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Two young tourist couples pick the wrong biker gang to mess with.

Ch. 12 – Blonde and Brunette's Fresh Humiliation


A wretched sob of defeat and despair erupted from the blonde’s lips. Rex slammed her face-up on the floor beside her fiancé.

“I need a cock over here ASAP,” he thundered. Soon a young and eager hunter was kneeling between the blonde’s legs. He had stripped out of his clothes in record time and now he eyed that exposed pussy like a bear eyeing a pot of honey. Rex stood by and we watched the man nudge the girl’s hips aside, inserting his manhood, and thrusting in all the way, balls-deep. He gripped her shoulders and began pounding into her without mercy.

Rex still wasn’t content to just watch though. He knelt by her head, twisted her face sideways, and forced her to watch her fiancé’s ongoing ordeal at the hands of his wife.

“Look at her, bitch. Look at my sexy wife humping your pretty-boy’s cock. She’s showing him a real good time. Your bitch-boy will make a fine plaything until I’m ready to dispose of him.”

The blonde’s eyes stared with listless horror at the sight. The pale brunette had reached one hand between her legs. Sasha was now rubbing her own clit as she rode Ricky’s shaft. Her body trembled. She was moaning loudly now… and those moans were only intensifying. I could see the pointy nipples on the slender girl’s breasts. The cruel woman smacked her pussy even harder onto him, sending a new frisson of agony up and down his torso.

“Oooh yes, you fucking bitch-boy, I’m almost there. Your cock feels so gooooood. Fuck!!” Sasha threw her head back with a joyful cry, her cunt spasming around the bitch-boy’s dick. I watched Sasha grind on his lap like a woman possessed. The girl’s ass kept rocking forward and backward as he shouted out in pain. Her cunt juices had to have soaked every inch of that pretty-boy’s cock. Sure enough, once her powerful orgasm had finally subsided, Sasha stood up on wobbly legs and looked down. We could all see that brown cock glistening with fluids and smelling of cunt juice.

The smell of sex now filled the bar.

Meanwhile, Rex called out to two of the Frost Demons. “While this blonde is getting her cunt drilled, I have an idea. Let’s set things up so that she can officially be ‘open for business’ for all comers and all cocks. Help me set up a table. I’ve got an idea.”

I almost shuddered to think what that idea might entail, but the greater part of me was intrigued, curious, and to be frank, horny as hell.

Sasha’s appetite had apparently hardly been whetted. The brunette turned around and lowered her cunt to the fiancé’s face.

“You did good, bitch-boy. You didn’t come. For that I’ll grant you a special privilege: lick my pussy while I suck you off.”

The brunette’s beautiful face now smothered Ricky’s shaft, her lips pumping up and down while she laid on top of him in a 69 position. The helpless fiancé began to lap at Sasha’s cunt lips like a fine delicacy, his groans of pain at last subsiding. In this position, Sasha wasn’t putting as much weight on his torso or jostling the parts of his body that were brutalized or broken. The poor fiancé could finally focus on one feeling: the sensation of Sasha’s mouth slurping up and down his aroused cock.

My own cock grew hard again as I watched Sasha deep-throating him, as I listened to all that dutiful licking coming from between the brunette’s legs.

But now it was time to check in on the couple I’d all but forgotten about… the younger sister, what was her name? I checked the driver’s license. Sara. And the bitch’s boyfriend was Marcus.

The timing wasn’t half-bad either because now Grayson raised his hand from the far side. “Can I get two shots of vodka, one for me and one for my young friend here?” he added, gesturing at Jeb. The kid was too young to drink, but I let it slide. Hell, given what else I’d let slide in this bar, it would have been a shocker if I hadn’t overlooked something so minor. The tourists got one treatment, the locals another. That was just how things worked.

“Coming right up, Gray.”

And soon after, as I neared that section of the bar, I finally could catch up on what was happening with petite babe and her bitch-boy.

As I brought over those shots for Grayson and Jeb, I could see that Rex wasn’t the only one with impressive stamina. Lem was still going at it, fucking petite babe’s boyfriend in the ass. The naked and bound young man was groaning with his mouth against his girlfriend’s pussy, still licking out and sucking on that shaved quim.

“UUHHHH!” Lem growled appreciatively. “This pretty-boy’s tight asshole is milking my balls quite nicely. Keep sucking pussy, bitch-boy. I think your girlfriend is having the time of her fucking life.”

Looking over at petite babe, I could see what he meant. The girl’s nipples were pebbled up with arousal. Her eyes were dilated with lust despite her ordeal. Killer and Knife had switched places since I had last observed the action. Now Knife had his shaft pumping between the tight seal of her lips, raping her throat while Killer sucked on her melons. I could hear petite babe’s pitiful whimpers as she took Knife’s cock deep. He had her face twisted sideways, slamming his cock until his balls smacked against her chin.

“UUUUU!!!” The brunette’s plaintive groan suddenly rose to a muffled squeal.

To anyone paying close attention, the reason was obvious. The nearest men all watched as petite babe spasmed on the table. The boyfriend’s slurping grew louder as fresh cunt juice coated his tongue.

