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I flapped my wings, flying higher and higher. I suddenly stopped my ascent and just began to soar. I loved flying. I loved the feeling of the wind of my wings, splitting at my head and rolling over me all the way down to my tail. The sun, now so much closer shinning on my back always felt amazing.
I brought my wings in and began a dive, corkscrewing through the air. Dives are my favorite. I continued to fall, my speed and excitement growing. I let out a loud road that echoed around the mountains that were my home.
I had been living here for the two and a half years since I was turned into a dragon. I still see Emeral from time to time, but not as often as before. Once the mania at my old home had calmed down she went back to her cave just north of it. I continued to live in the cave where she turned me into a dragon. Dragons never live together, for several reasons. For one, nowhere can the land support two dragons. For another, dragons are primarily solitary creatures. That works for me; I prefer to be by myself most of the time. Although I do wish she would stop by soon, I have not seen her in a while. We both agreed that I should never visit her, the people where I live are terrified of dragons and if they knew one lived just north of them they would freak out and attack her, even though she means them no harm, and they are more likely to find out if she keeps having visitors.
I live in a mountain range that stretches north to south on the western end of the continent. The southern end of the range boarders the ocean. The water there is pure blue and warm, cold never bothers me anymore, since I became a dragon, but warmth makes me feel so alive. I will often go for a swim and not come back all day. I can not breathe under water but I can hold my breath for days. I have never reached the max of my ability because I have had to eat and drink first.
I continued my dive until I had but a few meters left before I hit a shallow river. I spread my wings pulling out of the dive, my claws brushing the surface of the river. I continued to follow the river flying south. It turned right and I did, dipping my right wing into the river.
The mountains on either side of me began to get closer together the more I followed the river soon there would not be enough room for my wings. I began to flap my wings to get higher and higher. But the mountains were getting too close. I had mere centimeters on either side of my wings. I knew that I would not be able to keep my wings open much longer, and when I had to close them I would begin to fall towards the river below me. I continued to flap, rising higher and higher, and then at the last possible second I closed my wings.
I continued rising for a few seconds then began to fall. I kept my body ridged and began to spin. I fell like a spear. I kept my body perfectly strait as I fell closer and closer to the water below. I had only 50, 40, 30 meters left. The mountains were continuing to close in on me. They were becoming closer and closer to my sides. It as unclear what would happen first, that I would collide with the water or the mountain.
Then with less than five meter from the water and the mountains I broke free of the mountains and fell into the ocean below. I swam further and further down till I reached the ocean floor. I landed there on my feet and looked up. I was so deep that even with my improved vision and the clear water, I could make out little of the light above me. I then pushed up and swam as fast as I could towards the surface. Breaking it with a roar, I flapped as I hard as I could to gain altitude. I angled myself towards my cave, and flying over the mountains, flew home.
In less than ten minutes I landed on the main entrance of my cave, stretched out in the sun and lay down. “What, no hello for an old friend?” Said a female voice in my head
Surprised I looked up. “Emeral, I did not see you.” I got up and walked toward her. “It is so nice to see you. It has been to long, I had begun to think you had forgotten about me.”
She laughed. “Oh Jack you are still so human, no I could never forget you. No it was just that things were very busy around the city. The king and visited and security was increased 10 fold, there were powerful magicians everywhere, far more powerful then those native to your town. If I had flown to long they would have sensed it and I would have been found out.” Dragons flew not just from their wings but from magic, every time they flap they send out a little bit of magic that helps keep us up. “If I had flown for too long I would have built up too much magic around me and the magicians would have sensed. I had enough trouble getting enough food let alone leaving to visit you."
“You know next time that happens you could leave beforehand and stayed here for as long as he is there, I would prefer it, the king’s xenophobic nature is worst than anyone else and you could not possibly get away from his sorcerers.”
“I would have if I had known, since you left I never know what is going on in the city.” She leaned in a kissed me. “Enough talk for now it has been too long.”
