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Martha gives a show
Themes: mast, lez, ws

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-11) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 12-7 Sounders good to me

by Stack of Books

(2096 words)

During a slight lull in their business for them, Sandy's parents Ken and Martha came round one afternoon. Running two Chinese restaurants was clearly taking its toll on them, but they were enjoying it and making good money.

The reason for their visit was because they'd heard that we'd given their daughter Sandy her lodger's room rent free, as we regarded her as part of family. They really appreciated the gesture, but Ken, for the sake of his Asian pride, insisted on paying for her, so we negotiated this way and that, and finally we agreed on 66% of what Ally and Sven were paying. The added sweetener (from my point of view) was that we would in addition receive FOC every Friday or Saturday (our choice) a full set meal as takeaway for however many people were in our house that day, plus any extras we wanted. Alternatively, we could visit either of his restaurants for a sit-down meal, on the house.

Just the four of us were sitting in the lounge, and as per normal, right after her arrival, Martha had taken her top off to show her bazookas, and Margey had followed suit, and they were sitting together and idly playing with each other's breasts. We chatted about normal everyday things for a long while, then inevitably the talk turned sexy. We showed them an edited version of the Big Pee Party video, which they had missed out on.

Martha said: Margey, I have to show you something that I discovered recently. As you know from eating me out so often, my peehole is naturally quite big, and I found a nice way to stimulate it. Watch!

She declothed her bottom half (thus now being fully naked) and adjusted her position on the sofa, with cushions on either side. Personally, I never get tired of seeing Asian pussies, but Martha's mature one was exceptional. Not to mention the magnificent natural fragrance of it.

She brought out from her bag a set of short cylindrical rods, called sounders, about 5-6" long, made of both metal and plastic, of varying and increasing diameters. Some were smooth, others were ribbed or spiralled, but all had both ends rounded.

She lay back and said for safety reasons it was better to do this to yourself in front of a mirror the first few times.

Come closer, Steve, Margey, so you can see what happens. Switch on that Anglepoise lamp and point it here. I did that, and then I went to get a Wi-Fi camera and set the recording on the PC going.

She took a metal one about 2mm in diameter. (She had some anti bac spray with her which she applied on each rod with every new insertion.) She pulled her outer and inner pussy lips apart, and very carefully, after feeling with her fingers where it was, inserted it into her urethra with a bit of KY. About 4-5cm deep. And wanked herself. Then with increasing diameters, up to about 6mm. She said she was scared about going any bigger for fear of causing internal damage. Using a blue plastic ribbed one, she bought herself to orgasm, saying it felt different to clitoral and vaginal ones.  And to prove it, she stimulated her red button to a climax, then pushed two fingers into her hole and reached her peak that way as well.

As a finale, she took out a home-made makeshift sounder, a BIC pen with the inside ink part and end cap removed. After sanitisation, inside and out, it went into her urethra, and she came again, even stronger than before, if that was possible. She then pissed, and liquid came out at high pressure from the end of the plastic tube.

Just at that point, Sandy and the two sisters came in after their visit to the library and realised something special was going on. (Sven was probably at uni that day.)

Sandy of course knew of her mother's interest in this kink, but had never seen her do it, and asked her to bring herself off again with a 5mm smooth plastic sounder. The daughter applied fingers to her clit and in her vagina, and Martha's (triple) orgasm was so shattering we thought we would have to scrape her off the ceiling!

(Side note: I'd never really noticed it before today, but interestingly Sandy never displayed any sassiness to anyone in front of her parents, at all. To them, she was just a normal girl.)

Ally and Lyn were gobsmacked by all of this, but I could tell by their hands under their skirts they were turned on by events.

Margey got in position, and Martha opened her up to get the lie of the land, so to speak. She declared that her peehole was quite pronounced, and took the smallest sounder and inserted it just half a centimetre, again with KY. She instructed Margey to hold the outside of her hand and go in at her own pace, but to pull out if she felt any pain. The sisters were now on the floor in front of her widely splayed chocolate legs, with a big slash of pinkness between. She also got to about 5-6cm inside. I brought in a medium sized wall mirror, and put it on a chair in the cramped space in front. Martha explained that in general it was better to insert by yourself than someone else doing it to prevent any 'wrong directions'. So Margey took a 5mm stainless steel one, and watched herself push it in, then wanked with it. I thought I saw steam come out of her ears as she came.

Ally deffo wanted to try, and her knickers were very wet when she took them off. (She reminded herself to put them in a hermetic bag as soon as possible. Her period was due to start tomorrow and that would generate some more for the pervs at Zelly's Smellies.)

