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It was a cold, drizzly Saturday night and the sounds of whistles and slap shots echoed throughout the cavernous hockey rink. There was a group of boys still on the ice, but only one was left in the locker room. Nick was exhausted from his practice, and he sat and surveyed the now empty changing facility. His friend Jake was the last boy to leave, and Nick was alone, too tired to strip quickly and simply wanting a long nap. Sweat drenched his body and he felt his gear stick to his body. He was a goalie, and had his skates, leg pads, pants, and Underarmor t-shirt still on. The room was stiflingly hot, and Nick knew he would have to shower before he could go out and meet his friends. He had gotten a text from his friend during the practice, reading: “my friend Sara is into you dude, you really should make a move on her tonight.” Nick giggled slightly after reading this, but he really had no interest, he was simply too beat from playing.

He wasn’t a tall boy, maybe 5’7”, 5’10” in skates, but he had a solid frame and powerful legs beneath his equipment. His skin was a pale white, and his hair was dark—he looked classically Jewish, though he was often confused for Italian, even Greek. In one way, at least, he was Greek, though it wasn’t the sort of detail he usually revealed to people. Nick slowly rubbed his arms and pulled his shirt up a bit to rub his abs. He could feel the sweat sticking, and he wanted nothing more than to feel hot water running down his bare skin. His penis barely twitched at the thought—there were few things more sensual than a shower to him. However, the showers at the rink were big, open rooms with a half-dozen showerheads, and they lacked the intimacy of his home shower. Nevertheless, Nick always got a kick out of showering next to five of his teammates. They would horse and joke around—a bunch of naked boys with a ton of pent up sexual energy. Now though, Nick was in the locker room alone, and he could relax and take his time.

Tenderly he peeled off his pads and skates, until he was wearing just his underarmor t-shirt and a pair of tight fitting sweatpants. Both were covered in sweat, and he longed to relax. He slipped a pair of flip-flops on and walked around the locker room, wondering what he should do that night. He ran his fingers through his hair and stretched lightly, trying to coax his muscles back into operation. Nick had always enjoyed the locker room—although some thought it was smelly or dirty, to him it was a place that felt like a home, a place where he could just relax and be a boy.

He sauntered over to the urinals and pulled down the front of his sweatpants, exposing his soft penis. He grabbed it with two fingers in his right hand and held it outward, yawning approvingly as he peed. He was proud of his penis—even soft it was smooth and thick, with a large pink mushroomhead and long, rounded shape. As he finished up he pulled up his pants, letting the waistband snap back against his abs. As he turned around to go to his locker and strip for his shower, he noticed the door to the room open. Nick was standing smack in the middle of the rectangular locker room when, looking to his left, he saw someone he never thought he would see in such a place—a girl, a drop-dead sexy girl.

A bit shocked, he turned to face the girl, who was about fifteen feet away and looked a bit bewildered, and opened his mouth to talk: “Um, are you looking for someone?”

She was, in a word, sexy. She had on a pair of flip-flops, a tight but wavy white skirt, and a blue tank-top with a slightly obvious push-up bra on underneath. Her legs and skin were tan, and her hair was dark and rich. She was short, but not too short, and Nick could tell from once glance that she was stunning. He wondered what in the hell she was doing in such a dark and smelly place. She smiled demurely, her full cheeks blushing slightly pink but obscured by her tanned skin. “Oh, yeah, sorry…” She seemed to come out of a trance; Nick had a feeling she had been looking him over. “I was looking for my friend Jake, but I guess he already left. Who are you?”

Nick was a bit impressed with her audacity. Most girls wouldn’t have the moxie to walk right into a boys’ locker room, let alone to stick around and make conversation. He took advantage of the pause in the fledging conversation to adjust the elastic waistband of his sweatpants and pull up his t-shirt to wipe his sweaty face. “Yeah, I know Jake, he left a while ago, he seemed to be in a rush. I’m Nick. I haven’t seen you around the rink before, are you Jake’s girlfriend or something?”