I kissed her back. We stood there kissing for several moments. She then broke the kiss and lowered her head to my now erected 1 meter cock. She kissed the tip of it. Then she let her tongue slip and licked my piss whole. I growled my pleasure. She then began to wrap he tongue around my cock as much as she could. However it barely covered 50 cm. “Oh Emeral, I remember back when I was human you were able to completely cover my cock with you tongue.”
She growled her displeasure that I dare question her ability. “Ok let me see you do better.” I hesitated for a moment, thinking it was weird to suck my own cock. Dragons are not as strict in their sexual preferences as humans (a trait I inherited) but I had still never been with a male. I had never been with anyone but Emeral. “Oh Jack what is it, afraid you won’t be able to do any better?”
“No way” I lowered my head down to my own cock and started wrapping my tongue around it. “Sit back so I can see.” Emeral demanded. I did as she asked, sitting on my but and lifting my tail behind me (a position I don’t usually use) my cock sticking strait out into the air.
I began to wrap my tongue around my cock. Although I had never done this before I had a much longer tongue then Emeral and managed to get over 60 cm covered. It was an interesting sensation, my tongue felt different than Emeral’s. It felt really good. I began to rub my tongue against it.
Emeral, mad decided to hit me with her tail knocking me to the ground. I let out a small roar of pain and let go of my cock. “What did you do that for?”
“Nobody likes a showoff.”
“Still you did not have to hit me so hard.”
“Oh I am a wimp huh?”
“Yep, what are you going to do about it?”
I leapt at her spreading my out my legs to pin her legs and wings. However before I had finished her hind legs heaved shoving me over her. Her fore legs grabbed mine and she flipped on top of me. “You may have a bigger body but I have the experience over you. “
“Experience huh, prove it.” I then leaned up and kissed her. The last few minutes now completely forgotten she kissed me back. While still on top of me she lowered her head back down to my cock. “You may be able to rap it around more but I bet you cannot do this.” She then began to deep throat me, deeper then she had ever gone before. Her muzzle was touching my pelvis. She began to create a sucking sensation in her mouth around my cock. I let out another growl. She rapped her tongue around my cock again. I loved it when she gave me blowjobs.
I lowered my long body over her and stretching my long neck as far as I could and got all the way around her back to her nice, already wet pussy. I licked it; I loved the taste of her. I licked it again. Emeral began to growl now. I lowered my muzzle down to it and gave it a kiss, then without lifting my head I sent my tongue out again right into her pussy. I extended my tongue all the way into her pussy until it could not go anymore then doubled back until my fork tipped tongue was sticking out of her pussy. I then began to create as much distance between the two halves of my tongue as possible pushing up against her pussy walls. When I could not push anymore I brought the two halves of my tongue back together then back out.
Emeral let out a roar of pleasure. “Oh Jack, Jack…Jack! That feels so good” I continued to do that for several minutes. “Oh Ja…ack. Oh…Jack…I’m cum…ing.” I shoved all of my tongue into her and expanded as mush as I could. “Ah…ah…Ahhhhhhhh” Large amount of her juices started flowing out of her. I filled my mouth with as much as I could (which is no small amount) and swallowed the rest.
During her orgasm she had let go of my cock but she went right back to her administrations. She began to deep throat me but this time instead of rapping my cock with her tongue she let it slip of her mouth and lick my asshole. My growling which stopped when she let go of my cock started up again, creating bubbles in her cum juices that were still in my mouth.
I lowered my head to her back and let a little of her juice squirt out of my mouth and onto her back in a thin line one and a half meters in length right down the middle of her back. I did this two more times on either side of this line parallel to it. I then did several more lines going perpendicular to these lines. Then making sure not to let any more of her juices slip out I stuck several centimeters of my tongue out of my mouth and began to use it to spread her juices on her back.
