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Conner Evans was, in three words, unlucky, unappreciated, and unliked. To say that he lived in hell was an understatement. He lived in a degree of hell that only the devil could stand. Standing at somewhere around six foot two inches tall, he wasn’t a lightweight. Conner had some muscle built up from everyday things like running form stray dogs in the neighborhood or lifting furniture to appease his god awful foster parents. He wasn’t ugly by any means, sporting brown hair with some strange mixture of black and blonde thrown in and a set of hazel colored eyes. Somehow, with a decent grade of intelligence and some dashing good looks, he was unlucky. If anyone had told Conner Evans that his life was about to change for the better in one summer he would have considered it, maybe even hoped. If someone had told him how it would have come about he would have laughed.

On some dismal Saturday just before the last week of his junior year, Conner Evans woke up. He didn’t make any noise, afraid that the unwanted sound would cause problems in the house. He ran a hand through his thick bedhead and rolled over onto his stomach. He lay there for just a minute and thought. His thoughts turned from the day of the week to school to his friends to his family to sadness and then back to his friends. He had, for the past week, noticed something in one of his friends. Maia, the dark haired beauty of his group of friends, had started to be friendlier as of late. She had sat beside him at lunch, purposefully started a banter match and had intentionally pushed and bumped him whenever she could. The thought of what this possible instance meant began to stir Conner’s morning wood to a full mast. He slid his hand down to take care of the issue almost automatically, stroking his six inches lightly at first. Conner shut his eyes again and drifted into thought…

Conner arrived on Maia Valentine’s doorstep fairly early. He had thought that the traffic would delay him but he had been happily mistaken. When she answered the door he smiled wide, showing a perfect smile. She did the same, but her smile just made the rest of her look perfect. Her body was something of a legend among the guys in their group, a perfect model figure that never required her to work out. Her tits were eye candy, rounding out from her tight stomach at somewhere around a C-cup they figured. Her ass… Gary dreamed of that ass every night he had said once. Conner didn’t blame him. It was a perfect fit to any man’s palm, firm and tight but soft as anyone dared to imagine it. Conner and Maia hugged, both lingering there for a moment…

Conner opened his eyes at the sound of something beeping harshly. He continued to stroke his cock, stopping every once in a while to place the blanket between the palm of his hand and his wood. He shut his eyes and dropped back…

…Before she invited him in.

‘Your early’ Maia smiled that seductive, perfectly innocent smile.
‘I thought that I would be delayed by… well everything. But I got here undisturbed. A miracle in itself, huh?’ Conner continued to smile. The two sat down on the couch, Maia curling up and actually resting her head on Conner’s shoulder as they resumed watching some strange show that Conner didn’t really understand. His arm was, completely by chance, around her shoulder as she was curled up against him. Idly it moved to her back, his fingers reaching around to her side. His hand slid on her shirt in a circle, not going anywhere with it just moving his hand in what was a friendly gesture making them both quite happy. He could feel the strap of her bra under the fabric of her t-shirt, sprouting an erection under his jeans…
Conner opened his eyes again, stopped on that part of his fantasy for a moment. He replayed it through his mind, knowing that he was not quite close but closer than he had been a short bit ago. Checking the alarm clack he saw that it read eight forty eight. He heard the stirring of his foster sister and he shut his eyes…
The show was boring, but the two watched it and Conner simply rubbed his hand on her back and side. When he looked over at Maia he saw that her eyes were half shut in what he could only hope to be pleasure. His hand ventured further up and down with every motion, touching her shoulder and reaching down to the waistband of her Nike shorts. Suddenly she got up and went to the bathroom. After a few minutes she was back, cuddled up to his side again. Conner abstained from petting her, worried that he had messed up and made her uncomfortable.

‘Are you going to keep going?’ Maia looked up at him innocently.

