raquel's instinctive panic to pass and be replaced by genuine fear. When he let up she fell onto all fours panting.

Turning to glare daggers at him over her shoulder, the fiery-eyed beauty opened her mouth once more to spit out a curse at her abuser. “Fu...” It went the same as before, her impromptu leash tightening around her throat before she could get out so much as a single word.

“Tsk, tsk,” Connor clicked his tongue, shaking his head slightly. “And here I thought it was supposed to be the smart girls who made it to college.” The disappointed scion let his toy's punishment linger that time, one hand resting firmly on her back for leverage while his other tugged mercilessly at her leash. Deprived of breath, Raquel operated on pure instinct. Both hands flew to her throat to scrabble at the belt while she sputtered for air long enough that the edges of her vision began to blur.

In her panicked state it felt like she had been choking for an hour before Connor finally let up and allowed her to crash forward onto the bed. The pitiful student's perky breasts heaved as she gasped, rushing to refill the drained lungs beneath. She was so distracted she barely noticed him giving his cock a few languid pumps in her pussy while she recovered. Eventually, though, she found enough strength to turn and once more glare back at him over her shoulder. Silently.

“Decided you'd like to breathe, sweetie?” he asked innocently, as if they were debating menu options in a cozy cafe.

Raquel struggled to swallow her pride, fury contorting her face as her eyes locked onto Connor's in a silent contest of wills. But when she finally opened her mouth, only one word came out. “Yes.”

“That's 'yes, sir'.” he corrected. His voice was still light, but he gave just the slightest tug on the end of the belt. Not enough to rob her of air again, just enough to let her know he wasn't asking.

“Yes...” the raven-haired beauty almost choked on his demand. She couldn't remember the last time she had referred to anyone as 'sir'. Being made to do so in any situation was condescending, and patronizing, and degrading, and just entirely unacceptable. Having to do so in bed... would let her keep breathing. With that knowledge in mind she forced herself to grind out the second half. “...sir.”

“Good girl,” Connor smirked. Raquel was sure she had felt his cock twitch inside her when she finally gave in. “And the guys all said you couldn't be tamed.” She had to bite back a retort, more than a little anger burning in her gut. It was hardly news to her that men gossiped about pretty girls behind their backs, their dicks were all they ever thought with after all. It was also no secret many of the guys they both knew fancied her, she had caught more than a few stealing looks from time to time when they thought she wasn't paying attention. But she had thought most of her fellow musicians respected her enough not to talk about her in such a manner. Apparently she had given them too much credit.

It was to her dubious luck, though, that Connor was done talking. The leashed tigress didn't care to test how many taunts she could weather without biting back, not when finding the answer would only mean being choked again. So she was relieved when he went silent instead and began to ride her in earnest. It was a surprise when he settled into a languid pace, his length moving in and out of her without any sense of real urgency, but not an unwelcome one. With how sore she already felt down below the kind of reckless abandon he had demonstrated the night before may well have left her cunt aching as much as her head.

That appreciation was only enhanced by the fact that being casually deprived of breath for however long had done no favours for Raquel's hangover. As Connor got to work between her legs she let her head hang as low as the makeshift leash would allow and closed her eyes, trying to force the throbbing in her brain to go away by sheer force of will. The effort was wasted, naturally, but at least it was something for her to focus her attention on other than the shame of letting a bastard like Connor so thoroughly dominate her. With her eyes closed and nothing to listen to save Connor's occasional grunts, her own stifled moans, and the slick sound of their bodies joining, the dark-haired student let herself fall into something of a trance, the unwanted encounter dissolving into meaningless monotony.

“I guess you don't care about those precious classes after all if you're just going to lay there and take it, babe. I could go all day like this.” Her partner's voice eventually jarred Raquel from her state. She opened her eyes, letting them glance over at her alarm. It read 9:39 in bold, red digits.

The harried student grimaced when she realized he wasn't entirely wrong. She had barely half an hour before her next class was due to start and it was one she really couldn't afford to miss, not with exams coming up and a grade right on the brink. Considering her partial scholarship would be forfeited if she failed to meet stringent academic standards, failing was not an option. No scholarship meant no college, no college meant a life spent waiting tables or some such hell, and her mother's fate was not going to be her own. That meant if Connor had as little urgency as he would have her believe it would fall to Raquel to... accelerate matters.

With that in mind the raven-haired beauty dutifully started to push back against his thrusts, not knowing what else to do. She could feel his cock twitch a little inside her as she forced herself further onto its length, but the motion wasn't nearly as pronounced as what she remembered from the night before. Even with her active participation, it seemed it would take far longer for Connor to get off than she could afford. Letting out a quiet whimper, she drove herself back onto him with more force in the hopes that would be enough.

“You really have no idea how to get a guy off, do you?” Connor chuckled behind her. Raquel's cheeks blazed scarlet. How was it this detestable playboy could make her feel so ashamed of not knowing how to please a man? It was not like she had ever wanted to do so. She was a damn lesbian, wasn't she? Even the mere thought of sleeping with a guy had always been enough to make her queasy. So why did his scorn and her lack of skill suddenly make her feel so... pathetic?

“No.” She mumbled, quickly adding a quieter “sir” when she felt the belt around her neck start to tighten. Her cheeks only burned brighter when the pressure immediately let up.

“Well then, we'll just have to start with the basics.” Raquel went stiff when she felt one of her partner's hands land on her hip, then snake around under her body to seek out her clit. That tension evaporated into an involuntary moan when he found her nub and gave it a little tweak that made it tingle and her pussy suddenly clench. Even distracted by her own pleasure, she felt Connor's cock throb in response.

“There, that's what your cunt should be doing whenever I'm in it.” he instructed even as his hand drew away from her clit. “A passive hole is a lazy hole. Cunt or ass, you should always be working those muscles, letting my cock know how much you appreciate being filled.”

Raquel seethed at his audacity in calling her lazy, having to bite her tongue almost hard enough to draw blood in order to avoid telling him exactly how she felt about having his dick in her and just how she'd like to greet it. Instead she did as she was told, clenching herself down around Connor's shaft at the end of his every thrust. It only took a few repetitions before her already sore muscles were screaming in protest, but it was working. Connor's breathing had already gotten heavier and his weapon was starting to twitch inside of her. So she kept at it.

The longer she threw herself into getting her partner off, the harder it was for the leashed student to deny she was getting into the act as well. She tried to convince herself the wetness between her legs was just mechanical, pure biology as her body reacted to physical stimuli and nothing more. It couldn't be that she actually enjoyed what was happening. What kind of lesbian would get off from letting a man wrap his belt around her neck, shove his bare cock up her cunt, and choke her whenever she tried to protest. No, it had to be a natural reaction, it just had to. Of course, that excuse did little to explain the heat rising throughout her entire body or the near-constant stream of breathy moans escaping her lips...

In such a state of confusion it almost felt like a mercy when Connor finally took over and let her focus on something else, one hand on her hip and his other on her leash. Unfortunately, that distraction from her own rising arousal came in the form of a burning sensation each time the tormented beauty had her airway cut off by her conqueror yanking on the leash. None of his tugs were long enough to put her in any actual danger, but every time the tight leather coiled and uncoiled around her slender neck it felt as if she were wavering on the edge of a cliff. Her upper body was pulled back against his strong chest, perky young breasts bouncing as her hands scrabbled frantically to find purchase between the tight leather and her delicate skin. Meanwhile her hips writhed against Connor's own, the signs of his imminent climax passing unnoticed.

Not until she felt the first jet of semen splash against her cervix did Raquel realize what was happening. Connor let out a thunderous groan as he came, tugging on her makeshift leash longer and harder than ever before. She was left bug eyed, her vision blurring as the warmth of his seed blossomed in her womanhood. Pulse after pulse after pulse filled her while she could do nothing to stop them. Even after his arm gave out and the leather noose around her neck went slack she lacked the strength to pull herself off of his length. When he collapsed atop her, pinning her down in the process, all she could do was lay in her own bed and whimper as a man she had despised for so long desecrated her young body, drowning her unclaimed womb with his vile seed.

It felt like an age before Connor's cock finally stilled, his entire load deposited within Raquel. The defeated beauty tried desperately not to imagine the countless minuscule attackers that would already be wriggling their way deeper into her, each and every one on a desperate mission to ruin her life. Her hips bucked just a little as she lay there, well-used pussy fluttering around the weapon responsible for her defilement. Then she remembered why she had played along with Connor's game.

A quick glance over at her alarm revealed the time to be 9:54. If she rushed out the door she thought she might just have a chance to make it to campus before her class began, provided the busses were on schedule for once. Mustering all the strength left in her aching legs, Raquel pulled herself out from under Connor's bulk, hearing the increasingly familiar but no less repulsive sound of their bodies separating as she did, then made to roll to the edge of her bed. A tug on the belt still wrapped around her neck twisted the motion, though, her head held behind while her legs spun too far and were left dangling off the edge of the mattress. The young student whirled to face her partner, a look of desperate confusion on her face as she wondered what he could possibly still demand of her.

Connor just grinned, languidly shifting to lay back in the center of her bed as if it were his own. “Uh, uh. Clean me up first. Then you can go.” Raquel's nostrils flared at the demand, her eyes dropping down to stare at the shaft in question. It was starting to soften, but still mostly held its shape. The monstrous thing was beyond disgusting, clearly wet from her own juices and with more than a little of his cum clinging around the head. Beneath all that she could see dark reddish stains, remnants of her own blood from the night before when he had shredded her hymen and her... that thing had been in her ass. For a moment she thought she was going to puke, barely managing to fight the bile down.