Her back was shining with a nice sheen from her juices when Emeral decided to stick her tongue into my hole. My growling got louder. She began to pump her tongue in and out of me while continuing to suck on my cock. I lowered my head down to her ass and put my mouth against her asshole. I pursed my lips and shot some of her juices into it. “Oh Jack, that feels amazing. Don’t stop.” I pursed my lips even more increasing the pressure of the flow even more. I continued to spit her juices into her ass for almost ten minutes. As I did that she continued to pump her tongue into my asshole. As every second passed I got closer to cumming but I did not want to yet so I held it in as hard as I could.
Eventually I could not take it anymore. I squirted the last of her juices into her, splashing a lot onto her ass and pulled my cock out of her mouth. “Not yet Emeral” She looked at me evilly, but pulled out her tongue.
I walked around her and got on her back aligning my cock with her pussy. But I did not put it in just yet; I just held it there, the tip of my cock resting on the entrance of her pussy. I had my forelegs on her shoulders not touching her back.
“Oh Jack please.” I smiled evilly at her and began to rub my cock up and down against her pussy. “Jack you are so cruel please I need your cock in me.” I continued to rub for a few more seconds then quickly and without warning shoved my cock into her. I then lowered my fore arms to the ground so my chest was lying on her back. I began to pump my cock in and out rubbing my chest against her lubricated back.
I was already so close that it did not take me long to reach my climax. I came into Emeral several times. It lasted for over thirty minutes. The feeling of my cumming in her pushed Emeral over the edge and she had her second orgasm. We let out simultaneous roars of pleasure.
After we finished I pulled out of her and we lay down, I wrapped myself around her and slept.
Dragons are not monogamous. We do not have the same relationships that humans do. We will have multiple sex partners at once. I know for a fact that Emeral slept with another female dragon named Ainagi a few times in the last few years. I personally have not even met another dragon.
The next mourning the two of us flew together for a while then a little after noon she left for her own cave. I decided I needed to go hunting. A few hours later I was eating a couple of mountain goats reliving last night’s excitement. Just thinking about it made me get hard. I looked down at my lengthening cock. I let out a sigh and got up, thinking that I would go for a swim.
I leapt into the air and used an updraft to rise above the mountains heading south. I coasted most of the way there. When I cleared the mountains I dove down into the water as deep as I could.
I found a hot water jet at the bottom and lay in the hot water for a while. I looked up, although still at the bottom of the ocean I was not as far from the surface as I was last time because a mountain was growing here, and saw a full moon shinning down into the water. The moon was closer than usual, a giant white or just floating there in the ski.
I just lay there for about ten minutes watching the moon when there was a large splash right above me and a large shadow passed over me from whatever it was that made the splash passing over me blocking the moonlight.
It was about 5 meters in length, had a long tail and bat-like wings on either side. It was a dragon. At first I thought it was Emeral, but when it passed through the moonlight again I saw that its scales were a deep reddish color.
I froze; I had never met another dragon and did not know how to respond to it. The other dragon continued to swim around for a few minutes until it spotted me. “Well are you going to just sit there or are you going to join me.” The voice was definitely female. Without knowing what else to do I kicked off and began to swim up to meet her.
When I got there she began to swim around me. I began to swim around her countering all of her moves in a sort of underwater dance. The other dragon was amazing. She performed moves flawlessly that I had never dreamt of. Our dance continued for hours, until the moon went down behind a mountain.
The other dragon stopped, flapping her wings slowly to prevent sinking. “Follow me.” The other dragon said to me. She turned and began to swim just south of the growing mountain that I was laying on earlier. There was a drop off at that point and she swam right into it. I hesitated for a moment. I had never been that deep, but then I though that I would always be able to just swim back up I am no where near out of air. So I dived down right after her.
The water began to grow darker and darker. I could no longer see the moon behind more or the other dragon ahead of me. I did not know where I was going and I began to feel nervous. I could crash right into the bottom of the ocean and I would have no warning. So I began to slow my decent. Then I began to make a faint light at a few hundred meters down. I started to head toward the light.
