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Neither mother or son can sleep and so look to each other.

Thank you for reading this far! This is my first story so any constructive feedback would be really welcome :)
An hour or so later Andy lay in bed. He had heard his mother make her way to her room not long after him and take her shower. The night was dark and quiet, and he thought she must be sleeping at this point. When he had come to bed, he had still been very horny but once he had gotten into bed and attempted to masturbate, he had found the memories and thoughts of the day would spiral though his mind out of control. Today had been the day when he had first had contact with another person in a sexual way, but it hadn’t been right. It was his mother, and she had no knowledge of the indecent thoughts that he had been having. He had never been so horny in all his life as he had came whilst she held him and he still could vividly remember laying against her as he was near naked not long before, but every time he had tried to enjoy the memories his conscious ate at him. He felt icky and guilty, like there was something deeply flawed in him.

He lay staring at the ceiling, unable to either enjoy himself or go to sleep. Every time he would close his eyes visions of his mother as she lay on the sofa would flash through his mind, the feeling of him laying against her was still so fresh. He could still feel the warmth and softness of her as he had laid on her. And each time his body would react and then guilt would take over all over again.

He briefly imagined going to sleep and when he awoke it would be at the start of the day all over again so he could stop himself from being interrupted masturbating by his mother and so stop all the weird and awkward feelings he had been experiencing ever since. He wanted a reset, some kind of reassurance that things could go back to the way they were before. He wanted to stop imagining his mother's body in a sexual way, but he couldn’t. It was like he had unlocked something deep inside himself and there was no putting it back.

As he tossed and turned a thought came to him. He had to fight it he knew; he couldn’t go on like this. After all they lived under the same roof and would be for at least another few years. He couldn’t go on like this. He had to prove to himself that he was stronger than one day of confused emotions. He thought about how only a few years ago they had often shared a bed and there was no weirdness, no awkwardness, or bodily reactions. It was just him and her, as mother and son, sleeping next to one another innocently. He needed to get back to that he knew. He needed to know that he hadn’t broken everything.

He got up and sat on the side of his bed. He was naked but knew he couldn’t' go into her like that. He fished around in the dark for his boxer shorts on the floor and pulled them up. He stood there momentarily and after a deep breath he opened his door and headed down the hall.

Stephanie froze when she heard the door slowly open. She quickly removed her hands from her panties and held her eyes shut tight in the hope that her son would mistake her for being asleep in the dark. She had been lightly caressing herself thinking about the events of the day. When she first had gotten into bed she had intended to hold off, the guilt had gotten to her, and she had tried to put it out of her mind but as she lay there in the dark the thoughts kept resurfacing and eventually her body and her thoughts had won out and she had finally allowed her hand to trace down her body to the fire in her underwear. And not two minutes later had she heard the knock.

What is he doing here? She wondered to herself as she heard the muffled pads of him walking on the carpet closer to her bed.

“Mom?” he whispered softly into the darkness, but Stephanie was too shocked to respond.

“Hey mom” He whispered again, louder. This time she felt him place his hand on her leg through the covers.

Stephanie feigned a tired moan and pretended to wake up. She lifted her head off the pillow and opened her eyes.

“What’s going on Andy? Is everything ok?” She asked. Her eyes began to adjust, and she could see her son standing near the foot of her bed. At first, she thought he was naked, but she could make out that he was wearing a pair of his boxers. He didn’t answer her and instead stood there awkwardly.

“I er... mom. I was…” he stammered nervously.

Was he sleepwalking? She thought to herself. She strained her eyes to study his face and she could see that he looked awake at least. He wasn’t asleep she thought; he was just struggling to get his words out. He looked embarrassed.

“Sorry mom, it doesn’t matter” he said and went to turn.

“Darling what is it?” She had forgotten all about what she was doing when he walked in. But she was incredibly curious to know what had caused him to come into her room at such a late hour.

“You know you can tell me anything”.

He looked unsure of himself and looked at the floor.

“I was just wondering… It’s stupid…” He trailed off.

“Baby whatever it is it’s fine, please tell me”. She reassured him.

He let out a deep sigh.

“I was just wondering if I could maybe sleep in your bed?... Just for tonight. Maybe.”

Stephanie was completely taken aback but she felt a smile cross her face. She never in a million years thought that he would request that but as soon as he did, she realised how much she craved it to. It had been years since they had last shared a bed, but she felt an instant pang of regret that they had stopped. Why had they? Had he just gotten too old?

She saw him standing there, embarrassed and looking ashamed of his request.

“Sorry it’s ok... I’ll go. I’m sorry.” He said, staring at his toes. The room was silent, and Stephanie didn’t quite know how to respond to his request. He turned to leave...

“Baby of course it’s ok!” She blurted out. Whatever was going on in his head she didn’t know but she knew that she didn’t want him to leave like that, she didn’t want him to feel silly or rejected for asking such a thing.

He stopped, not quite sure of himself.

“Come here and get in baby” She beckoned.

She lifted her arm to open the covers and leave a space next to her. Andy came over to the side of the bed, ready to get in yet he stalled for a moment, his eye’s widened slightly and he looked like he didn’t know what to do. He looked away again. Stephanie realised immediately what was wrong; she was topless, her breasts completely exposed to him in the half light. She hadn’t even thought about it as she almost always slept like that in the summer months. She had been too concerned with being caught masturbating that she hadn’t even thought about her top half.

“Baby, it’s ok. You can get in.” She reassured him. “Or would you like me to put something on?” She wanted to give him the choice.

“I think it’s ok” he stammered and then moved towards the bed and climbed in. He lay on his side placing his back towards his mother.

“Is everything ok honey?” She asked, remembering back to the earlier events of that evening. The memory of him grinding against her whilst her thought that she was asleep on the sofa. The guilt of what she had done to him as he slept on top of her had left her once she woke up to his movements. She had realised in that moment that they were just two people searching for a connection with each other that had been frayed slightly as they went about their lives. She knew she loved him and would never do anything to hurt him, and that although she had never planned to do anything again with him physically, that he yearned for her embrace. That he needed his mother.

“Yeah, I think I just miss… us a bit”. He replied after a long silence in the dark. The words melted her.

“Oh honey, why don’t you scoot up to me? Like we used to do.” The space in between them didn’t feel right anymore. It felt unnatural, like the void between them was because they were holding themselves up to a set of rules that didn’t make any sense anymore.

