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David widens his experience within the family and outside.
Saturday morning and l raced through my paper round, l hand a light training session in the morning so l knew l wouldn’t have much time when l got home. When l arrived, Mum was at the stove cooking breakfast.

“I knew you would be in a hurry,” she said, “l was watching for you coming down the street.”

She was wearing her dressing gown and l guessed she had nothing on underneath. I stepped behind her, put my arms around her and slipped my hands inside, grabbing her breasts.

“Now l’ve got more black handprints on my tits,” she giggled, “be careful, your father will be up as soon as he smells the bacon cooking.”

“I want you,” l said, pressing my erection against her back and feeling her press back.

“Not this morning baby,” she said, “far too risky, anyway, you need to save your energy for the game.”

“Well suck me off then,” l said, “l can’t walk around with a hard on all day.”

She turned to face me, l pulled open her dressing gown to reveal her tits with two big, black hand prints on them. I pulled the dressing gown fully open to reveal her naked body then put my hand between her thighs, she parted her legs and l slid two fingers into her wet cunt.

“Don’t touch my face,” she said, “l wouldn’t be able to explain that if he comes down, you’ll have to cum quickly.”

“I’m nearly cumming now,” l said, adding another finger inside he cunt, pushing them right in.

“You have to pull out as soon as you hear movement,” she said, “this is very risky.”

“You want it Mum,” l said, “your cunt is grabbing my fingers, l’ll be quick, l promise.”

“Go on then, l want it so much,” she said, stepping away from me, she turned and bent over the table.

I took out my cock and lifted her dressing gown, she had spread her legs and l could see her cunt lips were swollen and puffy.

“You’ve been frigging your cunt,” l said.

“Of course l have,” she giggled, “your father wanted to fuck me last night, he was stinking of beer, l told him l had a headache, l almost regretted it, l needed my cunt filling although his tiny cock wouldn’t fill it.”

I put my hands on her buttocks, my filthy hands leaving prints there. “I should give you a spanking,” l said.

“Don’t you dare, he’s bound to hear us,” she said, “just fuck me and make it quick.”

I guided the head of my cock between her cunt lips then gripped her hips and rammed it home.

“Oh god yes!” She sighed and immediately she shuddered, l felt the heat of her juices surrounding my cock as she came.

I rammed deeper into her, she was making faint noises, l could tell she was trying not to cry out. I knew l was close myself, her cunt gripped my cock like a vice and l groaned as l emptied my balls deep inside her. She sighed again and l felt her tremble with another orgasm. My cock kept pulsating until l was dry, l pulled out and pressed myself against her, my cock resting between her buttocks.

When l did stand up, l saw that the front of my trousers were soaked with the liquid that had squirted from her cunt.

“Oh dear, more washing for me,” she giggled, taking a wad of kitchen tissue and packing it into her cunt then doing up her dressing gown. “Go and get yourself sorted before he comes down,” she said, “thank you for that, l know it was risky but it is such fun.” She kissed me and l went up to my room.

A quick visit to the bathroom then change, grab my rugby kit and l went downstairs. Dad was already at the table stuffing his face with a bacon sandwich. Mum put a full plate of breakfast in front of me, as l ate she stood the other side of the table behind my father, she had a wicked grin on her face, l almost choked when she opened her dressing gown and showed me her tits, they still had my hand prints on them, she quickly covered up when Dad moved to stand up.

“Are you coming to watch the game Dad?” I said.

“Watch you lose,” he replied, “they are a much better team than your lot, l might be fun seeing that cocky smirk of yours wiped off your face.” He picked up his newspaper and went through to the living room.

“He’s such a pig,” Mum said, bending over the table and giving me a view of her tits swinging as she picked up Dad’s dirty plate.

“I hope he stays in the pub after the game,” l said, “l want to give you a proper fucking this evening.”

“Promises, promises,” she giggled, “You have a good game, l’ll be ready when you want me.”

I finished my breakfast, then grabbed my kit bag, gave her a kiss and left. I met up with Keith on the way to the ground.

“I bet you haven’t heard what happened last night,” he said, “Dad got called out about ten o’clock, there was an attempted burglary at that big office block out of town, apparently the night watchman disturbed them but one of them stabbed him to get away.”

“Shit!” I said, “is he alright?”

“In hospital, Dad says, touch and go,” Keith replied, “but the best bit is they caught the burglars and one of them still had the knife, guess who it was?”

“Not a clue,” I replied.

