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Third Part of the series of stories involving myself and James. I was 16 and he was 14 at the beginning. This took place about a month after the previous story.
This story and the stories to come in this series contain themes of homosexuality. The boys involved are all quite young, some under 16. If this doesn't interest you then stop reading now.

For being 14, almost 15, James was a fairly immature person. He still had a thing for cartoons and wouldn’t say no to a kids meal instead of a regular one like most people his age. It was the same when it came to birthdays, whether by choice or his mothers pressure - he was still having a stereotypical birthday party. A home made buffet, watching a DVD; cake and then a sleepover.

I had never really been a fan of parties or sleepovers, even cake really. Birthdays had just never really meant anything to me. James knew that already but that didn’t stop him from inviting me to his; obviously I agreed but only because he was a very good friend of mine, had it been anyone else then chances are that I would of politely, or not, of refused.

James approached me with his suggestion on the Thursday, with his birthday the following day and the party on the Saturday. By this point in my life I had been to an acceptable amount of sleepovers (since my first with Derek), so I knew the majority of the do’s and don’ts ; such as what to wear, or not to wear. So overall, I was quite looking forward to spending some time with James, Chris (James’ older brother, same age as me) and Mike ( 15, straight. A neighbour of theirs). I knew them all already so there would be no awkward moments or need for introductions

The next few days passed without event. James stayed off school on the Friday and I went to his house straight after. Mainly just to show to him that I hadn’t forgotten about his birthday and to tell him that I’d give him his present the following day at the sleepover. We talked for a while, until Chris and some of his more… unruly friends came home, then I made my own way home to pack some essentials for the sleepover. I slept in later than usual on Saturday morning. So by the time I was ready to leave for James’ it was already 1pm. I had said that I’d be there for about 3pm, just to make sure that I was there before anyone else, that was why I was dressed and leaving within an hour. To be honest there was no reason for me to be there before everyone else, I just wanted an excuse to get away from my parents and spend some time alone with James. Luckily I was the first person there, a quick glance through the window before I knocked told me that. His father, whom I had not met before this, answered the door - when I look back, wearing a bright pink t-shirt with the words “Defend your rear!” probably wasn’t the best idea. Nonetheless he gave me a fairly friendly smile as he led me through to the kitchen where James and his mother were conversing about some no doubt pointless thing - evidently so because when I walked in he leapt to his feet and came straight across the room to engulf me in a painfully hard hug.

“For fucks sake, she’s driving me crazy” He whispered into my ear, just out of earshot of his father standing on the other side of me.

Turning back to his parents, he introduces me and basically said that I’d only recently became his friend but that I was in the same year as Chris and we got along great. All at once all 3 of them moved to do their own things while I was left on my own sitting on the table. Before too long though there was another knock at the door and Mike walked in, we stood chatting for a while until Chris got back from his friends house. Only then did we actually start to do anything that was planned and could be called remotely a ‘party’. We ate the majority of the snacks from the ‘buffet’, then we watched some shit DVD that none of us were paying attention to. Then at about 11pm, Chris’ and James’ parents went out to a hotel to give us some “space” as they put it.

Although we could f done anything we wanted to with the house to ourselves. Strangely we decided to go pretty much straight to bed, saying that… it wasn’t really bed, we were sleeping in sleeping bags spread across the living room floor so that we could be in the same room. James however had the luxury of the sofa because it was his birthday.
Sleeping downstairs kind of defeated the point, considering that we still had to go upstairs to brush our teeth and go to the loo. Just after we decided that we were going to bed I started getting undressed for bed; as did Chris and James, mike however didn’t go as far as us - we stripped down to our underwear only whilst Mike left his jeans on. One by one we went upstairs, brushed our teeth and used the bathroom, On my way down I passed James, that was when I whispered into his ear what I wanted him to do.

“When the other two are asleep, I’ve got something for you. Don’t sleep…”

He merely smiled and continued past me up the stairs to the bathroom. By the time he came back Chris and Mike were already in their sleeping bags chatting about girls or something. I, however, was pretending to get a drink so that I could be the last one out of bed when he returned. To this day I’m not certain as to why I wanted to do what I did, most likely just because I liked being naked. I walked back into the room and half way between the door and my sleeping bag I slipped of my boxers and threw them at Chris. After I’d climbed in I looked around and saw that James was giving me a little grin, Chris was shaking his head and Mike seemed too nervous to even look in my direction.