Secretly Nick was hoping she wasn’t. It wasn’t that she was just smoking hot, it was that there was something a little sad and mysterious behind her dark, confident eyes. Additionally, it was Nick’s, and almost every hockey player’s fantasy, to do it in a locker room. Not that that was actually going to happen, he thought, as he waited for her to finish aimlessly looking around the room and respond to his question.
Nick retreated a little bit, toward his gear, so he could sit down on the bench and look right to face her as she spoke. She was still about ten or fifteen feet away from her, and he didn’t want to come on strong and freak her out. Plus, she seemed younger, and a bit hyperactive—being in such a testosterone-filled place and all. She giggled. “No, no, I mean, no, I’m not. Once, a long time ago, but yeah, no, I’m not. I just wanted to give him something he left at my house.” She smiled and motioned to her pocketbook. “Oh, I’m Jessica.” She blushed at forgetting the obvious, and took a step closer toward Nick.

He stood up from the bench and turned around, trying to keep himself busy with his gear so it wouldn’t be that obvious that he was hitting on her. Jessica. It was a pretty name. Cute, not sexy. Nick couldn’t stand trashy, slutty girls—they were just never his thing. Though part of him was a romantic, another part of him loved the pure, raw, gritty aspects of sex. It wasn’t like he enjoyed using women, rather he got the most pleasure out of opening a good, innocent girl up to the rough and intense pleasures of physical lovemaking.

He tried to shake his more intimate thoughts from his mind as they struggled to start a conversation. He wondered why the hell she was still in the locker room. “Well Jessica, nice to meet you.” Nick smiled, stood up, and walked toward her. He extended his hand and shook hers firmly, briefly locking eyes with her as their skin touched. “So, are you still in high school? I’m a freshman in college. I’m only asking because, you know, it’s late, it’s probably past your curfew or something.” Nick flashed a quick smirk and stood with a hand playing with his waistband. He wondered if she had the sass to banter with him. “Well, Mr. College Boy, yes I am still in high school, but even if it was past my curfew, I’m here, aren’t I?” Nick paced around the room a little bit, trying to seem distracted and aloof. He spoke: “I was going to ask, why are you still in here anyway?” He smiled—there wasn’t much of an answer she could give.

Nick paced back to his gear and quickly lifted his sweaty t-shirt over his head, revealing a muscular, white chest with two pink nipples. He had a small patch of chest hair in the middle of his torso and the beginnings of a “happy trail” running down his mildly toned abs. He could tell she was both embarrassed and intrigued, and spoke quickly before she could respond to his previous question: “Hey, it’s a locker room Jessica, a boy has to change.” He smirked and wondered if she was at all thinking what he was.

Jessica was definitely admiring his body. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. He wasn’t a big person, yet his chest seemed so full and strong—she wanted to feel him on top of him, pressing down on her. She tried to shrug the thought away as she spoke, looking him in the eyes. “Well, if you really want to know, I don’t have any plans tonight so I was just killing time. You mind?”

Nick stood back up from the bench and grabbed his towel, trying to figure out his next move. Jessica was standing there thumbing the bottom of her tank top and shyly looking at him. He gambled and decided to take a chance. “Well, I can’t complain about a pretty girl in my locker room. Tell you what, if you don’t have plans, why don’t you let me take you to a movie or something after I change and shower—I have my car downstairs.” Now it was Nick’s turn to fidget around shyly. Jessica smiled and took a while before responding. “Well, since I’ve already seen you without a shirt and all…why not?” She smiled and took another step closer. “But it’s cold outside, can I wait in here for you?”

