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The, “thud…thud,” of galloping horses were approaching from behind me. In less than ten minutes they would over take me. I had to escape. I re-doubled my pace. I had to get away. I was panting. I could not last much longer but my destination was less than 25 meters away. However I had to get there before the king’s men got here or they would just follow me in. “Thud…Thud.” I was getting closer. There was only 5 meters left, when I tripped. I lay sprawled on the ground. I looked back. They would soon be able to see me. I crawled as fast as I could in the direction of the tree that marked the entrance to the tunnel. “Thud…Thud.” I grabbed the branch that hid the opening and pulled it aside to reveal a fissure in the cliff side. I crawled into the fissure and stayed there and waited for the men. Not thirty seconds after I got into the cave the horses galloped passed.
I stayed there for ten minutes after they left, not wanting to make a sound and alert them to my location. When the sound of galloping horses died away to nothing I turned and started heading up to the tunnel that lead to the cave at the top of the mountain.
My best friend lived in that cave. She had been my best friend since I had first met her 6 years ago.
I was ten then. Before that night my family had lived in the warrens on the outskirts of town, however we were of no means desolate. My father had run a small restaurant there. We had enough to get by. Although we had some tough times I was happy. I was free. My parents we so busy running the restaurant that they didn’t pay me that much attention allowing me to go and do as I pleased.
Then one day one of the upper nobility attended my father’s restaurant. This was such an unexpected occurrence that none of the other patrons knew what to do. They just sat there and watched him. Despite that the noble man thoroughly enjoyed the meal. He bought my father larger premises in the main part of town. Where this made my family better off and more respectable it meant the end of my freedom. My parents made me act all “good and proper”. I hated it.
One day I was so sick of it that I sneaked out of my room in the dead of night and slipped out of the city all together and into the woods that surrounded the city. Even when I lived in the warrens I never went into the forest. This was the first time I had ever left city, and I was planning on never going back. I wanted to live off the land and become one of those hermits the bards were always telling stories about.
I headed north. 8 kilometers north of the city was a mountain range. My plan was to find a cave and stay there for a while. It didn’t look too far from the city but since I did not know my landscape and I had to stumble my way through the dark to get there, it took me over three hours to get to the mountains.
I then began to search for a cave to sleep in. I searched for an hour and did not find anything. The only caves that could be seen were kilometers into the air. I traveled further into the mountain range looking for a cave. I was beginning to feel desperate and would have settled for any from of shelter to rest in.
Then all of a sudden I turned a corner and found a cave that opened at ground level. Relieved I rushed recklessly into the cave. It was not that deep only about 20 meters. I lay down in the back corner exhausted. I had nearly fallen asleep when I heard a low growl coming from cave’s entrance. I looked up and saw a large she-wolf standing at the only entrance to the cave.
I was trapped.
I didn’t know what to do. I stood there a small ten year old boy, weaponless and trapped. I had no way out. I knew I was going to die then.
The wolf growled again and crouched ready to attack. It sprung. I closed my eyes waiting for the searing pain that signified the attack had hit home.
But it didn’t come.
A loud thud filled cave.
I opened my eyes and saw the wolf was lying on the side of the cave. A huge gash stretching from the wolf’s mouth all the way down the creature’s groin tore 13cm into its flesh. It was dead.
Any relief from the wolf’s demise was overshadowed by the fear at the claw that was reaching into the cave and grabbing me.
I struggled as hard as I cold but to no avail. Nothing could break its grip.
As I was pulled out I was able to see the creature that had control of me. It was a dragon.
Everyone in my city was terrified of dragons ever since a dragon had made its home in these mountains over fifty years ago. The current king was the one who finally killed the beast and one had not been seen here since, but still the city lived in fear of a day when another dragon would nest here.
It looked like that day had finally come. And that I was going to be its first victim.
I redouble my efforts to escape but that had as much of a result as it did the first time. I could not get out of the dragons grip.
It brought me up to its head level. I was sure that it was about to eat me, but no matter how hard I tried I could not break free. As his hand came to a stop it occurred to me that even if I did escape from its grip I would just fall to my death anyway.
The dragon held me up at face value for a while just looking at me. I looked at it terrified. It was huge, so large that its claw covered my neck to my feet. It had shiny emerald scales, pointed ears and slanted eyes. Its tail was the same length as the rest of its body about 5 meters.
Then suddenly it turned and took up. It flew higher and higher. I was terrified. I had no idea what it was planning to do.
It flew for a good half an hour. However it felt much longer to me. I was beginning to think it would never stop when it landed on one of the highest peaks near the end of the mountain range.
It put me down on the ground of the cave and just looked at me. I didn’t know what to think. What was it going to do? Was it going to eat me or was it going to just stand there looking at me?
That was odd place to find one of your kind.
I was so startled by the noise that I jumped. However it wasn’t really a noise. It was if I thought it, it came from within my own mind.
“Was that you?”
A sort smile stretched against the dragon’s face. Figured that out did you, maybe there is hope for your species yet. The, or lack of a better word voice, was a kind female voice. It sounded compassionate
“You can talk?”
Well not exactly, I lack the ability to make human speech but I can project my thoughts into your head.
“You can get into my head?”
No not exactly but I can make you hear my thoughts in your head. Nothing more.
“Why did you save me?”
Well if you didn’t want me to I can go and find another wolf and give you to it.
“No…no… I appreciate it but what are you planning now.”
Planning…nothing. You are free to go whenever you wish.
“Really. But don’t dragons eat human…?”
Oh god no. We are not monsters. My main diet consists mostly of mountain goat.
“Why have you come here?”
To live. I believe that is why the humans settled here.
“Well it is just that the last dragon that lived here terrorized our city, killing and burning.”
Those were not dragons they are perversions, monstrosities that we have tried to blot out. However I am sorry to say that we have failed, at an apparent loss to you.
“Well thank you.”
No problem, but may I ask why you were in that cave?
“I was running away.”
“My parents are ruining my life”
I see
“My parents are suffocating me”

