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Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing
Getting Married Set Me Free

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

I woke up the same way as the previous day and then we had more fun as Dylan shaved me again. After breakfast we packed a bag then headed off the bus station. I was a little apprehensive, but excited about going out wearing only a slightly see-through cover-up and not even having any knickers or bikini bottoms with me, but Dylan liked the idea as much as I did and he promised to look after me.

As we walked, and at the bus station, I looked at all the men around me to see if they were staring at me and I have to say that I was disappointed that none of them appeared to notice that they would be able to see my tits and slit, and my butt, through the fabric of my cover-up.

Dylan bought our tickets then we waited for the bus. Dylan was stood behind me with his arms round me and as his hands wandered up and down my cover-up I started to feel quite horny, especially when his hands wandered either up and caressed one of my tits, or down and cupped my pussy, pressing on my clit.

We were lucky to get a seat on the bus and Dylan’s hand went straight to my bare thigh and slid up until his little finger touched my bare pussy. My bag was on my lap so I wasn’t worried about anyone looking down and seeing what Dylan was doing to me.

The bus filled up and people were standing in the aisle. As the bus moved off my horny state got the better of me and I opened my knees and slid my bag down onto the floor. Not closing my knees I looked down and confirmed what I suspected, that my cover-up wasn’t covering my lower stomach or bare pubis, and Dylan’s fingers were on my pussy and they were making little movements.

I looked up at the people stood in the aisle and saw 2 men looking down at me, or more importantly, at my pussy area where they could see that I was knickerless and Dylan’s fingers working on my pussy.

The tingling in my nipples and clit got stronger and I wet Dylan’s fingers a bit more. It was then that I realised that my pussy had hardly ever been wet before I got married, but since then I couldn’t remember a time when it was dry, apart from a couple of seconds after I’d showered and then dried myself.

I didn’t have any more time to think about that because the bus arrived at its destination, a big car park beside a lot of sand dunes. I couldn’t see the beach but I guessed that it was along the path through the dunes where I could see a few people walking.

We got off the bus and started walking in the same direction that everyone else was going, through the sand dunes, and we quickly came to an amazing beach gently sloping down to the blue sea with hardly any waves. To each side of us were long stretches of the soft, white sand and a scattering of people enjoying the relaxing ambience.

“Wow,” I said, “this is nice, where would you like to setup our little camp Dylan?”

“How about right here? Everything is perfect and you can display yourself to everyone as they come and go.”

“Dylan, you make me sound like some exhibitionist whore trying to drum up some business.”

“Sorry love, but you can’t deny that you have become the first part, an exhibitionist.”

“Hmm, I guess that you’re right, but it’s all your fault for being such an amazing, sexy man.”

“Hang on a minute, you’re blaming me for you wanting to show your naked body to every man on the planet?”

“Yes I am, if you hadn’t of asked me to marry you I would still be that shy almost introvert little girl.”

“Okay, you got me there Esther, but I’m not complaining, are you?”

“Gawd no, I love the new me. Can you rub some sunblock on me please.”

Just as soon as we’d got our towels spread out I took my cover-up off and stretched my arms high in the air. I felt amazing standing there, totally naked on a public beach. It felt so natural, so free and so sexy. I looked down at Dylan and just wanted him to fuck me right there but I wasn’t feeling that brave so I dug out the sunblock and passed it to Dylan.

Dylan paid particular attention to my tits and pussy, making me cum just as a group of young people arrived at the beach and walked passed us. Dylan later told me that they’d all stared at me as they walked by. That made me feel good as well.

Dylan told me which way to lay on my towel so that my feet were pointing in the direction of the sun, which coincidentally was towards the direction that people were arriving from, or had Dylan specifically chosen that spot for that purpose? I wondered and decided that Dylan was actually helping me to feel good.

“Should I spread my legs or cross them?” I asked.

“Well Mrs. Hargreaves, if you spread them the sun will tan your inner thighs and pussy, and you will be very exposed to people arriving. Also, you spread eagle on a beach will make a great photo for our special album.”

I giggled a little, tingled a little, and spread my legs quite wide. Dylan also dived into the bag and got out his phone.

I didn’t count the number of photos that Dylan took, but it must have been in double figures, and I wondered if he was zooming in on my pussy on some of them. I hoped so.

With my sunglasses on, I watched everyone who came onto the beach via that path and was pleased that quite a lot of them, mainly the males, had a good look at my pussy. I suppose that they looked at my tits as well but with them being so small, and me laying on my back, there wasn’t much to see.