There were remarkably few things Raquel could think of that she wanted less at that moment than to put the filthy thing that hung between Connor's legs in her mouth. But that was exactly what she was going to do. If she didn't, everything she had already done to get away from him would be rendered meaningless, a complete waste. And if there was one lesson she had learned from her time with Connor it was that he didn't take no for an answer. If she did what she wanted, if she tried to refuse him, he would just force her to obey and then heaven alone knew what else he would make her do after she inevitably gave in. So instead she did what he wanted. She swiftly crawled up the bed, ignoring how pathetic she must have looked in doing so, and slipped her lips around his cock.

It was filthy, it was disgusting, it was degrading in the extreme, but it was quick. Raquel approached her task with gusto, racing to run her tongue across every square inch of his member in record time. The taste their coupling had left behind was beyond vile, but soon enough she was tasting it as much from her own tongue as from his rod. Not long after that she was able to detect the odd, fleshy taste of his skin beneath. When she finally deemed her task complete and spat out his cock it still looked wet, but she no longer saw the stains or cum that had decorated it before her efforts. Scowling, she looked up to meet his eyes.

“Happy? Or do you want a kiss too?” The abuse her throat had been through left her voice hoarse, but the challenge in her words was clear enough.

Connor just chuckled, though, his grin growing wider. “I'll pass, thanks. Now come here, I'll get that off.” Reluctantly, Raquel moved a little closer, allowing him to reach out and deftly unwrap his belt from around her neck. The moment it was gone she retreated, one hand reaching up to absently rub at the tormented flesh that had been trapped beneath.

Finally free, the liberated student wasted no time. She nearly leapt off her bed, racing to the nearest drawers from which she procured a matching yet unremarkable set of bra and panties. She angled herself away from the bed as she pulled them on. The feigned modesty was absurd after Connor had enjoyed such free reign over her body, but instinct compelled her nonetheless. Barely a minute later and they were covered by a plain tee and some tight jeans, the asshole on her bed giving a wolf whistle as he watched her tug them up over her ass. Despite everything she had already endured at his hands, and other body parts, that petty indignity still drew a blush to her cheeks. It also made her snatch clench, the seed he had left inside shifting slightly at the motion.

The raven-haired beauty didn't dare look in her mirror. If she saw how much of a mess she undoubtedly looked all it would do was make her waste more time cleaning up, time she didn't have. Instead she walked to her closet, passing over her favourite coat for a heavy windbreaker with a high collar. She hoped that choice and the patterned scarf she wrapped around her neck afterwords would be enough to hide the canvass of depravity that surely lay beneath. Fully dressed, she glanced back at her bed and saw Connor still lounging there naked, his eyes on her.

“Get up, you bastard. There's no way I'm letting you stay here.” She winced at the faint rasp her voice had been reduced to, well aware how unimpressive the effect made her sound. True to form, her unwelcome bedmate just lay where he was and shrugged.

“Eh, my flight's not for a few hours and I'm still kinda tired. Training new girls really takes it out of me, you know?” Raquel's eyes flared with fury and it took all of her will not to start throwing things. But she didn't have time to fight. Clara would be home for lunch in an hour, and, broke college students that they were, it wasn't like they had anything someone in Connor's tax bracket would care to steal.

“I don't have time for this,” she muttered, shaking her head before looking back to glare at him. “I'll just text Clara on the way. Tell her to call the cops if you're still here when she gets back. You have twenty minutes.” Connor just flashed her his usual grin as she turned away to grab her bag. Fortunately, it was already packed.

Raquel's hand was on the doorknob when Connor called after her, making her look back with a scowl. “Hey, don't forget your computer, sweetie.” His voice was playful, as if they were some kind of couple. That only made her want to kick him even harder for the reminder of her misfortune.

“It's fucking broken,” she snorted, leaving and slamming her bedroom door behind her before he could piss her off any more. A quick detour to grab an apple she could eat on the way to campus from the kitchen counter and Raquel was out the door, leaving Connor and home behind.


Raquel's trip to campus was little more than a blur. On most days she would have walked despite the early winter chill, but having already missed one class and with another hanging in the balance the harried student was forced to fork over the bus fare necessary to cut her commute by half an hour. Even despite that expense, though, she was still running late enough that by the time she slipped through the lecture hall's door and took a seat in the back row her professor had already begun to speak.

Dr. Hastings was a rather curmudgeonly old Englishman with a well known distaste for the 'indolent lifestyle' of modern youths and the 'ill discipline' he judged nearly everyone born after the 1970s to possess. In all the world there seemed to be nothing so capable of brightening the old bastard's days as an excuse to scold one of his pupils, so it came as no surprise to Raquel that he paused his nascent lecture to shoot her a withering glare that lasted for her entire trip from door to seat. More than a few heads turned to spot Hastings' latest target, the sound of quiet snickering seeming to rise up from every corner of the lecture hall as they did.

Raquel's cheeks blazed as she meekly slipped into the nearest empty chair to the entrance and willed herself to disappear, a not-so-small part of her brain irrationally certain that every pair of eyes on her could clearly tell why she was running late. The thought of several dozen classmates (and one grumpy old man) knowing, whispering, judging was enough to send a shiver running down her spine. Real or imagined it didn't matter, the shame she felt made her sloppy, denied pussy flutter all the same. The dark-haired student squirmed under her peers' attention, every little movement seeming to make the batch of cum Connor had left inside her shift and in so doing rob her of the ability to focus.

For all she had sacrificed in the name of reaching her class, Raquel barely heard a word of the old blowhard up front's lecture. Between the bizarre sensation of carrying her unwanted lover's seed and a cunt that had been primed for action yet denied the release of a climax, she was simply too distracted. It was as if her mind had never left her bedroom. After all, what did the parallels between Greco-Roman epic poetry and Scandinavian sagas matter next to the fact that she, a proud lesbian, had shared her bed with a man? She was supposed to appreciate the grace and beauty of the female form, not the coarse brutality that was all men had to offer. To seek out loving affection, not submit to some bestial form of mating. And yet, from the moment Connor made his intentions clear during their date she had been entirely at his mercy. She had serviced him, had debased herself for him, had done everything he demanded, and in return he had made her cum harder than any girl she had ever lain with had managed to. What did that say about her?

As long minutes ticked by, the confused young woman couldn't help but glance around the crowded lecture hall, her eyes falling on a dozen or more of her male classmates in turn. She didn't feel any different looking at them, didn't suddenly recognize the dashing rogues and charming princes so many of her fellow women saw them as, and yet... had Connor looked any different to her? If, then, she felt no different about the one man who had so thoroughly mastered her, what did that mean for the rest of his kind? Would any of the others scattered around the room be able to render her a pathetic, whimpering wreck the way Connor had? Would... would all of them? That dread thought sent a shudder unlike any she had ever felt down the terrified girl's spine. No matter how hard she tried to suppress it and focus on taking notes she just couldn't. It was like weeding a garden, the moment she let her attention drift away the thought came back, burrowing its way into her mind.

Exactly one hour and twenty eight minutes after his last student's arrival at precisely forty minutes past eleven Dr. Hastings finally released his class. The moment he did Raquel surged towards the door, reaching it before any of her classmates and making for the nearest restroom like a bat out of hell. Sequestering herself in the farthest stall from the door, she was finally able to drop her jeans and let Connor's morning load drain out of her soiled cunt. The former lesbian cringed as she saw the foul, sticky mess that a bit of leakage had left in the gusset of her panties, pulling them off with a groan before she took a seat on the toilet. Enough time had passed for the pearly white scum to mostly liquefy, but it still took a few minutes before she was satisfied she was rid of her first creampie.

To distract herself while she waited, from the vile sight and the return of her growing uncertainty alike, Raquel grabbed her phone out of her bag. She had received one message while in class, cringing when she saw it was from none other than Connor. 'You weren't wearing any last night, so I picked out a souvenir from your drawer.' was all the text said. The raven-haired girl was confused until she opened her message app fully. Once she did her mouth fell open at the picture waiting there for her. In it a frilly pair of dark pink panties dangled from one long finger against the backdrop of her underwear drawer. It was among her sexiest pieces of lingerie, something Ellie had bought for her while they were fooling around at a mall early in their relationship.

Raquel wasn't sure whether she wanted to throw her phone against the wall in fury or just curl up and cry. She settled for closing her eyes and forcing herself to take a series of deep breaths in a vain effort to calm down. Unfortunately doing so just left her mind free to wander unchecked, imagining all the terrible things Connor might have gotten up to alone in her room. It was a mistake to have left him there alone, it was such a mistake. It didn't matter how late she was, she should have made a point of chasing him out before she left. Instead she had practically gift wrapped him an opportunity at the kind of access men might kill for. But what was he doing with it? Looking for a diary? She hadn't kept one since she was fifteen. Scouting for sex toys? There wouldn't be any, not unless Ellie left her fuzzy handcuffs behind again. Would he try to set up some kind of spy camera? Surely he didn't just carry one around with him on the off chance some girl would be stupid enough to leave him alone in her room, but the thought made her loins tingle nonetheless.

It didn't matter, Raquel told herself, giving her head a good shake. There was nothing she could do about it until she got home anyway. Deciding that anything still lingering in her cunt after so long on the toilet probably wasn't coming out easily the dark-haired student glanced around. Her jeans were laying on the ground nearby, kicked off unceremoniously while she was ridding herself of her befouled panties. They lay on the ground as well, but there was no way she was putting them on again, nor was the young woman too keen on throwing them into her bag. Sighing, she stood and, after wiping her groin with about eight thousand pieces of toilet paper, pulled on her jeans.