“Before my dad got his new job I had almost unlimited freedom. But now I have none. I like being on my own, doing my own thing my own way.”
The dragon laughed. You could be a dragon yourself. Still that is no reason to run away. Your family still loves you. They are just doing what they think is best for you. You should go back. And whenever things get too much you can always come out here and visit me. But you have to make sure that nobody sees you it would be disastrous for both of us if your people knew you have seen me.
“Really I can thank you.”
You should head back before anyone knows you are gone.
“But how do I find my way back?”
She showed me a small hole in the wall in the back of the cave. This will lean you through a tunnel that will take you out of the mountains. Then you will be able to go south to your city.
“Thank you, but what should I call you?”
You can call me Emeral.
“And I am Jack.”
It is nice to meet you jack.
“You to Emeral, oh and thanks again for saving me.”
I left Emeral’s cave and headed back. I made it back into my room just before sunrise and managed to get some sleep before my parents got me to start on their daily regulating.
So things continued for six years. My parents controlling my life but every so often, usually once or twice a week I slipped up to see Emeral. She became my best friend. We had so much in common. My time with her was the best time in my life.
Then one day the worse happened. Somebody saw Emeral flying. The city went up into an uproar. They wanted her gone. They were forming a special squat out of the army to kill her. I could not let that happen. At the first chance I got I ran to her cave. Although I had grown very fit over the years with my travel to and climbing on the mountains, I was runny so fast that but the end of the trip I was exhausted, I couldn’t breath.
I laid there on the cave floor panting.
Jack what’s wrong?
“They”…pant… “Saw”…pant… “You”…pant
What, how.
“I don’t know, but everyone in the city was talking about it.”
I must leave; I will be back in a couple of months. You need to go back to your city so nobody suspects you were here.
“No can’t I go with you?”
No your place is with your people. Now go.
I stayed there for just a few more minutes catching my breath; I then made the trip back to the city. However about half way to the city I ran headlong into the soldiers sent out to kill Emeral.
“Boy what are you doing?” said the leader.
“He is coming from the mountains, he was warning the dragon.” Said another
“No, no…” I protested. “I was just…”
“Traitor” said a third
“Boy is this true?” asked the leader.
“N…No” I stammered.
“Liar” exclaimed the second.
“Boy you better come with us to the city and we can sort it out there.
Terror spread through him. They knew his secret. He would be sentenced to hanging for this. I had to get back to Emeral; she had to take away now. If she didn’t I would die. I turned and fled.
I had the advantage of a brief head start and knowing the territory. They had the advantage of horses. I knew I could not outrun them for ever so I picked paths that horses would have trouble going down. It bought me some time, however not much. The soldiers were always right on my tail.
When I finally reached the cave I saw Emeral was just about to leave.
What are you doing here I told you to go back to your city.
“I couldn’t. They found me out, I had to flee.”
Fine, get on my back, and hold on tight.
She knelt down so I was able to climb on her back; however once I got there I saw there was nowhere to hold on to.
She jumped out of her cave. I wrapped my arms around her neck and held on to dear life. I felt her wing flapping just behind me. She was gaining altitude. It began to get colder but I was too afraid to think about that. Even knowing her for six years I had never ridden on her back before now.
Once we were a few kilometers away from the city she slowed down a bit. We continued flying though. We flew throughout the rest of the day and all of the night. Although I was terrified at first I soon began to enjoy myself.
Now this is freedom. I thought. The ability to go anywhere whenever you want is amazing, oh how I wish I could fly.
When dawn the next day cam we stopped at another mountain range. There was not a single city around this one. She stopped in a cave at the top of one of them in the middle of the range.
There this should keep us safe for a while. She turned to face me. That was very dangerous coming to see me.
“They wanted to kill you, I couldn’t let that happen.”
I can take care of myself. It was you that you should have been thinking about.
“I am sorry I just didn’t want anything to happen to you.”
Well what is done is done. We need to figure out what to do with you.
“I cannot go back to another city; everywhere in the kingdom I will be considered a dragon lover and a traitor.”
Yes I had thought of that. We must think of something else, some way of hiding you. Let me think. Well maybe…but no. I can’t.
Well there might be a way to turn you into a dragon.
“What…how…is that really possible.”
It is an old myth among dragons. Certain people close to a dragon with draconic spirits themselves can be turned into a dragon.
“But how is it done.”