The light came from a cave entrance. I swam into the cave. The cave angled upward and I continued to swim through the cave. Then all of a sudden the water ended and the cave leveled out. I climbed out onto the dry, solid ground and took a deep breath. The other dragon was standing there looking at me. I looked at her. My earlier estimate of about 5 meters seemed to be accurate. She was a deep ruby red. She had a stouter muzzle then Emeral and smaller ears to match. She was much thinner than Emeral too; she looked more like a giant snake with legs and wings then a dragon.
“I am sorry I did not know any other dragon lived here. I am Lenicha, what is your name?” She asked me.
“It is not a problem. I am Jack, nice to meet you. How long have you been here?”
“I have only arrived yesterday but I used to live here a few years ago. Well it is nice to meet you Jack.” She gave a small laugh when she heard my name. I looked at her questioningly. “Well it is not a usual dragon name. It sounds more like a human name.”
“Well that is because I used to be a human.”
“Really now that is interesting, how did this come about?”
“A dragon named Emeral turned me into one.”
“Ah the old powers, well I hope she knew what she was doing, we have had a lot of problems with humans that turned into dragons.”
“Most began to war with the humans and take their land and gold, killing and burning wherever they go.”
“Oh I do not want anything like that; I just want to be left alone.”
“Humph, just be warned, as a rule we dragons are not a unified bunch but if anyone of us starts to harm any sentient being we will unite against them to stop them.”
“I am forewarned.”
“Very well I am sorry to have bothered you; I will be out of here in a few days.”
Still feeling a little horny from earlier that evening I became a little more daring then I would normally be. I said, “Well there is not reason why we can not have any fun before you leave.”
She gave me the evil smile Emeral usually used just before sex. “Well aren’t you the bold one. I don’t know, have you ever had sex with a dragon other then with that other dragon, Emeral you said her name was.”
“Well no, but I bet, if you are as good as you dance that you would be an amazing teacher.”
She let out a loud laugh. Oh you do, do you. I am better but what make you think I would be willing to teach you anyway.
“Well you will be well paid for it.”
“Oh I will, will I? Prove it.”
“OK.” I lowered my head to hers and kissed her. I broke it after a few seconds. “Is that enough proof for you?”
She gave me another of her evil smiles. “I don’t know, I pretty skeptic, I think I need a little more convincing. It was my turn to laugh but I lowered my head and began to kiss her again. She let my tongue into her mouth and I let her tongue into my mouth. At the divide of our mouths she wrapped her tongue around mine and continued into my mouth. I let my tongue explore the inside of her mouth.
She was definitely very experienced. She was doing things that neither Emeral nor I thought of. And her very actions were instructive. They left no doubt what she wanted me to do next and this was just a kiss.
Our kiss felt like it went on for ever, although it could not have been more than ten minutes. I did not want it to end but at the same time I wanted her to proceed because if she is this good at kissing then I wanted to feel the sensations she will cause me to feel in sex. She eventually broke our kiss and my body, seemingly moving of its own accord moved forward to try not to break the kiss.
“Did you enjoy that?”
“Yes it was amazing.”
“That was nothing. Just wait.”
She opened her mouth made as if to bite me. She put a little pressure against my scales at my neck with her teeth but not enough to pierce them or even to cause pain. She wrapped her tongue around my neck and began to lather my neck in her saliva. After she had completely covered my neck she began no move her head down along my torso.
She continued down my torso using her tongue to moisten as much of my front as her incredible long tongue could reach. As I watched her I was amazed at how long her tongue really was, it is longer than mine, I though. As if reading my thoughts Lenicha said, “Yes my tongue is my special trait, it is longer than any other dragon’s I have met.”
When she got down to my already fully erect cock she began to wrap her tongue around it just as Emeral had done. However unlike Emeral or even me she was able to completely cover my cock with her tongue, from the very tip to the base. She even had enough tongue left over to play with my balls with her forked tongue. She began to constrict my cock a little bit with her tongue and then loosen it. She repeated this over and over again which sent a wave of new sensations over me. I had had sex with Emeral plenty of times but she was never able to make me feel this good.