“Bitch, did you just CUM without my permission?” Lem barked, plunging his cock between the pretty-boy’s ass cheeks with another brutal smack.

Knife pulled his saliva-soaked cock free of the girl’s mouth and rested it along her forehead while she panted and tried to catch her breath. “Answer the man, cunt.” The girl’s face had turned bright red with shame. She looked up at her tormentor, dazed from the powerful orgasm.

“You fucking heard me, stupid bitch.” Knife slapped her across the face once, then a second time. “Answer!”

“Y-yes,” she croaked. “I-I’m sorreee!!!” her reply morphed into a shriek as Killer pinched and twisted both her nipples hard.

Knife used the opportunity to reinsert his raging erection and continue fucking the girl’s mouth. He held the back of her head and skull-fucked her.

“GLG! GLG!!! GLGG!!!” The girl continued to make desperate noises as his cock hit the back of her throat. His balls were plastered against her chin and her nose had disappeared, crushed against her rapist’s pubic hair. Meanwhile, Lem’s anal rape of the boyfriend was fast reaching its pinnacle.

“UHH! You fucking bitch, you’ll be sorry, all right,” Lem promised, slamming his enormous cock between the boyfriend’s ass cheeks with another pulverizing thrust. He ground his pelvis into the boyfriend’s skinny ass with a groan of contentment as he signaled his release, ball-juice shooting through the pretty-boy’s rectum. The bitch-boy groaned as he felt his ass defiled. To his credit though, he kept slurping and sucking on his girlfriend’s cunt.

“Fuck,” Lem said with a sigh. “What an ass.” Lem took a step back and we all watched his blood, shit, and cum-covered cock swaying freely, still semi-rigid after the rape. The boyfriend’s ass didn’t look so good either. A huge pool of jizz glistened between the torn webbing of his anus.

“Bring that bitch over here. She needs some punishment for coming without permission.”

But Knife was just now going over the edge. He hadn’t meant to, I could tell, but his sudden growl was mixed with both disappointment and ecstasy.



Rapist and victim both groaned, each in their own way, as Knife’s cock spewed its hefty load down petite babe’s throat. I watched Knife tremble, his body practically convulsing as he shot thick ropes of his seed between the girl’s lips. When he finally released her head and pulled back, she was coughing and nearly retching. Cum leaked from the corners of her lips and some even dribbled down her chin.

“UGHK!!!” Petite babe kept coughing and sputtering, but Lem wasn’t having any of it.

“You heard me. Bring that bitch over here. I fucked up her boyfriend’s asshole and she needs to clean him up.”

“N-no… p-please don’t,” petite babe said between violent fits of coughing. But Killer was already untying her wrists and forcing her off the table. He hustled her over and made her bend over behind her naked boyfriend.

“Get your tongue in there and start cleaning, cunt.”

Petite babe stared at her boyfriend’s ruined anus like she had been asked to eat a steaming pile of shit.

“Please… t-t-this is sick,” she sputtered, looking over her shoulder at Lem and Killer looming behind her.

Lem reached down, grabbing her dark tresses in his fist. Yanking her head back to within inches of his, he spit right in her face. The glob of saliva landed on her forehead and began oozing down her face to her nose. “You want me to ass-fuck you NEXT, stupid cunt?”

“N-no!!!” she squealed as he slapped her tits so hard the smack echoed through the bar.

“Then start licking ass, bitch. I’m not gonna ask you again.” Tears were streaming down her face now too, but she found the willpower to do the truly disgusting task he’d ordered her to do. She stroked her boyfriend’s butt cheeks as she began to lean over, as if to comfort him. I watched with morbid fascination as the sexy brunette tentatively burrowed her mouth between her boyfriend’s ass cheeks, her tongue nudging into that torn asshole.

Applause erupted from the tables around, followed by fresh jeers and taunts.

“Yeah, you worthless cum-bag, slurp up all that cum from your boyfriend’s asshole. Show him how much you care!”

“Lick and suck ass, you dumb bitch.”

“Get your tongue deeper, whore. We want to hear you slurping,” another man called out.

Lem placed his hand on the back of her head, pressing petite babe’s mouth harder against that puckered, distended opening. His other hand slipped between the girl’s legs. The biker’s fingers began to rub up and down the length of her pussy.

“Killer, you want to try out this tight, young fuck-hole while she finishes cleaning up her bitch-boy’s ass? We need to put some real spunk deep in this cunt’s womb, and I think you’re the man for the job.”

Although petite babe must have heard Lem talking about her impending rape, she didn’t react besides letting out a wretched sob. Her nose remained buried in her boyfriend’s ass crack as the sound of her licking and sucking out Lem’s cum and traces of her boyfriend’s blood drifted through the bar. Lem now gradually removed his hand from the back of her skull.

“Keep that tongue in his asshole, bitch. Don’t stop until I say so. And get ready to squeeze your pussy around its first real cock,” he said with a sadistic chuckle. I couldn’t help but stare as Killer positioned himself behind that beautiful, alluring ass. We all stared greedily at that exposed pink slit, her labia framing a gorgeous pussy just begging to get fucked.

END of CH. 12
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