‘Sorry I thought that maybe you didn’t like it…’

‘Oh trust me, I liked it. I don’t mind the feeling of your arm around my shoulders either…’ Maia and Conner were inches apart, his eyes looking directly into hers and nearly drowning in them. Then they were kissing, kissing lightly and then passionately. His arm around her shoulder tightened and pulled her in, her arms sliding up to embrace his neck. Suddenly Her top is off revealing a teasing pink and black polka dot bra with lace around the edges. Conner’s shirt is gone, the kiss now passionate and full of gasps for air. She’s on her back on the couch, Conner on top of her with his hands around her ass and her legs wrapped around his waist. She’s moaning as he kisses his way down her neck to her bra and the flesh of her chest. Conner slides his hands up her silky smooth back and unclasps the bra. As it falls away he stokes her back and kisses at her…

Conner grunted in reality as he came. His hand clenched around his cock and held against the sperm rushing up his member. Once the orgasm subsided he threw off the covers and walked into the bathroom, releasing the threatening fluids into the toilet. He climbed into the shower and let the hot water ease his aching muscles.

Once Conner was awake and fully clothed he ventured down the steps into the lions den. The house that he lived in was a large two-story structure designed for the wealthy Reefer’s by a relative and built with their money. Maria Reefer was an accountant for a few wealthy couples and Frederick Reefer was a successful lawyer. These jobs meant travel and long workdays, not to mention bank accounts. All for the other kids at least. Conner was the third, twin girls his age taking the rooms directly across from his in the hallway of the second floor. They each had credit cards and cars, not to mention all the freedom they wanted. Conner had zilch.

The bank account on his debit card was provided for by his uncle and used only under three rules: it had to be used on dates, it had to be used for small items that were needed in the everyday, and for emergency purposes. Conner smiled at the thought of Uncle William. Then he was pushed from behind to fall down the last three steps and land on his head. Looking up dazedly he found Erica and Hannah staring down at him. As he stood he put his hand to the back of his head to check the spot he had hit. His fingers found blood, though a small amount. He scowled at the two before heading to the fridge.

“Next time move when I tell you to move, creep.” Erica sneered at his back. Conner nearly threw the jug of milk at her. Hannah simply grabbed her cereal box and sat down. Conner grabbed a bottle of water and a bottle of Mountain Dew from the fridge. When he shut the door and looked at the twins, he was forced to frown and grimace at the same time. They were attractive girls who were at their core manipulators. They were identical twins, meaning each had the straight red hair and icy clue eyes to contrast, not to mention the cheerleading athlete body that was a combination of god’s gift to man and the devil’s best efforts at creating lust. Conner had seen the tags on the various pieces of lingerie, noting the 36C bust and the constantly wet panties. He had never sniffed anything (due only to willpower) and had only looked briefly at the tags while looking for deodorant in a hamper, but the numbers and the facts had stuck. They were most likely in the top ten hottest girls in the high school, most likely ranking first because they were twin cheerleaders who were smart and outgoing. He shook the thoughts of the two and school from his head and walked to the pantry. He pulled out a bag of his cereal and grabbed the bottles before heading up to his room.

Conner grabbed his old blue backpack and threw the breakfast inside. Walking downstairs again he headed for the door. He stopped at the sound of Erica shouting at him. He turned and looked at her for a minute.

“Where the fuck do you think your going leech? You haven’t done anything at all! Mom left us a chore list like every other Saturday, so put the backpack up and do your fucking part!” Conner ground his teeth together at the sight of the list. The pencil had been erased and changed so that he was given the worst jobs and the most out of het three of them.

“You changed the goddamn list Erica! I can tell that much or do you think as dumb as you are? I’ll do mine later; just leave me the fuck alone. I’m already bleeding.” Conner walked out.

Conner reached the park extremely early. He could only wonder what the others were doing but it was pretty customary to meet at the park on Saturday mornings. His group of friends had been doing it for over a year.
When Conner arrived he found the park totally empty. He sat down on a bench in the middle of the park and whipped out his book, Wolves of the Calla. Halfway through the first page he found himself shaking. Feeling a familiar shiver run down his spine Conner looked around the park to find it empty. AS he returned to the book he found himself staring at nothing. Looking around again he jumped and yelled at the sight of a man in a trench coat reading his book. The man looked over and smiled at him, a bone-chilling smile that Conner knew had no place in any universe.