Nick wasn’t entirely sure what she was implying. Sure she was cute, and she wanted to go out with him, but that wasn’t a free license for him to do what he wanted. All he knew was that every time he looked at her lips, her perky boobs, and her tan legs, that he wanted to go crazy on her. “Sure you can, but I have to shower, so these sweats are coming off pretty quickly.” He laughed and grabbed his towel. “Turn around,” he commanded. She did as she was told and Nick took a moment to glance at her perfectly shaped butt in her tight white skirt. He wondered what color underwear she was wearing. He pulled down his sweats and boxers, tossed them in the locker, briefly glanced at his penis, and wrapped the towel low and tight around his waist. “Alright, all good.” She turned around and he winked at her. He could see her admiring his body, and he was not aware of the rather sizable bulge his soft penis made against the towel. She bit her lip quickly and muttered, “go get clean, dirty boy.”

Nick took a moment to contemplate his options, and took a quick step forward. “Hey Jessica, you might hate me for this, but you’re too cute for me to not do it.” He smirked and blushed simultaneously and leaned forward, placing his hand on her waist and pulling her into his body. He let his lips touch hers and he gave her a deep, long kiss. When he pulled back he could see she was shocked, and he muttered “sorry.” She smiled and was about to speak when Nick felt her hand wrap around his chest and pull him close. He caught her clue and kissed her again, letting his tongue caress hers. His hands wrapped around her small body and he pulled her into him, his bulge rising and his towel coming dangerously close to falling. “I….have to…shower,” Nick managed to spurt out while they were kissing. Jessica giggled and whispered in his ear—“You’re sexier when you’re dirty.” Nick pushed her back against the wall of lockers and re-adjusted his towel. He sauntered up to her and let his hand slide up her shirt as they kissed again. His tongue slipped out of her mouth and slid down her neck, wetting her warm skin as his hand explored her chest.

Nick could only think of one thing, feeling himself inside of this adorably innocent, and random, high school girl. He wanted to fill her up and make her scream. She was so small and perfect looking—he knew he could drill her until she broke. He wondered how good it would feel to cum inside her and how many orgasms he could give her before she couldn’t take any more. He pushed her up against the lockers harder and quickly ripped her tank-top off over her head. His hands massaged her now hard nipples and his tongue kissed her chest. “Hey Jessica, I really should take that shower, want to come?” She smiled and panted a couple times before responding. “Well, in one way I do.” She smirked and told Nick to turn around. He did so and waited eagerly for what awaited. When he was told to turn back around, he saw Jessica standing by his gear, butt-naked except for his oversized hockey jersey.

The erect meat in his towel was bulging and dying to breathe now, and as soon as Nick saw Jessica in his jersey, he let his towel drop to the ground as he moved toward her. He whispered in her ear as she nearly gasped from seeing the almost eight inches of cock he was packing: “Nice jersey, you could almost pass for a cheerleader.” He smirked and let his cock rub against her bare legs while they kissed intensely. She was panting now, and he knew what it was she wanted. “Jessica…are you a virgin?” Nick didn’t want to embarrass her, so he continued to kiss her as he asked this question. He could feel her body flush as she spoke: “….yeah…but I’m on the pill.” Nick didn’t respond right away; he let his hands aggressively rub her hard nipples as he kissed and nibbled on her neck. “Well, I think you’ll be able to handle it, but I’m going to have to spread you out and open you up.” He smirked and looked her in the eyes, her hand gently stroking his hard, long, slightly curved shaft. He could see the desire in her eyes, and he looked down proudly at the meat in her hand. It was thick and smooth, and very white with a now-massive pink head. He had dark pubic hair, and a pair of pink balls that hung formidably below his cock. In short, Nick knew he was going to make Jessica scream.

Seeing her in his jersey was such a turn-on for Nick he could barely contain himself, and he had to restrain himself from cumming too early out of pure excitement. He was disciplined, and slowly massaged her wet pussy with two fingers as they continued to caress each other. She was wet, and he felt the sticky discharge between his fingers as he mildly penetrated her, prepping her for the main event, so to speak. Nick had lost all sense of embarrassment. He was with a girl he had never met before, butt-naked with his rod of a cock out in the open, and he could have cared less. All he wanted to do was thrust inside of her cunt as deep as he could manage. He was relentless in teasing her with his foreplay. It went on for a good twenty minutes, until she was quite literally dripping on his fingers and his cock was beginning to leak pre-cum onto her soft hands. Nick knew they couldn’t dance around it any longer, and he managed to speak while rubbing her--gently massaging her clit: “Are you…ready?”

