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A slow build up over several chapters as they gradually succumb to their taboo desires. Warning: Sexual interactions in a carer-patient or family relationship can be fun in stories and fantasies. In real life it is entirely different. It is often causing trauma and pain. Seek help from a professional if needed
A few days have passed. We did end up going to the doctor because of Ava’s lactation issue and the doctor confirmed that this is a common occurrence during teen years and nothing to be worried about. “It will go away on its own in most cases after some time” the doctor explained. She even added that it can occur in guys! I had no idea and both Ava and me were baffled and relieved at the same time. The doctor recommended to buy a breast pump if the breasts feel sore due to a build up of milk.

I can’t stop thinking about what happened that day in the bathtub. Things between Ava and me are escalating. Ava was sitting straight on my dick, pressing it flat against my tummy with her pussy. And even worse, the whole situation got so out of control! Licking the milk out of her breasts, passing it on into her mouth – all while she was grinding her pussy against my dick underwater. What are we doing? She’s my daughter! Have I completely lost my mind? Not to mention the worst part – I exploded violently under water from her pussy job and pumped my semen directly all over her flower. My semen all over my daughter’s pussy! What kind of father am I?

I’m realizing that in my mind I keep blaming Ava for it. She’s making these inappropriate advances on me. Something seems to be wrong with her. It must be the recent sudden death of her mother, the accident and the injuries leaving her in pain and helpless with splinted arms. It seems like she’s using sexual pleasure as a distraction from her miserable reality. But doesn’t she get that this is inappropriate? That she shouldn’t do this with her father? What’s going on in her head that she doesn’t understand this boundary?

Sadly, that’s when I’m realizing that I’m terrible at setting boundaries. I do put up some resistance against her advances, but truth be told, I think I might just be doing what I’m accusing Ava of: using this sexual pleasure as a distraction, as an escape from the terrible blow fate has dealt us. I’m feeling so trapped in my tiny world. Working from home, caring for Ava. I haven’t had any time for myself. My sexual desires are penned up and when Ava starts her teasing, my determination to deny her is melting away like butter.

Ever since the good news about her lactation issue Ava has been in a good mood. We have just had dinner. I have ordered Pho for takeaway and fed her while she’s in her bed. We are sitting in her bed now. Ava is naked as usual and leaning against my shoulder. “That was delicious, wasn’t it?” “Yeah, I love Vietnamese. I’m so glad you found that place, dad.” We’re cuddling for a bit, then I hear Ava say: “Dad, would you mind cuddling with me? You know, nude, like I used to with mom?” Adrenaline is shooting through my body. Oh my goodness. She wants it again? I’m terrified to notice that I’m getting a semi-erection already, just thinking about it. Oh my goodness. What’s wrong with me today?

“Um, sure honey. Let me just take off my clothes.” I’m removing my shirt and my shorts. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed in my boxer shorts. Oh no! I’m hard already! I’m taking off my boxers and I’m sitting down again, looking at my erect dick. I really don’t know what to say. I’m confessing: “Darling, I know I should be used to this by now, but I’m still embarrassing myself when I’m nude with you. Maybe we should cuddle another day?” I’m putting a hand near my crotch, partially covering my hardness. I’m catching Ava looking at my erection for several moments. Then she dismisses my concern: “It’s ok dad. Don’t worry too much. It has always passed so far, hasn’t it?” “Yeah I guess.” I’m sitting down next to her, naked, still trying to cover my erection.

Ava is leaning against my shoulder. I’m focussing as much as I can and after some time I’m finally back to my normal size. I’m letting my hand slide down to my side. It is no longer necessary to cover up my embarrassment. “Dad, I almost forgot. The physiotherapist sent through my new exercises. I’ve printed them out. Shall we go through them quickly?” Something is different about Ava’s voice. Do I hear nervousness in it? “Alright, let’s get it over with.” Ava is pointing towards a few sheets of paper on the printer next to her bed. I’m having a look at the exercises. They don’t seem right. They seem overly sexual. I have a feeling these are not the actual exercises prescribed by the doctor. Oh my god! Is this really happening? The worst thing is – I don’t want to stop it today.

