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Seems she's settled into being a breeding bitch quite well....
Almost every morning for the past few months has been about the same. My brother wakes me up bright and early in the morning before his work. I get myself prettied up, go to what was my room when I first moved in with him, turn on my computer, and sign into the website my brother's made just for me. I check all the cameras around my room, and then wait for the offers to roll in as I strip piece by piece and pose. The highest bidder gets to pick the position; and this morning, it's feral style.

I practically moan and sink to my knees, putting myself into position in front of the mirror. There's a half dozen cameras set up for every angle of my morning fuckings with Max. At this point he just sits in the corner and waits, watching me do my thing with a big doggy grin, knowing I won't be denying him. I've hardly denied him since the first day he fucked me and turned me into his bitch and mother of his pups.

I had a total of 3 pups from my first breeding: one was an anthro-wolf and the other two were most certainly sired by the dominating feral currently fucking my soon-to-be-in-heat-again pussy. I had kept them for a few weeks, thinking they were so cute, but you don't get a lot of sleep with mewling pups constantly suckling so I left them at the orphanage. I know they'll be well cared for as just about everyone is raised in one these days, and if they ever want to look me up later, I made sure to sign my name when I left them.

However, no longer suckling pups means my heat is going to be starting kinda early. In fact, my brother is convinced it's today. As soon as he woke me, he slipped his fingers between my folds, got me riled up and plunged them into me as he whispered in my ear I was going to be a mother again today so I better get on Max's cock quick so his seed is already inside me when it happens.

Why can he make me cum so hard in an instant? That's just not fair.

And now here I am, getting it exactly as I deserve it- on my hands and knees, watching myself pant like a dirty bitch as Max grips my hips and takes me like I belong to him. I mean, considering that I'm the one wearing the collar right now being fucked by him for the viewing pleasure of hundreds of anonymous eyes, there's no denying I am all his.

Well, usually. Sometimes, he has to share with my brother. The amount people will pay to watch my half-brother dress in his police uniform, handcuff and "interrogate" me over something they've bid for before fucking me into a moaning, twitching mess is incredible. He hadn't been joking when he said we'd make a fortune. Ever since setting up the "breeding studio," he's gone down to part time, giving him more time to be at home fucking me senseless.

Just like Max is doing.

Suddenly, a notification pops up on the screen, a neon orange line across the scrolling chat between "moan like u mean it slut" and "im about 2 nut." I whimper in excitement.

See, I figured out from the start that Max really hates it when I call him a bad dog, and he has no qualms about punishing me for it. When we first set up the site, no one knew what the "Bad Dog Treatment" was. No one wanted to shell out big cash for something they didn't know. That is, until the first person paid for it. I've rarely gone a session without it.

"B-Bad dog, Max," I moan with need.

He's a smart dog. At this point, he knows. He knows I love every second of it, and I know he loves making me sing for him. With a deep, mean sounding growl, he grips my hips tighter, leans forward so his head is over my shoulder, and really lays into my wanting and willing pussy, about to pour first dibs into my womb.

The best part of being fucked by him almost twice a day every day is that he lasts surprisingly long for a normal dog now. He's such a good boy, always making sure I cum before he does, sometimes even several times. And right now, I'm squeezing his cock so tight it's no wonder he can't last. With a strong, final thrust, his knot locks him and all that gloriously molten jizz inside me.

"A breeding bitch takes the knot every time," Rohan had told me from the start. "It's what they pay to see."

They also pay to watch me fuck myself on Max's cock while there's not much else to do. Just because he's done doesn't mean I am. I've got paying customers who are waiting for the after show.

Sometimes, Max likes to remind me just how much of his bitch I am. Slipping off my back, he turns, standing tall and proud and smug, wagging his tail high in the air as I rock back and forth, bumping butts and bring myself to climax again.