“OK” was all he said. She could tell that was what he wanted when he came in. She felt him shuffle over to her. He seemed tentative but he kept going until he was inches from her and stopped, she knew that she needed to be the person that closed the gap. She placed her arm over him and put her hand to his chest and she gently pulled him closer until she felt her nipples touch his back. She could feel his heartbeat in his chest, and he let out a quiet gasp as he felt her nipples on him. Careful to ensure that it all felt natural to him she continued to pull him closer until he was against her, her breasts pressed into his back. She lifted her knees slightly so that her legs were against the back of his and he copied the action, so he was curled up against her. The back of his head against her neck, spooning into her.

They lay like that for a bit, each content in the embrace but not knowing what was going to happen next. Stephanie hadn’t really considered what all this meant, she just knew that her son wanted to be near her, and she wanted to be near him. The moisture that continued to seep through her panties was signalling to her what her bodies reaction was, but she wasn’t allowing the thoughts of the reality of the situation to properly penetrate her consciousness.

Andy lay in his mother’s embrace; he had never felt so comfortable but as soon as he had gotten in the bed with his bare-chested mother his erection had come and not gone away. He loved the feeling of being against her again, but he couldn’t ignore the fact that he was lying in bed with his near naked mother.

They lay there, together in the dark for what felt like hours. Andy could feel the breath of his mother against his head and the slight heave of her breasts against him. Her motion and warmth lulled him into brief moments of sleep. Stephanie began to drift in and out too, the familiar smell of her son sending her back to memories of them laying together in bed all through his childhood. Her grip on his chest son loosened and she felt her hand drop down towards his stomach. She felt him move slightly and she realised that her hand was sitting at his bare naval, the place that they had been attached by for nine months whilst he grew inside of her. Instinctively she let her finger trade a circle around its edge, feeling the texture of his soft skin. She hadn’t thought anything about the action, but she suddenly felt Andy’s body go rigid in reaction and she realised that he was holding his breath. Instinctively she moved her hand away, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, she moved it down slightly and felt the back of her hand hit against something hard and Andy’s body jerked.

Stephanie’s breath caught in her throat; she realised what she had done immediately, and she didn’t know how to respond.

Andy felt his face go flush with the heat of embarrassment. He had started getting hard as soon as he had gotten in bed with his mother but his hope had been that they would both fall asleep, and any indecent thoughts would drift off with them and everything would be okay. He was frozen, he thought to again to pretend to be asleep, but he knew deep down that she knew he wasn’t. He had ruined everything he thought to himself, and he wished that he had never came into her room at all. He felt stuck. His mother’s arm was still draped over him, he could still feel her breasts against his back, and worst of all his cock was still hard. He had nowhere to go.

They lay against one another, each not knowing what to do. Each trying to make as little movement as possible. Stephanie turned her options over in her mind as the silence filled the room. She tried to make as little movement as possible to minimise any awkwardness, but she couldn’t stop breathing and with every breath she took she could feel her breasts press into her son. She felt bad for him, she knew how embarrassed he must be feeling. She wanted to whisper that it’s okay to him, but she thought maybe it was better to just let the moment pass and allow themselves to fall asleep. The issue however was that the accidental touch of her son’s penis had caused a new flush of moisture through her pussy. Her panties were drenched, and she was beginning to worry that the drippings would be noticeable to him. She tried to remain calm and clear but knowing the reaction that she – again – was having on his body was causing a deep need within her. The feel of his butt and back up against her and the thought of her son’s erect cock right next to her hand was sending her wild. She still yearned for the orgasm that he had interrupted when he entered her room.

“Mom?” she heard him whisper into the darkness, interrupting her thoughts and the silence that hung between them.


“I’m sorry.” He spoke.

Her heart melted for him all over again.

“Baby, you have got nothing, nothing to be sorry about. You did nothing wrong at all.” She desperately needed for him to know that he shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. If anything, she felt responsible for everything that had happened today and the fact that he was apologising now broke her heart.

“It’s okay baby” She continued “It’s just your bodies reaction and it’s perfectly normal. It’s natural.”

He didn’t reply, instead he lay there in her arms. He must be still too embarrassed she thought.

“Baby?” she whispered into his ear.

“Yeah?” he answered although he sounded void of emotion, like he was trying to hold something in. Stephanie thought hard about what she should say next. They had crossed a line here and she knew that things wouldn’t be the same after what had just happened. She knew that he must be feeling so embarrassed and insecure over the situation, and it was so important to her that it didn’t cause him to become distant from her or ruin their relationship entirely. On top of that she couldn’t ignore how horny she was, some part of her knew it wasn’t right to be having these feelings towards her son but there wasn’t something within her driving to a conclusion that she couldn’t get away from. She needed more and more of his contact, she felt like any amount would never be enough until she had him completely and in every way; and her mind was whirling telling her that the path the body wanted was the correct one. It made sense to her; she had to rebuild his confidence and make sure that their relationship would be ok. She wanted him to enjoy their closeness and touch; not be afraid of it. She needed him to know that she was there for him in every way that he needed, whatever it was and that she felt the same. That they were in this together.

“Baby, it’s okay I promise you…My body is having the same reaction too....” She whispered.

The words hung in the air as the they both processed the impact of what they meant.

“Mom… it is?” He asked. She could hear the confusion and curiosity in his voice. He sounded so innocent, yet she felt like she could detect some hope in his voice. Whatever it was, she was glad. Her words had started to melt through the discomfort that she knew he had been feeling.

“Andy, do you want to lie naked with mommy for a bit? You know, like we used to do?”

Again silence. He lay still, obviously contemplating her words. It had just slipped out. It was the first time that she had referred to herself as ‘mommy’ since he was a child, and she didn’t know what it was about the situation that had bought it out of her, but it had felt right. It was how she felt in that moment, like his mommy, there to take care of him. Despite how wet her pussy was for him, she first and foremost wanted to nurture him, to make him feel good and feel protected. She worried that she had pushed him too far with it, maybe he didn’t like her referring to herself like that. She waited for his response.

“I think so mommy.” He finally replied, whispering back.

“OK” she said. Her heart and pussy briming with pride and lust. “Let mommy help you”.

She reached for his waist band with her left hand and began to pull at his boxers. He straightened his legs as he lifted his right hip slightly off the bed so to help her. She got a hand on each hip and pulled. They came down a bit but seemed to get stuck. She gave it a tug and heard him grunt and Stephanie nearly let out a laugh once she realised what had happened. From underneath him she felt up towards his crotch and felt the tent, she realised that the waistband of his boxers was caught on his erection.

“It’s ok honey”. She let him know.