She stopped playing with my balls; dismayed but the sudden lack of pleasure there I looked down and saw her tongue working its way behind me. Then I felt her warm tongue against my hole. She began to lick around my moistening it. The probed my hole with one of the two forks on her tongue. I was surprised how far it went it, is felt about 6 cm to me. She then had the other fork of her tongue continue to swirl around the outside of my hole. I began to growl in the pleasure of it again. The combination of sensations felt so good, I almost came but I held it in because I did not want it to end yet.
She continued her administration for another ten minutes, at which time she removed her tongue from my ass. I moaned my displeasure until she started to massage my balls with her tongue again. But then I felt something I was not expecting. The tip of her tail was resting at the entrance of my asshole. She began to gently push it in. I felt a little pain but not too much. However the longer she did it the more pain was replaced by pleasure. Then eventually I felt her tail slide into the hole.
Now I had had Emeral’s tongue in my hole before but never anything so large. At first pain shot through me like I couldn’t believe but then it quickly died down and was replaced but a strong feeling of pleasure. She began to pump her tail in and out of my ass, all the while continuing her ministrations on my cock. She began to pump her tail in and out of me faster and faster. My growls quickly were becoming roars of pleasure. I could not take it anymore I had to cum.
Sensing this Lenicha removed her head from my cock but continued to thrust her tail in and out of me. Even without her blowjob I still came a few seconds later, blowing my load all over her head, neck and torso. And this was no small amount; this was one of my largest orgasms ever. Her naturally red scales were nearly completely covered in white on the upper half of her body.
She lowered her head to her torso and licked some of the cum off her and swallowed it.
“Um you taste good. Your turn, you made this mess now clean it up.”
Smiling at her I lowered my head to her torso and began to clean her scales of my cum. As I licked my cum off of her body I kept it in my mouth and when it was full I would life my head up to meet hers and give her a deep kiss sharing my cum with her. When my mouth was empty I would lower myself back down to my remaining cum on her body and start licking it up again.
When I got to her neck I decided to try on her what she did on me and gave her a light bight on her neck while gathering up my cum from her neck. She began to growl in pleasure. Wanting her to experience as much pleasure and she had generated for me as I was cleaning her I brought my tail around to meet her pussy and in one quick sharp motion I shoved my tail inside of it.
Lenicha was so surprised by it that she let out a great roar. Once I got my tail in as far as it would go I quickly pulled it almost out then pushed it in again. I began to pump my tail in and out of her as fast as it would go and soon her roar turned into one of pleasure instead of one of surprise.
As I continued to clean her of my cum I got to her face which was nearly completely covered in my juice. As I began to clean her face her tongue came up to meet mine and danced around it while I licked up the cum. I got a long line of cum onto my tongue and placed it cum side down onto her tongue. The taste of my tongue mixed with her saliva was amazing.
Lenicha, using her considerably longer tongue, licked a huge patch of my cum from the thickest concentration of it left on her face and rapped her tongue around my sharing the flavor. I pulled her tongue into my mouth with my own tongue and we began another deep kiss.
Our kiss was suddenly broken however when Lenicha let out her loudest roar yet, I felt her vaginal muscles tighten on my tail. I knew she was cuming. I was surprised, I knew she was enjoying it but I had no idea that she was even getting close.
“Oh Jack that was amazing, I was not expecting that one.”
“Neither was I.” I admitted
“Hum, seems we have a natural here, maybe I will get something out of teaching you after all.”
“What do you still need convincing?”
She smiled her evil smile at me. “Have you ever tried anal?”
“Nothing but what you did not me earlier with your tale.”
“No I mean have you ever given someone anal with you cock?”
“No I admitted.” It was actually surprising where my home town was not the most open about sex there were a few positions one had to try, that everyone knew about, once you were sexually active, anal being one of them. I was surprised I had never thought to do that with Emeral.
“Well then wanna try?” If possible her smile got a little more evil looking.