When the session is finally over, I shut everything down and head for the shower. I can smell breakfast cooking and my tummy protests. Peeking around the corner of the kitchen, I discover Rohan's naked and flipping a pancake. Holy fuck, my brother is so hot. He works out almost every day so even the thick silver fur of his back cannot hide those well toned muscles. And his ass is like one of those carved ancient gods, perfect and chiseled. I just wanna....

"You keep starin', sis, and I'll fuck you right here on the counter so I don't burn any of these."

"Well, maybe I want that," I challenge with a shiver of excitement.

He throws back his head and barks a laugh, then turns and starts towards me with a playful grin. In a fit of giggles I retreat to the bathroom, and he chuckles but doesn't follow.

When I'm done bathing and get myself dried and brushed, I walk out and find the stack of pancakes with a fat slab of melting butter drizzled with syrup. I swear it's just like right out of a cooking show, just so perfect and mouth watering. He knows they are my favorite breakfast.

On the seat I notice a gift box with a pretty purple silk bow. There's a note under the ribbon.

I went to the gym.

You should come meet me in only this.

And no scent pad

What? That dick! Here I was, just thinking how much I adore him and how awesome he is taking such good care of me and he pulls this? His gym is close to his work which is pretty much across town! I have to take a bus for an hour just to get there! He could have fucking waited! I wasn't that long.

I'm so focused on my thoughts, I yip in surprise when Max's cold nose is stuffed between my ass cheeks and he licks my slit. He does that whenever he wants now, his little reminders that he owns this pussy.

With a sigh, I stroke his head and decide to at least see what's in the box. What it is is a tie up blouse, an upper-thigh length pleated skirt, and a near-to-nothing thong. Wait, he wants me to go across town in just this? When... my heat might start... today?

Well, at least he knows my size. There's only one problem: I might cause traffic accidents walking down the street. Certainly a lot of eyes are turning to leer. Thankfully, I'm the only one at the bus stop, and the only one on the bus. The driver's an old camel who gives me a judgmental glare from the corner of his eye, so I retreat to the back, slipping behind all the seats to stay out of his sight or anyone else who might get on.

I know my brother is doing this to me on purpose. He wants me all worked up. He had mentioned wanting to record us fucking in other places. So far, the back yard's been as far as we've gone. I chew my lip thinking about how exactly I could possibly keep quiet in a busy gym with my brother fucking me. Especially in heat! I can barely keep quiet whenever Max licks me, which he made sure to do before I left, giving me a sad little whine with his nose stuffed against my camel toe. I would have loved to stay and get a fresh dose of puppy juice, but, instead, I'm here, and I'm starting to feel kinda warm.

Exactly as I'm certain my brother had planned, the vibration of the bus along with the thought that I'm going to be plowed in public, and knowing that Max's seed is still very much alive and well inside me at the moment of my estrus has me panting like a whore within minutes.

Aw fuck, this is the second time I've gone into heat on the bus. This really isn't fair. I have an hour to sit here and think about the fucking I'm going to be getting.

Perhaps sooner than later.

The bus stops, picks someone up, and starts again. And wouldn't you know it, he walks straight to the back and slips into the other corner of the back seats! I keep my eyes down, doing everything I can to contain myself, but when I hear him sniff a few times and see him turn his head from the corner of my eye, I know it's inevitable.

I mean, I could try to wait until I get to my stop. But who am I kidding? The very thought of fucking some stranger on the bus is making me squirm and he's not trying to hide his leering. I mean really, no scent pad, dressed like a slut, panting lustfully, of course he's staring.

I peek from the corner of my eye. It's a leopard with bright golden fur and thick black spots. He's dressed like a punk rocker with a studded leather jacket, piercings all over, and a done up Mohawk tipped with neon green.

And his black skinny jeans are looking awfully tight.

The next thing I know, this motherfucker is fucking me as I'm becoming a mother. All it took was him sliding over next to me, telling me he could "help out with my problem," and I'm straddling his lap, my tits bare and in his face, and he's suckling me like a pup- er- kitten. His hands are on my ass cheeks, pumping me on his incredible cock.