She didn’t want to touch him just yet; she needed him to be sure; so, she carefully pulled them over it by the waistband. Once free she pulled them down his butt and he put his hip back on the bed.

Andy couldn’t believe what was happening, he felt like he was in a daze. All he knew was that it felt nice to have his mother remove his boxers. It didn’t feel weird or awkward now, but it did almost feel like he was in a dream. As he rested his hips back down, he felt his mother slide his pants down his legs and off his feet. He was now naked in his mother’s bed. Still on his side with his back to her he felt exposed yet safe, knowing that his whole backside was now exposed to her. His penis continued to twitch and leak yet he couldn’t bring himself to turn and face his mother, still unsure as to where all of this was going.

After a second, he felt a movement on the bed, and he could tell that his mother was sitting up. He heard her shuffle and heard the familiar sound of fabric on skin, and he realised that behind him his mother was removing her last piece of clothing, her underwear. He felt her settle and then again crossed her arm over him and moved in close to spoon him. Again, he felt her breasts against his back, and he began to hold his breath, but he gasped when he felt the prickle of her pubic hair against his butt as she pulled him tight and close. Like earlier on, they were now pressed firmly into one another, but this felt different. The lack of pretence by his mother shocked him and Andy was surprised how things and escalated. He was spooning naked with his mother in her bed, and he had an erection. Her most private area directly against him.

“Baby” she whispered into his ear. “You know I love you?”.

“I love you too, mom”. He said back instinctively.

“It makes me so happy to hear you say that.” She said warmly.

He felt her hand creep down his chest and stomach until he could feel it’s warmth near is twitching cock. He realised what she was doing but he could barely believe it.

“Is this okay, baby? Do you want mommy to touch you there?” She asked. There was something different in her voice that he couldn’t identify. She sounded different to how she had ever spoken to him before, and he couldn’t put his finger on it. Either way, he yearned for her touch.

“Yes mommy.”

That was all the encouragement that Stephanie needed, and she wrapped her hand around his penis and felt his whole body shudder against her. She held it lightly in her grip feeling his hardness and warmth. For several moments she didn’t move, savouring the feeling of her own erect son’s penis in her hand. She wanted him to enjoy the moment as much of her. She was pretty sure that this was the first sexual experience that he had ever had with another person (other than earlier today) and she wanted him to relish every second of it like she intended to do. Ever so slightly she pulled down his shaft and Andy felt his foreskin pull down his head and then back up again in the slowest stroke that he had ever experienced, the feeling was incredible, and he let out a moan. With her other arm she wrapped it underneath his head and neck and pulled him close and kissed him on the forehead and the stoked his hair. She continued stroking him up and down as slowly as she could go, feeling every contour of him as his breath got heavier. She realised it had been so long since she had been with a man, she loved the feeling of having a cock in her hand again and the power it gave her over him. The fact that this cock belonged to Andy gave her a feeling that she had never had before, she felt responsible for his enjoyment in a deeper way than she had ever felt before with a man. Her hands began to get wet with his slick precum continuously leaking from his head.

“Does that feel good, baby?” She asked him, although she knew the answer.

“Yes… mom.” He managed to get out between breathes.

She took her hand off his shaft to let her fingertips dance over his spongy head, making circles and feeling the little wet hole at his tip. His cock would twitch each time she would brush against the sensitive underside, and she could feel his whole body tighten each time. She was enjoying this level of control and intimacy that she was having with him. Her baby boy, in her arms. Letting her do what she wanted because he knew that she loved him. She played with him a little more with her fingers, continuing to allow them to brush his underside more vigorously as she heard his breathing intensify.

“Oh mommy” He groaned. And he turned his hips and shoulder into her slightly so that he was partially on his back and side, and she could get greater access. His buttock resting on her leg. As she played with him, she could feel his cock getting harder and she knew that he would cum soon if she allowed it. She breathed in heavily through her noes so she could smell the smell of male sex emancipating from him underneath the duvet. She didn’t want him to cum yet, so she removed her hand from his genitals and allowed herself to wander around his groin from his lower stomach to inner thigh with light touches as she gently kissed him on the side of the head, neck, and chest.

“This feels so good” he exclaimed, like he had just discovered a new joy in the world. She found the innocence and wonder in his voice cute beyond words, she tried looking at his face to see him, but the darkness separated them. She didn’t want that anymore. She wanted to be able to see him completely and him see her. So that nothing was left unknown between them anymore. She traced her fingers up to his chest and leant in closer to his ear.

“Baby, I want to see you. Is it okay if I turn the light on?”.

Andy was in such a daze that it took him a second to react and realise what she was saying.

“Ok mom. Yeah…” He wasn’t sure how he flet about it, but he knew that he didn’t want her to think that he wasn’t enjoying what was happening.

“Ok darling”.

She pulled the duvet off them both.

“Baby, can you sit back. Mommy will turn on the light.”

Andy obeyed her request, positioning himself sitting with his leg’s crossed opposite her near the end of the bed as she reached over and switched on the lamp on her bedside table. It cast a dim, warm glow over the room. Lending it a dream like quality. Stephanie sat back down against her velvet headboard and looked at the sight of her naked son for the first time in years.

He looked sheepishly through his tangle of hair, like he was suddenly embarrassed by his state now that there was some light in the room. He could barely look at her, instead just looking down at himself. His legs and arms folded in place in his lap trying to cover himself. She smiled at how cute he was being, but she wanted to open him up and make him feel more comfortable.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed baby. We’re both in the same… state.” She reassured him.

“I know mom, it’s just that. You know… I’ve never…” His voice trailed off as his face flushed as he stumbled to find the right words that weren’t embarrassing to say.

“It’s me baby, it’s me. It’s just you and me. I love you Andy, every single part of you. There’s nothing you can say or do that would change that” she said. She had to let him know. “Here baby. Move closer and just do what I do” she instructed.

Slowly Stephanie opened her legs and bent her knees, Andy looked up and his mouth slightly parted. His eye’s darted to her breasts and then away again.

“It’s okay baby, you can look” she said, this time letting out the smile and giggle that she had held in.