Raquel opened the stall door and peeked out into the rest of the small bathroom. Seeing no one else, she swiftly darted over to the nearby trash can and tossed her soiled underwear in. Only after doing so did she turn towards the sink and mirror, dreading what waited within. She was pleasantly surprised to see that her hair fell closer to the 'sexily ruffled' category than the 'shamefully unkempt', but still took a moment to corral it into a more conventional arrangement. Of greater concern was her neck. When she uncurled her scarf it was as she feared. Connor had indeed left a sprinkling of lovemarks there, but they were nothing compared to the huge red patches and blossoming bruises left by the coarse leather of his belt. As she surveyed her image, the young beauty bit her lip at the memory of how her domineering partner had used it as a leash to control her entirely while he had his way with her. She felt herself getting wet just from the thought and had to shake her head to prevent herself falling town that particular rabbit hole.

With a little luck the marks might pass as some kind of a rash if no one looked too close and the bruises didn't look too pronounced just yet, but Raquel still took care to hide them once more with her scarf. She fought down a shudder as she did, telling herself that the soft cloth felt nothing at all like the embrace of Connor's belt, that she didn't pull it just a little tighter than she ever had in the past. As satisfied with her appearance as she was going to get, she finally left the bathroom with barely enough time to snag a small lunch and wolf it down on the way to her last class of the day. In a rare lucky break, the friend she usually sat through that lecture with didn't show, allowing Raquel to keep her head down and pass more or less unnoticed until being released for the day. All she had left to do was get back to her apartment and try to figure out...


A chill ran down the raven-haired beauty's spine, freezing her in place at the sound of that unmistakable voice. Bracing herself she slowly turned, traffic in the crowded hallway parting around her with a few jostles and complaints. Ellie was there marching towards her, just a dozen paces away and closing rapidly. The blonde had no afternoon classes on Mondays so there was no possibility of a chance meeting. Their paths crossing could only mean that she had been deliberately waiting for the end of her girlfriend's class.

“Ellie, I...” but the words died on Raquel's lips as her lover drew near. The pretty blonde's face was a complete mess. Far more makeup than usual decorated her features, but it was clear she had been crying by how much of it had been rendered smeared or outright ruined. Raquel's heart fractured at the sight, a lump forming in her throat.

“How could you? I... Clara told me...” Ellie's voice was raw, sounding every bit as distraught as she looked. She was also making no effort to keep her voice down, clearly beyond caring about making a scene. Raquel, though, couldn't help but notice how many passersby were slowing, some even stopping. As much as she wanted to console her girlfriend, she didn't want them to be any more of a spectacle then they already were.

“Ellie...” her dark hair swung wildly as she turned her head scanning for somewhere private until her eyes settled on a nearby bathroom. “Come on, not here.” Without waiting for a response, Raquel grabbed Ellie's wrist and dragged her along, the blonde momentarily stumbling as Raquel shouldered her way through the gathering crowd.

“What? I...” The distraught student stammered but put up no resistance as her girlfriend pulled her towards their destination. A few catcalls and wolf whistles chased after the couple only to be abruptly muted when Raquel pulled them both through the door and slammed it shut behind them.

“That's better,” Raquel murmured, practically shoving Ellie towards the sink before turning to lock the entrance. She had barely finished doing so before a trio of loud bangs from someone's fist on the door made her jump back. She couldn't quite tell what the muffled voice she heard was saying, but from the chorus of laughter that followed she could guess. Fucking perverts.

“Qel, we need to talk,” Ellie was shaken, but she had recovered enough from the unexpected change of venue to shoot her girlfriend a heartbreaking look that was even parts pain and accusation.

Raquel, though, chose not to respond with words. Even had she had a chance to sort out her own mind before Ellie sprang her ambush, and she most certainly had not, a public bathroom in the middle of campus was hardly the appropriate setting for the kind of conversation their future would need to hold. So instead the raven-haired beauty did the next best thing. Ellie's eyes went wide as her girlfriend crossed the distance between them in two quick strides, then wider still when Raquel's hand wrapped around the back of the blonde's neck to pull her into a fierce kiss.

The sudden contact made Ellie go stiff and for a split second Raquel was afraid she'd made the wrong move. But then it was as if all the anger and fear and jealousy and everything else just vanished. Her lover melted into the kiss, practically throwing herself at Raquel with both hands flying up to grasp her face. Off balance as the blonde was, it was easy for Raquel to push her up against the sink with her free hand. A second later and she was undoing the fastener on her girlfriend's pants.

Ellie squeezed her eyes shut and let out a trembling gasp as Raquel worked her hand insistently down the front of the blonde's jeans. Soon she had her pinned, half seated on the edge of the cool marble with her legs shifting apart to provide Raquel access and her arms flung around the taller girl's neck for support. Less than a minute had passed between the moment the girls entered the bathroom and that in which Raquel's fingers reached her lover's entrance. Given the situation she was shocked to find Ellie already wet, almost soaked, but it would make things easier.

Wet, squishy sounds and the faint scent of feminine arousal filled the small bathroom as Raquel got to work, the pretty blonde on her fingers squirming from the attention. Her thumb focused on the girl's clit, stroking and teasing it relentlessly while two of her deft fingers slipped past the lips below. There wasn't much room to maneuver beneath Ellie's clingy underwear, but Raquel knew what she was doing. Her fingers swept into the girl's familiar depths, immediately seeking out every sensitive spot she had ever discovered there with pinpoint precision.

All the while the two girls' lips remained locked together, their tongues dancing frantically against each other to a muffled soundtrack. When their kiss broke Ellie pulled back to gaze up at her girlfriend, mouth hanging open as she silently panted. Her pale blue eyes glistened, brimming over with emotion. There was lust there, and love, but confusion and pain as well. Her gaze held steady even as she lacked the will to speak, the only sounds escaping her lips a chorus of breathy moans and whimpers that grew rapidly as it became apparent she wouldn't last long. Raquel's own breathing grew heavier as well, a secret thrill rising in her chest at the blonde's helplessness.

It couldn't have been even five minutes before a series of shudders began to wrack Ellie's body, her snatch seizing up around Raquel's probing fingers. Judging by the vacant look on her face, the dark-haired student seriously doubted her lover would have the presence of mind to remember how public of a place they were in. Fortunately, the solution that would prevent their discovery was one she would never tire of. Leaning forward, Raquel pressed her lips against Ellie's once more, shutting her eyes as both girls weathered the storm of the blonde's climax together.

When Ellie finally stilled her girlfriend pulled away, smiling softly as she gazed down at her lovely partner who lay slumped backwards atop the bathroom counter against a neighbouring wall. There was no sight in all the world as gratifying, as magnificent, as a pretty girl rendered senseless with pleasure at her hands. Whatever the implications of her night with Connor, she could at least take solace in that immutable fact. The satisfied beauty gently withdrew her hand from between the blonde's thighs, taking a moment to reseal her pants on the way out.

“Know that I love you, Ellie. That's all that matters,” Raquel whispered as she leaned in to deliver a more chaste, but still loving, kiss to her girlfriend's forehead.

The blonde just nodded dumbly, her half-lidded eyes barely reacting to the declaration.

Without saying anything more Raquel turned and slipped out into the hallway, a stunned Ellie left behind in her wake. Their encounter had only lasted a few minutes, but that was long enough for the after class rush to have abated. With the halls mostly clear Raquel was able to quickly reach the nearest exit and escape onto campus before her girlfriend could recover and follow. Free to make her way home and with the unwinnable confrontation between them forestalled for the time being, the young student felt in control of her own life for the first time since waking up that morning.

That feeling lasted all of four minutes. She hadn't even reached the edge of campus before her phone buzzed. Certain the text would be Ellie demanding to talk, Raquel retrieved her phone and pulled up the message without looking. When she finally did glance down what she saw stopped her dead in her tracks. It wasn't from Ellie. It was from Connor again. But this one was so much worse.

'Got bored waiitng so deciding which is no 1 shot of you. What do yu think?' The two images that followed made Raquel want to cry. The first must have been taken that morning before she woke up, both because her eyes were closed in the photo and because she had no memory of preforming the act. It seemed Connor had not only treated himself to a titjob at her expense, but also documented the event for posterity. In the picture her perky breasts were wrapped around his (noticeably bloodstained) cock, her hands positioned just right to make it appear as though she were actively participating.

The second photo was even worse. In it she saw herself getting fucked on all fours, the picture taken from above and behind. At the bottom of the image her firm ass glowed pink, the blurry outline of a hand unmistakable in contrast against her otherwise pale skin. At the top Raquel could see her own face clearly visible thanks to the mirror she had been facing, the expression she was wearing one of ecstasy. There could be no denying she was the girl in the image, and anyone who saw it would see nothing but a shameless slut having the time of her life. Connor must have taken the image while she was distracted by her climax, but if he had taken one photo without her noticing... how many others had he managed? And how many more taken while she was asleep? A dozen? A hundred?

It was hard to say how long Raquel stood there stunned, just staring in horror at the phone in her hand until she was jolted back to her senses by a fellow student who bumped into her shoulder as he walked around her. She barely even heard his mumbled apology, so fixated was she on jamming the device's power button again and again to kill its screen. As she fumbled with her controls the images vanished, returned momentarily, then finally disappeared for good. Cheeks flushing red, her head swung back and forth, searching the faces around her for any sign that someone had seen the pictures. But if they had, they were hiding it well.

No more texts came that day, from either of her paramours. The rest of the trip home was slower than her race to campus, but if anything even less eventful. Once she got home a note left on the fridge told her Clara would be out late if not the whole night leaving a grateful Raquel with an empty apartment to serve as her sanctuary. A little homework, a little dinner, a little ice cream, and before long she was ready for bed, hoping against all odds that the worst had passed and a return to normal would come with the morning.


