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‘Man that was intense’ I said to myself as I woke covered in sweat. Slowly consciousness crept into my sleep addled brain as I recalled the events of my slumber. It was her again, the short raven haired beauty that I had been lusting after in my dreams for weeks now, her name is Jamie, she is also my younger sister. Pulling the covers back I swung my legs off the bed and reached down to throw on a pair of boxers for the ritual morning trip to the bathroom.

As the shower was warming up I leaned over the sink just staring at myself in the mirror. That’s when I first noticed it, my eyes were green not their normal blue. As I stared in shock wondering what could have happened I watched as they turned back into the blue I have always known. Figuring it was still sleep fogging my brain I shook it off and dropped my boxers to the floor as I stepped into the shower. I stepped under the water feeling it was over me wishing I was anyone but me. Don’t get me wrong, I lived in a nice house with a great set of parents and my sister Jamie. I did pretty good in school, had friends and a fairly healthy social life, but it was how I looked I couldn’t stand. I was your typical run of the mill nothing special. At 5’9” 170 lbs I was just shy of being actually noticeable.

This is where my recent obsession has come in. Unlike me my younger sister Jamie got a double helping of looks. Just a month shy of turning 16 she stands a short 5’2” about 100 pounds even , long straight black hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her breasts as I found out later were a C cup and had been for about the last year now. Her stomach and legs were tight and toned from hours of cheerleading practice. Basically she was a vision of pure beauty, and the only girl that actually paid me any attention. Ever since it got hot enough to tan and I saw her in her new bikini this year I have barely been able to contain myself around her. Constantly excusing myself to go jerk off to her or sneaking around trying to get glimpses of her.

Even now in the shower as my dream comes back to me I feel my cock start to rise. Not wanting to waste a good erection and wanting to relive that dream I shut my eyes as my hand starts slowly stroking myself to full hardness. I go back to the dream, Julie underneath me, her legs folded up as I piston my cock into her hard and fast. I hear her moans telling me how big I am when I realize that in the dream its not really me fucking her, its me but a lot more muscled and with a bigger cock. As I think about watching myself enter my sister over and over again something feels different to me. I open my eyes and look down at myself and instead of the usual 5 inch skinny dick I see my hand wrapped around a 9 inch long 2 inch thick piece of meat jutting out from my body. My eyes widen in disbelief as my cock and my forearm are now the same size. Stuck in shock I hurriedly finish up my shower grab a towel and run back to my room.

Sitting on the edge of the bed thoughts of insanity run through my mind. Something is going on and I need to know what. With a deep breath I open my towel revealing the same small dick I’ve grown used to over the years. Now I’m lost. I must be losing my mind. Knowing what I saw and felt was real I decided to try and figure out what could possibly be going on. Since it was hard when I saw the difference maybe I had to be hard again to see the change. Being in such an excited state from two denied orgasms it was relatively easy to bring myself back to full hardness despite the nervousness of the situation. As my cock grew I was filled with excitement hoping for the best but after a few moments my cock was rigid and only the 5 inches I knew. Feeling slightly defeated I thought back to what was different and besides the obvious of not being in the shower anymore the only thing different was that at the time I was imagining myself with that same hard beast I had plowing into my sister. That scene coming back into my mind I started wanting that cock again. I started imagining it on my body jutting out. I looked down taking in my small cock wishing it to grow and before my eyes it started to. Slowly it gained in length and girth until I was back to being massive.

Over come with happiness at the possibilities for me now I stroked hard and fast while keeping my sister in my head. My orgasm was swift and powerful, as it hit rope after rope of cum shot out from my tip coating my chest in cum. As I squeezed the last of my cum out I fell back onto the bed in a daze and slipped into unconsciousness.

Waking back up for the second time that day I found myself in ridiculously high spirits. Who wouldn’t be?? I can change anything I want to physically about myself. Or at least maybe anything. I had to know my limits with this. Looking down at myself I needed to get cleaned up. Seeing what time it was I knew my sister had already left for practice and she wouldn’t be back until late that night, I didn’t even bother getting dressed. I went back to the bathroom and wet a washcloth to wipe myself down from the earlier orgasm.