My heart rate is already through the roof. I’m overcome with excitement but I’m trying to act as normally as possible: “Ok, number one. Assisted leg stretches.” I’m helping Ava to get into position. Lie down on her back. The instructions advise to spread her legs, hold them at the middle of her thighs, pushing down gently to increase pressure. I’m getting a heavenly view of her private parts.

Ava is looking at the printouts: “Ok, first stretch my legs sideways.” I’m kneeling on the bed, in front of her. My dick is so close to her pussy! “Like this? Am I pushing down too hard?” “No, dad, it’s just fine.” I can’t help but having a closer look at her pussy. It’s glistening beautifully. I can see a bit of her pink inside. I keep holding the tension on her thighs. I’m briefly gazing at Ava’s face. Oh my! She’s staring at my dick. I’m looking down at my dick and without having realized it, I’m already hard. “I’m so sorry, Ava. I’m just no good at this nudist thing.” “That’s ok, dad. Just ignore it.” “Alright. I’ll try to.” I’m getting extremely aroused by this uninterrupted view. I can’t resist and I’m spreading my legs as I’m kneeling, bringing my erection closer to Ava’s inviting flower. “Ok dad, now move my knees towards my armpits and push down gently on my thighs, outwards, to the side of me.”

I’m following Ava’s instructions. I’m forced to move myself closer to her, to lean over her. My thighs are touching hers. Her inner lips are parted by this position, opening her rose. I’m tensing up, trying not to touch her with my dick, but it is getting uncomfortable. I can’t hold out in this position any longer. “I’m sorry honey, we should move on to the next exercise, I’m –“ “No, dad, it says to hold this stretch for one minute. Let’s just do it properly.” “But I can’t hold on much longer without, um…, touching you. You know what I mean?” I’m looking down on my erection. “That’s ok dad. Just ignore it. Let’s do this exercise properly.” I really don’t want to rest my hard dick on my daughter’s pussy, but at the same time there’s nothing it’d like to do more now. I’m slowly releasing the tension in my thighs, sliding down a little and my shaft now rests on her pussy.

I can’t believe what I’m doing. This is so wrong! Her pussy feels warm and soft on my pulsating shaft. Ava keeps staring at my dick. Her voice is trembling: “Ok dad, now put on more pressure on the leg stretches, in small waves, but not too strong so that I don’t get hurt.” By now I’m overcome with the desire to rub my dick along her pussy. I’m giving in to her dubious instructions and push down on her thighs, moving back and forth in small waves, as instructed. My shaft slides up and down her inner lips. I can feel Ava’s wetness. This feels so good! I can’t help but to increase the pressure of my dick rubbing against Ava’s lips. Oh my god! How much I’d like to push my tip inside her. Just the head! Just a little! “How does this feel, darling?” Ava takes a few moments to respond. Her gaze is glued to my shaft sliding up and down her flower. Is she as carried away by lust and pleasure as I am? Does she want this to keep going, just a little longer? “It feels good dad. Keep going. 10 more seconds...” Ava is closing her eyes, breathing audibly, then she announces: “Ok, we’re done now. On to the next exercise.”

I’m so glad this is over! I’m releasing Ava’s legs and remove my shaft from her pussy. A thin rope of her fluid is being pulled fleetingly between my shaft and her inner lips, then breaks. Ava’s fluid is all over her lips. I cannot get enough of that sight. It’s incredible how aroused she gets, how quickly it all happens. “The next one is assisted hip raises. The physio said this one will help reduce my pain from the leg injury.” “Ok, darling.” Ava is still lying on her back and I’m still kneeling in front of Ava’s spread legs. “Put your hands under my bum to assist me and push up. This will help building up the strength of my thighs and abdomen.” I’m putting both my hands on her cheeks. Oh my goodness! How good they feel!

