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Part 1- The morning


James smiled as he lay in bed, holding his beautiful wife; his mind was filled with memories of his dream from last night, which he knew was more than a dream. He also knew that he now possessed the ability to get anyone to do anything he wanted, simply by making his desires known. He looked down at Ashley, his dick stiffening as he remembered how she had given him the most exquisite blow job of his life, something she hadn't done in years.

"Well, that's going to change", he thought, then opened his mouth to speak. "You love sucking my dick, honey. As a matter of fact, its your favorite way to start the day and you know you'll have a good day after swallowing a load of my cum." He felt no change in the world, saw no visual effect overtake Ashley. "What was I expecting", he wondered, but then she began to waken, her eyes fluttering open and looking up at him. "Good morning, beautiful", he said and kissed her, ever so sweetly. "A very good morning, after the way you fucked me last night", she said, a seductive smile on her face. "I'd forgotten just how good it feels to have your cock in my mouth, how delicious your cum tastes. I promise, I won't forget again."

She slowly turned him onto his back and pulled the covers off of him, revealing his rapidly hardening erection. She moaned and bit her lip as she stared at his huge dick and wondered why she had ever stopped wanting to taste it. With a hungry look in her eyes, she lowered her mouth to his dick, running her tongue over the swollen head while she ran her hands up and down his shaft. He groaned as she moved her tongue down his length and gently caressed his balls, slathering them with her saliva.

"Fuck, Ashley, you're so damn good at this", he said and she smiled triumphantly. She ran her tongue back up his cock and took the head in her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. James groaned as Ashley took his newly enhanced dick into her mouth and down her throat, not even hesitating when his shaft began to gag her. She bobbed her head up and down on his rod, humming every time his dick entered her throat. This sent a thrill of electricity to every nerve in James' body and he knew it wouldn't be long before he orgasmed.

Sure enough, she bobbed her head up and down a few more times and he felt the pressure that was rising inside his balls build past the breaking point. With a deep, primal groan, he exploded, pumping spurt after spurt of cum down his wife's throat and straight into her belly. Ashley moaned as she eagerly swallowed each and every drop, savoring the taste as if it were the most delectable treat in the world.

Finally, she pulled her mouth off of his softening cock, completely coated with her saliva, and she smiled up at him. "That", she said, with a huge smile on her face, "is a damn good way to start the day." James merely nodded his agreement and sat up, caressing her cheek and smiling down at her. She leaned up and kissed him softly, the salty taste of his jizz lingering on her lips. "Get ready for work", she teased, "I'm going to start breakfast."

As she left the room, wiggling her ass at him, James admired Ashley's perfectly firm behind. It swayed invitingly, tempting him to continue their amorous activities, but he held himself back. "There will be plenty of time for that later", he told himself. "After all, I can guarantee she'll be up for anything I want to do." With a grin, he stood and made his way toward the bathroom. As he opened the door, he stopped short; Ellie was sitting on the toilet, looking very startled. As he looked at her, everything that had happened the day before ran through his mind, bringing back every emotion he had felt about what had happened and almost happened.

Looking at his daughter, he realized that he had permanently altered how he saw her by expressing his fucked up, deviant desires. Now, although he did see his little girl, he also saw a young woman, just beginning to experience the bloom of her beauty. He couldn't help his reaction as he stared at her; his cock, although it should be fully sated, stirred to life. "Do you need something, daddy", Ellie asked, her words breaking his impassivity..

"Yes, princess", he said, something inside him rising to the surface. "I need you to be a good girl and open your mouth." Now that he knew what was going on, that his words had the power to affect others, he watched Ellie for a reaction. For a brief moment, she looked confused; then her eyes took on a more determined look and she obediently opened her mouth, forming a perfect circle. James couldn't stop a moan from escaping; after seeing Ellie, in all her glorious beauty, yesterday, he now desired to slide his dick into each and every one of her tight holes.

However, right now, he was going to do something that he had always dreamed of doing, but had never gotten the courage to ask Ashley to do. He walked over and stood directly in front of Ellie and confidently slid his boxers down, freeing his rock hard cock. Ellie's eyes grew wide, but he saw a fire, the fire he had caused to light, burn in her look; he knew that, because of his words yesterday, Ellie wanted his dick.