The next morning saw Raquel still dozing fitfully well into the day, her rest undisturbed by the muted soundtrack of the midday city that lay beyond her windows. Tuesdays were a blissful soft spot in her schedule, her only class an evening rehearsal, and more often that not she took full advantage. When an insistent mechanical buzz finally stirred her from slumber it wasn't her alarm, like most weeks she hadn't bothered to set one. Rather, it was the apartment's doorbell, a petulant, insufferable buzzer the girls had more than once considered disconnecting. Bleary eyed and drowsy, the yawning student rolled over under her covers to glance at her clock, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she did. Those eyes narrowed when she saw the time, more than a little irritated to be woken a full hour and change before noon.

The buzzer sounded once more, its aggravating tone drawing a scowl to the tired beauty's face. “'m comminnggg” she snapped, her weary voice somehow both a mumble and a shout all at once. Glaring in the direction of her bedroom door (conveniently also the direction of the front door beyond), she rolled out of bed and straightened up. Raquel grumbled incoherently to herself about the disturbance but started towards the entryway nonetheless. As she walked she pawed with one hand at the wild locks of dark hair which hung in front of her face while the other reached down to tug at the cotton panties she had worn to bed which had ridden up rather fiercely during the night.

By the time she reached her apartment's front door Raquel was as presentable as could be expected, bedhead partially corralled and her pajamas, the previous day's panties paired with a ratty, loose t-shirt, were more or less straightened out. Fully prepared to bite the head off whoever she saw, she rose to her tiptoes to peek through the obnoxiously high peephole wishing yet another curse towards whatever giant had lived in the place when it last got a new door as she did.

There was no one waiting on the other side of the door. At least not within the limited view afforded to her. Grunting, Raquel stepped a few inches to the side and opened the door a crack, halfheartedly hiding behind its frame as she poked her head out. A quick glance each way down the hall revealed no visitors or disturbances of any kind, the absence of either only deepening the scowl on her face. It was only as an afterthought that the student bothered to look down before closing the door, finally laying eyes on the package that had been delivered direct to her threshold.

She leaned down to pick up the plain brown box, her first thought that her roommate had ordered something and forgotten to mention it would be arriving. The package wasn't particularly heavy, but she could definitely feel something shift inside when she grabbed it. As she turned back into her apartment and pulled the door shut behind her the girl curiously scanned it for a label or return address. To her surprise neither were present, though that surprise paled compared to the fact that the box had no sending address either, just a name. Her own.

Raquel's scowl turned to confusion as she set the package down on her kitchen table. She stared at it for a moment, racking her brain for a possible source. She certainly didn't remember ordering anything lately. A gift perhaps? But Christmas was still a ways off, and her birthday wasn't till the spring. And who did she know that would courier something directly instead of dropping it in the mail?

After spinning the possibilities through her still drowsy mind for a few moments the dark-haired girl shook her head. Whatever the package was she would know once she opened it. Retrieving a knife from a nearby drawer she sat down to do just that, carefully slicing away at the tape on the box. A few precise cuts later and she was able to open it, her eyes going wide at the sight of what lay within.

It was a thing of beauty, all gleaming chrome and elegant edges. “What the...” Raquel muttered quietly. Tenderly she reached in and lifted out a brand new laptop, one she could tell even without opening was the most advanced piece of technology she had ever held. When she did set the computer down and lift its lid, the screen came to life in an instant. A generic mountain vista graced its lock screen, the image far more crisp than anything her clunky old laptop had ever managed even before its, frankly overdue, demise. There was a single profile bearing her name, but no password had yet been set so she was granted access the moment she ***********ed it.

The desktop that then greeted her bore a bland stock background marked by only a few common icons clustered together in one corner and one solitary shortcut sitting in the middle of the screen for a folder again bearing her name. Curiosity growing, Raquel clicked on the folder. It opened to reveal about a dozen video files, each one's name nothing but a string of seemingly random numbers with a few letters sprinkled in. Not knowing what to expect, she hesitantly scrolled over and clicked on the first one.

Whatever she had been expecting, the video that flashed to life before her eyes wasn't it. Raquel's jaw dropped as she saw two girls, each looking to be in her twenties and naked as the day she was born, locked together in a passionate kiss. The pair's luridly exaggerated moans came crystal clear through the new computer's speakers as if they were just a foot away from their stunned audience.

One was a redhead, long coppery hair falling in curls down her back as she threw everything she had into the kiss. She was tall and curvy, her body marked by powerful muscles and a flurry of tattoos decorating her skin. Angled away from the screen as she was, the woman's face wasn't visible. That didn't matter, though, it was her firm, shapely ass that drew Raquel's gaze. Between those quivering globes she could just barely make out an immaculately groomed pussy, its lips clearly moist and swollen.

Once Raquel finally tore her eyes away from the ginger they drifted to the woman's partner, going wide at who she saw. A ripple ran down the raven-haired beauty's back as she realized the other girl could almost be her. The second actress shared the same sleek, dark hair as her audience, and had a strikingly familiar figure to boot. What Raquel could see of the girl's face didn't look too much like her own, but apart from that discrepancy they might pass for twins.

Second after second passed unseen on the video's time bar as Raquel sat frozen, her eyes locked on the scene playing out before her. Her doppelganger was clearly the junior partner, leaning a little backwards while the redhead pushed ever forwards. As she watched, Raquel's counterpart opened her thighs to bare a shaved crotch to the camera. Her partner wasted no time taking advantage of the opening, one hand flying into position to start toying with her prey.

A minute later, perhaps more, and Raquel watched entranced as the dark-haired girl was pushed onto her back, mewling pitifully at the indignity. But the ginger paid no heed to her protest, instead pouncing like a tigress. She was a blur of motion and before Raquel knew what was happening she was perched on the doppelganger's face, moaning in pleasure as the girl's tongue dutifully went to work. After riding her lover's tongue for a few moments the ginger leaned forward to lap at the girl's pussy as well.

Suddenly the camera shifted and zoomed, focusing in on the dark-haired woman's crotch. Her partner's strong hands were placed on each thigh, forcing them apart to give the redhead clear access at the dripping cunt that lay between. Her long, pink tongue snaked out of her mouth, tracing the folds of her target's quim at a lightning pace only interrupted by sporadic detours to pleasure the whimpering girl's clit instead.

A moan, louder than most, shook Raquel from her stupor. It took her an embarrassingly long moment to realize that moan came from her own lips rather than the computer speakers. The student's cheeks flushed scarlet when she realized one of her hands had slipped, of its own volition, under the waistband of her panties to tease her own clit in sympathy with her twin on the screen. Finally snapped from her trance, it dawned on Raquel that her 'gift' could only have come from one person. Connor.

A flash of anger dawned on her face. The arrogance, the presumption of that insufferable bastard was beyond the pale. Her free hand flew to the top of the computer, on the verge of slamming it shut while she decided just how to handle the new scourge of her life.

It was at that moment, though, that before she could act a change in the video distracted her from her fury. The camera drew back from its closeup and a man stepped into the frame. He looked a bit older than either of the girls, shaved bald and in his thirties at least, perhaps even forties. Raquel watched transfixed as he moved with a brisk efficiency, stepping up to where the ginger woman sat grinding her crotch on her partner's face. Before the camera had even settled into its new position he had already lined himself up and was plunging into his target.

The muscular redhead let out a loud moan as her new paramour slid into her. From the glazed look on her face and the angle of his entry it was clear he was in the girl's ass. All of a sudden the fierce tigress who had been so aggressive with Raquel's doppelganger found herself helpless, wailing loudly at the combined assault of one lover's cock and another's tongue, her own efforts on the pussy before her face forgotten in an instant. Raquel felt her own loins flutter at the sight, unable to keep herself from wondering if that was how she had looked and sounded when Connor plundered her own ass. Never in her life had she watched a man and woman in bed together, at least not in such explicit detail. The sight of it was... undeniably arousing.

Her fury forgotten, the former lesbian watched as the video before her played on. For awhile the man continued to use the girls while they sixty nined each other, switching freely between the redhead's holes and her partner's mouth. Eventually, though, things shifted. First, he positioned them on all fours side by side and fucked each in turn while the other waited to be used. Then, he pulled Raquel's clone off the bed and had her crouch between his legs, alternatively licking his balls and the redhead's pussy while he used her ass again. Eventually, once he drew near his climax, the man pulled the ginger off the bed as well and pushed her down next to her counterpart. Both girls briefly worshiped his shaft, slathering it from base to tip with their tongues, then backed off to wait until the man climaxed, their expressions outwardly eager. When he finally came his seed rained down on their smiling faces leaving both covered in lines and pools of his glistening essence.

Raquel shuddered as she watched the girls receive their joint facial, unable to imagine how anyone could take pleasure from being marked in such a humiliating fashion. But that disgust warred with an unexpected arousal when, mere moments after the man's cock shot its last jet of sperm, the girls fell upon each other in a kiss just as passionate as that which began the video. As she watched the pair kissed fiercely, only occasionally pausing to give long licks up each other's faces and collect the sperm smeared there.

The two women were still going at it when their video abruptly ended. Instead of freezing on its final image, though, another began to play. Suddenly Raquel was witnessing a new scene in which a pale girl with long, snowy blonde hair rested on an ornate four poster bed. She wore a lacy white corset and stockings, both decorated with hot pink accents, and ran a brush delicately through her luxurious hair. The girl smiled demurely towards the camera and set the brush aside as a man came onto the screen, younger than the one in the first video.