It seemed to relax him, and he looked up at her into her eyes, and she realised that he was asking for permission. She gave him a slight nod and Andy let his eyes travel down. The feeling of her sons’ eyes exploring her body gave Stephanie’s body an electric tingle, with her knees up and feet on the bed she had her legs wide open she had never felt so exposed yet so attractive before in her life. She held her arms and legs out wide as watched as his eyes work their way down from her breast, stomach and towards her vagina. She kept herself trim down there but briefly wandered what he had seen in porn and what he preferred but he gave no hint as to displeasure. Instead, his eyes seem to widen as the traced along her hips and into her pubic area. Knowing that he was staring into the place that had given birth to him gave her a huge thrill, she was already leaking but now she could feel it dripping constantly out of her and down through her crack and wetting her exposed butt hole. Andy looked completely stricken by what he was looking at, completely engrossed in the womanly sight of his mother.

“Andy” she whispered. “Mommy wants to see you.”.

Without answering and with his eyes still on his mother’s vagina Andy moved his hands from his lap and uncrossed his legs so they were in front of him. Stephanie could feel their presence between her legs until he placed his feet either side of her butt, spreading his own legs. He placed his arms behind himself to give him support as he sat. Stephanie still hadn’t taken her eyes off his eyes, and he looked up at her, a lusty question in his eyes.

“Closer baby.” She instructed.

Without taking his eyes off her and using his hands as a brace Andy slid his butt forward, moving himself closer to her, feeding his feet and legs underneath of her knees until his feet were against the pillows and headboard behind her. She smiled at him, and he gave one back and looked down to see that his genitals were no more than six inches from his mother’s opening. Stephanie could feel the heat coming off herself and let out a sigh. After holding back for so long and positioning him to where she wanted, she finally allowed her eyes to travel from his face.

She looked down her own body. Her breasts stuck out in front of her, and her nipples stood as erect and firm as they had ever been. She could feel herself dripping down her inner thighs. She looked up and him between her legs and seeing him so close to her made her body ache with want for his touch. They were both as naked as they were the day that he came out of her, and he was so close to where he came from. Both their legs were splayed wide open and their genitals inches from one another.

The room had been filled with the smell of them both. He looked adorable to her, but she could see a lust in him that she wanted to satisfy. Her son, her baby boy. She adored every inch of him, and she allowed herself to drink in the sight of him. To see him naked for the first time. He had similarly coloured skin, even nipple colour she realised. And she could make out the peach fuzz hair that now grew on his thighs. His pubic hair grew in a thatch just above the base of his penis only and the way he was seated she could see his cute little hole between his legs. She looked at his penis that stood straight as an arrow, pointing back at him. It was about average for a teen his age she thought, but it looked so beautiful and glistening as it incessantly leaked a constant stream of warm, clear precum, and his balls hung heavy below his shaft, moving slightly in their hairless sack.

Stephanie marvelled at them, at how funny it was that she had created this person, her son. She let the thoughts run through her head as she stared at him; how she had used her own DNA to create him, to create this perfect person and his perfect cock and balls that her pussy now craved for. It was a wonder to her. She remembered the day he was born, how she had bathed him, raised him, and fed him on her breast. He had been so small then, seemed so delicate. And yet now here he was, he was nearly as tall as her. He had grown so much and despite how sweet he was and how innocent, he was now developing and would be a man. Somewhere along the line his body had begun to change, and he now produced his own DNA, had his own urges that meant that he wanted to partake in the very act that created him. That were currently causing his leaking and enflamed cockhead to be pointing straight up, dripping their contents all over his pink belly and crotch whilst he looked at the place where he was born from. It was a circular, poetic wonder to her; and it felt so, so right. She had lost all logic and reason, all that mattered for her was her son in front of her and her need for him. She needed him back inside of her.

Andy hadn’t thought that far ahead, he was simply awestruck by the situation and the sight of her naked mother right in front of him. His body felt light and tingly, and he almost felt like he couldn’t move, like he was stuck in a trance. He had seen women naked in pictures and in videos but with his mother right in front of him he felt like he was experiencing something completely different, something more natural and primal. For the first time in his life, he could smell the scent of an aroused vagina and he found it intoxicating, it was a new smell, but it felt so natural and familiar. As if it made sense to him that this was his mother’s scent. His penis throbbed, stuck up straight in the air in front of him. It ached to be touched but he found himself unable to pick his arms up to do even that. He stared at her vagina and heaving breasts, he loved her pubic mound with its hair and the way it was neatly trimmed, and he marvelled at her inner lips that protruded out of her and that looked so wet, yet warm and so inviting. He had never seen anything so captivating in all his life. He wanted to touch it, to explore her with every part of himself, but didn’t want to ruin the moment in any way.

Instead, he looked up at his mom’s eyes and Stephanie seemed to sense what he wanted; she reached one hand between her legs and with two fingers opening her slit for him to get a better view.

“Do you like what you see, baby?” She asked. Andy looked up and down her body, his eyes resting on her pussy. He could see the pink folds within her as she held herself spread open for him. His eye’s widened and he gulped.

“Mom, it…you look so good” was all Andy could manage to get out in reply. His mind not entirely working.

“And so do you baby.” Stephanie smiled at him. “Look how wet you’re making me.” She slid two fingers across her opening, from her clitoris down, coating them in her juices. She held them to him, wanting him to understand how ready she was for him. Andy let out a shallow breath and gulped, his mind whirling. She moved her hand back down to herself and along with her other hand made a diamond shape between her thumbs and index fingers, framing her vagina for him.

“This is where you came from Andy, this is where mommy made you.” She said looking him dead in the eyes, it like she was getting hornier with each passing second as she spoke. The feeling of her own son staring into her most intimate area was bliss. She wanted to talk him through it, to make him ready. To share her body with him completely. To bring him back home.

“You stayed in here for nine months as you grew, and I gave you everything you needed. We were connected to each other completely. And when you were born you were the most perfect little baby boy.” She looked at him lovingly, Andy barely knew how to react, but he let out a smile. He had never been so horny before in all his life and every sensation felt new, like the world had changed. He was nervous but he felt the outpouring of love coming from his naked mother.

“Have you ever seen this part of a woman before, baby?” She asked looking down at herself. Feeling like she already knew the answer.

“No mom” He replied looking at her almost embarrassed. “Only in pictures and stuff… at school, you know?” he added.

“It’s ok baby, I know” she reassured him. “It’s normal for a boy your age. I bet you’ve seen plenty of pictures.” She laughed, and it bought him back to the moment slightly and put him at ease.

“Do you think about it much? Touching a woman…having sex with her?” She asked with a concerned smile. As if she wanted to know about the impact such urges would be having on him.

“Yeah, of course. Sometimes I do..” he replied bashfully. “A lot actually…”

“Would you like to be connected to me again baby? Would you like to have sex with mommy?”