I wondered if any of those people who looked at me realised that I was also watching them as they looked at my pussy.

We went for a swim and a fuck, Dylan is good at holding me up so that my face is directly in front of his and his hands are under my butt as I wrap my legs around him. Dylan let me slide down a little and I discovered that his hard cock was pressing on my entrance. We had a nice, long, slow fuck.

We also went for short walks both ways along the water’s edge. Dylan said that it would give us a little exercise but I just wanted to be seen and to look at all the cocks. I knew that they come in different shapes and sizes but those walks were a real education for me.

Around the middle of the afternoon, Dylan suddenly jumped up and started taking more photos of me. After a minute or so I saw a group of 5 young men walking onto the beach, all wearing jeans, T-shirts and carrying motorcycle helmets. They stopped near Dylan and watched as I got to my feet and started doing silly poses as Dylan clicked away.

Then Dylan turned to one of the young men and asked him if he would take some photos of me and Dylan together. That made some sense because I didn’t want to be the only one in all the photos in our special wedding album.

The guys replied,

“Sure, but can we take some photos of your lovely girlfriend with our phones?”

Dylan looked over to me, saw the smile on my face and replied,

“No problem, after you’ve taken some of me and her you can take as may photos as you like, I’m sure that she will be happy to pose with each of you and all of you together.”

The guys liked that idea and crash hats and backpacks hit the sand as one of them used Dylan’s phone to take some photos of Dylan and I together.

“Bend over with your back to the guys and I’ll pretend to spank you Esther.” Dylan said.

I quickly realised the view that I would be giving the guys as I spread my legs wide and I heard lots of camera shutter sounds. When those sounds died down Dylan said,

“Okay guys, thanks for that, now it’s your turn, who’s first?”

One guy came over to me and put his arm around the naked me and I heard more photo’s being taken, some of them from Dylan’s phone.

All 5 guys took turns standing next to me with one of their arms around me, then Dylan said,

“Group photo time guys.”

I went and stood in the middle of the group and one by one photos were taken with the guys changing places. Just as I was thinking that the fun was over, Dylan said,

“Okay, can the 2 of you on either side of Esther squat down and Esther, can you put you arms round their shoulders?”

We did then Dylan continued,

“Good, now can you 2 guys stand up straight and put an arm round Esther to keep her up in the air, Esther, can you hold on to their necks?”

All 3 of us were a little puzzled but the 2 guys holding me up weren’t about to take their hands off me as Dylan continued,

“Good, now guys, with your outside arm can you reach in and lift Esther’s legs please?”

As soon as Dylan said that, everyone of us knew what was going to happen and up went my legs and out as they were pulled leaving me spread wide, even my pussy lips were spread wide open.

Dylan didn’t need to tell everyone to start taking more photos as I heard shutter sounds clicking away.

Everyone wanted, and got a turn at holding me up, including Dylan, and I’m sure that some of the phones memory cards must have got quite full. By the time that no more photos were being taken I was really horny and as the guys left I turned to Dylan and said,

“Will you take me in the sea again please Dylan?”

We almost ran into the sea and seconds later I was kissing Dylan and riding his cock.

Once I’d recovered and Dylan had lowered me to the bottom of the sea I said,

“Wow, that was a bit of quick thinking by you Dylan, thank you. I’m sure that some of those photos will be in our special album.”

“Yes, and what do you think of the idea of printing some of the photos, enlarged to say A2 or A1 size, framing them and putting them on the walls at home?” Dylan asked.

“I love it. I’ve been thinking too, you know that you shave me every morning, well I’ve read somewhere that some girls get some sort of laster treatment to kill the hair follicles so that they never grow again, can we look into that please?”

“Sure, I thought of that too but shaving you is so much fun that I wasn’t going to mention it for a while.”

“I’ve thought of that as well, you can still shave me even if there’s no hair there to remove.”

“Hmm, not just a pretty face and an amazing body, we’ll look into that when we get back to England.”

Dylan kissed me again and I felt his cock get hard again and pressing against my ribs.

After swimming around until Dylan’s cock had gone flaccid again, we got out of the sea and went and air dried ourselves as we relaxed on our towels. My brain was thinking about getting some laser hair removal treatment and wondering if it would be woman or a man that did the job and after a while Dylan said,

“Are you getting horny again Esther?”

“What makes you think that Dylan?”