This new couple began with gentle kissing and petting that quickly escalated until the elegant looking girl was on all fours and whimpering demurely, the man rutting away atop her. Raquel's first orgasm of the day snuck up on her while the pretty blonde was yelping helplessly as she was relentlessly spanked and pounded into her fancy bed. Just a few minutes later the short video concluded with the girl gagging on her partner's cock, his shaft shoved so far down the poor blonde's throat Raquel could see the bulge in her slender neck. There were tears in her soft hazel eyes as she looked up at her man, but the blonde made no move to force his cock out of her throat until he himself pulled out to, like in the video before, spray his partner's face with his seed.

The girl flinched as each blast made contact with her face but made no move to get out of their way. After taking the entire load upon her delicate features she turned to face the camera. In those last, fleeting seconds before her video faded to black, the sullied blonde flashed a faint smile so perfectly submissive that in that moment Raquel wanted nothing in all the world more than to have that pretty face between her thighs. But a blown kiss later and she was gone.

The scene that followed wasted no time driving any thought of delicate femininity from Raquel's recoiling mind. It showed a group of men, half a dozen at least, milling around what seemed to be a large garage, or warehouse, or abandoned building. About half were shirtless and one had already discarded his pants as well. Another man was visible off to one side of the screen, approaching the group with no real urgency. He was better dressed than the others and carried himself with a casual confidence that exuded unspoken authority. At his side was a girl. It wasn't the fact the girl was utterly naked which made Raquel's heart rate seem to triple. It wasn't even the fact that she crawled on all fours while the man walked. That disparity may have played a bit of a role, but not nearly so large of one as the leash which ran between her neck and the man's hand.

The former lesbian couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen, couldn't do anything but watch in awe as another woman let herself be led like a pet towards a group of men who could have only one intention for her. That intention became reality less than a minute later. The girl, a scrawny twenty-something with dirty blonde hair and a forgettable face, came to a stop next to her master in the middle of the group. Immediately they were on her like hyenas on a meal. One crouched awkwardly over her rear and started jackhammering into what could only be her ass, given the angle. Another knelt before her, having been handed the girl's leash he used it to maneuver her lips onto his cock.

Before Raquel's eyes the video started to violently shift from one scene to another, never lasting more than thirty seconds before jumping ahead again. Each new scene only ever showed the same group of men and their... toy, yet somehow they were always worse than what came before. It cut rapidly between clips, only showing the most vile, degrading treatment. In any given scene the scrawny woman might be gagging on a cock while its owner spat on her face, or she might be wrapping her tits around a dick while bouncing on a casually reclining man, or she might be standing sandwiched between two men who had their cocks buried in each of her entrances while one lifted her leg to show off their feat to the camera up close. Throughout the frenzy the dark-haired student was treated to a chorus of men grunting like beasts and one luridly moaning woman, her cries clearly faked.

The relentless gangbang didn't stop, but at some point the video showing it did. The one that followed was quite different. It began with a closeup shot of a teen girl bobbing her head on an unseen man's cock, her eyes fixated on the camera recording her submission. Between the way the picture wobbled and how grainy it was there was no doubt the act had been recorded with a phone. A few seconds later the video cut. Suddenly it was a new girl, new eyes, new cock, but the same scene. When it shifted to a third girl words started to pop up, superimposed over the recorded blowjobs. The first few screens of text were there and gone before Raquel even processed their appearance. Not until the fourth, perhaps fifth, did she manage to catch one and read it. When she did her eyes went wide.

The words were from some twisted sort of instruction manual, a lecture delivered in the most crass and demeaning manner possible on how and why its audience should suck a man's cock. The raven-haired beauty felt her pussy clench around her pumping fingers as she was told what she already knew, that blowjobs were more about degrading a girl than anything physical or intimate. She heard the squelching of her own slickness as she was told to let a man do whatever he wanted to her face and mouth. She smelled her own familiar arousal as she was told how important it was she always swallowed her man's cum. She...

“That one's totally true,” a sultry voice whispered in her ear.

Raquel's shriek was a thing of legend. Her flight instinct immediately kicked in, trying to make her body move in every direction at once. The result was an awkward, flailing near-tumble out of her chair that was only thwarted by the appearance of a steadying hand on one shoulder. “Whoa! Easy there, girl,”

“Clara!?!” eyes wide as dinner plates, she stared up at her smirking roommate. “What!?! You're...” Raquel's voice faltered, her mastery of the ability to speak evaporating in the face of Clara's obvious amusement.

“Having some fun?” the blonde mused, head nodding ever-so-slightly towards the new computer. Raquel followed her gaze, her own head spinning until she faced the video. Which was still playing. The latest instruction on the screen was telling its audience how to properly play with her own cunt while servicing her man. With a massive dildo, apparently.

Like a cobra striking at its prey, Raquel's arm flashed out to slam the computer shut with enough force a few of the previous day's dishes on the other side of the table were left rattling against one another in protest. Mercifully the choppy soundtrack of a hundred sloppy blowjobs died a half second later. Slowly the flustered student turned back to face her roommate, cheeks burning. “It's not what... I didn't...”

“Didn't what?” The other girl chuckled and raised one eyebrow. “Know you were watching porn? You just... tripped and fell on the play button?”

“They weren't labeled!” Raquel protested, her voice nearly squeaking. In that moment she would have sold her soul to fall through the floor and disappear, anything not to have to face Clara as the short, curvy blonde fought back laughter. She had brought one hand up to her mouth and was biting down on a knuckle in an effort to regain control.

“Qel... you're six minutes into the video,” she managed once the laughter started to die down. “Pretty sure... you could've turned it off before now.”

“That's... shut up!” The dark-haired student felt like a little girl who had been caught staring at her crush on the beach. Her entire body was scorching and she couldn't tell what was arousal, what was panic, what was shame, it all just bled together into an unbearable heat.

Raquel's outburst was enough to sent Clara into another quick fit of giggles that drew a heated glare from her roommate. Once they passed, though, the blonde lifted her hands in front of herself in peace. “Okay, okay...” the mirth was still obvious in Clara's face, but at least she was no longer openly laughing. “Soooooo, you gonna tell me about Mr. Mysterious then? Must be pretty serious for a guy I've never seen before.” she said, giving a slight nod towards the nearby computer.

“What? No way!” The raven-haired student's response was visceral, recoiling at the very thought of being in a relationship with Connor. “Why would you even think that?”

“Uh, hello? How about because you come home on his arm, spend the entire night screaming loud enough to make me blush, and now suddenly have a laptop the two of us couldn't even afford together?” The blonde raised one eye skeptically and crossed her arms over her ample chest, looming over her still-seated friend like a suspicious schoolteacher.

Raquel cringed at her roommate's assessment. Not for the first time she found herself wishing they had chosen an apartment with thicker walls. Having to listen to her friend's litany of casual romps every few nights was bad enough. Having the blonde witness her humiliation at Connor's domineering hands, though... that was infinitely worse. Even if she never saw the bastard again, their night together would always be there lurking in the back of Clara's mind and it seemed she would have little hesitation invoking the memory.

“It's... not like that.” Raquel hung her head in shame, voice barely more than a whisper. “I know him from school. We were out, I got drunk, and it just... happened.” She lifted her head to meet Clara's eyes, shrugging meekly. “This just got delivered today. I must've mentioned at some point that my computer wasn't working, so I guess he got me a new one.”

For a long moment her roommate stood silently over her, looking down with her brow arched. Eventually she leaned back a little and cracked a playful grin. “So... you're telling me he's hot, he's not committed, and he throws gifts that nice around like Halloween candy?” Clara crooked one finger towards the item in question. “I don't suppose you'd care to share him sometime, would you? He certainly sounded like a guy who could handle the both of us. And I know you can show a girl a good time.”

“What?!?” The former lesbian was caught entirely off guard by her friend's suggestion, barely able to believe her own ears. Clara had never been shy about sex and Raquel knew for a fact she had been with two guys at a time before. It had happened at least twice no more than thirty feet from where they were talking. Yet in the two years they had known one another not once had she heard the blonde express any kind of sapphic interest. “You can't mean... you don't even like girls!”

“Not really, no, but I could make an exception.” The curvy blonde shrugged. If the thought made her uncomfortable she didn't let it show. “I mean, yeah, I'd way rather have a guy eating me out than another girl, but if it meant getting a young, handsome sugardaddy in my life I'd do a lot worse than fool around with you.”

“What? That's just... no!” The images of herself and Clara in bed together with Connor came unbidden to her mind, but there was no stopping them. She remembered well how he had ogled the blonde after their date, his eyes fixating on her bountiful tits just like every other guy. He would probably want to sit on her chest and play with them, shove his rock hard cock into the deep valley of her cleavage. Raquel herself would be an afterthought next to those new toys, forgotten until he absently ordered her to sit on Clara's face. She would gasp when her friend's inexperienced tongue split her nether lips and began to explore the warm, wet flesh beyond, her efforts a distraction while Raquel took hold of the girl's massive breasts and squeezed them tight around Connor's cock. Eventually he would tire of the game and decide to fuck them. The former lesbian and her straight friend would be made to lie belly to belly, tits to tits, face to face. They would dutifully make out while their partner rutted away inside first Clara's pussy... then her own... then Clara's... then hers...

A quick head shake finally broke Raquel from her reverie and returned her to reality. She blushed furiously when her eyes found Clara's, the imagined memory of kissing her friend fresh in mind. “We're not... ugh...” a shudder ran down her spine as she struggled for words. “Can we not talk about this?” Their conversation had left the dark-haired student feeling queasy and struggling not to squirm. Even next to Clara she had never considered herself a prude, but to her mind it was a far cry between discussing sex in the abstract and being interrogated about an encounter she would rather forget entirely, let alone being propositioned for a threesome. She had no idea how her roommate could be so cavalier about such matters.

