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There's so many guys in my high school I'd like to go at it with. But none take my cake like head of the drum line and all-round hottie, Seth. And, well, wet dreams can come true ....
"Seth, oh Seth. Fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Please-"

I woke up with a start. I was sweating profusely and was rock-hard. I looked down at my shirtless body. I had cum soaked through my boxers surrounded by a tee-pee that stuck out, made by my twitching dick. It stuck up a full 5 1/2" from my body. Surrounding it, a nice bush of pubes and two even sized balls dangling below it, with little hair on them.

It was only a dream. A dream I will remember for ever. Seth, had walked into my room, and had his way with me. He had forcefully made me lick him up and down, stuff me into his pubes and shove his full ten inch dick into my mouth, making me stuff it down my throat. I licked every inch of his long, beautiful shaft and wrapped my tongue around his dark pink head. He did not cum in my mouth, because he told me he wanted my ass. I smiled and turned over and stuck my tight virgin hole out. Even before his dick even touched my hole, I screamed,

"Seth, oh Seth. Fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Please-"

But the sound of my alarm clock's beeps then woke me up with a start. I was so close to having Seth fuck me raw.

Seth. Oh Seth. Drumline captain on our school's marching band, most outgoing senior, and all 'round sexy. He had light brown, bushy, short hair on his head, a smile face with a smile with a smirk that made me go weak at the knees. He was fairly built and fairly strong with a distinct six-pack and tough pecs right above it. I had recently developed sexual feelings for him. Before, I had just seen him as a very talented drummer, but then, I had soon looked at him in a different light. He had smirked at his friend and looked over at me. I turned to make eye-contact with him for about two seconds until he looked away. I melted. I had almost gone dizzy wishing he came over to me and took full control of my body. That night I got home from marching band practice, and jacked to him. I had never came so hard in my life. I was hard for hours after I came to him. That night I slept well, dreaming of Seth's smirk that he gave me, while I stared at him looming only about 1 inch higher than me. I had woken up the next morning whispering,

"Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth...."

But this all happened during the marching band season, and now it was the first day of spring break. I had looked down at my wet crotch area. I knew I had to clean it off before my cum caked on my bush. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. I tore my boxers off and up jumped my still rock-hard dick. I turned on the water and waited for the water to get warm while I cleaned off the cum with toilet paper. I looked at myself in the mirror. I guess I was satisfied …? I mean, I think my brown wavy hair, high cheekbones, and rather tan skin with blue eyes looked nice. I had muscles and a six pack too, but I was really skinny. I stood at a nice 6’ but I had a pretty tiny cock. Meh, it’ll grow.

The water soon got warm and I jumped in. Soon my pubes were clean and I finished my shower. I toweled off and went into my living room. My parents gone to work, it being a Monday, and I was home alone all day. Nothing to do. I did not set my alarm clock to not wake me up last nigh, so I was up and awake at 6:00 am. The most interesting thing on TV this early in the morning was either infomercials or the morning news. I decided on none of them so I turned off the television and lied down on the couch. I stared at the ceiling with my dream still crowding my mind. I moaned at the lust for Seth. I wanted him, I needed him, inside of me. I couldn't stand it. The fact that I considered myself gay and I knew he was straight, was killing me inside. I am glad that I am still in the closet, or I wouldn't have a sliver of hope for Seth. I never had been fucked, even though I wanted to, but the closest gay thing I have ever done was compare dicks with my cousin and jack right next to each other. I loved every minute of that, but that was all that happened that day...

I wanted Seth out of my head now! There was no way for me to do that here, so I decided to go for a walk. I got up, threw some sweats on and went out the door.

I was then greeted by a cold chill of the cool March morning. It made its way through my sweats, and to my body, making me shiver. I exhaled and a long rope of steam extended out from my mouth. I thought to myself, 'Its the beginning of March and I can see my breath...' But really it wasn’t that much of a surprise. The past year, in November, I wore short sleeves and flip-flops for Thanksgiving, and I was outside all day.

Anyway, I got my shoes on and started walking down to the creek near my house. I had to cut across my neighbors lawn to do so, but soon I was in a very wooded area. A creek ran through from up the street to drain into a river downtown. My favorite part was the valley it cut through that had a ranch with a few horses. It was simply beautiful. I was walking down the hill to the creek when I spotted someone near the creek side. They were just sitting there pondering on a rock and looking at the creek. Who the hell is up at this time of the day!? They had their face burring into their hands so I could not see their face, but they wearing something that I recognized immediately. The vibrant purple and gold colors where hard to miss anyway. It was my school's varsity jacket. I got closer to see what it was for, without making any noise.

I got closer and closer to read what was on the back.

'Drumline Captain'.

I froze. It was Seth. I could soo tell by his hair. I now stood about ten feet away from him and he looked like he did not want to be messed with. I could only imagine his muscles that I saw during bad camp when he took off his shirt when it got really hot. I can still hear the girls giggling when they saw his muscles. I did too, on the inside, of course, but it was hard to hide my boner while marching. But now I was scared that he might hurt me if I messed with him, so I slowly backed away, so he couldn’t hear me and know I was here. I was a few steps away from safety, but I was lost in thought. Why was he here? Did he live near and I never knew? Why did he look sad? And also how much I wanted him

Even thought I was mere feet from hiding, I stepped on a small twig that made a faint crack, but I was so afraid that Seth would see me that it sounded like a grenade exploding. I looked down at the broken twig then back up at Seth. He was now looking up from his hands, but then turned to look over at me. We made eye contact and I melted. I was staring into his deep brown eyes, ones that I was soon lost in.

