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Dean & Sernea
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light gay, anal

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-10) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 11-2 BSB meet two new friends

by Stack of Books

(1923 words)

During the week, I did practice the guitar regularly and Bindi came over to see me and listened for a while. This time, I certainly got my pee drink from her. (Margey got one too when she got back from shopping. She loved her new car that Bindi had given her, and spent a lot of time just driving it about.) 

Today my little Indian friend was wearing a sari, a type of traditional clothing which I just love, and enveloped me in almost total darkness as her brown thighs and pink slit hovered over my face. She again apologised for her after dinner speech in which she'd said 'I didn't deserve a teaspoonful of her nectar' and to make up for it gave me her whole bladderful. Her taste was a bit stronger than usual, but still acceptable.

The reason she was here was because she'd promised Franny to finish clearing her room so that it was now 'vanilla' and we could then use it as a guest room.

She was finished in an hour, and pulled me by the hand onto the sofa.

Steve, the other day's fucking at my place was nice, but I need both spunk and pee deep inside my arse. Now! Please do me.

So we did the anal sex there and then, disconnected, and resumed the pee part in the shower.

(During post-coital chat, the subject of Joe and Jenny came up. She admitted that she had suggested to them that Margey and I would deffo be up for a foursome as we'd been doing that kind of thing for a while.

On Jenny's 2nd or 3rd day in the house, Bindi was showing her how all the appliances worked. She took a pee but Jenny walked in on her accidentally as she too was bursting. Bindi was in a world of her own, idly humming to herself and dipping two fingers in her stream and sucking them. Jenny saw everything, and sat down cross legged in front of her. Bindi offered her a taste then asked Jenny to take the last 50ml direct from the source.

They swapped positions and Bindi found she liked her taste more than anyone she'd ever tried.

Joe came home early with his big brown dick hanging out of his fly hoping to bang his wife before dinner. He got two for the price of one that day. And still had enough in the tank for his spouse at 11pm that night.

They said they both had a high sex drive, doing it at least 1-2 times a day. So Bindi suggested they go to our hot tub, letting them catch us, and everything would follow on from there.)

Half an hour later after we had washed up, Margey returned, and Bindi made good on her promise to her.

Come Sunday, and the anticipation was high for the meeting with BSB (Bindi, Suze, Beth) and the two newcomers. Margey had decided to take a bit of a back seat on this one, and just let us 6 do our thing. She still had work to do on her Mexican food extravaganza, as many of the dishes couldn't really be prepared in advance.

As soon as Dean & Serena walked over the threshold, BSB introduced them to our family's traditional greeting of pee drinks. They asked them to lie down, lifted their skirts (all wearing matching pleated tartan minis today) and pointed their knickerless cooties to deliver 30-40ml into their wide open facial cavities. Margey also submitted a sample, me only to Serena. The roles reversed, and the girls were astonished as they received their urine dosage from them to see they both had an abundance of skin on them: Serena's labia and his foreskin. Margey renewed her acquaintance with both, me I abstained from Dean but gladly drank from Serena

Timeout was called, and all the getting to know you stuff was discussed. They cuddled Bindi as they heard her sad story of how she had been orphaned, but how coming to stay with us had been an awakening and a huge revolution for her, not just sexually but in all life skills.

I'd been monitoring her very carefully recently, and now she had her teeth stuck into her catering project, it seemed nothing could stop her now. I was sure she was over the worst, and days like this where she could express herself with her body, to "the beat of her own drum" as she so eloquently put it, was catharsis for her. 

She was very much like Molly in this regard - very mature for her age. I shuddered to think if she had been like red-haired Rachel (from a previous story) who got upset from the banter and teasing of similar aged girls at our sleepover. (Even though ever-honest Suze had assured me there was nothing in it and the girl was just hypersensitive.) What if Bindi had been like that during the crisis? Would she have got through it? 

Apologies for the digression. Back to the main story:

Dean & Serena asked for more details of the soccer pee competition that she had won, and we admitted we had secretly filmed it. On condition we were allowed to video their activities with the girls this afternoon, we would play back some of it now for them on our big TV. They would also get a copy of the whole unedited thing (as well as today's) on a USB stick to take home. They readily agreed. We watched for 20mins or so.

