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“I have wanted to fuck you since the first time Gail bought you home. Would you like me to fuck you the way she fucks you, on top of you so you can hold my big ass and watch in the ceiling mirror?”
I was twenty-five years old when I married Gail twenty-four. I had met her mother, Janet my future mother-in-law a number of times before the wedding. Gail told me she was forty-seven, almost twice my age, and long divorced. Always friendly to me and always a juicy kiss when we met.

After we married I moved into Janet’s large house while we saved to buy a house. Most nights we would join Janet (call me Janet, not Mom) for dinner which she had cooked. Always plenty of wine, and lots of scintillating conversation covering a wide range of subjects. Gail’s mother was incredibly attractive and I found it hard to understand why she didn’t have a man in her life.

The first time I met Gail I was immediately drawn to her hips and big ass in skin tight slacks. She told me she worked as a medical professional. I quickly learn she was super confident in everything she did or took on.

We became lovers after a few dates and after a few minutes of missionary sex, she turned me on my back and took total control. I can still recall having her wonderful, big ass cheeks in my hands as she dominated. Sex with her on top became the norm, she was incredibly good at it, and grasping her big, firm ass as she fucked me was an extra buzz while watching in a ceiling mirror.

Our lives changed when Gail received a promotion and was often away on business. One day I was aware of Janet watching me shower, not a word spoken though, as I enjoyed soaping and flaunting my naked body and large, thick cock for her.

By the time I emerged from the shower with a towel wrapped around my naked body she was gone. When I entered my bedroom, there was Janet sitting on a chair in front of a wall length mirror, her wonderful legs crossed and her short skirt riding high.

“Gail told me you were well hung. You are a big boy, a very big boy, that must be at least eight-inches and thick. I have never had a man that big. Do you like having your balls teased with my other hand?,” she asked as she bought me to a tremendous orgasm.

That was the commencement of our clandestine affair. In the following months Gail was often away and her mother and I made the most of our ever increasing range of sexual activities.

“Gail told me she often gives you a blow job. She told me you like standing with your back to a wall, watching in a mirror, while she sucks your cock and rakes her nails over your ass cheeks. She told me you like timing yourself to see how long you can last. Before you cum on her tits, just like this.”

“Gail showed me the way you shave her pubes. A beautifully trimmed triangle, so erotic. She gets a real buzz from you shaving her. Will you do the same for me? Now? No man has ever done that for me, I like it. Do you fuck her after you shave her?”

“I have wanted to fuck you since the first time Gail bought you home. Would you like me to fuck you the way she fucks you, on top of you so you can hold my big ass and watch in the ceiling mirror?”

“Tell me again how you are going to seduce your mother-in-law,” she teased as soon as we arrived home from a flirtatious, lead up, dinner when we made it obvious to other diners, despite our age differences, we intended fucking afterwards, when people there assumed I was her son, not her lover, until our body language showed them otherwise.

“I am going to kneel behind you, lift your dress above your waist, then lick and kiss your magnificent cougar ass cheeks, your ass was made for that garter belt I asked you to wear for me without knickers. “Then I am going to turn you around and kiss and lick your clit, with your big ass in my hands. I am going to fuck you like it is the last fuck I will ever have,” I whispered as she watched me clip my cock ring under my balls while tongue kissing me.

“Is that a promise? Now come to mommy and fuck me in my bed. All night long.”

“Gail tells me her sex life since she returned after her last few trips has never been better. She told me it gets better and quirkier after every trip.” Janet told me with a sarcastic smirk over dinner as Gail smiled at me with no hint of embarrassment. Mother and daughter always were very comfortable discussing Gail’s sex life over dinner.

A few days later we were suntanning by the pool with Janet.“That is an absolute buzz for me, watching my husband oiling my mother’s almost naked body. Do you like it Mom? Would you like him to oil all of your ass Mom?,” Gail asked before she slid her mother’s bikini bottoms below her ass cheeks.

“And you are a very naughty boy, Mom has given you an erection. I hoped she would. You know Mom and I are very close, we share lots of things including our clothes. Would you like to watch me give him a hand job Mom?”

An electric moment, my wife giving me a wonderful hand job, lots of oil, while her mother, my secret lover, watched on with a strange, agitated, look on her face. “Lick and suck his nipples Mom, he likes that. Look at how hard his cock is now Mom,” Gail whispered while tongue kissing me and stroking my erection.”

A few days later Gail was rather coy when she approached me. “This is our secret, don’t you dare tell anyone. Mom asked if she can watch you and I fucking. I told Mom that I would have no objections. How about you, would you be comfortable with Mom watching us fucking?”

“I would be very comfortable with your mother watching us fucking. It would be even more exciting if she was naked and teased me while she watched.”

“Okay, fine with me, I will check with her. What makes you think she is a sexual exhibitionist? Do you know something I don’t?,” she smiled, almost knowingly.

I was so pleased when Gail told me later that day, “Mom says she would love to be naked and tease while she watches us fucking. Two-thirty Saturday in her bedroom.”