Seth just stared back at me. Confused and little aggravated. I bit my lip hoping that he did not think badly of me. He got up and looked over at me.

"Devin?" He asked. His voice had a very nice deep tone to it and it wooed me. I could only nod at the question. "What the hell are you doing here?" He spat.

I tired to answer, but all the words were stuck in my throat. I couldn't help it, I was too mesmerized by perfect by his perfection. From the bushy hair on his head too his, deep, deep brown eyes. I also noticed that underneath his varsity jacket he had a shirt that was black and one size too small for him. His nipples were noticeable because of the cold march air and were ever so sexy! He had baggy jeans on so I could not see his bulge but I knew it was something big down there. I just knew it.

"Did you hear what I just said?!" He said with much hostility and his voice. I then grew really scared because I knew those muscles had a lot of power behind them, and so did Seth. I remember seeing him show of his karate skills at camp.

Once again the words are stuck in my throat. I really did try to utter what I was trying to say, but I could not. I was too mesmerized by his perfection and overcome with fear at the same time.

With all the emotions and thoughts rushing through my head, I did not realize that Seth had made his way over to me. Once I snapped back to reality, he was then standing a foot away from me. I could then see his features in much more detail. He had bags under his eyes as if he had not gotten any sleep last night. I could also see some hair that he had grown on his chin. I could barley make it out because it blended so well with his skin.

"Are you going to fucking answer?" he spat, with hostility in his voice. I finally grew a pair and answered him.

"I live just up the hill … what are you doing here?" I answered, almost stuttering.

"That's none of your fucking business. I asked you what you were doing here. No fucking reason for you ask me what I'm doing here, bitch!" He spat once again, venom dripping from his mouth. My blood ran freezing cold and I began to back away, telling him that I would no longer bother him. He seemed to understand that I was doing that. With daggers coming from his eyes coming straight towards me, he turned around, attitude written all over his face. However, something came over me. Something that, to this day, I have no idea what compelled me to say it, but I did….

"What the hell is your problem?"

He stopped dead in his tracks on the path that led into the woods. He then slowly begin to turn around. The expression on his face was much worse and much more hostile than when he first turned around. At that point I was legitimately scared. Maybe it was my total loss for him, or maybe it was the fact that I was just feeling daring.

"What did you just fucking say?" He hissed with the familiar venom dripping from his mouth. For some odd reason, that did not hinder my daringness.

"You fucking heard what I said!"

Then he looked away. He looked away and then a smile came onto his face. After that, he slowly started to pace towards me and that time I did not lose my confidence.

"So…" He said almost playfully. "Little faggot freshman thinks he's tough?"

"I'm not a fucking fag!"

"Yes you are," he chuckled "all freshmen are faggots!"

"Well, I'm not a fucking fag! Fuck, I probably been laid more times than you ever will!" I yelled at him. By now, and with his slow pacing, he had made his way over to me and now stood a foot away from me.

The next thing I know, I go from Seth's ever so beautiful face to an instant pain interrupting from my cheek. After that, I'm on the soft grass but all the wind has just been knocked out of me. I lay there gasping and choking for breath. Even before that could happen, I felt another blow erupt from my stomach. Seth had just kicked me.

I girt my stomach with my arms as I'm turning over on my side. I moan from the pain and shut my eyes tightly to try and get my mind off of it. I once again and left trying to gasp for air, but after a few seconds I already feel like I'm about to pass out. However, I calmed myself down and take a deep breath.

Once I opened my eyes, I'm met with a beautiful face once again. Seth was now standing over me. He looked just as mad as he did before he looked like he wasn't done hurting me. Little did I know, that he wouldn't hurt me, but give me the best pleasure I ever had.

"Get the fuck up!" I couldn't get up. I was in too much pain. "Get. The. Fuck. Up!"

"I…" I let a cough. "can't…."

Seth let out a heavy sigh. "Oh my fucking God!" He hissed out. Suddenly, I was plucked off the ground by my collar. The next thing I know, I'm shoved up against a tree. A new wave of pain resounded through me like a timpani and a very attractive musky scent came over me. Then, a strong hand wrapped itself around my neck very tightly. "Listen here, you little fucking piece of shit…" Seth hissed into my ear "I've been waiting here all night. My girlfriend told me to wait here and she'd give me the best fucking time of my fucking life. We've been on the rocks for the past six months. I never lost hope. I waited and waited and waited and waited but fucking nothing! Nothing! I haven't busted a nut in a year! I came here last night and waited all night, not getting any sleep, for that bitch." I felt myself going blue from the lack of air. I could even feel my eyes roll into the back of my head, but he kept talking. "Next thing I know, I get a text that says she's over me and found someone else. I have a condom in my pocket and I need to bust today. Who else do you see around here that help me do that? That's right, no one, you faggot."