I gave one last look at James and locked eyes with him, to remind him not to sleep. He gave me a short nod and then turned over on the couch. I turned to face the other way and waited for some sort of sign to show that they had fell asleep. I knew that they’d have to be in a real deep sleep not to hear what was about to happen. Mike was the first to drop off, I heard the rate of his breathing decrease and his body relaxed; now I just needed to wait for Chris. It was another hour at least before Chris was sleeping too, I heard his really faint snores above Mikes much louder ones. Carefully, so as to make as little noise as possible, I unzipped my sleeping bag and almost crawled all the way to James on the couch. I’d barely even touched his shoulder when he turned over and stared at me, without speaking I pulled the blanket off him and pulled down his briefs. There was that lovely cock, still shaved hairless and his tiny balls that I loved. With a series of hand gestures and mouthed words, he sat up. His soft uncut dick hanging between his thighs. I shuffled across to where he now was on the sofa and put my face straight over his crotch. Using my mouth I picked up his flaccid dick and started sucking, swirling my tongue around the head and pushing in and out of his foreskin. I Must have been going about 20 seconds before I felt what I wanted - his fully erect cock. It hadn’t grown much since the first time I’d seen it, still being about 6”. When I stopped sucking and arranged myself on the cough beside James, with my ass sticking in the air and pointed towards him; I don’t think he knew what I was thinking, at least not straight away.

He fumbled around in the darkness until he found my hole, then he slipped his saliva-lubricated finger straight in - then anther. Slowly he started finger fucking me, perfectly, as though he knew exactly what he was doing. When he eventually pulled his fingers out I was horny and hard as ever, I Must have been dripping precum. His dick was still lubed up from my quick blowjob, so there was no need for him to do anything more. First I felt the head poking at my ass, then with more force I felt the first 3” hammer into me. Then he pulled so that only the tip was still inside me, before slamming once more into my hole - this time the majority of his cock penetrated. The next time he pulled out so far that his head was only resting on my hole, then without any warning he thrust all the way into me, all 6” pulsing inside me. His balls slapping against my body. Resting for a moment, I could feel his dick throbbing, after only 3 thrusts into my teen ass he was about ready to cum. At this point I started slowly jacking off, occasionally my super-sensitive head would brush against the couch and send a jolt of mixed pain and pleasure through my whole body (I’m uncut, remember). James started fucking me again, slowly at first. Then picking up speed he was fucking just as well, if not better, than Derek ever had. At last I felt his final and deepest thrust, where he stayed in place; balls tight and body twitching - he let go… the most cum I’ve ever had inside my body. He pulled out and I could feel the cum instantly start to run our and all over the sofa.

I didn’t hear him moving but I could still sense that he was there. Then I felt him, his tongue pressed deep into my ass; licking out his own cum from my body. When he had sucked every drop of teen juice out of me I spun around so that I was lying on my back on the couch. James instantly knew what to do and started to lick at my cock. When he pushed his mouth straight over my entire cock, first attempt, I was amazed. The muscles in his throat massaged my tip, then his fingers explored every part of my chest and then worked their way down to my balls. My dick had made contact with the back of his throat maybe 5 times before I felt that familiar feeling coming over me. My balls shrunk into my body, ass clenched and then all at once everything relaxed as I shot my cum directly into James’ mouth. He swallowed the first two shots as they came, the third was too much for him though. He pulled off my cock to let it fall onto my pubes and stomach. The remainder of me ejaculation landed around my pubes. I let James lick off the majority of the cum from my body and cock before getting off the sofa and going to sleep on top of my sleeping bag.

If you enjoyed this story then please rate positively. If not then please comment as to why. Any criticism is welcomed and most likely acted upon so please don’t hold back, I can’t make the writing better if you don’t tell me what’s wrong. Thanks.

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2017-05-18 18:04:59
Great job again!! Nothing wrong with adding another cock or two, maybe a soaking pussy~pisser...doing great!!!

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2015-01-02 05:55:37
Love this series. You should definitely add to it. Cheers!


2014-02-09 16:58:07
this is a good story ad more please

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2013-10-25 10:08:11
mSCfUJ I think this is a real great post. Really Great.

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You should have some anal sex... That would make it great

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