“Rob Edwards,” he said, “Dad says they caught him bang to rights, he says he’s going to prison for a long time even if the watchman survives, if he dies it will be for life. I bet your sister doesn’t know, he’s shagging her isn’t he?”

“I don’t know if he’s shagging her,” l lied.

“Well he’s been bragging about it in town apparently,” he said, “says she gives good blow jobs too, wish she’d give me one, she’s gorgeous……oh sorry, perhaps l shouldn’t be talking about her like that.”

“That’s okay,” l said, “l knew she was seeing him, l told her not to but she wouldn’t listen, l’m not surprised if he was shagging her, he’s not the type to go with a girl unless she opens her legs.”

“Well l wish she’d open them for me,” he laughed and we both laughed together.

“You never know,” l said, “perhaps one day you can shag her and l’ll shag your sister, that would be fun.”

“Wouldn’t mind fucking Jill myself,” he said, “l saw her in bra and pants the other day, she’s fucking hot Dave, not as pretty as Laura but l wouldn’t kick her out of bed, have you fucked that Heather yet?”

“Not yet,” l said, “she knows l’m losing interest in her, she was offering to suck my cock the other day, l’m probably going to tell her l’m dumping her unless she lets me fuck her, how about you and your girl?”

“I’ve had a couple of hand jobs,” he said, “but she hasn’t got any decent tits, if you dump Heather l’ll take her, not sure she’d be interested in my cock after yours though.”

The training session went well, then we all went to the pub where they had put on a buffet lunch for us. I kept thinking of what Keith had told me, wondering how Laura would take the news. Loads of people were talking about the incident where a night watchman had been stabbed, someone said that Rob Edwards had been arrested and the general feeling was that it was about time he was locked up.

The game was the best we’d played all season, the other team never had a look in, they tried to intimidate is with the odd punch and kick but we were far too good for them, l scored two tries and we won by twenty clear points to win the league. I noticed Laura stood with a group of her friends, her eyes were red and puffy so l realised she must have heard about Rob, but she was still talking freely with her friends so it looked like she wasn’t that bothered.

Later, in the pub, Len Smith had put a load of money behind the bar so drinks were free, us boys in the team were restricted to one bottle of beer each. He then made the announcement that l had won the player of the match and also player of the season. As l went up to collect my trophy all the lads in the team started chanting “DD, DD.”

I saw Mum in the corner, she was smiling at me and l felt a stirring in my cock. Then there was a burst of noise as Laura and her friends started giggling loudly, everyone looked at them but no-one knew what had made them laugh.

I stayed for a while, l noticed that Len was spending a lot of time talking to Mum, l also saw Dad leaning on the bar, he was watching Mum and he didn’t look happy. A lot of people had left by the time l decided to make my way home, l was walking across the car park when l heard someone running behind me, it was Mum and as she caught up with me she linked her arm in mine.

“I’m so proud of you,” she said, cuddling in close to me, “what are you going to do to me when we get home?”

“I’m going to spank your bottom and then fuck you till you can’t take any more,” l said, managing to give one of her tits a squeeze.

“Oh yes please,” she said, “my cunt is so wet, l wanted to frig myself when you scored the second time and when you punched that big bully l nearly came on the spot.”

“I saw Len taking an interest in you,” l said.

“Oh he’s so sweet,” she said, “he wants to take me out for a meal.”

“And a shag too l expect,” l said, “will you go?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, “you father suspects there’s something going on already, if he finds out l’m seeing Len things might get nasty.”

“Leave Dad to me Mum,” l said, “he might bully you and Laura but he knows l can beat him, he won’t tangle with me.”

“Oh my he man!” She giggled, putting her hand on the front of my trousers, she felt my semi hard cock and gave it a squeeze.

“It will do you good Mum,” l said, “Len obviously likes you, do you want him to fuck you again?”

“He was so gentle and nice that time,” she said, “l know l like it rough but it was so different with him, l did enjoy it.”

“Well do it Mum,” l said, “arrange to go out with him, l’ll sort out Dad.”

We had reached out front garden gate.

“That’s for another time,” she said, taking out her key to open the door, “for now l want your cock up me rough and hard and don’t mess about we might not have much time before either Laura or your father come home.”

She climbed the stairs in front of me, l put my hand up her skirt and discovered her naked cunt.

“No panties?” I said.

“Aren’t I a naughty girl,” she giggled, “Jack always makes me go without them, but he makes me wear very short skirts, sometimes hardly covering my bum, are you going to spank me for being naughty.”