Finally, he let go of me and I dropped to the ground. I started to cough and gasp as sweet, fresh air entered my lungs. After about a minute, I looked up at him. He still has a very hostile look in his eyes, but this time the hostility was also matched with look of sexual hunger. I know we just talked about me with his girlfriend, whom he broke up with, but he didn't have the look earlier. Through the coffee and the gasping, I was able to utter out,

"What…?" Seth only then groaned and rolled his eyes at me.

"Wow…" He groaned at me. "you are the stupidest freshmen I have ever met! You are such a stupid faggot."

I started to recollect what he said will he was choking me. I couldn't remember much because I was to focused on the pain at the time.

I couldn't believe my ears! But, I wasn't exactly clear on what he was saying. Did he vaguely tell me that he was gonna fuck my brains out? I hope so….

Well, one thing was for sure… He touched me!

After that, I picked up and was slung over his shoulder. He then gripped me, with his arm around my waist, tightly against him. He started to walk away, away from the path and deeper into the woods where no one could find us. On the way the entire time, I kept asking what the hell he was going to do to me. I needed to act straight, because if he knew that I was gay he would tell everyone in my school. In addition to asking him what he was going to do to me, I also kept squirming trying to get out of his grip. He was much too strong.

"Stop fucking moving!" He yelled. I did not obey. I kept moving to my heart's content. Then I could tell he got very annoyed with me and finally dropped me hard on the ground.

"What the fuck are you gonna do to me?!" I yelled, ushering up the best frightened voice I could.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out."

Finally. But I didn't want to let him believe that.


"Just shut up and suck my cock." He then began to undo his belt. I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped zipper to reveal his plaid boxers. As he did that my heart begin to beat against my chest at a quickening pace. I became rock hard in a second under my pants, and ecstasy filled my body like a raging river. I was so come with sexual tension that I decided not to stick with my "staying straight" game. I just decided to stay silent and take was coming to me.

I do not expect what I saw.

Once Seth dropped his boxers, I finally saw what I want for the longest time, plus much more. Dangling from his pelvis, and surrounded by pubes the same colors as his hair, Seth had what looked like a 7 inch flaccid uncut cock from where I was. Right then, I felt another wave of ecstasy resound through me like a timpani. I almost fainted because of how intense it was.

"Come on," he said, "you know you want to suck it."

I did. I wanted more than anything to suck his cock. I slowly inched forward and got up on my knees. I got closer and closer to his cock and my heart beat faster and faster.

“Come on, damn it!” He urged. I nodded to him and leaned in more. I touched the base with my palm and a shock of pure electric ecstasy resounded through me. I lifted it up and it was much heavier than I expected. It now looked about 7 and a half inches in length and one in girth. I would make sure that would change soon. I then look a look around. The underside had more veins and the shaft looked to be slowly hardening. The tip was a nice tan color skin and it was a soft as a baby’s bottom. Then I lifted it higher and saw his balls. They too were soft and dangled about two inches from the base of his cock. Not too much hair was on them, but certainly enough to turn me on. The head of his cock was covered by skin but I could see his piss hole and it looked oh-so-blowable. “God damn it! Come on you faggot, I know you love to suck cock! Do it already!” He roared, so much that it echoed. I knew no one could hear it, though.

I happily obliged. I opened my mouth and took it all in or all that I could. I only took about half of it before it hit my gag reflex. Instantly, I felt his flesh harden in my mouth. I took it again and it got even harder and thicker. Soon, I could only take his head and an inch in because of his girth, now what felt like a whole two inches thick.

“Awwww, yeah. Fuck yeah!” He moaned in sheer pleasure. I felt that way too. My heart was beating so hard I could hear it. My head was reeling and I was trying my hardest not to fall over.

I then started to pull what I learned from all the gay porn I spent watching since I turned.

“Aw, shit! Damn, fag, you suck cock like no girl I’ve ever been with.”

I smiled into his cock just a little so he didn't notice, but inside, I was bursting with joy. My first maneuver was flicking my tongue against what was exposed of his head. He let out a moan. After that, I rested the tip of my tongue against his head and pushed into his piss hole, moving around. He let out a louder moan. Next, I pulled the skin back on the shaft to reveal his bulbous, pink head. I placed my tongue on that and pulled the skin back over my tongue. He let out a very loud moan and it didn't stop as I kept moving around the head.

"O-o-o-o ... Ah, shit. You're fucking good at this, faggot." He moaned. I moaned back into his dick making it vibrate, making him once again, moan. He then grabbed the back of my head and thrust me into his cock. I felt it hit the back of my throat and made me gag, but that didn't stop him. He kept shoving it down my throat, making me gag every time. I let out a 'guck' every time he did that. Along with that, I wrapped my tongue around his thick and throbbing shaft with every thrust. I savored the warmth and softness of his shaft, feeling the one thick vein along the top and running up and down that.

Soon he stopped thrusting my head into his cock, but he instead let me blow on my own power along with him thrusting his hips into me. I grabbed the base of his cock, feeling his pubes against my hand, and downed as much as I could down my throat. I made sure to hit his most sensitive parts. I felt his entire shaft and head throb in unison as I glided my tongue over his pink head, making it wet for later ... Hopefully.

"Oh, yeah, suck my cock, faggot!"