“You pick good books kid. I must say the combination of every book the man’s ever written… it was unexpected. Say, you don’t look too good.” The man smiled again and Conner stood up and back away. He felt his body shaking and found that he didn’t want it to shake. Looking over the man again Conner noticed the unusually sharp incisors in his smile, the gold, blazing irises behind the dark circular lensed sunglasses, and the strange glow, a deep red glow about him that mixed a smell of… sulfur? Conner sniffed again and felt the reader in his gut say brimstone. This man…

“But hey, it’s your read and it’s a good time. Better than the ones you’ve got at home. Erica… man she can be a bitch huh?” Conner started to sweat in the presence of this Stranger. He sat back down on the bench and noticed suddenly he was holding on to his book again. His vision blacked for a second and dizziness threatened to throw Conner for a loop until he heard the Stranger snap. Suddenly he was fine, not uncomfortable in the presence of this man and his stench of dragon.

“Ha, everyone gets that feeling around me. Unless of course you feel inspired by one of your sins. But you… You’re quite a different story aren’t you Conner? You live in hell and you go through every day with some pretty bad shit smeared in your face… but you haven’t done a damn thing about it. Haven’t fought your sisters, or hit either of ‘em. Haven’t hurt anyone actually. So,” the man turned on the bench to look at him. “ What is it that pushes you through every day? Your parents? Your friends? What could possibly push you straight to the devil’s chair and leave you there and still not upset you? You seem like you just want to hit someone… Why haven’t you?” the questions almost sounded angry. This man sounded genuinely infuriated by the idea that Conner was ok with his life. That made Conner smile.

“There isn’t a devil. How could I live in hell or get pushed up to his chair when there isn’t a devil?” For some reason the question escaped his lips without thought and chilled his spine. The man simply looked at him for a moment and Conner knew that that would be the most frightening moment of his entire life. Then the Stranger laughed.

“I corrupted Hadleyburg and I couldn’t get Conner Evans to hit someone! Well now I know why you’re one of the three I get the pleasure of meeting.” The man stood. Conner felt himself stand as well without thought of why. The wheels turned in his head as the Stranger’s statements connected. “Well, I guess seeing as your friends are almost here I’ll give you my line and go. You see,” And the man looked at Conner with those burning, molten gold eyes. “There is a devil. There is a god. And here, right now in this very second, is the devil. Yes, that’s why you act so strangely around me. Now, to explain… I was given three gifts, one for each of you three mortals. You are to receive the first gift. The Ability. Now, this might hurt…”

Conner watched the Stranger reach out and grab his shoulder. After that he fell to his hands and knees, the pain in his head and gut so horrible that he could not think or move. It felt like fire burning in his insides… then it was gone. He stood and felt the head rush as he looked in fear and awe at the Stranger. That awful smile, and then… gone. Conner heard the voice of the man in the coat echoing in his mind, his muddled thoughts becoming clearer as it spoke.

Now listen kid cause I don’t want to explain this more than once. You have just been given access to one of the three most powerful tools in mortal possession. Now, a few basic physical benefits come along with the Ability: First, no more unpleasant pains or feelings. You cannot and will not get sick. Second, you got a little boost in some other departments. Third, no puberty. None of the other Powers wanted a pubescent teen running around with the Ability, or god forbid the Artefact. And finally, full mental capability beyond mortal boundaries. You’ll see what that means later. Now, the Ability… it’s a mental power allowing you to compel other mortals. Humans. Plant a thought and they will do it. In your basic language, mind control and master communication. Have fun kid. You fuckin’ earned this.

When Conner’s group arrived, they found a very calm and clear minded Conner. The book was on the bench and Conner was leaned back, looking up at the cloudy sky and thinking. The level of mental clarity… it felt amazing. He heard a faint whisper and looked around, stopping his eyes on the sight of Maia walking toward him. The whisper got louder, loud enough for him to make out, as his eyes locked on her.

Fuck, it’s Conner! Why did this all have to start, the dreams and then the fucking lunch episode? Why can’t I just be around my friend without getting wet from the fucking sight of him? Damn, he looks… delicious…

Conner absentmindedly pushed the whisper of Maia’s thoughts out of his mind. With his clarity he managed not to become hysterical with the realization that he had heard her thoughts. He shut his eyes and thought, reaching out to the others in their group. He found quickly, moving through their heads, that none of them would be there for the day. Gary had slept in, Graves had gone fishing with his grandfather and Tracey had gone out of town with Molly’s family for the day. Conner grinned at the thought of being alone with Maia with his new… Ability.