Jessica grinned and nodded nervously, and Nick knew it was his show from then on in. He smirked and spun her body around, pushing her hard up against the lockers and forcing her hands up against them. He pretended to strip search her, giggling a bit as his hands spread her perfect butt cheeks apart. He pulled up his hockey jersey on her so her butt was exposed, and he let his cock slap against her bare thighs. As his fingers spread her wet cunt apart, he leaned forward, groping her boobs as he whispered: “Jessica you should feel lucky, you’re about to get pounded by the captain of the team.” Smirking and feeling confident, Nick deftly maneuvered his thick cock into the tight dark opening inside of Jessica. He slid it in with a bit of difficultly, and after a quick check and a slap on the butt, he began to thrust slowly.

He wanted to begin softly, and build her up until she lost all control of her body and could think of nothing but the orgasmic waves of pleasure shuddering throughout her young body. He thrust back and forth, watching his now wet cock slide in and out of her pussy with a bit of difficulty. He could literally feel it stretching her out, and he felt her body tense up and redden with the pleasure. She began letting out stifled moans, and he slammed her body up against the locker and began to shake his hips faster, pulling her into him as he pushed forward to heighten his penetration.

He sped up, and moved closer so his thighs were touching hers while his cock squirmed around powerfully inside of her body. She was making more noise now, the moans turning into squeals and muffled screams, and Nick took great pleasure in watching his cock slide in and out of her, while his hands repeatedly spanked her smooth butt. As he spanked her harder, he could see the red marks appearing on her butt, and he leaned in farther to allow him to grab her butt-cheeks as he slammed his cock forward.

Nick felt Jessica’s cunt tighten on his rigid cock as he fucked her as fast and as hard as he could. His cock slammed against the walls of her pussy and he reached forward to roughly grab at her nipples. He knotted her hair with one hand and yanked it forward, bending his knees as though he was riding her.
Nick knew a petite, young girl like Jessica could only take so much. He knew he could hold on for a few more tries, but if he built her up any longer, she would simply explode and be done. So he knew it was time for her first climax. It wasn’t a matter of fucking her any harder; he couldn’t do that if he tried. Rather, while he was pounding her tight cunt from behind, he squeezed her thighs hard and maneuvered his fingers so they were stimulating her clit while his cock was powerfully sliding back and forth inside of her. Jessica began shouting, and lost all control of her movements. Her hands fell limp and Nick supported her with his cock, continuing to thrust as he felt her pussy tighten and then release warm juices all over his firm meat. Her body reddened and grew hot, and she exploded with him inside her and collapsed onto the ground, completely lost in her own ecstasy. Little did she know these were merely the beginning of Nick’s intentions.


Though Jessica had been indulged fully with the climax of her first orgasm, Nick was still primed to reach his pinnacle of sexual arousal, and he wanted to wait for the perfect moment. Despite his occasionally selfish manly desires, Nick also took great pride in his awareness toward others, and genuinely wanted to give Jessica the ride of her life before he could take no more.

After he had pulled out and she had finished her moaning and shouting for the time being, she let out a soft feminine sigh of pleasure and collapsed on the ground, looking up at Nick and licking her lips seductively. Nick, naked, took a seat on the bench in front of her and tenderly moved her by the shoulders until she was on her knees and her mouth hovering temptingly over his again fully hard cock.