It is done by the dragon and the human mating.
“Mating, but…”
You see why I was reluctant to suggest it. We must think of another way to hide you.
Sex with dragon, was it possible. But becoming a dragon would be wonderful. I began picturing myself flying but this time without Emeral’s help. Then Emeral herself came into the picture and I began to suck my dragon cock. I began to feel myself get hard. Sex with a dragon cannot be that bad, it might even be fun.
“I want to do it.”
Really are you sure…
“Yes definitely”
She looked at me with a weird look in her eye. She then lashed out at me. Unbidden I cringed. She grabbed my pants and my tunic with her massive jaws then through her head back tearing the clothes from my body.
I stood there in the nude, a cold breeze wafted into the cave. I shivered.
Oh are you cold… A new playfulness that had not been there before had enter her thought-voice. I can take care of that.
She wrapped her tail around me. It was very warm. If felt good. She leaned her had head into mine, although hers was three time the size of mine, and kissed me. I was taken aback for just the briefest moment then began to kiss her back. She opened her mouth to me and I began to explore the inside of her mouth with my tongue. It was hot, even hotter than a human’s. Her tongue was soft and leathery.
I was beginning to get hard again, my erection pushing against her tail. She broke our kiss and looked me into the eyes. Is this your first time with a woman? I nodded, she smiled. She then began to move her tail around me, rubbing it against my cock. It felt so good. She looked me in the eyes again then began to kiss me again, this time sticking her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was much longer than could fit into my mouth so she only put the tip of it into my mouth. It had a two pronged shape. She rubbed it all around my mouth. The combine experience of the tail on my body and her tongue in my mouth was almost too much for me. I almost came right there. But I didn’t want to end so soon. Our kiss stretched on. Time seemed to stretch on. It felt like we could have been kissing for only a few seconds or several days.
When I could not hold it any more her tail released me. I began to thrust my hips forward to try to keep my cock in contact with her tail to get the final stimulation to cum. She began to laugh. Not yet. I groaned.
She lowered her head and began to rub her tongue against my body, going lower and lower. She stopped at my nipples and began to kiss them. God it felt good. I began to moan in pleasure. Emeral then began to lower her head again. This time she stopped right over my cock. I groaned. I wanted her to suck it. I needed her to. She pulled her head back and lined it up with my cock. She opened her mouth and began to close in on it. But she stopped just before it entered her mouth. “Oh please, I cannot take it anymore.” She laughed again. Then without warning she grabbed me around the waist with her tail and pulled me off my feet.
“Whoa…” But before I was able to get out more than that she pounced on me, taking my cock into her mouth. It felt so good. She rapped her tongue around my cock. Its leathery warmth was heaven on my cock. She then began to use the two prongs of her tongue play with my balls. I began to moan more often and more audibly. She started to tighten and loosen her tongue on my shaft and she continued to play with my balls. The sensations were too much and before long came into her mouth.
I had masturbated before but I never had an orgasm like that. I came over 6 times into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
When I was done she lifted her head from my cock. I looked down at my self. I was still fully human. “Hey I thought you said I would turn into a dragon if we did that.”
You will but it takes more than one orgasm. Dragon magic has just entered you and is even now beginning to affect you, it will act as an aphrodisiac at first, then as we continue the more you feel the more you will change.
It was true that it was working as an aphrodisiac. I was already getting hard again.
She leaned down and kissed me again. I kissed her back. A tingling sensation began in my mouth. She broke our kiss and pulled her head away from mine. I, not wanting it to end leaned my head forward and stuck my tongue out, however it went out farther than it had ever gone out before, almost 50cm. Shocked I let it drop down, it hung limp across my chest.
And so it begins. Emeral then leaned back exposing her wet pussy. It was so large, a dinner plate could fit in it like a coin, and it was dripping wet. My cock twinged.
My body seemed to move of it own accord. I stuck my new longer tongue out and licked her pussy. It tasted amazing. I licked it again and again. Emeral started to grumble with a weird growl. I needed more of that taste. I pushed my tongue into her pussy. It was so hot. Emeral’s weird growl grew louder. My tongue began to tingle again. It felt so good I shuddered causing my tongue to squirm in her pussy.
Oh Jack, that feels so good don’t stop.
I knew then what that growl was, it was a moan. Smiling I continued my ministrations with my tongue putting in a shake with my tongue every so often. I also began to rub her pussy with my hands.