I smiled back at her and without saying anything I pulled my tale from her pussy and got and her and lined my newly re-erect cock up with her asshole. I tried to push it in but found that it was too tight.
“No you have to loosen it first, try using your tongue.”
I nodded at her and lowered my head to her hole and stuck my tongue out in a brief flick tasting her hole. I had done this a few times for Emeral and was always surprised that it was not as bad as I would have expected. I began to circle my tongue around her hole just and Lenicha had done to me. Then I stuck one of my forks on my tongue quickly into her.
Lenicha roared in pain. “Slower than that, you have to give it a chance to loosen up.” I nodded and tried putting my tongue into her and but this time much slower. It worked, instead of a roar of pain I heard growls of pleasure coming from Lenicha. I stuck the second fork into her and got an increase in her growling.
First few centimeters of my tongue were now fully incased in her asshole.
I began pumping my tongue in and out of her asshole, gaining speed and depth with each pump. Lenicha’s growls were quickly becoming roars.
“Oh…O…Ja…ack… Please I need yo…our cock in me…Oh Please…Jack.”
Smiling I stopped my pumping but with my tongue nearly 50 cm into her ass and slowly began to remove it. Lenicha moaned in anticipation.
“Oh Jack, why do you toy with me so?”
I didn’t answer. I only slowed down my removal of my tongue. Lenicha let out a roar of anger and pleasure. “Oh please Jack, I need your large cock in me now.”
I didn’t do anything about my tongue however I did bring my tail around and begin to rub it against her pussy. This did not help her mood any, she was now so horny and I refused to give her what she wanted. She leaned her head down to where my tongue was entering her asshole and wrapped her tongue around it and yanked it out of her ass.
“Now no more game and fuck me up the ass.”
I aligned my cock with her asshole as I did before but this time felt that it was much looser and ready for my cock. I bushed it in and at the same time had my tail, which was still rubbing her pussy, end her as well.
We both let out loud roars of pleasure, her from being doubly penetrated, and me from this new experience of giving someone anal. Despite all that I did to loosen her up it was still very tight on me. I began to pump very slowly in and out of her ass with my cock while my tail was once again pumping in and out of her at full speed. However the longer I went the faster I became.
I began to feel pressure on my asshole as I did earlier. I looked back and saw that Emeral was working her tail into me again. I looked at her and saw she was smiling at me. I smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. We stood there kissing for several minutes; Me, pumping my cock in and out of her ass and my tail in and out of her pussy, while she was pumper her tail into my ass. This was all getting too much. I was so close to cuming but I fought it with all my strength. I did not want to cum so soon and end this experience.
I knew I was so close. Then, when I pushed both my cock and my tail as far into her as possible, Lenicha let out a huge roar and I heard her project, “Oh Jack…I’m Cuming.” Then I felt her clench down on my tail and cock. This was just too much, I let load my second load of the evening and surprisingly it wasn’t any smaller than the last one, if anything it was bigger. Together we came for over 45 minutes, me filling her ass so full of my cum that it spilt out around my cock and got my entire pelvic region covered in my own cum.
When finally I we finished cuming I pulled my cock out of her (leaving my tail in) and lay down next to her. She kissed me again. Then she looked down to where I was covered in my own cum.
“You know I did it for you, it is the least you could do.”
“Trust me I would have done it anyway.”
She lowered her head and began cleaning me up just as I had cleaned her up, right down to kissing me and sharing my own juices with me.
By the time she had finished I was hard again and ready for some action.
“Well aren’t you the resilient one?”
She continued to suck on my cock. I, not wanting to be left out, removed my tail from her pussy and inserted my tongue in its place. I re-adjusted my body so my head was closer to her pussy and my cock was closer to her head.
I folded my tongue back over itself as I did with Emeral those long years ago and began to pump in and out as hard as I could. Her juices were already beginning to flow. I was lapping them up as best as I could but a lot still got around my and spilled out onto my face, neck and upper torso. I began to separate the two sides of my tongue pushing not just the back wall but also the side walls of her pussy. Every time I pulled my tongue back I would slap the two halves of my tongue together, splashing more of her juices over me.