“Fine,” Clara replied, once more folding her arms in front of her chest and frowning down at her roommate. “You're clearly working through some stuff. I'll back off.”


“So how bout we talk about Ellie instead?” Those words hit Raquel like a sucker punch.

“Clara...” The dark-haired student whined, giving her roommate a pitiful look.

“Uh, uh. You're not getting out of this that easy.” The blonde's frown deepened as her expression grew more serious. “Look, I don't know what all is going down between the two of you. I don't know who did what, and frankly I don't need to. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you two are off the rails.” Raquel turned away, wishing Clara wouldn't remind her how fucked up things had gotten. But her friend wasn't about to be deterred. “You spend the better part of a week sulking, you suddenly start sleeping with a guy, and now I walk in on you learning to give the world's sluttiest bj. But you clearly haven't broken up with her or I wouldn't have a dozen clumsy texts on my phone asking after you.”

When her roommate finally finished Raquel turned back, wilting before the glare waiting to meet her. “What do you want me to say, Clara?” the dark-haired student slumped even further into her chair, trying to come up with some explanation, any explanation, that would let her salvage some small shred of dignity and coming up with nothing. “It's... complicated.”

“Riiight...” The blonde drawled, her expression unreadable.

“It is!” Raquel insisted, wishing she didn't sound so much like a petulant schoolgirl.

In the face of her roommate's helplessness Clara just shook her head a little and let out a long sigh, her expression softening. “Hey, this is me, girl. I don't judge. You sleep with whoever you like. If a bit of cock will snap you outa the funk you've been in, then more power to you.” The blonde paused for a moment, her expression almost pained. “Just... Ellie's a sweet girl. She doesn't deserve a broken heart.”

Raquel let her head roll back until it was staring straight up at the ceiling and her long black tresses hung down towards the floor. “I know...” she let out a long sigh of her own. “She's perfect.” Her voice was almost wistful as she thought about her lover, a prayer to any god who would listen that she hadn't broken what they had together.

“Ah, young love,” Clara sighed melodramatically. “Well. I have exactly... thirty three minutes to eat and get back to campus. You really look like you need some lunch, too, so how about you go put that computer in your room, I'll see what I can throw together, and we revisit this another day. Deal?”


When Raquel reemerged from her bedroom (fully clothed and with more than a little deodorant hastily applied) the two roommates shared a panful of chicken and rice before Clara was on her way again. The blonde managed to keep the threat of further awkwardness at bay with an almost certainly exaggerated account of the latest round of drama in her department. To hear her tell it, one would be hard pressed to find a more dysfunctional pack of eccentrics outside the theater building. Raquel had long had her doubts that geology really drew such colourful characters, but her roommate was a natural born storyteller and for once she just sat back and let herself believe every word.

After the blonde left, Raquel retreated into her room and scrounged up her assigned reading for Hastings's class. Finals were the old bastard's favourite time of year and she had a lot of material to catch up on if she didn't want to give him an opportunity to fail her now that she had earned his ire at the worst possible time. Focus eluded her, though, and every few minutes she found her eyes wandering over to the shiny new computer she had left plugged in by her bed. After the least productive thirty minutes of studying she could remember, the raven-haired beauty let out a groan and slammed her book shut. Picking up Connor's gift on the way, she slid into bed and opened the lid once more.


By the time Friday arrived, Raquel was starting to believe her life might just return to normal. Not since Monday had she heard from Connor directly, and the last contact of any kind between them was the delivery of her new computer a day later. Just a few more days and she might be able to convince herself that the bastard had gotten everything he wanted from her and was already moving on to chase after the next girl unlucky enough to catch his eye. Even more promising was the fact she had spent a few hours with Ellie after a weekly club meeting they attended together on Thursdays. A few eyebrows had been raised when they showed up separately, but the blonde had surprised her girlfriend by arriving and taking her usual seat at Raquel's left without saying a word.

The girls traded furtive glances throughout the meeting, each looking away whenever the other threatened to catch her eyes. When it ended, though, they left together. An awkward silence hung in the air between them as they walked, only becoming more obvious when they came to a halt at the doors of the student center, neither sure where the other was headed. It seemed to last an eternity before Raquel finally broke the spell, murmuring that she needed to study and tentatively asking Ellie if she wanted to come along to the library. The blonde's agreement surprised her even more than her earlier appearance, but after a week spent worrying their relationship was over Raquel wasn't about to complain.

For three hours the troubled lovers shared a corner table in the old library, hidden away from the view of any passersby. An invisible tension was undeniable between them, only occasionally disrupted by a casual inquiry about the other's week or the contents of her book. Throughout the entire evening Ellie made not a single reference to Raquel's date with Connor, the fight that had preceded it, or their brief encounter on Monday. The raven-haired student wasn't sure whether to be grateful or terrified, but she followed her girlfriend's lead and left their recent troubles unspoken.

Time passed slowly, but eventually the hour grew too late to carry on. Wishing she had the courage to invite Ellie home with her, Raquel finally stood and started to pack her things, a mumbled excuse about getting home on her lips. When she turned to leave, though, she was stopped by Ellie's soft hand on her arm. The dark-haired girl was too stunned to react when her girlfriend tugged at her wrist and rose part way out of her seat to meet in the middle. The kiss she planted on Raquel had been little more than a peck on the lips, a fleeting gesture gone as fast as the whispered 'goodbye' that followed, but it had shaken her to the core all the same.

A motley horde of feelings roiled in the dark-haired girl as she fled fast as she dared, love and shame and confusion and hope and lust and more besides all competing for her attention. She spent most of that night tossing and turning in bed, unable to quiet her mind enough to sleep until the small hours of the morning finally left her exhausted enough to slip away into dreams.

Friday had been less confusing, if only because Raquel was too busy to dwell on the events of the previous night. Two full classes in the morning followed up come afternoon by the longest rehearsal of her week left the student without much time for drama. At lunch, though, she had been pleasantly surprised to see a text from Ellie asking if she wanted to check out an exhibit the art department was hosting on Saturday. Sculpture really wasn't her thing, but she had accepted the moment she saw the invitation. Now with the end of rehearsal wrapping up her weekly schedule, she had seen off a few friends before taking her saxophone into one of the private studios to relax with a bit of improv practice.

It came as a surprise when, just a minute or two after she had entered herself, Raquel heard the door to the tiny room opening and shutting behind her. Sill bent over her instrument case making sure everything was in order, she made to peek over her shoulder and see who had ignored the 'occupied' light outside. Before she had turned enough to view the entrance, though, her whole body went rigid at the sound of a familiar chuckle.

“Wow, babe... now that is a view.” Even before the events of the last week Raquel would have known Connor's voice anywhere. And if that wasn't enough, she could already recognize his heady scent starting to fill the small chamber. “Sorry to leave you hanging. Had to travel for work and all. You know how it goes.”

The raven-haired beauty straightened up slowly, her instrument left laying in the soft velvet of its case pushed back against the far wall. She fought to keep the heat rising in her cheeks from becoming visible, fought to hold a straight face as she turned towards her nightmare. He was leaning against the cinderblock wall right next to the door, the usual cocky grin on his face. They were nearly as far apart as two people could be in the practice studio yet still she might be close enough to reach out and touch him. His apparel was casual, the sort he might wear around the house or out on a weekend, but still probably cost as much as a half dozen or more of her own outfits even before considering the gold watch on one wrist.

“What are you doing here, Connor?” She tried to keep her voice steady, but there was just enough of a slight tremble in it to make the cocky ass's grin widen. Her nerves were entirely understandable. There were, after all, few places worse for a girl to encounter a man keen on having his way with her. Naturally, the music department's studios were entirely soundproof so that their users could practice as loudly as they needed without disturbing anyone in the main room or neighbouring studios. Even worse, Raquel had chosen one of the chambers with a windowless door to avoid any distractions from the outside. Isolated as the box was, they might as well have been on the moon as far as anyone beyond its walls was concerned. And Connor was between her and the entrance.

“Seeing my new girl, of course,” he answered as if it couldn't be more obvious. “Surely you don't think I'm the kind of guy to just pump and dump you, right?”

“I don't care what kind of guy you are, I'm not your girl. It was one time and it's over. Now get lost.” Raquel glared at the intruder, trying to summon up the fiery defiance with which she usually dismissed guys who couldn't take a hint (or didn't deserve one in the first place) but it just wasn't coming. Memories of everything he had done to her and how it all had made her feel raced through her mind and body alike leaving her trembling in anticipation. In such a state her words rang hollow and they both knew it. The way she visibly gulped when he pushed off the wall and stepped forward only cemented the dynamic between them.

“Aww, don't be like that, sweetie,” his words were mocking, not warm. “You're just scared, but I'll treat you right.” She shivered as one of his hands settled on her shoulder, grip uncomfortably tight.

“I'm serious, Connor,” she tried to pull herself out of his grasp, but his hand just tightened around her. “You were a mistake. One that's not happening again.”

The young man's eyes went dark and his head lowered slightly to look directly into Raquel's own. “Oh yes it is, dyke. You are mine now.” A hint of frost blossomed in his voice, the emerging tone sending a ripple through his prey's lovely body.

Her mouth opened to spit back another rebuke, but whatever she meant to say was lost to a loud gasp. Without warning, Connor had abruptly shoved his free hand down the front of her pants. Raquel reacted on pure instinct, desperately trying to squirm free of his grasp. Her assailant was too strong, though, leaving her helpless to escape as his fingers slid beneath the elastic band of her panties in pursuit of her entrance.

“Oh yeah, you want this.” his voice was coarse, betraying his own eagerness, but Raquel blushed as she realized he wasn't alone. It was impossible to say exactly what had triggered her arousal, the way he was manhandling her, the increasingly familiar scent of his body, or even just the way he was talking down to her, but there was no denying that her cunt was already racing into overdrive. Her mind may not have wanted him, at least not entirely, but her body was crying out to be taken.

