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Claire and I both enjoyed playing with an older couple
Claire wants to do it again and I said yes,but not with her brother.

We both slept well after our three some last night (2 guys and Claire)and surprisingly she woke up ready to go. I didn’t expect her to be playing with my cock the minute she opened her eyes,but I liked it.”Good morning “ she said and kissed my belly looking up at me”I wish I would've stayed awake last night”she said.

I stretched my arms then placed a hand on her head while she went back sucking my cock. I laughed as she played with my balls, I then said “is this how you are going to wake me up every morning’?

“Why, don’t you like waking up like this?”she said, placing her chin above my cock and smiled. “I hope that if you woke up before me, that you would be licking my pussy, I like it when you do that to me.All I could do was nod my head and run my hands through her long and hair .When I asked her if she wanted to fuck she said “no, I want you to cum when your ready” ..

I was far from ready and laid there enjoying how she was sucking me.”Damn you're good at this” I said”did you wake up our brothers like this ”? She didn’t answer me then made me jump when her finger went up in my asshole.

She didn’t take my cock out of her mouth ,she just looked up at me with her teeth on my cock and continued to finger my but.She then said “you better cum soon or there will be another finger inside you”. This time when she took my cock deeper in her mouth and picked up her speed sucking me. Shortly after that comment she pulled her finger out and reached for some more lube.She dipped her finger into it then pushed two of her fingers in my ass.

“Damn,Claire”I said when she began moving her fingers around while slowly stroking my cock.”What made you think about that “ I asked her “damn that feels weird”.

Claire giggled “does that hurt you” she said “do I need to use more lube”?She then took her fingers out and reached for what I feared might be more lube. When I grabbed her hand she picked up a tissue and wiped her fingers off and then kissed me.

“I woke up a few hours ago from a dream of you getting fucked by some one.Why was it so weird was because you were enjoying it, and came all over your belly”.Claire then moved over me and sat down on my cock ,”would you ever do that for me” she said then kissed me,”I think I would do it for you”.

Wow ,I thought to myself as she slid up and down on me,I never would have thought about that. I didn’t answer her ,I just put my hands on her ass ,helping her slide up and down on my cock. It wasn’t long until I was cumming and watching her smile .She then laid down kissing me after I filled her with cum.

We did discuss that idea while she laid there on me and came to the conclusion that we would both do anything to please each other.We talked about having sex with other people in the same room or separate rooms. We agreed that a three some with two males was more fun than sex with two women .The more men the more fun ,Claire claimed it would also be fun,inside or outside,even a public area would be fun to try.

When the question came up about pictures being taken, I reminded her that we need to take some pictures to send to Bill and Lynne. “I was thinking about it earlier,” she said, placing her hands on her breasts . “I think some with me dressed like this would be nice”she said then stood up. Even some of you naked would be one they like to see too.then got off the bed and got her phone.

Claire did look hot in her light blue bra,matching garter and stockings, she even said a couple of her naked would be a good one also. She then sat on the bed holding the phone high and started taking various pictures of us. I tried to hide my cock but she pulled the blanket off me ,and even took a close up.

We were laughing and kissing while rolling around on the bed until we rolled off. We then went to the bathroom where we bathed , then got dressed. “I am surprised that your parents told you that it would be a good thing to move in here with me “I said.

Claire kissed me and told me that they said it would be easier and cheaper if we found out it wasn’t going to work. Getting married and then finding out would be a waste of money ,besides they know we have always been fond of each other.

We both had most of our belongings at the house now so we went for groceries ,of course Claire took pictures along the way. She later sent some pictures to Bill and Lynne and didn’t wait long for Lynne to call her.

We were just coming out of the store and I was loading the groceries when her phone rang.Claire said " hello" then covered the phone and told me it was Lynne. .She sounded surprised and asked me if I knew where Lock Haven was .She then asked me if I would be interested in meeting them there this evening. Lock Haven was only a half hour away so of course I said yes .

After she talked to Lynne, Claire seemed quiet and didn’t answer when I asked her what was wrong. We were almost home when she finally spoke up and said”she owns the antique shop in Lock Haven”.She shook her head “I think I have been there with my dad .It was after grandpa died and he sold some of his things to her”.

All while putting the groceries away and making lunch,she hardly talked at all . It wasn’t until I asked her if she was worried about seeing Bill and Lynne tonight.”That is not at all what I have been thinking about”she said” I think the night will be fun.It was the times he would get up after supper, telling mom he was going to see Lynne.I never thought what he was going there to see, until now”.

When I asked if she had asked her mom she said” no ,only now I wonder now if he was cheating on my mom”.As I helped her with the dishes I brought up the idea that her mom and dad were swingers.”If we were swingers I would tell you I was going to see someone , would you still love me?

Claire thought for a few minutes then said “ you're right,mom and dad have always love each other. There have also been times when mom went out with a so-called friend and dad was okay with it”. She then kissed me and said “ I have never seen them argue “. We then got dressed and headed out to Lock Haven talking about how the night would go.

