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Do you think she's pregnant?
Alice: God, I can’t wait! I finally get to wear my three inch skirt! It came off a stuffed animal and I like wearing it around the house for fun. A pink, frilly little thing, and totally transparent. My parents wont usually let me wear it outside, but today, they’re dropping me off at the water park! That means I can wear it as a little swim skirt. I wore my normal bikini out of the car; it looks like I have panties that are poking out to say hi. I’m in line for a waterslide now, ugh, people kept bumping into me! Maybe my ass sticks out too much, it’s so crowded here. At the top of the slide now, they have me on my back as the jets keep shooting down my butt. I hope I tied my bikini is tied tight enough! Wow, ok. It’s time to go! Wee! God it’s cold! Ugh, this ride is so bumpy! The jets keep spraying down my backside. Wow, the end of this slide has a five foot drop, I can feel my skirt fly up. Good thing I’m wearing my- Oh no! My bikini! I lost it! Don’t tell me, all I have is this three inch skirt?

Life guard: Girl! Get out of the pool! The next one’s coming.

Alice: Ugh, I tug my skirt down. It just barely covers my pussy. I have to be careful when I walk. I have so much of my ass showing, I hope they think I'm wearing a thong! I cover my pussy with my hands. God, what am I gonna do? I know! I can put my towel back on. Great idea, Alice! Just one quick trip and I’ll be safe. Wait, where is it? Don’t tell me, it got stolen?! I’m stuck like this? My phone, purse, towel, everything! Who would do such a thing? I’m stuck like this until five o’clock.

5 o’clock

Alice: Where is she? It’s a huge line of cars, but I don’t see her! Its just a bunch of bright headlights. I keep waiting here in this dark spot behind the bushes. I just want to go home so I can masturbate. This is way too much, even for me! The cars are all gone. I’m the last one here. Who knows where she is! Don’t tell me I have to walk home! All alone, barefoot, in my three inch skirt? It’s like ten miles! And it’s through the worst part of town. Ugh, lets get this over with.


Alice: Oh my god I think I’m lost. It’s dark out, and I’m so cold. There are some guys up here, smoking a funny smelling cigarette. They look scary. I don’t want to be racist, but they’re all black. My friends keep joking about prison statistics, but I’m not gonna let that get to me. They could be perfectly nice gentlemen.

Jamal: Hey girl, what are you doin out so late? Isn’t it past your bed time?

Alice: Um, well I got lost.

Jamal: Got lost? Were you on your way to the whore house? Ha! Just kiddin. No really, who’s your pimp?

Alice: Pimp? I don't have a-

Tyrone: She’s out here by herself. What’s up girl, you need some cash?

Alice: Well, I could use a ride.

Tyrone: A ride? Shit, we can help you out with that! Come on inside, we’ll help you.

I knew these guys would be nice. Gosh, they’re so handsome too, but I’m probably a little too young for them.

Malik: Yo, who’s the new girl! Damn girl, you’re cute!

Alice: Hi, I’m Alice. You guys seem nice, can you help me?

Malik: Shit, girl. I think we can both help each other out. It’s Darryl’s bachelor party and we were gonna call some girls to dance for us, but hell, you can dance for us instead! See those girls in that music video? Dance for us just like that.

Alice: Just like?

Those girls are squatting down really low and twerking. God, they might see my ass. But if that’s all they want, I suppose I can dance for them. I sway my hips back and forth, the guys cheer. Then I get low.

Malik: Yo! This girl aint wearin panties! Girl, you’re a freak!

Alice: I’m sorry, my bikini got torn off at the water park.

Malik: Ha! No shit.

Alice: So like, can I get that ride now?

Malik: Oh you want a ride? You can ride this right here!

He grabs his junk. His swollen cock visible through his sweatpants. I can’t help but gush. The thought sounds really nice. It makes me bite my bottom lip.

Alice: I don’t know if I can. I think my parents will-

Malik: Come on girl, it’s Darryl’s bachelor party!

Alice: Umm.

Jamal: You wanted that ride, right?

Gosh, I’m so horny! These guys are so hot, but I just can’t get pregnant! My parents said I’m too young for the pill.

Alice: Umm, like I can’t get pregnant so I don’t know.

Malik: Don’t worry girl, we’ll pull out! Guys wont we?

The guys agree all at once.

Jamal: We'll tell you when we're gonna cum and you can hop off!

Alice: I mean, you guys promise to drive me back to my place after?

Malik: We’ll drive you anywhere you wanna go!

Alice: I mean, umm, ok. So, should Darryl go first?

Darryl: Nah girl, I like to go last. I’ll give it to Jamal. He’s the one that found you.

Jamal: Shit, Darryl. I owe you!

I turn around just in time to witness Jamal let down his basketball shorts and unveil his foot long monster.

Alice: Jesus Christ! It’s huge!