It was almost too much for me, l could feel my cock straining against my trousers. Mum had her dress undone by the time we got to my bedroom, she dropped it on the floor then took off her bra, my hands were shaking as l tried to undo my trousers.

“Let me,” she said, kneeling in front of me and undoing my belt, “he looks desperate to get out,” she laughed as she unzipped me then pulled down my trousers and pants, my cock sprang free, hitting her face. “Oh my god, he’s so beautiful,” she said, helping to get my trousers and pants over my feet. She pressed her cheek against my cock, “he’s the longest cock l’ve ever had,” she said, “and when he fills out fully he will be massive, oh l’m such a lucky girl, l can’t wait baby, l have to have you up me, fuck me baby, oh please fuck me.”

She stood up and took off my top leaving us both naked.

“How do you want me?” She said.

“Doggy style,” l said, “l can fuck you harder that way.”

“It’s my favourite too,” she said, “and you can spank me at the same time.”

She went to get on the bed then stopped. “Just a minute,” she said, then ran out of the bedroom, she was back in a few seconds, carrying her hair brush, it was big and round, a bit like a table tennis bat, she gave it to me, “Here, us that,” she said, “Jack has a big paddle with holes in, it really stings when he spanks me, it’s beautiful, l always cum loads.”

I had read about girls being spanked but never expected to do it to my mother but the sight of her kneeling on the bed with her head down and bottom up was driving me crazy, l swiped the brush down across her buttocks.

“Oh, much harder David, please,” she said, “tell me how naughty l am, call me dirty names.”

I hit her harder, a big red patch immediately appeared on her buttock, l hit the other side and the same thing happened.

“Oh yes baby,” she cried, l saw her trembling, “call me names baby, punish me for being a slut.”

“You are a slut Mum,” l said, hitting her again on both sides, “my mother is a dirty slut, a fucking filthy slut.”

“Yes l am baby,” she said, “harder.”

I struck her harder three times each side, l saw the red patches darkening, turning purple, l thought my cock was going to burst. I struck her one more time, her body shook violently, she yelled out and a spray of her cunt juices squirted from her as she came, l threw the brush onto the bed, grabbed her hips and drove every inch of my cock into her cunt, l felt a barrier deep in her cunt, then it was as if something opened and the head of my cock forced its way beyond.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried, as more juices sprayed over me, l rammed harder then came, pumping my spunk deep into her belly. I collapsed on top of her, my cock pulsating wildly, her cunt gripping me, she was sobbing, l felt her tremble again.

“You’re mine, Mum,” l said into her ear, “You’re my sex slave from now on, anything l want.”

“Oh yes baby, anything.” She mumbled.

Slowly l pulled my cock from her cunt, she begged me to stay, my cock was covered in a mixture of my spunk and her juices. I knew what l wanted to do, l was still hard, l parted her buttocks and rested the head of my cock against her anus, l felt her tense up at the contact.

“Anything?” I said.

“Yes baby,” she replied, “anything.”

I pressed against her anus, l was surprised how easily it gave way, l slipped inside, just an inch or two and heard her sigh. Suddenly l jerked forward and half my cock slid into her.

“Oh Jesus god yes,” she screamed, “no more baby, no deeper, l can’t take it all.”

“Anything, you said,” l said forcing another inch inside her.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried again, “he’s so big, Oh god, l can’t oh please baby.”

“But l want to fuck you there Mum,” l said, “you’re my slut now, my dirty filthy slut and l want to fuck your arsehole.” I pulled out slightly then pushed it in again, starting to fuck her with long strokes.

“Oh Jesus, Oh god, no,no,no,no, Oh , Oh, baby, Oh Oh no,no ,no. Arrghhhhhh.” She cried as she came, shaking violently, l came with her, planting what spunk l had left deep in her bottom.

I collapsed and rolled off her onto my back, my body heaving.

“Oh baby,” she said, crawling onto me, laying her head on my chest.

“Did l hurt you Mum?” I said, kissing the top of her head, “l couldn’t stop myself, l don’t want to hurt you but it felt so good.”

“Shush baby,” she said, “l told you l would be noisy if you fucked me there but l’ve never been fucked that deep in my bum, l thought you were going to tear me open, it felt like a tree trunk inside me.”

“But you came Mum,” l said.

“Of course l did baby, it was beautiful. Don’t take any notice of what l say when you’re doing it to me, l will scream and shout, beg and plead, but don’t stop.”

As she spoke she inched her way down my body, kissing my nipples, then my tummy, then my cock. I looked down at her, she stared back at me smiling. “This is what sluts do.” She said, taking my cock into her mouth, working her tongue and mouth to clean me. She must have felt my cock react and groaned as she sucked on it.

