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This is my first story, a parody based on Mutiny on the Bounty, as well as various roleplays I've had regarding this topic. This first section shall lay the foundation for the rest of the story, so I apologize if it comes off as rather dry at times. Criticisms, advise, and other feedback is much appreciated! Here we see the exploits of our dear young gardener, Christian Fletcher.
Several days had passed since the arrival of the Europeans. Their rudimentary fortification, containing housing, storage, and all those necessary facilities, now laid busily on the beach. In spite of all the hard work the men seemed awfully pleased with the situation. Many took full advantage of the beauty standards of the natives, who seemed to employ the belief that their pale skin made them exceptionally beautiful. Their large size seemed to make them perfect mates for the natives. All the men of the ship accepted these notions and took full advantage of them, enjoying life on the island to its fullest. All except the captain, who had a knack for spoiling the fun of these poor men. 

"Do not frolic about so merrily Johnson! You have a job to do!", "Barnes? Barry? Both of you buggers, hands off that young lady!", "Friar, you drunk, stop ogling those natives and attend to your duty!", "Are you ever going to cultivate those breadfruit properly or are you going to resume running after the dames of this island, mr. Fletcher?"

Indeed, Captain Ruiter always knew how to spoil someones' merrimaking. His obstructions would resume until a particular incident:

The gardener, Christian Fletcher, sat on the dirt in one of his gardens, a little ways away from the Europeans main encampment. Planting several new spuds, as well as the all-important breadfruit, the gardener was trying to half-assedly do his job. With the amount of work he did he could at least be certain that the men of the ship would not go hungry in the foreseeable future. But who could truly focus on work when so many barely-clothed harlots wandered around him?

One of those women was a slightly chubby woman who had sat down besides Christian, watching him work. His young muscles were sweating under the beaming rays of the sun, even with his sleeves rolled up and his shirt unbuttoned, revealing his toned youthful chest. Those eyes of his, a light blue, darting towards the woman and her Stygian hair, a mass which draped down her shoulders to try and cover her breasts. Her hair, flowing as it may be, failed miserably in its attempt, for those F-cup breasts, which rested slightly upon her soft tummy, would never be contained. 

His gaze was caught plenty of times but never averted. The woman, in her mid to late twenties, spoke up. "You like? Want?", and groped herself in a lewd gesture, raising those mounds to her chocolatey, almond-shaped eyes! 

Christians own eyes widened with shock. This woman, decorated with a colorful, feather-adorned grass skirt, was literally offering herself to him! Christian Fletcher knew he'd be a deadman if he was to be caught with her, but then again, at least he would die happy. 

Whilst clearing his throat he turned to face her, now abandoning his work completely. "Am I not too young for you?", his voice peeped out, trying to prod at an underlying obscene notion of their age-gap.

The native woman let out a brief laugh, shaking her head. "No no, you young man. I ripe woman. Good match! So, you want?", once again gripping those soft mounds of flesh upon her chest, a shiver of pleasure shocking down her spine. Her plump, caramel bottom lip, was caught by her teeth as she teased him. 

Christian was not going to last long in the face of such a temptress. "I suppose, if we are a good match, that I should oblige your wishes ma'am.", the young buck said with a grin upon his face. Looking from side to side he got and held her hand, pulling the native woman to her feet. Thank the Lord, the captain was nowhere to be found. 

The woman took the gardener into the village, a short while away. The walk was silent but filled with eye-candy. Both that fat ass that swayed from side to side, as well as the various topless women gawking at him on his way there, provided an enjoyable sight. After entering the village the woman, who was still holding onto Christians hand, led him into a sizable hut in the center of the village, considerably larger than the others. Not being an anthropologist, and being blinded by his boundless lust, he did not notice that the woman he was about to fuck was native peoples' princess. King Hitihiti's daughter. 

The interior of the tent had a scent of burned incense and various spices. The lad looked around at the colorful decorations on the wall, his shoes moving over the thatching on the floors, providing a soft sort of floor. Wandering further inside until, with a thud, he bumped into the behind of the woman. 

She had bent over. 

The skirt did nothing to hide her fat rear which now wobbled before him. Her asshole winking up at the young brat who salivated at its sight. Her cunt was dripping streams down to her knees already. It was steaming and soaking, begging to be abused. And the boy obliged. 

Dropping his pants to reveal his young cock, a grand 13 and a half inches. Thick, dripping precum, decorated in veins and missing any pubic hair. The smooth cock slapped on her cunt and asshole several times as she cooed out in pleasure. 

"Inside! Put inside!", she said, feeling its heft but not yet knowing its size. 

Being the little devil he was, he did just as she asked. Gripping her fat brown cheeks he spread that native ass open and spat down onto her asshole, the saliva dripping down onto her cunt. In spite of how slopping wet it might be, it would need the extra lube. Next he pressed his monstrosity against her slit, digging into it inch by inch.