I happily obliged. I took the length I could down my throat once again, savoring it like honey. The thick glop of pre-cum he had oozing from his piss hole. I licked it off like honey, as it oozed down my tongue and throat. It tasted like I always dreamed it would be. It had a perfect salty tang, and no bitterness to it. The nectar from his balls tasted amazing. I was in pure euphoria.

Just as I thought I was in the final stretch to get him to cum. I thought I was gonna suck and swallow his sweet man-nectar. But, sadly, he pulled away. Then I saw his whole cock. It looked just like it did in my fantasies. 11 inches.

I looked up at him. He was panting very heavily, his chest inflating and deflating through his varsity jacket, and I can see his hard nipples.

"Shit. I'm so close, bitch. Take me to your place."

"My place?" I asked.

"Yes, bitch. Your place! As in where you fuckin' live! You got a place for me to fuck you hard?"

"Well, I gotta' jacuzzi in my basement ...." I then reach out to grab his dick and bring it back to my mouth he pulled away again.

"A jacuzzi?!" he exclaimed. "Holy shit! Get the fuck up and go." he yelled at me, grabbing his still hard dick and stuffing it back into his baggy jeans. "Get up!" He yelled again. I truthfully couldn't. I was still in a pure euphoric state of ecstasy because of all that just happened. I sucked Seth's cock. I mean, I've been wanting to do that for the longest time. Seeing it all. From his pubes to his balls to having his long shaft down my throat, it was all amazing.

"Oh my god, you stupid faggot, you don't fucking listen do you?!" He roared. Suddenly, I was grabbed once again and slung over his shoulder.

My ecstasy levels were high, but they lowered down to a level where I thought I should act straight again.

"Let me go!"

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled back. "I know you fucking want it, so shut up!"

"No I fucking don't!" I retorted. Seth just rolled his eyes.

After that, I didn't say much. We just went up the hill, through my neighbors yard, and into my backyard. "This where you live?" He asked. I nodded. He then opened  my back door and went inside. "Did you say the jacuzzi was in the basement?"

"I'm not going to fucking tell you!" I yelled at him. I needed to act straight, no matter how much I wanted not to.

"Oh my fuck! You shit, get up and go to the hot tub and take off all your clothes!"

"What the fuck?! No!"

Why am I even doing this? He just saw me suck his cock without objection, so why bother. Maybe get him mad and it'll be rough!

Seth just stayed silent. He glared at me with daggers in his eyes. I stayed confident though .... Hoping to get something in me ... hard.

Seth just started to pant heavily and looked around the kitchen. He lunged towards the counter and grabbed something off of it.

My heart dropped.

It was a butcher knife....

"What the fuck?!" I screamed.

"Get the fuck downstairs." He murmured menacingly. I decided then that he had had enough of my straight charade so I got up and started to shake, but I was forcing it all. Finally that one year of acting class paid off.

"O-okay ...." I stuttered and began to walk to the basement door. I opened it and went down the stairs. On about the third one down, I felt a sharp pain erupt from my back. I let out a yell, and looked back. Seth had only poked me with the knife and didn't even break skin, but I was just so in the moment that I overreacted.

"Hurry the fuck up!" He roared at the top of his lungs. He then waited about another second before he got frustrated again. "Fucking damnit!" He roared again. This time he dropped the knife and grabbed me again slinging me over his shoulder. I began to punch his back to get him even more mad. Every time I hit him, it was like hitting rock. He was that toned.

He soon found the jacuzzi in a private room. He then dropped me on the small floor space between the door and the jacuzzi. The tub itself was a 'L' shape and was about 8 feet from corner to corner and about three feet deep. Above, a vent that remained closed unless you open it and when closed trapped all the steam in. Right now it was closed ....

After Seth dropped me on the ground, he slammed the door behind him. Then, everything fell silent. The jacuzzi was not on so the jet's weren’t bubbling and the pipes in the wall were silent too.

Seth then looked down at me. I didn't feel any fear now ... just lust.

"Take off your clothes." Seth hissed silently, the familiar venom still at his lips.

I obeyed this time. I reached down and pulled my shirt over my head, revealing toned stomach and chest. Then I pulled both my pants and my boxers off. My hard on then jumped out. Seth let out a laugh.

"Ha! Knew it! Fag!" He chuckled, still menacingly. I swallowed hard and looked away to hide my blush. "Bitch, look up here. Watch me strip."


First he took off his varsity jacket. He was then left with his tight black shirt and baggy jeans. I cold no longer see his nips because of the warmth of the room. He then took off that shirt to revel the hot, hot, hot body he had underneath. His abs were in all their glory on is stomach and his pecs sat right above them in their majesty. My cock jumped up and got even harder than ever before.

There he stood ... My wet dream in reality, naked in front of me. My little teenage heart beat hard against my rib cage, my breathing was growing shallower and shallower by the second, and my cock cleaved for attention ... and my ass too.

Seth then slipped off his pants, shoes and socks along with his pants and boxers that were around his ankles. He was completely naked in front of me. “Tease me, and maybe I’ll fuck you.”

This is my chance! I went over, on my knees, to him and grabbed his dick. I slowly started to move the soft skin up and down on the shaft. It was so thick and hard in my hand it made me start to sweat just looking at it.