I've never fucked a feline before. The anthro-felines don't have barbs like a feral, and he can't get me pregnant. Too bad, but he can do what I need, and that's to fuck me hard and deep and make me cum so loud I know the bus driver can hear it.

The leopard grunts and slams me down his shaft. I can feel his hot cum pulse into me as I milk him for every bit of it. He keeps his cock buried in me as we catch our breaths.

"I, uh, I hope you didn't miss your stop," he says with a breathy snicker as he presses the stop button, "because I did. But I think the walk back is worth it."

I glance around in a bit of a daze and realize I'm just a few stops away. "N-No, I-I still have... a couple."

As the bus slows to the stop, he pulls out, his seed soaking right through my thong that snaps back into place. "Well, then you have a nice day, sexy. It was fun."

Not soon enough I'm walking down the street, nearly every male head turning. I smell like estrus; I smell like cum; I'm dressed like this. What else could I be wanting? Honestly, if any one of these canines walking past me just grabbed me by the hair, shoved me over a bench and took what they wanted, I wouldn't stop them.

I'm finally standing in front of the gym. I see my brother's car parked outside with others, but the front door says "Closed." What...?

My phone buzzes. "Door's unlocked," is the text from my brother. An excited shiver makes my fur stand and I whimper, biting my lip, my tail wagging.

Sure enough, one of the doors isn't locked and I slip inside while no one is watching. There's nobody else here, not even a clerk. My phone buzzes again. "Upstairs." Oh my god, the anticipation is just killing me. I want to bolt up the stairs, but my legs are still a bit weak from my bus ride and I'd rather not strain myself just yet.

At the top of the stairs are the locker rooms. The male and female rooms oppose one another with a water fountain between them. Oh good, I can get a drink before I turn into a sopping wet floozy for whatever my brother's got planned.

I sniff the air. There's so many smells here as all forms of anthros use this gym. However, I know I smell my brother and it's this way, into the men's locker room. I hesitate, staring at the door with the male symbol on it. I'm not supposed to go in there under normal circumstances and it's making my heart race. I honestly don't know why. Considering I've crossed so many other lines, why would going into the male locker room be any worse?

Biting my lip again, I slowly push the door and peek in. It looks pretty much the same as any locker room. Somehow, I thought the guys room would look different. Glancing around, I don't see him, but I hear his voice. Is he... talking to someone? Is someone else here?

Gulping, curious as to what's about to happen to me, I sneak in and peer around, following my brother's voice. He's talking about a motorcycle he's had his eye on. I come around the corner and notice a mammoth, muscled form standing in front of him. I freeze, my eyes wide. Is that...?

"... and I know she'll love to get fucked on it. Oh hey, speaking of fucking..." Rohan grins lecherously at me. "Jackson, meet my little sis."

The spotted hyena turns around. It is him! The one in all my favorite pornos! Wow, he's so much bigger than he looks in those movies. He's so ripped and his fur isn't as thick so it's way more pronounced, even through his skin tight gym clothes. The piercings in his ear, brow and nose add so much to his jaw dropping hotness. And that... bulge!

"Shit, Rohan, this is your sister? She's even hotter than those pictures!" He smirks knowingly at me, both hands on his hips, standing there tall and proud as if to let me have a good look at him while his rapacious gaze sweeps over me like a scanner. "Rohan's told me you're quite a fan."

Oh my God, his voice! It sure doesn't sound this deep and gravelly in the movies, and his accent is clearer in person, too. I gulp and stutter, so turned on as I realize what's about to happen that I can hardly contain myself. "Uh, y-yeah! I, uh, I have.. all of... them."

His cocky smirk is about to put me on my knees. They're practically trembling trying to keep me standing. It's inevitable that he'll be giving me a pounding I won't be forgetting.

Suddenly, Rohan's behind me and he's got me by the arms, holding them firmly between our bodies as he growls in my ear with a tone that causes me to add moisture to my cum soaked thong, "And now you're going to be in one of them, little sister."