Oh, oh that is so nice.
As I rubbed her pussy my palms also started to tingle. I pulled them away for a moment…Oh Jack please, do not stop…and saw that scales had started to form on my hands. They were a dark mossy green.
I began to rub her pussy again. More and more of her fluid began to run from it, liters of it. I started to move my tongue in and out of her pussy quickly. Her moan-growls intensified.
Oh…oh Jack… I…am cum…cuming.
I quickly retracted my tongue and removed both of my hands from her pussy.
Jack why did you do that?
Without answering I put my right hand, palm first against her pussy and started to rub. She began to moan-growl again. I then without warning plunged my hand into her pussy. I pushed my arm all the way up to they elbow. I pulled it out to the wrist and then plunged it into her again, this time getting all the way up to the elbow. I began to pump my arm in and out of her, slowly at first but then doubling in speed. My whole arm began to tingle. Large amount of her fluid was coming out of her completely coating my arm and flowing out of her. I began to lap up as much as I could.
Jack…oh Jack…I am cumming…please let me cum…
I did not say anything just quickened the pace of my pumping. Then almost without warning her vaginal muscles clamped down on my arm making it impossible to move and even more of her juice came out. It overwhelmed me.
When finally she let go of me I fell out of her and lay down in a puddle of her cum.
Oh Jack that was wonderful.
“I am glad you enjoyed it.”
I got up and took a moment to examine my changes. The fronts of both of my hands and my entire right arm are completely covered by the small green scales. Also the ends of my fingers have lengthened and sharpened the beginning of my claws. My tongue now forked at the end and was over a meter and a half long. Also my teeth sharpened, all my teeth began to resemble my canines.
Emeral brought her head down and kissed me again. I kissed her back letting my new longer tongue explore the inside of her mouth like I was not able to before. She broke our kiss and began to move her head down along my body sucking her cum off of me. She started with my neck sucking all around it. It felt so good that I began to moan but as I did my moan turned into a growl, slightly lower than Emeral’s. As she got lower on my body I began to see scales emerge from wherever she licked and sucked. When she got to my nipples I began to growl-moan even harder. She stayed there for a moment. I looked down and extended my tongue and started to play with hers even as she sucked and played with my nipples.
She continued down on my body, and I through back my head as I moaned-growled. It felt so good and the tingling covered my entire torso. Then she got down to my cock. I let out my loudest moan-growl yet. It felt so good.
I tried to say, “Emeral, oh Emeral, please…don’t stop it feels so good.” However all that came out were more growls.
Think it at me.
So I did, I was amazed at how it was so easy to get her to understand me.
She continued sucking my cock for almost ten minutes until I could not help it anymore.
Emeral…oh…Em…Emeral…I am…going to…cum…
However just as I thought that she let go of my cock.
Payback is a bitch.
I let out a growl, however not one of pleasure. I extended my tongue down to my cock but just before it got there Emeral intercepted it. I don’t think so. I glared at her.
She then lifted me onto my feet by her tail. She then lowered her head back down to my cock and began to suck. I had just begun to moan-growl again when I felt something I did not expect. Her tail began rubbing against my crack. It felt surprisingly good. I shut my eyes and stood there growling in pleasure. Then I felt something wet on my asshole. I turned and looked. Emeral’s tongue was licking it. Her long tongue continued past my cock and is now licking my hole. I was surprised at how good it felt. I then felt her tongue lick something I didn’t even have. I looked back and saw that I was growing a tail. She was wrapping her tongue around it as it grew out of me. I closed my eyes again. I was getting close to cumming again when I felt her tongue on my asshole again but this time it did not stop at the entrance but continued to into my hole.
At first all I felt was pain but it soon went away and was replaced by pleasure. The combine sensations of her sucking my rock hard cock, and her tongue in my ass brought me over the edge. I let out a roar unlike any I had ever heard. It echoed for a full minute but my orgasm lasted even longer than that. A stream after stream of cum shot from my cock. I lost count of how many came out of me. However no matter how much cam out she caught it all and swallowed it.
I was now taller, almost four and a half meters. Every part of my body was proportionately bigger. She came up and kissed me. I tasted my salty cum on her tongue. It did not taste bad. She reached out and grabbed the side of my head and began to do the same. I began to rub the sides of her neck. She did the same with her left hand rubbed the top of my head with the other. My whole head began to tingle. My neck began to lengthen. I was not able to reach her head without her lowering it for me.
