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Derek had never mentioned his brothers in any of our long chats at his house or during break at school. I never asked because I assumed it was a sensitive subject. I had no idea.
This is the story of what happened when Derek introduced me to Jordan. His brother.

Much like the time between our first and second sexual experience together, little was said about anything that had happened. Strangely our relationship had remained much the same, no awkwardness or pauses in conversation. Basically life went on as though nothing had happened; which was fine for me and evidently for Derek too. The happy atmosphere was broken, however, when Derek's brother came back from New York. He had arrived only 3 hours before Derek hadd led me back to his house as usual where we would play video games for a few hours until my mom got back from work. I'm sure who was more shocked to see him lying on Derek's bed, watching a film of his Tv. After a brief moment of silence on both parts, simultaneously the two brother cried out eachothers name and jumped together into a huge hug. It was to be expected, they hadn't seen eachother for years; of course this little family get together made me feel extremely awkward, not knowing where to look or whether to speak. I didn't remain like that for too long though, Derek swiftly introduced us and Jordan was extremely polite to me, there was no reason as to why he shouldn't be. Not much happened that evening or any other evening, nothing until half term at school.

Jordan had arranged with his parents that he was going to stay in the spare bed in Derek's room for a few months, just until he could find a new place to live back in this country. The two brothers got on together great, no sibling rivalry there; I often envied the relationship they had. Being an only child I had never known what it was like to have and brothers or sisters therefore I didn't really understand what it was like. The love was evident between them - they very rarely disagreed, never mind argued with each other. It was like they each knew what the other was thinking every second of every day. I, however, was getting bored of Jordans company; the time between getting in from school and having to go back to my house had been the only time, outside of school, that Derek and I had completely alone. Now that Jordan was staying we didn't even have that, which meant that we hadn't done anything at all together for months. I assumed that we could go some where else now that we were off school for a few weeks, maybe go swimming or to the beach. Anywhere to get away from Jordan for a few hours. But no, he wasn't pleased about my suggestion that we leave Jordan and go anywhere else, it seemed that Derek would rather spend time with his brother than with his best friend and I was deeply hurt by that, Derek was the best friend that I had ever had, he was also the person that I'd shared my first remotely sexual experience with. Yet this seemed not to matter to him now that his brother was back home.

The first week of the holidays I spent almost completely on my own. Not wanting to go to Derek's and face his brother, not that he had done anything wrong. It was on the Saturday of the middle weekend that I found out that I would be spending a lot more time with the both of them. My parents were going to visit relatives in London for the remainder of the week and I was to go and stay with Derek and Jordan for that time. As Jordan was 17, my parents acknowledged that he was more than capable of minding his own 15 year old brother and his brothers 13 year old friend. Once again I would be sleeping in the same bed as Derek, for a whole week. Nothing but video games and junk food no doubt.

The rest of the weekend seemed to rush by, no matter how much I wanted to cling to every second. Knowing what was coming on Monday morning.
My dad had packed the car and my mom shoved a plastic bag of clothes into my clenched fist, all the while rushing herself and me into the car. They dropped me off at the end of Derek's street, I seriously considered running back home and staying there for the rest of the week. That would be fun, lying around for a whole week; not worrying about anything, just eating and sleeping. No. I couldn't do that, Derek and Jordan might get into trouble - then Derek might not talk to me again and I certainly didn't want that. So I dragged my feet along the road towards the largest house in the middle of the street and stopped. Not wanting to move any further, to just stand and be alone for as long as possible.

Once again I motivated myself to get moving, reached the door. Pushed the bell and just walked right in. That was it, I was in there for the rest of the week, whether I wanted it or not.
The smell of cooked meat and sweat hit my nostrils the second I entered Derek's (and now Jordans) bedroom, it had been a hot weekend so that was acceptable really. Two teenage boys sweat a lot anyway, even more so when it's hot. Then I stood in shock, the smell must of momentarily distracted me from what was obviously taking place on the bed. Jordan was silently jerking off on Derek's bed. This was the first time I could get a proper look at his body; a very slim, swimmers build, defined yet not immediately noticeable abs, short brown hair with a curved fringe. And then there was his cock. Every bit as great as his brothers, thick and strong at about 7 or 8" long, uncut and throbbing. Oozing precum like blood from a wound.
At first it seemed that he didn't notice me standing there but then he spoke, directly at me.

"If you're anything like Derek says, you must be loving this..."

I was shocked more than anything, that Derek would tell anyone about what we had shared. I thought that it had been clear that we were not to mention it to anyone, if anyone found out... but his voice snapped me back to my surroundings. The smells of a teenager, a hot teenager in front of me and a growing tent in my briefs.

"Instead of getting hard, just come over here and finish me off. Nice and quick before he gets back"

I moved subconsciously, dropping my bag and throwing off my shirt in one fluent move. I stared at the pulsing veins on his cock and moved to grab a hold of it, I just wanted to see what it felt like to have a mans cock in my hands. Not that of a young teenager. Another hand stopped me though, Jordan gave me a look as if to say "You know what I want and that isn't it". I understood immediately and wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick, instantly feeling the precum tickling my tongue and sliding down my throat, lubricating it for what was about to be rammed down there. Slowly I pulled his head completely into my mouth, swirling the tip of my tongue under his foreskin and twirling it around the sides; I could feel him squirm on the bed every time I touched the sensitive skin. Completely unexpectedly he thrust his hips forward and caused his entire cock to go straight down my throat, instincively I gagged and felt my muscles tighten and ripple around the object lodged in my throat. Then that was that, I felt his stomach tense and he stopped fucking my mouth, his dick temporarily expanded and then released his burning cum straight down my throat, I could feel it sliding down; not having to swallow as it was already down. As he slowly pulled out, he rubbed the tip of his dick onto my tongue and I gratefully licked the rest of his juice out from under his foreskin. It tasted saltier than Derek's. Almost as if you could taste the age.

Then as quickly as he had finished and got dressed, the focus of all my sexual desires walked into the room carrying what was obviously shopping bags from the local store. He was completely oblivious to what had just occured and simply said hello and began unpacking the bags.

Once again, if you liked this story then please rate. This is a true story so I'm not going to bend facts to make it more interesting. Any comments are welcome and appreciated. Also, thanks for the great support and praise regarding the last story I posted. I never expected so many people to actually like it.

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