Now I’m pushing up. It looks like she’s thrusting her pussy up towards me. A view out of this world! “Like this, honey?” “Yes, that’s almost it. Put your hands a bit further up, towards my lower back. That will make it easier.” I’m about to follow her instructions and realize if I do as requested, my hardness will touch Ava. “Honey, I’d love to, but I’ll touch you. It’s quite embarrassing.” “Dad, please let’s do this properly. The physiotherapist stressed how important this exercise is. Let’s just ignore it and get on with it, ok?” “Ok honey.”

I’m moving closer to her. I help her to thrust upwards. My dick is almost touching her. I’m moving a little closer. The next thrust. Oh my god! My dick has just brushed her lips! Her hips are now in the highest position. My dick is caught between her cheeks. As she’s moving her hips down, my dick builds up tension between her cheeks and eventually bounces up, brushing her wet lips again. Oh my god! This feels incredible. I can’t help myself and move a little closer. My dick is brushing against her wet flower and her soft cheeks. Up and down. Again and again. Her movements are getting faster, assisted by my hands. I’m putting on some forwards pressure on my member and it seems like my head is now pushing a little against her opening when she’s thrusting up, sliding further upwards over her clit. My tip is wet, glistening in her liquid, smearing it over her clit.

I must be oozing precum. I’m looking at Ava’s face. Her eyes are closed and she’s breathing heavily. Her legs’ strength seems to have significantly improved. It seems like I don’t have to do much work to assist her. I’m getting so horny! I’m moving even closer to her. I can’t hold back. My dick is sliding and bouncing up and down the outside of her pussy. Oh my god! I’d love to just stick it in and pump her unrestrainedly till I’m exploding! I’m getting concerned if we keep this up I might lose the last bit of my self-control: “How many reps do we have to do, honey?” “We’re almost there, dad. Just a few more. Ava keeps thrusting a few more times and eventually says: “Ok, done!”

My tip is purple and throbbing, covered in Ava’s wetness. Her bikini zone is glistening. Her lips are slightly parted, revealing her opening. My tip must have pushed against it on numerous occasions during the exercise, slightly parting her. “Alright dad, so the next exercise is assisted sit-ups. Please sit down here and help me to sit like this.” I’m looking at Ava’s printout. My heart almost stops. It’s the sitting cowgirl position. By now I’m so aroused, I can’t think clearly anymore. “Ok, darling.” I’m sitting down and help Ava to sit on my lap, facing me. I’m keeping a bit of distance from her so that my erection doesn’t touch her and we start the exercise.

I’m holding Ava around her lower back and she’s bending over backwards, offering another breathtaking view of her blossom. “Ok, now try and sit back up, honey.” “It’s too hard, I can’t, dad. Can you help me?” I’m leaning further forward, moving my hands towards her upper back and help her to sit back up. As she’s sitting up again, my shaft pushes upright against her lips and clit. I’m putting together all my composure and suppress a moan. It feels so good! “Another one, dad.” Again she’s bending over backwards and as she sits up, again her pussy pushes against my dick. We keep going for another repeat, and another. It feels more pleasant every time. If we keep going like this I’m going to blow my load!

Ava is breathing heavily: “Dad, can we have a break? My lower back is getting sore.” “Sure honey.” I’m helping Ava to sit up. She rests her head on my shoulder and I’m hugging her. My throbbing dick is sandwiched between her pussy and my abdomen. Embracing her and feeling her soft, full breasts against my chest feels heavenly. “Dad, could you give me a massage? My lower back is sore from this exercise.” Ava is still breathing heavily. “Sure, darling.” Oh my goodness. If I put pressure on her lower back, I’ll push her pussy against my dick. I really shouldn’t do that, but I’m too far gone. I can’t think clearly anymore.