“Well your legs are wide open and you’re playing with your clit, that man walking along the water’s edge has been watching you for ages.”

“Oh, I didn’t realise.” I replied and moved my hand from my pussy.

“Hey, I didn’t say that I wanted you to stop, it’s just that you looked miles away.”

“I was, I was imagining a man using a laser on my pussy to get rid of all the hair.”

“You want a man to do it, I assumed that it was only women that did it.”

“You might be right Dylan, I was just daydreaming.”

“A little fantasy, what other fantasies have you got Esther?”

“Well, they’ve all changed now that we are married, I used to have romantic fantasies like you read in those romantic novels, the ones that my mother didn’t like me reading, but now all I can think about is you forcing me to show my naked body to lots of strangers and fucking me in front of them.”

“I don’t think that there would be much forcing involved Esther.”

“I’d probably be too shy and nervous to instigate it myself but once I got over that I’d love every second. That’s if you didn’t mind other guys fucking me.”

“Well let’s hope that that shy and nervous part of your brain gets over-written, or whatever, with the new exhibitionist you and I’d like to see you gang-banged by other guys.”

“You really have changed me Dylan, you’ve made me come alive. I love you Mr. Dylan Hargreaves.”

“And I love you too Mrs. Esther Hargreaves.”

I giggled a bit, still not being totally used to being married and having a new name.

We eventually decided that it was time to leave that beach and we packed our belongings. I guess that I was really getting used to being naked because we were getting near where the people were waiting for the bus when Dylan asked me if I was going to ride on the bus naked.

I seem to remember blushing a little as I put my bag down, got my cover-up out, put it on and replied,

“Oops, naughty me, maybe you should spank my bottom when we get back to the hotel.”

“There you go mentioning spanking again Esther, I’m starting to think that you want me to spank you.”

“Maybe, I don’t know, the idea sound great and that electricity that went from my butt to my pussy was nice, but I’m not sure about the pain.”

“I’ll just do what I said before, just order you to strip, get over my lap and just do it sometime. Surprise you, but I will stop just as soon as you ask me to, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Maybe I will like the spanking pain, I don’t know.”

“As I said, baby steps, but not right now, although I’m guessing that some of the people waiting for the bus might enjoy the entertainment.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“No I wouldn’t Esther, your butt is safe for now.”

There weren’t as many people on the bus so we got seats and we were soon walking back to the hotel. This time I wasn’t looking around to see if anyone had realised that my cover-up was slightly see-through.

“How do you fancy a quick dip in the pool before we go up to the room Esther?” Dylan asked as we walked into the lobby.

“Sounds nice Dylan but I haven’t go a bikini with me.”

“If you’re quick you can just drop that cover-up and jump in, chances are that no one will notice.”

I thought for a second then said,

“Let’s see how many people are around the pool.”

We did look and I was a little nervous when I realised that everyone there was an adult and that I was going to do it. We found a couple of loungers then I stood at the foot of my lounger with my fingers on the cover-up fastening,

“Ready?” Dylan asked.


“Just do it Esther, it will take seconds and there’s not much chance of anyone realising.”

I looked around and saw that no one was looking my way. I took a deep breath and did it.

Seconds later I was under the water and starting to surface.

Dylan surfaced just after me and he pulled me towards him and hugged me.

“That was fun, do you thing that anyone saw me?”

“I doubt it, but those 2 guys over there are looking this way.”

“I didn’t see them when I was looking around to see if anyone was looking at me.”

“Too late now, if they saw your naked body then they saw it. You’re not embarrassed are you Esther?”

“No, surprisingly not.”

“Good, now I’ll race you to the other end and back, then we’ll get out and go up to the room, I’ve got something hard that I want to put between your legs.”

As we swam I realised that I hadn’t thought about getting out of the pool, that will take a lot longer than jumping in. Strangely, I felt my pussy feel warm in spite of the cool water of the pool.

Dylan let me win the race and we went to the side of the pool to get out. Dylan quickly pulled himself out, went and got his towel and stood there looking at me.

“Ready when you are Esther?”

“Will you get my towel and hold it ready to wrap it round me please?” I asked as Dylan stood above me.

Dylan turned and got my towel and stood ready. I started to pull myself up and out and it wasn’t until I was on my feet that I realised that Dylan had moved, in fact he’d grabbed all our belongings and was almost running towards the hotel entrance.