"Now", he said, smiling down and stroking the side of his daughter's face, "I'm going to put my dick in your mouth. You're going to suck it for a few moments, then I'm going to reward you by letting you drink my piss." At the crinkled look on her face, he laughed a little. "Don't worry, princess, you'll love it. In fact, you're going to love the taste of my piss so much, that you're going to ask me to let you drink it all the time."

He watched with a broad smile as his words took root in Ellie's mind, altering her reality. Part of him knew that he should feel guilty about this, that he was taking advantage of this new power that he possessed; but, at the moment, he didn't care. He was lost in the hunger, the desire, to see this long held fantasy finally fulfilled. "Are you ready, honey", he asked and Ellie nodded, smiling up at him. "Yes, daddy. I can't wait", she said, sounding genuinely excited.

James moaned as he slid the head of his dick into his daughter's mouth; the taboo nature of what was occurring only made more intense the sensation of her lips wrapped around his shaft. "Fuck", he groaned as Ellie began to suck, her cheeks hollowing as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. She, perhaps by some primal instinct, began running her tongue over his dick, which drove him wild and made him want to fuck her face and feed her a huge load. However, he held off, as he knew that this was the time to fulfill a different fantasy.

He pulled back, until just the head of his dick was in Ellie's mouth, and released the bladder full of urine that he had been holding back. He saw the look of shock on Ellie's face as the warm liquid splashed onto her tongue, but it quickly vanished, replaced by the look of someone who has just tasted their favorite delicacy in the world. She eagerly drank down the golden liquid, swallowing every drop. When his bladder was finally empty, James withdrew his dick from Ellie's mouth and smiled down at her.

"Good girl", he said and she smiled in return. "That was delicious, daddy. I never knew pee could taste so good. It makes me want to try it from other guys." A sudden pang of jealousy flared in James and his eyes darkened. "No, baby girl. You are mine and you will only do this for me." Ellie nodded as his words took affect. "Yes, daddy", she said, then leaned forward and gave the tip of his dick a kiss. "I can't wait until you have more for me."

James smiled as he stroked her hair. That had been even better than he had imagined; for years, it had been Ashley he had fantasized about doing that with. Instead, it was Ellie, his youngest daughter, and the sight of her, greedily swallowing his piss, had been heavenly. He looked down at her, happier than he remembered being in a long while.

"Breakfast is ready", he heard Ashley's voice cry out and he stepped back, pulling his boxers up and hiding his cock once more, much to the obvious disappointment of Ellie. "Make sure you brush your teeth before you come down", he told her and she nodded. As he stepped out of the bathroom, he nearly bumped into Jessica, who was looking down at her phone.

As he stopped, he looked his older daughter up and down. He couldn't stop himself, after what had just happened with Ellie; in his mind's eye, he pictured Jessica in the nude and he felt his dick twitching in response. Her dark hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and she wore shiny lip gloss over her voluptuous lips; her body was somewhat more developed than Ellie's, her breasts almost as large as her mother's and straining against the t-shirt she wore; her figure was fit, from being on the track team; and she had definitely inherited Ashley's ass, he noticed as she smiled up at him and then walked by, heading toward the kitchen.

"There is something seriously wrong with me", he thought for a moment, but then a different side of him spoke. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with admiring a beautiful girl. It's natural to want them, no matter who they are." He thought about this as he walked toward the kitchen, a struggle happening between these two sides of his personality.

As he entered the kitchen, he bumped into Jessica, who was staring open-mouthed at Ashley. His beautiful wife, while cooking her family breakfast, hadn't bothered to get dressed. He was momentarily shocked, however, seeing her like that and remembering the feeling of her mouth, draining his dick, made the decision clear in his mind.

"What's wrong", he asked Jessica and she turned to him. "Um, mom's naked", she said hesitantly, but James just smiled. "Well, she's very beautiful and I quite enjoy seeing her this way. As as a matter of fact, you and Ellie are also growing into beautiful young women and I think you should follow your mother's example. From now on, whenever you two, or your mother, is home, you won't wear clothes." He grinned as he watched her expression become one of shock, then change as his words altered the world.

