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An exciting and incesty night with Bimbo Lights and Anal Ale.

My other buddies and I hadn’t seen Wil for three days and wondered what was wrong. On Friday afternoon we walked over to his house to check on him. The front door was unlocked, but nobody answered when we rang the doorbell. After a minute or two we walked in and heard noises from upstairs. I called out, “Wil? Hello?”


I led the way to Wil’s bedroom. His new brunette girlfriend Rachel was smoking as she laid on his bed. She and Wendy were the two hotties the guys and I had obsessed about and practically drooled over for a year or more. There were a pair of pillows under her, making it easier for him to screw her from behind. He noticed us and rolled off her. He waved his hand and loudly said, “NO! No! I’m not gonna let you guys screw her! Out!”

I thought it was selfish and rude of him, since I’d shared my porn magazines and we had all fucked Josh’s sister Cindy. We walked downstairs and were about to leave as he called out, “Wait! Wait up, guys! Sorry, but I love her!”

He followed us to the living room and made us extremely happy with, “I found ‘em! I know where we can get Bimbo Lights!” He held up a half full carton.

Nearly simultaneously, the rest of us shouted, “WHERE?”

“My Dad does security at that strip club on the west side of town, ‘Roddy’s Hotties’. They sell them there!”


Josh said, “My uncle’s a DJ at that place. That must be where he got ‘em.”

“Dad gave Mom four cartons of Bimbo Lights and I heard their bed bouncing all night. They left town for a week. I helped them carry their stuff to the car, and… dropped a carton on the way. Hahaha!”

Wil smiled and said, “Tell me if I’m the best friend ever.” He handed each of us a pack!



As I got home, Dad was walking to the cab of his truck. He was smiling from ear to ear but looked quite tired. He said, “I’m going back on the road. I left something on your bed. Read the label and DON’T drink ‘em yourself! Your sister might need some help with… ah, something tonight. See you in about 10 days.”

I wondered what he meant, but as he started closing the truck door I only had time to say, “Have a good trip, Dad.”

I was expecting a quiet house instead of my sister Carol yelling, “YEAH, JENNY! FASTER!”

On the way to my room, I heard bedsprings squeaking and a lot of sex noises from Carol’s room. Her girlfriend Jenny stayed over a few times a week, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise.

I was VERY surprised to see four full bottles of BEER on my bed. I was even more surprised when I read the label. A large font declared, “ANAL ALE from Bimbotech”

Below was,

“Don’t get mate hate, or the danger!

Serve to a stranger!

Then put out the fire with cum in their bum.”

Poor poetry, but it got the point across. In smaller letters near the bottom was, “WARNING: Contains 6 % alcohol. Must be 21 or older to purchase. Maximum dose = 1 bottle. Affects both males and females. DO NOT allow anyone to drink more than one bottle per 24 hours. Slower onset but stronger effect if combined with Bimbo Lights. DO NOT use near farms, ranches, or horse facilities!” A horrific image of being anally penetrated by a horse briefly popped into my mind.

Carol interrupted my shock by loudly complaining, “It’s not enough, Jenny! I think Mom has a bigger one. Check her dresser! QUICK!” I looked in the hall and saw a nude Jenny running to my parents’ bedroom with a blue rubber plug in her ass. I was surprised her red hair descended almost to the tops of her small breasts, instead of being cut short like usual.

It was more surprising to see my nude sister laying on her back in bed. Her military-style buzz cut had somehow been replaced with curly dark locks that touched her shoulders. The pimple she had on her chin that morning was gone. I was stunned to see she had a FLASHLIGHT in her asshole! As she saw me, Carol begged, “KEN! Thank God! Come fuck my butt! Please? I need it! It itches SO MUCH! Cum in my ass and make it stop! PLEASE!”

I usually wasn’t the type of guy who made a girl ask more than once. I was nude by the time she pulled the flashlight from her butt and halfway hard by the time I touched her.


I happily thrust into her as Jenny returned with Mom’s monster black dildo. I was worried she’d be jealous, but she put a hand on my shoulder and pleaded, “ME TOO! PLEASE! OH, PLEASE?” I pumped my sister’s rump in front of her long-time girlfriend. I came furiously, spraying a load deep into her colon. “UHHHH! UHHH! URRRRRR!”


I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed to rest, but Jenny impaled her turdhole on my rod before I could say anything. She bounced up and down on me, begging, “CUM IN ME TOO! MAKE IT STOP!”

I shouldn’t have noticed, with all the surprises and the extreme pleasure, but saw two empty bottles of Anal Ale on Carol’s desk. I moaned and complimented my sister’s girlfriend, “Mmmm! So good, Jenny!”

Carol explained, even though she saw I wasn’t paying attention. “Dad brought a 6-pack of beer in from his truck. He said he was going to save it until the next time he was home, but we asked for one. He gave us each a bottle and they tasted great. Maybe ten minutes later, we felt really horny and our butts started itching. We fingered each other and played with the flashlight, but it didn’t help. Before long, our asses felt like they were on fire! We wondered what the Hell was going on, until we read the label. We asked Dad to help. He said he was sorry as he took off his jeans, but…”

I had more urgent things on my mind, or at least one more urgent thing. “YEAH, JENNY! URRRR!” I squirted out another load and collapsed on the bed, nearly unconscious.

Carol finished with, “…and after he came in both of us, he said he was going to be late and had to leave.”

As I dozed off, Jenny and Carol each kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you.”

What felt like a short time later, Carol woke me and said, “It’s not as bad this time, but we’re itching again. Could you… um…”

Jenny moved her naked butt in front of my face. “Please, Ken?”

By morning I had buttfucked the pair of lesbians three times each, and they finally had full relief.

I fell asleep wondering who I should give my Anal Ale and Bimbo Lights to.

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