As she walked up she smiled innocently, though Conner thought he could see some fire in those eyes as she smiled. He stood up and they hugged as they gave the other the most routine hello they could manage. Conner felt himself getting an erection at the sight of Maia, dressed in her favorite faux fur lined hoodie and a pair of light blue skinny jeans. Her blouse was a spaghetti strap shirt with strips of maroon to purple to black at the hem, and her beaten to death tennis shoes were always a welcome sight. Her hair was auburn, let down but curling naturally at the ends. Her eyes had the tiniest bit of eye shadow, with a few dashes of glitter on her temples and the corner of her eyes, and her cheeks barely had any blush. Conner was perfectly fine wit that amount of makeup. He had never liked plastic looking women who wore far too much. They sat down on the bench and talked as normally as they could manage. Neither wanted to betray their secret to the other. First an hour passed, then an hour and a half, and Conner finally pitched the truth.

“I don’t think anyone else is coming.” He looked over at Maia and found himself looking straight into her eyes. She instantly swung her head around in an attempt to stop staring and she stammered her reply.

“You’re probably right… So what do you want to do?” Her hand went to brush her auburn hair back behind her ear, a gesture that Conner used to think of as annoyance. He reached out…

Mom and Daddy aren’t home yet… if he wanted to we could always… no; I can’t let this stupid crush…

Conner pulled out of her mind and thought it over for a second. While he wanted to know her thoughts he didn’t want to seem overly intrusive into her mind. It was her brain, not his. He smiled and made a quick decision, knowing the outcome before he asked the question.

“You wanna hang out at your place?”

The walk to Maia’s apartment was not far from the park. Conner found the entire stretch enjoyable, mostly due to Maia’s nervous banter. She had a tendency to become overly flirtatious when nervous and had a great sense of humor to do it with. They laughed and she stayed close to him the entire way despite her aversion to the idea. Conner found, as they walked, that the only reason she was trying to stop crushing on him was the belief that he had friend-zoned her. He nearly laughed out loud at the discovery of her ideas. Maia was model material and every one of her friends knew it. For some reason she preferred hanging with the outcasts in school and liked to dye her hair different colors. Conner was one of the three people in the world who knew that her natural color was the auburn she now wore. And how she wore it!

Finally they arrived at the luxury apartment complex where Maia made her home. After three flights of steps and dodging several maid carts they arrived at the apartment. She inserted her key and they went inside. They each took off their shoes at the door. Conner had been in her home before but he had to gape every time at how much could be put into an ‘apartment’. The luxury living spaces were more along the lines of condos. The living room was quite large and came standard with a plasma screen television. The couch was soft and long and the dual armchairs flanking the couch were top grade leather recliners. The kitchen was half the size of the living room and wasn’t small at all. Sadly Conner had never ventured farther into the house than the bathrooms and couldn’t speak on the subject of Maia’s bedroom. In her presence and the privacy of the house Conner felt his dick begin to swell in his jeans as she took off her coat and put it on one of the hooks his vision dipping down to her swaying ass for a minute. He nearly fainted as she spun around, clasping her hands just in front of her crotch, and smiled.

“So… what do you want to do?” Anyone could have told she was apprehensive to having him in her house. For Conner it was expected.

“You wanna watch a movie? Or go swimming? I’m up for just about anything.” Conner let her take control of the situation. He wondered how that made her feel and decided that he actually wanted to know.

Well, up for anything huh? Lets just go swimming then. I wonder what he’s thinking right now, smiling like that? Maybe he’s imagining me…

Conner pulled himself out of her mind and smiled a little bigger. The Ability gave him so much leeway and advantage! He wondered just what he could actually do with it.

“Why don’t we go swimming? I’ll grab my suit… Oh, and yours is in my room with the rest of them. Come on, I’ll show you.” Conner stood there for a second as she walked off. For some reason he felt strange… he hadn’t read that from her mind and he knew that he should have. This changed the situation, the idea of going into her bedroom and giving him his best opportunity that wasn’t public… still it meant he would have to actually control her.