My breath catches and my whole body quivers with weakness. Oh god, Jackson is coming towards me. I'm practically sandwiched between these two hunks. An aroused shudder rolls down my spine, ending in my loins and spirals around like a hot furnace in my womb. Oh man, they smell so good! The heady musk of their testosterone fills my nose.

Speaking of smells, my brother takes a deep sniff and grins ear to ear. "My my, sister, had a little fun on your bus ride, did you? Just needed another filling so bad, like the naughty bitch you are. Just another sire for your litter."

"I-I-It was a-a le-leopard," I stammer meekly, my eyes on the hyena's enormous package, indecently outlined in his tight, red spandex workout shorts.

Jackson's meaty hand cups my snout and slowly raises my head so my eyes follow the outlines of his sinewy torso visible through his muscle shirt before meeting his dominating gaze. I swear I'm gonna cum just from that look. He's got an arrogant smirk, knowing perfectly well I'm struggling to prevent myself from cumming.

"Doesn't matter, sweetheart. I'm a champion breeder. Once I dump my load in you, it won't matter who else you fuck. This litter is mine."

As though I've been shocked, a shudder goes through my body when a finger thick enough that it could have stretched me slipped under my skirt and slides between my camel toe, working me through my sopping thong. It's a good thing Rohan's holding me up because I'm done for. I moan and hump his finger as I'm lost in space, my eyes rolled back.

I hear Jackson snicker as he releases me. "Easy," he drawls wickedly, and I know he means me.

As I'm trying to catch my breath, Rohan pulls me backwards a few steps and pushes me down onto a bench. Within moments, he's got my arms handcuffed under the bench and both ankles handcuffed to the loops of opposing locker doors so that I'm splayed as wide as I've ever been, entirely helpless to the ravaging I'm about to receive. Both men grin and stand over me, their phones out and taking pictures. You sons o' bitches! It's not polite to leave a lady waiting for her breeding!

Ohhh my god... the front of Jackson's shorts has a rapidly spreading spot of moisture darkening the color of the fabric. Setting his phone aside, the hyena steps forward to tower over me between my legs, hands on his hips with that cocksure grin that has me melting. My eyes follow the outline of his hardening shaft as it slides upwards, growing and growing and... growing. The tip peeks over the band, and I'm whimpering in a desperate need, hips utterly gyrating. I want it so bad I'm about to beg for it.

"Don't you worry, hussy," he snickers as he gets on his knees, rubbing that hardness against my slit, our thoroughly ruined garments all that's preventing him from plunging into me. "I'll be fucking this sweet body of yours soon enough. It's your last chance to save your womb for anyone else."

"P-Please fuck me," I plead, panting hotly, my mind in a heat induced trance. "Oh God, please fuck me!"

He laughs. "You're right. I am a god! And I'll gladly fuck you full of my superior seed, slut." Smirking, his head dips down between my legs and he takes a deep sniff. "Breeding bitches don't need panties." His teeth take hold of the useless fabric and with a jerk of his head, it rips like wet tissue paper, leaving me exposed to his hungry gaze. "A proper breeding bitch should be ready for a filling at any time."

He drags his thick, long, pierced tongue across the full length of my slit, and I moan and hump at his face. Slipping two fingers along my folds to expose my clit to his whimsy, he proves he's an expert with that piercing. I'm undulating and writhing in ecstasy, unable to stop another orgasm from squirting my arousal on his snout.

Rising again, he snickers and licks his muzzle as he slaps his meaty cock on my wet cunt and starts rubbing his length against me. He is so huge! Looking down my body, I can see it popping up and down from the space between my legs like a rhythmic jack-in-the-box. The tip has a waterfall of precum getting smeared all over my hole. I want it in me so bad, I don't want to waste a single drop of that virile nectar.

"Let's see if these tits are as hot as the pictures." I gasp as he jerks my blouse open. He cups my breasts, his thumbs rolling my peeking nipples. "Always better in person."