The question caused his penis to twitch, and he became firmly aware as to what was about to happen. He looked down at his mother’s vagina again and a feeling of relaxation spread through him, like his nerves were being wiped away. It became clear to him as to what they both wanted, and he submitted completely too it. He felt comfortable here, in his mother’s bed. Naked with her. His mother wanted to have sex with him, and he wanted to have sex with her more than anything else in the world. It felt so right.

“Mommy”. He said and looked her in the eyes. “Mommy I love you so much.”

“Come here.” She beckoned and she reached out her arms in a hug.

Andy got on his knees to move closer to her. Stephanie removed all but one of the pillows from below her and maneuverer herself down so that she was lying down. Andy was now between her legs looking down at her. She reached out her arms and pulled him down onto her body. They both moaned as they came into contact, Andy’s penis squashed between them pressed into his mother’s pubic mound. The sensation of her hair tickling his cockhead as his testicles dangled next to her wet opening.

The feeling of her naked son on top of her send raptures throughout Stephanie’s body, she pulled him close, holding him tight against her with her hands on his butt and back. They looked into each other’s eyes and Stephanie bought her face close to his and with a smile gave him a slow kiss on the mouth. She had only intended it to be a simple kiss, but as her lips touched his she felt the need to push her tongue into his mouth which he gladly accepted. She moved her tongue slowly in his mouth, teasing him with flicks and pecks. As she did, she realised his inexperience and so used her motion to teach him the rhythm and technique that she was looking for in a long sensual act. Stephanie could feel him leaking his precum into her pubic hair and lower stomach, drenching them both with a lovely stickiness. She loved the feeling of his cock placed right next to where he was born, nestled in her mound as she slowly humped her hips up into him as they kissed. She could feel his balls resting on her burning opening, the heat in her pussy was intolerable and Stephanie whimpered as she savoured in the feeling of his weight fully on top of her, her sons’ bare hips on hers, his stomach on hers, his chest on hers, his lips on hers. After a while Andy began to groan at the action, breaking the kiss, his eyes rolling up into his head as she continued to grind herself up into him.

“Mommy” he groaned. And Stephanie lifted her right breast to his mouth, offering it to her son. He dutifully latched on, and Stephanie watched her son suckle on her for the first time since he was baby. The feeling was indescribable, like her breasts and vagina were linked by wiring. Each suck caused ripples of extasy down her body and through her pussy. She continued to gently hump herself up into him as her clitoris rubbed against where is ball sack met his shaft. The touch had her suddenly extremely close to orgasm, but she made sure to take it slow as she didn’t want the action to set him off. At least not yet.

“That’s right baby. Suck on mommy, Suck on mommy.” She continued between laboured breaths. She held onto the back of his head with one arm, stroking his head as she alternated between encouraging him and kissing the top of his head. He began to meet her gentle thrusts with his own as he suckled and she could feel his slick cock moving up and down on her pelvis, spreading its fluid over her belly and throughout her pubic hair. She held onto him for a while, allowing him to be completely in the moment as he seemed to have reverted completely back to a more primal place as he sucked and thrust, with little moans escaping his lips. Every now and then he would change from one nipple to the next with his mouth whilst groping with his hands at the other as she stroked his hair and whisper encouragements to him.

“That’s it, baby. You’re okay, it’s okay now.”

His humps into her became more forceful and she began to grunt with each thrust. She looked over his shoulder and along his lithe back towards his slim butt as it moved up and down on her. She could feel his two testicles squashing against her labia as he humped, and she thought about how they were now producing sperm. Her son’s sperm. Andy’s sperm. And the thought sent another shiver through her. She was ovulating she remembered, her insides ready to receive any seed that were put into her, and he couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than that. Her son, her baby, her Andy; his cock, and balls were so wanting and so ready and so close to putting in the very essence of his life into the place that had created him. Where she had created him.

“Andy. Andy, baby” she whispered to him, but it seemed to barely register as continued to suck on her nipple and hump into her pelvis. She placed her hands on either side of his head and gently pulled his face to look at her. Andy stopped sucking to face her, he looked confused and as if he had just woken up.

“Baby.” She to him as she looked him in the eyes. “Mommy’s going to put you inside of her now. Is that okay? Are you sure you still want to?”

Andy looked at him mom and nodded.

“It’s okay if you don’t you know?” She asked, she had to be sure.

“Mommy, I want to. I really want to” he said enthusiastically.

“Okay good. Lift up a bit baby” She instructed. Andy lifted his chest and stomach off his mother. Stephanie looked down at them both, their bodies gleamed with moisture, both covered in mixture of Andy’s saliva and precum. His body looked amazing to her as he held himself up with his arms and his penis stuck up and out from between her legs. She reached down and wrapped a hand around it and she watched him tense his body at the sensation. She guided it lower until it grazed her clit and Andy lifted his legs slightly to allow her to position his cockhead at her opening.

They both gasped at the sensation as his hard, spongy cock came into contact with her for the first time. She held it in place, ever so slightly touching against her outer labia. Her vagina felt like a void that needed to be filled, as if it was incomplete without him. She wanted to suck him inside herself until he was in her completely and there was no more space left to fill. The anticipation was killing her, and she could feel him leaking down her hand. But she wanted him to savour his first time with her, to make it last and one to remember. She rubbed his tip up and down her opening.

“Baby you’re going in now, you’re going back inside mommy. My baby boy.” She gave him one last smile and then lifted her neck to kiss him on the lips. She removed her hand from his penis and lifted it to his face as they kissed. Between kisses she whispered to him.

“Push baby, push it in slowly.”

They continued to kiss as Andy eased his hips forward slowly. His mother’s wet outer lips gave a little resistance before parting around him. He felt the head of his cock slowly become encompassed by her warmth until he was inside about an inch. The feeling was indescribable. They kept up their passionate kissing as Andy held himself there. For Stephanie it was too much, she needed more of him in her, her body aching to be filled. She broke off the kiss momentarily to hold onto his neck and whisper to him.

“There you are baby, you’re inside mommy. You’re home. Now more baby, come in all the way.”

The boy didn’t need much persuading. He pushed himself forward again. He felt his mother open to him as he slid in millimetre by millimetre. Her walls gripped his foreskin in place as he inched forward, pulling it down to expose his sensitive inner head to the velvet like walls of her pussy. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as his mother watched his reaction with a sense of deep maternal pride. She could feel herself become whole as he pushed inside of her, finally complete with her son back inside of her. Her body was on fire, she arched herself up unconsciously, tensing around his cock and pushing her hard nipples up into against him. The orgasm that had he had interrupted before suddenly very close.