Gail excelled herself as she mounted me and slowly slid her cunt lips onto my erection. I could hear Janet whispering, “Right up to his balls, all the way. Do it for mommy.” Amazing chemistry and eye contact between mother and daughter as they sucked each other’s middle finger as she expertly demonstrated her sexual prowess to her mother.

Wonderful eye candy for me, ogling my clandestine lover’s voluptuous, naked body with her daughter’s wonderful ass cheeks in my hands as she fucked me from above. Gail was in her element as she used my rock hard erection to bring herself to orgasm while her mother urged her on. Then again, again, and again as she moaned, “So good, so good, Mom,” as her mother tongue kissed her. Gail could sense I was close to orgasm and would not hold out much longer when she asked, “Swallow or hand?”

“Swallow,” I moaned as Janet watched her daughter edging my erection and sucked my nipples. “Harder, harder,” I moaned as I hit the back of Gail’s throat, watching her mother for her reaction.

“That was awesome Gail, I knew it would be.”

“Mom asked me if I would like to watch her fuck you. Very tempting, for me, extremely tempting in fact,” Gail told me the next day. “While we think about it, would you like her to watch us fucking again?”

“Of course,” I replied, already anticipating.

A few weeks later Gail had the Friday off before she was due to go away again the next Monday on one of her business trips. The three of us were sunbathing by the pool, both of the women, mother and daughter were topless laying face down with all over tans, both wearing skimpy bikini bottoms which left most of their magnificent ass cheeks exposed.

“Before I leave Mom wants to watch us fucking again. This time she wants to be even more pro active. And she wants to watch us have a lot more foreplay than last time. She wants you to tell her what you would like her to wear for us to make it even ore exciting for her.“

“Exactly the same as what I want you to wear. Heels, black stockings and a garter belt, under a black cocktail dress, the classical seduction look. You know that is my favourite.”

“I would love to do that for you and my daughter, you know by now your turn on is my turn on. Would three this afternoon in my bedroom be satisfactory for both of you?

“Now, oil my back for me while I fantasise about watching you fucking my daughter again. What I should really be fantasising about is my daughter fucking you. An absolute buzz for me the way she laid you on your back, then had her way with you. I lost count of her orgasms. My girl is a stellar performer.

“Now my ass, oil my big ass for me, you as well Gail, take it in turns, I want to feel if I can tell which one of you has their oily hands on my ass,” she told us as she lifted her body so her daughter could slide her skimpy bikini bottom down to expose all of her magnificent, firm ass cheeks.

“I can feel four lots of oily hands on my ass, that is so good, now change sides. Now just you Gail. You have the same ass as me but mine is bigger. Now just my son in law. Do you like oiling mommy’s big ass while my daughter watches,” she teased as she clenched her ass cheeks.

“Yes, I do very much while your daughter is kissing me with the tip of her tongue.”

“This is very naughty, though incredibly exciting,” Gail told me at three as we walked to her mother’s bedroom. Wonderful sexual tension when we entered her bedroom holding hands. Gail had made a point of flaunting her naked body for me as I watched her dress exactly as I had requested. Sexy black garter belt first on her naked body, then black stockings. “Is Mom’s ass bigger than mine?,” she teased as I helped her clip the stockings to her garter belt. “Now help me on with my heels and black cocktail dress.

“Mom wants you to wear these for her, so do I, you kinky boy,” Gail smiled as she handed me a pair of jeans and a pair of black, crotchless panty hose she had asked me to wear for her previously. “I told her you like the feel of them on your naked body. And your erection poking out of them at forty-five degrees is awesome.”

“You and my daughter Gail are a very exciting couple,” Janet whispered as she kissed me passionately while Gail held my hand after we entered. “I am wearing just what you wanted me to wear for you. And you and your man are a very exciting couple,” Janet whispered as she and her daughter kissed passionately with the tips of their tongues.

“You wanted to watch some foreplay Mom, happy to oblige,” Gail told her as she stood with her hands on the wall for support, then parted her legs after I lifted her dress over her waist, before she looked over her shoulder at her mother, my mother in law. “Your magnificent, big ass looks sensational wrapped in that garter belt, it was made for it,” I told her truthfully, with a tremor in my voice as I licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

“This is very exciting for me Gail, I have always wanted to watch a man worship my daughter’s big ass,” her mother whispered as they kissed with the tips of their tongues.

“Put your hands on the wall Mom, just like me,” Gail told her as they continued tongue kissing. “You asked for some more foreplay this time, enjoy it.” Gail had no idea I had kissed and licked her mother’s wonderful big ass only weeks ago as I prepared to do it again, this time with her daughter watching.

“I am going to kneel behind you Janet, lift your dress above your waist, then lick and kiss your magnificent cougar ass cheeks, your ass was made for a garter belt,” I told her as she clenched her ass cheeks for me while Gail watched.

“Don’t hold back because of me Mom,” her daughter whispered as she watched me licking her mother’s trimmed cunt lips.

“I won’t Gail,” Janet replied as she was moaning, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt. Gunna cum mum. gunna cum, watch me.”

“That was awesome, just awesome, though very naughty. And a huge turn on,” Gail told me as I removed her dress before she stood with her back to the wall, legs spread.