But he ignored me and kept walking. What’s more, my shouting had attracted a bit of attention. Realising that I couldn’t stay where I was, totally naked beside the hotel pool, I started quickly walking after Dylan. Strangely, I didn’t try to cover my girly parts with my hands as I walked, but I did look around and I saw a few people looking at me.


I shouted again as I entered the lobby forgetting that me shouting would attract more attention. But Dylan was already going up the stairs and getting further away from me.

I almost ran though the lobby and up the stairs and found Dylan waiting for me on our floor. He had a big grin on his face and I just couldn’t be mad at him.

“Enjoy your little streak did you Esther?”

“Oh my gawd Dylan, that was awesome. Quick, get to our room, I need you inside me.”

Yes we did have a good fuck followed by a shower then relaxing out on the balcony with me still as naked as when I jumped into the swimming pool. I put my feet up on the railings and spread my feet wide before toying with my clit as Dylan and I talked about lots of different things. At one point I looked up and saw 2 guy’s heads looking down on me.

Dylan whispered that we should be on the balcony at that time each day for the rest of our honeymoon. I didn’t argue as seeing those guys looking at me whilst I toyed with my clit drove me to want Dylan inside me again before we went out to get something to eat.



Most of the rest of our honeymoon went very much the same as the first few days. We alternated going to the nudist beach with sunbathing on the rocks at the end of the nearest beach. The 2 fisherman were there every time that we were and they saw me naked eery time, sometimes with me just spread eagle on my back and sometimes riding Dylan’s cock. I liked it the best when I was riding him with my back to his face and me watching the 2 fishermen watching me.

I usually had 2 orgasms when they watched me like that.

Unfortunately we didn’t have another photography session with groups of young guys but Dylan did stop a couple of guys and ask then to take a photo of us together, me, of course, totally naked.

There was one day that we didn’t go to either beach, we had decided that we should really do a bit of sightseeing and we took a bus to the nearest big town. I wore a mini sarong with a matching halter top that we’d bought at the same time as the cover-ups. Again, both parts are slightly sheer and I could easily see my areolae and nipples through the halter and I could also see my slit through the sarong if I twisted it so that the knot was on my hip. Dylan told me that he could see my butt crack as well.

As we walked around I experimented with having the knot at different places and Dylan told me that he could see my slit through the opening when I walked and sometimes all the time.

I spent half the day looking at the scenery and half the day looking at the men around me looking for some sort of indication that they’d seen parts of me that most women keep hidden away. The vast majority of men gave no indication that they’d seen something but when one did it made my nipples and pussy tingle and I’d grip Dylan’s hand harder.

We found a fast food place for lunch and sat at a table outside. The whole place was about a metre higher than the footpath and when I sat facing the street I remembered to not cross my legs, Dylan and I watched, through our sunglasses, the people walking by and noting the people who turned their heads to look at me and saw my bare pussy.

Also, the street was busy, both pedestrians and cars and we spotted a couple of car drivers who were stopped in front of us because of the stationary traffic and they turned and stared at me for a few seconds. One staring driver was stuck staring at my pussy for over a minute before the traffic started to move again.

I think that that day was the longest that I’d gone without having Dylan’s cock inside me.

Oh, the sightseeing was mildly interesting but we wouldn’t go back there again.

There was another day that ended differently, 2 actually. When we came back from the nude beach we decided to walk along the seafront back to the hotel and we found an area where the main walkway cut across a corner of the beach so the was a sandy area that was cut-off from the rest of the beach. This area was big enough to have about a dozen sun loungers on it and this particular day there were 2 unoccupied loungers free right next to the busy walkway.

Now I’d twisted my ankle a little bit whilst chasing after Dylan on the beach earlier and it was still giving me a little bit of pain so Dylan suggested that we sit on the 2 unoccupied loungers for a while to help my ankle recover.

The thing was, the cover-up that I was wearing that day was very short, very light-weight and had been flying around in the gentle breeze. Laying back on the reclined lounger, with my sunglasses on, I could see everyone walking along the walkway very close to my feet, and the groups of people standing on the sand at the other side of the walkway.

I’d been reclined there for no more than a few seconds when the breeze lifted the front of my cover-up and dropped the hem up near my waist leaving my hips, and every part of me below them, totally exposed.

My legs were closed at that point but I quickly had a naughty thought and spread my legs, exposing all of my pussy to the sun, and all the people both walking along and standing on the other side of the walkway.

I felt so naughty but at the same time my pussy and nipples started tingling something rotten.

“You’re not straightening that cover-up on purpose are you Esther?” Dylan asked.