"She is very beautiful", Jessica said. "And I do want to be like her." Without another word, she began to remove her clothes. James watched, eager anticipation flowing through him as he watched her bra and panties come into view. Moments later, Jessica stood nude before him, his eyes traveling up and down her toned, teen body appreciatively. His dick was rock hard, aching to be free of the confines of his pants, as he looked from her growing breasts, down her flat stomach, to the tight gash between her legs.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, then went into the kitchen and gave Ashley a playful smack on the ass. "You know, I quite enjoy being naked. I think I'll always be naked when I'm at home." "I can definitely support that decision", James said as he rubbed and then squeezed her ass cheek, before taking his seat at the table. As Ashley turned, she saw Jessica entering the room, completely nude and James saw a flash of anger and jealousy enter her eyed.

Quickly, he spoke; "You think it's a good idea for the girls to be naked at home, too. And, the fact that I enjoy looking at their tight, firm bodies, and might want to fuck them, turns you on like crazy. It's your deepest fantasy and you want to see it become reality." He sighed with relief as he saw her eyes change from a look of anger to a look of arousal. As she brought his plate to the table and set it down, she leaned over and whispered, "Isn't Jessica the sexiest thing you've ever seen? I'll bet it would feel so good to slide your big, hard cock inside her tight, little cunt."

He moaned as his wife spoke these words, almost orgasming right then and there. She smiled and ran her hands down his chest, then grasped the thick pole that was tenting his shorts. "Seems like someone is excited", she said, then looked over at Jessica. "Honey, your daddy needs some comfort right now. Come sit on his lap and see if you can make him feel better." Jessica's eyes grew wide, but she slowly stood and made her way over to James.

As she got closer, her eyes grew wide at the sight of his very obvious erection, his dick poking through the material of his boxers. Jessica looked at him nervously, but James just nodded and patted his lap. She very slowly, very carefully, lowered herself onto him; he couldn't stop a low moan from escaping as he felt the warmth of her young cunt on the flesh of his cock. He could feel her tight slit rubbing against his rigid shaft and it took everything he had not to lift her and then impale her on his pole.

Ashley didn't help matters, spurred on by the new desires that James' words had implanted in her mind. "I'll bet her tight, little twat feels so good, rubbing against your dick, doesn't it", she whispered. Jessica clearly heard her mother's words, because she blushed a deep crimson and a small gasp escaped her lips. Ashley, now a woman on a mission, knelt in front of James and ran her tongue up his shaft; at the same time, her fingers lightly traced the gash between Jessica's thighs.

"She's so wet", Ashley said, looking up at both her daughter and husband. "She liked the feeling of daddy's cock and wants it inside her." Jessica, the complete shock obvious on her face, stared down at her mother; James, driven wild by what was happening, what he had instigated, couldn't hold back any longer. He stood, holding Jessica close to him, then laid her on the table, scattering the plates of food; he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, feeling the growing dampness coating his shaft. Jessica couldn't stop herself from moaning; she had never thought of her father in this way, although a few of her friends had said that they thought he was a "dilf". Now, though, with his dick rubbing her young cunt, her insides on fire with desire, she couldn't imagine anything better than to feel the very cock that created her, buried inside her.

James moaned as he saw the hunger growing in Jessica's eyes and he knew that this was the moment; he pressed his dick against the entrance to her forbidden hole and then pushed his hips forward. Her pussy was impossibly tight, gripping him almost painfully as it tried desperately to stretch around his massive girth. "Fuck", he groaned as he sunk deeper into his daughter; Ashley rose to her feet and kissed him deeply, her tongue intertwining with his.

"That's so sexy to watch", she said, her voice deep and husky. "Fuck her hard, honey, and make her daddy's little slut." She gave James a slap on the ass, which caused him to jerk forward, forcing more of his length inside Jessica. He felt a slight resistance, which was quickly torn away as his cock tunneled into her twat and he knew that he was the first man inside her. That turned him on even more and he thrust forward again, most of his length buried inside his little girl.

Jessica moaned loudly, lost in a cloud of mixed emotions; on one hand, her pussy was on fire with pain, stretched far beyond anything she would have thought possible. On the other hand, the feeling of her father's dick buried inside her tight, young snatch was driving her over the edge of ecstasy and she cried out as an intense orgasm racked her body. Sure, she had cum before, using her fingers and reading stories online, but it was nothing like this; those orgasms had been like a babbling brook, calm and soothing; this orgasm was like a rushing river, torrential rapids of pleasure exploding outward from the very center of her being.