I’m putting both of my hands on the small of her back and start applying pressure, rhythmically. Immediately I’m feeling Ava’s soft lips grinding against my shaft! Oh my god! “How does this feel, honey?” “Oh yes, that’s good. A bit lower, dad.” “Ok.” I’m moving my hands down, they are now half on her buttcheeks. I keep massaging her, griding her against my dick. “Is this better, darling?” “Yes, that’s a bit better, dad. But please, a bit lower, that’s where I’m sore.” “Ok honey.” I’m sliding my hands lower, grabbing her ass cheeks, pushing her closer to me, rhythmically. I can feel how she’s pushing her hips forward to get the most friction on my hard shaft. Ava is so wet, I can feel her sliding on my dick and I can feel her fluid dripping on my balls. Ava keeps breathing heavier and heavier as her lips and clit are grinding against my hardness.

Suddenly Ava is tensing up and a soft moan is escaping her as she starts shivering. She’s about to cum! I’m feeling Ava’s pussy grinding erratically against my dick. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this is happening! I can’t resist and I’m resting a finger on her butthole, trying to make it seem accidental while I’m still massaging her butt cheeks. Oh how beautiful! I can feel her backdoor contracting as she’s orgasming! Fast contractions to start with, then slower and slower. This is so wrong! My daughter is cumming while grinding herself against my dick! But I’m enjoying this. I’m happy for her. She must feel so much ecstasy, lust and sexual release.

As her grinding fades away I’m realizing that I’m also very close to cumming. I’d love to cum! I’d love to release all my pent-up sexual tension and gush it forth all over our bodies, to pump it out while my twitching dick is pushed against her. How blissful that would be! But there is no foam-covered water hiding my mess! I would be embarrassed beyond anything! She’s my daughter after all! I’m trying to compose myself. I need to get her off me! “Alright, honey. Enough exercise for today! We have done well.”

I’m gently pushing her off me and help her sit next to me. My throbbing dick is in plain sight, covered in Ava’s wetness. Her fluid is all over my tip, my shaft and even my balls are glistening. I can’t think clearly anymore. I’m so horny. Again, I’m catching Ava looking at my dick. My goodness! She really seems to be fascinated by my engorged member. Should I just go to the bathroom and release myself? “Dad, I’m sorry, I got so sweaty during the exercise. I’ve covered your crotch with my sweat.” “That’s ok, honey, don’t worry about it, it’s nothing. Let me just get the wipes, I’ll wipe it off.”

As I’m about to open the pack of wet wipes I’m hearing Ava: “How about I’ll clean it off you? You’ve been doing so much for me, it’s the least I can do. And besides, the physiotherapist encouraged me to use my hands more often, not just on the computer. I can just move around like this, move my arm splint this way and I can reach, see? It’s not that difficult.” Ava is resting her hand on my thigh, close to my crotch. Her touch electrifies me and a wave of excitement is washing over my body. Only now I’m realizing that I haven’t been touched by anyone in weeks! Her hand resting on my thigh feels so sensual. So amazing! It is pushing me one step closer to cumming. I can’t believe a simple touch can trigger such an intense sensation.

I really can’t think straight anymore. She’s offering to wipe her fluid off my crotch area. From my lower abs, my inner thighs, my balls, my dick? Is that a good idea? I’m so aroused, I don’t know what would happen. But her touch feels so good. How can I say no? “Alright, fair enough. Role reversal. Now you’re the caretaker for once.” I’m smiling at her despite feeling terrified. Somehow I’ve got a feeling this won’t end well, but I can’t stop it either. “Ok I’ll get started right away!” Ava’s voice sounds excited. She’s fiddling with the box of wet wipes and manages to remove one. Due to her splinted arms she has to do everything one-handed and her movement is impaired, but she seems to manage.

She’s starting to wipe the center of my thigs. “Is it cold, dad?” “No, it’s alright honey.” She’s wiping a few times up and down the length of my thigh. Now’s she’s making circling movements on my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my balls. Oh my! She has just brushed one of my balls with her finger. It feels so good! “Dad, would you mind opening your legs a bit further? Then I can reach better.” “Um, ok, honey.” I’m spreading my legs, pushing against Ava’s leg on one side. Ava is lifting her leg and puts it down between my legs. Her legs are spread now too. I can’t help but look at her beautifully exposed flower, glistening from her wetness.