“Hey!” the protest that came when Connor pulled his hand from her pants and spun her around was barely more than a squeak. A fraction of a second later and he flung her forward against the wall, barely giving the overwhelmed student time to throw up her hands to brace herself. All of a sudden she was left facing away from the studio's entrance and propped up against the coarse cinderblock wall, bent forward so that when her head hung down she could see her gleaming saxophone laying snug in its case.

She was given no time to adjust to the new position before her domineering partner started to tug impatiently at her jeans. They were tight, but he was stronger. Buckle still fastened, the too-tight denim burned as it ripped past the smooth skin of her hips leaving her panty-clad ass bared to the cool air of the practice room. Raquel whimpered as the garment came to rest around her thighs, the realization that Connor was about to fuck her again no matter what she thought or did hitting like a tidal wave. All that was in doubt, all that she had the power to decide, was the question of how rough he would need to be with her.

“Connor, please...” she started, but a quick swat to her ass stopped her before she got any farther.

“Don't complain, slut, we both know you want this.” The telltale sound of a zipper behind her told Raquel that she was mere moments from having a cock inside her once more. Even if she wanted to put up a fight she wasn't strong enough to stop Connor having his way with her and they both knew it. There was no point pretending otherwise. Knowing that, the young beauty simply hung her head and waited for the inevitable.

The first thing Connor did once his dick was free of his pants was smack the fleshy rod against Raquel's bare ass cheeks a few times. The young student groaned at the indignity, the feeling of a man's weapon against her soft skin having already become entirely too familiar in what felt like no time at all. A moment later and she was sucking in her breath as she felt the thin black lycra that was her only remaining protection unceremoniously tugged aside. That was all the warning she got before Connor plunged himself inside of her.

A loud moan escaped Raquel's lips as she felt her first conqueror reclaim his place in her cunt. The first time he had used her was only after extensively priming her body for action and she had been asleep for the start of the second, so the former lesbian was entirely unready for the way his shaft chafed against her unprepared womanhood. She wasn't exactly dry, that much had already been established, but she certainly wasn't prepared to accept an intruder of his girth either.

“Slower... please... it hurts...” Raquel was disgusted at herself for how pathetic her whimpering sounded, but with the way her insides ached and burned she just couldn't help it. And Connor wasn't even halfway into her.

“Tch,” the dismissive grunt made her flinch, but what came after was worse. “It feels great for me, girl. But if you're too frigid to get wet enough normally you can always play with yourself.” The bastard's words were followed up by a satisfied groan as Raquel's pussy clenched around him, the reaction triggered by his casually demeaning suggestion.

In the past, the sheer gall it took for Connor to call her frigid while in the middle of practically raping her may well have sent Raquel into a murderous frenzy, but in the moment all it did was fuel her submission. Still, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of following his advice, let alone suffer the indignity of masturbating in front of him, the reeling beauty set her mind to enduring her partner's onslaught unaided. Her determination lasted about twenty seconds before she gave in and did as she was told. Adjusting her weight so just one hand could prop her up, she quickly shifted the other down to her pussy.

With Connor's cock monopolizing her entrance, Raquel's fingers instead found their way to her clit. Flicking and teasing at herself with a skill no man could rival, she closed her eyes and tried to imagine she wasn't trapped in small room getting used by a man she despised. She pictured Ellie, first as the pretty blonde had looked the night before and then completely naked, a sight that remained glorious no matter how many times she saw it. She tried to imagine that it was still the night before, that they had hidden and stayed in the library after it closed.

Raquel let out a loud whine, her fingers growing faster and faster as she imagined how things might have gone. Instead of being accosted in a practice room she was pressed up against the cold stone walls of the old library, Ellie crouching between her legs. The blonde was eating her out, her agile tongue dancing around the folds of her sex and teasing every spot she knew so well, then diving deep into her lover's pussy. It was wonderful, it was blissful, it was...

“That's it, now you're getting into it.” Connor's voice broke the spell and suddenly Raquel was back in the real world, back getting ploughed by a man she couldn't stand. She barely even noticed the way her hips were pushing back against his every thrust, the way her cunt was flexing around his shaft. Her mind was too busy trying to grasp at the fleeting fantasy. But it was gone, it's place taken by something so much worse.

With the cock inside her buried much to deep to pretend it was anything other than what it was, Raquel's mind was no longer able to convince itself she was with Ellie. Instead, thoughts of the blonde took her to darker places. Suddenly her girlfriend was there in the studio with them, watching with wide, teary eyes as her lover squirmed and writhed on a man's cock. Then they were both being fucked, on all fours like dogs and facing one another. The two girls gazed into each other's eyes and stole a kiss whenever their lips bounced near enough, the sight making the men inside them laugh and pound away even harder. Then they were lying face to face on top of one another, their lips locked together in a passionate kiss as Connor rode each of them in turn. Ellie moaned into the kiss as their man fucked her, then he was inside Raquel and she was throwing herself against him, then back to the squirming Ellie, then...

Raquel didn't realize how close she was to her climax until the moment it arrived. Suddenly she was snapped back to reality and screaming out in pleasure, her cries ricocheting around the tiny studio like it was a pinball machine. The orgasm was fierce but quick, leaving her panting and flushed as Connor continued to pound away at her snatch. While she was lost in her own mind he had leaned forward and begun to grope one of her tits. That change was probably the only reason she hadn't collapsed in a heap during her climax, but it also meant he had drawn close enough she could feel his weight heavy on her back and his breath hot in one ear.

Exactly how long she had spent lost in her twisted fantasies was a mystery to the dark-haired beauty, but enough time had passed that when she returned to her senses it was clear her partner was approaching his own climax. His cock throbbed within her, his breathing was even heavier than her own, his grunts made it sound like she was mating with a wild beast... Raquel may only have spent a single night of her life with a man, but she was a fast enough learner to know what those signs meant. She also knew she didn't want Connor anywhere near her womb when he came.

Having spent her adult years dating other girls meant that Raquel rarely paid as much attention to her cycle as most her age did. After the debacle that was her date with Connor, though, she had racked her brain trying to piece together a picture of just how much trouble she was in. As a result she knew damn well that the coming weekend was her most dangerous time of the month. If there wasn't already an egg waiting to be claimed in her belly there almost certainly would be soon and she had no intention of letting anyone, let alone Connor fucking Hathaway, send an army of their little warriors chasing after it.

“Connor... wait...” she panted, her voice heavy. The hand with which she had been pleasuring herself just moments before instinctively flew to her partner's waist, desperate to push him off her. “Not in me...”

“Ugh... not this again,” he grunted. The bastard gave no indication that he meant to pull out, if anything driving even deeper into her with every thrust.

“I'm serious... you can't”

“I can,” he cut her off mid sentence, voice hard as tempered steel. “And I will.”

Those razor sharp words struck Raquel like a whip, Connor's intensity unmistakable even through her post-orgasmic haze. The very blood in her veins seemed to turn to ice in an instant at just how deathly serious he sounded. He meant to fill her with his seed and she had no hope of stopping him. There was one card she could yet play, though. She had not forgotten, would likely never be able to forget, the way by which he had been dissuaded from the same course their first night together. The mere thought of repeating that finale repulsed her, but compared to the alternative... it was even less of a question than it had been that night.

“Wouldn't you rather... Ah! Fuck my ass again?” She pleaded, making not the slightest of efforts to feign enthusiasm. They both knew the score. “Please, Connor... I...” she nearly choked on the last three words, having to force herself to spit them out. “I want it.”

Raquel expected him to laugh. She expected him to mock her and demand she beg for the privilege of being sodomized. That she was prepared for. What she didn't expect was for the hand grasping her hip to tighten or his other to squeeze her breast so hard it made her yelp from the pain. “I don't want... your fucking ass... bitch,” he growled, his lips so close to her ear it almost seemed the words came from inside her own head. In all the years she had known him, the trembling student had never once seen Connor behave as anything more than the carefree playboy everyone knew him to be. He had shown a few flickers of anger here and there like anyone else, sure, but never anything with weight. In that moment, though, hidden away from the world in a tiny, isolated studio, she witnessed for the first time a vicious determination she would never have thought him capable of. That glimpse behind his mask scared her almost as much as the words that came next. “I want... a son.”

Raquel's eyes went wide at that proclamation and all its countless implications. “You... you want...”

“A. Son.” His voice was hard as a diamond but had not a shred of the beauty. “I'll keep fucking... dumb sluts like you... until... I get a son.” Hearing those words the raven-haired beauty realized just how terrible a mistake she had made in courting Connor's attention. All of a sudden she felt like she was trapped in a cell with some demon, left entirely at its mercy. Her cheeks went pale and she trembled from fear, but her personal nightmare didn't seem to care in the slightest. He just carried on pounding into her, the force of his efforts seeming to rise ever higher with each word that spilled from his mouth. And he wasn't done. “Once one of you... finally does her job... I'll marry her... and start making more.”

By that point Raquel had given up on trying to push him off of her, she just didn't have the strength. Instead she shifted to brace herself against the wall with both hands, leaving herself entirely open before Connor's onslaught. When he finally paused for breath she tried to speak, unable to muster anything more than a whisper barely loud enough to hear over the sound of their frenzied coupling. “You mean...”

