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Jen calls Lisa and I call Katey to set up the sleepover.
Milk of Desire

By EFon

Chapter 5 : Setting up for a sleepover

So much has happened in the past few days, and even more this morning, that I was almost dizzy. As best as I could work out I think I have inherited some kind of power over people who have tasted me. My sister drank a glass of milk with my cum in it after I jerked of a few days ago, and now she went from hating my guts to being my best friend and more. That and she actually sucked my cock when she thought I was sleeping one night, and now I just caught her masturbating and sucking my cum off the shirt I’d masturbated on this morning, and she got off more when she knew I was watching.

Katey licked my dirty underwear last summer, and had a crush on me ever since. Sure I liked her and we went on a date last night and I lost my virginity to her, but she might have just been under the effects of my power and might not even like me at all. I might have raped her. Man this was going from great to awful in no time flat. Well, this might still all be in my imagination. Sure my father was a playboy asshole who ruined my mom’s and sister’s life, and lost Jen’s dad in a divorce, all because she became pregnant with me, but there was still no reason to believe this was somehow supernatural. I had a plan to test this and settle this crazy notion once and for all.

I heard Jen come back home and invited her into my room. “Here’s your sweet butter,” she said handing me a little pop-top lidded container.

“Great,” I said and put in the next step of my plan. “Now you need to have a small sleepover party again. Think Lisa will come over tonight?”

“I think she might have a date, but I’ll see if I can talk her into ditching it.” Then she took off and picked up the phone.

“Wait! What’s Katey’s number? I’ll call her,” I yelled after her and picked up my cell.

Jen stuck her head back in my door and gave me the number as I dialed adding with a devious grin, “Don’t sprain your wrist…”

I ignored her sly comment as she left and the phone in my hand ringed. Then it picked up with, “Heya Russell,” Katey sang and I could literally hear her smile through the phone and it set my heart on fire.

“Hi Katey,” I smiled back, “How did you know it was me?”

“Caller ID silly!”

“Oh, right.” Duh! I’m so stupid! Wait, I’m calling from my house phone, not my personal cell. “But it could have been Jen calling you.”

“I suppose… But since she and I have been texting each other all night, I knew it would be you.” She said it and like someone talking to a baby or a puppy in that supper cutesy voice and I blushed.

“Oh, uh… yea, well Jen’s having a sleepover here tonight, and she wants Lisa and you to come over. She thinks Lisa might not come so I thought that if you could talk to Lisa and make sure she comes then she won’t cancel the sleepover and I’d get to see you tonight?”

I was worried this might sound suspicious, asking her to make sure and bring another woman over to my house for the night, but I found I needn’t have worried. “Only if I can have a little time with you by myself…”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I started getting hard again, this time it was quick and strong. “I can’t wait until I see you again.” I couldn’t believe I was talking this cutsy-stupid back, but it was actually quite fun.

“Me either…” she moaned into the phone.

I knew I’d have to jerk off once more to test my plan anyway so I decided to be bold and take advantage of the situation, “Are you alone?”

“I’m all alone in my room. I wish you were here with me,” she sighed with a sexy pout.

“Me too…” I laid back on my bed and asked, “So… what are you wearing?”

She giggled and said, “Oh, nothing much, just a nightshirt and some soft shorts. I normally only sleep with the nightshirt, but my sore pussy kept oozing out all your cum. So I had to put on some shorts to help me keep it all inside me where it belongs…” God I was hard as a rock already again, just listening to her slow and sultry tones describing it.

I pushed down my pants and groaned as I started to gently rubbing my cock. I wished I could see her succulent pussy oozing my cum, and I promised myself I would a soon as I could. “Oh, Katey, your sexy voice has me so hard.”

“Are you rubbing yourself right now?” she asked.

“Yea,” I said and squeezed my cock hard as she moaned in reply.

“That’s so… sexy,” she whispered. Then she moaned and said, “I just slid my hand under my shorts and stuck a finger in my gooey pussy.”

“Oh fuck yea,” I groaned as I started fisting my cock harder.

“Oh, it feels so good, but I’ve got to be quiet or I’ll bother my parents,” she groaned.

“Just rub your pussy as I rub my cock and bite into your shirt and we can come together.” I said and after that we just grunted and moaned into the phone as we both masturbated together.

She started sounding louder and more intense, and I imagined I was fucking her again as I beat off hard when suddenly I came again. “Ah,” I groaned, “I’m cuming!” I tried to say it as silently as I could so I didn’t alert my mom to my actions. I was pretty sure Jen already knew what I was doing.

I heard her muffled scream as she came just after. I painted my new shirt with several streams of my sticky semen, and wiped up all of it in my shirt as I opened the tub of butter and carefully took off my shirt. “Oh my god! That was amazing!” Katey said as she got her voice back.

I just said, “Yea…” into the phone, now crooked in between my shoulder and head as I scraped my gooey cum off of my shirt and into the almost full butter container. It settled in a white frothy layer on top of the butter and I knew I’d have to stir it in to hide it. “Katey, I gotta go now, but just make sure you talk to Lisa and get her to come with you to Jen’s sleepover tonight alright?”

“Of course my love,” she said and I stopped in my tracks.

Sure we had sex last night and just shared another intimate encounter over the phone, but I just realized that we were getting so serious. I just had my second orgasm of the morning thinking of her so I must be serious about her too. I felt I had to respond the same so I said, “Okay… she you then… love,” and quickly closed up my phone. Did I love her? I’d never been in love before, but I couldn’t wait to see and touch her again tonight so, sure, I guess this must be love.

I dressed again, for the second time that day, new shirt, but same pants, and ran out with the butter to the kitchen to get a knife. Then, with my mom behind me, still reading the paper, watching the TV and relaxing on one of her few days off, I stirred up my cum into the butter. I was glad the butter was soft and warm from sitting out because if it had been cold I’m not sure it would have stirred well at all. After mushing it around the semen disappeared into the smooth buttery mix. Finally happy with my work I hid it in the back of the fridge, trying to act as if this was all perfectly normal in front of my mom who wasn’t really paying attention to me..

Suddenly it occurred to me that my mom was going to be home the entire day and night, and was worried that might ruin the whole thing. “So, what’re your plans for the day Mom?”

She looked up at me from her paper, wearing her big puffy robe and I suddenly became aware of her breasts, which from my standing point of view were indecently large and I quickly sat so I wasn’t looking down her cleavage. “Well, I’m still on call, but unless something happens, I’m going to go out and work in the garden today.”

“Oh, that’s great,” I nodded, totally at a loss of a plan now. “Well, have fun,” and I went to my sister’s room.

She was just getting off the phone, “Well Lisa says she’s not going to cancel her date, but that if he bails on her she’ll come over.”

“We need to change the plan;” I said urgently, “Mom is going to be here all day working the garden. If anything happens she’ll hear us.”

Jen smiled and nodded, “Oh you want some alone time with Katey?” I nodded uncertainly. That was true, but I really wanted to test this crazy theory and be close to Lisa most of the night after giving her something with the butter on it to see if she changed in her attitude toward me at all.

Jen just thought for a moment and I saw a light bulb go off in her face, “Don’t worry about it; I’ll take care of everything.” She didn’t explain at all just pushed me out her door, closing it behind me. Without a clue to what she had planned I decided to go and take a nap. I’d already jerked off twice before noon and was a little tired now.

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