We both heard the front door opening at the same time.

“Oh fuck!” She said, leaping from the bed. In a flash she was out of my door, heading for her bedroom. I looked down at the floor and saw our clothes strewn there, l quickly picked them up, hiding her stuff under my bed. I pulled on a pair of pants and went out onto the landing, heading for the bathroom. Laura was just reaching the top of the stairs.

“Oh!” I said, acting surprised, “l was just going for a shower, the ones at the club house weren’t very hot.”

“Mmmmmm,” she said, here eyes travelling down my body, stopping at the bulge in my pants. She smiled at me.

“You heard about Rob then,” l said.

“I don’t want to talk about him,” she said, “he can rot in hell for all l care, that man he stabbed, his daughter is in my class at college, l can’t imagine what she’s going through.”

“I did……” l started to say but she stopped me.

“Don’t tell me you warned me, l don’t want to hear it,” she said, “l hope he never gets out.”

I noticed that her eyes were still fixed on the bulge in my pants, a bulge that had grown as she watched.

“So, you’re DD then, donkey dick,” she said.

“That’s just the lads having a laugh,” l said, “how did you know?”

“Jill told me, apparently Keith let it slip one day.” She placed a finger on my chest, moving it down slowly, “Well, is it true then?”

Her finger travelled down to the waistband of my pants, my cock was growing rapidly, making a huge tent in the material.

“I think l’d better check it out,” she said, “all the girls will want to know if it’s true.”

I made no effort to stop her as she hooked her finger into the waistband, pulling it forward, with that the head of my cock poked into view.

“Mmmmm, that looks promising,” she said, she pulled the front of my pants down freeing my cock and balls completely. “Wow!” She said, “not exactly a donkey but pretty close.”

“Bigger than Rob’s l bet,” l smirked.

“I wouldn’t know,” she blushed bright red.

“Come off it Laura,” l said, “he’s been telling everyone that you give great blow jobs, l bet he’s fucked you as well.”

As l spoke l noticed that Mum’s bedroom door was slightly open, l could see movement through the crack, l could tell she was listening.

“That’s a lie,” she said.

“Laura, he wouldn’t go with any girl if she didn’t open her legs for him,” l said.

“Don’t be coarse David,” she said.

“You can hardly act all innocent when you’re staring at my cock,” l laughed, “l think you owe me something.”

“What do you mean,” she said.

“You know very well,” l replied, “you’ve seen mine, it’s only fair l should see yours.”

“No chance,” she said.

“Well l’ll just have to tell Dad his precious daughter has been giving her cunt to Rob Edwards.”

“Don’t you dare,” she said.

“Well l’m going to the bathroom for a piss,” l said, “you go to your room and get naked, l’ll be there in a minute.”

“Fuck off David,” she said.

“Suit yourself Laura,” l said, “but either that or l tell Dad what a slut you are.”

I turned and went to the bathroom, Laura went to her room and slammed the door. As l turned to shut the door Mum came out of her room, she smiled at me and mouthed the word “Bastard,” then went downstairs silently.

I relieved myself and washed my cock, l didn’t want her smelling Mum’s cunt on me. As l crossed the landing to Laura’s room l saw Mum standing at the foot of the stairs, she smiled at me then hitched her skirt up above her waist and put her hand between her thighs. I pulled my pants down at the front so that my cock and balls were hanging over the top, l could tell she was frigging herself.

I walked straight in to Laura’s room without knocking, she was stood there in just her bra and panties, her eyes went straight to my cock.

“I said naked,” l said.

“This is wrong David,” she replied, “I’m your sister.”

“You started it,” l said, “you wanted to see my cock, now you get to feel it up your cunt.”

“Do you have to talk like that,” she said, “it’s so crude.”

“I bet Rob talked to you like that,” l laughed.

“Can you stop talking about him,” she sobbed, “l’m trying to forget him.”

I grabbed my cock and shook it. “Once you’ve got this up your cunt l promise you you’ll forget him, get naked.”

I saw her tremble, “You shouldn’t treat me like this,” she said as if it was her final plea, “l’m your sister, you should be nice to me.”

“I’ll be nice to you when l’m fucking you,” l laughed, “l bet that twat never made you cum like l will, come on, last chance, get naked or l go and have a wank.”

I could see from her expression that she was battling with herself. Finally she came to a decision and reached behind her, unhooked her bra then removed it. Her breasts were nowhere near as big as Mum’s but they were firm and high with upturned, rosy pink nipples.