I had to think about the many times my mom and dad would go out with Claire's parents.Some times they would be gone all night leaving me with Claire and her brothers. They could be swingers ,and now Claire and I are following in their footsteps.I guess maybe being swingers could make our marriage last forever.I guess we will see when we parked in front of the antique store and walked inside.

Lynne greeted us with a warm welcome then stood back taking a long look at Claire. She then told us that Bill was a doctor and might be late,then looked again at Claire.This time she moved closer to Claire and asked what her parents' names were.When Claire told her who her parents were Lynne gave her I hug.She continued to hold Claire telling her how much she has grown and looked like her mother

While they stood there talking about the past I walked around looking at the items in the store.Not that I was really looking to buy anything I was mainly looking at how pretty Lynne was.She was actually smaller than Claire . her blonde hair was shorter and her breasts and butt were bigger. I even saw them kissing a few times as they seemed to be getting along well.

Bill finally came in and said hello to me first while I was standing near the door.He gave me a hand shake ,then said high to the girls. He was an average looking man and seemed happy that we came to meet them. When he saw Lynne and Claire walk hand in hand to the back of the building he chuckled. “I see they are ready for fun”then said “I guess that means they expect us to follow”.

As we walked through the store he was telling me that this room we were going to was a playroom. “We are rather new to playing with others “he said “so this is where we meet first to see how it goes”. He then stopped and said “I haven’t played with a guy before, that is something Lynne has wanted”.I agreed to make her happy”.

While following them he would stop from time to time explaining what Lynne was wanting to see.”She has had a fantasy seeing me suck a guy’s cock,and I have been putting it off.I liked seeing her with a woman, but like to see her with a man a lot more.What about you”he asked”you don't have to suck my cock if you don’t want too”.

“Well to be honest Claire has wanted to see that too”I said ,as we walked in the back room where the girls were.They were already sitting on the sofa ,both sipping some wine. Lynne already had Claire's dress lifted up and was rubbing on her pussy .Bill got a beer and offered me one ,but gave me a soda at my request.We then walked over in front of the girls where there was another sofa.

We watched the girls fingering each other for a few minutes until they both took their dresses off. When they looked at us Bill looked at me,put his beer down and took off his I followed suit. Before Bill made the attempt to grab my cock I knelt down and grabbed his cock. To his surprise I started sucking on him in front of the girls,I figured that was what we were here for,

He had a much smaller cock than Ricks ,and much smaller than the ones I have sucked at the glory hole.It was no problem taking all of his cock in my mouth, licking his balls at the same time.Bill had a hand on my head and began fucking my mouth still watching what the girls were doing.

When I turned my head to see what they were doing Lynne was on her knees licking Claire's pussy, that made me hard. When Bill laid down on the sofa I moved over to him to allow the girls to watch both of us sucking a cock.

I could see both girls had shaved pussies but Lynne's lips were thicker and her breasts sagged lower. She would suck on Claire’s breasts one to the other .she then pull her fingers out of Claire and taste her cum.I could tell Bill was enjoying the view in front of us as I was starting to taste his pre-com.

Finally he pushed me off and went and stood in front of Claire and pushed his cock in her mouth. I just sat back on the sofa stroking my cock watching Claire suck his cock easily. I watched Lynne still fingering Claire but looking at me until she finally got up. She got down on her knees and quickly put her mouth on my cock and started sucking.

I could only see Claire’s hands on Bill's ass as she pulled him back and forth against her mouth. But just by watching her I could tell she was liking it.I was liking how eager Lynne was to take my cock and roll my balls around in her hand. I had to try not to get too aroused and cum too quickly.

I was grateful when Lynne stood up and stood over me giving me the chance to eat on her pussy.Her thick lips were wet but not as much as Claire’s would have been,but it was getting there.She held my head against her telling me how good I was doing , After a few minutes she told me she couldn't wait any longer to feel my cock in her.

Again I don't know just how long I had been sucking and pushing my tongue inside her,but she had gotten wetter.After she squirming around on my face she sat down taking my cock easily inside her. She was kissing me passionately while sliding up and down on my cock,crying out that she was getting close.What finally made her cum was when Bill stood behind her shoving his cock alongside mine inside her .

I was surprised how good that felt with Bill’s cock sliding against mine while we both drenched pussy quickly.I could have let go of my load sooner but I was enjoying the feeling too much.When Lynne finally moved us off of her Claire was next to sit down on me.She began kissing me and between kisses she would tell me to make her cum.

It took me a while to get back enough cum collected in me to unload inside her tight pussy.,but I did. What came next was Claire sliding off of me laying down on the floor. Lynne laid over her and the two started licking our cum from each other. Another surprise was when Bill laid down and motioned me to do the same. Yes it was quite enjoyable sucking the cum out of Bill while he was sucking the cum out of my cock.

After all was done we all sat back smiling and talking about how fun it was.We spent the rest of the evening just sitting around naked, drinking and deciding that we all could do it again.

“That was fun,” Claire said to me when we got back in the van to go home.”Next time I wan’t Bill and you both fuck me at the same time”she said.”I think I could enjoy his small cock better with you in me too”.
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