As Jessica lost herself to the rapture of her orgasm, James finally managed to force the last few inches of his dick inside her. It was like nothing he had ever felt, heaven on earth, wrapped in the perfect, pink package. At that moment, Ellie entered the kitchen; she was also completely nude, driven by the compulsion of James' words, and her jaw dropped as she saw what was going on. A small pang of jealousy coursed through her as she saw James, wishing it was her that her daddy fucking.

Ashley looked up and saw her youngest daughter and beckoned her over; as Ellie came to the table, Ashley kissed her cheek, then turned her attention to Jessica. "Look at Jessie, being such a good girl for daddy", she said, although Ellie didn't need any prompting. She couldn't take her eyes off of what was happening, her own pussy growing damp at the sight of James sliding his dick in and out of Jessie's cunt. "You want to be a good girl too, don't you", Ashley asked and Ellie looked up at her. "Yes, mommy. I want daddy to fuck me so bad."

Ashley smiled, knowing that it wouldn't be long before Ellie also got to feel James' huge dick inside her. Her cunt was sopping wet at the thought. Meanwhile, James could feel the pressure in his balls rising rapidly and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer. Ashley must have been able to tell, perhaps by the look on his face, because she moved behind him, preventing him from pulling back too far. "Cum inside the little slut", she said, pleasure coursing through her. "Breed the bitch; fill her with daddy's seed."

Her words were the final straw and James thrust forward hard, shoving his dick deep inside Jessica's snatch. He let out a primal howl, a noise he had never produced before, holding her firmly by the waist as he pumped spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside her womb. Jessica moaned, sounding like the porn stars she had seen in videos, as she felt her father's cum splashing against the walls of her cunt; each spurt of the hot, sticky semen caused her body to pulse in pleasure.

As James orgasm subsided, he slid his dick out of Jessica's pussy, her hole leaking a mixture of sperm, pussy juice, and blood. Ashley immediately dropped to her knees and shoved her tongue into Jessica's snatch, eagerly devouring the mixture of her husband's and daughter's juices. Ellie, meanwhile, was drawn like a magnet to James' still hard cock. He smiled and, placing a hand gently on the back of her head, guided his dick into her mouth. The taste of Jessie's juices and her daddy's cum was strange, although not unpleasant; it made his dick taste very different from the last time, but Ellie didn't care. It wasn't bad tasting and her daddy was giving her the attention she wanted; she eagerly licked and sucked his cock clean.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pleasure, James withdrew his dick from Ellie's mouth and Ashley stood, licking her lips. "Well", she said, a broad smile on her face, "I don't think we're going to have time for breakfast. You girls will have to get something to eat at school. Now, go get dressed, so we can go." Ellie and Jessica hurried from the room, Jessica on extremely shaky legs, and Ashley turned to James. "You need to get to work. But don't worry, the girls and I will be ready for you when you get home."


Part 2- Work


As James stepped into the office a smile crept across his face; aside from his, quite frankly, perfect morning, he had put a lot of thought about how he wanted today to go. He walked past his cubicle and headed directly toward Kelly's office, knocking on the door. "Who is it", she asked and he responded. "Come in", she said, her voice sounding strange. "How'd it go with the boss", he asked and Kelly grimaced. "Well, I get to keep my job", she said. "However, the entire board of directors told me, in no uncertain terms, that I am on very thin ice. The whole incident has been put into my file and I have to take a course on sexual harassment."

She took a deep breath. "In addition, I have to make an apology to everyone who witnessed, or might have witnessed, my inappropriate display. So, I acknowledge that what I did yesterday was wrong and extremely unprofessional. If my actions caused you to feel uncomfortable or feel that this is an unsafe work environment, then you have my utmost apology. I am very, very sorry for how I behaved and I promise that it will never happen again."

James smirked as he listened, knowing how difficult it was for Kelly to unbend her pride and say those words. "Especially when she can't understand why she did it", he thought. "Well, I definitely am not complaining", he said, moving closer and standing beside her desk. "However, I do accept your apology, on one condition." Her eyebrows arched as he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a butt plug; he had bought it for Ashley, long ago, but she had said, in no uncertain terms, that she was never going to use it. "Well, now it can be put to use", he thought.

"What the fuck are you going to do with that", Kelly asked, her voice rising and her eyes taking on a dangerous look. "First, from now on you're going to speak respectfully to me, as if I am your master and you are my servant", James said and he watched as his words took effect. "Yes, sir", Kelly said, her voice soft, almost reverential. "Now, as for the butt plug", he continued, a large smile on his face, "Stand up, pull down your your panties, and bend over your desk."