My heart flutters. That divine tip is right there, at my welcoming hole, trembling around the head that's already stretching me. He grins as I start to climax again, the stimulation too much to bear. "Bitch, I've hardly started! But I can tell I'm gonna like plowing this pussy."

Every thrust pushes him further in. I'm already so wet and loosened up, perfect for him to work that massive meat deep as it could go. He puts his big hands on my hips and stabs every last bit of his length in me as I lose myself again, my walls milking all that precum deep into me. "Oh yeah, this is a nice pussy. Damn fine piece of meat. And now for the fun."

I knew from the start this wasn't going to be a gentle fucking. I'm not disappointed. He starts with full strokes, pulling himself out to the tip and slamming back so that his heavy balls slap my ass. I haven't stopped cumming since he filled me and I don't even know how long I've been a primal ooze on the bench.

Finally he pauses and plays with my breasts, snickering as I struggle for air. "Catch your breath, bitch. When I start again, I won't stop until I unload in this sweet muffin. You want it, don't you, you dirty little cum slut?"

I'm whimpering, squirming, looking down my body at where he's joined to me and I just can't get enough. "I-I want it! I want your cum! Please!"

He's got a smirk that nearly touches an ear. "Who's the cum dump in this room?"

"I-I am!" I whimper desperately, "I'm your cum dump, sir!"

I moan again when he soundly slaps my ass. Slowly pulling himself to the tip, he narrows his eyes with lust. "That you are, hussy. And now..." His fingers wrap tightly around my hips and my whole body shudders knowing what I'm about to experience. "I'm gonna fill you to bursting, slut."

Slamming in, he stays deep and ruts hard, his soaking sheath rubbing my button like the doorbell to Heaven. I can't get any closer to it on this mortal plane than the pounding I'm taking. My toes are splayed wide as my body is pumped into a melodic, quivering mess. Putting his hands on the bench, he leans forward and rolls my hips into a breeding press. He starts panting, and I feel even fuller. His girth is swelling as he draws near. I'm moaning, stammering, begging for it, for every drop of it.

“Oh I'm giving it to you, slut!" he growls, slamming deeper than he'd been before. He swells even more, his tip poking directly against my womb before I'm flooded with his fertile lava. It's just so hot, blooming under my navel. It's the most wonderful feeling, and I milk him for every last drop of it.

As I come back to my senses, I notice he's smirking with his eyes focused on my belly. Following his gaze, I look like I've had a really big meal. I'm just so full of him. I whimper with a touch of disappointment that my rutting has ended.

Jackson grins at me. "I know, sweetheart, ride's over. It's sad for me, too. You're not just a hot body, you're a good fuck, too. I even masturbated to make it last. With a pussy like this, you'll go far in the business."

I gasp when he slaps my other ass cheek and pulls out. There was only a dribble of cum that followed, most of it still stuck in my womb. Champion breeder was an understatement. No wonder he was so sure no one else would get me pregnant. No one could with such a direct deposit.

Pulling up his shorts, he grabs his phone and snaps another picture of me after being used and bred. "This one's worth remembering," he says as he turns to my brother. "I don't normally do repeat performances, but you can call me any time. I'll be happy to fuck her senseless again. She's gonna be a hit at the parties."

Rohan grins. "She loves parties. Oh, and don't forget to log in tonight. It'll be fun."

Once Jackson was gone, my brother stands over me, hands on his hips with a smug expression. "Enjoy yourself, sis?" I'm still panting, twitching as the hyena's jizz continues to steadily dribble out of me. I nod slowly, so tired after that fucking of my lifetime. "Sure looked that way. Now you stay there while I get the cameras put away...."

"Rohan!" I whimper, afraid he was being serious. As hot as this position might be, it's getting uncomfortable.

He smirks and uncuffs my ankles, gently placing each to the ground. When my hands are free, I touch my swollen belly. I can hardly believe how much the hyena could make, though considering the size of his balls, it's really no wonder.

