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A lonely traveler finds the perfect hook-up partners. Or does he?

I’d arrived in the small town just before midnight. The only place still open that sold food was a run-down convenience store. I grabbed a bottle of iced coffee and a small bag of cookies for the energy I knew I’d need in the morning. As I looked around, the elderly clerk said, “We close in ten minutes.” It was rainy out and my cheap motel room didn’t even have a microwave oven, so I hoped to find one of those self-heating soups to eat before bed.

What I found instead astonished me. A pink label featured a chesty young blonde licking a banana. Above her was ‘Can-O-Sex’, and below was ‘Blowjob Becky’. I stared incredulously a moment, then chuckled. The can next to it showed a hot brunette in a bikini between ‘Can-O-Sex’ and ‘Amy Anal’. Another one had a redhead with ‘Can-O-Sex’ and ‘Penny Poonie’. I felt blood rushing to my cheeks as I laughed.

They’d probably have soft plastic fingers inside, or a rubber fake vagina like a Fleshlight. I assumed ‘Amy’, ‘Becky’, and ‘Penny’ would have different textures or orifice sizes. I was quite horny and grabbed two at random. They each only cost what five cans of soup would. Hopefully one would be the right size and feel good. I was glad to see seals on top, so I could be confident they were clean.

On the way to the front, I also picked up the best food available; two jerky sticks, a bag of pretzels, and an overpriced tuna sandwich. As he rang up my items the old man asked, “Got a busy day tomorrow?”

“Yeah, over a dozen customers to visit.”

He slyly held two small pill packets in his wrinkled hand. “Want something for a happy sleep, or help staying awake tomorrow? Only ten each.”

I recognized one as an energy pill I’d taken occasionally until they’d been banned. “Sure, one of each.”


For me sleeping pills start working after half an hour, so I took it in the motel parking lot walking to my room. After eating and undressing, I opened a ‘Can-O-Sex’. I was quite disappointed. There wasn’t a hole or any opening in it, just a solid and flesh-colored rubbery mass. I put it aside and was similarly disappointed with the other one. Both cans seemed to be defective. I went to toss them in the trash and noticed on the side, ‘Single use. Add two teaspoons of water.’

I had heard of gelatin-based sex toys from overseas that felt like fucking a jar of jelly, because that’s basically what they were. I dribbled some water in each can for the Hell of it, then poked each with a finger and saw there was still no way I could masturbate with either.

I sighed as I put them on the desk, then sat in a chair and switched the TV to the only porn channel. A college-aged man was fingering two attractive but older women’s pussies. I started shaking my snake and began to stiffen. I listened to the women moaning as I sped up and closed my eyes.

Something pushed my hand away and a hot, wet mouth engulfed my penis. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The pretty blonde on the ‘Becky Blowjob’ can was sucking my cock! Her blue eyes stared into mine as she licked and sucked! She squeezed my rod between her bright red lips as she bobbed her head up and down. Her golden locks felt silky smooth to my fingers, but her cheek was strangely rubbery.

I exploded into the blonde’s mouth as she eagerly sucked out my cum, then she swallowed it down. As I panted in joy and fatigue, she said her only words of the night, “I’m single use. I need a shower.” I was too caught up in afterglow to wonder what she meant. I gaped at her big sexy boobs as she turned to walk away. She picked up the cans and tossed them in the trash on the way to the bathroom.

‘Amy Anal’ from another can label sat in my lap and started rocking her pelvis. I was hard again almost instantly. She stood and lowered herself slowly, guiding my rigid rod into her tight but surprisingly slippery anus with her rubbery hand.

I moaned with pleasure as she rode me, squeezing my cock with her wonderfully tight anal ring. It was taking much longer than my first climax and felt even better. In the porno, the guy stuffed his huge dong into a woman’s ass while the other one fondled her boobs. The woman on TV had a pained look on her face, but the one bouncing in my lap was smiling and moaning with pleasure.

When I pumped cum into her tight butthole, most of my muscles clenched and I held her hips tightly, pulling her down as I tried to shove my cock in even deeper. I panted a while and let her up. As she stood I offered, “I don’t have much, but would you like some orange juice or a cookie?”

She strangely said, “I’m single use. I need a shower.”

I saw semen running down her leg as she walked toward the bathroom. I followed her, then gasped in horror as I saw her start to melt as she stepped under the stream of water.

I urgently asked, “WHAT’S WRONG?”

I heard a smile in her voice as the disfigured form merrily repeated, “I’m single use. I need a shower.” I froze in shock while she slowly turned to mush and slumped to the floor. Half a minute later only a flesh-colored blob the size of my foot remained. It slowly dissolved and flowed down the drain as I pondered the night’s events.

She was a thing, not a person. She wasn’t in pain or even upset while she dissolved away. She seemed almost happy to go. The first one had melted herself without a fuss. If I hadn’t been watching, ‘Amy Anal’ would have too.

The pair of beauties only cost me an hour’s pay and I’d enjoyed some of the best sex of my life.

I didn’t need to worry about pregnancy, diseases, dating, or even talking much.

I slowly realized I’d found the best thing since cave people discovered fire! Beautiful and nearly free girls eagerly screwed me, then just went away! Maybe they were even better than fire!


Before I went to my first appointment of the morning, I drove to the convenience store and bought all the ‘Can-O-Sex’ they had left, including two cases from the storeroom in back. As I walked into a restaurant for lunch I felt paranoia, nausea, and saw spots of color that weren’t really there. From my much younger days, I recognized the let-down after a psychedelic trip, probably from the ‘sleeping pill’. After soup and a sandwich at the diner, I went back to navigating the town’s unfamiliar streets,

I desperately hoped and prayed the amazing sex I’d enjoyed the previous night and the sixty cans in my car’s trunk were real.



2023-11-19 08:55:34
If you like surprise endings, check out my other story 'Bimbo Drive'.


2023-11-19 08:55:08
If you like surprise endings, check out my other story 'Bimbo Drive'.

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