“Don’t hold back because of me Gail,” her mother whispered as she watched me licking her daughter’s trimmed cunt lips. I won’t Mom,” Gail replied as she was moaning, fuck my cunt, ‘fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt’. “Gunna cum Mom. gunna cum, watch me Mom.”

“You wanted my kinky boy to wear these for you Mom. Are you impressed?,” Gail teased as she dragged my jeans to my ankles, to expose my rock hard erection poking out of the tight hole in the panty hose at forty-five degrees.

“Yes, I love that look. I have wanted to look at your husband wearing those since the day you first told me about him wearing them,” she whispered as she teased the tip of my erection with her lips, “Now fuck him for me Gail, on his back, take total control while I watch and enjoy.”

Sex with Gail on top had almost became the norm, before and after we married, she was incredibly good at dominating, and it continued to get even better for both of us as we developed subtle nuances while grasping her big, firm ass as she fucked me. That day a huge extra buzz with her mother watching on and enjoying.

“So good Mom, so good, gunna cum again,” Gail whispered as she and Janet lightly tongue kissed while Gail did wonderful things to my erection with her cunt muscles.

As I tried to hold back my orgasm, I was hoping Janet would tongue kiss me while her daughter was fucking me to heighten my sexual pleasure. “I do like watching you and my daughter fucking,” Janet whispered, the sensation of her tongue on mine had me so close to orgasm as I realised from experience Gail was also close to a huge orgasm.

Later as the three of us showered together, with our hands all over each other’s bodies, Gail told me with a wicked smile, “Don’t forget Mom has asked me if I would like to watch her fuck you. Would you like to fuck her? Very tempting, for me, extremely tempting in fact. Can we do it this Sunday afternoon Mom?”

“Would you like to fuck your mother in law while her daughter watches? Yes? My bedroom, three on Sunday dress to impress, all of us. I am so looking forward to it. So is my daughter, we have both been wanting this for weeks.”

“Mom wants me to help her prepare for you,” Gail told me just before three on the Sunday. I will send you a text when we are ready for you. Just after three, the text read, Mom READY TO FK U.

Janet had told us to dress to dress to impress and I naturally wondered what she would be wearing for me. In the subdued light of the bedroom Gail’s mother was laying face down on her bed, resting on her elbows with a wicked smile, naked apart from her black stiletto heels and a skimpy, black g-string. Her daughter Gail, my wife was similarly attired as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

“Mom wants to make love to you, not just a fuck. Will you be comfortable with me watching? Or would you like me join in and participate, you know we are very close?”

Her mother answered the question for both of us when she whispered, “No man has ever licked and kissed my big ass like you did, I loved it with my daughter watching, I want it again,” as she lifted her hips so her daughter could slide a pillow under her hips.

“He also does that to my big ass Mom, always wonderful foreplay,” Gail told her as she laid alongside her mother while they softly kissed with the tips of their tongues. “Do you like him teasing the insides of your thighs with his fingertips Mom? It is a huge turn on when he does it to me.

“Is that what you wanted Mom?,” Gail asked as she helped her mother turn over and helped her rest her ass on the pillow as I wrapped my arms around her legs. “Do you like him licking your clit Mom? Now your cunt lips Mom? He was the first man to bring me to orgasm with his tongue Mom.”

“Don’t hold back because of me Mom,” her daughter whispered as she watched me licking her mother’s trimmed cunt lips. I won’t Gail,” Janet replied as she was moaning, “fuck my cunt, ‘fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt.”

“I intend to Janet, very soon,” I managed to whisper as she moaned, “Gunna cum mum. gunna cum, watch me.” I did watch, so did Gail, awesome.

“That is very naughty, but so exciting my son-in-law fucking me, while my daughter watches, even more exciting, I have never fucked an erection as big as his,” Janet told us with her legs over my shoulders, her ass elevated on the pillow, as we made love / fucked missionary style.

“Don’t hold back because of me Mom,” her daughter moaned as she watched me fucking her mother’s trimmed cunt lips. I won’t Gail,” Janet replied as she was moaning, fuck my cunt, “fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt.”

“Put your finger into me, find my g-spot and I will squirt for you. Do you squirt for him Gail? No? Watch and learn.”

“That was amazing Mom, squirting while he masturbated. I don’t know if I am jealous or just sexually and erotically aroused Mom,” Gail told us, as we wound down after we showered together. I am wondering if my mother and my husband will be fucking each other behind my back while I am away working. Surely not Mom?”

“Before I leave for my two week work assignment I need you to fuck me. I can’t possibly be away for two weeks knowing the last fuck my husband had was with my mother,” Gail told me later that night over dinner with her mother. “Can you get it up for me again? You look unsure. Perhaps Mom could assist?”

The next day after Gail’s early morning flight, Janet, my mother in law, told me with a big smile, “My daughter and you were a pair of sex machines last night, fucking as though there was no more fucking for two weeks. Can you hold out for two weeks? Remember, you were the first to tempt me when you left the shower door open. Or would you prefer to shower with me? Perhaps we could shop for some new lingerie this afternoon?”
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