Without argument or hesitation, Kelly stood and obeyed his instruction, presenting James with a view that he knew he would never get tired of. He lifted her skirt so that he had full access to her holes, then ran his fingers up and down her cunt lips, before rubbing her clit in small circles. A loud moan escaped Kelly's lips as he slipped a finger inside her pussy and rubbed the front wall of her twat. James smiled, withdrew his fingers and gave her firm, curvy ass a hard smack, eliciting a yelp from her mouth. "I'm going to put this butt plug inside you and you're going to wear it, all day", he said. "This is going to turn you on more than you ever thought possible and, when I come in at the end of the day to pull the plug out, you're going to beg me to fuck your ass."

Kelly groaned and pushed her hips back against him, grinding her naked cunt against his tented pants. "Mmm, why not fuck me now? You're obviously ready", she said, her voice heated and breathy. "No, I have other things to do first", he said, then slid the plug into her cunt, lubricating it with her copious juices. After a few moments, he pulled it out of her twat, then moved it up to her puckered asshole; the tight hole resisted for a moment, then surrendered and accepted the plug. Kelly let out a small cry as the metal object filled her ass and James looked down at her. "Have you ever had anything in your ass before", he asked and she shook her head. "A damn shame", he remarked. "I'm definitely going to change that."

He gave her ass a hard smack, causing her to yelp again, then he stepped back. "Pull your panties back on and take your seat", he commanded and Kelly, unable to resist the power in his words, complied. As she sat, she squirmed a little, adjusting to the plug, and she uttered a small moan. "Now", he said, coming standing beside her, "call Lisa in here. She needs a good talking-to."

Moments later, Lisa entered Kelly's office, her face registering surprise at seeing James there. "You asked to see me", she said, directing her words to Kelly as she took a seat across the desk. "Actually, I was the one who wanted to see you", James said, looking up and down Lisa's body. She was tall and slender, her blonde hair cut short at her shoulders; her figure was attractive enough, although lacking the curves that James preferred.

"You tried to get me into trouble with my wife, without even asking me my side of the story", he said and Lisa sneered. "You deserved it", she said, but James cut her off before she could say any more. "Silence", he said, more forcefully than he intended. "You will not speak in here; instead, you will listen, for once. Yesterday, I did nothing wrong, yet you tried to worry and anger Ashley, who you claim is your friend. For that, you need to be punished."

Lisa's eyes grew wide and she seemed like she was going to say something in her own defense, but was stopped by the power of James' voice. "First, you are going to do my work, as well as your own, from now on. You will do this gladly, thankful for the opportunity to make amends with me. Secondly, when I allow you to speak, you're going to beg be to spank you, to beat your ass and make you feel the pain you inflicted on Ashley and me; and thirdly, after I've spanked you, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to screw you like the worthless bitch you are, while Kelly here films it on her phone. And, every night while you are at home, you're going to watch the video and masturbate until you orgasm, feeling guilty the whole time because you fucked your best friend's husband. Now, you may speak."

Lisa's eyes grew even wider, but then her look showed acceptance of James' command. "Please, James, I'm sorry for what I did. Please spank me, beat me even, and hurt me like I hurt Ashley." With tears in her eyes, she stood and stripped out of her skirt, then pulled down her panties and bent over Kelly's desk. Her tears aroused James, surprising him; the sight of a woman crying had never turned him on before. But he wasn't about to back down now; he moved behind Lisa and slid his belt free from his pant loops.

He took aim, making sure the leather strap would land exactly where he wanted, then swung; a resounding smack, followed by Lisa's cry of pain, sounded, filling the silence with a new cacophony. Each time the belt landed on her ass, Lisa cried out loudly, nearly screaming from the pain; her screams turned James on in a way that he never would have expected and made him swing the belt harder.

Finally, after twelve blows, he dropped the belt; Lisa's ass was bright red and he could see where a few welts were already starting to spring up. He groaned and freed his dick from his pants, his shaft rock hard and ready for action. He saw Kelly's eyes glaze with lust as she pulled out her phone and began filming; he could see Lisa's cunt, glistening with her juices, and he knew his words had had the intended effect.