She mewled out with such extreme pleasures, it was certain that the whole of the village heard her! The wet slapping must also be ringing in the ears of all those around the hut. That brutal dick was crashing in deeper, bottoming out that pussy with only half of its length. Still, he craved to go deeper.

"It- it bigger?! You big bull! You stop now, too big! Too much! I-I, too much!", she cried out in her moans, tearing up as his grip on her ass was ironclad. That cock kept its motions up. Fucking her brains out further with every attentive buck of the hips. She was unable to keep up, orgasm after orgasm had made her knees weak as she collapsed forward. 

With her ass in the air Christian did not halt his assault on her body, but he was kind enough to give her cunt a break. Hotdogging that heavy log of meat between her cheeks his voice finally emerged once more. "Come on now hun, you said we'd be a good match! I doubt there are many ladies on this island as well-made as yourself.", toying with her in such a polite and gentlemanly tone. Distracting her ever-so-slightly from the head of his dick, inching towards her asshole. Her voice opened, a noise came out in protest, but it was too late.

That cocks head, fat and hellishly big as it was, had pressed its way into her asshole. And happily, eagerly, plowed itself into her guts! Bulging outwards even her chubby stomach with every powerful movement. Pushing the whore further into the floor of the hut. His moans and grunts collided with her in a symphony of animalistic noises. Fucking like feral animals as he broke her ass in. Taking her brown cherry and dominating the native in this most undignified fashion. She was royalty to her people, but to him, it was obvious. She was just his native bitch to be colonized. The rumors about these men were true, men who were so supposedly 'divine' in their methods, were just animals. Brutal animals who would conquer and fuck till their hearts content. All it took was for her to tease the boy a little bit. 

But never did she expect him to pack so much meat, never did she expect him to conquer her ass, nor did she expect herself to grow addicted to the sensation. 

Time melted away as the two fucked, until finally that heavy dick began to throb erratically. Pulling out, only to press that dick right back into her cunt. Breeding her as he flooded her cunt with thick ropes of cum! Enough to fill a damn bucket! The stallion moaned out, sucking on her neck, leaving a string of hickeys so all would see. Her stomach bloated outwards with the sheer quantity of cum filling her up. 

All good things had to come to an end though. The curtain that acted as the doorway of the hut was thrown aside by a furious Captain Ruiter. Sure, Christian had gotten to blow his load, but at what cost? 

Flustered, Captain Ruiter closed the curtain and waited outside, barking the order for the young gardener to collect himself and meet him out there. 

After getting his heavily cum-drenched pants wrapped around his cock, Christian poked his head out. Looking up at the furious superior. Stepping out and stating, in a rather meek tone, "I uh, I was requested to-"

"That is King Hitihiti's daughter. You shall report to the ship tonight. You shall no longer talk to the natives unless it is about work. And I will have someone stationed by you to keep an eye over you. You might be vital in bringing back some breadfruit to our king, but as is our duty to maintain relationships with the natives. If you turn them hostile, the admiralty at home will have no issue with court marshaling you to Davy Jones locker. Understood, mr. Fletcher?"

"Aye sir.", was all the lad could croak out before wandering off solemnly. 

Behind them the princess had snuck out, her name was Hantani. Finding her father she explained the situation, and so when Captain Ruiter and king Hitihiti walked past one another incidentally, it was assumed by both men what their brief pained look meant. 

There was no time to talk though, Captain Ruiter had to escort Christian Fletcher to the ship and King Hitihiti had to attend to his grief-stricken, cum-drenched daughter.

It was only later that night when King Hitihiti approached the ship on his own vessel. Climbing aboard the 91 foot frigate, he looked around. Angrily. 

"Where Captain Ruiter?", he demanded with his lack-luster authoritative tone. 

The captain, emerging after a brief moment, looked over. Present was Christian, who was having some ointment applied to his back. Still sore with pain he listened in as King Hitihiti began to address the captain, and, to his surprise, began to berate him.

"My daughter not good enough for your men? My fruit not good enough for your men!"

"But- I-", the captain began to stutter, but King Hitihiti somehow was able to dominate the conversation in spite of his small, feminine stature. The sight was, to all the seamen present, hilarious.

"You no want our women? You take their mates? I take my fruit! I take my land! Understood?"

"I- King Hitihiti", Ruiter responded, trying to regain his composure, "I assure you, there was a misunderstanding. I will.. I will allow your women to have their mates. I am sorry, humbly so, for standing in the way.."

There was a moment of silence as King Hitihiti nodded, turned around, and left the ship. Making his way back to the island. The men stared at Captain Ruiter who looked as if he had just been punched in the gut. Finally, with a scowl like no other, and fierceness as sharp as a blade, he snapped at them.

"You heard the guy, go fuck his women then!", turning around and storming off to his cabin. Opening the door to pop his head out and shout, "And that's an order!", before slamming the door closed once more.
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