“Oooh mommy” Andy whimpered inches from her face as his cock was completely enveloped by her, his pubic mound coming to rest against hers and his balls squashed up against the bottom of her slit as they hung just above her hole. Hearing him call for her along with feeling him inside sent a wave of ecstasy through Stephanie’s body. She convulsed with the pleasure, grabbing onto his back, and pulling him down onto her. She held his head up to look him in the eyes as she came. She forced herself to not close her eyes she stared into him, feeling him fully inside of her as per pussy pulsed, gripped and dripped on his length.

She held him there like that for several moments as her orgasm passed. Andy lay on top of her enjoying the sensation of their bodies firmly together. His hips on hers, her breasts against the top of his chest, his cock inside of her. He still couldn’t believe this was happening, but he could barely think about the reality of the situation at this point. His mother squirmed under him, and he felt her wet pussy massaging his cock as she held him in place. For all his inexperience he knew she was cumming and didn’t want to do anything to disturb that. He had never seen a woman orgasm before in real life and watching his mother cum whilst he was inside her felt like he was seeing something he wasn’t supposed to. Like it was version of her who had always been there, but he’d never been allowed to see. It almost scared him to see as her face contorted in a silent scream. He wanted to ask if she was okay but stopped himself, instead allowing himself to be amazed by the sight and feeling of what was happening. A pressure had been building within in and his hips urged to move and thrust, but he kept himself still, staring at her face and waiting for the instruction.

Stephanie slowly returned to reality as her orgasm subsided. She looked up at her good obedient boy, so dutiful and eager to please her. Her pussy was still on fire as she cradled him inside of herself and she could feel him twitch to his heartbeat within her.

“You’ve been so such a good boy.” She said with a smile. “You gave mommy an orgasm by just putting yourself inside of her. You feel so nice back inside of mommy’s pussy.”

She reached up and moved the hair out of his eyes, placing it behind his ear.

“Now it’s your turn baby. Mommy wants you to fuck her. Be mommy’s good boy and fuck her.”

The sound of his mother using the word ‘fuck’ in that context shocked Andy and yet it only made him hornier and want to comply. Although he was a virgin, Andy’s body told him exactly what to do. His torse still on top of his mother he pulled himself out slowly, feeling every sensation of soft, wet friction in his mother as he did. He pulled out until his tip was once again just at her entrance and held it there for a second.

“Yes, baby that’s it.”

The incestuous couple looked at each other and again began kissing as he waited there, both missing the sensation of being fully joined together until they couldn’t take it any longer. He slid back in, needing to feel her, and she raised her hips to meet his movement. Both groaning and letting out a sigh when he was back in her completely.

Andy’s instinct began to take over, the feeling of her lips and walls around him drowning out almost all over senses. He began pulling in and out slowly at first as they kissed, but his rhythm soon picked up. They broke off the kiss as Andy buried his head in his mother’s neck and shoulder, as pure instinct began to take over the teen. In and out he began to thrust as Stephanie tried meeting his thrusts with her own.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it. You’re doing such a good job. You’re deep inside mommy.”

The feeling of his cock plunging in and out of his mother was indescribable to Andy, he had never experienced such pleasure in all his life. His whole consciousness was centred on the sensation of him sliding through the wet grip of her walls. As he thrust, he kissed and sucked at her in a blur along her shoulders, neck, face, and breasts; gorging himself in her scent and sweat. As she spoke to him her words seemed to put him in a daze and left him hanging on every bit of encouragement, every instruction. He would have done anything for her that she asked, but she didn’t seem to want anything from him other than for him to enjoy himself and not hold back. He had never felt so much love in all his life and he loved her back completely.

The couple fucked on the bed like this for several more minutes, the sound of their sensual love making filling the dimly lit room. After a while Andy’s thrusts became more frantic and Stephanie could feel his cock inside of her become even more hard that it was previously. She knew that he would soon need to cum, but she wanted this to continue slightly longer. She stopped her thrusts and grasped at him.

“Baby. Baby stop” she instructed. He complied instantly and looked up to her face, he held himself completely still. Unsure if he had done anything wrong. Again, she could feel his heartbeat within her.

“Let’s change position. Let mommy take care of you, lie down on you back”.

It took Andy a second to process her instruction, but he slid himself out of her and lay down on his back. He already missed the feeling of being inside of her and he felt like his world was spinning as he looked down himself and saw his cock dripping onto his belly whilst lying on his mother’s bed.

Stephanie got up and positioned herself between his legs, smiling down at her boy. She had wanted to straddle him but seeing his cute eyes staring back up at her whilst his twitching, wet cock stood out from his body she couldn’t help herself. She grabbed it with one hand and pointed it upwards. She slowly milked it up and down, freeing his cockhead completely from his foreskin and back in again as she forced another large droplet of bubbly precum to emerge from his urethra and drip down her hands. Andy squirmed with the feeling, and she could see him trying and failing to hold himself still with the pleasure.

She locked eyes with him and as she did, she lowered her head until her mouth was right next to his cock. She could smell her own scent mixed with his fresh, masculine odour coming from his balls and cock and she loved it. Slowly, she pulled down his foreskin again and slowly licked the sensitive underside of his head, making him jerk with the pleasure. She continued licking around his shaft and she could see Andy’s eyes go up into the back of his head. The taste of her son was as delicate and delicious as his smell she realised, and a primal hunger soon began to take over her. Holding his cock in her hand she licked across his pubic hair and groin as Andy’s hips began moving up and down. She moved to his balls, placing both in her mouth as she licked and swirled them around and then traced his tongue down to his butt hole as she played with him delicately. She watched as Andy placed both hands above his head, grasping at the pillows above him as he writhed in pleasure. He was beside himself, lost in a world of ecstasy as she lowered her mouth down his shaft, taking him whole and massaging the underside of his cock with her tongue.

She loved sucking her son’s cock and the reactions that he was giving her. His mouth opened and closed in delight as he received his first ever blowjob. Every now and then one of his legs or arms would jerk and he almost looked as in pain.

“Oh mommy… mommy… mommy.” Is all Andy could say between grunts and jerks of pleasure.

It was so surreal she thought as she looked up his body at him. Just this morning she was doing his laundry and making sure that he got up for school on time. She had obviously known and hoped that he would go on to be a healthy sexual being as he grew, but of course like any mother she had never imagined that she would be the one initiating him into the world of sex. And now here she was having taken his virginity and now sucking on this throbbing cock.