“Oh ….” Seth moaned. “Faster!” He then commanded. I started to wack him faster, watching as his skin went back and forth on the long shaft. “Oh! Fuck, that’s nice! Suck it!” Whatever you say, Seth.

The first thing I did was take as much as I could down my throat, making it nice and wet for later entry. After that, I pulled away and grabbed the middle of the shaft, holding it steady for when I started to flick his piss hole with my tongue. He moaned very loudly.

"Shit! Agh, Devon! That's sooo good!" I then made moan even louder by pulling back the skin on his shaft and licking all around the head. Fuck this is hot .... "Lick my balls, faggot." He hissed and the grabbed his cock and lifted it up. I stuck my tongue out and licked down the entire 11 inch shaft to his balls and took them both in my mouth. The skin was warm and loose and both fit right in my mouth. The little hair that was on there tickled my tongue as I ran it up and down each ball. Seth moaned even louder. They were warm like the rest of his skin. I let Seth’s ball slip from my mouth and I then went back to his cock. I then ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft from the base to the tip, feeling the blood coursing through the large vein. I licked up the huge glob of pre-cum oozing from the slit, savoring the sticky man-juice like it was honey. I then slowly ran my tongue around the hot underside of the head, then flicked it around the rim, finally taking it into my mouth. “Oh, fuck!” Seth gasped as my wet mouth enveloped his insanely hard cock. “Sh-h-h-h-it.” He moaned. “You’ve done this before haven’t you, you fucking slut?” I moaned into his cock with made his whole rod vibrate. And like a chain reaction, he let out a loud moan from the pure thrill. I looked up enough to see his eyes roll into the back of his head before he closed them. I smirked and then I gobbled on the succulent rod once again, taking only as much of it as I could handle while jacking the rest with my hand. Seth grabbed my head and I shoved me farther down on his cock, taking an inch more than the last time. I felt him pick up speed; sucking, jerking, sucking, jerking, with I ran my wet and hot tongue up and down the warm and soft skin of his hard shaft.

"Get in." Seth demanded. I obeyed. I got in the warm water as Seth went over, still hard with his rod swaying from one side to another, to the timer, and turned the jets on. The tub then came to life with bubbles and soapy water. The steam quickly started to rise as well as the temperature. As well as my heartbeat. "Bend over." he sighed, seemingly full of sexual tension. I did as I was told. I bent over with my hands on the other side of the tub, and stuck my ass straight at his face. I even arched my back down to really enunciate my asshole. I hope he likes it. I’ve been saving it just for him. Next thing I hear, made me feel so good about myself!

"Da-a-a-a-a-amn!" Seth exclaimed loudly. "Shit! This is tight! Goddamn!"

"Oh, you like that?!" I asked back.

"Shit yeah! We're gonna need a lot of lube."

"Well don't you have a condom?"

"Hell no! I wanted the full experience with Ashley and I still do now!"

"You have lube right?" I asked.

"Yeah." I heard him spit twice in his hand then he placed it on my tight ass hole. A wave of pure pleasure shot through my veins, and my cock started to pound. I felt my as cheeks and hole tense up and trap his hand. He pulled away but then grabbed both of my tense cheeks and prayed them apart. "Loosen up, bitch!" I tried but I just couldn't. I was overcome with sexual tension that I was not in control of my muscles.  Then Seth, with his perfect aim, spit  once more and hit my hole right spot on. It was like a warm splash of moisture hit me.

Then I heard Seth come in the water with me. "Ready or not, here comes my cock!" He chuckled evilly to himself. I didn't care. Seth was about to fuck me. I really didn't care at all!

"Please," I begged. "go slow."

"Shut up you little shit, I'll go as fast as I fucking want!"

Oh holy shit! This'll hurt like a bitch, but I'll love it.

I felt something rock-hard touch my hole and slow begin to push its way in. I felt myself tense up nearly every second, but Seth didn't care. He just kept pushing.

After a few seconds of pushing, his piss hole and the center of my ass lined up and with the help of his spit on my hole and mine on his shaft and head, the thick head opened up my splincher and entered into me.

"AHH!" I screamed out of pain and pleasure. I tensed up more than ever in that second, my hole tightening its grip on his cock.

"Shit! Fuck!" He yelled out. "Damn this is tight as fuck! Loosen up a little!" He then smacked my ass hard. For some reason, I did loosen up. I felt my arms and legs go limp and my ass get loose. I nearly fainted from the mind numbing pleasure I was experiencing, but I kept a good grip on the side of the tub.

Seth pulled out, but for only a second. My hole tried to regain its normal tightness, but

Seth shoved himself back in.

A rush of pain shot through me as Seth dug his dick deeper inside me than the first time. Pain erupted from my newly opened ass like a tsunami. "AHHHHH AHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Fuck! It's big!"

"Damn fucking straight it is!" He yelled back. He then forced in even more. Another inch or so. I screamed even louder. I could barely think through all the pain, but I did assume that he had a good three inches in me at least. Which really, isn't much, but considering I was an ultra-virgin and girth being two inches, it was a lot for me too take in.

