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What to do when your too well hung.
This is based on a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I am not a writer and do not pretend to be one, I hope you enjoy the story despite my limitations.

I grew up just outside of a very small community in rural Texas; the population was around 200 people. As you can imagine this left very little option for recreation. I was way ahead of most people my age on the bored off my ass scale. I had hit puberty ahead of my class mates and found my avenues of exploration very limited. I had a few girl friends starting in the 6th grade but none as curious about things as I was. By 7th grade I had managed to talk my girl into going all the way, but couldn’t get the deed done. This is when I discovered that I was well above average in size of my manhood as well as being six inches taller than everyone else my age. My girl was from a large family and she said I was way bigger than anything she had ever seen and that I should measure it. She was a good sport and would let me rub it on her pussy and was even eager to jack me off with the occasional suck and lick to keep it wet.
Anyway I took her advice and measured it, from the base where it met my pubic hair to the tip of my cock head was a full 10.5 inches and around the middle part of the shaft was7.75 inches, while the head was 9 inches around and from the crown to the tip was just under 2 inches. What a lot of dick you have there, huh? Well you try sticking something like that in a junior high girl. It actually made it hard to get a date with a nick name like The Bulge.
I had survived all of this and made it to the grand old age of 16 and even managed to lose my cherry to a girl from school that had already had sex several times with her ex.” We still hook up some times to this day 30 odd years later.” But this did not change the fact that I was horny all the time and I lived 2 mile from the nearest neighbor and 14 miles from my girl. I jacked off a lot. We lived on a small animal farm with two barns and several small out building. The closest town with anything to offer was 62 miles away and at 55mph it took awhile to get there and back. One day I elected to stay at the house while Mom and the others made the drive for shopping and stuff, the car was crowded at best with everyone in it and I just wasn’t into the bitching today.
Now here is where it gets interesting. I kept my porn in the old calving barn we used for hay and feed storage, I was the one that fed the animals most of the time so it was very safe. This particular time we had loaned out the small corral to a friend who had a miniature horse, a mare in heat, to keep her away from the full size stud horse they had. Her smell was making him crazy. As I was the only one around I just made myself comfortable on some hay and started thumbing through the magazine I had found by the railroad track a few months earlier. I had my cock out slowly stroking it as I imagined the hot looking black chick in the pictures was here with me and I was going to get to fuck her hard and deep. But the mare, Brownie was her name kept pawing the dirt in the stall and snorting at me. I looked up and asked her what’s wrong? Texans talk to horses, we just do. And I swear she was looking at my dick.
Now Brownie was a very relaxed horse most of these little horses are they have been breed to be so. So I had no fear of her acting up and walked over to her to see if she had water and feed to see if she would quiet down and stop interfering with my jerk off session. Then it got really strange. She turned around and showed me her backside. Her vulva were swollen and you could actually see the juices dripping from her, horse pussy for lack of a better word. I had never thought about fucking an animal before this very moment. But there it was a horse pussy ready for a fucking. I had seen the dick of miniature stud horses before and I wasn’t that big so I knew I would fit and I knew I was going to try.
I stepped closer to the fence, it was made of 1 inch pipe with 6 rails about a foot apart, Brownies horse pussy was bulls eyed between two of the rails right at the same height as my swollen cock. And I mean swollen this had me so worked up my dick hurt it was so hard. I was still apprehensive about Brownies intent so I grabbed my cock with one hand and patted her flank with the other. She glanced around at me and seemed to steady herself. What the hell I thought. There was a fence between us and I placed the head of my dick at her opening and pushed forward. Damn is horse pussy hot, my dick went halfway in her without any trouble. She was dripping wet and hot as hell, I mean her body temp was amazing. I pulled out just a bit and pushed forward again, this time I went all the way in. I knew that horse sex didn’t last all that long and that the stud just fucked the hell out of the mare until he shot his load so, I went to town on this shit. I put both hands on her hips and just fucked the hell out of Brownies broiling hot cunt. It didn’t take but a few moments of this before I felt the cum boiling out of my balls. I drove my cock into her up to the hilt and then the most amazing thing, Brownie started to flex the inside of her pussy. Literally milking the cum out of me. As soon as the last shot of my cum left my cock and she felt it start to shrink she relaxed her pussy and stepped away. I looked down at my cock covered in horse juice and cum and stumbled back over to my hay and set down for a rest.
I had cleaned up with a water hose and put my happy satisfied dick up and went about feeding the other critters we hand. We had a few goats and a shit load of chickens as well as two calves. I was still looking at at least 2 hours before everyone got back from town. I went up to the house and grabed me a sandwich and a soda. I stood at the back window of the house and ate my lunch looking out toward the barn where brownie was hiding from the heat of the day. As I finished my sandwich I saw her come out into the coral and whiney towards the house. Interesting, I thought to myself and rinsed my glass and headed back out to the barn. She walked back up to the fence and pawed the ground softly a few times and turned to put her back side towards me again. This time I took my pants off and with just my boots and my hat on I climbed over the fence into the stall with Brownie. She stayed very calm and just adjusted her stature to again present her still dripping wet horse pussy to me. My cock was agin engorged beyond belief and I was ready to try this again. I stepped up and rubbed my cock head around her opening and enjoyed the heat her pussy radiated onto my cock head. Then pushed forward just enough to make the head go in and put my hands on her back. I then pushed forward in a series of short fast thrust going in deeper each time until I was again all the way buried into her. And it worked she flexed her pussy just a bit until I started to fuck her again. I did this several times and each time I would work it into her and stop with it buried she would work her vaginal muscle to milk my cock for my cum. I had spent more time fucking Brownie this time and I was ready for my nut, so I started to fuck her earnestly. I drove in and out of her with fast long deep strokes. It only took a very short time for me to release my cum, and as it started to rise I increased my speed and shortened my stroke. When the first shot made it to the end of my cock I drove into her all the way and just held myself there. She immediately started to milk my cock, and I came and came. And just as before Brownie milked my dick until I started to soften and then just stopped and walked away.
I have always been able to be slow and patient with my women since this day. I knew I was hung like a horse and human women were not meant to fuck horses. I have rarely found women that could take a insanely fast fuck from a cock like mine, except the lady mentioned before. But most women will let you fuck them if you use your big dick to make them enjoy it, instead of using their pussy as away to satisfy your need for a nut.
I bought brownie 6 months later, and had her artificially bred the next time she went in heat. I fucked her every chance I got and her foal was a mare as well. It took a long time for her to come into heat but it was worth it.


2020-06-18 05:52:47
you made me really wet, i could use a cock your size, my pussy is really open and deep, i let a pony fuck me and he just love it when i get beneath him and let him go at me.

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2016-10-29 13:32:08
repent for the kingdom of God is at hand

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2015-08-02 11:48:28
have a mini mare so I can tell you this could be true. Mine comes to be fucked even when she is not in heat. She seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

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2013-09-27 08:51:41
Mmm I would love to have that big cock in me .

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2013-06-13 23:50:35
I'm sorry but the average male penis is 5 to 6 inches and that is full grown adult so I seriously doubt in 7th grade it was 10.5 I seriously doubt it's that big now that your grown. But keep dreaming

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