Unless… Conner’s thoughts were interrupted as Maia poked her head around the corner.

“You coming, or are you afraid to enter a girl’s bedroom?” She smiled that innocently wicked smile again and He was forced to follow her smiling. She reached around the corner and grabbed his hand, dragging him into the hall. As she pulled him along he pushed back into her mind…

Fuck, I can’t believe I’m actually taking him into my bedroom! How could he have agreed to this? I hope he… Conner forcefully interjected into her thought process. He knew it was unethical but he didn’t want to force her and at the same time he wanted her. He cut in with his own query where she would have said the opposite, simply wondering the response. I hope he makes a move… Where did that come from? She looked back at him for a minute in the dim hallway and he could tell by her thought that she was biting her lip. I guess if he wanted it as bad as I do… But there’s no way he would do that. He sees me as a friend…

Conner backed out. He knew he had just sealed the deal and received for his efforts Maia Goltano’s virginity, if she was a virgin. If she wasn’t, who cared? It wasn’t his business who she slept with until they were dating. Until… that word echoed for a moment as she pulled him into her room. Conner laughed as he saw it. The walls were pink with baby birds and bunnies and so many other girlie things that Conner had to laugh. Her bed sat in the corner with purple sheets and blue comforter, closet stood open and full of hanging clothes, though there were quite a few things on the floor. She wasn’t the cleanest person ever. Maia looked at him accusingly as he laughed.

“What’s wrong with my room?”

“There’s (hahahaah!) Bunnies… and hahah!... birdies… and there’s little angels everywhere! Hahahahaaaah!” Conner cradled his stomach and tried to back off as Maia came after him with a few playful slaps.

“This is the room I was raised in! My father painted this room himself, you ass!” She ended laughing with him after a look around the room. After Conner calmed his laughter down she turned her back on him and crossed her arms in mock anger. He calmed himself down even more, desperate to be back on her good side.

“Hey, Mai, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself!” He smiled and moved in close, pinching at her side just between her hip and her ribs. It had always been her tickle spot and now she jumped and spun about, smacking him again before pouting again.

“You hurt my feelings. You can be such an ass!” Conner nodded.

“But I’m an ass you’re best friends with…remember? Aw come on you know I was joking. Please forgive me and my remarks about the baby angels?” Conner held out his arms in hopes for a hug. She giggled at his apology and gave him one. For that single moment, the hug went on for a long time. Each was wondering the same thing, at the same time enjoying just holding the other. Conner inhaled deeply, as silently as possible. She smelled so like flowers, like lilac. Her skin was so soft and her warmth was pleasantly arousing. He found the combination utterly intoxicating, so to the point that he didn’t want to let go of her. They broke the long hug somewhat slowly, each wondering if they had gone to far. Conner watched for the gesture he wanted. As Maia brushed her hair from her eyes and behind her left ear, Conner leaned in and kissed her. At first her reaction to was gasp, creating an awkward moment for both of them. After her gasp she accepted, kissing him back sensuously. Conner pushed into her mind… and found nothing, only a mix of emotion, feelings that he himself felt, only slightly less. Her mind was as focused on the kiss as his was. He pulled back and opened his eyes, looking at her with an expression he hoped was care and lust. As she opened her eyes and looked at him she smiled, only a little smile but a smile.

“I never thought you would try and make a move on me…” Conner heard the whisper and instantly his mind went to a list of cheesy catch phrases. He rejected all of them and decided to wing it. He didn’t dare enter her mind and try to formulate the perfect response. He wanted this to be intimate, something that was both of them more than just his making her fall for him.