Seth then pulled out again, and my hole closed once again. He He then pushed back in after a few seconds back to where it was. This time, since my ass was somewhat used his cock, I felt a little pleasure in the pain that followed his entry, but still I loved it ...  and I still screamed.

The next time he pulled away a few seconds later, he only pulled out to the point where the top of his head was still inside. He then trusted back in sending the familiar pain and growing pleasure.

"Fuck!" I yelped. "Shit! Fuck me hard!"

"What ever you say, bitch!" He replied with eagerness in his tone. He then thrusted back in, but a little further, increasing the pain and the pleasure.

By now, the sweat started to roll. I felt the first bead roll down while one of my screams down my temple. Then another with one of Seth's thrusts down my forehead. After that, the stream really got to me. My sweat began to pour as Seth trusted his giant cock deep inside me, inching further and further with each thrust. Soon my ass was very well used to his throbbing member and my screams of pain died down, but only for a few moments.

By then, Seth had worked his way in and spread my ass like butter and happily making me his bitch.  

After what seemed like an hour of getting rid of the pain, it finally subsided. Soon surges of pure ecstasy were tearing through my veins like lighting. I then began to yell out for more as well as harder.

"Seth! Oh, Seth! F-U-U-UCK ME!" I screamed loudly. Seth didn't respond but he did increase his speed drastically. I could tell by the rate I felt his pubes his my ass.   

My cock was pounding hard with every one of Seth's thrusts. I swear, I was about to bust my nuts right there. But ... Seth pulled out.

I stood up from my bent over state and looked back at him. I felt fire erupt from my ass from his pounding.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Seth looked back at me and stepped out of the jaccuzi totally. He smirked at me.

"Do you think I've been fucking you with my whole cock?" He asked. I nodded and he just laughed. "Ha! Nope! Hell, not even close!"

"But I felt your pubes against me."

"Yeah, but I barely moved. The spit dried up. Now, it's time for the real fun!"

"How?" I asked. He just smirked at me. The same smirk I fell in love with.

Seth reached down to his pants and pulled out a small bottle. It looked like a lube bottle to me. He popped it open and squirted some in his hands rubbing it around his palms the applying the clear liquid to his shaft. Once it was all nice and lubed, he motioned me over. "C'mere." He said. I did and he opened my ass cheeks, lubing up my hole too. His hands were gentle as they glided gently over me. Goosebumps appeared on my skin from the coolness of the lube and the feeling of Seth’s hand’s gliding over my ass.

After that, Seth stepped back in the bubbling water.  I was about to bend back over when I felt his strong hand on my shoulder. He kept me from going down. Then he also wrapped his other arm around my chest. I felt the familiar poking of his head at my hole. I stuck my ass out further to know I granted him entry.  He quickly stuffed his entire cock inside me with pure ease. I got nothing but pleasure.

"AHHH! Oh! Yes, Seth!" I yelled.

"Told you it'd be fun!" He whispered into my ear.  Dear lord it is! I could every inch of his gigantic cock inside me poking at my prostate making me crazy with pleasure, tearing my mind apart with ecstasy and making me fucking loco.

"Harder!" I called back. I couldn't see his face, but I knew he smiled. Before he took off, I felt something hard on my shoulder blade. I looked to see Seth put his chin on me. I could see him in so much more detail now. He too was sweating profusely.

Suddenly, I felt another blow of pleasure erupt from my bowels. He thrust in me again. Whoa, when the hell did he pull out?

"Oh, god! That feels so good!" I yelled out. I felt Seth chuckle against me.

"You ready for this?" He asked. I nodded.

"Give me all!"

I knew he smiled again. He removed the hand that he had around my chest and with his other one, gripped me hips.

What happened next, I will never forget.

It sounded like clapping. He took off so quickly that it sounded like clapping. I never felt so much pleasure, happiness, or pure erotic energy before in my life. From the steam that was rising up, and the smell of the large glob of pre-cum on my hard head, to the pure invasion of my ass. I was even knocked speechless for a moment when he took off. I just dipped my head against his built shoulder, opened my eyes widely, and kept my mouth gapping open. Seth kept going faster and faster, pumping his meat in and out of my tight little ass, fucking my sweet little hole like a rabbit. It felt so good having something big stretching my ass, filling me like I had fantasized. “Oh fuck me, Seth! Fuck my ass hard” He responded by sliding his cock out once more and shoving it back in, pulling out and shoving it back in again, fucking my tight ass so hard that I was moaning with every thrust as his hips smacked against my ass cheeks. “Ungh. A-a-a-a-a-a-a-h fuck y-e-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s” I moaned as his big dick pumped into my little hole. In, out, in, out like a piston savagely fucking my ass. He began jacking off my dick as he continued to fuck my ass, making me lose control. I never wanted this to end, all I knew was something hot and wet was fucking my ass like never before and I loved every minute of it.

His hands pulled my hips back towards his cock, letting his big member slide back into me, making everything feel good again. I moaned softly as it got deep inside me again. He pushed further inside me from this new position, penetrating my ass so deeply I could do nothing but groan in ecstasy. Once again he started sliding in and out of me, letting his hips slap against my cheeks as his rock hard dick fucked me. I gasped and moaned with every pound of his hips, my dick being so hard knowing I was being fucked in the ass by a big meaty dick. His big cock slid in and out of my tight ass, letting my slippery hole stretch around it. His hands grabbed tightly onto my hips as he savagely pulled them into his, roughly pounding my ass like a machine. "Yeah, bitch, take that huge cock!" He yelled then smacked my ass making a stinging sensation go off. More pleasure erupted from my ass. Shit, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. "You like that, bitch? You like that cock, you whore?" I mustered up all the energy in my body, to yell,


"Ha, you better." He replied. "Oh, damn!"