“Nice tits,” l said, stepping forward and taking each one in my hands, squeezing them gently and rolling my thumbs over her nipples, l felt the tremble surging through her body. “I bet your cunt is creaming,” l said, “take your panties off.”

I released her tits and stepped back, she hooked her thumbs in the top of her panties and pushed them down, stepping out of them.

“Wow, l like that,” l said looking at her cunt, it was just a neat cleft between her thighs without a trace of pubic hair. “Do you shave that yourself?”

“I only had a bit of fuzz,” she said, “Jill and I do each other.”

“You’ll have to introduce me to Jill,” l laughed, “l bet she’d like my cock up her too.”

“You’re a pig David,” she said.

“And a horny one,” l laughed, “Now lie on the bed and open your legs wide.”

“Have you got something,” she said, “you can’t put that in me unless you put one of those things on.”

“I don’t have one,” l said, “we’ll have to do it without.”

“We can’t David,” she cried, “you could make me pregnant.”

“Not doing it just once,” l said, kicking my pants off, “come on, spread your legs l can’t wait much longer.”

“No David, not without one of those, l won’t do it, l wouldn’t let Rob do it without one of those, he made me go in the chemist and buy some, that Pakistani women was in there, she gave me a real funny look.”

“Well l haven’t got one,” l said, “they come in packs of three, how many did you use with him?”

“Only one,” she said, “but he kept the others, said he might need them with another girl.”

“Well come on Laura,” l said, pushing her gently back towards her bed until she sat down on it, her face was then level with my cock.

“I’ll suck you,” she said.

“No,” l replied, “l want to fuck you, l’ll pull out before l cum then cum in your mouth, don’t tell me you haven’t done that before.”

I could tell by her bright red face that she couldn’t deny it. I waved my cock in front of her face. “Come on Laura, open your fucking legs.”

I could see her resistance wavering, l put my hands on her shoulders and she didn’t resist as l pushed her back. When she was on her back l grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs, spreading them wide. I looked at her cunt, it was much neater than Mum’s, her cunt lips were only just protruding but l could see them glistening with moisture. There was a bead of pre cum oozing from my cock, l rubbed the head against her cunt, she trembled and let out a weak cry.

“You want it don’t you?” I said.

“I’ve only done it once,” she said, “he was rough and hurt me, you are much bigger, be gentle, please.”

I nudged the head between her cunt lips and felt her go tense. I entered her slowly but didn’t stop until l was fully inside her.

“Oh…..oh…………ohhhhhh,” she sighed as my cock filled her. “It feels so big,” she said.

“Use your cunt to squeeze me,” l said.

“I don’t know if l can,” she replied.

“Do it,” l said, “squeeze your muscles.”

“You’ve done this before haven’t you,” she said, “who have you done it with?”

“That’s none of your business,” l said, “now shut up and try squeezing my cock, l’m going to start fucking you now.”

I began slowly, drawing out of her then sliding back in, with each inward thrust l increased the pace until l had a regular rhythm. She had her mouth open in a silent scream as my cock started sliding up her cunt harder. I then did what l had done with Mum, l lifted her ankles over her head and pressed them down on the bed, l was then above her and l could drive my cock into her with the weight of my body.

“Oh my god David, what are you doing,” she cried.

I was careful not to get carried away, l knew l couldn’t fuck her as hard as l did with Mum but l started pumping long smooth strokes into her, all the time with my face above hers, watching her expression changes.

“You have to stop this David,” she said, “oh please, stop now, l promise not to tell anyone, oh my god David, you’re so big in there, Oh…….ohhhh.”

I stayed deep inside her for a moment, letting her feel my cock pulsating, slowly her face relaxed and l felt her cunt respond.

“Do you really want me to stop?” I said, pulling back slowly then sliding back in again.

“But it’s wrong David,” she sobbed, “l’m you sister, we mustn’t do this.”

I gave her another stroke, harder and deeper.

“Oh my god,” she cried, but l felt her cunt gripping me.

“Your cunt wants it,” l said, “your body wants me to fuck you.”

“Don’t cum in me, please, not that, please don’t cum in me.”

“But you want me to fuck you,” l said.

“Yes…..yes….okay l want it,” she said, “but not all the way, you promised to pull out.”

“I’ll pull out when you cum,” l said, gradually increasing the speed and force of my thrusts, still making sure l didn’t hurt her.

“Oh god David, it’s so big, so very big, Oh god…….oh…….oh……oh…..arghhhhhhh!”