I'd seen her peehole many times before when we'd been playing games together, and it was also quite pronounced - but not as much as Martha or Margey. I wondered if age had anything to do with it.

She too used the mirror to do it to herself and came easily and quickly with a red ribbed 4mm sounder.

With Lynette and Sandy, their pussies were of slightly different construction and internal geometry, maybe because of their young age, maybe just genetics. Martha had a speculum with her, so after spraying and lubing it, inserted it gently into Sandy, opened it up, and her urethra came into view. Her daughter took a 5mm steel one to orgasm.

Lyn was last to try, firstly with the speculum, and Ally inserted the rod without her help as she knew her sister well from all the times they had played with each other as teens. The speculum was released, as Lyn could now feel where to go, and she herself tried all successive diameters up to 7mm to a big explosion, and all the women agreed with Martha - the orgasm thus produced was indeed different.

Everyone soaking and relaxing in the hot tub was then the order of the day, along with plenty of alcoholic drinks and pee games of course. Both sisters wanted to try Mr Wang's wang (for want of a better way of saying it), and for the first time ever, Sandy also got fucked and spunked by it.


Sally and Zeta decided to try the library, as it had been successful for the Russians in picking up the latter, all that time ago.

They first found a curvy 18-year old with long curly auburn hair. She was obviously supposed to be studying, but seemed very bored as she was staring out the window all the time. Maybe she was in need of a distraction.

The pre-rehearsed spiel: Hi, sorry to bother you. I'm Sally and this is Zeta. We're both bursting for a pee, and we wondered if you'd like to come to that disabled toilet over there to play some games with us?

Damn right, I would. I cannot get this stuff into my head. Wow, you're two lovely looking girls. I'm Sharon, by the way. Just let me pack this stuff into my bag and bring it with me.

They locked the door behind them, ready with an excuse to tell the security person or anyone else in authority they had a medical emergency of an intimate nature*. Sally stripped off and let Sharon play with her boobs and pussy. As Sal found many times in her sexual encounters, not many had seen a black female naked, either in pictures or in the flesh, and Sharon was no exception. She loved the feel and look of her all over, but especially the pinkness inside of her cootie.

*During their planning chats, they'd thought up about 7 or 8 good ones. Today's was: "Oh, my friend Zeta here just came from her boyfriend's. They made love, but his penis was bigger than she expected and she's hurting inside now. She trusts us to check her to see if she needs to go to hospital. No, you can't look. How dare you ask that!!"

Zeta said: Please Sharon, disrobe me. I think you'll find my nipples are to your satisfaction so do what you want to them. If I squat on the toilet, you can lick me out and taste my pee.

Sharon's pleasure was doubled with seeing another beautiful quim. She squeezed and rolled those huge nips with her thumb and finger. Caressed her small mounds, so nice but so different to her own. As she sucked on Zeta's clit, Sally started undressing her downstairs bits, and noticed her knickers were dirty and ripe for harvesting. Sal got behind her, put her tongue inside her cunt, then moved to her earthy-tasting arsehole.

Sharon then sat on the pot as the girl's top half clothes were taken off to reveal her GG breasts. Zeta sat astride her and peed almost everything onto the other's clit. The last 50ml Sharon took in her mouth.

Then Sal sat down and opened her legs wide and Sharon experienced the thrill of pissing full throttle on someone else. She pushed her lower lips to Sal and her daily drink was complete. Only Sally needed to go now, so Zeta and Sharon took turns cupping their hands underneath the stream, and feeding the other two.

As a finale, they all got in a standing up daisy chain position to insert 2-3 fingers into a vagina. Multiple orgasms were created.

Sharon, can we keep your knickers please? It's our fetish. You don't mind going home with a bald cootie under your skirt, do you. By the way, are you just lezzie or bi?

Ooh, I like a bit of cock too.

Great. Let's meet here again at the same time tomorrow and we'll take you back to our place and introduce to our friend who's got a really nice one, for your pussy and your arse. Are you up for that?

100% deffo. I can't get enough of you two and if I get a spunking, even better. But I'm an anal virgin, although ready to try.

Excellent. Bring any really dirty knickers from your laundry basket and we'll give you brand new fresh replacements. We'll explain why then.

They got cleaned up and re-dressed with lots of giggles and laughter, and parted ways.


They had two more successful hits that day, a 22 year old Russian called Elvyra, and a 25 year old Dane (slightly overweight but with a sexy body) with the name Janneke. They did more or less the same things with them, collecting their panties with mucus and poop stains. Both were interested in follow up meetings (and would bring more dirty underwear), but the latter "said" she only wanted lez games, no cock. (But Sal thought otherwise.)

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