"Tight?!" I asked back, not able to control my voice.

"Well, that and look at you. You're hard as a rock! You poor thing!"

Seth then grabbed my cock and furiously started to jack it. Even more pleasure to my plethora of sex.

This went on only for a few more minutes, minus the few times Seth had to stop to

readjust us, but he kept jacking me. Hmm....

The shock of his quickness subsided and I soon resumed my screaming.

"Ah! Yes Seth, oh Seth. Fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Please fuck me like your bitch! Fuck that tight ass with that huge cock! It's all yours, destroy it! Destroy it like all the pussy you destroy! I’m so close to cumming! Ahh!" I screamed. Suddenly he stopped. I thought he was just readjusting himself again, but this time he also stopped jacking me.

I was then abruptly spun around and picked up. He picked me up by my thighs that he could fuck me saddling him. I knew why he did that.

He sent his dick back in me as I wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck.

"Fuck you." I said. He gave me a grave look but then he chuckled.

"Hey," he said and tightened his grip on my ass cheeks, "I'm the one fucking you!" He then swung his arm around and smacked my ass really hard.

"Ah! Shit!" I gasped.

"Yeah,  that'll leave a mark!"

"Yeah but ...." I said, looking down at my hard-on.

"Oh! Well, that you'll have to take care of on your own babe."

Babe? Hmm ....

"Shit, but I'm so close. I bet if you stuff me like a thanksgiving turkey I'll be able to do it hands free!"

"That be interesting to see." He said. I chuckled.

Then we were back into our fucking groove. I was soon going up and down on his cock like a madmen, and screaming like a rampant whore.

"Ahh! Oh, Seth! Harder! I wanna cum!"

"If you say so!"

He then went on full blast, the violent slapping of out flesh together sounded like thunderous applause, and now that I was able to see Seth, it enhanced the whole experience. I first saw his bulky arms get bigger as they gripped me. My heart was beat at the rate on a thousand miles per second, sending pure ecstasy filled blood to my cock and my entire body. My nerves were pounding and my muscles didn’t work. I looked up at Seth, wonder if this was a dream. I looked directly into Seth’s eyes as he looked into mine. There was the most incredible look of passion, excitement, and desire in his eyes. Seth kept fucking me hard thrusting in and out, really deep and really hard. I screamed loudly, knowing no one could hear me but Seth. My fingers were still digging into his back, which had become extremely wet now with sweat. The heels of my feet kneaded each side of Seth’s tight butt as he bucked his hips, shoving his huge dick deeper and deeper up my ass. As he continued to fuck me, harder and faster, everything around me seemed to vanish. I couldn’t hear anything except for Seth’s grunts and my screams. Just Seth’s cock inside of me; I couldn’t see the room around me, except for Seth in front of me, staring at me deeply. Every time he jammed his dick inside of me, it burned in the most incredible way, and it felt so right, as though my ass had been made just for his dick. Seth leaned downward, placing his lips to my ear, whispering, “You don’t even know how fuckin’ good you feel, Devin.” Seth looked like a god to me now, with him fucking me and his entire body glistening with sweat. From his tight pecs and abs to his hard nipples. The smell of he man odor was strong in the room and against him. It smelled like pure heaven to me, and the fact it mixed with the pre-cum made my mouth water too! Then he started talking dirty to me. "Yeah! Shit, bitch you're gonna get it now!" Then I looked down. I watched as his giant, throbbing, pulsing member went in and out of me. I enjoyed every second of it.

Then everything hit me at once. The smell of pre-cum and sweat, our glistening bodies rocking in fast harmony, the steam of the room, Seth's dirty talk towards me, and finally is giant member killing my ass and me with pure ecstasy filled pleasure .... All sent me over the edge.

I came.

I never came so hard in my life.

My balls tightened up and my dick tensed up, sending the hot, sticky white fluid all over my chest.

“AHHH! Fuck! I’m cumming! Yes!” I yelled. Seth shoved his dick in and just held it there. He then leaned and started to lick the cum off of my stomach and chest. I was still cumming so some of my cum got on his chest and even on his chin.

As I watched him licking my cum, I decided to act. I grabbed the back of his hair … that so soft, curly, hair.

“Yeah! Bitch, lick my cum!” I yelled. He didn’t object, but just kept licking. He then went up to start licking my nipples. Then he started to fuck me again. I went back to being the submissive one.

Seth fucked me for what felt like another eternity, but in reality it was all of 45 minutes.

I came twice more after that. Each time more powerful than the other. Seth licked it all up!

“How the hell have you not cum yet?” I asked after some time, my voice hoarse from all the screaming.

“I don’t know. I’ve been hard this entire time.” He then stopped fucking me and took me off of his dick, my hole burned like the sun and my insides were on fire, but I loved it! Seth then put me down in the water, washing any extra dried cum away. “Suck me. Blow me till I cum.” He said through the gasps.