Once he's gotten everything put away, Rohan helps me up and takes me to the showers. Tender and sweetly, he helps me get cleaned off and dried. He brought me a change of clothes, something a little more decent than what he made me walk here in, and a scent pad so I don't fill the car with my distracting smell. With a loving smile, he lifts me into his arms and carries me down the stairs like a prince charming. He's thought of everything, down to the towel on the car seat and a pillow for me to take a nap.

Damn, I love him, I think as a nap is exactly what I need and exactly what I take after he tells me he's got a couple errands to run so I've got time to rest. I don't notice that he stopped at my favorite fast food until he's gently rousing me in front of the house.

Helping me out of the car, I realize it's evening. In fact, it's getting close to the time I normally have my second session of the day with Max. Any other time, I might just skip the session, which Max generally understands when I push him away and get upset with him for trying too aggressively. However, my heat is in full swing and my womb has leaked most of Jackson's extra seed and is as hungry for more as I am for this amazing burger I'm smelling all the way to the door.

The moment Rohan swings the door open and I step in, Max comes bounding from off the couch and slides across the slick tile to plant his nose directly between my legs, tail high in the air and wagging. He takes a deep sniff and freezes. His tail stiffens and he glares up at me with such vitriol it makes a shudder run up my spine. I was a naughty girl.

"Oh, wow, Max is jealous!" Rohan snickers like he knew this would happen. "Something tells me you're in trouble, sis."

The entire time I'm eating, Max stands tense and tall at the door of the breeding room, his gaze burning down the hallway through my fur and making my pussy ache for the punishment I know I'll be receiving after I digest for a bit.

Not soon enough for either of us, I get myself ready in a sexy little outfit and snap my collar on. As I walk down the hallway, Max's eyes narrow and he steps out of my way to let me in and get everything set up. I'm trembling and whimpering as I get the computer booted and everything running.

Rohan leans on the doorway, smiling at me. I know he's set up this whole day for my pleasure. He even knew Max was going to be jealous. Honestly, I should have known as well. Why did I even think he wouldn't be upset about being cheated out of a litter with me? I am his bitch, after all.

As usual, I start off the session with a bit of chat, showing off and posing, stripping erotically for every payment. The entire time Max sits in the corner, his rapacious glare making me chew my lip and squirm. I realize I'm more excited about my punishment than my previous breeding.

Suddenly, text appears across the screen that makes my knees nearly give out.

Jackson-hyena has joined the chat.

Jackson-hyena:"Hey sexy. Dog looks pissed. You must've been a naughty girl. ;)"

Jackson-hyena is highest bidder!

Jackson-hyena has chosen: feral style

I shudder and whimper. Rohan's grin gets wider, and I know for sure he's planned every moment of this day.

Obediently, I sink to my hands and knees in front of the mirror, watching the Shepherd from the corner of my eye. Standing slowly, he stalks into position behind me. I move my tail and spread my legs a little further apart. Normally, this is when he licks me to get me wet and ready for him. I'm already soaking my thigh fur, though, and he's not interested in wasting time. His grip on my hips might leave a bruise in the morning. Instead of jabbing blindly a few times before finding his mark, he doesn't take any chances to miss, aligning himself and with a growl, he thrusts hard and slams deep. I gasp, my whole body shivering.

He starts slower that usual, dragging himself out so he could plunge back in to his sheath. Each time makes me catch my breath, my fingers and toes tingling with electricity. I'm panting, my walls tightening as the countdown to take off starts to make my mind hazy. Holding me close and putting his head over my shoulder, he wrinkles his muzzle and plows me deep while his balls bounce on my clit.

I'm howling to the moon like a right proper wolf bitch, bucking back to take him into me just as far as I can. I'm wet and loose enough that his knot is popping in and out with a sloppy fervor. With his experience over the months, he knows just how I like it, how to play me like his own instrument. He's fucking me so hard and deep that I can't help but sink to my elbows as I lose control.

