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Elena & Deena
Themes: ws, light scat, mast, lez

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books1-8) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 9-1 - Adam's Boob Fest (tame & edited version)

by StackofBooks

(2453 words)

[Author's note: I stress and reiterate that this story (and all the others I write) are 100% fantasy, completely out of my imagination. This one is about an au pair's sexy happenings. But I'm curious if this sort of thing happens in real life, either willingly or coerced. Let me know your au pair experiences, good or bad. Likewise if you've been a host for an au pair and 'things' happened. Use Private Messaging rather than the comments box so we remain discreet and confidential.]

One Saturday, Jean decided to go out with the kids for the whole day. She really tried to spend quality time with them, especially as having an au pair at home while she was busy with her shop reduced that opportunity considerably.

The three had been in the bath together that morning, and she was amused to observe all the games they'd learnt with Elena (their Russian au pair, now 18).

After rinsing them, they played a few more games with the bubbles and rubber ducks, and got out and got dried off.

Jean got together all the paraphernalia she needed for such a day trip, put shoes and coats on the two little ones, and strapped them into their car seats.

Eventually, they were ready to go (half an hour later than planned); kissed her hubby goodbye as he was in the garage preparing some things for his day, and as Elena was in the kitchen, went in and kissed her too. Jean slipped a finger up the girl's short tartan skirt, and finding no knickers pushed it in up to the hilt of her juicy and naturally lubricated kitty. She pulled it out and sniffed it, like a connoisseur would do with a wine cork. She let Elena sample the odour and the teen squeezed her tit in return. Jean departed, but all through the journey kept putting her digit to her nose. She'd taken her knickers off just before getting in, and now pushed her soiled finger against her pussy as she was driving, imagining Elena was scissoring her. She had to stop the car in a petrol station for the orgasms to subside.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Deena arrived and they decided to watch Shawshank Redemption in English in Elena's room. As Deena was now so cool about it, they had a ritual for Elena to motorboat her as soon as they met, or as soon as was logistically possible, either through her clothes or with top half naked. As the opening titles were playing, they did just that to each other, deciding that the Russian word should be 'Brrr-ski'. They had to pause the film for 10 mins to recover from that joke.

When the movie finished, they prepared some lunch and ate it outside on the patio. Elena had forgotten that Adam was staying behind to do some painting upstairs.

So the girls decided to have a session in the hot tub and Adam caught sight of them from a bedroom window as they removed their clothes out there. He knew Elena's body by now of course but the sight of Deena's bazookas and shaved quim did something magical to him. (Me, me, me, he thought.)

They jumped in and he watched as they had multiple orgasms on the jets. Then each sat on the side, giving him a good view of their charms as they fingered each other and squirted ejaculate and urinated over the other's chest. The Russians sat back, relaxed and chatted for quite a while, practising their English. By the by, Elena came inside to use the toilet. Adam was in the kitchen making a snack for himself. As she thought he wasn't at home, she didn't close the door and he listened intently while she did a long loud pee for a minute and a half. Plop! Plop!! Pause. Plop, as she pushed 3 turds out, the paper rustled as she wiped her puckered rear hole. She came out and saw him but didn't flinch or startle, because he had deliberately just made a noise to warn her of his presence. He noticed she was nude of course but neither of them were bothered by it.

"Here, Elena, take a couple of Breezers out for you and your friend. And some potato chips if you want.

Hi Adam, how's the painting going? Yes, thanks, a drink and chips would - how do you say it? - go down very well. Would you like to join us? Deena wishes to get to know you better as you're always at work when she comes round. She hopes to hear your Russian and laugh at you like you chortle at me when I mix up the English words orgasm (she winked) and organism. Please??

She stared at him with her big brown eyes, and he was like putty in her hands as he thought about her "organism" on his cock the other day.

OK, give me 20 minutes to finish up upstairs. But you girls need to put your bikinis on or Jean will give me hell if she finds out.

For fuck's sake, Adam (her newest and most favourite phrase of ALL time), it's alright. You leave Jean to me if there's a problem. I have ways of persuading her.

And she cupped her bare tits and pushed them towards him, and opened her pussy slightly with spread-apart legs to make clear her meaning.

Besides, us Russian girls are not shy or...reticent (is that right?) in any way. And Deena has two "friends" (she did the in-air bunny ears) she'd like you to meet. (She used a phrase she'd just heard in the film and she said provocatively, getting in his face:) You get my drift? Or am I being too obtuse??

OK, OK, I'll be there soon. Take a beer out for me too, would you?

In sassy mode, she smiled widely and  said: Your wish is my command, master, and gave her cute arse a wiggle as she sashayed away.

Adam really was in two minds, but the little brain between his legs won the argument. He undressed in his room and put on his swimming shorts, and tentatively walked down the patio and climbed in, shyly sitting as equidistant from them as possible. He took his beer, opened it and took a few sips.

Deena said: "Oh Adam, why are you so far away - that won't do at all! From what she tells me, you already know Elena quite well. Wink-wink. Don't worry, I'm not a snitch. But sit closer to me and let me introduce you to Zizi (points left) and Zaza (points right). Please shake their hands in greeting.

And she took one of his hands and placed it over her mammary. Elena was giggling hysterically at this, and had to cover her mouth with her hand, almost choking on her drink. She could already see his dick rising to the occasion under the water.