Her mouth was being flooded with his salty precum and before long she could tell that he was getting near to his orgasm again. She was so proud of her boy for holding out this long, but she wanted his first-time orgasm with her to be special. She swirled and sucked his cock around in her mouth a bit more, watching each one of his involuntary reactions to each of her movements. She was enjoying the control and her ability to give the ultimate pleasure to her boy, but she forced herself to lift her head off in a loud pop as she didn’t want him to accidently explode.

“Did you like that baby?... You did such a good job… You’re so hard for mommy… and you taste so good.” She said between big, slow, wet licks and kisses of his lower belly, inner thighs, balls, and cock. She wanted to slow his pace and bring him back down to earth a little. He regained a bit of composure, managing to look down at her. Yet he was so aroused his body still jerked slightly whenever her tongue met a sensitive area.

“Mom, I… That was.” He started but he could barely think. The sight of his mother between his legs holding onto his erection was one he could still not get over. He was still so turned on that he thrust his hips gently up so that he slid up and down his mother’s grasp as he spoke. She let out a little laugh.

“Baby, it’s okay. I know what you want.” She said mischievously.

“Mom I…” he started.

“Mommy” she corrected with a flirtatious smile.

“Mommy, I need… you.” he trailed off, continuing to thrust in her hand. His cock inches from her face. Her heart melted for him in that moment. He was so in need of her, and she had to give him what he needed. He had done so well up to this point, but she knew that she needed to make her boy cum.

“Shh, let mommy take care of it. Mommy knows what her boy needs.” She said, and with that she let go of his cock which sprung back and made a soft thud as it struck his stomach and pointed back towards his face. She removed herself from between his legs so that she was beside him and then pushed his legs together as he lay there, accepting anything that she would do to him. She reached over him and lifted one leg over so that her pussy was inches from it. With her hands on his waist, she held herself there watching the look on his eyes as she began to lower herself down onto him. Andy’s eyes widened as large drop of his mother’s natural lubricant dripped down, coating his shaft. She gently allowed her swollen pussy lips to touch his cock, holding herself up as they hugged at the underside of her son’s cock as it pointed horizontally towards his face. He once again looked in disbelief at the sights and feelings he was experiencing, not taking his eyes off where they were in contact. Wanting to tease him a bit, Stephanie dragged her pussy up and down his penis, from his head to balls, completely coating him with her juices.

“Look baby, look.” She instructed. “Do you want to go back inside mommy?”. She asked as she slid against him.

It was all Andy could do to briefly look at her eyes and nod before turning his attention back to her lips on him.

“Say it baby, mommy needs you to say it. Tell mommy what you want. Tell her where you want to go.”

This time Andy looked up properly, he seemed to take his time as his eyes took in her whole body and then rested on her face. She continued to hold him down and slide up and down his cock slowly, she was completely in control, but her eyes were full of love and tenderness for him. He smiled up at her.

“Mommy you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I need to be in you so much. Please mommy, please let me back inside you.” He pleaded up at her.

“Of course, baby, come back inside mommy. Come back inside where you came from. Where you belong.” She said as she slid along the length of his cock until her opening was against his head and she slowly sank down onto him, enveloping him completely once again in her warmth. As he entered her Stephanie could feel herself fill up again, and with delight dangled her breasts above his face. Instinctively the boy latched on, sucking at her nipple like he had when he was a baby. Stephanie couldn’t help herself and she ground her pussy down on him as far as she could go, her swollen and sensitive outer lips wrapping down along the top of his ball sack, as it wanted to eat him up completely. She ground her clitoris against him, pushing him into her bed and the feeling sent a surge through her whole body. Whilst keeping him inside her she lifted her hips and then drove back down again, causing her body to smack against him, making him grunt as suckled. Whilst caressing his head she increased her pace with her lower half, feeling her son’s cock, the cock that she had created, slide in and out as another orgasm of hers began to form. She wondered if he was close too but as her own orgasm approached, she couldn’t help but lose control a little. She lifted her upper half off him and grabbed his arms, putting them above his head as she continued to ride him. A deep lust had overtaken her, and she wanted to see her boy. Interlocking her fingers in his she held his hands against the pillow above his head.

“Mommy, oh mommy” Andy whimpered as Stephanie leaned over, still holding his hands and began to softly bite and lick against him. His world was complete pleasure, it felt like his body had been bought to a new world of sensitivity as his mother bit at his earlobe and then along his neck and jaw and then to lick him all over. He was shocked by her licking him like that, he was covered in her saliva and felt exposed and like he didn’t really have any control. But every now and then she’d whisper loving encouragements to him or smile as she looked him in the eye, all the while the feeling of that as her pussy gripped and milked at his cock let him know that she was doing it out of love for him.

“Yes baby, oh baby. You feel so good. You feel so good inside mommy. You’re mommy’s boy baby, you’ll always be her boy.” She said breathlessly between licks and small bites of his skin. She felt like she wanted to eat him up, to consume him. There was something about his beautiful hard cock within her and his completely exposed flesh that she found so cute and arousing, it made her almost want to squeeze and hurt him. She had to taste every part of him that she could and so she let her tongue roam his body wherever it could reach. She held her mouth over his and forced her tongue inside of his mouth, which he gladly accepted, he thought she wanted to kiss some more but instead she licked along the inside of his mouth, his cheeks and tongue as if she wanted to explore him. Then, she traced her tongue over his neck and shoulder to his exposed armpit, licking at him and inhaling his scent and even nibbling at him. A part of him felt the ticklish sensation and he felt the impulse to pull his arms down yet he felt stuck in position, allowing her whatever access that she was demanding of him.

Her thrusts were becoming more forceful, almost violent. Up and down on him she went, a wet ‘thrack’ echoing in the room each time thrust upon him. She seemed almost like an animal to him, predatory in her movements and it scared him almost as much as it turned him on. He had never seen his mother in any way like she was now and yet it felt so natural and wonderful to him. She had taken care of him all his life and this felt like just an extension of that, another way for a mother to take care of a son. The physical embodiment of tough love. She was right he realised, they had shared their bodies before and now they were just doing the same. Sharing love and their bodies in the most caring way. As his mother pumped his cock, he couldn’t believe he had been nervous or scared of this and he regretted that they had stopped sharing each other’s bed. He thought about all the ways that his beautiful mother had taken care of him as he had grown up and now here, she was, on top of him sharing her most intimate and instinctive side of herself. He wanted her to take whatever she wanted from him in that moment because he realised that is what she was doing for him. For his pleasure and their love. He lay there as she licked and growled on him, seemingly alternating between, and combining maternal care and animalistic ferocity. He lay there still as she explored his body with her mouth, he was held in place by her grip on his mind and body. He was completely at her mercy he felt, his mind was going blank. All he could do was let out little groans as his cock continued to be aggressively massaged by his mother’s thrusting, gripping pussy.