Just then, the brilliant orange line appears across the screen that I can see from my position. I notice just above it is the comment Jackson-hyena: "Let's make this interesting." My brother's response appears underneath the line with Lord-Rohan: "Oh that's dangerous. I don't think she'll complain, though."

He knows me so well. But the thing is, I'm already receiving the “bad dog treatment.” In fact, this is the most aggressive ravaging he's ever given my pussy. I can't imagine it getting any better than this! And I know full well I'm the bad girl in this situation. If I wasn't in heat, he wouldn't mind, but I'm his bitch, and he didn't agree to share my womb.

Max suddenly slows, rocking slightly to drag his knot out with the sound of lewd, wet suction and a yelp of ecstasy from me when he slams back in. I turn my gaze back to the mirror and catch my breath, our eyes meeting in the reflection as he slams back into me with a grunt of effort. He sees that line, too. He's a smart dog. I whimper and utterly melt under that daring stare. My walls clench him tightly and I cream myself, shuddering as I know I'm gonna be a very bad girl.

"B... Bad dog," I pant heavily.

His eyes narrow and I'm just a whimpering mess under him before he even gets started. I've leaned so far forward that he plants his big front paws on the ground, still squeezing my hips and curls around to smash my pussy like I've never had it. With an especially deep growl, his jaws take me by the scruff and holds me in place even as my arms become noodles and my eyeballs vanish to some place in outer space.

With a rough jerk, he slams deep and his knot swells on my G-spot. His balls are pressed tightly against me and I feel them pulse with every eruption of his searing puppy batter. I'm gasping for air, my abused hole gleefully encouraging every last drop until he's well spent.

He slowly releases my scruff as I try to get my arms to cooperate since I'm expecting him to turn and wait for me to work myself up again on his knot. I don't know if I really have it in me to put any effort into it. Despite how horny I might be feeling, I'm already imagining snuggling into bed with Rohan and thanking him for such a wonderful day tomorrow morning.

A moan escapes me. Maybe I won't have to do any of the work, after all.

Instead of turning or even just standing there, Max begins to rock his hips. Swishing all that fertile seed around inside me as he knot fucks me into a drooling ooze with my cheek against the floor. Somehow, I just have the feeling he's making sure I cum so long and hard that I never want to stray again, and he's doing a very good job at it.

My tour of Heaven comes to an end. With a growl, Max turns. Since I'm loose enough, he pulls free with a squelch and a pop. All of my strength leaves me and my legs slide back so I slump into the puddle of cum on the floor, my tongue stretched out of my mouth as I try to catch my breath.

I hear Rohan chuckling softly as he stands over me. "Fucked into the floor. Savage. Hope you all enjoyed the show. Looks like she sure did."

As he turns everything off, Max looks down at me with some concern, sniffing and licking my face. My brother helps me up and holds me steady. "Have fun today, sis?"

I nod and lean against him as the afterglow still pulses through me. He hugs me tight, helps me get cleaned up and snuggles me to sleep.

For all my intentions of waking up early enough to wake Rohan with a blowjob and ride him until he knots me, I discover I've slept past noon. As soon as my eyes had opened, Max's face greeted me, his head laying on the side of the bed since he knows he's not allowed on it. His tail rises and wags and he gives me a big pooch grin. Man, I love this dog.

He follows me out to kitchen which looks out to the dining and living room. Rohan's on the computer and he's got quite the grin. He's been going through the chat logs from last night. There was a lot. The watchers were certainly not disappointed this time, not even those odd assortment of hecklers that always show up. Near the bottom is the only watcher I'm interested in.

Jackson-hyena: "Beast."

Jackson-hyena has placed a bet for litter!

Litter size: 6

Rohan: 0

Max: 2

Other: 4

Instead of my morning session with Max, Rohan posted the video of my breeding with the hyena and opened a betting of whose seed would be making pups inside me.

Jackson won a lot of money six months later.


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