Walking closer to Lisa, he lined his dick up with her wet snatch and thrust forward, burying his length inside her. Lisa screamed loudly, partly from the pain of James suddenly thrusting against her extremely tender ass and partly from the pleasure of having such massive cock deep inside her. "Fuck, Ashley is a lucky bitch", she thought as James started thrusting back and forth, ramming his dick deep inside her pussy. She knew that she should feel guilty about letting James fuck her, and she also knew she would later, but, right now, all she could focus on was the huge shaft driving into her.

James moaned as he slammed forward into Lisa, burying his dick inside her again and again; for such a horrible bitch, she had an amazingly tight pussy and he knew he was going to have to fuck her again. "Perhaps I'll have her come over to the house and I can have fun with both her and Ashley", he thought. He could feel the familiar pressure building in his balls and thrust forward as hard as he could, burying several inches of his dick in Lisa's cervix. He moaned loudly as he exploded, pumping his hot seed directly into her womb; he could feel her cunt squeezing and contracting as her own orgasm erupted.

Finally, he slid his cock out of her twat, his shaft covered in a mixture of jizz and pussy juice; without him even giving her a command, Kelly was on her knees before him. She eagerly wrapped her lips around his cock and began sucking and licking every inch, cleaning his used tool. "Damn, that butt plug must be driving her crazy", he thought as he watched her wince every time she moved, yet she kept her mouth on his dick. Finally, he pulled his dick out of her mouth, much to her evident disappointment. "Don't worry, you'll get to experience this before the day is done", he said and her eyes lit up, as if those words made her inordinately happy.

He looked over at Lisa and smirked as he watched her pulling her panties up over her messy, well used snatch; every movement clearly caused her pain, which made him immensely happy. "Now, it shouldn't need to be said, but you're not allowed to clean your pussy until you get home", he said. "All day, I want you to feel my cum oozing out of you, so you'll feel more guilty about fucking me. Also, when you take your lunch break, you're going to watch the video of me fucking you and you're going to masturbate, just as you will every night before bed." Her eyes dropped and he thought he saw a familiar spark of anger, but it immediately vanished as she was overcome by his compulsion. "Now, you'd better hurry up and get to work, seeing as how you're covering my workload, as well as your own."

"I will", she said, wincing in pain as she moved toward the door. "Thank you for allowing me to make up for what I did." And with that, she was gone, leaving him alone with Kelly. He smiled and turned toward his supervisor, who was just sitting back down at her desk, squirming as each movement made her extremely aware of the plug. "As for you, no masturbating today, even though you're going to get so turned on that it will almost be painful. I want you to be a dripping, eager mess when I fuck your sexy ass later." She pouted a little, but said nothing as James left her office.


Several people asked James what exactly had been going on in Kelly's office, seeing as how Lisa's screams of pain and moans of pleasure hadn't been on the quiet side. He simply told them not to worry about it, to forget they had heard anything, so they did. He sat at his cubicle and began doing research on the demon he had seen in his dream. He found lots of information on succubi, demons who fed on sexual energy, and some of the more interesting pictures depicted a woman who looked not unlike Ava.

"So, that's what she meant by 'among other things'", he thought, remembering what she had said about what she was getting out of this pact. "I'm literally sustaining her by using this new power for sex. Well, as long as it means that I can now achieve every fantasy I have, I don't care. She can take my soul, I'll enjoy the perks." With that settled in his mind, he set about enjoying his relatively easy day at the office.

Throughout the day, he made several trips to Kelly's office. Each time, almost without him giving her a command, she got on her knees and gave him an amazing blow job. He pumped several loads into her, and onto her face, over the course of eight hours. Finally though, there was only fifteen minutes left before the end of the day and he decided it was time.

Very few people were left in the office, which is exactly why James had decided to wait until the end of the day; that, and he thought it would be more fun to torture Kelly all day long. As he entered her door, he knew that he had been right; she was blushing the deepest shade of red, nearly panting, and she looked like an uncontrollable, lust-driven animal. As she looked up and saw that it was him, a mixture of relief and anticipation crossed her face. "Please", she begged, getting up, coming over, and then kneeling in front of him. "Please, fuck my ass and make me cum; this toy is driving me insane. I've barely been able to concentrate or think about anything else. So, please, take that huge cock and fuck my ass like there's no tomorrow."