“Dad, if you like you can wipe off my sweat while I’m wiping you. We’ll save time. It’s quite late already, almost bed time.” Oh my goodness! I really want to touch her pussy! How can I say no to this offer? “Ok, honey.” I’m adjusting our bodies, put my arm between her legs, so that I’m free to access her bikini zone. “Are you comfortable like this, honey?” “Yes, dad, this feels nice,” Ava replies as she rests her head on my chest. I can’t see her face anymore. She can look at my dick now as much as she wants without having to worry about my gaze.

I’m taking a wet wipe and start wiping Ava’s inner thighs. How soft she is! Ava is now wiping the area where my inner thigh meets my upper body, right next to one of my balls. She makes circling movements, rhythmically brushing her fingers against my balls. I’m feeling so much pleasure. Now she’s wiping the area at the base of my shaft, just beneath my abs, brushing her fingers against my hardness. Oh my goodness. She moves on to wipe my balls, from the bottom to the top, continuing along the shaft of my dick, all the way to the tip! Oh yes! I’m rock hard and I’m feeling every tiny movement she makes as if it was amplified.

I’m getting so carried away, I’m starting to wipe her between her legs, circling my fingers on her inner lips. Ava exhales briefly, abruptly, softly. She must feel the pleasure I’m giving her. Her breathing is getting audible. “Dad, I’m going to wipe your private part now. You’ve wiped my private parts many times. Don’t be embarrassed, ok? There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” “Ok darling, I’ll try.” Ava wraps a wet wipe around my throbbing dick, followed by her hand. My tip is covered by the wet wipe. A very faint moan escapes my lungs. Oh yes! It feels absolutely amazing! I’m looking at Ava’s petite, gracile hand wrapped around my hardness. It makes me look even bigger.

Ava starts stroking me, running her closed hand up and down my rock-hard dick. She’s not applying too much pressure, making it even more pleasant. I’m realizing there’s no way back now. There’s no way I can get out of this without blowing my load. I might as well just enjoy it. I’m relaxing, leaning back, and I’m running my fingers up and down Ava’s clit, gently pushing against her inner lips, parting them, entering her just the slightest bit. Only a wet wipe separates my finger from her pussy. To my surprise Ava seems to be aroused beyond anything. Is it because her hand is feeling and stroking my dick for the first time? I’m taking a look at her pussy. A small puddle has collected beneath it. Have I ever seen Ava getting this wet? In such a short time?

Suddenly Ava starts orgasming. Her body is shivering, her breathing is irregular. Oh my goodness! I will never get tired of watching her cum! How fast she can climax! I envy her! She’s briefly stopping her hand mid-stroke. She’s squeezing my dick for a few moments. Then she keeps stroking me, even faster, pretending her orgasm didn’t happen. This is it! Oh my goodness! I’m tensing up, unconsciously putting my arm around her waist, pushing her towards me. I’m throwing my head back, arching my back a little, involuntarily. The pleasure! The pleasure! So much! So much of it! Aaah!!! My dick is erupting violently! Pumping out load after load! I feel like I’m in Nirvana, out of this world. The feeling of Ava’s soft and warm skin against mine! I’m in heaven! This is pure bliss!

As my contractions ebb off, Ava softens the grip on my dick, casually removes the wipe which has contained my load and replaces it with a new one as if nothing had happened. She keeps gently wiping the tip of my dick, circling it a few times, then she moves down my shaft and keeps wiping the rest of my crotch until I’m all clean. “Done, dad!” “Thanks, darling,” I’m managing to say, only realizing now that I had stopped wiping Ava ever since I came. I quickly resume cleaning up Ava’s abundant wetness around her bikini zone and give her a kiss on her cheek: “You’re all done now too.” “Thanks, dad.” We’re cuddling for a bit. I’m covering up Ava with the sheet and give her a kiss on her forehead: “Night, darling. Love you” “Night, dad. Love you too.”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2023

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These stories are so hot. The buildup and tension are so juicy that I'm constantly checking for the next upload. Can't wait ;)


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