“Well, it’s kind of hard when you’re making a move on the girl of your dreams…” She gaped for a minute, her jaw hanging barely slack as she tried to continue smiling. Then she laughed, and Conner smiled. She kissed him again, this time her hands wrapping tighter around his neck. He took the chance of wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her tightly against him and kissing her a little bit more urgently. She responded with twice the amount he had expected, pushing at his lips with her tongue. He welcomed it gladly. Conner suddenly lost the entirety of his mental calm, the realization that everything was happening at the speed of everyday sending him into shock. He kissed Maia harder and calmed, letting the void of thought quiet his rushing mind. He moved his hands around on her waist, pushing up into her shirt and brushing the hem of her underwear as he rubbed the small of her back. Finally he got tired of the shirt and pulled it up over her head, resuming the kiss quickly. He planted one hand on the middle of her back and other firmly on her ass to massage and grab at her tight, seductive rear. She moaned and pulled on the back of his neck. Her legs were placed on either side of his right leg and now Conner felt the heat of her crotch as she pressed her body to his. His cock was hardening fast, and he could feel some pain in the containment of his member. He ignored it and paid attention as she pulled away form his lips.

Maia was panting hard, as was Conner. His hands were still around her waist, her arms around his neck still holding tightly and her groin was pressed hard to his leg. Conner decided to go a bit further. Kissing her lips once and then pulling away he caused her to squeal with annoyance at his teasing action. Then she felt him kiss her cheek, nibbling her earlobe and moving down to her neck. Maia moaned, moving one of her hands down to the front of his jeans as he kissed his way down to her chest. Conner didn’t give her the chance to touch his rapidly growing cock. He rushed his hands down and grabbed Maia’s ass, picking her up and kissing her roughly once more as he walked her over to the bed. She squealed with laughter and wrapped her hands around his neck again. Her legs bound themselves around his waist and pressed her crotch to his, feeling the growing bulge as Conner laid her down on the bed, kissing her hard and pushing them both fully onto the queen size mattress.

Conner kissed his way down to her chest toward her bra as she tried to get her breath back from the kiss. He kissed the soft flesh just above the fabric, following the arch that it made across her chest. She gasped and shivered under his kisses, tightening the hold her legs had on his waist. He stopped for a moment and removed his own shirt before sliding his hand up her back and unclasping her bra. Maia took advantage of his taking off his shirt to remove the bra herself and throw it off toward the door. Conner kissed her, feeling the brush of her skin against his own and getting even more excited. He broke away from her and kissed at her breasts, sucking on each nipple and nibbling slightly on the tip. Maia groaned and shivered under the attention to her areolas. When he kissed her lips again she flipped them over, unwrapping her legs from his waist and smiling down at his surprised face. She slid down to his belt, undoing it as quickly as she could and throwing back in the same direction she had thrown her bra. Conner let her pull on his jeans as he pushed into her mind to find only a swirling chaos of emotions, the foremost being lust and pleasure. Maia yanked off Conner’s jeans quickly, leaving both of them surprised at the large bulge in his boxers. Maia lucked at him almost hungrily. Finally she released his cock from his boxers and let her jaw hang slack at the thick, nine-inch monster standing proudly in front of her. Conner was surprised himself at the girth and length of his cock. In the corner of his eye he thought he saw the Stranger chuckling at him, only to find that he wasn’t there when Conner turned his head. Or had he been?

Conner was distracted by hand encircling his cock and groaned. Looking down he saw Maia reach out her tongue and lick her way up from base to head and stop on the sensitive point just above his urethra. Conner let his head fall back onto the bed as his hips rose to meet her tongue and lips with joy. He felt her lips encircle the head of his cock and suck hard, bringing another spasmodic hip thrust to meet her attention. She smiled and slid her lips down his cock, feeling the girth fill her mouth fully. She was surprised when the head touched the back of her mouth. She retreated and repeated the process. Conner groaned with every motion, the feeling of her mouth and lips and tongue on his cock all pleasuring him at once. After a few times up and down Maia let Conner’s cock push against the back of her throat. Conner looked down at her in surprise as she gagged and kept going down, pushing until she had taken eight inches of his cock into her mouth and stopping to breath. She pulled off of him quickly and sucked in a breath, wiping away a drop of spittle that threatened to fall off of her chin. She smiled devilishly down at him and sucked the head once more before climbing up his body and kissing him passionately. He rolled the two of them over as she had done just a few minutes before and slid down to unbutton her pants and pull down both her jeans and underwear, leaving him gazing at her unobstructed vagina. Conner had watched porn before, had even seen a girl naked before, but this sense of control over Maia and her cunt made him even harder than he had already been. He kissed the small patch of peach fuzz over her lips before sliding up and kissing her slowly.