“Yeah, dyke... I'm gonna knock you up.” Raquel could feel herself clench around his rampant cock at that declaration. Whether that unmistakable reaction was one of terror or traitorous arousal was impossible to tell. “If it's... another fucking daughter... I'll move on.” As he spoke, Connor let go of his latest mate's breast and let his hand slide down her body until it rested above the womb in which his next child would spent most of its first year. “If it's a boy... then you're mine... forever.” Every word that came from Connor's mouth was delivered with all the passion of a zealot. He was not asking Raquel to be his. He was telling her she would be. And she believed him.

If she had any doubt as to Connor's seriousness, it didn't last long. The more he spoke the more ragged his voice became, the arrival of his climax clearly drawing near, but that didn't stop him. “If you shut up and behave... you'll be well... taken care of... Ugh... If you don't... I'll ruin you.” Then, suddenly, he wasn't thrusting anymore. Raquel braced herself to feel a wave of his seed filling her depths at any moment, but it never came. Instead, she suddenly felt the hand that had been over her belly wrapping around her throat. The terrified girl's eyes went wide as it tightened. Not enough to choke her, but enough for the threat.

“And if you even think about doing something to my child...” Connor's voice was sharp as a knife, his lips less than an inch from her ear. “I will find out. And I will make your life hell. You'll go to bed one night and when you wake up it'll be chained to a wall in some third world brothel with a line of filthy scum three blocks out the door just waiting for their chance to ruin a pretty American dyke like you. Am I understood?”

By the time his threat was finished Raquel was quivering at least as much from fear as arousal. There was no leeway, no room for interpretation in his words. Connor couldn't possibly be more serious, and with the wealth and connections a family like his provided he might just be able to arrange such a horrific fate for someone who defied him. Desperate to avoid drawing his ire she frantically tried to nod her understanding, but his grip on her throat limited her movement to a series of jerky bobs up and down.

“Say it.” the words weren't quite as harsh as those which had come before them, but only by a little. The hand around her neck, however, loosened almost entirely to allow her to speak.

“Yes, Connor... I... I understand.” Her voice was soft, hesitant, even as she told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

“You're going to be a good girl, then? You'll spread your legs when I tell you to and not go running of to the pharmacy after I leave?”

“Yes! I will! I mean... I won't... I mean...” Raquel stuttered, her heart suddenly hammering as she didn't know how to answer without angering Connor. She was sure he was about to start choking her for saying the wrong thing, but instead she heard a little chuckle. For the first time in what felt like an age some of the scion's usual mirth returned to his voice.

“Poor wording. My bad, sweetie.” And just like that he was suddenly the same old Connor again. Mocking her? Yes. Teasing her? Certainly. But not threatening her. The shift from monster back to playboy was... shamefully welcome. “Let's try that again, shall we? You're going to be the perfect, obedient little girlfriend and do whatever I want, right?”

For just a moment, Raquel wavered. On the one hand, it felt like by agreeing she would be selling her soul to the Devil and throwing her body in along with it. On the other, it was impossible to deny the fact that each time he had his way with her she received pleasure which, wanted or not, was stronger and more primal than anything she had ever felt with another partner. In the end, though, what she wanted didn't matter. He had made perfectly clear there was only one answer she could give.

“Yes, Connor.”

“Hmm, I think I hear a bit of hesitation in there...” Connor's voice was still light, but that facade would never fool Raquel again. Dread started to creep through her body at the thought of how he might choose to punish her for any perceived defiance.

“No! It's just... I'm already...” the panicked student's mind raced trying to conjure up some way to explain the complication that Ellie posed without exposing her precious lover to this vicious predator's attention.

“Ha, don't worry babe. I know you've got a thing going on with that cute waitress chick.” Raquel stiffened at that news. Had he investigated her since their date? Had he always known? Whatever the answer, Connor didn't bother to explain. He just kept talking. “I don't mind you seeing her on the side. It's pretty damn hot.”

The raven-haired beauty cringed at his words. They were crass and demeaning and exactly what she would expect to hear from a man. She quickly realized, though, that they could have been much worse. She wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of a man fetishizing her relationship with Ellie, and she had no idea how she would manage to appease Connor without losing the love of her life in the process, but he could have demanded she cut things off with her girlfriend to be his alone. Even worse, he could have indicated he wanted Ellie for himself. Raquel knew she should be ashamed of herself for falling so far, but in a world where all her hopes and dreams had been reduced to a simple desire to go home and make sense of the wreckage her life had been reduced to, Connor's approval felt like a godsend. So she meekly followed her instincts and did what she thought would keep him happy.

“Thank you, Connor.”

“You're welcome, sweetie.” Seemingly satisfied with the obedience of his latest target, he let the hand which had been at her throat drift back down to her breasts. “Now show me how good of a girlfriend you'll be by making me cum in that tight little dyke pussy of yours.”

Raquel squeezed her eyes shut, struggling not to give in to the warm tears starting to form at their edges. Of course he would make her do the work herself. Dumping a load of his vile seed into a girl who obviously didn't want it wouldn't be enough for a man like Connor. No, that wouldn't be degrading enough on its own. He would want her to be the one to draw it out of him, to cause her own suffering. That was how you broke a girl. For a few seconds she tried to think of something, anything, she could do other than obey, but nothing came. There was only submission or resistance, and after seeing the true Connor... resistance was no longer an option.

The defeated beauty grunted as she started to pull herself up and off of her new boyfriend's cock. With the flat wall she was up against providing nothing to take hold of she had only the use of her tired, aching hips to propel herself. Once she was about halfway up his shaft she let herself fall back down with every ounce of force she could muster. The invader inside her twitched in appreciation as it surged through her channel and crashed against the entrance to her womb.

A flash of gratitude passed through Raquel's mind that at least Connor seemed to be near his peak and it wouldn't take long to get him off, but that feeling was quickly replaced by shame that she could ever feel such appreciation in the first place. Not that her shame stopped her from obeying. The rhythm she settled into wasn't very fast, but her partner didn't seem to mind. Every grunt of hers as she pulled herself up his cock was answered by one of his own when she came crashing back down. It couldn't have been more than a minute or two before he succumbed to her efforts.

The load Connor deposited inside Raquel when he finally came wasn't the first she had received, but it felt different somehow. Perhaps it was the more active role she had been forced into, perhaps it was the knowledge that her fertility was near its peak, or perhaps it was simply the position they were in, but as she leaned panting against the chilly concrete it felt as if there were a volcano erupting inside of her. She whimpered pitifully as the hot seed flowed through her insides like liquid fire, seeming to find and fill every nook and crevasse in her womanhood. She closed her eyes, hoping to let her mind escape what her body could not, but it refused to cooperate. Instead the darkness was filled with images of the future which lay before her.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl, Connor's cock spasming inside her for what felt like hours. Each twitch inflicted a new scene upon her mind's eye. First she saw herself crossing campus, belly visibly swollen with child while strangers and friends alike watched and whispered at the corners of her vision. Then came a hospital bed, her own screams echoing around a small, white room as she experienced the long dreaded 'joy' of motherhood. Next was a glorious wedding dress, the strap which should rest over one shoulder shrugged off to hang at her side freeing the bloated breast below upon which an infant was latched. After that she saw a family photo, her own weary self seated demurely at the side of her standing husband, their youngest resting in her lap while a dozen or more children of all ages clustered around them.

At some point the images stopped coming and she realized she could no longer feel the cock inside her adding more seed to the ocean it had already left within her depths. The sound of her own soft panting filled the room, mingled as it was with the heavier breathing of her tormentor. For a minute or two they just stood there until finally he stirred, catching her off guard when he began to withdraw from her body. A blush rose on her cheeks at the unmistakable wet sound of his crown finally slipping out of her passage, leaving it to swiftly seal up behind him with only a little of their intermingled fluids having already escaped to run down the inside of her pale thighs.

Instinctively, the embarrassed student peeled one hand off the wall before her and reached down between her legs, moving to straighten out the black panties there which had long since been pulled aside. For what little good their protection would do her. One of Connor's hands met hers there, though, brushing her efforts aside with ease. “Not yet,” he muttered. A moment later she winced as she heard the familiar clicking of an imaginary shutter, evidence that Connor was once more documenting his conquest of her with the camera on his phone.

At least the latest crop of photos wouldn't show her face, she thought, remembering those he had sent on Monday. She still didn't know how many pictures he had captured of her before she woke up or while she was distracted. She wasn't sure if she even wanted to know. The phone clicked a half dozen times or so while she thought about that question, and only after that did Connor's hand withdraw and allow her to swiftly pull the clingy black lycra back over her ravaged, swollen cunt.

Raquel had barely even finished adjusting her underwear before she jumped, a quivering gasp escaping her lips as she felt the same heavy hand land on one cheek of her still-exposed ass. The blow was more a pat than a spank, but it left her exhausted legs trembling all the same. Connor chuckled behind her, his hand rubbing up and down her rear. “I have a real good feeling about you, babe,” he mused, “you might just be the one. Got plans tonight, but I'll see you tomorrow.” With one more quick pat on her ass he turned and left.

When the door to the practice studio slammed shut behind him Raquel nearly collapsed into a heap. It was several minutes before she made herself push up off the wall and stand up straight despite wobbly legs that threatened to give way at any moment. Any thought of practicing had been banished from her mind, and even if she had the strength to carry on the tiny studio utterly reeked of sex. She fervently hoped that no one had seen Connor leave, that by the next time someone stepped into the studio they would have no way to know who had been in it before them.

The only thing the dark-haired beauty did before packing up her saxophone to leave was to reach down and pull her jeans back up to her waist. She told herself it had to be her imagination, but as she bent over to do so she could have sworn she felt a subtle, momentary twinge in her side. Dismissing it as nothing, she finished packing up and stepped out of the studio to head for home. As she walked through the music building and the crowded campus beyond she fought to keep a straight face and ignore the feeling of her new boyfriend's seed shifting inside her with every step.


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