It’s already leaking precum. Juices run down my legs, I know it’s gonna hurt but I can’t stop myself. He grabs my ass and pulls me in for a hug, it looks like he wants to kiss me. But I can’t help notice his cock pressed against my belly and thighs.

Alice: Oh fuck!

Jamal: You ready?

Alice: Go slow, it’s my first time.

Malik: Damn, Jamal. Get it!

Jamal: Get on top of me on the couch, you can go as slow as you like.

I’m kneeling over him. His cock pointing straight at my unprotected pussy. I can see his precum overflowing from the tip. You don't think precum has sperm in it do you? Whatever, just so long as he pulls out. I mush my pussy over the head of his cock, our juices mix as I line us up. Then gently, I sit down.

Alice: Oh my god, it’s huge! It’s stretching me out!

Jamal: Girl, it's not even that deep! Ugh! Come on now, get it!

I sit down and take an inch.

Alice: Ow! It hurts!

Jamal: That’s aight girl, go slow.

I work the tip up and down until my pussy relaxes a bit and I can take it deeper.

Alice: Mm, that feels good!

Jamal: Yeah, you like that? Wanna see what my dick can do?

Alice: Go ahead, but please-

Jamal: Yeah, I’ll go slow.

Like he promised, he’s thrusting into me slowly. Stretching me wide, stretching me deep. God it feels good.

Alice: Mm, maybe you can go a little faster. Just a little.

Jamal: Yeah girl, no problem.

He’s thrusting deep into me now, I must only have half his cock but he doesn’t mind. He’s just making sure I feel good. Such a gentleman.

Alice: Oh god, that’s good! Keep going! Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!

Jamal: Fuck I’m gonna cum too! Hop off, I’m gonna pull out!

Alice: Not yet! I’m so close! Just a little longer!

Jamal: Girl, I’m really about to cum!

Alice: Oh god, I’m gonna cum! Fuck! I’m cumming! Don't cum yet, please!

I pull my ankles around his legs, pressing his cock deeper against my cervix. My pussy clamps down on him tightly and trembles. My legs shake and my vision fades under the pleasure. It's extremely dangerous but feels amazing. I really hope he can hold it in. Just for a little longer.

Jamal: Oh shit! I can't-

He starts to lift me off.

Alice: Noooo!!! Please!!!

Jamal: Oh shit!

At the last second I try to pull away but his leg jerks and I lose my footing! I plunge deeper as his cock passes its limit and hot seed erupts inside my womb. Fuck! I can’t believe it. This sonofabitch is cumming inside me. I can’t deny how good this feels. His cock throbs relentlessly, but I can’t bring myself to get off. I really hope I don’t get pregnant. But my god, it's so much! It's all my fault, I wouldn't let him pull out. It's like my pussy was in control. Fuck! It just felt so good!

Jamal: That was so good! That was so fucking good.

Alice: Ohh. Oh noooo.

I hold back the tears.

Jamal: I need to wash up.

Tyrone: Don’t worry girl, I think I can help scoop some of that cum out of you.

Without asking, he jams his cock into my pussy. The pleasure overtakes me, I can’t tell him to stop.

Tyrone: Damn, this girl is tight!

He holds down my cervix as he says it. I can’t help but feel like he’s working that cum deeper into me. He’s fucking me slow and deep. God, it feels good!

Alice: Please don't cum inside of me!

Tyrone: No, I'll pull out!

Tyrone: She’s gonna make me cum! Ugh, that was so fast!

Alice: Please pull out!

Tyrone: Are you sure you don't want me to not pull out?

Alice: What? No!

Tyrone: No? Alright!

He slams his cock deep into me and erupts. His hot cum shoots straight through my cervix into my womb. He really lined that up perfectly. The heat makes my cervix dilate, like it wants to drink it in. I can just feel it flowing into me, there’s no resistance. He holds my legs, making gravity do the work.

Tyrone: Fuck!

Alice: I wanted you to pull out!

Tyrone: Aww, shit. I thought you changed your mind last second. Sorry. I’ll pull out next time. Heh.

Malik: Damn, I need to get in on this. Xavier, do you mind?

Xavier: Naw man, be my guest!

Alice: Wait! I'm gonna get pregnant!

Malik: Girl, it's alright, I've got a condom!

That last session brought me close to another orgasm but not quite there, maybe it'll be alright if he wears a condom.

Malik: Aight, I got one right here.

He pulls out a tiny condom and slides it half way up his giant black dick. The thing is straining, I really hope it holds. He doesn't take time for warming up, he sends his cock deep into me and jack hammers away. I can feel the rubber band at the base of the condom getting rubbed and strained from his ferocious pounding.

Alice: Fuck! I'm gonna cum!

Under his intense pummeling I explode into a mind blowing orgasm. Juices are flowing double time around his cock. Suddenly I feel a rip and my pussy glows hot. Then his pounding stops as he holds deep.

Alice: Oh shit!