While wiping myself down I looked into the mirror and started to play around. I started with my eye color again changing it from one color to the next finally deciding on brown. I then moved to my nose and just for shits and giggles I made it long and pointy like Pinocchio. Finally cleaned up I left my face the new way and walked back into my room closing my door. In my excitement I didn’t realize that my door didn’t completely shut. Now standing in front of my full length mirror I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw this ridiculous nose jutting out from my face.

Knowing that I basically had a do over at my disposal I started on becoming the way I always wanted to look. Adding a couple inches in height I was now 6 foot even. I set to work on my frame bulking me up a little bit and defining my muscles that would take months in a gym to achieve. Once happy with that I started on my face, not changing anything major just a little tweak here and there until I was happy. I enlarged my balls a little bit to match that of the destroyer now hanging limp between my legs. Once finished I memorized every inch of what I changed tweaking what needed it and leaving alone what was perfect. Taking a full look at myself I couldn’t have been happier. Looking like this there was no way girls would keep ignoring me. I would finally get laid.

Filing away what I wanted to look like I started playing around. Making myself fat and skinny, super tall and tiny like a midget. I added muscles and hair, took them away basically being absolutely ridiculous with my new found ability. Returning back to the new me I stood just admiring myself when all of a sudden it hit me. If I could change into anything why couldn’t I change into a chick. The thoughts of my possibilities started to excite me, bringing my impressive cock to life. I started off just seeing if I could do it. My chest losing its muscle as it started to expand out ending up with a pair of firm large breasts. Not being able to choose between the mirror and looking down I kept glancing back and forth as my hands came up to feel my first breast. My hands reaching their goal sent all the air out of my lungs and I fell back onto the bed slowly caressing my new toys. My nipples now even more sensitive began to harden under the movements of my hands. My cock was so hard it was actually beginning to hurt as I pinched down on my nipples causing an involuntary moan to escape my throat. Leaving one hand to play with my breasts I moved my other down and slowly began stroking my cock imagining it was my sisters breasts I was playing with. Getting so into it I started moaning her name which in turn brought me immediately to orgasm my cock exploding and sending my cum shooting out right onto my breasts.

As I lay there in my after glow I started picturing my sister in my head. I closed my eyes forming a complete picture of Jamie in my head. I pulled on every memory I had of her forming a complete image of her in my head. Keeping my eyes shut I imagined her and pushed that image of her onto my body. I could feel things moving and changing and when it all stopped with eyes still shut I stood up. Slowly I opened my eyes and staring back at me in the mirror was my sister.

So stunned at this, all I could do was stare as I turned around and bent over trying to see everything I could. Finally I let my hands do what my eyes were doing. I laid back on the bed closing my eyes and just ran my hands over every inch of my sisters body. Going straight to my breasts I started caressing and squeezing finally getting the prize I had been aching for. Under the ministrations of my fingers I could feel my nipples harden, moving down to them I gave them a pull when I felt a wet heat coming from between my legs. Going into very unknown territory I slid one hand down my stomach and in between my legs. I could immediately feel heat emanating from my folds. Gingerly I began exploring lightly playing with the area rubbing my fingers up and down coating them in the juice of my excitement. My breaths were now beginning to come in deeper and more ragged as my excitement grew finally resulting in a loud moan as my probing fingers found my clit.

Now feeling flushed and more turned on in a new way than I have even experienced I began to rub my fingers in circles over my clit, going faster and faster until I couldn’t even breathe. The only option my brain gave me was to keep rubbing. And that’s when it hit. My entire body being sent into spasms I twisted around as the most intense orgasm I have ever felt washed over me. With one final wave of ecstasy washing over me blackness edged in.

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2015-01-07 01:22:58
Awesome story. I love it. But I would recommend that you write a story where your sister has bigger boobs

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2013-01-19 00:48:59
Awesome, I love the the storyline! What guy wouldn't give his left nut to have woman's body just for a day; to play with, smell, and experience an orgasm from the female perspective? I would love that...please continue this excellent story!!!

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