I felt the flood of her hot juices as she came, l know l should have pulled out but my body took over and with one last lunge l went in deep and came, pumping what spunk l had into her.

“Oh my god no……you promised!” She cried out, then shook from head to toe as she came again, “Oh David, You promised.”

I released her ankles but she kept her legs in the air, she made no effort to push me away as my cock continued to pulsate inside her. The look on her face was pure accusation.

“You raped me David,” she said.

“It’s not rape when you cum,” l laughed, “just enjoy it Laura, if you’re lucky l’ll do it again.” I pulled out of her cunt and stood with my cock above her face. “Suck it Laura,” l said.

“Get off me,” she shouted, “your disgusting, where did you learn to be like this.”

“Oh there’s a few frustrated housewives on my paper round,” l lied, “once they see my cock they can’t get their legs open quick enough, now you know how good it feels you’ll be begging for it again.”

“You’re kidding yourself,” she said, “you come near me again and l’ll tell the police.”

“Yeah,” l laughed, “and don’t forget to tell them about Rob Edwards shooting his spunk up you,” l bent forward, placing my cock just an inch from her face. “Suck it,” l said, “taste my cum and your cunt juices.”

“Bastard,” she said but as she spoke l pressed my cock against her lips, she tried to resist but it was futile, l had two inches in her mouth, there was nowhere for her to go as l forced her to take more. He eyes opened wide and she gagged as l reached the back of her throat, “Suck it,” l said, she had no option, it was a natural reaction, l felt her mouth draw on my cock. “Good girl,” l said, “now clean my cock, swallow my spunk.”

She tried to hit me but l caught her wrists, there were tears in her eyes but her mouth was still working on my cock, l felt it pulsing and she gagged again. I pulled out and she lay there, a thin thread of mucus still connecting her lips to the head of my cock.

“I could kill you for this,” she said.

“You could Sis,” l smiled, “but you won’t, l’ll give you a day or two and l bet you’ll be back for more.”

“You’re so sure of yourself aren’t you?” She said.

“Yeah, cock sure,” l laughed.

There was a knock on her bedroom door. “Are you in there Laura?” It was Mum.

Laura went into panic mode, she pushed me away then looked around the room as if looking for a place for me to hide.

“Don’t come in Mum,” she yelled.

“I don’t want to come in,” Mum said, “l’ve been up the street talking to Mrs. Wilkins, l’m looking for David But he’s not in his room.”

“Well he’s not in here,” Laura lied, grabbing her bra and holding it against her chest as if that would somehow protect her.

“Oh, okay,” Mum said, “perhaps he’s in the garden, l’ll go and look.”

We both stayed silent, straining to hear her footsteps on the stairs.

“Get out,” Laura shouted at me, “get out and don’t ever touch me again or l’ll cut your cock off.”

“Okay Sis,” l said, smiling as l put my pants back on, “but l felt your cunt react, l felt you cum, and when you lie in bed tonight thinking about it and fingering yourself you’ll know that you will be asking for more.”

“Get out,” she sobbed, curling into a ball on her bed.

I went back to my room and dressed. I went back down and found Mum in the kitchen.

“You bastard,” she said, walking over to me, stopping inches from me, “how could you do that to your sister.”

“I bet you enjoyed listening Mum,” l laughed, “were you frigging yourself outside that door, did you cum?”

“What if she reports you?” She said.

“She won’t Mum,” l replied, “she’s a slut just like her mother.” I reached for her tits, squeezing them hard, l saw her bite her lip and her hands went to my trousers, undoing the zip.

“You’ve got no chance there Mum,” l laughed, “l’m all out of spunk for now, you can go a lick it out of Laura’s cunt if you like, l’d like to watch that.”

“You bastard,” she said, “you dirty, filthy bastard.”

I put a hand behind her head and pulled her to my mouth, kissing her, invading her mouth with my tongue. I felt her melt against me, her hand working inside my pants and grabbing my cock as she kissed me back. I pushed her back until she reached the table, l pushed her down onto it and lifted her skirt, she parted her legs for me and l pushed three fingers into her cunt, pushed then right up to the knuckle then pulled them out, balled my fist and placed it against her cunt.

I placed my other hand over her mouth to silence her then pushed my fist into her, l pushed it deep, right up to my wrist, l heard her stifled scream as she came, juices spraying from her cunt. I worked my fist deeper, saw her eyes roll back in her head, her back arched and she came again, her cunt went into spasm, gripping my wrist like a vice, more liquid spurting from her.