The three girls decided they all wanted to receive Dean, first in their pussies, then in their rectums. So those 4 got down to business on the big mattress we put down. Serena and I set up the cameras around them to capture everything.

On another mattress, we two did the same setup, and started what we had in mind. (Margey was in the kitchen, but didn't mind being 'left out' in the slightest. For her, cooking wasn't a hassle, it was her main calling. She came back every once in a while, to maybe take part by squeezing tits or caressing Dean's very long dangling testicles.* She knew however she could watch the video time and time again in the future at her leisure and vicariously masturbate and orgasm.)

(*I saw them as well, and the "I'm not gay" mantra started in my brain, as I really wished I could have fondled them. My own scrotum is quite small and tight and close to my perineum, sort of ribbed in appearance, with not much loose skin around it.)

I was quite busy with Serena, but took occasional glances over their way, and they all seemed to be having a great time. During a pause in fucking, all 3 girls were pulling and playing with and licking and generally worshipping his foreskin. They couldn't believe how much skin on the shaft they had to pull back to reveal that glorious glans. (Damn, there I go again!!)

And then I did it. I left Serena temporarily, and moved the metre or so over to husband. 

Sorry mate, I'm not a homo but I really have to admire your body. 

Suze picked up a camera and got closer as she knew something special was going to happen.

I took his cock out of Bindi's grasp and sucked on the long skin hanging over the end. I could taste one of the girl's juices on it so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. His dick twitched in appreciation.

Then joy of joys, I pulled him right back and the sun came out - his very red bell end emerged and I sucked that up to the flange. Then deeper. His whole penis seemed to grow in girth and length. My wish was fulfilled as with my other hand I very gingerly fondled such amazing testicles. Just so different to my own.

He gestured to me to move both myself and my now hard as steel weapon nearer to him, and he rubbed me up and down in his fist.

Fuck, you're tight. Much tighter than me, he murmured.

He was also willing to stick my cockhead in his mouth and put his tongue in my peehole. I followed suit on him.

We were 69ing for about 30-60 secs, as the world stopped around us and all the women stood and looked on aghast.

Hey mate, I'm not a bum bandit either and never fucking will be. But if there's one person in the world I could have shared that experience with, it would be you, Steve.

The three young girls crowded us and hugged and kissed us, and I went back to Serena.

Don't worry, Serena darling, you still have your husband. Can I revert to hetero with you now?, I joked.

She kissed me hard on the lips, and said: That's my soulmate I can taste on you, you queer as a coot two-timing bastard, you.

And I pushed my cock into her cunt. She asked me if I had one two cums in me today, and I said: Sorry, probably only one. I'm not as young or virile as my ex-boyfriend stud over there.

No sweat. Can you cum and piss in my back passage then?

Luckily, we'd had the foresight to have thick heavy towels on hand, and we spent a happy 20mins achieving those goals.

I took a break on the sofa as Margey and Serena 69ed. The other four were still going with no sign of flagging, so I just brought myself up to half mast as I observed everyone.

Not long after, everyone was satiated and satisfied.

Dean just sat on the armchair shaking his head in disbelief. 

Fuck me, one week I get a Mexican goddess. Then the next week I get an Indian princess and her two coffee-skinned concubines as a trio. And I *still* get to go home and shag my beautiful singing wife. The only downside is that I had to suck the prick of the 'Prick with a Fork' guy!!

Obviously someone had told him about my comedy apron.

He came over and sat next to me, shook my hand and said: No 'hard' feelings, mate. (Emphasis on 'hard'.)

We each took each other's dick and masturbated it for 30 secs.

Everyone sat down to eat, and just to please Dean I put on that apron outside the room and crept up behind him with it. He guffawed so hard he almost choked on his food.

As we said our goodbyes, he had one last remark.

It's a good thing the price of your lessons is already covered, or you would be trying to pay me using that and a jar of Vaseline!! (Pointing to my flaccid penis, now uncovered.) See you on Wednesday, mate.

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