Jack please. I need your cock in me now.
I smiled. It would be my pleasure.
She leaned back exposing her pussy to me again. I quickly inserted my tongue in and out to get the wonderful taste of her pussy on it then went up and kissed her. She kissed me back. I then lined up my cock with her pussy. I let the tip of it touch her pussy then rest there.
Oh please…please I need it.
I smiled again and began to rub my cock up and down on her pussy. He moan-growling increased.
Jack please no more playing, stick your wonderful cock into me.
I ignored her and continued rubbing my cock against her. She broke our kiss and gave a roar. She then rapped my body with her tail again and pulled me towards her shoving my cock into her.
I expected it to be loose because of her size but I had grown to almost the same size and it was so tight. I began to pump in and out of her. Out moan-growls growing in both volume and frequency becoming a chorus of our moans. As I pumped my body, now fully covered in scales began to alter its shape. My bones rearranged and I grew. My arms lengthened and thickened. My tail grew even longer. My neck thickened. My ears became pointed and my eyes slanted. All of my senses increase 100 fold. I felt the heat of her body even more than before. I began to feel even more pleasure with the changes.
I brought my tail around and up it up against Emeral’s asshole, and then quickly before she could say anything I jammed it into her. She let out a roar of pleasure. I began to pump my cock and tail in an out of her at opposite intervals. I was speeding up. I knew I was close to cumming but I did not want it to end.
We continued for over an hour kissing and fucking.
Jack…oh…Ja…ack. I can not help…it. I am about to…cum…
I too could not hold it anymore. So I leaned into her as far as I could go and at the same time pushed my tail in as far as I could and came into her. With all that stimulation it pushed her over the edge. We came together. We let out a roar that could be heard for miles around.
Oh Jack. That was wonderful.
Thanks same for you.
I was now fully a dragon but I did not want to stop. I pulled out of Emeral and brought my new mussel down to her pussy and extended my tongue into it and began to suck as much of our combined juices as I could. I did not swallow any of it but kept it all in my mouth. I then leaned up and kissed her. I let our combined juices flow into her mouth. We kissed until all of it was gone.
I then went back to her pussy and collected more of our juice. We continued this pattern until I got as much as I could out of her pussy.
You may look like a dragon but you still have one step left before you are fully a dragon.
We had sex like humans. Now we need to mate like dragons.
She then turned on the spot and lifted her tail showing me her pussy. My cock sprang up and became hard immediately at the thought. I wasted no more time and mounted her shoving my cock into her. I pumped my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. Our moans reached record level. I brought my head down and began to kiss her. She kissed me right back. I kept pumping in and out of her. However I could not hold it long. I came in her.
After all I had already came, I would have been surprised if any came out at all. However more came out this time then in then any of the other three times combined. So much came out of me that it pushed Emeral over the edge as well. He pussy clamped down on my new dragon cock holding me there. Our orgasms lasted for a long time, longer than I can count.
When we finished I pulled out of her and lay down. She laid down right next to me.
Emeral, that was amazing
I know Jack
Yah Jack
Thanks for making me a dragon.
No problem.
Then we slept.

This is my first story but still grade harshly.

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2014-04-16 11:30:05
Not bad, though an alternate form of quotation would suffice for dragonspeak <Like this, for example>

That would make it easier to read when trying to read what they're saying.

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2013-04-22 19:58:33
You're POV (Point of View) shifted once or twice in the middle and that just confused me really. I would put in more physical details about the characters as well as more description of his change. Loved the plot and storyline though.

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2013-02-25 20:21:57
Ooohhh... I love a good dragon story. Thank you for submitting it!

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2013-01-24 00:48:43
Haha, mine started his whiny-ness since 20mths wen he had his last jabs.. He Kip piintong e jab area n say pain n give e most pitiful look.. Since then whenever he has a cut or fall, he will whine abt it for at least 1 week even thou it recovered!!

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2012-07-04 22:20:34
best dragon story i have read -_- turned into ;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ need to pick up meh jaw also kids? :) loved the story again

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