Andy felt the tingle of his own orgasm beginning to build deep within him. It was a familiar feeling, yet this was different, his whole body felt like it was beginning to vibrate. Every part of him became more alive he felt, like time was starting to slow down. He looked down at where his mother’s vagina was enveloping him over and over and with each of her thrusts down onto him it felt like the whole area from his stomach to groin was falling a thousand miles an hour.

“Mommy, mommy. I’m going to… I think I’m going to.” Andy got out between breathes.

Suddenly Stephanie stopped her movements and understood, she had been lost in her own world. She refocused on him and could see the overstimulation in his face, his cute fact was extremely flushed, and he looked overwhelmed by what was happening. Like he was struggling to hold something back and was at the point of breaking. It felt like she had been at the precipice of her own orgasm for so long, but she knew in that moment she needed to take care of her boy.

“It’s okay baby, quickly”, she said. Leaning down onto his body, her breasts against his chest, she hugged into him tight and in one swift motion she rolled herself onto her back, keeping him inside of her. Now beneath him, she stroked his hair back behind his ear and looked him in the eye with a smile.

“Baby, it’s completely okay. I don’t want you to worry about anything. I want you to let it all out in mommy. Let all of you cummies go into mommy. Can you do that for me baby? Can you fill mommy up?”

Andy needed not encouragement, he simply nodded his head and began to move his hips. She knew that she was unprotected as far as birth control was concerned but in the moment she didn’t care. All she wanted was her sons seed deep inside her, back to where it came from. Stephanie was already close, and the feeling of her son thrusting in and out renewed her progress. She was so proud of him in that moment as his pace picked up and she could feel his balls begin to slap against her.

“That’s it. That’s it, baby, you’re making mommy cum. Give her all your cum, baby.” She screamed as she widened her legs and grabbed at his buttocks. Pulling him closer, pulling him further in. As he slid in and out of her, she would grab further and further, her fingers reaching deep between his cheeks until her middle finger met his hole which she forced inside of him, probing into him. With her other hand she cradled his face, and lightly held his jaw as she gave him long wet kisses on the mouth. Their movements reached a frenzied pace and Stephanie was so close she lost all thought and began thrusting back up at him matching his rhythm and encouraging him to cum. They were completely reduced to their most primal being, their need for each other supplanting all else.

“Cum in mommy baby, cum in mommy. Give her everything you have baby, give her all your beautiful cum”.

The feeling of his mother’s finger within him and sound of her telling him to cum in her sent Andy over the edge, he felt an explosion begin to ignite within him as their hips ground together.

“I love you, mommy!” Andy managed to get out.

“Oh, baby I love you too!” she cried out back to him. It felt like she could feel every part of him inside of her such was her sensitivity. And then the two returned to each other’s mouths in a passionate and wet incestuous kiss as she pushed her index finger as well, moving them both further inside of him.

Then it began, and Andy felt his semen flow through him and up his cock in a long moment of pure pleasure. One last time he pushed himself forward as far as he could go within her velvety folds and he let go, feeling his cock spasm in ecstasy as a massive stream of his cum began to flow deep inside of his mother. His eyes rolled backwards into his head as the first spurt released out of him, directly into the place where he had been born from.

Stephanie groaned in orgasmic intensity as she felt his cock harden beyond belief, and then spasm as he began to cum. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world to her as his fertile semen began to flow from him into her, leaving him in large ropes and completely coating her insides, producing an exquisite warmth deep inside of her. Again and again, she felt him squirt filling her up completely.

The feeling of her baby’s fertile cum inside of her was everything to Stephanie, she wanted it to reach her greatest depths and to spread all throughout her womb. Squeezing his tight buttocks with her hand and pushing her fingers all the way to her knuckles, she pulled him into her as her own orgasm rocked her body as she came hard against his cock, spreading her own warmth down his length. She had never known an orgasm like it, everyone she had had previously paled compared to this. She hooked her legs over the back of his, holding him in place tightly inside of her as her whole body buckled, and she moaned into him whilst trying to maintain their kiss. Her body was electric, and she shook again and again underneath his weight as he continued to pump her so full that their combined juices were leaking out and onto them before either had even began to finish. Again, and again his cock spasmed as her trembling orgasm continued as torrents of their hot, sticky cum intermingled and coated them both. With each wave of orgasm Stephanie’s pussy would contract and squeeze her son’s cock as if milking him for everything that he had.

“Oh mommy. Oh mommy” Andy managed to get out as he continued to release inside of his mother. Whether it lasted seconds or minutes neither could tell.

“Oh baby” she said between kisses as their orgasms began to dwindle. Every now and then she would feel him jerk and even more of his semen would flow out of tip, causing her own sensitive body to jerk in delight. She kissed him on his forehead, tasting his salty sweat.

“Oh baby, you did so good. You did so good. You made mommy cum so hard.” She said between wet kisses along his face. She removed her fingers from him to cradle his head as he collapsed onto her.

“Are you ok honey?” She asked.

“Mommy I love you so much.” Was all he could reply, completely spent and still feeling himself swimming in their combined juices inside of her. It felt like his cock would never go soft again as it throbbed within her softness but eventually it began do throb less and less. He lay his whole weight on top of her as she began to stroke his face again as he nestled his face into her shoulder. His body was so tired and his mind fell into the comfort of being wrapped on top of her, wrapped in her, a part of her. He felt like sleeping.

“You did so good baby, rest now. You can rest.” she whispered to him, enjoying the feeling of him on top of her, his balls pressed tightly against her and his penis and cum inside her. She delighted in the thought that his sperm was free within, doing what it wanted. She never wanted to let him go ever again. There was so much more she wanted to do with him. He was hers and she was his. But for now, she decided, they would rest together. They would need it. His whole weight lay on her and she could sense him drifting off as she continued stroking his hair. It was comforting and in her deep satisfaction sleep began to take her, the dimly lit room became hazy, and her senses dulled. As she drifted off her consciousness faded and only the sensation of her son within her stayed firm. She smiled at the feeling of connectedness with him as her eyes closed and breathes started to get heavy. At being joined at the same place where he had started his existence. Inside her again, back where he belonged.
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