Malik: Oh god! I'm cumming! Oh god! It's hot! Damn that pussy's good! Fuck! Damn that's a lot, good thing I'm wearing a condom!

He pulls out and I see that torn condom draped over near the base of his cock.

Xavier: Don't worry girl, I got us a plan b! Let me hit it and I'll give it to ya.

Oh my god, plan b is the only thing that will save me right now. I have to do it.

Alice: Oh please, I need that plan b! God, I can't believe it. You're gonna cum in me too?

Xavier: Don't worry about it, you're gonna get that plan b and everything will be just fine!

Alice: Oh fuck, umm, ok.

His cock springs forward and his excitement took over. The next moment he is gouging out my insides, using my cervix like a punching bag, doesn't he know that hurts?

Alice: Oh fuck! Hng! God! Please!

Xavier picks me up and my cervix gets crushed under my body weight. He keeps thrusting. I watch as my three inch skirt flies up and down, riding there next to my belly button, concealing nothing. None of this would have happened if I wasn't so damn horny!

Alice: Oh fuck! Xavier, I'm close! Please make me cum!

Xavier: Shit, aight.

He pounds my pussy at full force. The cum inside me is turning into a white froth, still a massive amount is piled up in my womb. His thick cock keeps me plugged good.

Alice: Fuck that’s good! Keep fucking me!

Xavier: Fuck yeah bitch, I'm gonna cum! Woo! That plan b is gonna have some work to do.

That's the last thing he says before he pumps my womb up with his sperm. That pool of semen feeling larger and larger inside of me. I swear my womb is bloated. Then suddenly, his cock exits me.

Xavier: I'm gonna go find that plan b now, it's buried in one of my drawers. I kept it without the packaging because it was taking up space. I mean, come on. All that packaging for one pill?

The panic starts to set back in.

Alice: Oh god, please find it!

Darryl: That’s enough! I’ve waited too long.

He lets down his shorts.

Alice: What?!

He’s so god damn thick! No wonder he wanted to go last. He’s probably tired of warm ups.

Alice: Oh fuck, you’re gonna fuck me with that huge thing of yours?

Darryl: Uh huh.

He pushes me and I fall into the couch face down.

Darryl: Lift your hips up.

He just grabs me and I feel all their semen fill up my fallopian tubes. Then he stick his head in, or half of it. God, it's thick. I'd have better luck with the rear end of a wine bottle. Ugh, it plopped in. Not all the way, I'm still too tight for that. Even with all their fucking, I'm still not loose enough.

Alice: Oww! God my pussy is burning!

Darryl: Don't give out on me, I just started!

My pussy clings to him as he shoves himself deeper. This is too good. Fuck! I can't help it. I'm cumming. I'm contracting wildly just from him putting it in. My legs keep kicking uncontrollably. The kicks don't seem to bother him; hell, I think he likes it.

Alice: Ouch!

He forces it in up to my cervix, pressing it deep against the back wall of my uterus. Slowly he takes it out, my pussy still partially clinging to him, to the point he's almost out of me, then he rams it back in full force.

Alice: Ow!

He slides his cock out slowly then rams it in again. This time a little faster. Then faster. Fuck, I love it.

Alice: Oh god, I'm cumming!

He continues going at his pace as I flail all over his cock. The pleasure keeps intensifying, my head is spinning and I can barely see! Now he's fucking me with some speed. He holds his hands over my stomach and uses his body weight to pin me to the couch. Then he feels the bulge with his thumbs, going up several inches above my belly button. Now he's pressing his thumbs into me, making me feel tighter.

Alice: Oh god, you're gouging me out! My insides are so stretched out, they'll never go back. My pussy will never be the way it was. Oh my god! What's gonna happen when you cum?! Your balls are so huge, do you think I could get pregnant instantly?

He starts fucking me faster.

Darryl: Shut up!

His whole body weight forces his cock down as deep as possible. I feel my cervix open up just a bit to feel the head jam it's way in. A hulking brute busting open the doors to my womb. Then I feel his balls on my ass as he pushes to the hilt. Finally firing his hot jizz against my walls like a machine gun. We watch as my belly slowly rises. I can't believe how fast his cock is throbbing. Ten spurts a second, I swear. His sperm must number in the trillions. He rests on top of me as his orgasm slows down. His final spurts are strong and thick, probably dense in sperm.

Xavier: Hey, I found that plan b you wanted!

Alice: Oh my god, thank you.

It looks like it could be plan b, I mean it has a b right on it. But I wonder what the 12 stands for.

Darryl: I'm gonna call you a cab.

Minutes later a cab shows up.

Cab Driver: Woah! What the hell are you wearing! God, you reek of cum! Girl, you're gonna make a mess all over my cab.

He fucking drives off! I knock on the door. No answer. I knock louder. Nothing. Oh god, now I'm stuck out here! Well, at least they gave me plan b.
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