Nick smiled; he knew what girls really wanted. Leaning down and whispering in her ear, he said, “now be a good girl and suck me until I’m ready to pound you again.” Jessica looked back at Nick, pretending to be shocked but secretly relishing his demands. The nervous young girl looked down at the imposing tool in front of her and lowered her head, resting her hands on his powerful thighs and running her fingers over the small hairs coating them. He lips reached the head of his cock first and she began to demurely lick it with her wet tongue as it slowly slid down his thick shaft. His cock was so smooth and warm and filling to Jessica, and she wanted to stay on her knees and worship it while he began letting small moans of pleasure escape.
Her mouth was nearly too small to fully engulf his cock, but Nick grabbed her hair and lightly pushed her down, and he felt her mouth slide over his massive mushroom-shaped head. He let out a louder moan and shouted “suck me baby” as the seductively innocent young girl bobbed her mouth up and down on his manhood. He let his hands grope her chest, aggressively twisting and grabbing her perky and hard nipples with his smooth fingers. He was prepping her for another massive orgasm, and he wanted to make sure she would be shaking after this one.

He sighed as her mouth moved lower on his cock and her fingers cupped his formidable balls and lightly jiggled them. His penis was wet with saliva and a small bit of pre-cum formed at the head, which Jessica expertly licked off with her tongue. He let out a small giggle as she did this and he took the moment to survey the locker room, amazed at his own good fortune.


Sexual arousal has a way of sparking creativity in some people, and Nick’s eyes were drawn to another part of the locker room as this young girl continued to clean his cock head. “Get up,” he grunted authoritatively, and gave her an aggressive kiss, groping her perky and firm breasts with his smooth hands. “I have an idea.” His fingers began exploring her pussy again, massaging her clit as he figured out the right way to communicate what he wanted. Before he could speak again, Jessica grabbed his shaft in her hand, tugging at it lightly and gripping his buttcheek with her other hand. Her lips and teeth gnawed at Nick’s neck, leaving light red marks on his sweaty skin. He moaned, unable to speak once more, and relented to Jessica’s control. She grabbed his hand and looked up at him, her eyes pleading for more of the pleasure she had never been given by another boy. “Lie down,” she whimpered. Nick obliged, understanding what she wanted, and grabbed a towel to toss on the floor. He sat down, his butt pressed against the cotton. Jessica seemed unsure of herself, wanting to take control but inexperienced enough to feel lost. Nick helped her crouch, his hands intertwined in hers. He grabbed the shaft of his cock in his hand and positioned it so it stuck nearly straight up, its forward curve making slightly harder for Jessica. He told her to lean forward and her lips nearly touched his as he pushed his body upward. After some fidgeting, they felt it thrust inside of Jessica. She felt his thickness more than ever; she could barely wiggle her tight pussy further down on it, but did so, wincing slightly. A minute of this discomfort passed, and Jessica began to tentatively ride Nick. Sensing she felt self-conscious, Nick massaged her breasts and began to pump his cock deeper into her. Her moans drowned out any apprehensions she had.

“Just relax,” Jessica commanded. Nick smirked and let almost every part of his body go limp. She moved her hips faster, the friction of her motion incredible for his now slick cock. Nick moaned loudly; Jessica tore her hands into his sweaty hair. He began pumping again, and used his free hand to rub her clit as best he could. The dual pleasure was intense, and Jessica was biting her lip to avoid shrieking. “Come on, squirt for me, squirt for me,” Nick sputtered between pants. Finally, Jessica dove down, her face buried in Nick’s hair, as she had the most intense orgasm of her sixteen years.

Her body collapsed on his, and he gave her a kiss on the forehead before rolling her off. Drops of a foreign, congealed-looking substance were on his leg, and he laughed inwardly at the disgustingness of sex. While it was, in a word, nasty, it was also powerfully attractive to them both, and Jessica, blushing, cleaned him off with the towel. Standing up, shakily, Nick took his cock in his hand and gave it a few strokes. “You know, I could go a couple more times before I need to finish.” Smirking, he helped her up and squeezed her butt, ready to mark his territory.

Just as Nick was about to kiss Jessica again, a new sound entered the otherwise vacant locker room. The main door swung open. A boy, seventeen or eighteen years old, stood there in athletic shorts and a t-shirt, his mouth hanging open.

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