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New Neighbor Part 2

Thanks for the comments guys =] I hope you think this one is as good as the last =]

“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” blared the alarm inches from my head waking me, pulling me from a sexy dream. It was the morning after my first encounter with the boy next door and I was exhausted. The night before I had tossed and turned not being able to get the image of his shocked face out of my head and I couldn’t help wondering about how the wait at the bus stop would be the next morning. I grinned into my pillow as I went through what I had done the night before; it had made me feel so naughty. The boy, a boy whose name I didn’t even know, watched me dance around my room butt naked, and masturbate to an orgasm. How naughty could I get? I smiled as I rolled over to look at my ceiling. “I could probably get even naughtier,” I thought to myself mischievously.

I stretched out in bed and then finally sat up. Glancing over at the calendar on my wall, I remembered that I needed to wear my uniform to school today. I hopped out of bed and walked into my bathroom to get ready, putting on a little makeup and brushing my hair out. Walking out of the bathroom, I headed over to my desk, where my uniform was laying out and put it on. The skirt was short and a navy blue with a white stripe at the bottom and the top was cropped just above my belly button with the word CATS written across my chest. The cheerleaders at my school got in trouble with teachers all the time about the uniforms being against school policy but since the principal’s daughter was a cheerleader, the skimpy uniforms stayed and the teachers kept their mouths shut. I then pulled on my spanky pants and tennis shoes, before grabbing my bag to head out the door.

When I got to the bus stop, there was a slight chill in the air giving me goose bumps along my long legs and arms. I was rubbing my arms to warm myself, when I heard the front door of my new neighbors house open and close. Trying to keep myself from grinning, I looked over at the boy watching him as he walked down the steps of his front porch and towards me. He was just as cute as before even though I really couldn’t see his face. He was refusing to make eye contact with me by staring at the ground as we stood waiting for the bus. No longer being able to keep my grin off my face, I spoke up. “Hi, I’m Kayla. I live next door.” Like he already doesn’t know that, I thought my grin widening. He glanced up, his cheeks fire engine red and adorable, and said quietly, “I’m Brendon.” He didn’t keep eye contact for long before staring at the ground again.

“Where are you from?” I asked smiling innocently at him. This was too much fun, I thought. “Springboro,” he mumbled keeping his gaze away from mine. “Oh, so you didn’t have to move far. That’s not too bad,” I said brightly. He nodded, and then turned to watch the now approaching bus. The kid could act a little more interested, I mused. “What grade are you in?” I asked one last time at trying to get some sort of conversation with him going. “I’m a junior,” he said sounding relieved that the bus was there and he wouldn’t have to keep being embarrassed. I smiled again at him, “Same as me. Well that will be nice as we will probably be seeing A LOT of each other with all the school activities.” He got even redder at that and stared at me. I smiled innocently at him trying to keep from snickering at his reactions which were just adorable.

The bus was now in front of us and he climbed on quickly trying to get away but I wasn’t having it. He took a seat about half way back and I sat across from him keeping my back pack on the extra seat. Brendon kept his eyes forward and wouldn’t even glance at me. He was making this so much fun. As the bus started going the normal route, I pushed myself as far into the seat as I could so that the only person who could really see me at first glance was him. Because the seats were so long and narrow, it was difficult to look into a seat that was diagonal, and by pushing myself all the way against the window it was very hard to get a good glance without craning around the seat purposefully to look. I propped my back against the window and sat crossed legged on the seat, looking straight on at Brendon.

Still refusing to look at me, Brendon was now staring at his hands in his lap. I waited patiently, watching him, knowing that he would eventually look over. As I waited, thoughts of the night before started playing over in my head making me wet. Brendon was now a mere few feet away from me and I wanted to play. Letting my fingertips trail up and down my thigh, I continued to think about what could have happened if he had been this far away from me the night before, with no glass in between. Not being able to help myself, I softly stroked my thigh down to my wet pussy, and started to rub myself over my spankies.

Brendon glanced over (finally) and the look of shock on his face was ten times more than the one from the night before as I slowly touched myself under my skirt. He glanced to his left and right, at the kids that were in the seats in front of me and behind me looking slightly outraged that I was touching myself in such a public place. I did not care. Letting my leg fall of the seat and propping the other up, I gave him a full frontal view of my pussy as I pushed the spankies aside and started to stroke myself. His mouth dropped open slightly, and I could see the dilemma going on inside his head. Either watch the girl that was basically a complete stranger masturbate or tell her to stop, not that it would of made a difference.

I was putting on a show just for him, and it was turning me on like no other, as my juices soaked my spankies and tighs. I inserted a finger into my aching pussy, watching Brendon for his reaction. He was so cute as he tried to hide his now evident and straining erection. I licked my lips and added another finger as I started to slowly push myself towards orgasm. My legs were now shaking as I sped up the action of my fingers and I let out a soft whimper. Brendon’s eyes flew from my pussy, to my face, a look of lust and wonder covering his cute features. Biting down on my lip and closing my eyes, I could feel the flames in my pussy as the peak of orgasm was so close and I was trying so hard to quietly push myself over that edge.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Brendon’s hand in his pants moving slowly and it sent me over the edge. I bit down on the collar of my shell as the waves of the orgasm crashed over me sending me into convulsions. I couldn’t stop cumming, my hips bucking at my fingers while my legs shook uncontrollably. Finally, I came down from the orgasm and my body went limp. Brendon just stared at me, jaw dropped and eyes wide. I grinned at him, through heavy lidded eyes, now tired from my first thing in the morning activities.

Kids around us started to stand, slinging their backpacks over their shoulders and gathering their things. I quickly put my legs down and grabbed my back pack from the floor. Brendon, almost as if he was coming out of a daze, grabbed his bag and put his arms through the straps. As he stood in front of me, and we shuffled to the bus door, I stood on my tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “I’ll see ya tonight cutie.” He glanced back at me, a slight blush on his face, as he said, “Can’t wait.” Neither could I.

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