I leaned over her, my face inches above hers. “I’ll be doing this to Laura soon.” I felt her cunt contract in response.

When l pulled my fist out of her she let out a huge sigh, she stayed sprawled on the table, her legs spread, her cunt a gaping hole, still pulsing.

“I’m hungry,” l said, “get up and make me something to eat, l need to keep my strength up.”

“Yes Sir,” She said, standing up and letting her skirt fall to cover herself, “You’re a callous bastard David, but l love you,” she kissed me as she walked over to the stove.

Laura spent the rest of the evening in her room. Mum and l sat on the sofa watching tv, her head resting on my lap, gently sucking the end of my cock, l had my arm over her, l had one of her tits out, stoking it and pinching her nipple. We quickly sorted ourselves out when we heard Dad coming through the front door, he came to the living room door, announced that he was going for a piss then to bed, his speech was heavily slurred, he’s obviously had a skinful of beer.

“I’d better go,” Mum said, kissing me, “he’ll want his Saturday night feel of my tits and then another attempt at fucking me before he shoots his cum on my tummy and falls asleep.”

I stayed downstairs for a while thinking about how my life had changed, all of a sudden l was fucking my mother and my sister and l was looking forward to going with Mum to visit my Aunt and Uncle, it sounded like that was going to be a wild week.

The following morning l was almost finished delivering my papers, it was a hot morning and l was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. As l approached the Wilkins’ house I saw Mr. Wilkins come out of his front door he took his paper from me and walked off towards the bus stop. I noticed Mrs. Wilkins was standing in the open doorway, she was wearing her dressing gown.

“You look as if you could do with a drink,” she said to me, “l’ve got some cold bottles of cola in the fridge if you want one.” I was thirsty so accepted and followed her into her house and on into the kitchen. She told me to sit on a chair by the table then took a bottle from the fridge, took the top off and handed it to me. I took a swig, it tasted good and l drank half of it in one go.

“It must be thirsty work” She said.

I asked where her husband was going.

“Oh he has to work alternate Sundays,” she said, going to a cupboard and fetching a tin of biscuits. She came back to me and offered me one, her dressing gown must have loosened because as she bent forward it fell away giving me a view of her naked tits, l could even see her nipples.

“Help yourself to anything you fancy,” she said, smiling at me, making no effort to cover herself.

“These are my favourite,” l said, putting my hand inside her gown and grabbing her tit.

“Oh you naughty boy,” she giggled but made no attempt to stop me as l put the bottle down and grabbed her other tit. “Look at your hands, they are filthy,” she said.

“I want to fuck you,” l said.

Her face went bright red.

“That’s a very naughty thing to say.” She said, l saw her expression change as l first squeezed her tits then pinched her nipples.

“I want to shove my cock right up your cunt,” l said and felt her tremble. “Your cunt is creaming isn’t it?”

“You shouldn’t be talking to me like that,” she said.

“Get naked and bend over the table.” I said, l was enjoying having complete power over her and my cock was straining the front of my shorts.

She stood up, her face was flushed bright red, she was sweating, she opened her dressing gown and dropped it. Her huge tits hung down almost to her tummy, her nipples were like bottle corks and they looked rock hard, the lower part of her tummy was covered with a thick mat of black hair that completely hid her cunt.

“Bend over the table,” I said.

She didn’t say a word, just looked at me for a second then did as l ordered.

“Open your legs,” l said.

She parted them slightly, l smacked her hard on her bottom and she cried out, shaking violently. “Wider,” l said, “pull your buttocks apart, show me your cunt.”

Her hands were trembling as she did what l told her, her cunt was covered in hair but as she pulled herself open l could see her cunt lips, they were big and flappy, hanging out of her cunt. I thought to myself that l had now only seen three cunts and each one had been completely different.

I smacked her bottom again, harder, there were two black handprints on her white flesh which was already turning a blush pink. The flesh on her thighs rippled and quivered as l smacked her again. She didn’t cry out but she was sighing deeply and her body was shaking. I pushed two fingers into her cunt, she was dripping wet and she convulsed again.

“I love fucking sluts like you,” l said, “big fat sluts with floppy great tits and cunts like a cow.”

She groaned in response, “Oh please…….do it,” she finally spoke.

“You want my cock up your fat cow cunt?” I said, smacking her again.

“Oh god……yes……do it.”

I pulled down my shorts and placed the head of my cock between her cunt lips, then moved it and rested it against her anus.

“Oh god no, not there,” she cried.

“But it will be tighter than your cunt,” l said, “have you been fucked up your arsehole before?”