"Gladly", James said, smirking down at the desperate, licentious woman before him; he knew that he had created this blazing inferno of desire within her and it made him immeasurably joyful. Upon hearing James' assent, Kelly squealed with glee, stood up, and went over to her desk, bending over; it was then that James saw that she didn't have her panties on. "You didnt masturbate, did you", he asked, wondering if, somehow, his command hadn't worked as he intended. "No, sir", Kelly said quickly. "You told me not to, so I didn't. But I couldn't help rubbing my aching clit, because the toy was driving me wild. I always stopped just before I orgasmed, though."

James smiled, a somewhat cruel smile, as he listened. "This is even better than I planned", he thought. "She literally made it worse for herself, because of the desire for release." "Good girl", he said, giving her ass a hard slap, which caused her to moan loudly. He grabbed the plug and, without giving her any warning, slid it out of her now stretched asshole. "I think I have just the place to store this", he said and slid the metal plug into her dripping cunt.

As his fingers brushed her pussy lips, Kelly cried out in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm, one that had been building and growing stronger all day, tore her apart. It exploded from the very center of her being and ripped through every fiber in her body; it felt as if she had been decimated and then reborn a thousand times. Juices erupted from her twat, squirting all over James' hand and pants as her pussy convulsed and spasmed as it never had before, for never before had she edged and tortured herself for eight hours.

When she finally came back to herself, regaining awareness of her surroundings, she looked back at James. "Well, goddamn", was all he could say and she smiled at him. "No one", she said breathlessly, "has ever made me cum like that before." "Well, prepare yourself, because I'm just getting started", James said as he unzipped his pants and freed his cock. Kelly moaned as he rubbed his dickhead up and down her pussy lips, soaking his shaft with her juices; then he moved up, aimed his cock at her waiting asshole, and pushed forward.

Kelly cried out in a mixture of agony and ecstasy; before the plug, she had never had anything in her ass, not even anyone's fingers. And James' dick was significantly thicker and longer than the plug; however, the feeling of him, thrusting forward an inch at a time and filling her up, was unbelievable. When, nearly ten minutes later, his balls rested against her sopping cunt, his cock buried entirely inside her virgin ass, Kelly moaned and looked back at him.

"Please", she begged, her eyes lit with lust and longing, "Please fuck my ass hard and fill me with your hot jizz." "Gladly", James said, moaning as she clenched her insides, her ass gripping his cock even tighter. He slowly slid backwards, until just the head of his dick was inside her rectum, then rammed his hips forward. Kelly screamed out her rapture as he suddenly filled her once more, his thick, hard meat stuffing her hole completely full. He repeated this movement several more times, pulling nearly all the way out and then slamming deep into her bowels again; each forward thrust elicited a scream of pleasure from Kelly.

On the seventh thrust, she cried out even louder, her back arching as another orgasm tore through her. Her cunt clenched around the metal plug, convulsing and spasming as her pleasure exploded, juices flowing from the gash between her legs. James didn't relent on her ass; instead, he picked up speed, focusing on hammering into her again and again, as fast and hard as he could. The result was that, just as her orgasm ended, another erupted, Kelly's pussy squirting copious amounts of nectar onto her legs, her desk, and James.

He couldn't hold back any longer and thrust forward as hard and deep as he possibly could and erupted; his dick twitched as spurt after spurt of his cum hurtled into the depths of her bowels. He roared, a deep primal sound, as he filled her ass with his seed, until his body calmed and he could focus again. He slowly slid his dick out of her seriously stretched ass, smirking as jizz leaked from the hole and ran down to her snatch.

Without warning, he reached two fingers into her cunt and withdrew the plug, causing Kelly to squeal with pleasure. Then he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her off the desk. "Clean my dick", he commanded and Kelly, without any hesitation, took his cock in her mouth, eagerly sucking and licking his shaft until it was spotless. He pulled his dick from her mouth and wiped it on her cheeks, then shoved the plug into her mouth. "Clean this as well", he said and she obeyed, sucking and licking until it was also pristine.

"Good girl", he said and patted the top of her head. "Now, seeing as how tomorrow is Saturday, you're going to go shopping. You're going to buy an entirely new wardrobe, full of clothes that show off that sexy ass and your amazing figure. Nothing that will get you fired, of course, but just on the line of being inappropriate. Also, no more wearing panties to work. From now on, I want complete access to your body." "Yes sir", Kelly said and he nodded, then zipped up his pants and left the office.

To be continued...
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