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Every character in this story is 18+. Be warned that things do not go well for our little winged creature (no gore, but extreme penetration and cumflation).
“Siiiiigh,” Baron expressed to his soggy cereals floating in the bowl.

In response, his friend Luis dumped a toaster on the table in front of him, then slammed a fork next to it. It may have seemed like an overreaction, but this was the hundredth fucking time he had heard some variation of vocalized despair since he came to check on him. “Just get it over with, man. It’s been a month; she’s not coming back. If you’re just going to be a moping zombie for the rest of your life, might as well make it a short one.”

“You... you really think I should kill myself?” Baron said, following the extension cord with his eyes until it disappeared behind the counter.

“Yup. As your best friend, I have to be real with you. You’re never going to be happy again. When Jenny learns that you killed yourself because of her, she’ll stop having sex for a full minute thinking of how much of a bitch she was to you before going back to screaming her new boyfriend’s name while riding his big cock like a mechanical bull. It’s the best you can hope for.”

“A whole minute, huh?” Baron was now inspecting every angle of the fork in his hand, feeling its cold, unforgiving metal. The pain of death could never be worse than the one in his heart.

“Come on, now. Dead you go. Don’t be a pussy.”

Baron’s fork-wielding fist hovered over the toaster, shaking. Unable to close the tiny gap between tines and coils. “I... I want to... But I can’t...

“Gotcha!” Luis snapped the air under his friend’s wrist. If he intended to stop his friend from ending his life, he missed the fork. “I have her.”

“What’s that sound? It’s like a mouse caught in a trap, but... so soothing at the same time.”

“You don’t see her yet?” Luis said, his hands struggling like it was operating an invisible joystick. “Probably any second now. I can’t see yours, but I knew she’d be there.”

A blonde girl in a white gown slowly materialized in Luis’ fist, a glowing halo the size of a ring above her head and feet planted on each side of the toast slit. Her little arms were above her head, palms still pressing against Baron's wrist as if to keep the fork from going any farther. Crumpled feathery white wings were sticking between the fingers of Luis’ grip.

It took a moment for the confusing signals to reach Baron’s brain, but when they did, he dropped the fork and jumped out of his chair. “What the fuck! Is that a fucking fairy?

“I don’t know know what they’re called. She’s more like your guardian angel or some shit. I was in a dark place too last year, and I found out that these little ladies are what’s keeping you from doing something really stupid. I’m going to let her go now that you see her, but she won’t fly away. She’s bound to you or whatever.” And Luis set the mini-girl down on the table like an injured bird, one wing bent at a weird angle.

“Woah, so cool,” Baron said, pinching the golden halo, trying to understand how it seemed attached to her body without touching it. She made a face of wincing pain when he lifted her off the ground by the glowing ring, but her screams were just so pleasing to the ear, it was hard to take them seriously.

“As far as I know, you can’t kill them, so go nuts.”

“What do I do with her?”

Luis looked at Baron incredulous until it was clear he had to spell it out: “You fuck her, dude. Just like I’m going to do with mine as soon as I get back home. You fuck her until you forget Jenny even exists. The toaster wasn’t plugged in, by the way. Your angel is as much of an idiot as you are. Anyway, have fun. And you’re welcome.”

“Fuck her? But she’s so cute and innocent.” Baron’s angel was looking at him with big blue teary eyes and a pouty face. Whatever anger she had left with Luis the Betrayer. Only sadness remained as her entire reason for being had been compromised. “If you can’t die, though, there’s no harm in trying, right?”

On the one hand, though in squeaky, intelligible Enochian, the angelic creature sounded like it wanted to convey something like How could you even think about that? I’ve dedicated my life to your safekeeping. I am a beacon of purity in both body and mind. You would be committing a crime against all that is divine in the world. But on the other hand, Luis said he could.

Carefully like handling a porcelain doll, Baron picked up the miniature angel and used a finger to lift the skirt of her dress. The heavenly buttocks and the swelling it provoked in his boxer shorts pushed him off the fence on the fuck side. Her butt was cartoonishly big and round on such a tiny little being. People joked about comparing the perfect ass to a peach, but this one was the closest to a peach in shape, size, and softness you could imagine. The idea of taking a juicy bite was only second to the thought of burying his cock inside it.

The angel kicked her legs and intensified her musical whining, testing Baron’s patience until he ripped off her dress. He might have further damaged her wings in the process, but knowing what her body would soon go through, messing up superficial limbs could be considered an apt warm-up. When angels cry, it’s sad but also delightfully melodious. The naked body of this perfect fleshlight radiated warmth in hand. If 'all that is divine in the world' didn’t want men to fuck their guardian angels, maybe they shouldn’t have made them so sexy.