“No David….oh please don’t…..not there……anything, you can do anything but not there please.”

“So l can fuck you any time l want,” l said, “l can bring my mates round to fuck you?”

“Oh please David…just do it….in my pussy please, l can’t take this any more, please fuck my pussy.”

I was feeling so good, l had complete power over her and it felt great. I switched my cock back to her cunt and drove it in deep in one thrust, slapping my tummy against her big buttocks, she screamed, shook violently and l felt the heat of her juices as she came. It was a more powerful orgasm that the ones l’d seen Mum have, she shook and jerked violently, l felt liquid pour from her cunt, l even saw her anus pulsating and suddenly she broke wind.”

“You dirty cunt!” I said as the foul smell passed over me like a cloud, l pulled back and rammed into her again, she cried out with the force of my thrust. I couldn’t hold back any more and unloaded my balls deep inside her.

She sighed as she felt my spunk filling her, her cunt gripped me, milking me as my cock pulsated, pumping my seed into her.

We stayed locked together for what seemed ages, my buttocks clenching as l sent shot after shot of hot spunk into her belly. When l did pull out l walked around her and presented my cock to her mouth, she didn’t need to be told, she took me, sucking and licking until she had cleaned me completely.

She stood up, grabbing a towel and packing it between her thighs. “Wow!” She said, “for a young lad you certainly know how to make a woman cum, just look at me, l look like l’ve been down a coal mine.”

“Delivering newspapers is a dirty job,” l laughed, “You need a good scrubbing. Anyway, l need to get the rest of them delivered.”

“Do l get a repeat performance?” She asked.

“Certainly, you’re a good fuck,” l replied, “actually l might have something for you to do, when does your husband get home.”

“Not until five o’clock,” she replied.

“Great,” l said, “l have a mate Keith, he does my round when l can’t do it, l’m going away at the end of the week, he’s a virgin.”

I saw her expression change as she began to realise what l was going to say.

“You are joking,” she said.

“No,” l replied, “he needs to lose his cherry and it will be good to do it with someone who can teach him how to do it properly, he doesn’t know but if he’s up for it l’ll bring him round later and he can fuck you.”

“You can’t be serious,” she said, “what do you think l am.”

“You’re a slut,” l said, “and if you do it well and give him a good time l’ll fuck you again, we might even do you together.”

“I can’t believe you are even suggesting it,”

“You’ll do it,” l smiled, “you know you will, because you want my cock up you again, get yourself cleaned up and wear something sexy, l’m sure he’ll agree to it so we’ll be here mid morning and you can teach him what sluts do.”

I was getting dressed as l spoke and once l was ready l left her in the kitchen, she was sat on a chair, still naked, in a state of shock.

I was late getting home, Mum had dressed, l went to go behind her like before.

“Oh no you don’t,” she stopped me, “You’re not getting these clothes dirty, anyway your father is up and about, he’ll be down in a minute so there’s no fun for you this morning, why are you late?”

“I stopped off at Mrs. Wilkins,” l said, “she flashed her tits at me so l ended up fucking her.”

“You fucked Jean Wilkins?” She laughed.

“You don’t mind do you?” I said.

“I don’t have the right to tell you who you can fuck,” she said, “my, my,” she chuckled, “Jean Wilkins.”

“I’m going back there later,” l said, “l taking Keith, it’s time he lost his virginity.”

“What, and she offered?”

“Sort of,” l laughed, “l told her l wouldn’t fuck her again if she didn’t do it, l was think of getting you to do it but he can fuck you another time.”

“You’re very free with my body,” she laughed.

“You don’t mind Keith fucking you do you?” I said, “l thought you liked him.”

“I do, he’s a lovely boy,” she replied, “is he the only one or are you planning to bring the whole school round.”

“No Mum, only Keith,” l laughed, “l haven’t told him l’m fucking you yet so it’s probably better if he starts with Mrs. Wilkins.”

We both heard Dad coming downstairs so l went to clean up before breakfast.


2023-05-28 15:05:56
Great story. You have a great bank of thoughts to draw on of sexy desires or memories, and you tell a good story well.


2023-05-26 11:39:46
Why does it say none of your stories are posted, you start great stories then stop and nothing for months and months then you start a new story line and never finish it.


2023-05-20 14:01:59
Hey where is part one please? When I go on your profile it says nothing has been posted

Diana ReevesReport 

2023-05-14 05:40:29
Great read and hope part 3 continues where 1 and 2 left us.horny


2023-05-12 19:12:00
Another great read. Hope chapter 3 is being written.

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