I did as I was told. I began to deep throat him as much as I could. “O-oh! God! Shit that’s hot!” He moaned out of pure ecstasy. I kept sucking him like I did before, running my tongue up and down his hot shaft that smelled like lube and my ass. Seth’s moans got louder by the minute.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck yeah, that’s nice! Yeah … lick that shit! Lick my fucking cock like it’s candy. You cum whore. You fucking cum whore! Ah!” He moaned loudly. Then he pulled his cock away from me and started to jack it. “Ahh! Fuck! You ready for this?”

“Yes!” I said back, preparing for the hot raining down of his man seed. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth widely, sticking my tongue out. I timed its cumming by the volume of Seth’s moans … plus when he yelled it out.

“Ahhhh! FUCK! YES! SHIT, FUCKING SHIT! I’M CUMMING!” He yelled, jacking his cock furiously. I felt hotness shoot over my head, fall in my hair, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, on my nose and lips and a lot in my mouth and on my chin. Then that all over again. Seth dumped nearly a cup of cum on my face. I loved it more than the sex. “Ahhh! Shit! That felt good!” He said. I smiled at him and closed my mouth, swallowing what cum I had inside. It tasted amazing. Like sweet honey with a salty tang and hot manly aftertaste. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, the pleasure simply insurmountable.

Then I felt something hot and wet run against my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Seth licking my cheek, getting all the cum off. He made his way to my forehead and soon the other cheek. Then, he sucked at my chin to clean it. After that he did something, I wasn’t expecting.

He kissed me.

The kiss was so full of pure passion it gave me another boner. I started to jack off in the water. His hot tongue invaded my mouth and mine his.

But the kiss ended quickly. Seth stood up and picked me up out of the water. He looked down and saw my dick pop up. He smirked looking dawn at it.

“Aw … how cute.” He chuckled. I was about to retort, but he stopped my by lunging down and taking the whole thing down his throat without even gagging. I was taken aback by his action … yep, he’s bi, but who gives a fuck? Free blowjob!

And a damn good one with that. I never felt pleasure like that on my dick before. I have never gotten a blowjob before, but now I see why guys love it. The hot, damp mouth around my cock was amazing. Seth’s saliva on my shaft and using it as lube for his hot tongue all over my shaft, made things better by tenfold.

“Oh! Yeah!” I moaned. “Yeah, I’m the faggot!” I then chuckled. Seth pulled away, but grabbed my cock and just jacked it.

“Shut it, I’m returning the favor, bitch!”

“Right ….” I vented, placing my hand on his head. I forced him up and down on my cock, loving every second as he sucked on my head and blew against my shaft. I almost blew my load right then, so I closed my eyes and dipped my head back, but it made things even worse.

I was some how able to calm my quick wanting for ejaculation. I looked down at Seth. He looked up at me. It was so hot watching him suck my cock and he was watching me back. I enjoyed that way too much. I grabbed his hair on top of his head and increased speed. I let out loud moans of pure enjoyment and pleasure. He sucked cock way too well for a “straight” guy.

It wasn’t long until I came. I came all in his mouth and he drank it all.

That’s it we were done.

I regained my breath after the orgasm I just had and then stepped back in the hot tub to wash off all cum and sweat. Seth did the same. When he came out, he was glistening with hot water. I thought that would give me a boner, but I guess I was just too exhausted.

I got off and got a towel from a cabinet under the tub. I gave one to Seth too.

“Thanks.” he said. “For everything. And don’t worry,” I looked up at him confused. “I won’t tell anyone.” Then he winked at me. I melted inside. I felt butterflies erupt from my stomach and I was so close to having an all out fan-girl moment.

“Th-Thanks.” I stuttered. He just smirked at me again while he toweled off.

Once we were all dry, I turned the fan on and put the towels in the laundry room next door. When I came back out, I saw Seth had made himself comfy on the sofa we had a few feet from the jacuzzi room … totally naked with his arms behind his head, with his armpit hair in all it’s glory. He looked over at me.

“Come here.” He said. I smiled and eagerly came over. He smiled and scooted over. I smiled at him and laid down but with my head at his crotch. I then rested my head on his pubes. They were so soft, better than any pillow I’ve ever slept on. I was soon asleep, with Seth stroking my hair.

God, this is amazing, I’m sleeping on the pubes on the guy I’ve wanted more than anything else and I think he likes me back!

Maybe in the sequel? Yes or no?


2021-02-04 18:23:28
A boy never forgets his first huge cock. I was lucky first time I sucked a dick was a black man with a really fat 8 inch cock.

Akamaru Inuzuka ThomasReport 

2018-07-25 08:02:16
Please make another tbis was very very hot man. I injoyed it hope to see more

Akamaru Inuzuka ThomasReport 

2018-07-25 07:45:46
Please make another tbis was very very hot man. I injoyed it hope to see more

Akamaru Inuzuka ThomasReport 

2018-07-25 07:45:03
Please make another tbis was very very hot man. I injoyed it hope to see more

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2016-10-23 21:44:29
FANTASTIC!! Got off twice and loved every minute of it. BRAVO!!!!

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