Maia could feel the heat as his wet cock rubbed against the lips of her pussy. As they kissed she rubbed her labia on his cock, smearing her juices along the huge length. When he pulled away from her mouth he grabbed his cock and pressed the head to the aroused lips of Maia’s pussy, looking at her as he pushed slightly inside. She moaned loudly and rushed her hand down to her clitoris as he stretched her pussy slowly. She felt his cock push into her further and her hands frantically grabbed the sheets and comforter to grab. Conner gasped as he pushed, feeling the tight muscles of her cunt squeeze at his cock and feeling the flesh of her hymen in front of him. He looked at her, grabbing the blanket in pain and pushed into her mind with a desperate prayer that he wasn’t hurting her. He found pain flashing through her mind beside pleasure, lust, desire, and even happiness. Somewhat Consoled Conner kissed her neck and pushed through her hymen. Maia screamed as he tore her virginity, tears falling from her eyelashes onto her cheeks and then down to her heaving chest. Conner’s kiss was there, occupying her attention as she hugged him. Conner bit back a yell as her nails clawed at the flesh of his back. He pushed harder, his lust taking over as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Maia’s newly opened tunnel. She yelped with every thrust, tears still flowing as he fucked her. Conner stayed with her emotionally crazed mind, knowing that he had to stop if she needed him to. However Maia’s thoughts were desperate for a break, and his mind was no longer in control of his cock. They both gasped when Conner’s hips touched hers and her legs wrapped around his waist. Conner kissed Maia and stopped moving inside of her, waiting for her to adjust. After a few minutes she stopped whimpering and groaned at the feeling of Conner’s cock inside of her. They kissed as they sat there together, Conner hoping that he hadn’t hurt Maia and Maia wishing that they could finish what they had started together.

Finally Maia rocked her hips and felt pleasure in her groin. When Conner felt her begin to breath harder and rock against his cock He pulled out slowly, excited by Maia’s yelp at his retraction. He grinned as she looked at him with need burning in her eyes. He pushed in with a grunt and felt something along the lines of a fleshy, bulbous wall. Conner thought nothing of it and pulled out, thrusting against it again. Maia groaned and fingered her clit as Conner resumed fucking her. She moaned and writhed against him. Conner lost control of himself as he pushed into her cunt and touched her cervix. She cried out in pure pleasure, as Conner loved her with wild, lustful abandon. Conner nearly fainted when Maia came and her tight pussy became a vise around his cock, her labia flushing deep red and squirting lightly over his balls. Conner watched Maia writhe beneath his fucking, placing his thumb on her clitoris as she screamed in pleasure. He pushed against her convulsing muscles and touched the end of her tunnel again, feeling the familiar burn and pleasure of his own orgasm. He grunted and told Maia though in her orgasm induced state she barely heard him. Conner pushed into her mind and firmly planted his feet as he kept thrusting, alerting every aspect of her awake mind that he was about to inseminate her virgin pussy. The response was a welcoming that he had wanted but knew to be wrong. Conner grunted and fucked Maia harder, trying desperately to stop himself. Finally he groaned and came, sending sperm shooting directly into her cervix as he tried to regain his breath. He pulled out of her and tried to stop his legs from shaking, trying to regain control of himself. Finally he stopped shaking and picked up Maia, placing her under her covers and crawling into her bed beside her, kissing her and holding her close. Maia purred and slowly fell asleep, Conner falling just after her.

Just some comments directly to whoever might be reading this. First of all, Divine Justice is a story i wrote a while back and have decided to rewrite with some better writing styles that I've picked up combined with more details. I plan on continuing the stories into the three gifts and the the three mortals don't worry, but i cannot provide a timed schedule.
Now, for all female readers, please tell me how I did regarding Maia's thoughts. I really am a man and don't fully understand(though i don't think there's any male who does) the thought processes and physical attractions of women. Please comment or PM me on the subject of her thoughts and the realism of them.


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I liked it. Felt short. But enjoyed it.

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2014-05-13 12:17:07
I liked it. Felt short. But enjoyed it.

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2013-06-03 05:02:13
What an amazing story man keep it up

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