“No, all those strangers so close to me and seeing my uncovered pussy is really turning me on. Is it bothering you Dylan?”

“Hell no, you can stick your feet on the sand on both sides of the lounger if you want.”

I didn’t have the courage to do that, but I moved my knees around some of the time, lifting one up if some people walked by that I didn’t want to see my pussy. I did see quite a few people look at me, and even some double-takes, but no one said anything, nor stopped and stared.

We stayed there for a good 30 minutes before continuing our walk back to the hotel and I wondered just how many of those people who turned their heads to look at me actually realised what they had seen.

During that walk back to the hotel Dylan told me that he’s seen quite a few jaws drop and quite a few guys smiling. The sex when we got back to our room was amazing.

We did the same thing the next day which was our last day at the nude beach.


The final day of our Honeymoon

Our honeymoon finally came to an end with me satisfied that I’d made a lot of progress in catching up with other girls my age when it comes to the number of times that I’d been fucked. I’d also got an amazing all-over tan which made me feel good, and both Dylan and I were VERY happy about how I had changed from being a very shy, almost introvert girl into a girl who was proud of her naked body and who was happy for the whole world to see it.

I daringly wore one of my cover-ups for the journey home but Dylan thought that it would be a good idea if I wore the bikini that he’d bought me underneath the cover-up. Dylan had told me that he’d read a few stories about some airline staff being very prudish about what the passengers wore.

The plane ride was uneventful but as soon as we got off the plane and walked into the terminal I told Dylan that I had to go to the rest room. In there I removed my bikini and put it in the bag. Wearing just the cover-up and shoes I walked back to Dylan, put my arms around his neck, jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist. Dylan’s hands automatically went under my butt to hold me in place and he discovered that I’d taken the bikini off.

He wasn’t the only person to discover that I wore nothing under the cover-up because when we broke our kiss Dylan told me that most of my bare butt was exposed to everyone behind me. I kissed him again.

When the taxi dropped us off at our house Dylan insisted on carrying me into the house. I may have been wearing a thong bikini bottoms under my cover-up but the neighbours would have been able to see all of my bare backside, if they had been watching.

The first thing that we did inside the house was to christen the hallway with a very pleasant fuck, Dylan telling me that we’d fuck in a different room each day until we ran out of new rooms. Then we’d move on to fucking in the garage then each corner of the back garden and our finale would be him fucking me in the middle of the lawn at the back. I’d already sussed-out that some of the neighbours would be able to see us fucking in the back garden, if they looked, and the thought of doing it made me extra horny.

It was later afternoon when we’d arrived at our house and after the initial christening we spent a few hours unpacking and getting ourselves organised. I hadn’t bothered putting any clothes back on and I hadn’t heard Dylan order a pizza, nor the doorbell ring when the delivery guy arrived. I went downstairs to see what Dylan was doing and I surprised myself and the delivery guy when he saw me full frontal naked.

“Oops,” I said as I dived into the kitchen but when Dylan joined me all I wanted to do was fuck him.

When we finally got around to eating the by then cold pizza Dylan asked,

“You enjoyed showing yourself to that delivery guy didn’t you Esther?”

“Yes, but it was over way too quick, I’m not even sure that he saw me.”

“Oh he saw you alright, you should have seen his face. Tell you what, from now on when the doorbell rings you can go and answer it Esther, I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the exposure as much as the delivery guys.”

“What if it’s your mum, dad, or brother, or worse, my mum and dad?”

“Well I’m sure that my dad and John (18 year old brother) would appreciate the sight and I doubt that mum would be upset. I doubt that your dad would be either but as for your mum, well, I guess that she’s going to have to find out how you have changed sometime, maybe the sudden shock treatment is the best way. Anyway, you’re 20, a grown, married woman, you can choose how you dress, or don’t, it now has nothing to do with her.”

“Or maybe it would kill her or she would disown me?”

“Well if she can’t accept you for what you are now then maybe her disowning you isn’t a bad thing, we don’t want her coming round here every so often upsetting you by throwing a load of religious nonsense at you and calling you all sorts of nasty names do we?”

“True, but I don’t want to stop seeing my dad, he’s a nice guy even if he is under mum’s thumb.”

“Let’s worry about that when / if it becomes a problem. Now, lets get this unpacking finished then we can use the bed for something that is much more fun.

We continued the practice of going to sleep with Dylan’s cock inside me and the first one who woke up fucking the other.

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