She then switched on the jets and, like earlier, both girls deliberately sat over them, orgasming multiple times, getting louder and louder. Adam by this time had both hands on her melons, rubbing and twisting her nips as they pushed out to express their happiness and enjoyment.

The jets went off, and Elena climbed on the side, sat next to Adam, splayed her legs and gave him a wanking show like no other. Terminated by pissing on his chest.

Deena, despite her previous declaration of being straight, was so turned on by this, after Elena had sat back down, got herself up on the side wall, and gave the same performance to him. Her finale was a squirted jet of ejaculate into his mouth.

They all sat and recovered for 20 mins, and drank their drinks. The girls asked him in Russian a few general questions and declared he was at about the same level as Elena's English.

He got up and excused himself to go to the lav, but those naughty teenagers had other ideas.

He told them he wanted to make sure his children grew up with no hang-ups about bodily functions and related to them the full details of his previous time in the shower with them.

They then went into silly role-play mode.

Daddy, what is that thing between your legs?

It's called my penis, and it's for making pee.

Why doesn't Mummy or Justine have one?

Because they are girls. Only boys have them.

Where does the pee come out of you?

At the end, from the hole.

Getting into the game, he stood up, they pulled down his shorts, and Deena gasped at its size. (Much longer and thicker than Ryan.) She teased him by taking her glasses off temporarily as if she was using a magnifying glass to see it because it was too small.

She lifted up his dick with her small hands and pointed. This hole? He nodded. She put her tongue with its thin flexible tip in it. So did Elena with her fatter one, and she licked it with the wide part.

If I point it over the side, can you show me and my friend how the yellow juice comes out?

So they each put a hand on his long shaft, and his initial twin jets resolved into one stream and reached two metres or more. Deena was savvy enough to know how to stop the flow by squeezing in the right place. (Elena learnt it that day.) She swung him round, and the girls took a drink, then took turns spraying his urine onto the other's chest. 

Finally, they both turned round baring their arses and chanted: Bottoms, Daddy, bottoms.

Then shaking and pushing the last drops out and licking them off the end.

Another break was called for, and they started their little girls' voices again.

What else does your thing do, Daddy?

Well, when me and my wife feel very loving towards each other, she makes it stiff and hard, and I put it inside her and make a baby. That's how Tommy and Justine came into the world.

We'd like to make it big and hard now, Daddy. Is that OK?

They'd already started anyway without waiting for his reply. It was just so exhilarating. To have two mouths and tongues on you, as well as hands going up and down is incredible.

We don't want a baby, but we'd like to ask you to put it into our cooties. Can you try that please?

Deena went first and bent over forwards, and he put the tip against her entrance. Bit by bit, he got it in all the way and gave a few strokes as she panted and groaned, him holding on to her funbags for dear life.

In a very good imitation of Justine's voice, Elena interrupted them to say: "Me, me, me, Daddy" which made them all laugh.

She preferred to lie back on the tub's side, and he inserted into her. She could feel his tip banging on her cervix as he pumped. After about 5 mins, he withdrew. 

Now children, there's another thing you need to learn about. When Mr Woody here gets happy and excited, he makes a special cream which contains the baby seeds. Who'd like to see that?

Two voices cheered yes, and they clapped and whooped.

So he told them to start masturbating themselves, and a few minutes later fired gallons of his cum into their hair, eyes, nose, mouth, neck and boobs.

The hot tub water was now full of semen and urine, but he had planned to clean it tomorrow anyway, with new filters and replenished chemicals.

He went back into the house to get alcopops for them and beer for him.

They chatted amicably about many things, and the two sessions with Ryan and Sally were brought up. He'd never been with a black girl and his interest was piqued.

Motorboating was a new concept to him (strange, when he'd watched so much porn in the past) and Zizi and Zaza gave of their best as he did the Brrrr for his first time. Elena couldn't think of any names for her boobs, so Adam christened them Tweedledum (left) and Tweedledee (right) but he did a good 20 sec job on her which made her cum. She didn't know these children's stories characters, so later that night Adam found the book in the kids' playroom for her. (Lewis Carroll, Alice through the looking glass.)

When they heard Jean and the kids get back, they hurriedly got dressed, but with her keen female intuition she knew something had been going on. (What gave it away was a few globules of cum remaining in each girl's hair!!) She wasn't angry though, just miffed she had missed out on the action.

Jean unfortunately wasn't there as she had gone straight to the kitchen first because she wanted to get dinner on the go, but she came out 20 mins later with beverage refreshments for all, then stripped naked and climbed in.

After dinner, the kids were put to bed, and they sat around their open wood-burning fire in the lounge with wine, a Breezer or a can of Guinness, chatting away, chewing the fat (a new phrase for both girls).

Jean sat next to Elena and whispered what she'd done in the car: putting Elena's juices on her cunt, imagining a tribbing session, and orgasming on the Shell forecourt for 10 minutes, with the kids in the back wondering what the hell was going on. Elena then whispered the story into Deena's ear. Only Adam was left out. However, she told him in bed that night, and he fucked her brains out as he found it so erotic.

Though they had a spare room for her, Deena preferred to spend the night with her compatriot. They found a nice semi-pornographic film to watch together.

Is Deena turning to the dark side? Watch this space.

Is there another way to say 'Brrrr'? Answers on a postcard.

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