Baron pulled down his boxers and, standing in the shadow of a cock longer than her torso and thicker than her waist, the angel had no choice but to contemplate her impending destruction. “Please, no. All I want is to keep you safe,” she pleaded as her master’s giant hand descended upon her slim thick body.

The angel's well-proportioned breasts the size of grapes spilled out of Baron’s hands between his index and middle finger. It was nice to feel them squish when he tightened his grip. “I hope Luis is right about you being immortal, Jenny #2, otherwise this might be a one-night stand. Maybe you have your own guardian angel watching over you that will try to stop me... guess not.”

The butt cleavage split wide against the mass of his erection and revealed a hole smaller than the man’s urethra. What use other than fucking could that hole have; he doubted very much that his guardian angels needed a digestive system. Fuckhole that it may be, it felt hopeless tight until Baron started using his wrist to corkscrew the angel on his cock. The needle-hole widened around the tip of his cock head, and the musical screams got so loud, he had to remind himself the neighbors could not perceive his guardian’s voice.

“I can’t protect you like this...” Plop. The angel’s cursed melody went silent for a second while she came to terms with the impossibly large cock that her phat ass had just swallowed.

Other than pleasurably extreme tightness, there was no resistance. The cock straightened the few curvatures of the canal between ass and mouth in no time, and it ravaged the angel far enough to bulge her throat like a croaking frog as he started using her torso as a masturbation device. It felt so good, better than sex... Dare he say it? Better than sex with Jenny. Jenny #1 that is. His only complaint was that his cock didn’t quite fit all the way. Unless...

Squeezing the finger-wedged tits to pancakes and hooking the index finger of his free hand into the halo, its glow now flickering, Baron unleashed all of his human strength on the bottleneck. Other than the anus, the angel’s little neck was the narrowest passage. And, like the anus, it eventually gave way to his massive cock, impaling the girl entirely from ass to mouth.

The sleeve was warped to the shape of his cock, but her dilated booty retained plenty of plumpness. There might be nothing better in this mortal world than soft angel butt-flesh bouncing against your crotch while feeling the creased patterns of her warm insides rubbing against your shaft. As much as he wanted to slap that ass while fucking it, sharp flicks of his fingers that made her butt wiggle was a suitable substitute.

Close call, but when the time to cum came, Baron pinched the girl's neck with his masturbation hand before he made a mess on the kitchen floor. His strangled cocksleeve swelled in his hand before he let her throw up the anally injected load in the sink. “Man, girlfriends are overrated. Guardian angels are way better.”

Jenny #2 was still drowning from a throat clogged with jizz. Her wings twitched occasionally. Her heavenly voice was reduced to cum bubbles foaming out her mouth. “I’ll cook and clean for you; I’ll do anything. Anything else...”

Was came next was different but not what she had in mind. Baron wanted to try angel pussy; who could blame him? He used a pencil’s eraser side to make an anchor gape of the angel’s little hairless slit to save some time. After a bit of wiggling, he pulled the pencil out and quickly replaced it with his thumb. Then two thumbs. And as if Jenny #2's cunt was a sweater for his dick, he tried her on.

“My god, you feel so good no matter which hole I use.” Like with the all-the-way-through, a little force was needed to break some internal barriers, but once the cervix caved in, his entire cock fit nice and snug in the bulging womb. He slapped her ass against his crotch until he fell asleep to the beautiful melody of angelic angony. By then, the angel was a screaming cum balloon begging to explode, cursing her elastic womb as she held her giant belly.

“Hello. Jenny? Can you speak up? I can barely hear you.” His ex's phone call had woken him up, and Baron was already pumping new life into his living sex toy, her screams of pain only affect the phone conversation on his side. Jenny calling him back would have been the highlight of his year, but the man's priorities had changed a bit in the last twelve hours.

“Yeah, sure, I guess you can come over. No, we're cool.” Baron agreed once he remembered Jenny #1 wouldn't be able to see Jenny #2.

It was dark in Baron’s pants with only the glow of her halo to keep her company other than the cock going through her. That was her life now, it seemed. From devoted 24/7 protector to devoted 24/7 cock cozy. “At least it can’t get worse than this,” she gargled in Enochian against the engorged flesh going through her throat.

"Light, finally." She was bracing herself for the warmth of piss flowing through the skewing rod, but her eyes adjusted to something other than a toilet. It was a girl’s behind bent over the couch. “Oh no.”

“Oh yes, fuck my ass, Baron. I missed your cock so much.”

“It might feel a little different. I’m wearing a special cock ring."

Claustrophobia set in as the puckered pink asshole got closer and closer. Jenny’s rectum was so tight, even the light of her halo couldn’t pierce the darkness. The angel used to the clear blue skies of heaven would have to get used to this new habitat where she was doomed to spend most of her nights.

“Oh my god. This feels amazing,” Jenny #1 said.

“I know, right.” Baron was considering demoting her to Jenny #2.
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