At the same time Lenicha was had her tongue wrapped around my cock but in the opposite direction as before. She had the beginning of her tongue wrapped around my balls, gently squeezing them, and continued up the length of my cock so the tip of her forked tongue was near the tip. She then proceeded to insert of the forks into my piss hole. I was surprised it would fit, but the tips of her forked tongue easily fit into it. However she did not get far in before she had to stop only about a centimeter. But leaving it in there she swirled the other around the top of my cock, causing the part that was in my cock to swivel around. It felt amazing. I began to feel my balls began to tighten, but I fought it. I was not ready to cum. But I knew it would not be too much longer.
I began to massage the outside of her pussy with my claws. I could tell, from her breathing and the how much she was growling that she was close to cuming, and I knew she knew that I was also close but we were both determined not to be the first one to cum.
Lenicha grabbed my cock around her tongue and began to jack it off. With the extra pressure on it and the increased movement of her tongue against my cock made me almost cum right off the bat but I managed to get control of myself.
In return I inserted my left claw up to my wrist, without retracting my tongue. It then began to open and close my hand, rubbing my fingers all over her pussy. I then began to push my arm further and further into her, all though I did not get much more than a few centimeters pass my wrist. However that seemed to be working, her breathing quickened significantly and more juices cam flowing out of her, but she was not cuming yet. I growled in frustration.
Lenicha laughed. “You are not going to get me so easily.”
“Yah well me neither.” I said, pointing to her hand and tongue around my cock, although sounding a lot more sure than I felt.
“OK then.” She then opened her mouth all the way and covered my cock so that her nose was touching my pelvis. She then produced enough saliva to cover my cock. Letting it sit there for a minute she then began to suck the saliva away then spit it back at my cock, letting the flowing water massage it. This was more then I had ever experienced, she was good. I was not sure I was going to win this, however she had reminded me of something.
I begun to gather as much of her liquid in my mouth as possible, nearly filling it. I then, removing my arm but not my tongue, started to spit it back out in a thin, powerful stream back into her pussy. At first I did a long powerful stream into her, and then changing it to short bursts into the places she liked the most, all the while continuing with the pumping and expanding of my tongue and the rubbing of both my hands again against her pussy.
The two of us continued with this for several more minutes. It was plain that the question was not if we would cum, but who would cum first. I could let got at any second and cum and I knew that Lenicha was the same way.
I then felt my balls tighten, I tried to fight it but it was not use. I let out a roar of pleasure, releasing the rest of her juice all over myself, at the same time she did. We both came at the same time. I let load several loads of cum into her mouth but it was too much for her to handle and most of it landed on her face again. Also a large amount of her vaginal juices came out, and same as her I could not handle it all and most of it landed on my face.
I looked at her and she looked at me. Both of us were covered with each other’s juices.
“Maybe we should clean each other up?” I offered.
“Sounds like a good idea.”
As we licked each other’s faces clean I asked. “So teach, did I pass?”
“Oh you did more than pass, you got an A.”
And when we licked the last bit of cum of each other’s faces and began another deep kiss, sharing the tastes on our tongues; I was once again thankful towards Emeral for making me a dragon.
Lenicha left the next day to look for a new home and I did not see her for years to come.

Please tell me if you like it, if you do I will continue writing

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2014-01-05 19:36:11
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2014-01-04 19:40:06
Heya can any person aissst me?I need a free Mmo who has a massive amount players and they also (properly most) can speak English. It's fundamental that the particular servers have a great number of gamers. I am looking for something like Diablo or possibly World of warcraft. I'm as well not willing to spend any cash as I only have some time to destroy right now. It is ok if the actual game is provided for free along with premium content. I have looked a lot regarding MMORPGs but not one from the websites actually say just how much people tend to be on-line. gratitude

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2013-05-05 18:26:48
Plz do more of them

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